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>GMing an Only War game
>PCs are fairly experienced at this point
>Fighting on the front lines of a bridge battle against Orks
>Orks send in the Gretchins, dozens of them
>PCs are covered by a tide of Gretchin
>They can't due shit due to the Gretchin all over them
>One PC gets the great idea of pulling the pin on a frag grenade to blow all the gretchin off
>It works
>The rest of the party proceeds to do the same
>They're tough enough that the frags do no damage to themselves, but are lethal to gretchin
>They continue to do this until all the gretchin are dead or retreating
>They're congratulating the PC that came up with the idea
>My fucking face the entire time

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Wait a minute.. You just let them do that? Why didn't you add in some addendum about how due to it's close proximity ON THEIR FUCKING BODIES the grenades did more damage?
nothing like that?

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I'm a noob DM. Got surprised when the Dread Necromancer ended up getting an army of vampires. Aside from that i more surprise them than they surprise me :/

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And this is why I houseruled frag grenades to be Tearing, because otherwise they're just a nuisance at best.

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>PC's are doing something

Yeah, you're stupid.

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That's really just the 40k RPG system being retarded about the damage of grenades.

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No, see, that's not stupid, nor cockblocking. That's just sensible.

He's not saying KILL them, he's saying give them a CONSEQUENCE.

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The consequences for arming a grenade on your person was it goes off on your person. Just because you're tough enough for it to not affect you doesn't mean it should anyway 'cause you don't like it

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they should at least have been knocked off their by the force of the explosion

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Yeah, sure buddy.

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Were your plan killing them all at that point DM? I'm just wondering what the next step of your master plan was.

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> "Fuck I'm overrun, if I'm gunna die, I'm gunna take some bastards with me!"
> Boom
> "Shit, shit I'm alive? I'm alive!"
> "Huh. Military equipment."

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So essentially, Stop Playing The Way I Don't Like?

Grade A++ argument there, buddy.

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See, this would make sense in something like Deathwatch, but the PCs in Deathwatch probably wouldn't be so bothered by Gretchin.

To be honest, it sort of makes sense that the Gretchen were working like ablative armour. It's like having the enemy jump on your grenades.

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They're tough enough for it to not affect them because grenades are poorly designed in that system's mechanics. Their characters really shouldn't be tough enough to endure grenades, they're just exploiting mechanic weaknesses in the game.

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Yeah, sure buddy.

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It sounds like you're the kind of person who bitches when the guy with massive fire resistance sets himself on fire to ward of native grabby animals.

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Forget it, anon-kun. He's just being a faggot contrarian: >>32217563 >>32217523

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Yeah, sure buddy.

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Just step away from the keyboard bro, I've been where you are, don't embarrass yourself further.

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He's not your buddy, friend.
What would be the fair yet sensible response then? It's not happened in my group, though I am curious to hear your suggestion.

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You realize you lot are the ones saying Stop Playing The Way I Don't Like?

He's just blowing you off. You lot keep going about how he's wrong.

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>Their characters really shouldn't be tough enough to endure grenades

Says who? Show me where it says that Guardsmen in armor designed to resist grenades cannot be 'ard enough to survive grenades.

As for the rest of your argument. You think the game mechanics are unsound and rather than changing them, you think it's better to go all "GOTCHA!" on the players when they use the system to their advantage?

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"All right, that was pretty smart of you guys so I'll let you get away with that. But seriously, grenades probably shouldn't work like that. In the future, how about we change the rules to XYZ?"

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>What would be the fair yet sensible response then? It's not happened in my group, though I am curious to hear your suggestion.

What exactly is wrong with a guy having fire resistance and making use of it?

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It's not a case of a guy having fire resistance and making use of it.

It's a case of the damage caused by fire being so minimal and ineffectual due to a oversight in development of the mechanics, that EVERYONE is almost immune to fire.

Not just guardsmen but everyone that isn't as weak and puny as a gretchin or a ripper laughs off grenades like they're nothing according to the system. It's a mechanical fault, not a part of a fluff.

