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In honor of it being Mary Anning's 215th birthday AND us discovering the largest fucking dinosaur that might have possible ever existed (65ft tall, 130ft long, and 77tons):

What say we have ourselves a dinosaur thread
Does your current setting have any dinosaurs?
Do you think you could include some in?
Have you used dinosaurs before?
Do you think dinosaurs are totally rad or do you think they're corny or campy?

All dinosaur image dumping accepted.
All dinosaur related discussion accepted.

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>largest fucking dinosaur that might have possible ever existed (65ft tall, 130ft long, and 77tons):

Also, sweet pic

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>What say we have ourselves a dinosaur thread

>Does your current setting have any dinosaurs?

>Do you think you could include some in?

>Have you used dinosaurs before?
Heavens no, it's a consensual and loving relationship

>Do you think dinosaurs are totally rad or do you think they're corny or campy?
Dinosaurs are the best thing because they can be anything

>All dinosaur image dumping accepted.
>All dinosaur related discussion accepted.
My dream game is jurassic park, which is unfortunate because you can't do a dinosaur game without everyone already having seen jurassic park

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I'm currently playing Doctor Benedict K. Dromedus III, a Victorian Era medical doctor/snake oil salesman from a planet of dinosaurs. Pic related.
He has his medical bag of era related medicines, most of which contain cocaine, opium, radium and other "super cures".

He, along with the rest of the PC's are all from different worlds and are being randomly kidnapped for dimensional/time travel adventures.

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I have a game set up in my 'games to run someday' folder based on Jurassic Park. It takes place just after the first movie, wherein varying companies send 'adventurers' (scientists, mercenaries, whatever players wanna roll) to the island to try to recover scientific data and the embryos that Nedry dropped.

Some day. Some day.

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my brother played a Sauren Shaman druid once, it became a Huge sized dinosaur after summoning other dinosaurs to fall out of the sky like dino-meteors on the heads of his enemies.

It never got old, god i miss Seed Meadows....

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I've never really thought about it, but I REALLY love the idea of a medium or small sized dinosaur familiar. Just a little pig sized Ceratopsidae to go on adventures with and feed green vegetables to.

Pic related.

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I once played an orc barbarian who was the reincarnation of a demonic T rex.

The setting was such that all dinosaurs were seen as godlike beings of power and magic, and that they are still worshipped among nearly every race.

They were a technologically and magically advanced race who created both beautiful art and terrible weapons, until they were all killed by some unknown force. Humans, orcs and the other races came afterwards, and are currently all trying to stop the awakening of the beast that would destroy the world again.

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>I once played an orc barbarian who was the reincarnation of a demonic T rex.

210% completely goofy.

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I know. That's why it was so much fun.

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>65ft tall, 130ft long, and 77tons
Now lets get it in measurements that everyone else in the world uses.

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Because google measurement translation is soooo hard.

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You see that would be much cooler without the "dinosaurs had super technology and culture"
Cause it kinda defeats the purpose of having dinosaurs instead of elves or someshit. And being the reincarnation of a brutal and feral predator is much more badass than being the reincarnation of a brutal yet culturally refined monster.

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Like, 20 meters tall, 40 meters long, and... 77tons?

I don't know the difference between a metric ton and an imperial ton to be honest.

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should we be measuring in leagues and stones, sir?

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77 tons is roughly 70,000 kg according to Google

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Does everyone but the United States of America, Liberia and Burma use Leagues and Stones?

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1 Ton (Imp) is 0.907 Tonnes (met)

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So more or less the same fucking thing?
I mean, unless we're doing chemistry or science or something I'm not gonna sweat it.

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I would assume that such primitive people who choose to live outside the United States would use backwards systems of measurement

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Last /tg/ related dinosaur thing I've seen was a write up for a half red dragon tyrannosaurus rex. It was pretty silly and a tad disappointing. It DID get me interested in other half-dragon animals to throw at adventurers though.

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>.9 = 1
not the same fucking thing, 10% of margin of error is not acceptable. You know we lost rockets because of that imperial measurements bullshit before right?

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We will be using quite a few dinosaurs as inspiration for Distant Skies.

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77 tons = 69.853 tonnes
That's a pretty big gap for the 'same fucking thing'.
That's about seven cars worth of weight difference.
I shudder to think you are ever in a job that requires accurate maths.

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Wait...you bloody bastars can't even get a TON standardized? You have a different ton that's not 1:1000kg? Christ. You do go out of your way to piss everyone else off, dontcha?

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I would like to politely remind everyone that this is a 'dinosaur' thread.

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can a dino learn to love a human

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I think dinosaurs are super cool

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I loled.

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What the actual fuck

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I like how Rogue Trader (as in the first edition of WH40k, not the RPG) outright states that the rules include dinosaurs simply because it's so easy to find toy dinosaurs. You don't see that level of DIY in modern games.

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Man, I miss the times when GW was good.

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I'm dropping a dinosaur on my acolytes the moment they set foot on a death world.

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>You will never have the power to turn into dinosaur

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.That Dynamic Sight

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dinosaurs are awesome, especially for Pulp, and Victorian era games

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To be fair, this was also the edition that had gretchin/ork halfbreeds and rules for mutants that fart so much that nobody wants to get near them (not as in them having some kind of stench power. I literally mean fart mutants). Also an Inquisitor named Obiwan Sherlock Clousseau. Which I fear wasn't really intended as a joke.

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I'm not reading anything I don't love.

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It did have a kind of naive, enthusiastic charm to it that you don't see in later editions. While the whole "Rogue Trader was brilliant, hilarious satire" thing is just bullshit said by people who've never actually read it, it's often so unintentionally silly in that charming 89's way. It feels like some guy writing a weird Lord of the Rings/Judge Dredd/Dune crossover fanfic in their mom's basement, and there's even paper proxies you can play with if you don't have figures and photos of the devs playing with terrain made out of yogurt tubs. It's kind of stupid, but also weirdly innocent and honest, compared to what GW later became.

So yes, I can understand why you'd prefer it.

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Even not dinosaurs can be cool

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hell yeah dinosaur thread

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Stupid keyboard.

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Fuck yeah, dunkleosteus! So much cooler than megalodon.

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To be fair, all editions of 40k were unintentionally hilarious in one way or another. What I was talking about was the time when GW were relaxed cool guys who gave stats for dinosaurs in case you wanted them in the game. I've always been more of a beer and pretzels guy.

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On the topic of sea monsters...
That guy can probably snack on half of DnD underwater bestiary.

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And here we have a rare image of a dinosaur being cute.

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Wow is that ever fucking cute.
Look at him in his little nest.
Keepin' cool from the shade, probably got some eggies in there they're trying to hatch.

