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the tau should be allies of convince with the armies of the imperium and the elder/dark elder should be come the apocalypse.

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Okay so daemons can ally with Dark Eldar and there is no option to make traitor guard again, seems a bit shit.

But then again the two paragraph sections we can see at the top hint at there being more to this than that matrix alone.

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When did the orks become buddies with Chaos?

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New guy here. Where are Militarum Tempestus?

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Yeah GW, Forge that Narrative!

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This alliance charts shows EXACTLY why Nids need to be refluffed.

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"Armies of the imperium"

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When Orks started getting paid by Chaos to raid shit.

Even the Imperial Guard uses Ork mercs.

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What the actual fuck deldar and eldar are battle brothers. Deldar covet eldar souls above all others.

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and are on the record for saving multiple craft worlds

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Shouldn't they be buddies with the Imperium and everyone else, too?
I'd think they'd respect the Tau's dakka, as well.

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>My cosmic space terrors were really friendly the whole time!

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As much butthurt as I can see from such a thing it might actually be a good idea. They don't need to be a race of individuals like the Newcrons, but making the Tyranids a sapient species capable of speaking with other races could be beneficial fluffwise and crunchwise. Imagine the first contact between the Tau and Tyranids, the Tau think they bump into another federation of alien species wishing to simply expand for the greater good, and after the Tyranids secretly consume several Tau and use their telepathy to read the minds of their leaders during negotiations they invade their worlds attempting to completely consume them. Crunchwise it would allow the Tyranids to agree to an alliance by telepathically telling the leaders of their future allies "hey lets unite, we would rather have you win than the third side that just waltzed on in." So Tyranids could be fighting marines, suddenly daemons show up, since daemons don't provide biomass the Tyranids agree to ally with the marines against them so even if the Tyranids later lose another hive fleet can conquer the world more easily.

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It is in the freaking core books learn to read man.

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>Saving multiple craftworlds
>Only one example given

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...Well, they'd better make a traitor guard supplement for Chaos soon.

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I don't have pdfs of iyanden and core eldar book which have more cases of them saving iyanden and teaming up with biel tan.
Just because you refuse to read for yourself doesn't make it less true.

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This is the wrong way to do it.

What should be done is use Nid Cultists as a voice for the Hivemind and give each Nid fleet a unique "thing" just as all the other armies get. Like one fleet focuses on being Xenomorphs and another fleet focuses on being Zerg. I know that might SOUND similar, but fucking think about it. The Fleets are a proving ground for different genes and strategies, so play that up and make each fleet unique tactically.

As for alliances, the Cultists can do diplomacy with, say, Chaos and the DE. The latter takes some slaves under the table and the former gets to use the death of a planet to please their masters. It's not really a best buddies sort of thing, more like bribery.

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>There are mutliple instances
>Show me them
>Gives one
>You only gave me one
>Why do you refuse to read the rest of the list of sources I never gave you?

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Oh, and gameplay wise, Nids should also have an "alliance" with the "Imperial Guard" to represent a planetwide rebellion.

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You can ally with everyone now, I don't see any reason to complain.
>genestealers getting supporting fire from Tau

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Honestly nid cultists just seems lazy, we already use mortals and cultists to communicate the will of the Chaos Gods, Tyranids should get something different. I personally like the idea of the hive mind directly communicating with individuals, could be a simple telepath bug or it could be the hive mind itself burrowing its ideas into an individual, could be shown as a highly traumatic thing that leaves most victims dead or comatose. Regardless I hate the idea of Tyranid cultists.

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Tau and Orks probably don't get along, even with payment, because the Tau are always putting too many strings on their agreements.

>Regardless I hate the idea of Tyranid cultists.

Opinion discarded!

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That's pretty retarded. Not tye first time gw done somethong stupid, but wouldn't it make a shit ton more sense for the deldar to just strike and grab as many spirit stones as possible or pull all the wraithbone into the webway for immediate rape?

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>Opinion discarded!
>Someone disagrees with me
>The only option is to ignore them completely
Do you have autism? Like legit autism? Outright saying "opinion discarded" because someone hates your idea is pretty fucking stupid.

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Does it count? It doesn't say so under the side column on the right...

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That is really fucking stupid. If CSM and Daemons can't ally with guard to represent traitor guard why should tyranids get to ally with guard to represent traitor guard?

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Yea That really makes no sense. Orks should be at least desperate allies with everyone. They don't give a shit as long as they get to krump stuff, and it's not like the other factions have any particularly strong hatred for Orks so as to never use them to their advantage.
Then from there on they could add in extra options, like a BA force with Dante or Crimson Fists never being able to ally them, and a Blood Axe force being Ally of Convenience.

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Orks are too stupid to realize all the strings.

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Dude. Nid cultists were already a thing. As of a LONG time ago.

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Militarum Tempestus is a supplement of Astra Militarum and uses the same ally chart AM is on the chart.

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Genestealer cultists are perhaps the oldest concept in the entire fucking franchise.

I can understand WHY you don't like them, but holy shit not every single faction has to be 100% different. Just take Chaos Space Marines for example. Should they be completely different conceptually from loyalist marines? Fuck no.

And besides, the Genestealer Cult is a XENO cult, not a Chaos cult.

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They also drove fucking awesome space limos.
It's canon. I'm not even kidding.

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Not really. It's lumped in a bullshit-type fashion with "Armies of the Imperium".

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It still confuses them though.

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many genestealer cults are chaos cults, Anon, there were even rules for that.

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I know.

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Try "a handful."

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>As much butthurt as I can see from such a thing it might actually be a good idea. They don't need to be a race of individuals like the Newcrons, but making the Tyranids a sapient species capable of speaking with other races could be beneficial fluffwise and crunchwise

I disagree for the sole reason that if we did that, EVERY species would be a sapient species that can talk. I want WH40K to have a side that's just 100% mindless animalistic aggression.

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Enough for half the stealer cult artwork to include chaos symbols and for a bunch of rules to be dedicated to them.

Seeing how numerous stealer cults are, a handful would be a few hundreds.

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I don't think it's a supplement. Seems like a small standalone codex

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Well, CSM already sort of get traitor guard through Vraks. But yes, there should be additional rules to this. Maybe We'll get a supplement that converts the IG codex to traitor guard, wouldnt surprise me.

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Genestealer cultists to not directly translate the will of the hivemind, they are pretty much fully autonomous and their only real job is to rise up, not to talk to the Imperial Guard and say "hey fight some Necrons for us." Hell even if they did where the hell do the cultists come from? Do the Tyranids just tow some humans around to talk to people? Can the Tyranids only communicate with races willing to talk to weak regular humans? If so the Tyranids can't ally with the Orks at all and probably not the CSM, and won't get any allies from the SoB or marines meaning that they are cut out of the Imperium completely.

>> No.32246042

To be fair, the Tyranids USED to do that, as implied by their working together with the Zoats. It's just that it's an alien intelligence, and within a few generations of any race that could hang with 'nids would pop out as a massive genestealer cult, because 'nids were cunts.

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Well then you shouldn't bitch about getting no allies. If you aren't sapient no one will fight alongside you, they will kill you while they kill the third side.

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just read genestealer cult fluff and stop saying bullshit.