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Then I am all for you houseruling the grenades to make sense. However, you should do so beforehand and in clear view of your players, not as some sort of "GOTCHA" when they try to be clever. In short, I think this anon here handled it well: >>32217596

On the other hand, be very careful when house-ruling. If you make grenades too good, players will just start spamming those instead.

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I don't see how my post says anything like that at all, I'm just telling him to take it on the chin and leave without needing a last laugh. It's a much better way to be.

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One of my players came to the first session having not even glanced at the rules, outright refusing to do so, for the system I was running, Dungeon World.

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I don't think I have a problem with fire resistance? I was talking about the whole grenade 'ting
That'd probably work out fine.

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Says me. Because that's fucking stupid.

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>everyone has shrapnel resistance
>everyone is using it vs grenades

I don't see the problem here.

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If I were designing weapons, especially if I believed the enemy were less well equipped, I'd give my troops grenades that wouldn't pierce their armour.

It's like the original X-Com, where you give some folks pistols that can't shoot through the power armour to avoid collateral damage.

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Everything you need is written on your character sheet. The rest is handled by the GM

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>Says me. Because that's fucking stupid.

So in the world of giant chainsaw swords and undead skellington robots, having your troops in shrapnel-resistant armor is just going too far?

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except those aren't Gretchin specific grenades, they're regular grenades. And even if you made grenade only to kill small rodents and not humans, that shit would still do damage to you if it blew up on your person.

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Yes. Even in that world, it's fucking stupid.

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Is dis nigga serious?

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FYI per system flack only gets an extra point of armor IF they are not in the center of the blast radius.

I might suggest tearing to my GM as well. Good way to improve Shit-tier frags.

Seriously, fire bombs are better. Why are molotovs better.

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0/10: Troll subtly next time

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Rolled 15

>He's not your buddy, friend.

Etc etc

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Are you fucking serious? Guardsmen are normal humans unlike all the other things mentioned.

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>Says who? Show me where it says that Guardsmen in armor designed to resist grenades cannot be 'ard enough to survive grenades.
Because it''s not the shrapnel and such that kills people when grenades go off in such close proximity.
The force of the blast alone ruptures organs and messes with the body's natural state.

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Oh sure, resistance will make you more likely to survive, but immunity is a whole other thing!

If a guy in civilian clothing did that, he'd probably take bonus damage and end up beyond fucked.

Flak armour is kind of out of the question, as it protects from shrapnel, not explosions - if the PC is on the source of the blast, he'll take that damage without the AP jumping up to 5, but at least he has AP to hide behind, which is better than just relying on a toughness bonus.

I guess we'd need to find a guy who's actually done this sort of thing in real life, using grenades on himself to discourage melee attackers?

I reckon some damage, fatigue and getting knocked on your arse is fair, considering the PC essentially blew himself up, but that's just my opinion.

>captcha: haeresi


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You can't just handwave everything with the blanket excuse that "warhammer is silly".

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That really isn't the central issue at all.

The issue is with the damage system as written. For example: A game of Russian Roulette played amongst player characters (or anyone who aren't baseline human mooks for that matter) has close to a zero chance of fatality, since as-written most small arms don't do enough damage to outright kill most humans except on an extremely good roll, regardless of whether it's been solidly pressed against the side of their head with no realistic possibility of missing the brain before being fired.

By rights they should be dead or maimed (much in the same way that if someone spikes a grenade at their own feet they should be dead or maimed), they just held a loaded gun to their own head and pulled the trigger, but most likely they're just down a few wounds (or none at all in some cases) but otherwise totally fine and can just walk it off and suffer no ill effects as long as nobody decides to shoot them again.

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You also can't draw a line at what's believable vs. unbelievable just because something that works in game wouldn't work so well IRL.

It's called "fantasy/sci-fi" for a reason faggot; if we held every game mechanic to be a faithful 1:1 representation of what's possible IRL, we end with shit like how some systems shit on martials due to some fat neckbeard deciding that him being inept physically means that all martials should be inept as well.

