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goofy cheesecake i'll never actually use anywhere edition

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>never actually use

Everything has a use anon.

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yes well i have /d/ for that

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Dumping some I'll use for my next campaign

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that's gotta chafe like a bitch

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I'll help her take it off.

If you know what I'm sayin

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Guys I lost my overall favorate cheesecake picture and I'm very sad

It's a picture of a scantily clad muscular chick holding some kind of giant cudgel/mace with a huge cyclops in the background.

All I remember is that she also wore red clothing, and I think an eyepatch.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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I'm afraid I don't understand. Please explain further.

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Can't say it sounds familiar, but I'll check my stuff to see if I have anything that fits that description.

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>that goo girl

I'm not sure that I like seeing this posted...

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I desperately want to use this for character art, but have no ideas of how to make it work and still be effective.

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Does anyone have more scifi oriented stuff that's not weebshit?

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Wizard fed up with warriors giving him shit so he sets out to show magic can substitute for brawn in the martial game.

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More like this?

Interesting idea. Thanks.

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Barbarian whose rage is senility.

Alternatively, retired adventurer is forced to pick up his sword to save his granddaughter from the local lich.

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No, but he's using a sword. Beard doesn't mean wizard.

How about this:

He was a retired hero. Used to travel, adventure, slay evil. Saved the world once.

Now a shadow once again looms over the free people of his realm.


Basically he's your typical "kids these days" geezer who gets shit done for himself.

They don't make heroes like they used to.

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I'd rather you stopped calling stuff weebshit but I'll share what I have.

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I suggested wizard because you'll need to pull some serious houdini shit to sell a wizened old geezer as comparable to a normal fighter character (i.e. still be effective).

Unless your GM operates by rule of cool. Maybe it could be about serious experience like you said. Retired hero who has been on so many adventures in his heyday he has an almost supernatural ability to predict how fights and such will go.

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It was the most concise way to say no anime, or shit drawn with those ridiculous faces, poses, or bulging ballsack vulvas.

See, but if I say "no anime", then people go on about how every single thread on every board is reserved for anime by default.

thanks for contributing though

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That's neat from a roll play stand point, but I'm also worried about being useful in a fight. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a minmaxer who can't role play, I like to do both, but I hate to be a burden in a fight, even if it is due to roleplaying.

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high WIS low STR

Or maybe he's like Master Roshi

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Fair enough anon. No harm done to me mate.

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thanks for understanding. Stereotypes can be useful tools, as storytellers know

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Is it bad that I found the baboon smoking a cigar the most interesting part of that picture?

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That first "roll" should be "role".

Also >>32271923 depending one who happens to be DM at the time, I might just be able to pull rule of cool and have it work, but that wouldn't be optimal.

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It actually looks like it has some sort of lining on the inside. You can see the green edges of it around the hips

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no not at all
the chick is p bland

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Not at all.

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I don't make enjoy my campaigns being about optimal.

Who says he needs to be the best fighter? There will probably be another, or even a wizard in the party.

His role could be the "face", except the bully version.

Master haggler, can always tell when he's being bullshitted, can sniff out a suspicious situation from the next town over.

I think I'm gonna ply a character like this now.

And once again, he might still be able to swing a sword okay

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I know right. I don't think there's much room to be snooty when it comes to scantily glad women but the old, reworked bra, rework panties routine gets boring after awhile.

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>anime version of d&d3 nymph picture

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I need something befitting a Pathfinder Chronicler.

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Closest thing I could think of. Probably not, but kinda fits the description.

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I didn't mean optimal as in 'dabes', my apologizes for any confusion. I merely meant that he could be competent in a fight instead of a burden on the party.

Those legs really remind me of that robot from one of the persona games.

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Aigis? Or Labrys?

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Are we dipping into m-girl territory?

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Well that's up to the stats. SO I guess it all comes down to whether your DM cares about how age affects strength in game.

If he does care, and you wanna play a tank, then I guess you gott choose a different character

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how's this guy?

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>implying we weren't always there

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Aigis I guess. I haven't played the games personally; I just see Aigis posted on /a/ from time to time.

and one time I found some fan art of her putting on womens underwear saying "so these are womens panties huh?"