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It would surprise me considering that GW didn't ust cut and paste all the knight rules to make chaos knights for the chaos armies.

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>Do the Tyranids just tow some humans around to talk to people?

I wasn't thinking of it like this. Each fleet's hivemind would have a signature effect on the cult in question, thereby creating a recognizable "culture" for that fleet's cultists that artfags could be inspired by.

Like one fleet is all about the "Sky Father" and another is all about "the Great Cleansing." Play up the idea that this is Jim Jones from outer space.

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genestealer cults

>> No.32246087

Oh yeah I forgot the Genestealer cult fluff where some genestealers talked some Dark Eldar into attacking some Necrons.

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Am i still the only one who is mad that deldar and eldar are "battle brothers?" Desperate allies I could understand, but how can you be battle brothers with a group that literally wants to eat all your souls?!?!

>> No.32246104

Lets also go back to the old days of space marines saving eldar wenches RT style.

>In the grim darkness of the forty first millennia, there is only disco

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>more restrictive for everyone but Armies of the Imperium and Nids
>CronChaos & TauDar stay
So they "fixed" everyone except what actually needed to be fixed.
Also Nids now can ally themselves! Woo hoo!

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They didn't do it yet.
If they aren't making a Chaos knight sometime, they might be making a upgrade set or something, that would get them more dosh.

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Represented through marines and SoB, as well as grey knights and imperial knights allying with tyranids. Utter genius.

Guard is no longer allied to other armies alone you retard unless you get a genestealer dataslate (which you should know that you never will) you will never get allies short of a major fluff change.

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why are you so bent on thinking that the only way to make allies is through diplomacy?
Tyranids have a ton of ways to brainwash people and genestealers are their foremost tool for that.

>> No.32246129

Yes, you are. I bet you don't plat eldar.

>> No.32246145

Because genestealer cults don't allow them to ally with marines or SoB or Grey Knights or Chaos or Eldar.

>> No.32246149

Then the problem is with the "armies of the imperium" bullshit, not with tyranids

>> No.32246167

And what happens with those cults? Yeah you have a cult on a human world, it doesn't give you any allies, just some human guys praying to the hivemind.

>> No.32246169

Genestealer cults completely allow them to ally with chaos.

but it's true that eldars and grey knights would be a big stretch.

>> No.32246173

I'm on my phone so i can't link any passages or relevant art, but did the fluff change? Aren't eldar souls like the caviar of deldar cuisine?

>> No.32246186

Well sucks for you since armies of the imperium will likely remain for at least an entire edition.

>> No.32246198

do you realize that all of the Imperium is some human guys?
Only space marines would conceivably be so isolated and paranoid as to always escape tyranid contamination.

>> No.32246201



> Do the Eldar and Dark Eldar hate each other like Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines, because I keep seeing them fighting alongside each other. Is that allowed?
> - Concerned Autarch, John B


> I’m glad it’s not a question about Elves this time, but these Eldar creatures still have pointy ears, which makes me uncomfortable. I’ll let Dan answer this.

> Dan: The Eldar and Dark Eldar are two sides of the same coin. Where the Eldar live a life of purity, the Dark Eldar live a life of debauchery. The Eldar avoid Slaanesh’s embrace with the use of Spirit Stones, while their dark kin make every effort not to die. Ever. While they don’t like each other, they share an uneasy alliance, knowing their future depends on unity. It’s like having both sets of parents around for Christmas dinner. It’s sometimes necessary, but awkward.
> - Grombrindal (and Dan)

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That's what should be refluffed. They should be able to interact with local Chaos cults and get offers from the DE to turn a blind eye to a couple of slaver ships before shit goes down if they target people who are against the cult.

>> No.32246208

Why would Chaos ally with genestealer cults? They have literally nothing to gain through doing so. Also if you can't drag every Imperial faction in as allies you can't drag any in because they are now all connected.

>> No.32246222

it's very likely (although I don't remember it being stated ever even in the old fluff) but they're still the same race.

>> No.32246225

They have tons to gain. Chaos benefits from ALL suffering, anger, hope, etc. Even when Nids do it, Chaos wins.

>> No.32246232

They dislike each other but they know the future of their race relies on both of them.

>> No.32246245

>Well sucks for you since armies of the imperium will likely remain for at least an entire edition.
oh good ill just wait 18 months then.

>> No.32246246

They have tons of followers to gain and the means to manifest in very powerful vessels.
Daemons actively look for genestealers to strike bargains with them. I am not making that up.
and as I said the problem is with the "armies of the imperium" rule.

>> No.32246263

If they can't ally with ever faction in the Imperium they now can't ally with any faction in the Imperium because of the new allies chart. Sucks, but that is the rules.

That still doesn't answer my question really. How do the cults communicate with the other factions. Do they only communicate with DE trying to raid their world and CSM (daemons only really go for outright conquest so they can't be allies really) trying to raid their world? If so that could work, but that is only two allies who are between allies of convenience and desperate allies. Orks tend to fight for outright conquest and cultists don't have anything they can really offer the Necrons.

>> No.32246291

Cults don't communicate with people so much as infect them with genestealer genes, which puts them under the psychic domination of the cult.

>> No.32246308

Tempestus is part of Atra Militarum codex.
The standalone temestus codex is there for making a tempestus only army.

>> No.32246314

Communication with Chaos:
A guy knows a guy who knows a guy who can put the Genestealer cultists in contact with a Chaos Cult.
They agree to sacrifice the planet to their respective gods.
Done deal, both sides fight until killed.

Communication with the DE:
Dark Eldar figure out a Nid fleet is approach and narrows down the cultists. They offer to play mercenaries before the fleet shows up. Take out a few problems.
Done deal, both sides win.

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Not as individuals. Causing the base emotions their gods thrive off of is fine and all, but humans and daemons still want individual things. Letting a genestealer cult rise up doesn't directly help a daemon or chaos lord, much less sacrificing their own men to assist a genestealer cult.
They have zero followers to gain because genestealer cultists are allied to the Tyranids, not Chaos, the two are mutually exclusive. It is like being a Christian or a Muslim, you are one or the other, not both. As for the armies of the imperium I agree that it is stupid, but it is the rules now and not likely to change any time soon.

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Genestealer cults have no "gods" only a hivemind.

>> No.32246352

The two are not mutually exclusive, since many genestealer cultists also worship chaos, and genestealers often let themselves get possessed by daemons.

Your analogy is powerless against canon fluff.

>> No.32246362

Except Dark Eldar can't really be infected by genestealers because they have the same complex body as regular Eldar and tend to grow their kids in vats so they would realize that something is wrong when their kid has two extra claws with arms and a carapace on his back. Chaos meanwhile doesn't rely on reproduction to expand its numbers so much as just recruiting new people to join them.

>> No.32246367

You know what I fucking mean.

>> No.32246387

Or, more simply, as stated in the fluff, a daemon contacts a genestealer patriarch or a magus, and offers him to work together, possibly through possession.

>> No.32246391

Where in the fluff is it shown that daemons are actually allied with genestealer cults. Seriously that fluff sounds as retarded as Draigo fluff, Chaos has literally nothing to gain by letting genestealer cults fester. Even if they do get members they all die once the world is invaded and Tyranids eat them all.

