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I cut my RPG teeth on Palladium. Over the years I learned that the system is a hack of AD&D and BRP at its core. Gave me the idea of going back to formula and invent a better wheel for myself.

So what is needed to make an OSR-style Rifts game? I think it primarily comes down to power sources. Rifts has magic, psionics, cybernetics, and futuristic weapons & armor. It also has a wide array of races and classes - many unique to it. I think such a homebrew would only need to provide the means to designing your own rather than try to supply you with everything.

So which games can bring these to me? Here are the ones I'm eyeballing at the moment:

*Labyrinth Lord (Magic, Fantasy Races, Primitive Tech for Post-Apocalypse)
*Mutant Future (based on Labyrinth Lord; Mutants, Post Apocalypse)
*Stars Without Number (Aliens, Psionics, Future Tech)

Does that sound about right to you guys? Anything I'm missing? Are there alternatives? Should I bother hacking the skills system of BRP into this or should it be used as a way to customize classes?

Furthermore the classes from the component games doubtlessly need revision. For that matter the Rifts classes would need to be assimilated as well as used to inform the design of such a hack.

Where would you go with this? How might you approach this idea? Any help, advice, etc is appreciated.

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Going to hijack-bump this to say that Palladium FRPG was a decent system with a cool world and it's utter shit that the only torrents for PFRPG is crap-quality.

Palladium FRPG: The OS2/Warp of Fantasy.

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Ok, so the thing with trying to make such a style of game is that there is no OGL for Rifts content. Which means that to make such a game, you'd have to use entirely different terminology for the mechanics, and you couldn't use any trademarked material (which is everything Siembieda could get away with trademarking) in the setting.

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Eh, the pdfs ive seen for PFRPG are good. They dont have hot links but i find that makes them go faster

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have fun in court with Kevin.
2 dollars says he is lurking this thread right this second

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Easy enough

>>Sparkly Boyz

Move the Coalition to the Deep South and you get the Confederacy

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Must have been a better one. The only ones I've seen were, like, failed attempts at OCRing where the text got puked across pages and graphics. Dunno.

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Either that or one of his superfan Megaversal Ambassadors. This was posted in a Rifts thread the other day, I loled.

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before mercenaries came out i had a ten page book on merc rules i had made for use with rifts. selling it for a buck a piece just to cover costs. i had nothing tying it to rifts except for the stats on 2 suits of armor in the back being labled MDC. cease and desist letter 3 weeks after i mailed out my first copy.

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Wow, what a turdburglar. Do you still have the C&D letter? That is almost worth keeping as a souvenir and exhibit of douchebaggery. Kinda like pic related.

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>ten page book
>10 pages

The C&D letter must be been for being too stupid.

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>Converting the best system of all time to OSR
It's like you're RPG Amish

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>*Labyrinth Lord (Magic, Fantasy Races, Primitive Tech for Post-Apocalypse)

Doesn't deal well with high-powered technology.

>*Mutant Future (based on Labyrinth Lord; Mutants, Post Apocalypse)

Can't handle giant mecha, robots and vehicles.

>*Stars Without Number (Aliens, Psionics, Future Tech)

Too freeform, from what I remember about it.

BRP is your best bet. Someone's been using BRP to run their games already, search for Rifts 2112.

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>inb4 Swine pour in and start screaming about narrative systems being better than OSR

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>mfw Swine

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What's the context for that image?

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yeah in a box at home (at work now) i started a collection. multiple cease and desists from disneys legal department and multiple ISPs.

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that better?

go back to /b/

1/10 for making me respond

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What's going on there

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One of Palladium's employees embezzled a bunch of money. When discussing the situation Kevin Siembieda referred to the incident as the Crisis of Treachery and then held a donation drive to keep the company going.

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So you're saying you published an unlicensed product and were selling it and you got a C&D from a business?

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I just want to say I fucking love Stars Without Number and I'm glad to see it even acknowledged.


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Was that the guy who said the Siembieda was a total nightmare to work for?

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lol nice thread one guy

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That was one of the freelancers hired to write a book. The guy that almost killed Palladium was their sales manager

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>referred to the incident as the Crisis of Treachery
That's Crisis of Treachery(TM) to you, buddy. I think Kevin trademarked that name for his company. He's retarded that way.

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Bingo. Cakewalk. I'm fully aware of SeƱor Seimbieda's overprotectiveness. I think it goes without saying that if such a game as this were to be made available online in any capacity that it would need a different name and probably a different premise. Kev don't have the market cornered on kitchen sink settings by a long shot. He just has the most notorious one to his name.

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Is this another thread by Shitster Acacia?

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Nowadays, he would just post to indiegogo or something like that and beg electronically.

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Use GURPS, and use the other books as sourcebooks.

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No... Who's that?

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Oh just some fatty fat fat swine, no big deal.

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if you wanna play RIFTS just play RIFTS

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