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Anyone think of any cool Unbound lists, 500-2000 points? Doesn't have to be cheesy, just some fun lists that would be a blast to play.

Trollworthy/lulzy lists are welcome.

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the Phoneix lords and an avatar

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Banewolfs, urrrrywhere. poison all the things!

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Yo dawg, I heard you liked apocalypse

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Tigurius, Eldrad, Ahriman. PSYCHIC SUPER FRIENDS SLUMBER PARTY WHAT!!!!!!!!!

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All carnifexes.

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12 Assassins (3 of each kind)

Officio Assassinorum strike force with an Inquisitor supervising from a safe distance.

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So what is better.
Just spam bikeseers.
Or spam bikeseers with bikelock batteries.

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How viable is running pretty much just farseers and warlocks in point scales of around 500?

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To distract them from the carnifex?

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Speaking of Unbound, do they still follow the unit restrictions in the codex? Can I take, like, 12 Sternguard in 1 unit? Or a battery of 6 Leman Russ tanks? The rulebook isn't too clear on this.

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The rulebook is explicitly clear on this you retard.

The rule literally has two parts. Take any model you want PROVIDED THEY STILL FOLLOW UNIT RESTRICTIONS. How you can get a clear 50% of such a simple format wrong is beyond me.

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>Take nothing but baneblades and creed clones

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Rhino tacsquad
raider wyches
Landraider berzerkers
chimera guardsmen

so on and so forth, basically an army of one of each factions transport with some grots in it

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Kroot/Orks/DEldar/IG ragtag mercenary army

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2000 points
300 points of scouts
1700 points of fortifications (20 vengeance weapon batteries)

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20 chaplins in a super squad of chapliny death

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I think I am going to mix an Inquisitor, a unit of Psions, Chosen of Chaos and Demons. A chance to legally play a Istivaanian Inquisitor.

I think I have a LATD list i can break out of storage that would be fun to field again...

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1 BA Terminator libby with force axe
1 BA Terminator cap with power sword + stormbolter
1 BA Terminator cap with shield and hammer
1 BA Terminator cap with dual lighting claws
6 BA terminator captains with stormbolter + powerfist
1 BA Terminator captain with power fist + assault cannon (ask opponent if you can buy him an Assault cannon for 40 pts)
1 BA terminator captain with powerfist + heavy flamer (Ask your opponnent if you can buy him a heavy flamer for 10 pts)


Same point value in genestealers + 1 broodlord.

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Chapter Master knitted out to be Gabriel Angelos
Some Blud Rahvens
Bjorn with a shitty red paintjob

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Rough Riders. Many, many rough riders.

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rending makes methinks this wont work unless they cant take the rending clawns

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Working on a dual-death star right now. Triple xenos alliance: Necron Disco meets Eldar Seer Council. Plus some token third race and troops choices. If I can fit it in, spyders/gloom prisms.

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pure harlequins

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or 20 warlocks and 4 farseers on jetbikes

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And an autarch with the Mantle of the Laughing God to cosplay Solitaire/Great Harlequin.

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2000 points?


This deals 11.11 wounds on average to a riptide in rapid fire range. 11. With bolters.

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Pedro Kantor and a bunch of Sternguard and Terminators. CF 1st company.

>> No.32401798


More like CF: the entire chapter.

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Throw in some scout squads and you're pretty much right.

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2000 points of grots

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>not karamazov for tactical nuclear strikes

>> No.32402185

>not 12 Karamazovs

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Trueborn in Venoms with Splintercarbines and Cannons, put out something like 32 shots a turn if they stay still.
Just saying.

Outside of that, ultimate beastmaster is now doable--Archon with a few beastmasters and a whole herd of Tyranids and Daemons.

Similarly, we can also do a Throneworld's host, Necrons leading their slaves from a thousand worlds.

Oh! And my vision of a Knight World's feudal levy:
3 Knights of various patterns
Storm Troopers in Taurox Primes
The hellhounds flush out cover-campers for Honorabu Combat with the knights.

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OK how about this... Three xenos alliance. Off the top of my head on EpicRoster. Couldn't fit the Seer Council but maybe some intelligen/t g/amer can help.

Trazyn w/ CCB
Royal Court: 5x Lords w/ WS/MSS/Weave and a Rez Orb, plus 1 Harbinger of Eternity w/ Chronometron, plus 1 Harbinger of Despair w/ Shroud
5x Immortals w/ Night Scythe
5x Immortals w/ Night Scythe
3x Canoptek Spyders w/ Gloom Prisms
3x Canoptek Scarabs
Annihilation Barge

5x Rangers
5x Rangers

Archon w/ Webway Portal / Venom Blade
5x Kabalite Warriors
5x Kabalite Warriors

The idea is that both eldar groups sit back with the Annihilation Barge and shoot. The Spyders build scarabs. Eldrad and the gloom prisms win at pysking. The Night Scythes assist with shooting until an opening appears.

When said opening pops up, I jam in the Royal Court, supported by Trollzyn and the scarabs. Then I plop down the Immortals to take or contest objectives. The Webway Portal helps as needed w/ striking.

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>3, 20 model squads of possessed marines with mark of slaanesh/icon of excess
>huron blackheart
>infiltrate all three squads on a good roll

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2000 points...
1x Lord Comissar
3x Lightning
3x Avengers
6x Vultures w/ punisher cannons

voila, Imperial Navy!

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Me and the eldar player have talked about just getting all our psykers and having a nid vs eldar psyker war.

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These guys as properly painted chapter masters (maybe two canoness' for pink and yellow) along with a reaver with color-coded limbs and a green warhound.

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>not combining Megazord and Dragonzord

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On Leathery Wings

2x Flyrant w/ Devourers
2xHive Crone
2x Shrike brood


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I need to give the opponent some kid of chance.

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Hormagaunts and Biovores. Nothing but Hormagaunts and Biovores

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Lost and the Damned lists could be a thread in their own right.

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Unbound is kinda cool, but I'll probably splash out for the super scoring troops and only run 3 superheavies.

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Just put every heldrake you can.You don't nothing else.

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Didn't you know?
Turret shenenigans are fixed in recent faq.

>> No.32412847

Looks like someone hasn't read the FAQ.

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If you're only looking for fun lists, then why not only Tau Battlesuits?