Probably has a husband who went out into the desert and is gonna bring home a peccary or whatever the fuck cute little raptors have for dinner.

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What's the largest dinosaur? I'm interested.

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They didn't have stats for dinosaurs because they thought it would be cool, it was because they had a very limited range of miniatures at the time, so it was literally necessary to raid your old toy box if you wanted big monsters.

Dinosaurs are plenty cute.

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It's less that they were relaxed cool guys who put stats for dinosaurs in there just because they wanted to be nice to any eventual player who loves dinosaurs, and more that they didn't have enough models to sell yet and needed to fill out the monster list.
IIRC, grox were invented for the same reason, so you could use toy crocodiles.

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Daily reminder that it turned out that the nest that the first oviraptor fossil was "raiding" was actually it's own, and it was just looking after it's own eggs. So it was framed for a murder it didn't commit.

Note that it's still possible that oviraptors did crack eggs with their beaks, it's just that there's no direct evidence for it.

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>gay raptors

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Shit I didn't notice that- no you cut that out, no gay raptors, no gay raptors!

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I would play the shit out of that.

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Why not? Gay birds are relatively common, so it's not impossible that there were gay raptors.

>> No.32257940

Not derpy enough.

Although I kinda like that GW based the alternative heads for their DElf hydra on this thing.

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slightly off topic, but does anyone know what issues of White Dwarf contain content for Rogue Trader era 40k?

have a picture of a modern dinosaur in exchage

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>The part when she wiggles her little feetsies eagerly upon seeing the blanket come on over.

I fucking love how easy it is for tiny parrots to be so god damn cute.

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They're not gay in the wild due to affection.

It's more like prison rape, where the higher pecking order male makes a lower ranking bird their bitch.

>> No.32258036

That's not true. Black swans are monogamous and about 25% of them are gay. Some of them have threesomes with females to get eggs and then drive the female away after she has laid her eggs. Homosecual behaviour in animals is just as "natural" as everything else, accept that.

>> No.32258069

Not really. Sure, there's some rape,, but there's also plenty of observations of two male birds, such as penguins and swans, acting like mates, ignoring females completely and even stealing eggs from other birds to raise them as their own.
I don't want this to go all off topic, but homosexuality isn't a human invention.

Also keep in mind that ALL duck sex is rape. That's why female ducks have freaking mazes inside them, and duck boners are explosive giant corkscrews.

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I like how /tg/ has at least two threads about prehistoric animals every month. The best monsters are the ones that are actually real.

>> No.32258192

Which is why I'm convinced that microraptors must have been fucking ADORABLE.

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now imagine the cute things a small non-avian dinosaur could do

Ducks are weird while Geese are monogamous and mate for life(of course outside of sexual matters ducks are much less assholes than a lot of geese species)

also have one of my favorite North America indigenous birds, the American Coot

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My biggest fear in life is that all of a sudden the dinosaurs appear all over the world and humanity would be fucked.
Like a zombi apocalypse, but with fast deadly monsters.
Thanks Jurrasic Park for giving me this fear.

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There was a local news story a couple of years ago about two male ducks in a park that were apparently courting each other. Not sure what happened if/when they tried mating, though.

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Mankind would take them. They're big, scary animals, but they wouldn't have a chance against tanks and guns.

The Jurassic Park novel ended with the government bombing the shit out of the island, killing all dinosaurs on it. Also that Australian guy blows up a raptor with a rocket launcher.

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You shouldn't be that worried, dinosaurs were just animals, after all. Sure, they were sometimes bigger, but not necessarily meaner.

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How terrifying would a giant bearmode-equivalent T-rex be?

Dinosaurs are awesome.
Personally I love the giant sauropods. Fucking huge bastards bigger than your house just stomping around.

>> No.32258331

It would be scary as fuck, but dead pretty soon if it ran into armoured vehicles or big guns.

One big reason why the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park were so freaking dangerous and scary is that the humans were practically unarmed except for some rifles.
It wouldn't have been much of a story if the dinosaurs escaped, only to be immediately taken down by machine guns.

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That feel when Primal Rage will never get a modern day high quality remake.

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go read dinotopia and its sequel

dinosaurs are adorbs, they'll babysit your kids and keep records and shit, and help ancient egyptians build dinosaur robots

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Shit man the biggest? That's a tough one.
There's titanosaurs like Argentinosaurus, the largest "confirmed dinosaurs" coming in at 30-35 meters in length and weighing 80-100 tons.
But there's also "legendary" giants based off very sparce evidence, the most famous of wich is probablys Amphicoelias Fragilimus (a diplodocid dinosaur, so very long and slender) wich might have been 60 meters long. but we lost the fossils and all we have left are some drawings of them.
annother very big one is Bruhathkayosaurus (annother titanosaurud) at 40 meters and 130 tons, but also not a whole lot of fossils have been found so there's also estimates putting it closer to Argentinosaurus size.
And then i'm not even going into some freakishly large footprints we found, mostly because I forgot what those were called.

tldr: we just don't know.

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Well, except for the large predators. They'll fuck your shit up.

But other than that, Dinotopia is pretty much the coolest utopia ever.

>> No.32258383

I know that. Any time after WWI/mid WWII at the latest and dinosaurs (and a lot of other things) cease to become a real threat.

Doesn't stop things being cool, it just means you really have to ramp up the threat level before stuff starts becoming scary to anything non-civilian

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> 'games to run someday'

Mine is a shameless rip off of Lost World and King Kong with less ape more dinosaur. Good old 30's setting, lost tribes, abandoned ruins and hungry dinosaurs.

>> No.32258393

>you will never have a troodon nanny.

>> No.32258407


Its cheesy as fuck, but the 90s (or was it 2000s?) Lost World TV show was awesome for that sort of thing.

>> No.32258408

>all those typos
Damn I should proofread.

>> No.32258414

Armour on top of the neck but not the 5+ metres of neck, what?
What is the theropod on the extreme left laughing at?

>> No.32258436

Oh I found this.

>> No.32258463

It's made by a civilization that's never known war, maybe that's why they're terrible at designing armour?

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>> No.32258487

Wait, why are there two moons?

There's a Cadillacs & Dinosaurs RPG, but it's based on the original comic rather than the cartoon. It also includes rules for harvesting, pickling and selling tyrannosaur testicles.

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>> No.32258646

That is how real world horse armour looks, its very hard to armour the underside of the neck with plates compared to the top.

>> No.32258655

Someone asked him if they would not eat them

>> No.32258678

>and help ancient egyptians build dinosaur robots

Are you serious? Did the original author put that in?

