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Your party turns a corner and runs directly into Frieza, who is visiting your planet out of boredom before going to Namek. He takes offense to you daring to accidentally touch him.

Can you survive?

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Probably. Depends on how high his saves are. The party consists of
Cleric (me)
two Sorcerers
clockwork soldier NPCs

we are all super optimized. the wizard and druid copied their builds directly from the charop board.

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He can destroy planets with a fart. Could you stop that?

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Probably. It takes days for him to do so.

5 minutes lasted like 30 episodes.

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His fortitude is high enough to survive being cut in half, losing an arm, and then to survive the explosion of a planet, floating in space, long enough to be found.

His will is strong as hell, he can lift mountains with his mind.

His dodge... you joke, right?

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AFAIK Frieza isn't statted in any system I play so there is nothing to compare them against. Saying "he could blow up a planet" is pointless because we fuck up bad guys that want to wreck the universe all the time. The ritual to fuse the Negative Energy Plane to the Material Plane doesn't have stats. It is a plot device.

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The difference being that most of those bad guys need elaborate rituals to destroy worlds.

Frieza does it as exercise.

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considering i'm playing a fairly mid to high level exalted campaign, i'm gonna say my group has a pretty good chance against DBZ level bullshit.

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My last character is a Deathwatch newbie so probably not.

Second last was a 3,5 somewhat meele focused, somewhat optimised dread necromancer. That was an epic party (around level 28 i think), so he just gets erased from reality or desintegrated.

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highly unlikely they'll be able to hit him with a spell though considering he moves faster than most creatures can think

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>Rank 10 Power Copy
>Rank 10 Nemesis
>Rank 10 Spatial Manipulation

Hope he brought friends.

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Given that I'm playing a shadowrun character?

We all died horribly.

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>He can destroy planets with a fart.
no, that's more Majin Buu's power.

Frieza has to make a huge energy ball to kill planets

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>we are playing DBZ rpg
>power levels currently ranging between 110k-150k

We're fine, I think, if we go together

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I don't know if it changed in Z but back in original dragonball ki did fuck all to protect you from magic.

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Friezas second form was about one million, so his final form not warmed up is several times stronger than that.

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I guess the party saiyan has to pull off some major bullshit real fast then

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dude, reality altering spell.

My character is literally dead (turned Lich after reaching level 20 of dread).

you stop time, they do whatever you like, just kill him, turn him into a newt, does not matter.

3.X spellcasting is retarded, and this was 4 person epic party (my somewhat flavoury but still stronk dread, mint sorc, mint cleric, mint psion).
All on levels 27-30, this party was plane hopping and wrecking shit for that race of super psionics (not mind flayers, I forgot their name.)

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>actually playing DBZ rpg
Lucky fucker!

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DBZ Adventure Game stats him, it uses the Instant Fuzion system, which is a "rules lite" version of the Fuzion system.

Convert from Instant Fuzion to Fuzion, then convert from Fuzion to your game of choice, or from Fuzion to another game that can then be converted to your game of choice, there's probably a guide or two out there.

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Yeah and you have to cast said spell. Before you can even think of casting the spell, he has already killed you. He can move faster than anything you can imagine.

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Some dude tried to start one on roll20 with some /tg/ dudes last week, but doesn't seem like that's actually going to go anywhere.

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The only one who could smack down a 3e caster is the Christian God or something equally out there. Anything that has to operate inside the system will fail. It's been demonstrated that a mundane character with infinite stats can't defeat a 3e wizard.

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>I can totally kill him!
>nuh uh!
>uh huh!
>nuh uh!

thread hidden

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You have not played dnd it seems.
If we know we are about to fight, are mid fighting we are literally immune to physical dmg.

Our sorceror was having contingency that he would turn etheral when he was about to being hit.

Like I said, I'm a lich so I cannot be killed without destroying my philactery. And it's hidden at a pocket plane created by me, with new bodies ready to get into.

At worst, after he speedblitzes us, our sorc turns into ghost just as he is about to punch him, then frieza cannot do anything to him.

Why do you think there is so much bitching on spellcasters in 3.X on /tg/

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No, real slow.


Longest fight scene in any show ever slow.

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>Is this his true power?

This is why the manga is better

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Playing M&M. We're all using characters that are blatant copypastrers of our favorite /co/ characters.

I'm Raven. I have no restraints preventing me using her powers in an intelligent, practical way. I'm not holding back for the sake of plot.

I win.

Swallow him up with a portal and throw him into the netherworld. Done.

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The Buu Saga proved that Ki and Magic are just different ways of accessing the same energy.

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>people forgetting that frieza is inhumanly fast

He wouldn't get hit by fireballs and such, all dbz charcters are bullshit fast at the level where regular people can't even see them when they fight

It's dumb

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But the real question is could your party defeat a Neutronium Golem?

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>Frieza can survive space, grows frustrated, blows up planet
Your move.

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You should try giving DB Kai a watch. It's DBZ with none of the filler and better paced battles.

Also for some reason the ki attacks and martial arts feel more "codified," which is pretty cool.

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I don't know much about DBZ but from what I'm reading ITT it sounds like some 40k level bullshit, as in some purple and white robot looking dude who can destroy planets with his fucking mind and kill you before you even thought you were fighting.

I kind of like it. Is it worth actually watching the Chinese cartoons? I know this series is notorious for stalling and fights lasting the entire span of episodes, but does it actually explore concepts like destroying planets in interesting ways? Also I vaguely remember seeing some flashback/montage about Saiyans when I was a kid and it seemed badass. The screen went black and red and it showed a post-apocalyptic planet where Saiyans had fucking #rekt shit on some planet, I think it might have been their own. I'd like to see more like that.

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just some dnd effects

>soul ripping
>soul trapping
>molecular desintegration
>plane splintering
>death effects per roll
>death effects without save

You were saying?

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>it sounds like some 40k level bullshit
No, it's much, much crazier.

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You could, by being a warblade and removing his statuses, and face melting auras.
I dunno if there is other way

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Dragonball Z Kai, a digitally remastered rerelease with most of the filler edited out is an objectively good Korean Soap-opera.

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DBZ is not a show for intelligent exploration of anything, it's about which punchdude has the punchiest punches.

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Power Level 18,000 lets you blow up a planet from orbit with two fingers.

Frieza was north of 100 Million.

It wouldn't even be a thing.