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Chapter Master- Ultramarines, Bike, Artificer Armour, Relic Blade, Shield Eternal
Chapter Master- Imperial Fists, Bike, Artificer Amour, Stormshield, Teeth of Terra
Chapter Master- Raven Guard, Bike, Artificer Armour, Stormshield, Burning Blade
Chapter Master- Salamanders, Bike, Artificer Armour, Thunder Hammer, Primarch's Wrath
Kor'sarro Khan- Moondrakken
Chapter Master- Clan Raukaan, Bike, Artificer Armour, Thunder Hammer, Lightning Claw, Gorgon's Chain
Sammael- Corvex
Wolf Lord- Thunderwolf, Runic Armour, Wolftail Talisman, Wolftooth Necklace, Wolf Claw, Stormshield, Saga of the Bear

> 8 Independent Characters all join Mephiston
> All have T5-6
> All except Sammael have 2+ saves
> 6 have 3+ Invuls
> 4 have Eternal Warrior
> 5 Orbital Strikes
> Everyone is fast
> Functionally immortal with Look Out Sir!

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Mephiston can't join anyone, m8.

>> No.32413063

>Mephiston can't join anyone, m8.
Wait, why cant others join him?

>> No.32413068

I am DOING this

>> No.32413073

ICs can join other ICs, but not one-model units.

>> No.32413123

I don't think that's true anymore in the new edition. I'm looking at the IC rule, and it just says that they cannot join units that contain Vehicles or Monstrous Creatures. The previous wording about not joining single-model units appears to be gone.

Of course, that introduces another problem in that the BA lost their codex powers with the new FAQ, meaning Mephy doesn't have 12" movement anymore.

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Minus the terminators, I'm making a unbound deathwatch killteam based around just that.

Always wanted to run deathwatch...

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Nothing but Fortifications. Skyshield Landing Pad as your Warlord.

>> No.32413381

Big Mek (100pt.)Kustom force field; Cyborg body; 'eavy armour;
19x - Ork Boyz (154pt.)
> 1x - Nob; Power klaw; Bosspole
Dakkajet (130pt.) Twin-linked Supa Shoota (x3); Flyboss;
Battlewagon (115pt.) Big shoota; Deff rolla


>> No.32413402

You also need a Zone Mortalis.

>> No.32413524


All I could think of.

>> No.32413574

Big Mek with Powerclaw and Shock Attack Gun = 120.

Between 3 and 15 of them

>> No.32413588

1750 points

32 individual spyders
2 units of 5 scarabs

You don't even know what a scarab farm is. Even without scarabs, that's 96 T6 wounds.

>> No.32413615

Deffkoptas (35) with Twin-Linked Rokkit Lawnchair (10).

500 points = 10 Deffkoptas
2000 points = 43 Deffkoptas.

>> No.32413642

>creating scarabs

Needs Xeno

>> No.32413645

11 Squads of 30 Ork Boys.

330 Orks on the Table at 2000 points

>> No.32413723

Eldar (1850/1850pt.)

Wave Serpent (120pt.);
>Serpent shield; Twin-linked scatter lasers; Twin-linked shuriken catapult;

Wave Serpent (120pt.);
>Serpent shield; Twin-linked scatter lasers; Twin-linked shuriken catapult;

Scorpion (500pt.)
>Twin-linked Pulsars; Shuriken Cannon;

Scorpion (500pt.)
>Twin-linked Pulsars; Shuriken Cannon;

Cobra (610pt.)
>D-Cannon; Scatter Laser;

>> No.32413762

HQ (1040pts)

Be'lakor (350pts)

Daemon Prince (350pts)
3x Mastery Level, Power Armour, Daemon of Slaanesh, Spell familiar, The Black Mace, Wings

Daemon Prince (340pts)
Burning Brand of Skalanthrax, 3x Mastery Level, Daemon of Nurgle, Power Armour, Spell familiar, Wings

Fast Attack (292pts)
Chaos Bikers (142pts)
MoN, 2x Meltagun, VotLW, Melta Bombs

Chaos Spawn (150pts)
5x Spawn

Heavy Support (417pts)

Maulerfiend (125pts)

2x Obliterators (146pts)

2x Obliterators (146pts)

>> No.32413772


But try this bug artiliry!

10ADL w/ quadguns 1000pts
10 units of scarabs 450
-manning the guns quad gun sandwiched between ADL so a scarab can sit beside it to man it and fire it (all of its attacks are entropic strike)
6 single unit of spyders

the bugs are learning

>> No.32413787

That cant possibly transfer....

>> No.32413801


it does. Just need a model or weapon with ES. Entropic strike just cares if the wound came from a model or weapon has no limits to shooting or melee attacks. quadguns give scarabs a range weapon.

>> No.32413824


Tremble before my itty bitty minions!

>> No.32414029

25 Giant Chaos Spawn. 2000 points exactly.

Alternatively 12 Giant Chaos Spawn for 1000 point games.

>> No.32414059

you. i like you

>> No.32414170


96 squads of 1 psiker and 2 akolyths

(About 10million demons for summoning)
1838 points

>> No.32414188


>> No.32414201

>18pts per WC
Well fuck.
But you need some farseers or heralds to reliably summon.

>> No.32414217

Terminator armour is about as useless against rending claws as is sticking your dick in toliet paper so you can fuck a chainsword.

>> No.32414284

why? If your 10 point psiker blows himself up who cares? The 2 akolyths don't even die with him in most cases.

>> No.32414300

Farseers are immune to perils and Heralds only perils on double 6s, the henchman are just batteries.

>> No.32414314

Oh and i forgot: Turn one you can summon 10 greater demons reliably while only losing psikers worth 100 points and on average 3-4 akolyths wirth 12-16 points. After that they can do the summoning for you while the psikers just work as warpbatteries.

>> No.32414335

That is a very good point...
ignore my previous farseer comment

>> No.32414344

>But you need some farseers or heralds to reliably summon.
Not really. Perils doesn't stop the power from working, so you just accept the fact that the 10pt dudes are going to die horribly to perils in exchange for summoning stuff. Hell, if they roll a 5 or 6 on the Perils table there's a chance that the perils won't kill them assuming they can pass a Ld test.

>> No.32414484

Actually I don't think this works as-is, there is no FAQ for the Inquisition codex so they haven't been granted access to Daemonology (they're stuck with whatever is listed in their codex), and the Psykers from the GK codex only have Sanctic.

So for this to work you would need to throw in Heralds or Farseers since the Psyker Henchmen don't have access to Malefic Daemonology.

I wonder if GW just kinda forgot to do an FAQ for Inquisition.

>> No.32414495

>Digital edition
>getting FAQs
Pick one faggot.

>> No.32414510

No need to get all hostile, sperglord. Did you have a point to make?