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Welp, thread degraded as always into anime monster girls.

Ones we've all seen before, too.

Awesome. It was fun while it was meaningful

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Ooh, I like it, I just need something for his lady companion and i'm set.

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We need one of these for /tg/.

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that's a pretty cool looking race, though, are those statted out anywhere?

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Nigga that's fucking kawaii.

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someone should just dump HR Giger

Alternatively, the fuck is wrong with weeb sci-fi?

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That's not it, but thank you anyway for trying.

I've looked over every booru there is and none of them have it, if it helps the giant is standing in the background looming over her, while she stands there smirking looking up at it.

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>giantess just chilling in a city
I'm not normally into that, but that seems both arousing and just pretty cool in general.

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Aigis is good, but Labrys's legs are even more hilariously primitive and she's basically the armored knight equivalent of a monstergirl and thus adorable.

Also, dat accent

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Thanks m8
They're a trio of bards/reporters that go around writing the newspaper in the current town the party is in.

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>most of the thread is varying degrees of animu
>starts with a fucking animu elf
>implying every single image isn't a repost
Yeah, nah, it was never meaningful.

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putin: the hero we deserve

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honestly not sure what else you'd expect

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The art.

I'm not talking about actual scifi series that happen to be anime, I enjoy a few myself.

I just wanted to avoid an ecchi thread that tries to toe the line while claiming it's on topic.

I enjoy character art where the subjects have character, or are at least designed interestingly, even if it's still cheesecake. Not a "how lewd can we go" contest.

The anime styled stuff is always the quickest route to that.

Compare this
to this
or even this

It's okay to like what you like, it would just be nice for it to not be the only thing I see. It's a very homogeneous field

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warrior queen

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but, Blame! is an example of weeb as fuck sci-fi art that isn't lewd usually and looks cool as fuck. Gantz was also sweet.

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hammer time

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We could totally use more female muscle in here.

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Yes, because Baccano looks entirely like Monster Rancher.

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Wow, that's a really awesome pic! I've always had a soft spot for giant ladies, but all the pictures you find of them are all gore fetish shit of them stepping on people.

That one is really dool, though. :)

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>Smoking in an oxygen saturated environment.

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some of this stuff is just weird

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iios sorry there was an exposed nipple
dont want to trigger anyone kek
here this chick could be in one of those plane quests or games i see here a lot

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Not sure how I feel about rule 63 guts:delicious brown edition.

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What about JRPG edition?

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>both eyes

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Is there a game out there that's good for playing a group of devious noblewomen who like try to manipulate a royal court and find ways to stab each other in the back? Please don't say real life. I already know.

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AD&D Birthright. You can play a character of any station, from peasant to king or anywhere in between.

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could i interest you in exalted

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I think you're going a little light on the weaponry, I'm full up on swashbucklers.

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Do they have good rules for court intrigue and not to much math? Is one better than the other for this kind of thing?

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more sexy ladies pls

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Good god no. Exalted social combat is an abomination.

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in exalted you're basically a demigod/hero/whatever
it's basically like the mythical chinese version of the standard white wolf intrigue setting, with shit-tons of powers/abilities and an overall fairly simple dice system
not much math so much as a whole lot of fiddly bits

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>not much math


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i guess i don't think of it as math so much as tedious bullshit

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>fairly simple dice system


the most deeply unpleasant and complex system I've ever had the misfortune of running, which made me want to run back to much simpler, less complicated games like GURPS and high level 3.x

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>>32272975 could also try l5r

>> No.32273215

Aside from the usual Bluff/Persuade rolls, intrigue is all roleplay in Birthright, though landed nobles do have actions for doing things that affect their realms and the realms of others. Such actions could potentially spark some interesting conversations in the palace hall. Usually pretty light on the crunch.
Wizard nobles also get nation-sized spells.

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Fantasy Craft has a courtier class that's all about Knowing Guys who Know Guys.

Also, if you want to also know kung fu, Legend of the Wulin has a whole secret kung fu society who use their feminine wiles to reshape society to their desire.