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lol nvm, just found this:

Race: Human
Class/Class/PrC: Sorcerer 20; prestige classes not required.
Feats: Violate Spell, Sanctum Spell, Arcane Preparation; Possibly Craft: Contingency.
Skills (if necessary): Cross class ranks in Use Psionc Device

Min/maxing notes: Requires an infinite damage loop and vile damage. If the Contingency spell does not apply to you after UPDing Timeless Body, use the Craft: Contingency feat.

Prefight preparation: A few rounds, aside from the time needed to locate the Golem.

Tactics in combat:

Plan of action:

Round 1: Cast Time Stop.

Round 2: Cast Astral Projection.

Round 3: Go Ethereal. Cast Greater Teleport. You are now where you want to be, but on the Ethereal Plane, which overlaps with the Material Plane. Get next to the sucker victim target.

Round 4: UPD a power stone of Timeless Body, with assistance from Moment of Prescience. You pop into existence since you can no longer benefit from Etheralness and get the drop on the golem. Pun intended.

Round 5: Surprise round. Cast Force Cage around the two of you. Have a Contingency set to go off for this situation, triggering Arcane Fusion. Initiate an infinite damage loop with a prepared Sanctum Arcane Fusion and a prepared, Vile Acid Splash, a level 0 spell in a level 1 slot. You get to launch a no save, no SR attack at the golem, and trigger the Arcane Fusion again. Repeat recursively until the thing is dead, since acid damage bypasses DR, harness, and Vile damage can only be healed by magic cast within the area of a consecrate or hallow spell. (BoVD p. 34)

Round 6: ???

Round 7: Profit

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How to kill the Neutronium Golem: Sanctum Spell Arcane Fusion Lesser Orb of Acid Infinite Damage Loop.

How to survive Neutronium Golem's attack: (if you lose initiative or it takes more than one round to kill the Big Bad NG): Timeless Body, assuming it gets to attack.

How to survive death throes: Timeless Body. Astral Projection if that fails.

How to save everybody else in the solar system (if possible): Force Cage. It can't be destroyed via damage. Nothing gets in, nothing gets out.

like everything else in 3.X nothing can beat prepeared and system knowing spellcaster.

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I'm just popping in to say it's disintegrate

>> No.32326497

It depends.
Can I cut through power level bullshit with magic?

>> No.32326519

in fact it is.
thank you

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Probably not, Ki-powered characters seem to have pretty decent magic resistance back in Dragonball

>> No.32326551

Only if the magic is powerful enough to damage a being that was only moderately damaged by a planet exploding, fast enough to outrun someone that moves as fast as thought.

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>Runetouched dwarf
>manly stronk Orlanth worshipper
>Elmali/Humakti split with the power to control insects (me)
>commander of a not-Roman legion
>slightly less stronk but still stronk Orlanthi that's starting to fall to chaos
I hope Frieza likes hornets.

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He's mortal and he's probably not particularly strong willed or faithful, so my malkavian gets a new toy. All the power in the world ain't shit without mental defenses.

>> No.32326582

it's less of a more damaging as a "Can my blood mage solidify all his blood, or will Ki reflect that?"

Because he totally solidifies people's blood. Rather casually.

>> No.32326631

>with most of the filler edited out
Dragonball Z from the first episode to the end of the Cell shit is 193 episodes.

Dragonball Kai from episode one to end of Cell is 98 episodes.

That's nearly 100 episodes of unnecessary shit cut out. It really makes the series actually watchable.

It's also been recently renewed to go into the Buu saga. Right now in something like 8 episodes they've covered what the original series did in about 16. (Started with teenage Gohan's first day of school, completely cut out the otherworld tournament shit, and most recent episode is Videl getting her ass kicked at the tournament.)

>> No.32327843

His full power was something like 16 million.
(one million second form, doubles with each transformation, final fourth form has initially 50% of full potential).

>> No.32327887

What? Everything I've heard puts it somewhere between 120 and 150 million.

>> No.32327921

That was because of the resiliency of Namek itself. Earlier in the series we saw a much, much, MUCH weaker Vegeta destroy a planet casually in just a few seconds. We also see Freeza destroy planet Vegeta in just a few seconds as well.

>> No.32327952

Freeza's final form clocked in at 12 million. Furthermore, Toriyama is on record as saying that if Freeza hadn't dicked around at a lower power level for as long as he did, but rather went straight to 100% power, he could have mopped the floor with Super Saiyan Goku.

>> No.32327986

It can be extrapolated, really. The highest listed powerlevel in DBZ is Frieza's second form at one million. After that it's mostly guesswork and estimation.

>> No.32328002

>tfw playing a Rifts Mind Melter

Because Rifts is a broken system, the only hard counter to psychic powers is also being a psychic, which Frieza isn't, so my character just mind controls him into tearing his own head off.

>> No.32328004

oh fuck he did? Thats so awesome! Now if he only had decanonized Cooler who doesnt make any kind of sense I would be happy.

the Vegeta part Im pretty sure is Anime-only, so that might not be representative of his actual power, but the bit with Freeza destroying Vegeta was him at 1% power

>> No.32328023

The Cooler movies aren't canon, so, no problems there.

>> No.32328034

>The highest listed powerlevel in DBZ is Frieza's second form at one million. After that it's mostly guesswork and estimation.

Totally guesswork and estimation. Nossir, no Mr. Toriyama never published power level charts or anything like that ever, nope.

>> No.32328044

40k isn't actually very high in the power scale of universes, as much as the fans might try and say otherwise.

Even the pokemon universe is actually on a higher power scale. Hell, there are some Care Bears that could wipe the floor with anything that could come out of 40K.

>> No.32328050


>> No.32328119

>Freeza's final form clocked in at 12 million
120 million at 100% power, according to Daizenshuu 7.

>> No.32328154

Power levels are bullshit anyway. The point is that if Freeza hadn't dicked around, he could probably have taken Super Sayain Goku. But it's in Freeza's nature to dick around. So he lost.

>> No.32328165

>Power levels are bullshit anyway.
Hey finally someone gets that.

>> No.32328166

DBZ is probably the most powerful universe out there.

There is no hope.

>> No.32328182

Well, the author _was_ pulling the numbers out of his ass with the only rule being that the new ones have to be higher than the previous.
Also IIRC the highest power level presented was SS4 Goku-Vegeta fusion.

>> No.32328186

>DBZ is probably the most powerful universe out there.
Arguably DC Universe. Flash and Superman alone are virtually omnipotent depending on the writer.

>> No.32328209

>Also IIRC the highest power level presented was SS4 Goku-Vegeta fusion.
Actually just normal SS Gojeta.