>> No.32414537

The digital editions have been updated, if you had actually purchased the Inquisition book you wouldn't have a problem.

>> No.32414563

That's nice. Still doesn't tell me if they've got malefic daemonology or not, and you're clearly too busy being an internet tough guy to resolve the issue.

>> No.32414578

>Still doesn't tell me if they've got malefic daemonology
They do. Faggot. Now go buy the digital edition so you can spam 18pt warp charges

>> No.32414594

>Buying a fucking GW digital edition for an army I don't play

Why on god's green earth would I do something that retarded?

>> No.32414607

Because everyone benefits from a Servo skull and 18pt warpcharges

>> No.32414703

a force commander modeled to look like CAPTAIN DYE-O-MIDIS

the rest of the points go to BEIHNBLEEEEEDSS

>> No.32414738

I considered a Ctan list, but you can't take more than five as you have to take two of a list of 11 powers, with no duplicates across the army. This is something I came up with for fun though

Grand illusion, time's arrow

Gaze of death, transdimensional thunderbolt

Endless Swarm
Swarm of spirit dust, entropic touch

Writhing worldscape, moulder of worlds

Burning One
Pyre shards, lord of fire

>> No.32414801

50 Lone Wolves for 1000 Points.

They are all their own unit. Everyone has Eternal Warrior, 2 wounds, Feel no Pain and can be outfited with everything you desire.

And they all have to die.

>> No.32414816

6 pheonix lords all with 5 of their aspect unit and an avatar would be hella fun.

>> No.32414834

>mfw I can put several stretched asshole chickens in my guard air cav army

Dem treelines gonna get removed.

>> No.32414850

But its no longer a turret.

>> No.32414880

I'd really consider Irillyth.

>> No.32414892

>And they all have to die.
That can be arranged.

>> No.32414917

> 13 special rules

I thought Lone Wolves give the other dude a VP if they survive, and not that they give the Wolf a VP for dying. It would mean that you'll almost always lose every game since you'd give the opponent 50VP just for turning up, and he has no incentive to kill anything if he can play avoidance for long enough.
Hell he could try killing like 40 of them and still get 10VP just for not wiping you entirely.

>> No.32414943


I really wanted the Chaos version of this to work, making a Chaos Lord from each Legion and rolling them about with Daemon Weapons and Steeds.
But not only is it inferior in just about every way, since it lacks 3++/2+ saves/Thunder Hammers/Wounds/Attacks.
But you can't make a unit of opposing Marks and so they can't use the LoS! mechanic either.

>> No.32414948


A change in weapon type won't stop helldrakes being nigh-unkillable deathmonsters.

>> No.32414962

That's why I said they ALL have to die.

>> No.32414963

> 13 special rules
Yeah, Forge World likes special rules.
They also like to double rulebook rules with their own so they can have even more special rules.

>> No.32414978

>2000 Points
100 Kannons with their complimentary 200 T7 grots.

>> No.32414994


They all have to die for the Wolf player to win, is my point. It's definitely fun to roll with heroes but it's doomed to lose just about every game it enters.
Fun to see though.

>> No.32415011

>Tzeentch marked sorcerer (master level 3) with a sigil of corruption
>Tzeentch marked sorcerer (master level 3) with a sigil of corruption
>Tzeentch marked sorcerer (master level 3) with a sigil of corruption
>etc, repeat until point value desired is reached

Ahriman and his cabal of sorcerers.

>> No.32415014

Mork, how horrifying.

>> No.32415029


>> No.32415032

I'll admit that it's not a very good list.

>> No.32415046

>I thought Lone Wolves give the other dude a VP if they survive
That rule only applies in missions where you get VP for each enemy unit destroyed (which means only Purge the Alien out of all the missions in the rulebook), so that isn't actually going to matter most of the time.

>> No.32415057

100 BS3 S8 shots each turn.
Or 100 BS3 S4 blasts.

It truly is Gork's work.

>> No.32415063

>easily generating 20 warp charges per turn
>ahriman casting upwrds of 9 psychic shooting attacks
>or summoning 40ish daemons per turn.

I like it. I like it a lot.

>> No.32415068

>100x S8 shots
Far out that would take for ag....
>100x blasts
You monster.

>> No.32415079

>dis nigga
On the contrary, that change was the only reason they ever BECAME deathmonsters. For most of their existence, they were hull-mounted and nobody gave a shit about them. Then they made it turret and suddenly they were actually useful. Now they flipped it back and they'll end up right back in the mediocre pile where they used to be.
Hell, they're actually worse than ever now, thanks to the Vector Strike changes.

>> No.32415101

>not bringing 10000 points worth of deathstrike missile launchers while teamed up with a SoB to mop of the rest.

>> No.32415109

I'm gonna use burna bommas now. At least they still get to fly over some shit and then dump some burny stuff on them.

Gonna wait till the new dex is out to make my decision.

>> No.32415149

Devastator Squad 1: 10 Marines, 4 Missile Launchers 200
Devastator Squad 2: 10 Marines, 4 Missile Launchers 200
Devastator Squad 3: 10 Marines, 4 Missile Launchers 200
Devastator Squad 4: 10 Marines, 4 Plasma Cannons 200
Devastator Squad 5: 10 Marines, 4 Plasma Cannons 200 1000
Devastator Squad 6 : 10 Marines, 4 Heavy Bolters 180
Devastator Squad 7 : 10 Marines, 4 Heavy Bolters 180
Devastator Squad 8 : 10 Marines, 4 Multi-Meltas 180
Devastator Squad 9: 10 Marines, 4 Multi-Meltas 180
Devastator Squad 10: 10 Marines, 4 Las Cannons 220
1940 points

Split all teams into 5 man groups, one with the big guns, other with bolters

>> No.32415223

Can I finally put guardsmen in trukks now?

>> No.32415242

...burna bommas...

Bomma (125). 6 scorcha misiles (60), 185.

That's 9 burna bommas.

Ofcourse, we can also look at some other things.

Dakkajet (110), Twin-linked supa shoota (10), Fighta Ace (10). Total of 130 points.

14 Dakkajets, ballistic skill 3, 3 times Assault 3 (str. 6, AP 4).

Or maybe Blitza Bomma. 135 points.
13 Bltixza-bommas.

Awww yea

>> No.32415259

I want to do this, only with Sister's Retributors... and a healthy dose of Exorcists.

>> No.32415260

No, Unbound armies still follow the rules for Level of Alliance when you put models from different Factions in the same army, so they still won't play nice together.

>> No.32415288

No, All imperial units and orks are "Come the apoocalypse" on the ally chart, so they can't even deploy within 12" from each other.