>> No.32246457

it would go unnoticed if they infected the high-ranking members of a haemonculi coven. Genestealers usually go for what they interpret as high-ranking organisms.

as for chaos, your average chaos cult, space marine or regular, mutations and insanity are part of their common lot, they would hardly notice the infestation if they don't have psykers among them, and again, psykers are a genestealer's primary targets.

>> No.32246477

In the series of white dwarf articles that introduced genestealer cults.

>> No.32246496

>Chaos has literally nothing to gain by letting genestealer cults fester

Chaos in fact has everything to gain by weakening the Imperium and its, for lack of a better word, "allies."

Every world that falls to the Nids will not put up a fight against Chaos.
And Chaos itself won't be defeated unless the Nids invaded the Eye of Terror or something, which would probably just provide Khorne a new eternal plaything.

>> No.32246523

It's not unlikely that they'll make an upgrade kit for it

>> No.32246566


Why would they completely cut off the defenses and annihilate the craftworld in the progress? That would kind of be like cutting open a chicken every time you're craving eggs. More eldar == more soulstones

>> No.32246587


>it would go unnoticed if they infected the high-ranking members of a haemonculi coven.

>> No.32246588


This was before genestealers and tyranids were part of the same race. Genestealers were just another race back then.

>> No.32246646


The entire point of these Cults were to weaken a planet from within before a Nid fleet got there. That was the fluff.

>> No.32246657

Not the guy your responding to but Fuck, man. Read the fluff before belching out your own idiotic head cannon.

>Nuh uh! spoon feed me, cuz I'm a jackass!.
>Is given example with a guide as where to find more.
>Wha! You want me to actually read the stuff I'm arguing?!?

>> No.32246705

>In the grim darkness of the forty first millennia, there is also centaur tyranid things that scam people to keep the Hive Fleets away

>> No.32246792

>Necrons and Tau
Oh GW. You know just how to pull the money from me.

>> No.32246811

>Can't run Guard with Chaos
>Can't run Guard with Orks

>> No.32246820


>implying the strength of the gods is not based on the occurrence/frequency of their respective emotions/themes in the real world because the warp sort of mirrors reality

>implying the gods wouldn't lose strength and the eye of terror wouldn't shrink if the galaxy was a lifeless husk because there's nothing left to emote

>> No.32246824

>leather-clad deldars and space marines discoursing on the dick with pure qt3.14 eldar waifus
>chaos genestealers
>sisters of battle as battle brothers
>necrons friends with everyone
this new millennium is full of surprises.

>> No.32246838

So by that same logic, Chaos would never use an exterminadus to feed their gods.

>> No.32246862

have your guard summon Daemons with their psykers. Boom, Traitor guard

>> No.32246887

Probably best to post the actual article so as to not get people up in an un-needed fluff. But I guess posting that genestealer cults are back doesn't let everyone get their rage out.

>> No.32246892

Well looks like it may be time to sell my gigantic horde of metal horrors and daemonettes, everyone staying will probably want some sexy non-plastic daemons and I can probably get a good four or five armies for malifaux and infinity out of it.

>> No.32246954

Not necessarily, such an event could cause one massive ping of power plus the ripple effects could destabilise imperial stability in the future thus creating more opportunities for power etc etc.

Just like the Orks need to fight means that if they wipe out everything else they'll be fucked, Chaos needs there to be something to punish and feed off of. The Chaos end game is constant strife, not complete domination/victory.

>> No.32246982

>Just like the Orks need to fight means that if they wipe out everything else they'll be fucked
No they will fight each others.

>> No.32247028

>Can't run Guard with Chaos

Where is my rebel/chaos guardsmen, GW?

>> No.32247058

Right here?
Along with genestealers and Renegade Space Marines.

>> No.32247063


Vraks and War Machines of the Lost and the Damned

>> No.32247086

You have a serious misunderstanding of the lore.

All factions have a hypothetical "good end," even if we wouldn't consider it one. The Orks wiping out every species would only be slightly disappointing for them, as they wouldn't get to fight anyone but orks anymore.

>> No.32247134

so I'm kicking around an idea in my head. I play Tyranids, and since Come the Apocalypse alliances are possible; Ally with Chaos Space Marines (for rules purposes), take a Chaos Sorceror reskinned to be a Genestealer Cult Magus, Cultists for troops to be cultists (obviously), and Possessed Marines reskinned as Hybrids. Cults don't necessarily fight right along side the hivefleets when they arrive, but they can't come within 12", or so I hear, anyway in Come the Apocalypse alliances. Maybe even do a Chaos Lord of some sort reskinned as a Patriarch or something.

>> No.32247215

Sounds legit to me. I'm thinking about running Tyranids with Eldar to make a Exodite force. Run the Tyranids as dinos.

>> No.32247233

Yes, I can't wait for all those "Serious Downsides" where before I could just run my dudes no problem!

>> No.32247308

I didn't say it was good. I said it was possible. There's a discussion to be had here, and based off of OP's pictures we're having the wrong one.

I'm tempted to ally CSM to SM for a transitional force of Astral Claws to Red Corsairs

>> No.32247311

>Implying Renegade Space Marines are buddy-buddy with chaos space marines
>Implying chaos guardsmen are treated on the same level as Chaos Space Marines
>Implying Genestealer Cults aren't eventually devoured.
>Implying 12 inches of safety doesn't make sense from a self preservation standpoint.

>> No.32247411

>Implying all that is always the case and there are no exceptions ever ever ever

Welcome to the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, where anything can happen, except when it can't.

>> No.32247441

So everyone should just be battle brothers all the time? Look, if you want to sell of your army because it isn't as good in the new edition that's fine. But if people are selling off their armies based on the fact that OP is a misleading faggot, that's not okay.

>> No.32247505


>So everyone should just be battle brothers all the time?

There exist people who actually believe this

>> No.32247518

>The two are not mutually exclusive, since many genestealer cultists also worship chaos, and genestealers often let themselves get possessed by daemons.
In old fluff, it was actually quite rare. Only desperate patriarchs accepted deals with demons, as their ultimate goal are conflicting. But yes it could happen since they had similar short term objectives (destabilize infected society).

>> No.32247532

I don't care about battle brothers, I'm just pissed that something that happens all the damn time in the fluff is suddenly something that would only happen at the end of everything. And I'm not going to sell my army because I haven't even had the chance to build it yet.

>> No.32247588

Huh. So the Dark Vengeance box can actually make a single force now.

>> No.32247594

>DE and Eldar are still battle brothers
So this doesn't affect me at all

>> No.32247629


>> No.32247648

Now that everyone can ally with everyone, I think it's interesting to note that the ally chart is no longer a "who is friends" chart. Everyone is if things get tough enough. Instead it's a chart of how integrated various command structures are. I can see why they might have renegade guard and chaos space marines not working as a single unit. It's not optimal, but the line has to be drawn somewhere, and we gained quite a few other things like genestealer cults.

>> No.32247783

cockroaches with capes that talk like joes apartment roaches

>> No.32248245

Reminder: Come the Apocalypse can now ally, with large restrictions

>> No.32248511

We know. That's why we're pissed; traitor guard and ork mercenaries are going to get nerfed, we're just waiting to see what those nerfs are.

>> No.32248707

My dream army of Iron Warriors with IG artillery company is ruined...