GT isn't canon. Deal with it

>> No.32328212

Pfff, they ain't got shit on Ahura Mazda.

>> No.32328248

Gurren Lagann?

Simon could demolish pretty much anything in fiction.

>> No.32328284

>GT isn't canon.
Why wouldn't it? Not that I care very much, just curious.

>> No.32328293

I am really happy with what I have learned about Dragonball today

>> No.32328341

Because Akira Toriyama wanted nothing to do with it but was forced into letting it happen because contracts and licensing. IIRC he didn't even write it.

>> No.32328858

It doesnt explore anything in any intelligent way. Big bad guy comes, beats the shit out of Goku, Goku trains, Goku beats big bad guy. Repeat forever.
Even the fights arent that interesting, the guy with the higest power level wins, with no room for imagination, trickery or different combat styles.

>> No.32328944

Also, when Akira Toriyama made the plot for the Dragon Ball MMO, that takes place in the future, he completely ignored GT. And in the latest movie, battle of the gods, in wich Toriyama also participated, GT is ignored again.

>> No.32328951

I'm in a party of four, how are we all bumping into the same guy at the same time

>> No.32329054

It should also be noted that Battle of the Gods is actually canon according to Toriyama.

I also just finished watching it thanks to this thread putting me in the mood for some Dragonball... holy shit is it AWFUL

>> No.32330040

is there rpgs that you play guys better than dbz ones?

>> No.32330308

Can a caster beat post omnipotence Punpunp?
How about and over Deity?

>> No.32330423

I think he left out the caveat that they have to have discreet stats. Any non-infinite or defined stat--no matter how high--is a potential source of attack: ability scores, hp, saving throws, etc.

This is because casters have ways of producing infinite effects, so if they have a non-infinite stat it is a potential area of attack.

If I remember the Punpun build correctly it allows for arbitrarily high stats, not infinite ones, so he can be taken out by a sufficiently prepared caster.

An over deity typically does not have defined stats and is therefore immune.

>> No.32330459

I meant defined non-infinite, not non-infinite OR defined stat. A stat can be defined as infinite, so just having a stat defined doesn't open it up for attack.

>> No.32330807

Your party enters a tavern and finds Pic Related getting increasingly drunk and angry. He seems to be ranting about 'filthy monkeys', and has already shattered the bar counter and embedded a thug in the ground head first, through the stone floor.

What do you do?

>> No.32332266

>He has Bat Vision!

>> No.32333735


>>some Care Bears that could wipe the floor with anything that could come out of 40K.

Next you're gonna tell me the My Little Pony verse can properly defend themselves against a 40k assault.

>> No.32333759

I imagine MLP is so colorful that it'd break the morale of most anything in 40k

>> No.32333807

Three words: Orbital Friendship Cannon.

>> No.32333846


Santa is also not real.


So they can't handle the happiness and lose all will to kill and probably commit sudoku? If only more settings can break forces like that.

>> No.32333881

Yup, Magic fucks up the DBZ characters pretty hard.

>> No.32333927

Depends on the character. Vegeta was hit by the Majin spell that was supposed to be able to mind-control perfectly anybody with a drop of evil, but he overcomes it with sheer battle-lust.

That's right, he overcomes a spell that makes you a slave through the darkness in your heart by being a dick. And it's implied that this is a spell probably equivalent to a 9th level spell by an epic-level caster, if the various gods in the rooms' reactions were anything to judge by.

>> No.32334082

Only reason Frieza ever lost is because he's such an arrogant bastard he'd rather toy around and twirl his mustache than do the practical thing and just instantly disintegrate all of the Z Fighters, which he totally could've done. I suppose a sufficiently high-level spellcaster could exploit this "weakness", such as it is.

His cooler brother is another matter.

>> No.32334160

so, he has a brother and father
when are they going to introduce mom?
did they not do it because of her -2 STR?

>> No.32334274

Oh god I want to bring fem-freiza home with me.

>> No.32334572

also Vegito was so strong he became literally immune to magic

he only got turned into a candy because it actually improved his combat abilities

>> No.32334603

That blowhard isn't Cooler at all.

>> No.32334611

>Next you're gonna tell me the My Little Pony verse can properly defend themselves against a 40k assault.
I have heard some people argue this based off of gags seen in the show as opposed to doing the sane thing and assuming those are one off gags, not what they can do normally

Freiza doesn't have hair, not alien enough

>> No.32334761

well, maybe his species has sexual dimorphism and and the females have hair?

>> No.32334785

Or the males always shave

>> No.32334796

I ask him why his glass has spikes

>> No.32334814

Shouldn't FemZarbon look more masculine?

>> No.32334852

Really internet? I know I shouldn't be surprised, but...


>> No.32334860

>I also just finished watching it thanks to this thread putting me in the mood for some Dragonball... holy shit is it AWFUL

Yeah, yeah it really can be.

>> No.32334868

Compromise between drinking like a warlord (black spiked goblet) and drinking like an overlord (fragile crystal glass). Shame we can't add dark lord in there and have him drinking from a spiked crystal skull.

>> No.32334886


Until they befriended a reality-bending god of mischief and chaos with powers rivaling Q and Dr. Manhattan, I'd have agreed with you.

Now, they can basically throw Discord at any major problem unless the writers come up with some ham-fisted reason why he won't/can't do something.

>> No.32334894

How new are you?

>> No.32335125

He only upgraded to his second form because he needed to, and only to his third form because he was pissed, right? So, could you kill him in his first form if you hit him hard enough, before he had the chance to upgrade?

>> No.32335158

He's still hilariously tough and strong. So 'hard enough' is measured in megatons.

>> No.32335210

the internet: expected the unexpected

>> No.32335236

Githyanki or Githzerai perhaps is what you're thinking of?

>> No.32335284

King Carrot had that no-save baleful polymorph attack though.

>> No.32336299

Then there's "Make the evil in peoples' hearts explode, no matter how small" guy.

>> No.32336522

Buu tried that in the final saga. Turns out you do end up performing a Baleful Polymorph, but the character you perform it on does not lose all their power.
Polymorhping Frieza would have the same effect: He still has 90% of his stats.

>> No.32336545

One of Friezas goons had timestop as a power. Turns out its not enough.

>> No.32336577

>save made
>save made
>save made
>save made
>save made
your move

>> No.32336592

Frieza could beat the shit out of that golem.

>> No.32336602


SR: No
Save: None
Duration: 2hrs/lv.