>> No.32415290

Oh well.

>> No.32415308

You are no devastator.
>reduce squads to 5 marines each
>go for 4 plascans on half of them
>go for 4 lascans on the other half

>> No.32415352

A Warpsmith, Chaos Spawns, Obliterators, Forgefiends, Cultists, and Tempestus Scions.

Heretek Forgeworld army is go!

>> No.32415394

Those 5 is already like 1200 and something points. Which is pretty much your entire aemy anyway.

There's also the Trancendant ctan as a lord of war.

>> No.32415691

No you git, dat's Mork's style.

>> No.32415725

That inquisitor must have really low recruitment standards.
Have fun scrambling them all into range.

>> No.32415774


>Captain with Artificer Armour, Relic Blade, Storm Shield, and Jump Pack: 165 Points
>10 Vanguard Vets with Jump Packs, Relic Blade, 2 Thunder Hammers, and Storm Shields: 405 Points
>10 Sternguard w/ 4 combi-Meltas in Drop Pod: 405 Points
>5 Terminators w/ Assault Cannon: 220 Points
>5 Terminators w/ Assault Cannon: 220 Points
>5 Terminators w/ Assault Cannon: 220 Points
>5 Terminators w/ Assault Cannon: 220 Points
>Venerable Dreadnought w/ Assault Cannon: 145 Points
2000 Points Total

Veteran First Company, contains 20 terminators, 10 special ammo bolters, 4 combi-weapons, 24 power weapons that wound marines on a 2+, 5 assault cannons (one is BS 5). Honestly a pretty crappy list, but as long as my opponent doesn't spam AV 14 or flyers it should work well enough. The assault cannons shred lighter vehicles through volume fire, the sternguard deepstrike to kill a specific unit and go on a rampage until they die, vanguard vets are meant to draw as much fire as possible and assault vital enemy units (I figure 2 relic blades, 2 thunder hammers, and 7 veterans can kill most things they bump into), dreadnought starts behind terrain and advances, terminators deepstrike into the enemy backfield to spread Chaos with their power fists and assault cannons.

>> No.32415779

Fuck the SM army I had planned, this is how i'm rolling.

>> No.32415818

>Not just all fortifications.
The enemy army has landed on a planet that is really a relic from the dark age of technology, an ancient ship the size of a small planet, bristling with weapons and controlled by a single hyper-intelligent AI. Viewing your landing party as a boarding force it activates the autonomous defenses. Now you must secure the area so you can be evacuated and exterminatus carried out on the planet like warship.

>> No.32415830

> All except Sammael have 2+ saves
Khan doesn't.

>> No.32415834

Not really, they still get an invul save and only 1 in every 6 hits is a rending hit. Combine that with the fact that several of his characters are multi-wound and it isn't that one-sided.

>> No.32415851

>Already there
20x Autarch (100pt.)
>Warp jump generator; Banshee mask; Fusion gun;

>> No.32415855

Then he couldn't field a full company.

>> No.32415920

Question, can I use part of a unit noin unbound, say for instance the imperial guard advisors?

>> No.32415933

all unit restrictions just no FOC

>> No.32416132

1315. Forgot about the transcendent though. Could drop one of them and take him for a 2000pt force consisting of 5 models.

>> No.32416180

>Tactical Nuclear strikes
>Astra Militarum
>12 Deathstrikes
Dare you enter my magical realm?

>> No.32416193

I fancy doing literal 2k of raptors with a chaos lord and jump pack, put in plenty of plans/melts for those pesky tanks, MoK on everyone, maybe add a few sorcerers of malefic for summoning shenanigans.

>> No.32416365

>ctrl+f drone
>0 of 0

Drones, nigga.

>> No.32416558

21 Big Meks with Shokk Attack Guns

>> No.32416718

You mean Court of the Young King?

>> No.32416732

33 lootas in a 500 point list. That's an average of 66 S7 AP 4 shots coming at you per turn. I doubt those 3 riptide lists and what not could survive that.

>> No.32416762

army of creed clones and swarmlords

>> No.32416775


Then a basilisk rapes their faces because S9 AP3 barrage and grots have Ld 6, the end

>> No.32416795

>hitting on 5s = 33 hits
>wounding on 3s = 22 wounds
>saving on 2s = 4 unsaved wounds
>5+ FNP = ~1 unsaved wound a turn


>> No.32416812


>> No.32416860

In that line.
An eldar army with every Aspect and Phoenix Lord, and two patriarchs kitted out to fill in Spiders and Spear's missing lords.

>> No.32416869

speaking of basilisk, field only them and have your teammate cover your ass.

>> No.32416946

Yes he could. The cheese company.

>> No.32416961

>saving on 2s = 4 unsaved wounds
>5+ FNP = ~1 unsaved wound a turn
How does FNP negate 3/4 wounds?

I mean, those things are still ridiculously tough.

>> No.32417038

This new unbound faggotry kinda puts me in a tight spot.

On one hand, my best option would be to go unbound, given the models I have and their limitations would be a pretty shitty battle-forged list.

On the other hand, I don't have the models to counter the ridiculous cheese that I will be facing from legit unbound armies, so my unbound army would be shit in that arena as well.

Damned if I do, damned if I don't. This wouldn't be a problem in 6th, since I can just choose to play "casual" or "competitive".

>> No.32417128

you still have 5 points to spend, Banshee masks are 5 and fusion gun is 10, so each autarch only costs 95

>> No.32417137

>Not having Runt Herders to eat grots to make them fearless

>> No.32417177

22 Annihilation Barges

>> No.32417212

There 4/5 types of army now.
"competitive" battleforged
casual battleforged
cheesy unbound
casual (all I've got) unbound
casual (fluffy/funny) unbound

>> No.32417277

500 pSciencecrons;
3x3 Scarab swarms, 2 Spyders, 6 Wraiths, A Cryptek of choice as warlord.
MIght spice it up with totally-not-pariahs-lychguard if going to 750p.

>> No.32417284

>local group has a houserule that any droppods landing on a unit deal damage, insta-killing aircraft and infantry
oh emprah, i can see someone fielding a blood raven steel rain.

>> No.32417311

Oh like the old Monolith?

>> No.32417339

Oh, look, an unbound list that isn't just spam. What are you doing here, are you lost?

>> No.32417351

worse, 5000 points worth of the buggers.
sort of like having 10 5E rules monoliths pop on your ass

>> No.32417409

Fuck. Fuuuuck.
That's a whole lotta dakka.

