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So, I showed the gameplay "footage" Kingdom Death has up on youtube to some of my bros and now they're all really keen to get their hands on it when it comes out.

Of course the real question is "WILL it ever come out"


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Quarter 2.


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was pushed back to q3

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You gonna link that footage?

Where's that guy who posts Dragon Sacrifice every thread? We need some people in here.

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>So we are still "technically" beginning fulfillment in Q2 2014 as I estimated. The Kings of Death will have their Chest of Death collection and the resin beta sent in june.

>The resin beta level will also ship out in june.

>Estimated Fulfillment Update
I will return at the end of June with a more specific time frame. I respect everyone here too much to pull any "smoke and mirror" tricks, I just want to provide facts. And so I have decided to wait and provide exactly that.

Short answer: we don't know.
Long answer: probably, depends.

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Sure, it's right here:

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It kills me every single day that I couldn't pledge.

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I wonder how pretty flower knight is under that helmet.

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I really think this game could be a load of fun for people who used to play a lot of pen and paper RPGs but lack the time now.

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I just wish I had someone IRL to play this with...

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You don't want to play with /tg/?

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hmmm... if someone (further down the line) had a complete set, that was painted nicely, and a good camera /tg/ could have a pretty fucking baller time playing together.

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We are supposed to be getting a roll20 game going once all the cards are released and scanned in.

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Have you had thoughts about Tabletop simulator?

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Reminder that the base game is going to cost about 200$ and expacs will be like 50$

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Yes, and? A playgroup only needs one copy if the game so as long as you have access to a printer to print out character and settlement sheets (and keep track of which cards are in your decks and what gear/materials you have) you could have practically any number of campaigns running at once.

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Right now it looks like in our playgroup we're all chipping in on the big box, and people will just pick up expacs if/when they can/want to.

The only downside for me, is that I will be the designated paint-slave. The good thing about that is that I get to display the models in my living room.

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And then there were two Flower Knights.

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>Only 4 survivors.
>NO armour sets.
Only one copy of the base game?


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That AI card system is actually pretty good. I like it.

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The game!e comes with hide, leather, fur, and a couple of other armor sets, and over 100 gear cards. And its not like you're sending more then a max of like yen survivors in one hunting party.

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I don't even see why you'd NEED to model the armor sets other than for esthetic purposes.

No reason not to use some of the "armor sets" as "extra survivors" if needed.

In our group, people will probably pick "their" starter model and a second model with an armor set of some sort as their character and use those in every game...

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Jesus Christ, this game looks completely retarded. What's the attraction?

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Have you watched the gameplay videos?

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You have some shit taste their buddy.

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I'm sorry, but that opinion is invalid, this game is one of the coolest things I've seen.

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I have no real intention of playing the game, but I got a Dung Beetle Knight because it just looks so cool.
And I'm surprisingly impressed with the screaming poo ball.
Looking at the game play brings me back to one of my game ideas I had when I was kid; pretty much the same "monster controlled by cards" thing but more Netrunner than DnD. Kinda wished I'd hopped on that idea now.
But, yeah, love my Beetle Knight.

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You should play with us online. I would be OK with letting your survivors get all the DBK gear that we make.

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I eagerly await full release.

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You two are more than welcome to come play with us in the (hopefully multiple) /tg/ settlement(s).

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This seems really interesting. How were you planning on organizing the online game exactly?

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>mfw I got in on the Black Friday deal

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>Of course the real question is "WILL it ever come out"
this on the OP is enough for me to skip the thread, as it basically responds to the only question i have Is it out yet?

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The way the releases are going I'm pretty sure most people will be able to get a retial version around the time (but not to much longer) the people who pledged.so, you shouldn't be waiting to long for your Box o' Grom.

Are least that seems to be the general impression from most people buying up stuff.