>> No.32248820 [DELETED] 

What? Why?

>> No.32248860

Buy the crusade army list.

>> No.32248890

The what?

>> No.32248931

Why the hell do Necrons have so many allies? I always figured they were like Tyranids, no allies and no desire for allies.

>> No.32248934


>> No.32249035

>Blood Axe mercs are now not reflected in the chart

Rolling EVERY imperium faction into one is fucking retarded, theres TONS of infighting in the imperium

>> No.32249179

But they would ally given circumstance..

>> No.32249478

The new apoc book is entirely about Eldar and Deldar working together. Holy fuck you're retarded.

>> No.32250239

They'd just nake cultists of whatever race they want too talk too. Only ones that wouldn't work fot a deamons and necrons. Though deamons could be done with regular cultists being chaos cultists at the same time.

>> No.32250639

>Come the Apo
what are the restrictions?

>> No.32250879

ITT: Nid players. Still fucking whining.

>> No.32250972

Cannot be less than 12'' away from each other and who knows what else.

>> No.32251160


So everyone in the Imperium are BFFs. and the necrons are as beloved as the Tau. Okay.jpg

>> No.32251191

so who would use these dudes en-mass in an unbound army?

>> No.32251302


I don't think that overall they could be Allies of Convenience. Maybe in some of the fringe worlds commanders could recognize their usefulness, the Imperium largely considers the Tau's ideals to be extremely heretical.

>> No.32251328 [DELETED] 


The problem isn't the Orks willingness to merc themselves out, but that the other races not wanting to get too buddy buddy with them.

>> No.32251987

Honestly I wouldn't mind that. People will find game breaking combos anyway, why not let the people who don't look for game breaking combos have fun. Wanna use a fallen inquisitor with lots of daemonhosts fighting alongside Chaos Space Marines? Why not? Wanna use CSM and C:SM to represent traitors who still have some sense of order or unity? Wanna field Orks with DE playing the Orks as some humans the haemonculi fucked with for the lulz? Want Guard fighting alongside Tau to represent an entire regiment abandoned during the Democles Gulf Crusade who joined the Tau?

>> No.32252347

I just think they should be able to ally with necrons so you can make a Tyranid version of scarab swarms, or just give tyranids scarab swarms. It makes no sense that necrons have swarm spiders that wreck vehicles when every single choice they have is good against vehicles. Nids need that swarm.

>> No.32252563

Tau got plenty of dakka but they dont like crumpin up in a pit. Which is just no fun.
Otherwise im happy they straight up said Supplements = parent codex.

>> No.32252585

Except scarabs are basically nanites not bugs.

They can convert any matter into raw material, not just biomass.

Nids have ripper swarms and that's perfect for what they need to do.

>> No.32252613

>tfw Tyranid

>> No.32252835

I know. We get allies now, even if its a bit limited time

>> No.32254033

fluffwise, yes. On the table, though, Rippers are complete garbage and a waste of a troops slot

>> No.32254177

The fuck is this shit? They made rules for the Horus Heresy!? Do they have stats for the Emperor!?!?

>> No.32254308

Part of it, the whole thing isn't finished yet.

>> No.32254418

Really interested to see what the "Combined" detachments are all about.

Cherry-picking units from codexes maybe?

>> No.32254531

Um, you can take Traitor Guard.... Just deploy them 12" away. Or if you like a small gamble, 6" away.


The Horus Heresy series is several trilogy books made by Forge World telling the story of The Horus Heresy. The first Trilogy of books has been covered, which is the 'start' of the Heresy. Which is Horus Heresy Book 1: Betray, Horus Heresy Book 2: Massacre, Horus Heresy Book 3: Extermination. Those books had both fluff and rules.

That picture is for the Rules Only of those Three Books. Those Three Books only cover the events of Istavann III, Drop Site Massacre and Battle of Paramar, Battle of Phall and Retreat from Istavann IV.

As it stands, it has rules for the following Primarchs and their Legions, as well as the Mechanicum and it's sub-cults. Others will be released as the story progresses. So, for your Emperor stats, if they ever do them, will be in the final book, which isn't due until 2016 Q4.

Horus: 8|5|7|6|6|6|5+1|10|2+/3++
Fulgrim:8|6|6|6|6|8|5|10|2+/5++/3++ in CC
Ferrus Manus:7|6|7|7|6|5|5|10|2+/3++
Konrad Curze:8|6|6|6|6|7|5+1|10|2+/4++
Rogal Dorn:8|5|6|6|6|5|4|10|2+/4++
Corvus Corax:7|6|6|6|6/5|7|6/5|10|2+/5++ or 3+/5++

For models and stuff, see here:


The Primarch Models are under "Character Series".


>> No.32254629

Holy fucking SHIT! this excuses everything. How the fuck can people complain about GW when they're actually doing the Great Crusade

I know where my savings account is going now

>> No.32254659

30k is cool as fuck but it is expensive as all hell and it doesn't really do much for non-imperial players.

>> No.32254681

Why... would... it...

Fucking xeno players. You already dominate standard 40k, fuck off already.

>> No.32254731

Do NOT forget about the Blood Feud, you curs!

>> No.32254733

Eldar are ancient and fucking stagnant, Orks are likewise the same and simplistic as they always were. The other factions hadn't made the scene yet. HOW would they change by moving the timeline back 10K years?

>> No.32254764

>That picture is for the Rules Only

Rules only for the generic army list, which you can make an army with but if you want to use legion specific units/rules then you need buy the other one too.

>> No.32254785

The story is about the fucking Horus Heresy specifically. That means Imperials only. Why would you irrelevant degenerate scum be allowed into a system based around an incredibly Imperium-focused event?

>> No.32254804

eldars wouldn't have aspect warriors, or not as many.

>> No.32254805

>Come the Apocalypse with the Imperium and Dark Eldar


This table goes into the trash for being unfluffy.

>> No.32254812

I'm just saying it doesn't really excuse all that much for someone who is, say, upset that orks haven't gotten their new dex yet.

Doesn't matter much to me, I play marines. The HH books are cool but I can't afford to be buying all the FW models for playing it.

>> No.32254814

What the hell is this from?

>> No.32254821

>not trashing that utterly horrific story about Dante and the Necrons

Sometimes fluff is the disease, and this ally chart... is the cure

>> No.32254830

Imperial Armor (3) : The Taros Campaign


>> No.32254836

You REALIZE I was making the same fucking point right?

I was just stating that there's no reason to include Xenos

>> No.32254865

They are no legal outside Taros scenarios, though.

>> No.32254948

It is pretty awesome of them. Plus it also allows players to play with awesome toys.

For example, the Legions get access to the Super Heavies of the Imperial Guard, like Shadowblades and stuff, which is fun.

But there are also cool weapons and vehicles. One of my favourites is the new tank which has a twin-linked Volcano Cannon on it. I think it's a Fellblade Variant. I wonder if it'll be usable in 40k....

All the Primarchs have special stuff, weapons and rules.

However, what I don't think has been confirmed yet, (but might be soon) are the Chaos/Daemon Versions of the Primarchs. I -believe- there is a new picture of the Daemon Prince Fulgrim going around somewhere, but I'm not sure if that's for a new BL book or is art for a possible model release. It makes sense to do Daemon Primarch versions as they can then be put in the next series of books and stuff.