>> No.32336662

Does Forcecage come with a reality anchor? If not, say goodbye to it.

>> No.32336672

I'm pretty sure his death beam counts as a disintegrate spell.

>> No.32336681

Breaks it into pieces by sheer strength.

>> No.32336700

>Creatures within the area are caught and contained unless they are too big to fit inside, in which case the spell automatically fails.
> unless they are too big to fit inside
>Like a wall of force spell, a forcecage resists dispel magic, but it is vulnerable to a disintegrate spell, and it can be destroyed by a sphere of annihilation or a rod of cancellation.
>destroyed by force

>> No.32336704

oh and also, the cage has 2 inch gaps in it so, again, his death beam means you're fucked.

>> No.32336744

Which most likely only have a constitution save of 100-200. It can be resisted.

>> No.32336778

Party lineup, in order

>Greatsword wielding, dragon-riding, edgy spellsword? Slain very fast.
>Captain America-Quixote with the rocket flail? His flail is shattered and he's killed instantly.
>Mr Start/Dale Gribble gun designer and his masterpiece of steampunk firearms, "El Rojo Diablo"? Dead. Pocket sand may buy him a few seconds of life.
>Romantic Victorian Sailor Moon? Well maybe if the DM lets her pull some Deux-Ex-Machina bullshit abusing her connection to the Moon Goddess. But failing that, fuck no. Instant death
>The "Villain" characters, two shapeshifters out for national domination? If they know about Super Saiyans they may be able to scare him off. Otherwise no.

>> No.32336795

also, also force cage doesn't stop gaze attacks. Which Frieza has.

>> No.32336993

>Vegeta's Party Games and Karaoke: the Movie

You are the worst person. :(

>> No.32338035

If Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie (fucking pyscho comic relief character who' one shoted demons with a 'party cannon.") don't get them first, >>32333846 is right, and you've got a Chaos God just waiting to fuck them up.

>> No.32338284

Go back to your containment board, brony. You're not welcome here.

>> No.32338468

>probably not particularly strong willed or faithful
Pfft hahaha. Yeah thats going to work out well for you.

>> No.32338482

Considering the Z characters were already fighting faster than light speed during the Frieza saga, I'd say no one has a prayer of surviving. Unless you're playing gods. Even then. Those gods better be the kind that don't have game stats. As soon as you have to roll for initiative and if rounds take any longer than milliseconds, Frieza will destroy you, your group, and the rest of the planet

>> No.32338610

What kind of damage does ki do to oWoD vampires? He's staring down a group of dark ages era Cappadocian, Lamia, Gangrel, Tzimisce, and Ventrue. We might could take him with some quick thinking.

>> No.32338636


>> No.32338650

With Frieza? At least enough to blow up a mountain every time.

So 'all of the damage' to you.

>> No.32338660

You're playing a King of Dragon Pass game? Sounds fucking awesome.

>> No.32338768

How have you managed to not watch one episode of DBZ? Did you not have a childhood that involved going outside and talking to other kids?

>> No.32339494

Demon the Descent

Fuck with causality and time to give Frieza space cancer or super aids. Then Faustian deal his ass for his body. Give him another few decades of killing off species and planets and then I am Frieza. Or something like that.

>> No.32339616


>> No.32339668

Time to start statting Dragonball Characters in GURPS.

>But anon! GURPS is probably the least appropriate system for that!
You say that, however GURPS by default uses 1 second turns, making combat that occurs over only a few moments in game-time potentially take hours of real time, which is exactly like watching Dragonball Z. Also by making appropriate use of the martial arts and supers/powers splatbooks you can actually do a pretty good job of modeling the abilities of characters found in the shows/manga.

>> No.32339783

Or you could use attached.

Or if you're really daring, this: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/5eog2oe09yaka/DBZ_RPG

>> No.32339792

Situations in which pony things are related to /tg/ is okay for this board.

However, I find the post being used to be a little hard to believe. Might be bait.

>> No.32339796

Lessee, 20th-level Anima party...
>Male Warrior/Summoner and Female Destruction/Time warlock who specialize in daggers, and are dating!Dio and !Sakuya
>Chakki Jen, the Tao with every fucking Martial Art, ever, as well as a few MUDA techs.
>Lars Goreballs, a Technician, specialized in suplexing things up to and including the Orb and the Filisnogos.
!Dio is going to almost instantly Warudo, as he'll accuse Frieza of stepping on his shoes and scuffing them.

>> No.32339837

That makes no sense. If that's the case, why was Trunks able to completely obliterate the much stronger Mecha-Freiza, and his father Cooler.

Toriyama has alzheimers, it's best not to listen to anything he says.

>> No.32340012

>Toriyama has alzheimers
That would explain the weirdness that was the Battle of the Gods movie.

>> No.32340083

Daily reminder Bills was named Bills for a reason.

IE, he existed only to pay them.

>> No.32340155

Daily reminder Bills was a retarded mistranslation because his name was supposed to be based around a Japanese pronunciation of the word "Virus."

>> No.32340258

Current party is has the herald of a god, A immortal god king that can only die via destroying his worshipers faith and a demigod.

The herald could probably take him down with his divine powers. The rest would probably lose but not die. Due to situational immortality kicking in.

>> No.32340367

His worshipers are all on one planet right?

Would be a shame if something were to happen to that..

>> No.32340438

truth, the whole point of that show was that if one is Manly enough they can overcome any obstacle. Spiral Power is essentially the power of "Because FUCK YOU, thats why."

>> No.32340485

>Fem Dedoria
It's like this faggot never even read DBZ! Dedoria was already a woman!

>> No.32340538

And here i thought it was just something DBZ abridged made up.

>> No.32340580

It is

>> No.32340594

DBZ abridged is better than DBZ anyway.

>> No.32340598

A couple of jokes in DBZ Abridged are based around localization changes to the original story.

Dodoria being a woman isn't one of them.

>> No.32340606



>> No.32340645

DBZ is streetfighter 2 except every character is Ken or Ryu. After season one, they abandon all other techniques save for fireball. A lot of talking and yelling happens. Ryu learns his 180 deg rotation red fireball. repeat ad nauseam

>> No.32340649

>all on one planet

Nah, He keeps random ones in other dimensions just in case. Pretty much if you want to kill the God emperor PC you have to know divination and beat the sorcery of the God emperor. Then travel to all the places he stored his followers and kill them all to make him vulnerable. Which is why he tries to hide his powers so much. He doesn't want people to realize that flaw.