>> No.32258713

Yes. The sequel had the heroes go down into the forbidden underworld and find honest to goodness dinosaur mecha. Yeah, it kinda jumped the shark, but at least it's not the TV miniseries.

>> No.32258728

Yeah but a horse has a small neck, comparatively.

And once you get past a certain point (and before weapons get around to not giving a fuck about armour, making speed a better choice) then neck armour is not that hard.
Pic related

>> No.32258773

The Dinotopia setting doesn't make much sense if you pick it apart, it's just meant to be pretty.

You might as well ask why it has triceratopses living alongside stegosaurs and so on. The laws of nature don't really apply here.

>> No.32258816

No, it's cool, I just saw the top armour without the neck and was all "wat"

>> No.32258823

There are lots of amazing fighters from the 90's who would be so cool if they'd get a remake. Zero divide is another one, if a lot more obscure. It's basically Tekken, but with robots. Cool as shit.

Oh, and Triceratops (and its relatives) masterrace. Natures own literal battle tank.

>> No.32258864

Also keep in mind that in the setting, this armour is mainly intended to discourage the predators from attacking. Plan A for dealing with tyrannosaurs and the like is to bribe them with fish, so they won't attack the caravan. Plan B is convincing them the big, armoured sauropods aren't worth the fight.
Actual combat is the absolutely final solution.

>> No.32258868

Not a fighting game, but

>> No.32258920

>Nature's own literal battle tank
>Not this mighty motherfucker

>Offenders ainsptia
You're damn right captcha

>> No.32258991

One one hand, I'd fucking love to play a Dinotopia RPG.

On the other hand, it's an utopian society with barely any social or political conflict and virtually no violence unless you run into the large predators. Which is cool, but I'm not sure how to make an interesting story out of that. The thing that made the books work is that it's really more of a collection of gorgeous art, and the plot is mostly there to loosely tie it all together. In a RPG, you don't have that visual component. But could it still work?

>> No.32259043

You make it loosely based on Dinotopia. Like maybe there is a succession crisis, or an influx of predators, or someone decided to make their own Dinotopia with blackjack and hookers and predator dinosaurs. Maybe the Blackjack hooker predators are now invading.

>> No.32259059

Dinotopia would be an absolutely awesome world to really live in, though.

>> No.32259158

I'm a bit scared it would turn out like the awful TV version, though. Where they decided to change those light crystal towers from a communication network to freaking death lasers.

In the original book, there was this one guy who hated living in Dinotopia and just wanted to get out. He claimed humans were practically slaves to the dinosaurs (which is kinda odd, considering they let us ride around on them and stuff), but it's heavily implied he's just bitter that he can't drink alcohol and eat meat, and is just an asshole.

>> No.32259181

>> No.32259350


He did have a kickass submarine, though.

>> No.32259369

Did he get that in the sequel? Because in the first book, he just has a cart. Pulled by a dinosaur, so I'm not sure if his "dinosaurs are oppressive slavers who just keep us around to clean up their shit" argument holds up. Which I guess is the point.

>> No.32259381

My party was attacked by a pack of deinonychus recently. I threw one at a second for fun, because 30 Strength.

>> No.32259460


Lee Crabb?

You know, people give the miniseries a lot of shit (and rightly so in some points) but I really liked how its a sequel and all the stuff in the books happened

Also the guy who played Cyrus was great

>> No.32259515

It's a sequel, but they retcon what's practically a telegraph network into laser turrets. Which annoys me.

Other than that I kinda enjoy it for what it is, but the talking comic relief dinosaur gets on my nerves.

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>> No.32259557

Best dinosaur coming through.

>> No.32259567

Yeah, that's the guy. Cool hat, though.

>> No.32259581

My fellow of African origin.

>> No.32259615

How did I not have a dinosaur picture folder before today?

Thanks guys for all the pics

On Dinotopia, it is an established part of the canon that Dinotopia is only peaceful *right then* when Denison lands on the island. There were numerous eras in the past where wars raged and the memory still lives. Chandara is an empire with guarded borders, Poseidos was as warmongering as anyone ever, to such a point that the were mythologically powerful, there are monasteries of warrior monks in the mountains.

Denison is a gentleman scientist, and the books are from his perspective (mostly).

You want to run a Dinotopia game where there's conflict? Make up an era or set the game on the margins of society. You think everyone in that pub in World Beneath that Crabb hung out in was as nice as Denison?

>> No.32259636

My dinosaurs are powered by bravery.

>> No.32259706

>> No.32259850

and then the T-rex get's a facehugger

>> No.32259926

>> No.32260330

Fuck yeah Dinosaurs.

Pic related, currently the "biggest" based off of physcial material we have is Puertasaurus and Alamosaurus, both of which are pushing 90 tons.

>> No.32260356

And the rest.

>> No.32260420


Not to be nasty but Homosexuality in Birds often occurs in species with generally little intelligence. It's quite simply a matter that if they even know the difference between a male and a female.

>> No.32260423

>Cadillac and Dinosaurs
Man, i played a shitload of that game back when arcade is still a thing.
Also there's a very old arcade game of a biplane in dinosaur world, that one's also good.

>> No.32260552

>> No.32260589

Oh boy, here we go. Can't have nice things, can we /pol/?

>> No.32260593

>> No.32260598

>> No.32260608

Not /pol/ I just won't really want to use Bird Homosexuality as some kind of Pro-homosexuality stand purely for the reason that birds save for Crow family are very very primitive and stupid animals with little cognative ability.

No anger towards Gay people, just thinking two male Black Swans together is romantic is a bit unassuring because Swans are pretty damn retarded.

>> No.32260639


If we're discussing dream games, I've got an Eclipse Phase adventure whipped up in that regard. One of the settings in the game is Sky Ark, a distant and relatively Earth-like world that's been partially terraformed to create "reserves" for recreating old Earth life. Since you can't keep a good transhuman down, a lot of people said "Hey, why are we just recreating recent life?" and started to create dinosaurs and other extinct animals.

Typically, these animals are fitted with brain-chips that make them calm and sedate when transhumans are near but these have been known to malfunction...

My idea is for a crew of scientists, company financiers, undercover industrial espionage agents, etc., being sent to a far and isolated part of the continent, to examine the dinosaur regrowth project. Just as they arrive, though, a storm rises on the horizon. They're given a quick tour and then have to batten down the hatches...

And when the storm hits, unanticipated levels of electric charge in the clouds disrupts the station's defenses causes the animal's brain-chips to go haywire. Now, instead of calming down when they see a transhuman, they get aaaangry.

Cue an uplifted orangutan and a cyborg trying desperately to close a door to keep out a pack of highly intelligent transgenic raptors!

>> No.32260677

Dear /tg/,

What's your favorite dinosaur?