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The action list in question, to get some idea of what you can do. And again, RP is king. Talking isn't rolling, talking is talking, and words are powerful.

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Watch to the end.

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>Dat Crane

That is the worst kimono ever.

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That's Genzoman for you

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Seriously, what a damn hussy. Trying to make the noble scorpion dishonor himself by looking.

.... Nope. Couldn't keep a straight face

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Thanks for suggestion, but I don't think that's quite what I'm looking for.


I'll have to check that one out. Thanks!

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no harm
exalted definitely isn't for everyone

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I'd upload the corebook for BR, but it goes past the max filesize

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Just saw your post. Those sound interesting too!

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fantasy craft is an excellent choice, although it's much more crunchy than older d&d/birthright
i'd give it a try

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Not sure if this counts as "cheesecake" per se, but it's a cute little fanart of the campaign we're in.
There's an inside joke of the NE Gravewalker Witch being shipped with the LG Paladin. /u/boats are at full attention.

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I don't know if I really want a Asian setting.


I think it's down to those two. I'll have to take a peek at both.

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I actually played this character (albeit in a Savage Worlds game where it's a little more viable)
>Made up stories about his past
>Didn't take bullshit from anybody, especially antagonist NPCs
>Constantly muttered about how kids today can't fight
>Actually kicked ass in combat
Overall a very fun time was had, the other players enjoyed him a lot

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unfortunately all my /u/ is far too lewd

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>Hrolf and Bjarki say your husband Svengard died in the wars
>But you know better.
>If he really died, those lying bastards would have brought back the body
>Now you're gonna make Svengard wish they didn't bring back his sword and shield

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oh wait hello

>> No.32273618


/u/ to lewd for /tg/? Surely not!

>> No.32273670

this doesn't really seem like cheesecake but I can still post other things right?

>> No.32273673


This >>32271425 one is not even anime, it's a deviant art picture m8.

>> No.32273676

i need to organize my shit more
i've got like three more in this series sitting around somewhere

>> No.32273705

man like 90% of deviantart is animes

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>> No.32273755

More like shitty artists trying to emulate animes

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I am pleased by this thread capper.

>> No.32273886

all out of pics

>> No.32273943

I wish I could post a sad face.

>> No.32273988


new thread?

>> No.32274014

>>32272975 Here. Thanks everyone for the royal intrigue game ideas!

>> No.32274028

No probalo, m8

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Played something similar to this once.

setting was a 'Post golden age of Heroism' style thing, all the old hero's had died or retired and the new generation of hero's were all useless or dead.

3 other PC's, all descendants of these original great heroes, wielding there fathers (and grandfathers) weapons in hopes of repelling the evil slowly creeping back into the world.

a human barbarian, he rolled terribly for a barbarian, ended up with stats similar to a bard, but the player wanted a barbarian, so we got a gangly teenager in a woolen loincloth wielding his dads great-axe (trying to woo all the ladies in town with his flute)

A half elf ranger, quite high stats in general but almost no INT or CON, he played it as an arrogant "My father was the greatest Elven ranger of all Heroes" kind of guy, got kind of irritating but he kept it all in roleplay, was OK on the combat side of things.

A human Wizard, an 8 year old prodigy armed with his granddads staff and book of spells, rolled max int and wis but tiny STR CON and DEX, he decided the character after the rolls so his character was possibly the best in combat, but had to be kept well out of harm.
My char enjoys telling him of the heroes of old.
DM had apparently decided he was some magical plot guy with the power of imagination and this kept our ragtag group alive because he believed in us, kind of corny but made for SUCH a good ending.

Then there was my guy, the other PC's thought he was just an old guy, maybe a retired knight or something, highly skilled with sword and board, very protective of the other PC's and more than willing to harm those who threaten them.

Fast forward to end of the campaign, were squaring up against the big bad's, the lich that killed the PC's parents and the former Pally of that group turned Blackguard.
We get destroyed due to awful rolls and the DM looks about ready to TPK in shame.