Demi-god is screwed due to his immortality mainly working though being related to him. Like if you have any genes from him he is immortal but if you don't' you can hurt him.

Herald PC on second thought may have a problem. His god only lets him use his powers based on the inhumanness of his foes. Due to a belief in human free will. So against a guy with a knife he is just pretty much unhurtable but he can't kill them or anything more then maybe knock them out. Meanwhile if it's say a inhuman monster from beyond the stars he laughs and starts pulling Yog-sothoth/Nyarlathotep tier shenanigans. Making him both the weakest and strongest PC depending on the foes he is fighting and how much they free of his divine powers.

So it would probably just depend on how human the compulsion that stops the guy decides Frieza is.

>> No.32340709


this entire fucking thread holy shit why do you people reply to these things

>> No.32340712

In one of the videogames Devil Man killed Frieza with that thing.

>> No.32340732


>trolled demi-gods to oblivion, I think he is good against frieza

>> No.32340734

well it is a DBZ thread...

>> No.32340772 [SPOILER] 

Seriously shut the fuck up and kill yourself

>> No.32340783

Devilman is features in most of the "alternative timeline" scenarios in most games.
Where you also have other stuff happening.
Its not like Disintigrate has a save in DnD.

>> No.32340847

>freeform RP in a nutshell

>> No.32340958

Thats a better question, End Game Luka vs anything.

>> No.32340978

We're a Dark Heresy party comprised entirely of Rank 8 psykers.

Let that sink in for a minute.


Party of psykers.

Frieza's fucked 10 ways from Sunday because...


>> No.32341003


Oh, and the entire sector we're in is also fucked 10 ways from Sunday.

Because I guarantee we're all gonna hit Perils at the same time.

>> No.32341084

I never wondered what an anthropomorphic sphynx cat would look like done in Toriyama's style, but I'm glad someone else did.

And I'm gonna survive Frieza because I just gave Bills catnip-laced pudding. So there.

>> No.32341128

Frieza did make me forget to attach the image, though.

>> No.32343285

Actually, since PunPun has everything your character has and more, and since PunPun has some stats that are actually "Truely Infinite"(Such as AC, HP, HD, DR, Saves, Atk Bonus, Amounts of HP it can heal, Reach, Speed, SR, Miss chance for attack against him, Initiative, Spell Slots, all Ability Scores, and many more) he would defeat anything with stats in D&D, and due to "Manipulate Form", he can also defeat everything without stats, because he can basically create abilities out of nowhere, such as "Punpun can defeat X", where "X" is any opponent or challenge you can oppose to him.

>> No.32343813


I don't think things like infinite damage loops and Pun-Pun count for this type of discussion. They're more akin to videogame glitches/hacks than any kind of in-universe canon capability. Things like Pun-Pun, infinite damage loops, Locate City Nuke, etc. are the result of loopholes that appear due to the complexity of the rules and were never meant to be possible. They are purely the result of metagaming; never making any kind of sense in-character or in-universe.

It's like saying Mario is the most powerful video game character because in one of the games you can cause a glitch that makes you permanently invincible, or just plug in a Gameshark.

>> No.32344051

Majin Boobs

>> No.32346034


goku full power before SSJ transformation is 3 mil
Frieza first form 520,000
2nd form 1,000,000
3rd form not certain but about 3,000,000
final form a wooping bullshit 120,000,000.
I'm not even sure why he was worried about saiyans when even their elites were around 20k tops.
goku super saiyan power up is a 50x base power up.
so he goes from 3,000,000 to 150,000,000
it's basically why every human character became obsolete when all the saiyans could turn ssj

>> No.32346680

>Implying my sammy, a gun slinging orc, has even a snowball's chance in Hell
>Never mind that the Ninth Circle of Hell is cold as fuck
>Point is, he's just plain out fucked up the ass, without lube
>He either has time to put his gun to his mouth and pull the trigger, saving Frieza the trouble, or maybe just enough to utter "Ah, drek" before getting vaporized with whatever dive in Seattle he's in

>> No.32346756

Well keep in mind that at that 100% mark he starts leaking energy like crazy. He fell behind Goku pretty quickly (in fact the numbers I've seen put his 100% final form ABOVE SSJ Goku)

So he has to restrain himself most of the time. Sure, most Saiyans don't represent a threat to him - but if they can naturally pop out with power-levels as high as 10,000 (as a god damned baby) who knows where they can go? Even a handful of Saiyans only marginally weaker than Frieza could be a threat simply by wearing him down. That's why his solution to that problem is 'fuck this planet'

>> No.32347703

>in fact the numbers I've seen put his 100% final form ABOVE SSJ Goku

See >>32328034

120 million at 100% power. That's official from Akira Toriyama himself. Whatever you read was probably just fanfiction bullshit.

>> No.32348168

>not taking the chance to cuss the hell out of frieza for getting in your way before you die

Call him a purple midget at least.

>> No.32349363

you're right he did leak energy like crazy but he still didn't come close to goku.
I guess but cmon man can we really count brolly? he was a freak of nature and no evidence anywhere that frieza even knew about him.
all he knew was the legend of the super saiyans thanks to bardock.

other than that their really wasnt any reason to distinguish the saiyans from any other type of freiza lackey.
other than their potential which freiza himself was skeptical of.

>> No.32349451

Well, according to the most recent movie than can become gods, literal gods, by holding hands, so Freiza was right to be paranoid.

>> No.32349531

>Well, according to the most recent movie than can become gods, literal gods, by holding hands

that was so lame.
fuckin nobody knew what a super-saiyan god was so freiza had little reason to worry about that.

fuck if anything Broly could have been interpreted as the SSG because of his bullshit power.

>> No.32349558


Vegetta just succeeded his saving throw is all.

>> No.32349604

I probably could kill him is if have the chance of strike first... With a starting PC.

Creates Vampire with conjuration path and conjurate anti-matter. If I were the ST I would argue that amounts of anti-matter that wouldn't kill you with the enemy and everybody else are too small and conjuration don't have an accuracy high enough to produce such tiny amount in a consistent manner and it will since he never saw anti-matter with his own eyes the dificult would be +4 if his science level is lower than 3 and or +3 if he have 5 of science and require 6 success to be able to produce an amount small enough to not destroy the caster, anything below 6 will have 50% of chance of doing nothing and 50% of chance of killing he caster. But in this case the character just wants to destroy Frieza so he produces a huge amount, his own volume of super concentrated anti-matter.

Every molecule, every atom, every subatomic particle of Frieza's body is turned into pure energy. The radiation generated destroys Earth and scorches the Solar system.