Former 10 Year Old Self.

>> No.32260692

stegosaurus i think? or maybe triceratops.

hope this answered everything. with love, me, 11 years ago

>> No.32260725

Tyrannosaurus rex was and still is my favorite animal always and forever.

>> No.32260751

Dilophosaurus a best.

>> No.32260764


>> No.32260780


>> No.32260791

Shrink wrap theory. Dinosaurs looked like that because they just put skins without meat ontop of the skellies.
This is what swans will look like if you just shrink wrap the skeletons with skins.

>> No.32260794

T. "motherfucking" rex
From the day I was born till the day I die.
Spinosaurus ain't shit but a bitch, suck it JPIII.

>> No.32260858

I have none. Sorry.

>> No.32260919


All. The. Way.

>> No.32260924

Corvids a Cute

>> No.32260934

We actually have fossilized T-Rex skin impressions. The had scales, not feathers. Do your part to fight against pop-science, and delete this picture from your hard drive.

>> No.32260961

Mah niggas.

>> No.32260977

Spinosaurus, because it was the first plastic dinosaur I ever had. T-Rex for obvious reasons. A lot of my other favorite Mesozoic reptiles weren't technically dinosaurs - Pteranodon, the mosasaur family, and Dimetrodon.

>> No.32260983

Don't be intentionally annoying especially based on a drawing that's not meant to be scientifically accurate anyways.

>> No.32260999

We have skin impressions of small patches of Tyrannosaurus underbellies, which show that they it not have feathers in those locations.

>> No.32261001

>not mentioning the acid spitting
That's the single coolest thing about Dilophosaurus.

>> No.32261007

>Implying his cousin Gojirasaurus isn't way cooler

>> No.32261020


>> No.32261021

Why all size charts are just comparisons between sauropodes? Of course, they`re biggest... But they are too similar to each other.

>> No.32261023

Its beginning to be thought that large theropods like T-rex had feathers as youngsters but lost them in adulthood, possibly retaining colourful head ones for mating.

>> No.32261027


Always many times cooler than T-rex.

>> No.32261050

Well we don't have the whole skin so there might be feathers on some other place.
But you have to remember they are the size of a full grown african ellephant living in a tropical climate back when the earth was a bit warmer than it is today, any feathers it did have would have been rudimentary hair-like structures, maybe some coloring in the males but that would have been it.
The fully feathered T.rexes that keep getting spammed are not accurate.

>> No.32261074

Best answer. 10 year old me just got his first boner.

>> No.32261084

and no working MAME rom either

>> No.32261141


tl;dr it's a sauropod called Argentinosaurus

>> No.32261175

Interresting thing I noticed, if you put the skeletal drawings of T.rex, Giganotosaurus and Spinosaurus to scale next to each other it turns out that T.rex is a bit taller than the both of them (talking about toe to hip here, ignore Spinosaurus' sail)
and most of that "bigger than T.rex" stuff is tail and neck.
Not saying T.rex was bigger, just that length isn't everything.

>> No.32261176

The pachycephalosaurs of course.

>> No.32261201


Shrink wrapping provides interesting results if the skeleton is all kinds of fucked up under the meat and fat.

Like this hippo skull.

>> No.32261230

>What's your favorite dinosaur?
God man, I don't know. Velociraptor, I guess, especially since I learned they had feathers, were smaller than in Jurassic Park AND even more aggressive and bloodthirsty.

>> No.32261244

>> No.32261255

Posting relitive and sad information.

>> No.32261269

>> No.32261272



>> No.32261299

Ment to type relevent, not relitive...

>> No.32261300

Hippo skull shrink wrapped.

>> No.32261317

I'm building a fantasy world for my games. So far I have a world where everyone is an elemental to some greater or lesser degree, spirits interact with people on a regular basis, and where magic towers appear seemingly at random that were literally designed to be full of traps and monsters and physics-defying dungeons with huge rewards at the end for anyone brave and skilled enough to conquer them.

I think I have to add dinosaurs as well, now.

>> No.32261320

>length isn't everything.

Sure it isn't :^)

>> No.32261333

As amazing as that sounds, it's not really Jurassic Park-ish. would work better as a stand-allone film.

>> No.32261347

Probably because it was made up by a movie.

>> No.32261350

Maybe. But the fact that they are training "good" dinosaurs...
Its "How to Tame your T-rex"

>> No.32261356


>So far I have a world where everyone is an elemental to some greater or lesser degree, spirits interact with people on a regular basis

So its Avatar

>> No.32261375

Has anyone ever run a "stone age" type setting before?

Is such a thing possible for a tabletop?

>> No.32261377

If you want to be wrong, yes.

>> No.32261390

>dick joke

also captcha can I please get the long string of numbers back, this incomprehensible nonsense is annoying.

>> No.32261404

Why didn't you just link to the original source instead of a clickbait site (io9)?

>> No.32261556


Here's what humans would look like if we were reconstructed like people often reconstruct dinosaurs.

On the one hand, it's understandable. You're not supposed to speculate beyond the evidence in science, and when all you have is the bones, the point beyond which you aren't allowed to speculate shows up very quickly.

Ever since I was a kid, dinosaurs looked 'off' to me. They seemed 'incomplete.'

Once I heard about feathered dinosaurs, I knew why.

Speaking of which, this is another big hole in our understanding of dinosaurs and their era. Typically, dinosaurs are given very low weights, because otherwise they just don't make physical sense. Add more weight from fat, feathers, and other features and the low weights that are typically given make even less sense then they already do.

People talk constantly about oxygen allowing them to grow larger, but oxygen alone isn't going to prevent their bones from collapsing on themselves.

I mean, the largest animal today is the elephant, and it has all sorts of problems. Just falling over can kill one, and a shallow ditch is impassible.

How dinosaurs that weighed ten times that of an elephant managed to not collapse on themselves, let alone walk, is something that merely increasing oxygen content in the atmosphere isn't going to explain.

Then there are the flying dinosaurs, which many professionals in the field now say didn't fly at all - they only glided.

>> No.32261579

Ankylosaurus. They're like pugs, if pugs were also tanks.

>> No.32261588

That's one spooky looking human.

>> No.32261610

I loved how in one story the Imperium found a planet with very large dinosaur like aliens. They sent Titans to wipe them out and colonize.
The dinosaurs bitchslaped them and the planet had to be exterminatus'ed

>> No.32261623


Dinosaur? T. rex, all day every day.
Prehistoric reptile? This nigga right here.

>> No.32261632

Someone should make a race based on that thing.