>> No.32417601

That list doesn't look unbound to me. Looks battle-forged.

>> No.32417675


>> No.32417738

i see what you did there

>captcha: 709
shortest captcha i hae ever gotten

>> No.32417755

Phoenix Court of Khaine with Irrilyth, a Farseer and a Spiritseer, ends up just south of 1800 points. Great fun.

>> No.32417774

Necron Initial Assault army.
Sentry Pylons and Doomsday Arks

Then All Scarabs, Spyders, and Wraiths

>> No.32417880

What's the Lord Comm doing?

>> No.32417916

The scouts are for taking objectives and are meant to act like they're maintaining the fort.

>> No.32417937

2000 points, 142 gun drones.
Just wave after wave of drones flying over the battlefield.
Three independant characters and hundreds of shield drones.

>> No.32418018


>> No.32418026

>All that forged narrative

>> No.32418033

let's make a 2500 point giant blob of guardsman, see what happens.

>> No.32418079

Gets krumped by a 2500 blob of orks.

>> No.32418093

I take your blob of guardsman and raise up a blob of gaunts

>> No.32418122

Why not a blob of tech-thralls ?
Or cultists ?

>> No.32418172

2500 of orks vs 2500 of guard with a fort.
Gondor 40k.

>> No.32418173

Because Conscripts are cheaper and have better access to buffs.

>> No.32418229

3 x Trueborn with 3 x blasters in a Venom with a Venom Cannon. Twelve times.

>> No.32418249

Splinter Cannon was meant there, obviously.

>> No.32418270

but can a 5000 blob of conscripts krump 2500 blob of orks in meele?

>> No.32418278

Scarabs, 2000 points of nothing but scarabs

and maybe a squad of Canoptek Spyders to make more scarabs

>> No.32418334

Against nothing but ripper swarms.
And an single Titan that goes around stepping on things.

>> No.32418378

I wouldn't be surprised if the orks won, simply because conscripts are bad at actually accomplishing things other than dying.

>> No.32418386

6 Land Raider Achilles Alpha
1 Vindicator

>> No.32418420

10000 points of conscripts then

>> No.32418460

I'm pleased everyone's jumping at doing the terrible hilarious ideas instead of the powergaming ideas.
That being said
50 stormtroopers
Fighting massed Kroot
On a forest moon

>> No.32418494

Wanted to see what I could do with the CSM army box with some conversions and otherwise.

Chaos Lord 160
-Terminator armour
-Mark of Nurgle
-Sigil of Corruption
-Power Fist

5 Terminators 287
-Mark of Nurgle
-2 Power Fists
-2 Chain Fists
-Champ with claws
-Reaper auto-cannon

10 Chosen 340
-Mark of Nurgle
-5 Plasma Guns
-Champion with Duel Plasma pistols and Melta Bombs
-Icon of vengeance

5 Raptors 195
-Mark of Nurgle
-2 Melta Guns
-Champion with Combi-Melta, Melta Bombs and Plasma pistol
-Icon of vengeance

Forge Fiend 200
-Ectoplasma cannon

Predator 142
-Las cannon sponsors
-Dirge Caster
-Havoc Launcher
-Extra armour

I'd probably just add more Chosen or Terminators to expand the army, maybe a Daemon Prince or two.

>> No.32418535

It wouldn't be 100 guys was my point. You could fit in 20 squads of 5 but it would be over 2000 points.

>> No.32418548

Fateweaver stays at home while those three fools get themselves killed
>Just as planned

>> No.32418559

Nah bro, you gotta go full automation. If you want troops use Necrons, they could act like Men of Iron.

>> No.32418573

Counter list

2000 points of wraithlords

Also a great army against everyone except Dark Eldar.

>> No.32418577

Are you saying that it is a bad thing?

>> No.32418584

I can see my future games now
>Hey, do you mind if I use Unbound
>ugh, fine how many riptides do you have
>you'll see, you'll see
>...why do you have fifty gun drones?

>> No.32418604

Orks, 2000

Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun x20 (1900)

Big Mek with Kustom Force Field (85)

15 points to play with

>> No.32418618

2000p list
Primaris psyker 50
1st Wyvern support battery (3x wyvern) 195
2nd Wyvern support battery (3x wyvern) 195
3rd Wyvern support battery (3x wyvern) 195
4th Wyvern support battery (3x wyvern) 195
5th Wyvern support battery (3x wyvern) 195
6th Wyvern support battery (3x wyvern) 195
7th Wyvern support battery (3x wyvern) 195
8th Wyvern support battery (3x wyvern) 195
9th Wyvern support battery (3x wyvern) 195
10th Wyvern support battery (3x wyvern) 195

30 wyverns = 120 S4 AP6 shred, ignore cover blasts.

>> No.32418632

Not enough dakka.

>> No.32418735



nah man use ratlings short furry cuddly and adorable

>> No.32418812

ammo runts for some shokk attack guns.

>> No.32418819

No it's pretty rad. I'd play it, but the fortification player will feel like a DM.

>> No.32418835

>In melee

>> No.32419000

Imagine those scouts sitting in the back and watching as all those weapon batteries send shell after shell into an approaching ork horde.
Metal men cannot hold the same pleasure as they could.

>> No.32419023

And how do you intend to deal with AV11+?

>> No.32419128

Chaos Space Marine pre-game roll off and roll out

A single min size chaos biker unit gift of mutation on champ.

Attached to the unit is a Dark Apostle and as many on bike HQ models with gift of mutation as you can find geared to their teeth for killing.

Game starts spend 5 minutes rolling then another 5 keeping track of who's who then they all separate into individual units

>> No.32419152


Actually moving on venoms doesn't do anything to the passenger's BS iirc, only when turboboosting does it do something

>> No.32419154

Metal men make a much better stand in for DAOT automatons than scouts.
True, perhaps give the defending player some Necron warriors to count as men of iron. Hell we could make an entire scenario out of it.

>Attacking player starts in the middle with X points
>Defending player can spend Y points on defences and Necron warriors (when a unit is wiped out it can respawn from any table edge)
>Attacking player gets enough transports (must by flyers or skimmers) to transport his entire army, all of them start in reserve
>Defender can place a single Master Control Computer (AV 14/14/14, 10 HP, immobile) anywhere on the table
>Defender wins by wiping out the attacker
>Attacker wins by landing his transports, picking up the survivors, and escaping (must escape with at least 10% of his army model wise) by flying off the table edge with transports
>Attacker can also win by destroying the master control computer

Fluff it out that if the defender loses the planet will travel around the galaxy destroying planets and ships it comes across in order to wipe out every sentient species that isn't a human. That includes exterminating human psykers, human blanks, human pariahs, space marines, anyone with warp related mutations, and all forms of abhumans and mutants.