And in a distant future an alien astronomer detects a particle flying at 0.9999999999999999999999951c and wonders what violent event would make a particle move so fast.


>> No.32349611

well to be fair being a god in the DBZ universe meant next to nothing until fuckin bills came along anyway.
let's see we got kami and guru who were piss weak.
then we got the kai's who are at ameasly 3,500 or something.
then we got the grand kai who is presumably weaker than a super saiyan (implied during other world tournament)
and then the supreme kai (kai's) who are probably somewhere around a super-saiyan 2 considering even kibito-shin admits he'd just get in the way of ssj3 goku or hell ssj2 vegeta

>> No.32349662

>Thinking so little of Superkamiguru
bro... He knows/knew the old ways AND the new! If SKG was a bit younger he would have wiped the floor with Frieza... Or have gotten Nail to do it. Probably the last one now that I think about it.

>> No.32349693

>. If that's the case, why was Trunks able to completely obliterate the much stronger Mecha-Freiza, and his father Cooler
Anime bullshit, Toriyama writes the manga.

>Manga Mecha Frieza wasn't stronger than final form Frieza
>Manga Super Goku beat the fuck out of final form Frieza
>no long ass drawn out fight involving "100% power"

The anime's enjoyable but makes no fucking sense.

>> No.32349698

that's true, but superkamiguru got to fat early on to even whipe the dribble of his bib without getting nail to do it.

>> No.32349728


>> No.32349770

ITT: 3.X Time Stop shenanigans
>This spell seems to make time cease to flow for everyone but you. In fact, you speed up so greatly that all other creatures seem frozen, though they are actually still moving at their normal speeds.
>Frieza is and can attack even faster than that
>Spellcaster's face when

>> No.32349791

Arale could beat them all just because it would be funny... Unless she could lose in an even funnier way. That's The Rulle Of Funny!

>> No.32350122

thing is you never have the chance of first strike even if you encounter him unoccupied he'll still be able to kill you in the time it takes you to start conjuring things, he's just that fast

>> No.32350566

Yeah, I know. It would be more something to make use of his arrogance.

A starting PC would be nothing more than a worm to him. And them I would pull that card.

It is like if you were set to fight a tiny slug and you decided to let it slowly crawl to you just to squish it in the last second. After all you are way stronger than it...

And them it explodes taking you and the entire city with it.

>> No.32350602

Ki does not protect you from magic, if my party can kill him in one combat turn, maybe.

our "power levels" are probably weak as all hell compared to him, so he/she/it will probably just be amused when we take aim.

failing at that I roll to seduce

>> No.32350783

politely apologize because I just bumped into someone

"Oh sorry there bud, didn't see you" gesture to pass

>> No.32350805


>> No.32350848

>And them it explodes taking you and the entire city with it.

if the explosion is just on a "destroy city" level He'd survive though

>> No.32351183

Mage the Awakening here, if someone gives me a photo of him or something I can maybe turn the air around him into acid. But considering I already bumped into him and how fast he is, I'm probably dead and so is everyone who would take that photo.

>> No.32351296

No, the original attack was in the cosmic cataclysm tier. I was comparing Frieza to you and a starting PC as a tiny slug.

>> No.32351313

Also acid would make nothing to him. It would be like trying to use a slingshot on a tank
Would be more effective

>> No.32352014

youtube. dbz abridged.
you're welcome.

>> No.32352288

>Lvl 19 Battle Cleric

Bring it on cracka.

>> No.32356002

So this is turning into a "let's think of something from a tabletop that can defeat a DBZ character" thing. But considering the kind of bullshit that the pro-DBZ kind of people are saying these guys have is stuff like "instantly reacts perfectly to everything you do before you can even do it and successfully saves against/avoids/tanks everything", I'm running low on ideas. If it has stats you can kill it, but these things you're talking about aren't stats, they're instant I win cards. Give us something concrete to work with here.

>> No.32356024

5 of them would get splattered. no 6 could beat frieza pretty easily if they applied their powers effectively but they are pretty stupid and would probably just be splattered too.

>> No.32356790

Oh, don't worry, they don't instantly react.
They in fact take like 30 episodes to react.
So you have ample time to cast whatever spell.

>> No.32356814

Absolutely not.

>> No.32356868

Or in the split second you decide to do warp shenanigans, you are already dead because he is that fast.

>> No.32356934

You are contradicted by

>> No.32357025

There is a reason DBZ is pretty top tier in terms of overpowered settings. The dude beat down a guy who could blow up a planet like it was nothing. He can kill planets by pointing two fingers at them and can survive having most of his body being cut off as well as being caught in the explosion of a planet well enough that he can fly back to his home through space.
That was due to poor show pacing.

>> No.32357171

>poor show pacing
It's a plot point that frieza literally talked so much and spent so much time fucking around that the saiyans were able to get like, SIX power ups.

Anyone saying that frieza'll kill you instantly is ignoring frieza's MO with every single kill he is demonstrated on doing in the show, which is always preceded at least by taunts, if not by long conversation.

>> No.32357265

Well he will probably kill you instantly if you actually try to do something instead of stand around like a moron going BWAH or HES CHANGING HIS FORM or something.

>> No.32357280

He's far too prideful and hubristic to take your spellcasting for anything other than some backwoods alien going BWAH HE'S CHANGING HIS FORM!

>> No.32357320

What if he just dodges your spell.

>> No.32357337

Not really how magic works in a huge number of systems.
Especially if you're using voodoo, curses, blood magic, myth magic, temporal shenanigans...

>> No.32357436

>Two Treasure 5 Nobles, one with >Active Immortality
>Aspect 5 Noble with flawed Active Immortality
>Domain and Persona 4 Noble

Frieza was belligerent to the wrong people, this time.

>> No.32357525

We killed the avatar of a dragon god in all four of its forms before making off with its loot.

Bring it, dickhead (literally).

>> No.32359796


>Faster than they can see

Maybe in Dragonball. By the end of DBZ the average fighter can move faster than light.

Goku can straight up teleport

it's a whole new realm of bullshit

>> No.32360332

>Aspect 5 noble

That right there would rape him. Let alone the rest jesus. That is like laugh at him tier.

>Move faster then light

Not really and Goku's teloport takes time. To be honest DBZ really isn't as strong as people makes it out to be. There is plenty of universes that could destroy them. Just you will rarely ever see a RPG character like that just because of how much of a bitch it would be to GM a game at that level. I know from experience when you start GMing high powered demigods and gods shit takes much more thought then Jimmies 1st level d&d party.