>> No.32261661

My setting is rather low-magic and I try to keep it somewhat close to life, but damn I couldn't but throw in a couple of plesiosaurs

>> No.32261678

>and when all you have is the bones, the point beyond which you aren't allowed to speculate shows up very quickly.
Not exactly, there's a lot you can tell from just bones.

>> No.32261683

Holy shit. They totally are. I have a new respect for Ankylosaurus.

>> No.32261700


that is a very interesting post right there.
Care to elaborate on that?
What would dinosaurs look like in your opinion?
How do you explain all these problems that you mention?
Give us moar food for thought anon!

>> No.32261761

Not really. Look at human skulls.
If future fishman (who evolved and dethroned us as rulers of earth) paleontologists found our skulls, they would've reconstructed ancient humans as having no eyelids, then they'll assume we are nocturnals since our wide open eyes are meant to absorb any available lights.

>> No.32261786

So how about this?

>> No.32261807


>> No.32261816


>> No.32261837

This is better. Screw peaceful dinosaurs.

>> No.32261842


Any sort of Raptor.
I was all about dem raptors when I was a kid.
I did the raptor walk, and even played raptor tag with the other neighborhood kids during summers. I almost always wanted to be the raptor, while the other kids were the herbivores.
Dang I loved raptors.
Still do. They are the best dinosaurs. One of the main reasons why I didn't hate JP 3 that much was because of how it portrayed the Raptors.

>> No.32261877

1. pteranodon
2. ceratosaurus
3. plesiosaurus
4. dimetrodon
5. brachiosausus

>> No.32261880

the oxygen thing only aplies to arthropods silly because they don't have lungs and the higher oxygen in the athmosphere was way before the dinosaurs.
Shallow ditches can be crossed by ellephants just fine.

>> No.32261890

Oh man, that brings back memories

>> No.32261899

anyone included dinosaurs as a type of non-fire breathing dragon? how did the players took it?

>> No.32261914

In regards to the three biggest Theropods.

(Also worth noting they found new Spinosaurus material recently so we'll soon have most of the skeleton.)

>> No.32261928

And some more.

>> No.32261938

Not if there are other mammals with eyelids. they'll see we are mammalian, wich means we would probably have eyelids.
the thing they'll mostly fuck up is the ammount of hair and our noses and ears.
A lot we know about dinosaurs comes from comparing it to related animals that are alive today.

>> No.32261990

Avatar and Magi would be the correct answer.


>> No.32262434

Birds are anything but primitive and stupid. Saying this is just dumb, they're not even older than mammals and highly specialized for flight (=not primitive) and are just as intelligent or stupid as most mammals (there is no human-analogue in birds).
Also, parrots are not members of Corvidae (the crow family), are still highly intelligent and some individuals are homosexual.
I'm not saying this to justify anything, I'm just pissed of by people who don't know what they're talking about.

>> No.32262523

>AND even more aggressive and bloodthirsty.
I'm calling bullshit

>> No.32262786

Maybe he discovered the Fighting Dinosaurs fossil? Because that's an awesome fossil.

>Protoceratops is biting Velociraptor's wing
>Velociraptor has jammed its foot claw in its enemy's throat
>a sandstorm engulfs them
>they do not give a fuck

>> No.32262913

Everyone knows that, but what I'm asking for is a source on the "more agressive and bloodthirsty part". Because, you know, animals fight, but that doesn't make them psychopath serial killers like the monsters passed of as Velociraptors in Jurassic Park are. Even hyenas, sharks and crocodiles, who ARE badass and dangerous do things other than fight and kill.

>> No.32262997

Aah, Sue. Best mount in the history of literature.

>> No.32263105


>> No.32263118


Secret Six was pretty fun

>> No.32263168

Yeah, Jurassic Park Velociraptors are explicitly stated to be insane because Hammond and Wu didn't know what they were doing.'

>> No.32263183

>Favorite dinosaurs
>1. pteranodon

Where's a facepalm image when I need one?

>> No.32263275


IIRC the Lost World novel's plot was that since the cloned dinosaurs never had any dinosaur parents to raise them and teach them social skills and how to hunt properly and not just kill everything that moves, they're all basically murderous sociopaths.

>> No.32263309

Plesiosaurus or Dimetradon weren't dinos either, so why only complain about one of them?

>> No.32263336

Lets not forget

>3. Plesiosaurus
>4. Dimetrodon

>> No.32263345


is a tank


and his friends are more like moving barricades

>> No.32263354

I know, I've read both novels (and the first novel would've made an incredible movie), but >>32261230
said, that he had learned that Velociraptors were "even more aggressive and bloodthirsty." than the ones in the movie and I'm kinda skeptical about that.

>> No.32263362

Frankly, I facepalmed so hard that I didn't read any further on the list. But yeah, that's pretty bad.

>> No.32263402

Dimetrodon isn't even a reptile.

>> No.32263441

These are creatures that, nigh constantly, threw themselves at an electrified fence on the off chance that it wouldn't be electrified THIS time. That's how crazy they are.

>> No.32263452

That depends on your definition of reptile. But yeah, it's closer to mammals than to lizards, crocodiles, snakes and dinosaurs.

>> No.32263460


meant ankylosaurus as a tank, dammit

>> No.32263518

Here's a fun question /tg/

Should we consider dinosaurs reptiles anymore?

>> No.32263540

It's a pre-Triassic proto-mammal. It isn't even a proper dinosaur.

>> No.32263541

Not more than we consider mammals reptiles.

>> No.32263573

Birds got folded into Reptilia a while back. Dinos are cool there too.

>> No.32263614


Dinosaurs haven't been considered to be reptiles in a while to my understanding.
They are their own group, who were about as much related to modern reptiles as ancient mammals were.

>> No.32263658


>> No.32263698

I'm not really a fan of a lot of taxonomic classifications, but that's neither here nor there.

I would honestly be cool with calling everything retely dinosauroid "Dragon" and dispensing with the 19th century's stranglehold on dinosaurs.

Tyrannodraconis Rex is better. I mean, come on, Tyrant Dragon King? That's just kickass

>> No.32263739

Well seeing as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanuqsaurus almost certainly had feathers, it's likely Tyrannosaurus had at least some sparse covering of feathers.

>> No.32263773

Dinosaurs are cool, fantasy dinosaurs are cooler

>> No.32263825

Technically speaking 'reptile' is not a correct taxonimc group. But Birds are now classified as being members of Dinosauria and dinosaurs were no less reptilian than anything else we give that name.

>> No.32263828

But Crocodilians are more closely related to birds than other "modern reptiles", like lizards. The entire notion of Reptilia without birds is nonsensical.

>> No.32263853

By that logic, are science fiction dinosaurs less cool, even to the point of being uncool?