Who knows, though. I think it would be cool to see a fully Chaos Buffed Horus model and it's stat line. Plus Daemon Prince Magnus, Fulgrim and Mortarion....

Also, Sigismund confirmed for Mary Sue, since the dude will #rekt anything in a duel short of a Primarch.... Even then, he could still take on the 'weaker' Primarchs in combat. He has the same WS as Alpharius, Corax, Vulkan, Manus, Mortarion and +1WS over Lorgar. Has a AP2, +2S Sword which causes Instant Death and Re-rolls in Duels/Challenges, he also forces successful Invulnerable Saves to be re-rolled and has Eternal Warrior.

>> No.32254953

that's why i specified unbound.

>> No.32255086

Sigismund isn't a Sue, just overpowered. As a character he most certainly has human flaws.

As for his higher than average stats as a Space Marine, it was stated in several of the books that in another place and time not inhabited by the likes of the Emperor and the Primarchs he would have bin Akin to an Alexander the Great. The dude would have been one of the pinnacles of human kind even without fucking superhumans running around

>> No.32255131

What's the issue with the Silent King and Dante joining forces?

>> No.32255158

I swear to gods unbound is gonna ruin the game and divide the base even further.

You are gonna have to talk every sperglord down if you want a semi-fair game and they will whine all the way home.

>> No.32255228

>every min-maxing cunt or smart ass is gonna want to show off how broken they can make the game.
>people without massive collections are gonna be scared away
>simple pick up games are going to require a 40 min argument why you don't want to play unbound
>new pskyer phase adding another 20-30 mins on play time

...I'm already exhausted.

>> No.32255266

Unbound will not be allowed in organized events. You can take that to the fucking bank.

>> No.32255309

...I dont go to organized events. I play pick up games with people at my flgs. This makes finding people who want to play the 40k like you do harder to find.

>> No.32255340

I can see it now

>"well left my troops at home, do you want to play unbound?"

>> No.32255380

i think the eldar/deldar one works because the eldar believe that every eldar life, even those of their corrupted brethren, is precious. And the deldar let them fight their battles for them

>> No.32255737

You mean 1, and it was for fun.

>> No.32255754


Nigh-unreadable with all the fancy skull bullshit. 0/10 would not graphic design.

>> No.32255767


And the clowns force them to do it.

>> No.32255839

What's the penalty for murdering a murder clown?

>> No.32255847

you become a murder clown

>> No.32255869

Liquefaction by murder clown.

>> No.32255892

Who in the flying fuck picked that color combination? They look the god damn same. Why did they change them?

>> No.32255925

This is how I feel about it, OP.


>> No.32255938


Orange and Red was not the best choice.

There is a reason why stop lights use rellow, yeen, and gred

>> No.32255941


>> No.32255981


I don't see the problem with green yellow orange red. Do you have color blindness?

>> No.32256022

Necrons and Tau allies, what?

Is that what the Ethereals caste is supposed to be?

>> No.32256114

>Tau + necrons

I hope they at least give a fluffy reason for it

>> No.32256157

Psychic phase won't add any time. We already roll to cast and then roll to DTW. All tgats changed is when we do it.

>> No.32256180

>Necron aniki the humans are bullying us again!
>Worry not Tau-niichan, gather your cadres we go to war!

>> No.32256193 [SPOILER] 

>''He sees the hand of the Eldar all about, though he was much gratified to discover that these erstwhile scions of the Old Ones are but a guttering remnant of their former glory. The presence of the Orks was of little surprise, for ever have their kind infested the universe. Of the Tyranids the Necrons knew little, but recognized them for the foe that had decimated the Charnovokh Dynasty. In the Tau, the regent saw traces of the work not of the Old Ones, but others of their progeny, determining that a more detailed examination would be necessary to ascertain their true heritage''

-Outer Reach

You know when the Necrons investigated the Tau's true heritage?

Yeah, it most likely resulted in an unsuspected discovery.

>> No.32256276

Tau are remnant living necrons? Dumb twist.

>> No.32256391

I doubt they're livcrons.

neat, hopefully they expand on that.

>> No.32256392

I know, right?

Seriously, though, the reason of why the Tau are open to allying with Necrons is because they don't view the rise of the Necron Dynasties around them as a threat. They view it as an opportunity to make friends.

The Necrons, on the other hand, would most likely view the honorable and civilized Tau as a breath of fresh air in a galaxy of repugnant savagery and barbarism. Also the Necrons are no less manipulative than the Eldar. The Tau would make nice puppets.

>> No.32256413

the Necrontyr ideal of honor is completely and utterly incompatible with the way the tau wage war and the Greater Good in general.

>> No.32256469


That's not the only fluff reference, I think…

Anyway, no warp presence, feeble souls, weak bodies, short lives, technological obsession, something about ethereals having C'tan blades, a Necron fluff mention of a seed in the East, that kind of thing.

>> No.32256496

Both factions focus primarily on ranged combat and overwhelming firepower and both retreat from the field when things go back. Same ideas which they apply through different methods.

Also the Necrons had/have a Caste System.

>> No.32256543

So, no scans of rulebook yet?

>> No.32256546

There is also the fact that the Necrons are lacking in the melee department which is why the Codex Nercocanus emphasizes strongly that firepower is the way to victory and not the barbarism of melee.

>> No.32256552

It comes out on Saturday.

Pre-order it now!

>> No.32256582

>something about ethereals having C'tan blades, a Necron fluff mention of a seed in the East

Those were only in Oldcron fluff. And by that I mean allegedly in Oldcron fluff even though they weren't.

>> No.32256635

First off, Necrontyrs do NOT see melee as barbaric, on the contrary, they see it as the best way to prove their superiority over individual enemies.
Secondly, they regard trickery and assassination as dishonorable and never use deathmarks against honorable enemies. The tau use sniper teams and pathfinders all the fucking time against everybody.

Moreover, the Tau consider that honor lies mostly in achieving victory without wasting time, resources and lives. The Necrontyr never gave a fuck about their soldiers as long as they got the job done and have near-unlimited resources.

And finally, the Necrontyr ideal of honor is individual worthiness, where the individual is only accountable to his ancestors and the traditions they set to measure that worthiness. The Tau ideal of honor is individual devotion to the common good.

>> No.32256779

>Psychic phase won't add any time.

People are stupid enough to believe this

Old version:
-leadership test to use the power
-double ones or sixs causes a wound
-opponent denies or the power was a blession

New version:
-roll 1d6 and add the number of pskyer levels across your whole army to make up your total warp charges across the army
-now your opponent makes the exact same thing
-Use your warp charges to roll dice to manifest a power, for every 4+ you can cast a single level 1 power (2 are needed for level two powers ect.)
-your opponent may cancel every successful dice by using his warp charges to deny, needing a 6+ for blessing but up to 4+ for specific bonuses for powers targeting their units.
- for every double 1 or 6 rolled to manifest a power you must roll on a separate perils table (which has god only knows number of effects)
-repeat the same during your opponents psyker phase

....No motherfucker it's gonna be long as hell.