>> No.32360597

>he just told us his name when he showed up!
>laughing wizard.tff

>> No.32360963

>Trying to fight Frieza instead of diplomancing at him until he gets distracted by a shiny object and fucks off.

>> No.32361087

There is nothing to work with. This thread is stupid because DBZ is thousands of times beyond the scope of any rpg. Virtually any rpg character who fights Frieza is fucked, there is nothing else to be said. No, neither your character nor mine can beat him. End of story.

>> No.32361724

RPGs have exploits, loopholes and poorly written rules that would allow me to kill him.

>> No.32361776

Unfortunately for you, the question is not 'can you build someone able to kill Frieza', it is 'Can your party, upon accidentally and suddenly encountering Frieza, survive his mild wrath?'

>> No.32361815

I couldn't survive, but neither he would.

>> No.32361835

Bag of Holding/Portable Hole Arrow says that I can if we surround/get in a flat-footed shot with Truestrike going.

Did we defeat him? If he doesn't need to breathe, he'll be fine. But he'll also be on the Astral Plane, so its not our problem anymore

>> No.32361923

>Twenty years later Frieza returns, as a Greater God of Tyranny, having conquered the Astral Sea (yes all of it)
>He is seeking revenge on the plebians who exiled him
>wat do

>> No.32362010

I'd argue anyone who can lift themselves telekinethicaly must have pretty high will. I remember magician-level levitation being a high level ability in VtM and Frieza can fly at mindfuck speeds.

>> No.32362026


>twenty years later

We've been dead for 16 years.

>> No.32362044


Frieze has RPG stats, just convert them to your system of choice and have at it.

>> No.32362082

>To be honest DBZ really isn't as strong as people makes it out to be. There is plenty of universes that could destroy them.
Out of interest name one.

>> No.32362114

Exalted and Nobillis are the only ones i can think of

>> No.32362190

We're presently doing harry potter so it would be trivially easy.
>avada kedavra
>he contemptuously lets it hit him because powerlevel 15 nobody flinging a little green bolt at him isn't a reason to blink much less dodge.
>no save, just die.

>> No.32362344

Twin sociopath rogue/blaster and rogue/book of nine swords who don't give a fuck about anyone, plus rest of the party, as long as neither twin runs into Frieza-
"Dog! Apologize to Lord Frieza at once!"
"Yes, maybe if we're very lucky, he will be merciful enough not to bother squashing you like a bug!"
>+19 to diplomacy before using spells

>> No.32362345

Pardon me, I almost thought I heard somebody dissing the motherfucking Flash.

>> No.32362353

Would a Solar Exalt be about his level?

>> No.32362369


>> No.32362374

Green Lantern in Kingdom Come ran an entire space station where everything was powered by Greenfu.

>> No.32362382


>> No.32362405

>he only got turned into a candy because it actually improved his combat abilities
This isn't the kind of sentence I thought I'd be reading today.

>> No.32362419


>> No.32362477

magic doesnt work on dbz characters who are strong enough, there are already abilities like that in dragonball and they shrug it off

>> No.32362490

The Flash in Kingdom Come was a speedgod.

>> No.32362496

its hilarious because its true, he got turned back into a person because buu couldnt take it

>> No.32362504

I fucking love Mutants and Masterminds.

>> No.32362508

I don't think that's actually going to stop anything, really.

>> No.32362584

Meanwhile the Flash could do the same thing, by hand, while also fighting crime somewhere else entirely. Because the speed force is fucking insane.

>> No.32362626


they dont start getting immune to magic till quite a bit stronger than frezia.

>> No.32362643

Sounds just like the actual show.

>> No.32362649

Basically he kept all his strength, speed and durability, but was now practically impossible to hit. Plus, imagine the strength of a full-body tackle concentrated into an area the size of a gumdrop.

>> No.32362663

>fast as thought
Isn't a synaptic response something like, .06 milliseconds the ceiling for "normal" human reaction times? That's really not that fast.

>> No.32362727

Shouldnt Vegito have been the strongest fusion? Potaro fusion is supposed to be stronger than temporary fusion isnt it?

>> No.32362928

Orks get incrementally more powerful the more, stronger enemies they beat, right? Like, a Warboss is physically stronger than other Orks. How much effort would an Ork have to go to to match a BBEG like Frieza?

>> No.32363028

nappa and vegeta were immune to chaotzu's telekinesis in the saiyan arc, so who knows since buu saga is the next time magic appears

>> No.32363070

There is no amount of effort that would render that possible save maybe, maybe Gork and Mork.

Not Gork and Mork's intervention to be a clear, I'm talking about the gods themselves fighting Frieza.

>> No.32363139

I was never clear on that actually; are Gork and Mork just like, ascended Orks, or some sort of personification of that weird Warp effect Orks have that lets them believe things into reality? (i.e. Da Red Wunz Go Fasta etc)

>> No.32363369

Every human character was already obsolete at half a million.
Final form is what... 2.5 million? 3 million?
120 as a number doesn't make sense when he has been smoothly transforming the entire saga
>600.000 at 0
>700.000-800.000 at 1 form
>2 million for final transformation
>2-3 million for 100%

>> No.32363456


Yeah. Everyone knows KIRBY is the most powerful video game character after all.

>> No.32363537

>the Vegeta part Im pretty sure is Anime-only, so that might not be representative of his actual power
That episode was non-canon, but it is true that Vegeta can destroy a planet. Vegeta's then-power level was roughly 9000 (hence his astonishment at Goku for being "over nine thousaaaaaand"). Then at one point, someone (I think it was Nappa) explains that a power level of 9000 is sufficient to destroy a planet.

When Vegeta starts getting really desperate, he uses Gallic Gun, which he boasts is powerful enough to destroy Earth. Now, DBZ fans have debated whether this was just an empty boast, but... hey, all the facts check out.

>> No.32363577

Except Ki grants you universal save increase. And damage resistance.

Most shit comes around from the fact a round in DnD is a set amount of time. When your enemy already moves faster than that, you start having a big problem.

Stop being a idiot. Faster than sound is one thing. FTL is a completely different beast.

>Use power word death
>Turns it out has a damage cap
>Laughing powerlevels

>> No.32363580

They are gods. They are psychic reflections of Orkish virtues and emotions, existing in the Warp. They are [extremely arguably given Chaoswank and the contradictory nature of 40k fluff] the strongest deities in the setting, but who rarely act do to them constantly fighting each other.