>> No.32419169


Ha, I have these models somewhere in a box

Good times....

>> No.32419218

for good measure, attach Eldrad or a standard seer and a couple warlocks to max your points

>> No.32419251

ramming at full throttle

>> No.32419621

For every three fully loaded sniper drone teams, take an ethereal.
Best Tau list of all time.

>> No.32419670


These two things makes two armies I've wanted to make since the release of the latest CSM-codex possible.

1: Chaos Fast Attack army:
Loadsa bikes;
- 1-2 squads of around 4 bikers with meltas and meltabombs on champ (shoot tanks, charge and meltabomb anything that survives)
-1 squad of nurgle bikers with nurgle lord with that anti-horde mace, claning up any soft targets
-Rest: Unmarked or khornate big bikersquads with plasmas or flamers, charging all kinds of shit
- 3-4 unmarked spawn delivering a Khornate Juggalord with axe of blind fury
-Maybe some unmarked/nurglite spawn to tie ranged threats (Devs/havocs etc) or hordes up.
- Bunch of cultists to take objectives or whatever

Army 2: True Word bearers:
Just a bunch of different kinds of infantry with a lot of sorcerers, summoning Daemons.

>> No.32419795

the idea of an unbound army is neat, I like the idea of a subtle shift for the army, like say...a shit ton of assault marines that are flanked with tau gun drones.....except oh shit they made marines and tau desperate allies which means all the "these space matines had a flaw in their conditioning which made them decide it was tactically sound to ally with the tau instead of the imperium" fluff goes into the garbage.

>> No.32419974


>in melee

>> No.32420283

Why didn't GW put effort into their FOC rules and then trust gamers to break them down when they want to, rather than have the rule be that there are no rules?
Why don't they write something decent for the competitive player and then put a big disclaimer that the fluffbunny can ignore them, rather than write heaps of shit and trust the competitive player to build his own rules?

Why is there this constant assumption that fun and balance are mutually exclusive and that a tight ruleset is inherently bad at forging narratives? Why do people brush off bad design as being harmless because the game isn't supposed to be competitive and that it's not even worth attempting to balance the game?

I don't want to start every game by sitting down with my opponent and discussing how much of my new £50 rulebook we want to ignore. I don't want to have a wealth of options opened up to me with the additional assumption that taking some of them makes me a bad person. I don't want to spend hundreds of pounds and hours creating an army, only to have it judged as worthy or not worthy of being fought against because the core rules are such a clusterfuck of design.

>> No.32420763

>Why didn't GW put effort into their FOC rules and then trust gamers to break them down when they want to, rather than have the rule be that there are no rules?
>Why don't they write something decent for the competitive player and then put a big disclaimer that the fluffbunny can ignore them, rather than write heaps of shit and trust the competitive player to build his own rules?
The answer to both these questions is the same, it takes all the accountability off of GW and puts the blame on the fanbase. If YOU don't like it, why don't YOU change it? Just like converting minis, that's part of the GW(TM) Hobby. (Your changes not valid in store or in any official capacity)

>I don't want to start every game by sitting down with my opponent and discussing how much of my new £50 rulebook we want to ignore.
You bought the new book? Good. See you in a few years when you buy the new book.

>> No.32421069

Are you sure you're not an ork?

>> No.32421103

I'm mad they did that. I wanted Tau pathfinders in a Land Speeder Storm because I want an open topped transport for them so fucking badly.

>> No.32421178

>Why didn't GW put effort into their FOC rules and then trust gamers to break them down when they want to, rather than have the rule be that there are no rules?
Because gamers are retarded. Seriously look at any homebrew, most of it is either broken shit, or other people calling overpriced stuff broken or simply refusing to play with it. Honestly, while I think unbound is going overboard, the competitive crowd can go fuck themselves, 40k isn't a competitive game, if you play it competitively you are pretty fucking stupid.
>Why don't they write something decent for the competitive player and then put a big disclaimer that the fluffbunny can ignore them, rather than write heaps of shit and trust the competitive player to build his own rules?
Because 99% of people will absolutely refuse to play any homebrew or will make their own homebrew crap which is retarded.

Honestly GW should make White Dwarf an actual hobby magazine, they don't need to go so far as to teach you how to not buy models by using deoderant to make a land speeder, but letting people mail in their homebrew stuff and letting designers suggest their own homebrew and making it semi-official would go a long way. The main reason I like unbound is because it opens up options for armies that exist in the fluff, but GW simply ignored for no damn reason, like a Space Marine first company.

>> No.32421206

Nigga, an Ewok can chuck a stone-headed spear through an advanced plastoid breastplate.

Little fuckers are chimp strong.

>> No.32421217

I don't know the specifics, but a friend of mine has been designing a fucking ridiculous Inquisition list spamming 3 man henchmen squads. It has something like 46 separate units.

>> No.32421282

please, fucker
>the opponent never has a chance
>because they all have the same weakness
>sparks/smoke caused by low-quality animation cause them to leap backward to their deaths

its like you don't even ranger

>> No.32421303

I'm fairly certain I remember seeing a storm trooper die from a fist sized rock landing on his gun during the battle of Endor in the movie. Honestly, you would be hard pressed not to kill a storm trooper.

>> No.32421327


Ewoks are skilled enough to capture Han Solo and Luke Skywalker.

>> No.32421347

>they don't need to go so far as to teach you how to not buy models by using deoderant to make a land speeder
If only they gave you cool tips instead of "buy our crap"
>opens up options for armies that exist in the fluff
No anon, you think too logically. You must embrace the absurdity

>> No.32421389

Maybe I could have the titans combine or something... But that would be haaaarrrrd...

>> No.32421450

>If only they gave you cool tips instead of "buy our crap"
I wouldn't mind if they did stuff like kitbashing, honestly I can never see GW trying to do anything that tells people to do things instead of buying their models, but kitbashing can actually increase GW's sales since you buy two kits to make one kit worth of models.

>> No.32421571

>instead of the powergaming ideas
I think GW has succeeded in making Unbound so obviously, stupidly impossible to balance that powergaming loses its point entirely.

>> No.32421578

>model/paint as pic related

>> No.32421666

In the Warhammer Visions magazine there's a conversion gallery, kitbashing goes hand in hand with that.
I with their loose bits selection was better though.

>> No.32421891

Lies. That is an amazing list. I am stealing it.