>> No.32263871

Oh that guy again. Its getting really annoying that whenever "feathered T.rex argument" comes allong this guy gets mentioned.
Look, Yutyrannus is an interesting dinosaur no doubt. He is , however, not a T.rex. Yuttyrannus was 9 meters long and weighed one and a half tons, T.rex is 12-13 meters long and could have weighted anything from 4 to 7 tons. they lived in a completely different time and place and the only thing they have in common is that they are both tyrannosaurids

>> No.32263875


The way we classify animals is in the end, pretty arbitrary and breaks down if we really take into the account of evolutionary history of every lineage.
Other news at eleven.

>> No.32263956

No, they are freakin awesome. Why you gotta be putting words in my mouth like that?

>> No.32264122

and what about this guy, is he cool?

>> No.32264163

I agree with you in principle although my favorite Zoid is the Whitz Wolf for teenage RP reasons.

Also good: The Guysack and all Guysack variants, especially the Deathpion/Revenge Trap.

Dumb name: Awesome robot.

>> No.32264189

Tyrannosaurus juveniles were not larger than a fully mature Yutyrannus until after they turned 14 and reached puberty, and the majority died before they reached age 25. How exactly are feathers a problem even in the warmer Maastrichtian climate of North America?

>> No.32264252

Well, I appear to have wrongly assumed that you were implying that dinosaurs are cooler the farther back in history they are placed, and therefore that they are less cool the closer in history to our time they are placed. I deeply apologize for this error.

>> No.32264339

That dinosaur is stupid and boring though.

>> No.32264436

>While the whole "Rogue Trader was brilliant, hilarious satire" thing is just bullshit said by people who've never actually read it, it's often so unintentionally silly in that charming 89's way

It's called British humour you fucking retarded Americlap

Seriously I wonder why some people don't understand RT and then eventually I realize that they're all Americans who think "lol so wakcy dat 1980s so cheezy n camp XDDD"

>> No.32264454


Stegosaurus is my nigga since I was 4 years old.

>> No.32264501

I'm Swedish, though. But who cares, generalizing is simpler.

Also I'm not sure how fart jokes are "satire", but you're clearly the expert.

>> No.32264541


Also I never understood why people bitched about "hurr durr dinosaurs can't have feathers it looks dumb," feathered dinosaurs are badass as hell.

>> No.32264571

We've only encountered dinosaurs once and it was three velociraptors.
And like actual overgrown chicken sized velociraptors, not deinonychus.
...we almost died...although to be fair we were level 2.

>> No.32264603

Fart jokes aren't "satire", they're merely silly and also fall under British humour. Of course, being Swedish you're even less likely to understand


>> No.32264673

Whenever people bitch about feathered dinosaurs I have to roll my eyes and go "Okay imagine a goose...now imagine if that was a seven foot tall lizard."

Like feathers aren't a detraction of SHEER TERROR.

>> No.32265117

My most of niggas!

>> No.32265427

The only real reason for the velociraptors created by Wu being so violent is for story. Crocjton's purpose for them was to show a different type of destruction and danger than those of T-Rex. That is to say that Wu's velociraptors were put together nicely, but they were broken for a chance to comment on some of the unforeseen implications of biotechnology.

>> No.32265683

I think I partly preferred the film for that reason, the book felt borderline anti-intellectual in its excessive criticisms of science.

>> No.32265771

>no Turok

I'm not mad /tg/, just disappointed.

>> No.32265790


I would like to think that if there's an appropriate niche, food, water, and space available that any "Traditional" animal can evolve or develop into incredible sizes with little to no problem.

I realistically think that we have absolutely no idea how Dinosaurs got that big or why they got that big, but they just 'did' get that big because they 'could' get that big and that's simply how nature works.

>> No.32265876

>group is undecided on what we're going to play next
>decide we should all pick an idea and use gurps to combine them
>know that one player has been talking about dinosaurs a lot
>pick uplift so we can play AS dinosaurs
>he picks ice age of all things instead
>we also end up with secret agents
And that's the story of how my furry ice world james bond game got started.

>> No.32265898

>Anti-intellectual SCIENCE IS BAD fearmongering

Well, duh.

>> No.32265920

Mah nigga. Did you know the makers went on to make metroid prime?

>> No.32265959

Holy shit that image is low quality, I wish I had webms.

>> No.32265976

It's obviously the superior choice. I mean, just look at that fabulous fucking crest.

>> No.32266078

I had never read one of his novels before, it was surprising and rather disappointing. You can do just fine criticising human arrogance and incompetent theme park design but he went a tad far.

>> No.32266110

No that's just silly. We know they were able to get to gigantic sizes because Dinosaurs in general are biological masterpieces.

>> No.32266134

The only Crichton novel I've read that I enjoyed as a story and not just as the world he created (meaning Jurassic Park) was Eaters of the Dead

>> No.32266171

If that is the case, why did they die and we live?

>> No.32266203

Well assuming this isn't bait it's because a big fucking rock from space smashed into the planet. Anything of that tier destruction kills the dominant organism on the planet. Humans (and mammals in general actually) are still here because there hasn't been a mass extinction since then.

>> No.32266208

Like, don't have a cow, man.

>> No.32266210

Because rocks fell.

>> No.32266217

What are parrots and raptors? There are tons of notably intelligent and clever sea birds, cormorants come to mind.
Doves and pigeons are pretty smart, too.

>> No.32266223

I have a legitimate suggestion for your dream game

Base it closely off of the book(s)

No, really, they're quite different than the movies. My mother told me it has way more horrifying and suspenseful moments (and with more/different dinos to boot) and when I followed her lead I was very impressed.

I promise you that everyone has probably seen JP movie, but very very few ever read the source material.

A LOT of M.C. books would make fantastic campaigns
West World (not a book but his work)

>> No.32266226

And now I know that exists. Remind me to read it and see if there's anything I want to take from there.

>> No.32266234


>> No.32266274

You think dinosaurs are scary? Well get ready for invisible dinosaurs.

>> No.32266290


When I was young, I loved Crichton's books due to the neat premises most of them had, but as I grew I really started disliking his anti-science attitude as I realized how prominent it was, and I eventually just stopped reading any of his books.
He grew from one of my favorite writers into one I generally despise.

>> No.32266322

>3 - Carcharodon Megalodon

This book was also kinda pimp

>> No.32266335

I don't mean to be anal about this, but raptor really refers to the birds of prey. Raptor should be avoided when talking about non-avian dinosaurs, since it adds confusion where there doesn't need to be.
They're dromaosaurids,

>> No.32266375

Alten is a baller


>> No.32266379


The word raptor sounds cooler though.
Raptors will always be raptors to me.