>> No.32256782

>Despite the regent’s expertise as a master manipulator, there is one thing he is not, and that is a being overly keen to get blood on his own hands. It is not that Ahhotekh is incapable in battle, for as a senior courtier at the time of bio-transference he was gifted with a body as strong and tough as any opponent he might ever meet upon any field of battle. Rather, Ahhotekh has ever regarded physical combat as a crude affair practised by those of his servants incapable of much else. In practise, this means that when Ahhotekh does dirty his hands with bloodshed, he does so in what he regards as a highly refined manner according to the ancient martial codes of the Necrontyr. He has, in his time fought against numerous enemy champions, and prevailed against them all, yet he only indulges in the slaughter of lesser creatures when there is little other option. When possible, Ahhotekh uses the most expeditious method possible of disposing of lesser enemies, utilising arcane weapons of terrible mass devastation to rid himself of such foes. When faced with a creature worthy of battle, however, he revels in demonstrating the abilities of his C’tan-wrought mind and body.

-Outer Reach

Don't generalize.

Despite the varying personalities of the Necrons, all of them believe in the superiority of firepower.

>Secondly, they regard trickery and assassination as dishonorable

Considering that the Necrons rarely view anyone as worthy, they won't begrudge the Tau using these tactics.

>Moreover, the Tau consider that honor

When I said honor I meant in that the Tau are civilized and reasonable enough to talk to, and are not treacherous backstabbers on the field of battle.

>The Tau ideal of honor is individual devotion to the common good.

A notion shared by the Silent King, Triarch Praetorians, and the Lord Traveler.

>> No.32256847

Grey Knights should be battle brothers with Eldar because of Malan'tai and Anval Thawn

>> No.32256904


Don't spout your FFG OCDONOTSTEEL fluff at me

and your point still doesn't stand. Your point was that they would see the tau as honorable, which I refuted. So don't backpedal, there's no way you could have merely meant "civilized".

also the silent king, the praetorians and whatshisface don't believe in the common good, they believe in a unified empire because the Necrontyr are autistic and hate what is fractured.

>> No.32256933

Even with unbound this wouldn't be allowed, you still have to follow the rules for allies etc, and that rule is definitely not negated by unbound.

>> No.32256960

>Don't spout your FFG OCDONOTSTEEL fluff at me

You can't stop me!

>Your point was that they would see the tau as honorable, which I refuted

You did not.

You spouted their cultural differences which are meaningless. I mean the Space Marines/Imperials definitely have another mindset than the Tau and yet they believe them to be honorable.

>also the silent king, the praetorians and whatshisface don't believe in the common good

Oh yes they do.

They are both working for the common good of the Necrontyr/Necrons in order to ensure their races' survival and ascension. They do this selflessly.

>> No.32256990

>I mean the Space Marines/Imperials definitely have another mindset than the Tau and yet they believe them to be honorable
and they shouldn't. So until a retarded writer decides to make necrons and tau consider each other as honorable, the only material we can base ourselves on (which you also did to a degree, but imperfectly) is their cultural differences. Because that's exactly what honor is, a cultural standard.

and no, they don't believe in the common good, they believe in having an empire that means something. Murdering millions of their own guys in the process is irrelevant. They're even ready to accept other races to replace their guys as long as they abide by their codes, and NOT the tau's.

Also you're Carnac so your opinion is wrong.

>> No.32256995

Ya know, Carnac, you're totally missing opportunities to defend the Blood Feud in several threads, just a heads up.
Pretty much all the threads about the alliance table are arguing that.

>> No.32257030


>I mean the Space Marines/Imperials definitely have another mindset than the Tau and yet they believe them to be honorable.

For Space Marines that pretty much only extends to the Fire Caste

>> No.32257069

>and they shouldn't.

That's is your flawed opinion.

And my superior opinion says that when two civilized races with honor standards meet each on the field of battle, martial love will bloom.

You know like what happened with Dante and the Silent King.

>and no, they don't believe in the common good, they believe in having an empire that means something.

They attempted to preserve the Necrontyr Empire because the wars of secession were killing the Necrontyr race. The War in Heaven was started to save the race from extinction.

>Murdering millions of their own guys in the process is irrelevant

Indeed, because it was for the Greater Good

> They're even ready to accept other races to replace their guys as long as they abide by their codes, and NOT the tau's.

Wat the heck are you talking about?

Business before pleasure.

Besides everything about that sorry subject was said and done ages ago. No point in going at it again.

>> No.32257086

Shin Megami Tensei: Hammer of War game when?

>> No.32257089

D-does this mean the Blood Feud is forgotten?

>> No.32257153

Yep, at least from my side.

I don't care for Eldar fluff outside of my husbandu Illic and BEST craftworld. Also my indignation over DE and CWE being BBs have died a while ago.

So the subject has no value for me.

>> No.32257169

Love is over.

>> No.32257267

Once you get used to it it's going to be negligibly longer. You'll only be making 1 extra dice roll.

>> No.32257381

>unbound hate

Do daemons suck enough that I can unbind my renegade guard army and no one put up a resistance? :(

>> No.32257408

i sure am glad i didnt buy a bunch og AM stuff like i was planning to, so i could have traito IG with my CSM

;_; guess i have to use the IA book

>> No.32257492


You only think it's negligible because you're an idiot. Sure it might only take a minute or two, but:

- It happens every turn, not just yours.
- You and your opponent will now take a while to weigh how many dice they want to commit to casting and denying.

>> No.32257836

you know summoning isnt going to be a big thing for most people?like really,the risk of perils means you will only see it spamed by deamons

>> No.32257876

People will just eat the perils and sacrifice a psyker for a fucking greater demon, even if the perils chart makes him go boom it happens after the movement phase so you can just move him out into the open away from the rest of the unit.

>> No.32257904

As someone who actually plays WHFB, where the concept is taken from, I can almost guaran-damn-tee it will take considerably longer.

>> No.32257924

You have a 1 in 6 chance of being able to get a 1 in 2 chance of trading your librarian for a greater daemon. If not, he's dead.

So every 10 games, you might get the chance to get a 100 point discount. EPIC. FUCKING. WIN.

>> No.32257935

>Space marines go from Battlebrothers to desperate allies with Tau

I don't like this clumping all the Imperil into one idea.

>> No.32257956

Calm down Kais, your riptides can still come to the party.

>> No.32257977

>Tau buddies with the necrons

But weren't they utterly destroyed when they tried to talk to them?

How are the necrons buddies with anyone? They want death to all living things.

>> No.32257979

>I don't like making factions that have more in common with each other than the enemies they fight allies

Can you point a single loyalist Imperial faction, who would rather side with aliens than another Imperial faction?

>> No.32257984

>welcome to 3+ years ago

>> No.32257993

You have d6+ml of each psyker and you choose how many to roll and if 3 of them are 4+ you get a greater demon and 2 of them are the same you get a perils, roll high on the number of dice at the beginning, which is likely to happen during at least one turn, and you're basically guaranteed to get a demon with 30pts of equipment, roll low and you cast a different spell. Fuck knows where you've got your maths from.

>> No.32258002

Why were Space Marines BB with Tau in the first place?