>> No.32421945

My first thought was Dark Eldar jetbike list

>> No.32422112


until they nerfed de jetbikes into the ground...

>> No.32422563

Ahriman, 11 Sorcerors and 120pts to spent on Familiars, the Scrolls of Magnus or whatever. 200pts. Depends heavily on getting the first turn to summon up those juicy daemons.

>> No.32422696

>Try to summon daemons
>Suffer massed perils from perils on any doubles.

>> No.32422904

> Court of the Young King
> not the Phoenix Court
It's like you don't want Rhana Dandra already.

>> No.32423266

The first Unbound list I made was a 2000point list with The Avatar, all the Lords and a min unit of their aspect. That includes Shadow Spectres, but no Warp Spiders because they don't have a PL.

>> No.32423281

Then he takes all their magic cards. I mean books.

>> No.32423360

Nice copypasta from
waac fag

>> No.32424186

2000 points
40 single zoanthropes.
80 warp dice

>> No.32424260

Would you guys stop trying to break the psychic phase? 18 point warpcharges are as good as it gets and everything else is just as unfun but less optmized.If you want to break the game break it as hard as possible

>> No.32424383

And nothing worthwhile to use them for....

>> No.32424499


Enjoy your 3 tyranid powers.

All the non NPC's will be over here summoning demons with the cool kids.

>> No.32424642

Wow you stop telling people how to play? We get it, you don't like the psychic phase. We do. We like psykers.

>> No.32424708

Laughing. Before executing the nearest guardsman for not having his bootlaces done up correctly

>> No.32424716


You dont "like" the new psychic phase, you just like that it can be broken beyond all reason.

>> No.32424725

So tell me what exactly the difference between zoantrophe spam and big I psiker spam is exept one is clearly better? It's just all the same list without any fun background or anything. Just trying to break the game and doing it unoptimized

>> No.32424889

The new psychic phase is actually really fun. Until you get some jackass with more than 12 dice a turn.

The new objectives deck is really fun as well. Until you draw a hand that you cannot score any of the objectives for in a game mode where you can't draw any new objectives.

This is the problem with 40K: cheeselords and terribly designed luck systems. Custom rules fix both (no spamming psykers, no 2++ rerollables, no Riptide spam, you can discard cards you can't score to draw a new one, etc) but we shouldn't have to rely on house rules since those are not always accepted globally and make it harder to pick up and play random games against strangers.

>> No.32424956


Pretty sure the whole "draw a new card if yours is impossible is actually a rule though"

>> No.32425017


It's not for that specific mission. You only draw if you score, and each turn you discard one card. So you go from 6 cards to 0 eventually. Can't score? You will never win.

>> No.32425106

I think its a general rule that you can discard a card to draw a new one once each turn though.

>> No.32425200


If that were true it would be amazing. I'll go check the rulebook, since it's entirely possible that rule may have been entirely overlooked.

If you can't score all 6, can you discard all 6 at once and draw a new hand? Or is it one "impossible card" discard a turn, in addition to your normal discard? Or are you mistaking this with the normal discard you get every turn?

>> No.32425203

>No boreale


>> No.32425320

Nothing but Wolf Lords on Thunderwolves and Maximum toolkits.

Just for fun. How many Thunder wolf Wolf lords can you fit in a 2000 point game?

>> No.32426553

>honestly I can never see GW trying to do anything that tells people to do things instead of buying their models
I have white dwarves filled with kitbashing ideas.

Granted, it is from 2005-2006, but they actually did it back then, when their fanbase was less retarded.

>> No.32426625

Playing Ride of Valkyries on his stereo.

>> No.32426890

Well yeah, hence me saying that they don't need to (nor can I see them doing) something like the deoderant land speeder in some ancient white dwarf. I can see them being okay with kitbashing as long as all of the parts are GW. Besides if GW can get you to buy some wood Elves, some Cadians, and some Catachans to make some sort of stealth oriented guardsman regiment all the better for them, you buy three kits instead of one for the same (as far as the game cares) result.

>> No.32427349

it's what CAPTIAN DIOMEDES would of wanted

>> No.32427516

1500 pt Tau List

Squad of 12 Cadre Fireblades.

Attach the Fireblade squad to a squad of twelve Fire Warriors.

Throw in a Riptide with an Ion Cannon. Add a Velocity Tracker and Stim Injector to it.

Longstrike Railgun w/ Submunitions and Sensor Spines

Raigun w/ Submunitions

Five-man squad of Pathfinders with a marker drone.

Five-man squad of Pathfinders.

Prepare your anus for a fuckton of 2+ dakka.

>> No.32431589

about 6.6666666666666

>> No.32431612

its about 300 pts per character

>> No.32431987

Survival will come down to your skill and mettle,

>> No.32435355

So I can have a squad with 100 guardsmen in it or mixed squads of carnifexes and librarians?! Freakin awesome dude!

>> No.32435446


Yeah you'd think I wasn't on 4chan. I don't have 7th ed rules in hand yet, so I didn't know if this counted as unbound or not. And, hell, even on 4chan we hash this shit out.

I *could* just drop the DE and futz around with the list a little to make it definitively unbound. My original idea was Necron death star + Eldar death star. The synergies are compelling: both armies are highly mobile. The Eldar add psykers, the Necrons have non-psyker awesome. The necron basic weapon helps vs vehicles; the troopy DE weapon is awesome vs infantry.

>> No.32435459


Right now all the unbound ideas are coming from spamming one awesome unit.

I'm thinking this: what weird synergies can you get now that you can put lots of shit in the same army?

>> No.32435954

I like to imagine that this is the recruitment video for imperial armoured regiments

>> No.32437601

I'm just going to make a list of all the shit I own and make a D1000 table - let the gods decide my army selection.

Kicking it old school, Rogue Trader style.

>> No.32438022


>> No.32438079

Dark Apostles can't take bikes

>> No.32438486


fuck you phil kelly

>> No.32438495

neither can they take terminator armour.i mean really,the fuck kelly

>> No.32438540


>> No.32438553

The whole book is crap. Why do Kharn and Lucius have fewer wounds and attacks (in Lucius case) than a generic chapter master? Why are Chaos Lords worse than chapter masters at all, these are guys with possibly millennia of combat experience, the least they could get is +1 wound and attack, and some sort of AP 2 initiative weapon.