>> No.32266446

Crocodiles are archosaurs, too, but we still identify them as reptiles. Reptiles is a really bad, paraphyletic grouping and we've really fucked with it by excluding birds from it traditionally.

>> No.32266466

I said this earlier, but the late 19th century has strangled dinosaurs.

They should be called dragons.

>> No.32266467

Tyrannosaurus (and most other late theropods) really has about as much a chance of having feathers as prehistoric hominids had of having hair. They may have secondarily lost those feathers, but their ancestry means they probably had them.

>> No.32266488


Jurassic Park could be seen as anti-intellectual in its themes and content, however all that Crichton really hated was the mix of industry and science. More of a search for money rather than a search for knowledge

>> No.32266532 [SPOILER] 

>yfw I ran a campaign one time that was a sort of land of the lost, dinosaur island survival game, and the reoccurring villain was pic related.

>> No.32266533

He was convinced that global warming was a myth, "bad science", though.

>> No.32266539

Why? They already have a fine name and calling them dragons would make the public think they're more "for kids" than they already are.

>> No.32266554


That's not the impression I got from some of his books.
Especially that one about global warming. It was fucking retarded, and basically went "A bloo bloo, global warming advocates are terrorists and wrong". The "bad guys" even got eaten by cannibals at the end.

The only good part about that book was the implication of some cannibal boys trying to rape some women who were tied up.
I got off to that shit.

>> No.32266570

Gomen, I'm another dinosaur nerd.
Stephen sounds like a guy I'd want to hang out with, though.

>> No.32266573


What system would be best for running a game in the style of Turok? I'm thinking either GURPS or Savage Worlds would both be able to handle the mishmash of different technologies and monsters.

>> No.32266597

>dinosaur knowledge will always be held back by people who think it sounds or looks "cooler" another way

>> No.32266644

I'd use Dark Heresy. It already has some stats for dinosaurs, and rules for guns and bows and stuff.

Not saying it's the best system for it, but that's what I'd do.

>> No.32266646

The late 19th century really hamstrung our understand of dinosaurs, considering lizard is right in the name, and we know now that they were practically nothing like what Owen and Marsh and Cope imagined them to be. But the words and, from those words, the unconscious associations and expectations that go along with the words, have been and still are with us.

It's just my opinion that if they had decided to go with dragon, a word long connected with titanic reptilian beasts, we'd be a bit better off.

>> No.32266654

Well, I guess I should read that one before I go off another Crichton rant. I even own it... I guess I know what book I am reading next.

Anyways, the majority of my arguments for Crichton come from Jurassic Park even though I have read some of his other works. It's just muh fabrit...

>> No.32266668

I remember having a toy version that was essentially an adult Dilophosaurus (from Jurassic park). You could use it as a squirtgun.

I also had a Dilophosaurus that I converted into a carnosaur for my lizardman army back when I played WHFB.

Of course the model broke...

>> No.32266671

Well some people still think Brontosaurus is still used so I think "Raptor" is less a problem for the time being.

>> No.32266700

Brontosaurus is seriously by biggest pet peeve. I don't even know where people learn to say it, and why people insist on using it as a word for any sort of sauropod they see. I hate it.

>> No.32266701

Dinosaur naming *should* be based on rule-of-cool, otherwise you mystify and occlude the subject and people won't be interested.

Now, if you're an autist and you're happy with no one else sharing your obsession, that's one thing and it's personal.

>> No.32266720

> some people still think Brontosaurus is still used

Call me retarded in a dinosaur thread, but what has become of Brontosaurus?

>> No.32266740

It doesn't even real.

>> No.32266745


Paleontology is the field of the biggest fucking autists of science.
At least that is what /sci/ tells me.

>> No.32266746

It's been outdated and redundant for decades. The animal people called brontosaurus was already apatosaurus. The name still survived as a synomym for apatosaurus, though, probably just to troll people.

>> No.32266756

It was a chimera of Apatosaurus and Camarasaurus. A Piltdown dinosaur.

>> No.32266758


>> No.32266759

Well wikipedia's first line on Apatosaurus lists Brontosaurus as an accepted synonym.

So I imagine it's not going away.

>> No.32266763

Basically back in 1901 someone put the head of Camarasaurus on Apatosaurus and they thought it was a new species so they named it Brontosaurus. When they found out it was the same animal the name became invalid. I don't know how the name has persisted for 110 years now.

>> No.32266774

No problem with cool dinosaur names. Naming of dinosaurs should be neat and draw attention. But "raptor" is a word that describes another type of dinosaur (birds of prey), so it's confusing!

>> No.32266783

There's no such thing? A 'brontosaurus' was just an apatosaurus with a camarosaurus head on top.
This has been known for over forty years now, it's not new info.

>> No.32266788

>I don't know how the name has persisted for 110 years now.

Because it's a more memorable name than "Apatosaurus".

>> No.32266823

Well I suppose "Thunder lizard is better than Deceptive lizard"

>> No.32266825

Only because they've been, somehow, introduced to it as a dinosaur, which is a problem to begin with. Brontosaurus is a cool name, though, and it's a shame that it isn't used to describe anything new.

>> No.32266830

Just gonna leave this here...

>> No.32266837

Well did he have a better idea? If my university knocked down all the commercial labs we rent out on campus and stopped collaborating with industry for its own projects goodbye research funding.

>> No.32266882

>Brontosaurus is a cool name, though, and it's a shame that it isn't used to describe anything new.

Have they named that fuckoff huge dinosaur they just found? If not, then they should call it brontosaurus.

>> No.32266892

Except the way people think about dinosaurs is not affected by having sauria in the name, most people barely known that means lizard anyway. Anybody who knows saurian means lizard knows how dinosaurs actually were.

>> No.32266899


Now that its been mentioned, I seem to recall hearing it before. But still, I feel like a part of my life has been a lie.

>> No.32266937

Because it has been, malicious and evil people are misleading you and preventing you from understanding dinosaurs.

>> No.32266955

At the very least have confidence the dumb thing on "Triceratops isn't real" a while back was just media bullshit.

>> No.32266993

Someone in the world believes this is a truth about life. Just let that sink in for a second.

>> No.32267003

I very much think you are incorrect, as well as being a little ivory towered. It is common knowledge that dinosaurs are "lizards" and then they associate that with the lizards they know.

>> No.32267010

>tfw the first dinosaur ever discovered was given the scientific name "Scrotum"

Damn you 18th century natural philosophers! God damn you all to hell!

>> No.32267048

Dilo's are still my fav, but I can never forget this day.

>> No.32267053


I don't think that Crichton's distaste of the mixture of science and business applied to such examples as your situation. Rather it seems he disliked the toying with of dangerous forces for a very large profit. A feeling of: doing it for the sake of doing it in the scientific aspect and a: doing it for BIG $$$ on the business side of things.