>> No.32258025

>"I do not trust humanity, Lusha, I trust this space marine, this captain Ardias. Like the tau, he fights for the greater good as he sees it."
-Ko'vash, Fire Warrior

>> No.32258029

That's not the point

Of course they'd rather ally with their own kind but there's different degrees. They're all imperium but some are going to be more likely to co-operate with Xenos than others but now they've just made them all have the same stance

Maybe it wouldn't annoy me so much that Space Marines aren't battlebrothers anymore if It weren't for the fact that they were taken down 2 rungs. Tau were allies were convenience with everyone else but Sisters and now they're desperate with them all

From the Gaurd perspective aswell this is bad.

I don't know, they probably shouldn't have been but desperate is fucking retarded. Space Marines and Tau are both intelligent enough to join sides if they're both stand to benefit, not as a last resort.

>> No.32258030

I'm sorry what?

>> No.32258056

neither tau nor SM would attempt to backstab the other while fighting tyranids or demons.

>> No.32258094

I take it you haven't read any Necron fluff since 5e came out. Necrons give tesseract labyrinths to GK for housing daemons, doomsday cannons to orks, there's non-Necron planets as part of some Necron dynasties, Necron motivations range from rebuilding their former empire to transcending physical bodies to returning to flesh form.

>> No.32258100

That sounds awful, why would they do that? What about the star gods?

>> No.32258109

I... I don't recognize /tg/ anymore...

Nobody asked for scans yet. No scanbirds flying around, no nothing. It's as if you couldn't give a single fuck about that edition.

>> No.32258110

They've enslaved those gods and use them as reactors for their huge guns

>> No.32258130

Well good thing I stopped caring about the game a while ago. I don't even want to know what they have done to the other factions.

I wouldn't be surprised if they made it so humanity isn't scared shitless of progress and technology and the Iron men were just "Misunderstood"

>> No.32258131

That's allies of convenience not battle-brothers.

>> No.32258142


>> No.32258157

Oh sweet summer child. /tg/ had a new book a week before its release on several occasions.

>> No.32258163

Sharded. Everything went as before until the end of the War in Heaven, where the few Necrons with free will built some device to feed the C'tan so much power they couldn't handle it and got fragmented. The shards were collected, stored in necrodermis and inside tesseract labyrinth pokeballs. Then the Necrons went into hiding, because the Eldar were too powerful, thinking "a few dozen million years should take care of that problem."

The C'tan are used rarely, usually when there's no other option. If they misbehave or their necrodermis is breached, there's a failsafe that teleports them right back into storage. The shards still retain their old memories, personalities and even has mere fragments, are still incredibly powerful. So the Necrons don't want them to get away. Not all shards are accounted for and there's fluff of partial C'tan collecting their shards back and even taking over Necron armies from time to time.

>> No.32258190


''Alliences? In my grimdark?!?

>> No.32258191

ded game is ded

>> No.32258197

Oh, look, underrock dweller.

>> No.32258225

Which is what he's arguing for.

>> No.32258230


It's impossible for anyone at this point of time to have missed the Newcrons. Even /v/ knows about them.

> where the few Necrons with free will built some device to feed the C'tan so much power they couldn't handle it and got fragmented

The Necrons used weapons that channeled the tremendous living energies of the universe to shatter the C'tan. They didn't feed them to death.

>Then the Necrons went into hiding, because the Eldar were too powerful, thinking "a few dozen million years should take care of that problem."

Because they were weakened by the war with the C'tan.

>The shards still retain their old memories

No shard fully recalls its previous self.

Only the personality of the Shards are intact.

> even taking over Necron armies from time to time.


There is not a single fluff piece of C'tan led Necrons.

If you gonna explain something, then try to get it right!

>> No.32258246

The Hivemind should speak by having all the nids make various clicks/screeches/other sounds all unison to create a single voice when heard together. The Hivemind speaks using that voice.

If you want to add even more effect, they could be described as climbing together and moving about to create a writhing face, but I think that might be a bit overdone in various media.

>> No.32258249

> mad about eldar-deldar
> mad about tau-marines
> mad about traitor guard
> mad about genestealer cults
> everyone is mad

Based GW.

>> No.32258264

I just don't care, the game got old and boring to me and I moved on. Pen and Paper RPG's are where its at. A lot less expensive too.

>> No.32258296

Supporting Fire is only for friendly Tau units.

>> No.32258342

That has never, ever stopped people from begging, sometimes months in advance (such as recently with HH3).

And every now and then, someone does actually deliver a week or even more in advance.

>> No.32258376

I didn't realize how happy the idea of Tau/Necron team ups were until I read this thread. Like, seriously, I might get on that even.

That said... the rolling of the Imperium makes me think of one thing, that this would mean much less breeding... er... alliances for most, but for sisters of battle? Much, much more.

>> No.32258394

Why would the Necrons ally with the Tau? Didn't they #rek them once in hilarious fashion?

>> No.32258421

Let's be fair. Eldar and Dark eldar are practically mortal enemies, but they'd team up for any ol' reason. Dark Eldar live in abject fear of chaos, but they're DTF it seems. Crons and Tau are probably being put together in a "technologically advanced races that work on logic and group thinking" kind of corner. Or more succintly, the Tau are the least expansive, and highest tech, so least offensive to the crons.

>> No.32258460

I always thought it came down to arrogance. Even the most deluded stuck-up craftworld fool/most dangerously insane comorroghan is still superior to a degenerate mon-keigh or ork or whatever.

>> No.32258469

The Necron responsible for the whole thing didn't take pleasure from it and basically said ''Sorry, kid, it was just business'' (>>32258230).

>> No.32258477

Honestly, Eldar/D.Eldar bro-lationship is one of my favorite things about 40k. And to me it mirrors the Imperium's fractured but still racially congruous empire.

>> No.32258501

>Necrons anything but Come the Apocalypse with Anything Chaos.

Chart also needs Grudging Allies, to represent inter-faction mistrust and tendencies towards friendly fire accidents.

>> No.32258534

>newcronifying the nids
I like

>> No.32258537

>before allies
>kekekeke space bugs!

>after allies
>omg why can't I have friends? I only want to kill and eat everything!

Seriously retards, you chose to play one of the (originally) two races who expressly want to rip and test everything in the galaxy to create a monorace and get mad when you can't have friends?

Now you're the ONLY race who wants to murder-eat the galaxy because necrons are people now, which was a good move. Don't be buttpilliaged that your army works as the fluff intended.

Also I like the greater degree of HATE that the new allies chart is.

>> No.32258555

"they're really against chaos guise" is one of the most tiresome memes that people on /tg/ slap on their pet factions all the time

>> No.32258558

Nids can ally everyone, the text specifically points that out
Backwards retard

>> No.32258566

Grey knights mindwiping the hivemind when?

>> No.32258576

>tfw you remember the hype when 6th came out and you can compare it to this

>> No.32258600

If a genestealer hits a knight pilot with one bite, pretty sure the knight pilot becomes a slave of the genestealers.

>> No.32258609

>metal daemonette sale
Post the link on tg when you do it

>> No.32258616

so... all imperium armies are now battle bros?

my sisters can chum it up with wolves and templars?

oh man... dis gonna be good.

im sure i will find ways to stick priests in there to get rerolls on armor saves in CC for assault units.

>> No.32258617

Have you read any Necon lore, or are you just talking to stay awake?

>> No.32258627

>“Of all our arrogant inferiors, I find the slaves of the warp the most distasteful. Not content to merely fling themselves into that wretched sea, they insist on inviting its creatures into our galaxy. This, we cannot allow.”