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>i Turn to the not 9 year old wizard
>"Im going to tell you a sotry"
>"Its about a group of adventurers from the previous age"
>"They had a strong Barbarian, able to cleave stone."
>A Swift ranger, he could hit an ork between the eyes from half a plane away."
>"The most righteous Paladin, always willing to help his friends."
>"and the smartest Wizard, always thinking them all out of trouble."
>"they also had another with them, barely a man, a warrior with no family"
>They took him in and trained him, kept him safe, and he became as strong and wise and swift as them"
>"They fought evil and won countless times, but one day they found an evil they could not beat, they knew they would lose, but they wanted that little warrior to be safe, to take care of there families,"
>"So the barbarian grabbed the Evil and held it back, The ranger nailed them to the ground with his magic arrows, The Paladin trapped the evil in his soul, hoping to keep it from the world, and the wizard sent the warrior away with a wave of his hand while he trapped them all in the cave."
>"That warrior returned home and kept the hero's families safe, until the evil returned."
>"He knew that they had to stop them, so he trained them all into fearless fighters"
>"But they were not enough..."
>"we were not enough..."

Throughout the game everyone had been spending there homebrew 'Karma' points on random rolls, i kept all the ones i had, s had the wizard, quick note to the GM and the cheesiest gri i have ever seen on his face later and we continued the fight.

My warrior stand us, removes his cloak revealing old battered armor below, This is the point that the Wizards player finally figures it out, cue Cheesy grin number 2, He burnes all his Karma to 'Imagine'.

My warrior grows as a golden light fills him, his armor explodes into solid light, and his sword bursts into a blue flame.

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>>32274593 continued

The lich is still laughing but the black guard is readying his weapons for another round, He is exorcised and turned to dust by one round of combat.

The lich notices whats happening and throws waves of death energy at my guy, Dm rolls some dice behind his screen, "It has no effect" keep advancing on the lich, reach him after 2 more turns of spells bouncing off, i raech the lich, lay a hand on his shoulder and reach into his chest, Pull out the souls of the Ranger Wizard Pally and Barbarian, tell them to keep a seat free in paradise for me.

Behead the lich and smash his phylactery, (was in the blackguards heart), turn to the party and tell them they did well, and that there parent would be proud, the magic/holy power/plot effect runs out and my characters burnt husk of a body turns to dust (the Dm loved turning things to dust) leaving nothing but a locket with the original party and the current party's pictures in it.

End of campaign

Dm later pulled me aside and told me that the first round of spells would have taken me to -12 health but it was too cool a way to end the campaign that he just let it happen, he offered to let me use that guy again as an undead pally crusading spirit of justice guy in his next game, but i felt that would ruin the ending he got.

And that's the story of the time i played a retired adventurer.

>> No.32274903

Lewdness is always welcome in /tg/, just spoiler it.

Aw, Mithra and Elvaan...

>> No.32275418

I miss 3.0 Nymph. And 3.0 Tiefling. Hell, I even miss dopey-looking 3.0 Aasimar.

>> No.32276951

>goofy cheesecake i'll never actually use anywhere edition
Yeah, right. Totally.

>> No.32277882

I vaguely remember having seen the 3.0 Nymph, but I've never been able to find it online. Does anyone know where I could find it online? I'm not exactly near anywhere I could get my hands on a 3.0 Monster Manual.

>> No.32277997 [DELETED] 

Is 4chan ded?

>> No.32278155

random request: Does anyone have a half-orc geisha?

>> No.32278171

Ah SC: Ghost, we would have loved you if we had the chance.

>> No.32278493

It's a character from Corruption of Champions

>> No.32278545

The setting of a song of ice and fire?

>> No.32281248

So he's like the guy in discworld?

>> No.32282566

All hail Corruption of Champions

>> No.32282768

>Shit artists trying to emulate shit artists

>> No.32284022

That last one isn't weeb-styled, you fucktard.

>> No.32284058

Vikings did actually have shieldmaidens. No need for complex backstory explaining it all, she's most likely just a regular warrior.

>> No.32285551

This could be cool if it didn't have fuzzy ears. I don't know why people like these fuzzy ears, but they're fucking retarded. They're beyond retarded. If I see someone wearing cat ears in real life, I immediately know that person is a pathetic energy leech with nothing positive to contribute to anyone's life.

>> No.32286217

what the fuck

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