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Filename thread. Make 'em good.

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I'm sorry, OP, I'm still trying to process what in the world is going on in that webm.

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Everybody starts somewhere man

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How does that have anything to do with pathfinder?

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Source is Turn Down for What by DJ Snake ft. Lil Jon

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Well good sir, that is a picture of a faggot.

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>implying it's not the average neckbeard roleplaying as the girl roleplaying as the wolf

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This is how hive cities fall to Slaanesh

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Not all of these are /tg/ related, but they're funny nonetheless.

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That is adorable.

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So is that one.
No time for breakfast, better eat on the way!

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I admit some of these are cute but please, at least pretend to care about the topic. It's particular easy with this one.

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Eww human!! Get it off!!

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I... what... what is this. It's... they should have sent a poet.

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My god man... and that's only the first half of the video!

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fine, i'll post it

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But anon, combat reflexesis to make more AoO not to dodge better.

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So what's the wait time between posts with pics again? 30 seconds?

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I need a better one

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GM cracks down on metagaming?
Sorry, kind of drawing a blank here.

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Didn't mean to post that as a response.

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A part of me wants to organize and name my pictures folder, because I know that there are some gems I could dig out of there.

The other part of me thinks that the first part is stupid if not suicidal as that folder 4.5 *GB*.

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>How's The Flash?

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>Angry Carpenter

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>HtV Tactics.gif

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Since when has /tg/ denied being gay as fuck?

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> This is how /pol/ thinks degeneracy spreads

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I don't get how the body gets so stiff when unconscious. Wouldn't he just flop around?

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Does the football player win?

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>that WebM

What the actual fuck

It looks so disturbing yet fun

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Funny, I have the same picture with the same title.

You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.

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... Y'know what? I have no idea. I don't even know what that page is from. I'm going to look that up now.

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"We totally need a skill monkey with medicae, don't worry we'll back you up, you can focus on non-combat skills and stats."

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Should be named "GM simulator"

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It's from Eyeshield 21, world cup specifically. Fun sports manga, though it exaggerates like fuck.

Said page is just a metaphor, it's actually two Japanese tackling that American, their teams mascot being a dinosaur and a knight. The American guy proceeds to ultimately not give a fuck and scoffs them off.

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Is the dog the Inquisitor?

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Well, turns out its from a handegg manga called Eyeshield 21. I just jumped to the page so I'm lacking some context, but it looks like it's just a metaphor for how hard the other dude hit him. Which is a pretty awesome metaphor. Not every day can you describe a tackle as "like getting stabbed by a roman riding a dinosaur while the dinosaur bites my leg." Must have been one hell of a tackle.

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Thank you.

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I know I've read that but for the life of me I can't remember where...

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It's probably intentional

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Which one is the Stand?

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Not especially /tg/ related, but too good to pass up.

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God damn it.


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Where has this been in my life?


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Is that a legal play? Because bless that man if it is.

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He's kinda cool, Anon.

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Kind cheating, need a webm of it but:

> You do not detect any traps

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I'd be angry too if someone woke me that early.

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Eugh.. "Deception: Goldberg Macines xXxTreme edition"

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That's unsound advice, EVERYONE takes medicae.

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>That's unsound advice, EVERYONE with access takes medicae.

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It's legal. The offensive linemen were down for two seconds, and the center snapped the ball to the quarterback. We joked about doing something similar when I was on my high school team.

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should be named -10hp

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Got the sauce on this?

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Made me chuckle haaard

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I cannot begin to describe the joy you have brought me this fine morning
captcha: oedper some

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It's so true.

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>dat face

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I hope this one a Golden Demon

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There's two of them in the picture.

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Fuck puzzles.

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>notice druid face on the sign
>about to comment
>notice second druid face

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I can only see the one on death's face, where's the second one?

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Tilt your monitor.

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>Welcome to Australia

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Open it in an editing program. Up the brightness.

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Sill not seeing it

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>Upside-down finger-wings.

Magic or no, that shit's stupid, even IF she is formed by irrational nightmares/desires ect.

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It's a large face in the upper right background.

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tilt it back or forward, look at the left half of the pic

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"Do you blame me for hiding?"

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where is this from?

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>upper right
>left half
Am I being rused?

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That's not pol, he didn't mention nigger jew lizard conspiracies once, and he's not a chinless overweight reject of a human being.

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I thought only Samael had upside down wings because he's an angel exiled to hell, like that one guy from the abomination vault.

Darksiders 2

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ds2...ending scene?
i can't remember where in the story to put it

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How about now?

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Is this from Arma?

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Yep, ArmA3

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I hate "signs" like this in RPGs. You never know if it's real or whether disobeying it is the only way to advance the plot

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Is that from Storm of Iron?

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I don't have a problem with the katana cutting through the big sword because it's canonically a magic katana of fuck you. It's basically vorpal, and stupid shit like that is expected with magic swords (if you claim that normal katanas are inherently better than normal swords though, you have no idea what you're talking about). What I have a problem with is the physics. If the katana was really sharp enough to cut through that much metal, the big sword would just keep going. It would still be split in half, but the metal parts would just keep traveling and embed themselves in the girl's face.

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At least in DaS2 it was true. Fucking Navlaan.

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And the wordy version.

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the text is good, but who shopped the jittery stupid katanas onto the wings? that was completely unnecessary.

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Elite advances and alternate ranks.
What clareer doesn't get medicae available in the first 3k EXP? No seriously, I cannot think of one.

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No one knows.

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kongo banchou or some such, I think.

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Can i find this on suptg?

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By problem is the 'sword' is clearly just flat hunk of metal with nothing even resembling an edge
Its a metal cricket bat

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Inertia is a bitch

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Not quite what the boy had in mind when he asked the mekboy for a better choppa...

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A katana's blade is not a frictionless plane, anon. It's a wedge, which means that it'll be applying force in places other than the cutting edge, and it's gonna have a fair bit of friction slowing it down.

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still though, the cut-off portion of sword seems to change direction in mid swing. That makes no sense.

You know, that also brings up a question: are Vorpal Swords frictionless? Wouldn't they have to be if you want them to remain perfectly sharp forever? Or do they only make the edge frictionless? Or is it just sharp because of magic, and fuck you if you want an explanation?

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Neither. Clearly Stan is the JoJo and Steve is Speedwagon.

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Fuck that makes sense

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it was a christmas gift to /tg/ from Scriptarius when he used to post on here.

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god we need more media that just has kerry being kerry

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Is that Earth Defense Force?

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Roosevelt looks so fucking smug.

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Op I just spent the last 8 minutes laughign at that webm because of the name jesus crhits

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Holy fuck. I knew you could get tanks in the new EDF, but fucking helicopters? I have to get this shit.

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>Average Civilization Game.

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Either he fucked up and was trying to be funny by going stiff as a board after rolling, or he fucked up on purpose in order to turn it into a joke or apart of the routine.

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omg, perfect.

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Touch of Madness?

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and we've hit the image limit

it's been fun

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>crazy diamond

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Shamelessly stolen.

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