-–Necron Overlord Kothorahn, Regent of Ghelleph

It's the belligerent idiocy of the clueless and ignorant that is most tiresome.

>> No.32258629

My group plays it that way and we had ton of fun.

>> No.32258650

Noone allies.

Everyone else does.

How dare they be upset everyone else has gotten an edge.

>> No.32258658

Read the 5th edition dex.

>> No.32258660

Don't play the faction which is intentionally do not have allies then.

>> No.32258680

Guys guys
i have an idea
why not remove nids and crons
and make cybernids

>> No.32258691

> why not remove nids and crons

That's enough for a good solution actually.

>> No.32258693

Or they could not bother talking at all, considering at best they consider everything else food.

Some food harder to eat than others, but still it's all food.

As for all the armies "invalidated" by the new ally chart you can still play those armies as unbound. Will some people not want to play? Sure, but I bet if you mention that it's a fluffy list of traitor guard they won't care. Almost everyone bitching about unbound are complaining about having to deal with armies that are not fun. Like 11 riptides or some shit.

>> No.32258703

Well shucks, guess you're right, I should have asked a fortune teller if GW would make any major changes that would giver every faction but mine immense flexibility.

Silly me.

>> No.32258717

I'm quite aware that Tome of Fate needed to create good reasons for chaos and necrons to seem more opposed. Black Crusade in general is Chaotics Fight Stuff Other Than The Imperium: The Game.

At the same time, both named necrons in the book are still described as making alliances with chaotics and even daemons, and not only in "come the apocalypse" or "desperate alliance" style scenarios.

Allies of convenience is what best describes the relation between mortal and once mortal followers of chaos and necrons.

>> No.32258721

Yeah... I also want to make a digga army.

>> No.32258724

>DOMINATING the game
>half the dexes are for the same human empire, xenos is splintered as fuck and only the other half

>> No.32258733

wut bout xenoslavers

>> No.32258752

FFG also is of the mind that the C'tan fucked up the warp during the war in heaven.

>> No.32258772

And i was aware you gonna bring it up.

Consider those alliances as rare as Dark Eldar and Necrons uniting for mutual benefit.


>> No.32258779

Half the Dexes may be Imperium, but check the tourney leader-boards.

Hell just check the general entries.

>> No.32258787

They are but indirectly. They unknowingly caused the Old Ones to implode into Enslavers when they started squeezing them in the Webway.

>> No.32258795

>Implying allies is an edge
Everyone you play with sucks.

Aside from MAYBE taudar mono-dominant lists are superior.

>playing an army who tries to solo the galaxy
>being butthurt when you have to solo the galaxy

>> No.32258798

At least it's better than the previous one.

>> No.32258810

Check 1d4chan, there are multiple hints that point to tau being necrontyr survivors just waiting to be made canon by ward 2.0

>> No.32258842

>They unknowingly caused the Old Ones to implode into Enslavers when they started squeezing them in the Webway.

Except that's not said anywhere. Your own pic says the C'tan unleashed (possibly unknowingly) warp spawned perils that overwhelmed the Old Ones.

The Necron codex says it was the Old Ones who fucked up the warp and caused their own destruction.

>> No.32258848

Flexibility and options "are" an edge.
Or do do you want to argue that premise as well?

You don't HAVE to use it, but it's there, and taurdar aside, have you seen the inquisitor dex?
It's a steroid injection for all Imperial factions, even grey knight, it's just a doubler dose of cheesy-gravy for them.

>> No.32258860

wats wif this carnac shit

>> No.32258882

Successor of TIDF.

>> No.32258891


>> No.32258896

Have you played against mega flyer spam dataslate 'nids?

But yea, I actually do argue that most alliances are shit and you can do it better by not spending 200+ points on troops and an HQ you don't need.

>> No.32258907

>Using 1d4chan to confirm facts.

Silly Anon.
You silly fucking anon.

>> No.32258908

I remember the hype when 6th ed came out... but these days, people will just calmly wait for a pirated copy of the digital rulebook.

>> No.32258910

Not the question.

Is having the option to ally good or bad?

>> No.32258939


>> No.32259001

When 6th came out I assumed /tg/ would dissolve into a shitstorm of arguing over how good/bad it was, but it really didn't. I guess that since pretty much everyone has to play the new edition whatever it's like, arguing over its merits is besides the point.

>> No.32259033

Underdeveloped, like most good parts of 40k.

>> No.32259067

You are like a politician, answering everything but the question.

a) Having Options is good
b) Having Options is bad

>> No.32259119

So.... is Based Raziel going to show up and drop some knowledge bombs?

>> No.32259177

Hey, I don't think this has been posted yet. But everyone's seen this guy already, right?

>> No.32259192


>> No.32259222

> Captain Agemman and awful terminators.

>> No.32259225


>> No.32259362

>Awful lot of terminators
Freaking amateurs.

>> No.32259440

I'd rather say the rule "verschlimbesserte" it

Is the show over now? Thank god, i had discussions on tv! Don't let my voters know...

>> No.32259504

*hate,not had

>> No.32260005

Not really the issue either.

The question is if the alliance table is fluffy and makes sense.

I don't use allies in my lists. Is it a cool option for narratives and story telling? Yes. Can it be advantageous for competitive play, probably Yes.

Is this game supposed to be 100% balanced so that each army is a carbon copy if the other and you can just spam the next units?

NO. That's fucking retarded. What's the point of unique factions if they're not unique. Tyranids don't have friends. Don't like not having friends play something else!

>> No.32260061

They have no friends, only clueless puppets.
Except now they don't anymore.

>> No.32260103

>What's the point of unique factions if they're not unique.
Except some "Unique" wins all the tournament scenes in the world and other "Unique" is garbage and loses you games before you even bother deploying.

If you think that's okay go ahead, not trying to stop you from wasting your money on a shitty, overpriced excuse of a game.

>> No.32260122

The Rogue Trader rulebook is easily downloadable online, you don't have to invent an image of what RT was like when you can just check it out yourself.


>> No.32260143

>It’s sometimes necessary, but awkward.


>> No.32260179

Actually carrying the stealer's kiss also brainwashes you. The Dark Eldar parents would just hide their child.

>> No.32260191

Not originally, originally they just seeded a cult in an Imperial world and then moved onto some other world to start another cult.

>> No.32260307

Well that's game balance straight up. And is a known issue that pisses all of us off.

Not an issue with the allies list.

>> No.32260322

I hate my brother but I'd still trust him over a Canadian I've never met.

>> No.32260413

that statement has more weight if you were say, an algerian

>> No.32260443

Is your brother a drug addict who has tried to kill you before?

>> No.32260519

If he is, then Canada in this analogy is now an entire country of genocidal maniacs with a religion that demands the subjugation and/or obliteration of my people.

And those are my "allies of convenience"

At least my brother is Blood.

>> No.32260615

Is your brother a drug addict who gave your address to his violent dealer instead of his own?

>> No.32260753

Given some Deldar add wings to their bodies for shits and giggles or choose to be turned into horribly tortured wracks just to get a new and different experience, I could see some of them being fucking stupid enough to try getting 'stealer claws and other mutations through infection.

>> No.32261337

Forgeworld traitor militia

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