It's just a game and you really should just relax.

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I call horseshit on that. Being able to throw a grenade at your own feet because you know you've got enough ablative meat points to survive the explosion when the characters in question are supposed to be normal humans is ridiculous. It's full-on metagaming at it's most blatant.

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>I guess we'd need to find a guy who's actually done this sort of thing in real life, using grenades on himself to discourage melee attackers?
The wouldn't be many pieces left.

Even soldiers in full body armor that throw themselves ontop of grenades to save friends don't survive.
There are only like 3 recorded cases of people covering the grenades with their helmets, then their armor covered bodies that survived; and they were left with busted eardrums, brain damage, and usually crippled.

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Again, if the rules say that it's legal and they make the roll, why not let them have it?

If you don't like it personally then you can make a houserule that makes nades explosive forces of death...at the cost of making them so good that they can clear an encounter in a few rounds.

At the end of the day, it's just a game and you should really just relax.

Or play systems with better RAW so that you don't get booty blasted by PCs thinking outside the box.

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Yes you fucking can. And I draw the line at a normal human being being able to detonate a grenade on his person and be unscathed 100% of the time.

>> No.32218229

I always make sure to go over the basics, and any concerns, with my players before starting so we're all on the same page, but I also expect my players to at least have skimmed the rules beforehand. She hadn't even looked at the playbooks or shortened DW Guide I gave them, nor did she have have much of any experience with RPGs. Also, while you're right that Dungeon World is basically that simple, she doesn't fucking know that.

>> No.32218235

>PCs thinking outside the box.
Not him, but when "outside the box" is real world knowledge of the system, it's metagaming.

>> No.32218237

Congratulations, you just upgraded grenades. Players proceed to precision bomb enemies with grenades.

>> No.32218249


So you can accept the shit that goes on in Dark Heresy as "okay" but you can't accept the possibility that armor is strong enough to block a nade?

Seriously man, you need to take a step back, nobody should be this fucking anally annihilated over the PCs thinking outside the box to accomplish a given goal.

I mean seriously, there is nothing in any ruleset that says "this game is an accurate depiction of real world conventions"; it's called either "fantasy" or "sci-fi", but never "nonfiction".

>> No.32218272


If they're wearing armor that's supposed to negate the grenade's effect, can it really be called meta-gaming?

It'd be like walking through a trapped hallway as a construct; it's not like it'd affect me personally so why should I give a shit if it goes off around me?

>> No.32218279

OH NO YOU CAN HUCK A GRENADE like what, 12 meters? Assuming you're not truly of heroic strength?

Throw some longer range encounters at them. They'll also run out of grenades eventually. Make supply lines get cut off or keep throwing challenges that exhaust their ammo.

Grenades SHOULD be effective and powerful. But a grenade is only effective around the same range as charging is.

>> No.32218296

Then you shouldn't have a problem with this. No OW character without superhuman amounts of toughness, very powerful armour and some cybernetics is going to be immune to 20 damage.

>> No.32218366

Grenade launchers have a range of 60 meters (x4 is 240) and can be handily dual-wielded by anyone with a pair of recoil gloves. These are already among the most powerful weapons in the game, without your house rules making them even stronger.

Hammer of the Emperor even has semi- and fully automatic grenade launchers, which are already overpowered as fuck, being virtually impossible to avoid.

>> No.32218377


I can guarantee you that if you give someone enough time and they make some good rolls; they'd find a way to break your system using nades.

Hell, it'd be as simple and finding a way to launch the nades over a long distance to snipe at enemies from afar or finding a way to get within range of an opponent to lay waste to them or even finding the necessary materials to make some bootleg nades that, while being riskier to use, are cheaper to produce and can still fuck shit up when they do go off.

Never try to work around the PCs man, they'll just see it as a challenge and since you're just one man against a group of chaotic SOBs, you're gonna lose simply because someone will be there to come up with an angle that you hadn't considered.