But, I'm not Crichton so I couldn't tell you.

>> No.32267060

I think the problem is less so sauria = lizard, and more so that the media and whatever the fuck else misrepresents dinosaurs, gives them lizard-like qualities, or refers to them as lizards.

>> No.32267096


There really is a shit-ton you can tell from bones, though; muscle anchors can tell you a crapton about how an animal's muscles were set and held together, for example. Going back to your example here...


The coccyx has a number of significant muscle and tendon anchors in it. Unless these future fish-people were still very early on in their anatomical studies, they'd notice the anchoring points and realize that the bone would have been internal. Same goes for a lot of the weird stuff around the hips. We even have fossil evidence of the Achilles tendon.

I'm not disagreeing with you that a lot of dinosaur models are inaccurate, but I think you're giving anatomists too little credit.

>> No.32267108

>tfw we've found Triceratops could've eaten meat like modern herbivores sometimes do

>> No.32267134



>> No.32267142

What sort of self-respecting herbivore would pass up some free calcium with a nice protein coating? I hope triceratops stomped and ate small mammals like cervids do today.

>> No.32267147

And the factoid that Tyrannosaurus Rex means "tyrant lizard king" is, literally, like one of the first dinosaur factoids people thrown.

The average person is not actually all that stupid and can easily see saur in both Tyrannosaurus and Dinosaur. It's not hard to parse out.

I was always amazed at how you can tell size of a huge beast from a single femur. Then I realized math is pretty amazing.

>> No.32267156

He just looks like he DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK.

>> No.32267203

I was a different person than you were replying to originally. I don't disagree with you, I was just saying that people think dinosaurs are lizard-like more on media depictions than the -saur on their name. (which most people, I think, should understand)

>> No.32267256

>A feeling of: doing it for the sake of doing it in the scientific aspect

But that is the best reason to do science and why lots of people are interested in it in the first place. Knowledge for its own sake.

>> No.32267274


Math is absolutely wonderful. I seriously wish someone had been around to actually show me how awesome it is in high-school; it took my first physics class to get me to go "Oh shit, this is amazing!".

Georges Cuvier was reputedly such a badass when it came to comparative anatomy that he could tell you the type of animal, its size, and even where in the world it came from based on a single tooth.

>> No.32267373

Fuck you. Swedes and brits share a lot when it comes to weird humour. Just because that guy was a cunt doesn't mean we don't generally share your sense of humour.

>> No.32267401

toppest fucking lekolokel

>> No.32267473

You have a very good point. You have won an argument on the internet.

>> No.32267576


>What would dinosaurs look like in your opinion?

I'm no expert. Many of the images in this thread that depict feathered dinosaurs fit closely with reality, I'd say.

Most dinosaurs have been found to have something like feathers. See pic.

>How do you explain all these problems that you mention?

The dinosaurs that were heavier then modern elephants were probably aquatic. The water would have held up their bodies like it does modern whales and allowed many dinosaurs to become enormous. Some dinosaurs had distinctly snorkel like noses.

Again, I'm not an expert.

>Give us moar food for thought anon!

dinosaurtheory.com, but the site is considered heretical. Still, it discusses biology in regards to physics, and attempts to explain why the dinosaurs could hold up their bodies.

The site's hypothesis is that the atmosphere was thicker back then, which is in no way accepted by mainstream science. Still, the discussion of how physics relates to biology is informative, and could help world builders.

>> No.32267719

>The dinosaurs that were heavier then modern elephants were probably aquatic. The water would have held up their bodies like it does modern whales and allowed many dinosaurs to become enormous. Some dinosaurs had distinctly snorkel like noses.

This is the absolute worst thing you could say here.

First of all, much larger mammals than elephants have lived on land. Secondly, dinosaurs got to be so freaking enormous because they had air sacs that made their bodies lighter while supplying them with oxygen. The aquatic theory has literally been outdated since the 19th century.

>> No.32267762


The idea that large dinosaurs lounged about in water seems rather unlikely, given nesting sites and coprolites. Land-dwelling, especially in-land, type plants, including many kinds of trees, are things we know many large dinosaurs to have eaten based on fossilized dung. We have found evidence of nesting sites in areas that are clearly in-land. Evidence for them eating plants that primarily grew in or around water, meanwhile, is comparatively scant. Similarly, you're not likely to find things like, say, fish caught in mud packs with titanosaur eggs.

The evidence is pretty heavily in favour of these creatures walking and living primarily on land.

>> No.32267820

Esker isn't heretical, he's just hilariously wrong.

So is the aquatic dinosaur nonsense. Goddamit anon, if you'd just read some of the scientific literary from the past 50 years, you wouldn't be so confused.

>> No.32268541

Speaking of funny and wrong ideas, here's Tree-o-saur, which details a fantastic hunting method used by Tyrannosaurus. I'm pretty sure the author meant it to be serious.


>> No.32268548

I have a friend who consistently disses everything that has to do with dinosaurs with the following reason:

They lived millions of years ago, which means they all are retarded by even normal animal standards, because evolution always goes towards more intelligence.

>> No.32268878

Kill your friend.

>> No.32268956

Oh I've been tempted.
But he can't imagine being wrong with this.

Then again, he can't imagine why anyone would've disagreed with Thatcher either...

>> No.32268969

>Tonight at 12: A local boy stabbed his life long friend to death over an argument. When questioned the young man claimed he was instructed do it by "a Parasaurolophus on the internet".

>> No.32269039

I'd never say it was a Parasaurolophus, the unwashed plebs wouldn't understand, I'd just say dinosaur instead.

>> No.32269074

Don't cater to the stupid, otherwise they'll never learn.

>> No.32269097

True, but I prefer an intellectual elite ruling over the aforementioned unwashed masses of plebs.

>> No.32269140

I'd probably just use gurps since enemies and locations come from a wide range of tech levels.

>> No.32269324

The mines were the dinosaurs and Thatcher only did what the forces of nature should have done long ago.

>> No.32269608

thats the only PTSD animal i think I've ever seen, look at those vacant eyes, like he doesn't even know that he's eating at all....

>> No.32269656

only 80s/90s kids will appreciate this

you're a fucking saint, bruv

>> No.32270177

Totem is designed for this.

>> No.32270217

Not just that, they used the new guys for it. The veterans stayed back. The fuckers were hazing the new recruits.

>> No.32270388

She's beautiful in person. I went to the Field Museum this past winter when I was depressed. A day of dinosaurs, Egyptian artifacts, and bioluminescent organisms let my inner ten year old out and cheered me up.

>> No.32270456

Some more of Scott Hartman's stuff

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