One of them is cunningly brutal, the other is brutally cunning, and they help out average Orks way more then most gods help their followers. In Warhammer Fantasy the Ork gods would sometimes tear open portals in the sky and STEP ON individual orks enemies, just to be a bro and help a fellow out.

Gork and Mork are bro-tier.

>> No.32363711

120 million is canon.

>> No.32363804

Vegeta was 18000 when he arrived on Earth. His reaction wasn't to Goku being stronger than him, it was to the fact Goku's power level just kept getting higher and higher.
Later in the Frieza saga it's revealed that Frieza and his goons had no idea it was even possible to change one's power level without physical transformations.

>> No.32363818

Perfect defenses yo.

>> No.32363820

>Frieza 4's power level that much lower than SSJ Goku's

Really? In the anime they seemed pretty evenly matched. A fully powered-up Frieza held his own against SSJ Goku for a while.

I guess in this case, it was Frieza's skill vs. Goku's raw power. Goku had the greater power, but it was still new to him, which gave Frieza bit of an edge at first.

>> No.32363847

Shoot, you're right.

"Suppressing power level" wasn't really a thing yet. Raditz was also surprised to see Gohan's power level leap from 5 to over 600.

>> No.32363860

friezas max power according to the reference books is 120 million

>> No.32363880

>Everyone in this thread
>Might as well be a Level 20+ Gestalt Wizard/Cleric w 70 base AC
>They turn the corner
>For a brief moment their bodies make contact with Frieza's body
>Frieza is so powerful that even the slightest of his movements shred the very air around him
>You don't so much as bump into him as it appears that you just merge into him, a sticky red paste that was once your body splashing on the ground.
>Frieza turns to your friends "Excuse me gentlemen, I seem to have bumped into y-"
>It is too late, your entire party has suffocated from the air sucked out of their lungs and pushed miles away by the very act of Frieza speaking.
>As they gasp and fall to the ground struggling to breathe they don't even hear Frieza's sentence til the last moment when the air comes smashing back together in a great thunder
>Frieza leans down to politely help them up but only succeed in crumpling them like a sheet of paper
>As they writhe in pain having everything in their body broken they see an alarmed Frieza
"Sorry, so sorry, oh my, so sorry!"

>> No.32363885

Nobillis, Digimon, Xeelee, Downstreamers, Jojo, Marvel, DC, Lucifer morningstar, oWoD archmage, Demonbane, To Aru no index, Dark tower, Noin, Slayers, Bastard!!, High level lovecraft Mythos entities. Warhammer 40K if you brought in the chaos gods, Elric of Melniborne if you brought in the Chaos gods. Elder scrolls if you had CHIM or brought in a top tier, The guys from robot fables who can copy anything, Spawn, Prime time lords, Tenchi muyo, Just off the top of my head.


They wouldn't do as well. Mainly because exalts have issues with range. So anyone who could shatter creation can stand on the other end of creation and keep shattering till they mote tap.

>> No.32363910

I don't remember too clearly, but I his super Saiyan transformation fucked with his head at first and made Goku slightly arrogant while ramping up his battlelust. Remember king Kai kept yelling at Goku to hurry up and kill Frieza, but Goku kept wanting to you with him, then towards the end of the fight Goku started to realize his toying with Frieza was wearing him down and causing him to make mistakes.

>> No.32363911

except that's pretty much exactly what would happen, except Frieza would think it's hilarious

>> No.32363931

lol, this reminds me of that one episode where Goku pats Chichi on the shoulder to reassure her, and knocks her through a wall. They would SO never make that joke in an American show.

>> No.32363939

if hes so powerful then why is he so fucking lame


>> No.32363953

Imma deck you in the schnoz!

>> No.32363984

How the fuck did my phone autocorrect "fight" to "you"

>> No.32364086

>king Kai kept yelling at Goku to hurry up and kill Frieza, but Goku kept wanting to toy with him

I don't think it was "toying with him," I think it was more of a chivalry thing. Goku has the martial artist mentality, he wants everyone in the room to know that that villain he just beat, never even had a chance against him.

>> No.32364136

That sounds an awful lot like arrogant showing off either way.

>> No.32364179

Nah, what fucked Frieza over was he wasn't used to people able to fight him evenly. He was used to just crushing people due to power differences and skill differences. So he wasn't able to conserve his strength as well as Goku. So while Goku was losing say 10 units a second or something he was losing 30-40.

>> No.32364300

They live in a universe where death is a slap on the wrist. It's understandable why Goku wanted to give Frieza a lesson in humility.

Also keep in mind that Goku never wanted to kill Frieza. He wanted to reason with him, and make him surrender.

>> No.32364304


Why are you spouting bullshit? Not a single word you just said is true, Toriyama never went on record saying anything of the sort.

Friezas Final Form clocks in at 120 Million. The 12,000,000 number was a translation error that was fixed nearly two decades ago. He didn't go all out from the beginning because his body literally can't handle his full power, because he's technically still a teenager by his Races' standard, though he's insanely powerful because he and his father are both mutants

Super Saiyan Goku clocks in at 150 million. Frieza at 120 Million. Even higher when he comes back as a cyborg, but he only uses 50% against Trunks which is why he gets bodied.

>> No.32364353

It isn't like the levels actually mean anything. It's only talking about energy capacity if your skilled enough you can beat someone with a higher level pretty easy.

>> No.32364576

Aw, shit, guys.

I just realized that I subconsciously cribbed inspiration from Black Lightning's old costume.

Do you have any advice on making it a little more unique?

>> No.32364631

Give him a cape. Make the yellow black. If he's black make him some other race.

>> No.32364997

Something more substantial than a color swap may be required.

>> No.32365110

Luckly my character doesn't needs oxygen

>> No.32366190


Anyone have any aesthetic advice?

>> No.32367036

These threads are dumb.

Roshi, in one of the earliest parts of Dragonball, is capable of blowing up the moon while standing on the surface of the Earth.

Roshi, compared to basically anyone from that point on, is weak shit. Freeza has a reputation for blowing up planets for funsies... in his weakest form.

Dragonball powerlevels are a matter of "can I blow up celestial bodies easily", and it's a flowchart from there.

Yes: maybe
No: you're fucked

>> No.32367076


The levels mean a shitload. Skill goes a long way, yeah, but Piccolo goes from fighting a weaker form of Freeza evenly, to get getting curbstomped when Freeza changes into a more powerful form. The only change in variables is power level, here.

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