>> No.32218396

That would make sense in deathwatch maybe, but Only War? Wut.

>> No.32218405

>If they're wearing armor that's supposed to negate the grenade's effect, can it really be called meta-gaming?
Only if the characters were really stupid and believe the "imperial guardsman's uplifting primer" about how amazing their armor is.
It's not the shrapnel that kills you at that range m8, and no armor can absorb concussion like that except for spess merheen powershit.

>> No.32218431

This. a Guardsman can mitigate about 7 points of damage usually, and take about 7 more before KO. I'd need to check, but I believe grenades do about 2d10+2 damage.

>> No.32218440


If they were desperate enough to at least consider it and it worked, then what's the problem?

I love how you faggots derailed a potential storytime thread because you can't accept that a fantasy game did something that isn't technically possible IRL.

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Space marine power armour doesn't give more AP than regular human power armour, and that's still only two points more than storm trooper stuff (or best quality light carapace). The difference is easily made up with subskin armour.

Regardless, unless you have power armour, subskin armour *and* 10 toughness (which is very difficult to achieve outside of rogue trader explorators), you are not immune to grenades.

>> No.32218455

I'd say 8-9 points of mitigation if the characters aren't completely new, and 12-15 wounds unless they're psykers or some other brittle shit.

That still doesn't give you too many grenades before you die.

>> No.32218472

You realize this isn't actually a problem right?

In dark heresy this is going to be expensive to keep furnished and only some players will have launcher training.

All you have to do is be like "sorry party we don't have 35 grenades per person and 6 grenade launchers just laying around" when the requisition some. I assume that's how OW works cause I don't play.

There's ALWAYS bigger and scarier foes for a party to fight.

>> No.32218481

>If they were desperate enough to at least consider it and it worked, then what's the problem?
Because it's a big "fuck you" to all of the time the DM spent creating the RP rich environment for them to run around in.

It's the equivalent of players halting your narrative to ask to run around the forest killing things so they can level-grind.

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I'm pretty sure sub skin is armor and therefor does not stack. Armor doesn't stack in FFG books. You use the highest.

It was great they did it, I still want the story. But I think it's a mechanical issue that it happened and it can be fixed. No butthurt on my part, I just think its am example of something that can be improved.

>> No.32218531

No, fully automatic grenade launchers will pretty much kill everything in the galaxy.

At the very least, they make the game less interesting by drastically limiting the variation of enemies you can have in the game.

And as for requisitions, if the Imperial Guard can't scrape together a few grenade launchers and hundred grenades for the guys who just shitstomped the universe, you have bigger problems to worry about. Namely the fact that your GM is a massive faggot.

I've never understood why so many people have to make up excuses for banning things that are game-breaking. Especially when the excuses are so strained it hurts to listen to them.

>> No.32218541

Subskin armour specifically says that it stacks with other armour, and it has said so since the first incarnation of dark heresy. It would be completely pointless if it didn't stack.

How can you not know this?

>> No.32218553

And there's the...tabard, I think it's called in The Book of Judgement. Also, cybernetic limb AP bonuses stack as well!

>> No.32218567


Maybe the DM shouldn't make a story that is entirely dependent on the PCs having clairvoyance or telepathy to know how the GM wanted the story to go.

If you're spending most of your time planning around the story of what should happen rather than crafting encounters/maps/NPCs/Monsters/etc. then you're doing it wrong.

>> No.32218568

>Show me where it says that Guardsmen in armor designed to resist grenades cannot be 'ard enough to survive grenades.

If they had that kind of armor in mass use, orks would adapt their tactics, and more importantly armors. So Imperium would have to make stronger grenades to compensate...

>> No.32218575

To crash this game

>> No.32218587

Warhammer is silly
rule of cool

>> No.32218629

Cybernetic limbs give a bonus to toughness, not AP, you fleshbag.

That toughness doesn't actually apply to grenades, either, which always hit the body.