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but not to much longer after*

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Ideally I was thinking using one roll20 campaign forum to organize all the inter-settlement trading/raiding/other interactions, making a schedule so that all the different pods of players are progressing through lantern years at the same amount of real-time (ie: by this week you should be on LY 3, so as a group you can decide to do all of the phases as soon as possible, as late as possible, or split into the phases as you see fit)/
Each pod would then have its own unique roll20 so as to play out the track and hunt phases, and keep track of their survivors, event deck, settlement cards, gear, etc.

Also there should be some way to homebrew settlement-on-settlement violence, whether it be raiding, pitched combat, one-on-one champions' duels, skirmishes, group efforts against bigger monsters, etc. Trade can be done through barter (hopefully in-character, as I'd really, really like all settlement decisions to be made, but I can't force people to of course) or stealing/raiding.

Also the different settlements could have different starts (there's the official sunstalker starting, dragon-king and default, and I want to homebrew a Gorm-based one if possible).

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Hmm...not sure how much I'd be into PvP or raiding, though I feel like pitched combat would be the fair way to handle it.

Other than that, I'm sold. I am curious on what the differences between all the starting settlements are though. I also don't think I've heard of Gorm.

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Gorm is the giant baby with the vagina dentata mouth and the realistic anus.
Also I assume we'd come to a consensus about whether to allow raids or not. Perhaps allowing one settlement to track another settlement's hunting party via the tracking phase path-thing somehow. But the trading should be cool as it'd allow settlements to become more specialized, as per the economic concept of comparative advantage and all that fun kind of stuff.

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Oh yeah, trading would be fine. It would just suck to get back from a hunt and receive a message that you lost all your bones or whatever.

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I think it would be more interesting to run a pure game without added silliness but to each his own.

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We could do that too/instead; but this is like my dream set-up which allows for a lot of civilization building, politicking, trading, economics and governmental roleplaying.

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Yea, I'd just play rpgs if I wanted something like that. Large groups of people from /tg/ are generally awful when it comes to pvp, lots of drama and such.

For some reason Trading doesn't really enforce the whole theme of desperation and rare resources. It feels a little against the whole theme.

I'm sure other people will grab scans of the rules and run whatever though, so it's not like it really matters much either way.

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So is there any sort of estimate on when this game would be starting? From the way everything is being phrased it sounds like you almost have everything.

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I'm very interested in this, make sure to make a post on /tg/ when you get everything set up which hopefully won't be much longer if poots actually releases the game.

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Its sad that one of the people we typicall game with now brings his wife to everything and she's both a killjoy and a prude. (The kind of woman to bitch about a copy of Dragon's Crown left on the coffee table.)

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Since Warhammer Quest went out of print, the only option for the "We want to play an RPG but no one wants to DM" was Descent, and that still requires someone to get stuck playing Overlord. Ergo the large number of co-op mini campaign games on Kickstarter.

Kingdom Death provides a co-op Quest style game without being heroic fantasy.

Will probably be even more popular now that Myth turned out to be mostly a dud.

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someone pls post titteys

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> I want to homebrew a Gorm-based one if possible

I actually had to look that up to make sure it wasn't a typo for Gor.

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I've got a copy of warhammer quest, with all the character packs save for the knight, in the colorado area

I don't have anyone to play it with, though.

Any coloradofags wanna play?

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Do you think it would be possible to use the pin-up models in KD in a Warhammer army at all? I know the 35mm scale is rather large - but would it be completely ridiculous?

Obv the monsters are kickass.

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I guess some of them aren't that bad scale wise

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well played sir.

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As soon as it's released and someone scans all of the oodles of cards.
And I have pretty much everything except for the Belt of Gender Change, its event card, and the $20 fairly lewd white speaker that comes with one card. The first two are already released, and I doubt there'd be any difficulty finding someone to scan the third.

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Someone posted this last thread, if he's still here he could probably scan it for you

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Does that serve any purpose whatsoever?

I most certainly am not complaining, but still holy shit

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It has a green combo box, so it can help power up other gear, and the event that it comes with has the possibility of permanently changing a survivor and boosting a couple of stats (Dex and somethong.)

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>Belt of Gender Change

This game just keeps getting better.

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>All this sold out

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