>> No.32438684

>Why do Kharn and Lucius have fewer wounds and attacks (in Lucius case) than a generic chapter master? Why are Chaos Lords worse than chapter masters at all
becuase when the chaos book was written, chapter masters only had 3 wounds/attacks

>> No.32438801

Here's a question in regards to Unbound: How does it impact Relics and such?
I have some ideas in regards to a movie marine list, i.e. nine captains and a chaptermaster as tactical squad, and it's be nice to hand out Wrath of the Primarch to every 'tactical' instead of the rather mediocre stormbolter.
If that's not possible, I suppose I could relegate the WotP to count-as duty for a heavy bolter.

>> No.32438881

What issue numbers? I would like to look them up. Thanks!

>> No.32438907

Unbound applies only to unit selections, it does not impact Relics or any other wargear.

>> No.32438929

The best part of my trol list is that it is battle forged!
Inquisitorial Detachment 1 (Primary)
Coteaz 100
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Wall of Martyrs Bunker 55

Inquisitorial Detachment 2
Inquisitor, Level 1 Psyker, Servo Skull 58
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18

Inquisitorial Detachment 3
Inquisitor 25
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18

Inquisitorial Detachment 4
Inquisitor 25
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18

Inquisitorial Detachment 5
Inquisitor 25
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18

Inquisitorial Detachment 6
Inquisitor 25
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18

Inquisitorial Detachment 7
Inquisitor 25
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18

Inquisitorial Detachment 8
Inquisitor 25
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18

Inquisitorial Detachment 9
Inquisitor 25
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18

Inquisitorial Detachment 10
Inquisitor 25
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18

Inquisitorial Detachment 11
Inquisitor 25
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18

Inquisitorial Detachment 12
Inquisitor 25
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18

Inquisitorial Detachment 13
Inquisitor 25
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18

Inquisitorial Detachment 14
Inquisitor 25
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18

Inquisitorial Detachment 15
Inquisitor 25
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18
Psyker, 2 Waclytes 18

Allied Detachment
Baron Sathonyx 105
5 Warriors 45

Total 1498

>> No.32439006

In case you don't get it, The Baron and Coteaz almost guarantee the first turn if he gets the best warlord trait. The 5 Warriors are super scoring in the bunker. You get 48+d6 dice with which to summon 5 or 6 Greater Daemons on turn one. After that you can make heralds and plague drones etc.

>> No.32439380

Unless I missed something there's nothing actually stopping him from joining the unit, the whole unit would just be limited to his movement until he leaves in the movement phase of turn 1.

>> No.32439439

DA came before didn't they? Azrael has 4 wounds.

>> No.32439469

So did the Minotaurs Chapter Master, before the Space marine release any 4 wound chapter master was supposed to be either filled with bionics or insanely tough compared even to other chapter masters.

>> No.32439503

This is literally the worst army list here. Yeah you have tons of psychic powers, but you can't really do anything with them, you have no units to buff and you can't summon daemons without killing your army en masse. The only list this could be interesting against is mass daemon spawning from all the deny the witch, and even then it gets its shit stomped because unlike this list the daemons can do other shit.

>> No.32439519

Are you genuinely retarded?

>> No.32439556

He's one of the many morons that think sacrificing your own dirt cheap psykers to summon an entire army of daemons is a terrible idea.

>> No.32439586

>not running 2000 points worth of pyrovores
Its almost like you guys don't want to win

>> No.32439659

It's not 5th. Every model can move it's full distance as long as they keep coherency.

>> No.32439675

Tau Unbound Dickery

Riptide, ion accelerator, velocity tracker, EMS system: 210
50 gun drones: 700
20 Marker drones: 280
9 Remora Stealth Drone Fighters: 810

Because I can.

>> No.32440607

"But guys 8+ flying monstrous creatures is an awful idea."

>> No.32440673

wouldn't vekt be better vor 4+ rerollable seize?

>> No.32442081

foolish initiate.

>Not 10 techmarines with orbital strike relays in a 1500

>> No.32442360

It's a small price to pay when you're conjuring 3 units of 10 Horrors and 4 ML 2 T-Heralds every turn, and every Sorceror on his last wound is turning into a Lord of Change.

>Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah, other people on the internet are taking options I personally don't favour, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

>> No.32442458

>Other people's definitions of fun are terrible and I cannot stand other people

>> No.32442566

>Why are Chaos Lords worse than chapter masters at all
Exactly my question, I just do not get why they don't present a Chaos Emperor option or why they got rid of the old cheapo 30pt 2 Wound Chaos Lieutenant option.

That Captain from the Dark Vengeance box set is stated in the Crimson Slaughter expansion to be the former Chapter Master, and the special Chosen Champion the 1st company Captain. Why does Chaos demote people?

>> No.32442981


cause phil Kelly's a hack

>> No.32443149

You mean Robin Cruddace is a hack, aka the equal-parts co-writer of this and Chaos Daemons? Kelly brought us the glory of Space Wolves and Dark Eldar and his fluff is restrained yet delicious, never forget that. His sins of Aspect Warriorism and unusual pricing can be forgiven.

>> No.32443274


you mean wolf wolf mcwolf the codex? and DE have not aged well at all though I guess that's passable since he has a retard boner for spess eelvs

and crud is just pure assshit somebody should off that fuckhead already

>> No.32443445

The names were a thing of the era. Look at Blood Angels, or the abominable character names in Grey Knights and Necrons.

>> No.32443487

>daemon psyker spam
>not being able to win a game from the get go, 100% regardless of actions or tactics

Yes, people like you ARE terrible. The world would literally be better off without you, at least in the hobby sector, and probably in all other sectors too if you're this much of a faggot and/or troll.

>> No.32443641

Play a fully mechanized Gretchin army Load up to 2500pts with tank squads, mega tanks, and Killa Kans.
Watch face of opponent as you win. :)

>> No.32443671


still Kelly's an idiot

hell EVERYBODY at GW is a flaming moron...

>> No.32443974

I'll fight you with my All kroot army, 2500 points of kroot squads, knarloc riders, and greater knarlocs.

>> No.32444558

You when these were posted I thought of this match up on the small size, I'll pay a few bucks to watch this. What can I say I can be easily entertained. :)

>> No.32445624

So go play toys-go-bang with someone else. Me playing a game with someone else in the same room as you won't give you scurvy.

>> No.32445647

Well sure, but who's the BIGGEST idiot? My money's on Ward.

>> No.32446352

How about some looted goodness?

Looted Wagon (35). Boomgun (70).

4 Looted wagons in 500 points, and for the rest of the points you can give all of them 2 rokkit launcha's.

In 2000 points..

You get 19 Looted Wagons, with 5 points to spare. In this case they do NOT have rokkit launcha's though.

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