>> No.32218639

I don't ban anything.

Also I maintain the players in ow are soldiers and they aren't the only ones who need stuff.

I never ban anything but I do make sure they have new problems to worry about if they really power game.

I have a ratling sniper scum in one of my campaigns. He's so OP as fuck compared to everyone else I have no idea how to handle it. But it's 40K. He's all firepower and little staying. It wouldn't be hard to make him feel fear if I need to.

>> No.32218655

Huh, we looked it up one time. Musta missed it. I'll look at it again.

>> No.32218658

> Orks adapting their tactics
It's like you don't even WAAAGH!!

>> No.32218691

Addendum: I don't just want to murder him though through GM power plays.

>> No.32218767

>reads the roos
You're right, my bad. Have some heretek.

>> No.32218830

Orks value cunning.

>> No.32218890

That's a shitty excuse, because it's not cool. It's an exploit of the rules that makes no goddamn sense and makes the game feel like a silly joke. If rule of cool were in effect, one character would have suicide bombed with the grenade, because sacrifice and pyrrhic victories are the entire schtick of the IG. It's narratively appropriate, awesome, and would have made the session memorable in a good way. Players would reminisce about Bob's PC's sacrifice against the green tide instead of going "Hey remember when we won because he be duct taped grenades to ourselves lolololol."

>> No.32218984

I think its pretty cool to use grenades to kill the monsters crawling over you.
One minute you're covered in biting little terrors and the next you've exploded your way to freedom.

>> No.32218987



You already ruined the thread and nobody cares nearly as much as you do.

I hope you aren't running games because dealing with your faggotry is tiring and I can only imagine how you punish players for thinking up solutions that you never considered.

>> No.32219088

I'm wondering if any of these grenade / fire spamming players give a toss about their equipment. Even if they can survive being run through a woodchipper, their gear isn't so miraculous, right?

>> No.32219131

It says in the description of flak armor that it's more designed to protect against shrapnel than anything else, and that it can't really protect against direct hits (a grenade going off in the wearer's hand, for example)

>> No.32219230

But that would be a consequence for their actions, and that's not 11/10 awesomecool.

>> No.32219316

And besides, it's not in The Rules.

If the rules don't specify it, you can't do it.

>> No.32219351


There's a difference between "This rule says you can't do it" and "there's no rule that says you can't do it."

The former implies that the action is directly opposed to the RAW while the latter implies that the authors hadn't considered how an action would function within the context of the rules and, as such, is open to interpretation.

You can say that doing something is legal or illegal but there's nothing that officially denies someone from doing something as far as the rules are concerned.

>> No.32219418

No, that would be a made up consequence that they had no way of predicting, which is gay as hell. And no, just because you think it's realistic doesn't mean they should be able to read your mind.

>> No.32219455

you really just hate fun dont you

>> No.32219557

*tips fedora*

>> No.32219687

Dude, it's like hugging a porcupine and expecting not to get a bunch of quills in your face.

>> No.32219755

Why is it OK to let players do this and not let them play Kender or kill every NPC?

>> No.32219845

Because the rules don't say the authorities will ignore mass murder, they do say the armour will protect you against grenades.

>> No.32219873

I'd be pissed myself if it wasn't a first time player. If you're introducing someone into the hobby, you should expect the experience to be unfair giving on your part. When they love RPGs later, they'll thank you. So long as you don't harangue them for not caring to do homework for fun.

>> No.32219913

>okay make a toughness test
>the explosions ripples through your innards and the shock blows your from your feet, unconscious but alive
But I would only do this in the future. You roll with the rules and change them after, not during. Makes for slow gameplay otherwise.

>> No.32220044

Sniper battle! Give him the spotlight where he has to take on a guy of equal skill while the others are busy fighting the close quarters battle. Make the sniper better than him for some real danger.

>> No.32220475


Because the rules don't protect players from their own stupidity but they do state that the armor will protect you from grenades.

Also, the players will likely kill the kender on sight as soon as they realize "this faggot is costing us more problems alive then he will dead, so fuck him."

