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Oi! Did yew lot see da cova fer da new Ork book?

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'Ere we go, 'ere we go, 'ere we go!

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Needs more dakka.

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This is perfect

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Looks naff. Day boy ain't ard enuff er green enuff ta be onna cova.

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Oh, very nice! I assume this was taken from the 7th edition fluff book? Anything else catch your eye?

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>A Goff ain't 'ard enuf
Lookit dis Bad Moon.

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>Be op
>Now realizing this could be a point, as I've not read the new rulebook yet.
Fuck, how'd you get this smart?

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Goffs is naff an panzy.

Signed: all ovver boyz

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"OI wish I wuz as ded killy as a Goff!"

Signed: every boy dat ain't a Goff

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'Dis ladz a bit short on da gubbinz too.
Not enuff flash 'aint propa Orky.

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New wartrakkwhen?

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The release has been in the rumor mill for a while now

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yes but WHEN exactly. I must have it.

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THIS (It's not like I have 7000 points of orks or anything)

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a month or two (people are saying next month but with 7th released this month next might be some fantasy to balance out)

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>mfw phil kelley is revealed as the author


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Only Ward can save us now.

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That looks pretty good I must say...

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I don't think wards ever coming back to a 40k codex...

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Not with that attitude. You must believe, 6e was darkness but with a new edition comes new hope.
He's also done with the Elves at last.

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Oh cool, you Warmahordes guys are getting a new faction?

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If I had the money for Warmahordes, I wouldn't be on 4chan

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I still don't get why so many people suck his dick.
His codices this time around suck.
Eldar suck too, but in a different way.

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>Everybody seems happy with a GW release

What the fuck is happening ? is it opposite day or something ?

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Orkz tend to be the most chill fanbase I've found. At the very least, the lightest in the whine department

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>GW doing anything for orks.
>is it opposite day or something ?


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But dis is an ORK thread ya git! We'z different than da udder fak'shuns. Edishuns may move on immemorial, but we'z remain forever Orky

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>original art do not steal

inb4 GW removes mega armour for regular Warbosses because they don't have a model for it

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Tyranids would like to have a word with you:


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Iz cuz wen all da ovva gits is muckin about wyne'in bout da roolz wez kickin der hedz in wit our boot hur hur hur

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you mean everything in the current dex that doesn't have a model for it is going the way of the dodo...

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Of course, as almighty Geedubs's legal wisdom dictates. The mega armour comment was just especially relevant due to that particular illustration.

Really, I would laugh if that was the reason they changed it. Though looking at it now, the original mega Ork may only be a Nob rather than a Warboss, since the boss in the new version looks bigger. Or maybe it's the pose.

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lel, get rekt

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Is grukk the new hotness? Where is Thraka?

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I think it's just an example Waaagh! from the rulebook. I think Grukk seems like a really generic name though. Shame about the art, too.

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What's wrong with the art?

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Theyre both Goff bosses, theyre gonna have to set it up for grukk to try and kill thraka

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Why? There's lots of Goffs.

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I prefer my Orks with more comedy.

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But then marines wouldn't look cool while killing them.

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Well grimdark is pretty comical.

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Hahahahaha look at this guy, look at him and laugh! Fantasy releases before 40k releases haahahahaha I'm still waiting on my pure undead book

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Not deliberately.

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Ah crap, they're kill Ghaz. They could at least have given him a decent burial instead of copy pasting his picture and cutting him out

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>I'm still waiting on my pure undead book

Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings.

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I don't think that is Ghaz, and if it is/was, then they probably changed the picture because it doesn't reflect his current lore.

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Look at both pictures a little closer

>> No.32290110


From the Cruddex, and the Kelly,
Matthew Ward deliver us...

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That's not Ghaz I don't think. No grenades or big bovine skull on his banna.

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Not sure what I'm supposed to be seeing that makes either look like Ghaz

Now that I think about and see the squig, it does remind me of the AOBR Warboss, which it's rumored they based the new Warboss that is coming out on, similar to the Helbrute.

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Well it's been 7 fucking years about fucking cunt time.

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>Now that I think about and see the squig, it does remind me of the AOBR Warboss, which it's rumored they based the new Warboss that is coming out on, similar to the Helbrute.

Power klaw aside, I don't think it really resembles any one Warboss model more than any other, though they all follow the same basic principles anyway.

And yeah, the mega armoured Ork clearly isn't Ghazghkull. Even with all the variations in art style, it's always easy to pick him out.

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>550999.M41 The Crusader Thwarted

>High Marshal Helbrecht of the Black Templars, in pursuit of the Ork Warlord Ghazghkull Thraka, leads a fleet forged from fifteen Space Marine Chapters against a splinter tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan which is barring his path. Despite employing every strategy and ploy at his disposal, Helbrecht’s fleet is continually forced to fall back before the Tyranid advance. His mounting ire matches the rising numbers of the Space Marines lost to the Leviathan.

Will we finally know where the heck Ghaz is going?

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Possibly, I believe there is still time for him to do something before the start of 13th Black Crusade

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Both pictures are exactly the same only one has ghaz in it and the new one doesn't

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>Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings.

None of these are led by Nagash, so they are a pure undead book.

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Tomb Kingsare older than Nagash, they're more pure undead than he is. He's just a mutant skeleton.

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well it can be the case.
Grimdark is just a fancy way of saying "horror on a global level" and horror is compatible with humor as many horror comedies have proved.

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>Tomb Kingsare older than Nagash,

Just wow!

Do you know who created that curse?

>> No.32290987

Yes, the Mortuary Cult rites. Nagash woke them foolishly woke them all at once. As a people they existed long before Nagash.

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When the fuck is this going to release? I've been waiting for an Ork update since forever. And now fucking 7th edition is coming out? Orks haven't fucking got shit for 3 damn editions now.

>> No.32291073

&e, then Ork Codex.

>> No.32291076


Could be up for preorder as early as next week, this is just paint kits, a limited SM bundle, and a limited Militarum Tempestus bundle.

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I thought Nagash was the first to use necromancy. I remember some big ass black pyramid he made.

Probably wrong tho.

>> No.32292231

It was said that Nagash wasn't the first to practice in necromancy. However, due to his huge ego he thought he was the one who invented it.

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The 'new' art for Waaagh Grukk is recycled from old art with the meganob. I thought it was sad.


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The mega armored Ork is definitely NOT Ghazzy.

His bonce ain't even metal.

>> No.32295419


Seriously though, you have no idea how much shit I'll flip if they take away Ghaz or Mega armor bosses.

I've already resigned to losing Ol' Zogwort, but please, leave my super armored badasses alone!

>> No.32295969

Ghazghkull at least has a model and is a prominent character - the most prominent in the faction - so he's definitely safe. For the stuff without models I guess it just depends on whether the new release focuses on adding new units or filling the gaps in the existing range, and how much they can jam into dual or triple kits. Perhaps the buggy and trakk will be left untouched yet again, to allow other units a chance to actually get models at all (and thus survive).

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