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+water breathing
+fortitude saves
+fast healing
-will saves
-armor class

Would you equip?

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>Bonus to a dump stat
>CMB will never be useful
>Oh boy, Water breathing. That isn't totally situational.
>OKay, I guess.
>Also okay.
>What? Fuck no, I need that.
>Hahahafuck that shit.
I'll stick with my fullplate, thank you very much.

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Also, that's shit-tier lewd armor.

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Why equip when I can graft/grow additional organs and appendages that serve the same purpose?

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>Would you equip?
As a Cha-based caster yes. Unless the Will Save malus is massive.
On any other class it's more harm than good.

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>armor that lower will saves and armor class

Maybe, MAYBE keep it in reserve in case I need to refresh with the fast healing, or need to have an underwater adventure, but no way is this going to be my primary armament or used in combat at all if I have any say. Fort saves are nice, but will saves are desperately important until I can cast Mind Blank or something.

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Sorry, mind fuckery is very much not my magical realm, I'll stick to my fullplate until something more pleasantly lewd comes along

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It gives a WILL penalty and provides no AC (doesn't lower what you have)

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0 AC? Should note that specifically rather than indicating with a minus.
Slightly more feasible but still, will saves are desperately important. Good enough for a sorcerer, not ideal for a bard.

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>lewd armor
>-armor class

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It might technically raise charisma, but man would it raise some weird questions whenever you talked to NPCs.

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That lewd is small time, nice, but tame

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>implying you're not smalltime

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>Lewd armor
>Hoping for nice lewd armor
>Shit drawing and KLK
Fuck this gay earth.

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What's wrong with KLK

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The armor designs are shit and not properly lewd.

I won't be discussing the actual show here. It's not part of the topic.

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Lewd enough?

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>no other sizes of this images found
>visually similar images

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Honestly, my favourite is >>>/d/5460566

(not safe for work, so crossboard posting)

This one gives you bonuses to AC, which makes sense, yo.

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Yeah, that one is better, but I didn't want to post it here.

If only there were other reverse image search engines besides Google...

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Of course I fuck up the post linking. Anyway, here.


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>covers mouth and nose completely
Yeah nah. Breath play really 'aint my thing...

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Maybe the suit forcefully regulates breathing.

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Would Queen's Blade be more to your liking?
Or Kingdom Death?

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want more lewd armor like this.

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>that armour
>grant power in exchange for the warrior to be continuously insulted by tentacles
>where the female warrior is insultingly interrogated
>whenever you wear it, all you hear is 'FUCK YOUUU'

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I would punch the GM or book author in the face while yelling "Stop inserting your fetishes into our game!"

Then later that night I would fap fiuorlously

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Scarlet Blade has some nice designs.

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>there's actually no power
>just taunts the user into improving

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You know what would be nice?
A spell that makes you feel the looks of other people.
Basically, if you wear zettai ryouiki, you constantly feel like people are feeling you up, because there's dudes constantly looking at your exposed skin.

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Sigma Star Saga had armour like that which also acted as the interface for telepathically controlled starfighters. It was an odd RPG.

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Why would that increase charisma? You can't talk and far from everyone is going to be turned on by it.

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Maybe it turns you into a cute grey elf girl as part of the process?

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>yfw you realise the elf is the armor

The tentacle monster is wearing an elf-suit, it lives inside her. Those tentacles around her face are coming out of her mouth.

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Not strictly speaking "armor", but definitely lewd.

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Yeah, how about some lewd armor that is not a japanese cartoon.

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How about you quit being a whiny bitch and eat your goddamn hamburgers, Apollo.

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Because magical pheromones? A flat boost to Cha was simpler than a boost to intimidate and/or seduction
There is the Witch Blade, but that got Japan jacked a while ago

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The guy is also on HF. With actually more shit than his pixiv, it seems.

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Most everything gets japan jacked sooner or later. Ironically though, not by the japanese.

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Rolled 2

Her foot looks like an armored manbit.

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I hate you and everything you represent.

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