>> No.32220886

Shit nigga, the other guys got TOLD!


>> No.32222209

if you've heard of the water-gun wars, you'll know that doing something like making grenades always lethal on point-blank is just going to result in an arms race between the DM and the players
ie, in the water-gun wars: players get a chemical that lets them instantly affect enemies with any other chemical, DM tries to stop it by making this chemical harder to get, they focus more on getting it and making use of it, and after a while you've got people spraying waterguns at eachother while dressed in hermetically sealed hazmat suits.

so yeah, pulling something like 'oh, well, this will always be lethal at point-blank so hah' on the players when they come up with a creative solution probably won't end well.

put away the straw, man.

>> No.32222301


And as anon here demostrates, this is why /tg/ people aren't game designers. MUH REALISM with absolutely no concern for the rules or any semblance of balance.

>> No.32222368

Are frags still 2d10 damage?
How are regular humans in flak shrugging that off? At best, a soak of 10.

>> No.32222569


>> No.32223975


You can have rules and balance while also disregarding real life within the context of the world the setting takes place in is more or less fantasy and not bound by real world logic.

The main problem that comes up is when conventions from the real world interfere with the game in a way that negatively influences the player's actions; such as when martials get the nerf stick upside the head because half the shit they could do is considered "impossible" in the real world.

>> No.32225441

>Again, if the rules say that it's legal and they make the roll, why not let them have it?
Because it´s a make believe game and it´s not going to make believe anyone with those rules, and every one of those books states, that, if a rule is inappropriate the GM is advised to ad-hoc change it.

The grappling rules are in the book too, and no one who read them disagreed with me when i changed them on the spot, or used different interpretations and versions of substitutes.

>> No.32225502

I think loosing 3-4 wounds while everything on top of you dies is still in the range of "shrugging it off", and maybe, since OP´s tale doesn´t tell us of players calling bullshit on removing a gretchin-blanket via frags, i think there is a good possibility that some even advocated on an armor bonus vs. the frags since tehy were covered in gretchin.

>> No.32225524

Average damage 10;
T5, flak is at least 5 vs explosives. Allow for individual variance or better equipment.

>> No.32225545

ITT: sperglords derail what would've been a hilarious thread of players blowing a DM's mind

pic hopefully on topic

>> No.32226339


Which is far from "immune", because then you roll a 15 and loose a third of your wounds. You can tjust average everything out, because variance is exactly what makes grenades so dangerous.

If you do, then your HOUSERULE is what resulted in a fluff-contradicting situation.

>> No.32229751

My players always make perception checks on everything along with knowledge checks to get a feel of a place. Then there was one time. One time where they didn't. Oh this one time.

> Party arrives in town heads to the safehouse their employer told them to stay in.
> they hang out in there for the day crafting items and such.
> there is a knock at the door
>"You answer the door and see what appear to be Kobolds and Goblins wielding crude weapons and pointing them at you."
> Party attacks them without making checks
> one of them crits and slits one "goblins" throat.
> "The "enemies" run away screaming "help!" "

They never made the check to learn that this town had a halloween type event. Nor did they make perception checks to notice they were actually children dressed as kobolds and goblins.

>> No.32229773

I hosted a Pnp game for some old friends and their girlfriends. They know about fantasy and DnD and stuff, whilst their female companions had no fucking clue

>mfw their gf's are actively better players than all of them combined.
>mfw when the dudes try to derail into murderhoboing everyone, and then they get manhandled into not doing it. In character.

I really can't wait until next week

>> No.32230303

What? Where the fuck are you getting that from. The human body is incredibly resilient to explosive forces. Its nearly always shrapnel and fire that kills people in explosions.

>> No.32230522

These kinds of stories make me so happy

Thank you, Anon, normally all you hear from /tg/ is "DEM GIRLS AND THEIR COOTIES RUINED MY CAMPAIGN" despite the DM and players being assholes to the player who isn't a dude

>> No.32230571

I GM for a group of entirely women, and I'm a male. Generally I find women are people too and as such have varied and different personalities based on their situation in life. You know, just like males.

>> No.32231127

Ooooooooooooooooooh yea.

I hear a lot of shit about "oh well women just ruin everything" and it's like "wait how are they more prone than anyone else?"

>> No.32232866

The human body is filled with solid organs that bleed profusely when damaged and hollow organs that explode when damaged and areas that are simply empty but is basically made up from where other organs connect/clump together.
An explosion has multiple 'stages' to it, each with their own injuries. The first is the blast and the pressure wave. The pressure wave is basically an outward expanding bubble of air that quickly goes from normal atmospheric pressure to suddenly high pressure as the air is forced away by the blast, and then more air snapping back into place to full the void. The human body is built to exist within specific limits of external pressure, and when that pressure changes, especially when rapidly, the hollow areas in our body expand and/or contract and everything to stir around inside you as you're built fairly loosely on the inside, causing massive tearing and things to slam against eachother. Now you're bleeding out, internally. The next stage is the shrapnel and other shit thrown up by the blast hitting you. This is where you get all your penetration wounds, causing mostly superficial wounds on the outside, but some serious wounds from deep penetration that cause a great deal of bleeding and if you're really unlucky will have it a major vessel or an organ causing you to bleed out internally and/or externally depending on the wounds. The last stage is you getting thrown at whatever is behind you. This can be just getting knocked on your ass our getting thrown ten feet back into a wall and then landing on your face. The best way to describe the injuries from this is injuries from contact sports and car crashes.
Not all explosions throw out a lot of shrapnel or are powerful enough to toss someone, but all of them have pressure waves ranging from not that big a deal, may have blown out your ears and now you're hearing ringing, to something as crazy as your lung just ruptured and now you have pneumothorax going on

>> No.32232935

and now you need 'assistance' to maintain the pressure balance between your chest cavity and your lungs.
The penetration injuries aren't necessarily less lethal, it's that they're much each easier to treat at point of injury or first level of medical care. The internal shit that's a hallmark of the pressure from explosions though, require extensive surgeries and infection sets in almost immediately making it even harder to treat the dude as time goes on.

>> No.32234220

Please now give me the medical details about "Force lightning. "
Shit dude.
The encounter happened. A Situation arose where players took advantage of some mechanics and it worked out. It "technically" worked out.
Yo move on from there. You talk to the players and discuss how "realistically" this sort of thing shouldn't happen and if they tried it again it would be "unlikely and probably fatal" Then you as a GM don't have the same situation occur again if you can help it.
Hell one party I was with made a large raft of corpses. Possible? Well maybe?
And then shit dude. Titus Pullo did it to.

>> No.32235959

so, their armor and toughness was enough that grenades were an intelligent, clever, and unexpected solution to an otherwise insurmountable problem?

you should be very happy with your players for coming up with that kind of plan! that's brilliant thinking.

now you know that you cannot simply kill them with squibs, as they have figured out what to do about them. clearly you need to send more than one problem their way at a time if you intend to try to overrun them with soft targets again!

anyway, that's pretty impressive and i would have congratulated them on the spot for their quick thinking.

>> No.32237511

Hold up, was just telling the one guy who said that the human body is 'incredibly resistant to explosions' that he's completely wrong. Working as a medic in the army has taught me it's anything but.
As a player I would do something like this, and probably expect to have the PC die as a result. Surviving it would leave me giggling and agreeing to not do it again while working with the GM to make grenades deadlier. As a GM I would allow this while rolling my eyes and grinning at the sheer craziness of the scenario and ask to introduce house rules to make 'nades more lethal.

I imagine force lightning is like regular lightning: a small entrance wound that doesn't really bleed because because it's also burned that then follows bodily structures towards the ground, leaving neat-as-fuck etchings in bones as it goes, before it comes out to a bit of and explosive exit wound which also bleeds less than expected due to burning.

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