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So? What will it be? The cold beauty or the new hotness? Shadowsun the ice maiden or the sizzling subcommander Torchstar?

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Why is Curly Brace blue?

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You mean Deunan Knute right?

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So if we let the Torch melt the ice, will the steam be the best of both worlds?

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hl2.exe has stopped functioning

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Shadowsun has meltas, I'm pretty sure she can melt herself all on her own.

Not that she has a choice, all the men in her entourage are either out of her league or complete betas.

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Then I am not included...but i get to watch

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No, he's the goal. He can't win himself.

But since best girl never wins, I bet he'll end up with Shadowsun.

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Neither. I prefer the masculine beauty of Nohom'O B'roh

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Neither. I stick to Warhammer Fantasy where there's more than two female named characters.

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Are you saying you don't like men?

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pls go
this is a berry thread
Leave or be burninated.

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Can we have Tau in Fantasy?

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Now answer the question mister Anon.
Shadowsun or Torchstar?

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I like the Tau

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you're a doge
you can't like the tau

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...What about Xeno?
Or Blue?

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>i've been a dog this whole time without knowing

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Why can't doge like Tau?
They are space Cow people, right?!

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The analog of tau is of course the dorfs. Short, revoltingly disgusting but amicable shooty guys that cannot into magic.

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Dwarves with a distinctly far east influence for their culture would be kind of neat.

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Which one is fatter?

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Chinadorfs (or China-anything pre-Mao) are pretty bauss and fit quite well. Repeating crossbows ahoy.

Actually, modern Chinese make okay inspiration too... in some ways...

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This pic confirms it, we now live in the cyberpunk future.

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dorfs? revolting? Are you saying you don't fap to this at least once a day?

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Blu is da luckee wun, oye tell ya wot.

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Why has Shadowsun got SS-runes on her shoulder?

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Oh man I wish I had scans of my brother's work.

He's a drawfag and did a series of drawings of samurai dwarfs. Shit was badass.

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For ScoutSniper obviously

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Torchstar is best berry

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I see what you did there

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Why is the lustful centuries-old lady harboring a /ss/ rune? I wonder.

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Those guys work their bodies to the bone to do what they do. If they want to have runes that have Nazi associations as their symbol, they have the right to it. More than any sniveling Jew or pansy civilian has the right to complain.

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Torchstar is the best. She has thick and beautiful 80s hair.

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There were also WWII vets who were pretty offended by it, I wouldn't put them in the category of "pansy civilian".

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>an entire species spanning several planets of stacked blue bitches with serious birthin' hips
>nope heresy
Are we honestly to believe that there isn't a single human being in the universe with just enough curiosity to try to fuck an alien? Yeah, I know puritan catholic space nazis, but there had to have been some space pirate or chaos devotee who fucking tried.

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It's very fluffy
She probably takes good care of it.
I want to touch it.

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If only she'd take her hair out of that little braid.

It'd be perfect and flowing.

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Torchstar has better abs.

You could fry beef on that red-hot slab, with a little olive oil.

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No, it'd only make one long lock on the side of her head. It would look silly.

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Is that Beijing were the smog is so thick they need a telepromter to see the sun setting?

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it's a shoop.

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>You will never go on a date with Torchstar to watch a fireworks spectacle.
I would settle for a bbq garden party with her.
But even that is impossible.

Speaking of which, does she prefer coal or propane barbecues?

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Curses would have been bleeding perfect.

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Much like one of her inspirations

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Rogue Traders, anon.

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There are plenty of hybrids out there. Back in the Rogue Trader days, the Ultrasmurfs' chief astropath was half eldar

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It's got to be them baggy trousers...

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I would purge both xeno scum with equal zeal

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They aren't canon.

But Xeno is the best, because she's the ittiest, and the bittiest.

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>GW will never let the final showdown between Farsight and Shadowsun happen
>You will never see them emerge from their broken suits, staggering toward one another
>You will never see the gulf of time that now separates them; on one side the young commander fresh out of cryo, and on the other the old soldier who lived through it all
>You will never see them resort to hand to hand combat, having exhausted every other weapon in their arsenals
>You will never hear them argue philosophy as they decide the fate of their species
>You will never see Shadowsun realise the truth about the empire while Farsight dies in her arms
>You will never see Shadownsun go back to the spot where she destroyed Farsight's statue on Vior'la, and lay the dawn blade to rest
>You will never see Shadowsun fall.

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Fact: Torchstar never drinks anything stronger than a lager because she would deflagrate instantly if she did.
She never smokes lho because the first and last time she did, she woke up on another continent, without clothes and with a nose and ears drawn on her face, and no recollection of what had happened in the meantime.

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>implying Farsight would die to that useless sloot
Ethereal pheromones: not even once.
Even if you don't end up believing their bullshit you'll still end up as a complete fool.
Like, seriously,
pick one

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So when did the Tau finally go full Gundam?

>> No.32196357

about one year ago.

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You know blueberries aren't canon right?

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Lho are just tobacco cigarettes. Obscura is the mary jane.

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that's the joke.

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>Torchstar shuffling down the hangar like MC Hammer towards her battlesuit

>> No.32196395

I'm pretty sure you can't shuffle without heels.

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Blueberries are canon, though.

>inb4 wave of spergs

Fuck's sake, /tg/. I will never understand why blue tits will make some of you into willingly ignorant faggots.

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Do you have anything to back it up?

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b-b-back dat ass up!

>> No.32196518

I would love that to be drawfagged...

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But the Tau are skinny blue Asians in Spess.

They don't have asses to back up.

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Maybe because you're shitting all over it with this fucking furry horseshit. /d/ is that way

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Torchstar is canonically very lightly-dressed.

Otherwise the rad tats on her body wouldn't be visible and it wouldn't make sense to mention them from a character's perspective.

>> No.32196549

tell that to the monstergirl fans, fuccboi.

and no I'm not saying that because "hurr durr /d/-lite", just because you're full of shit.

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Obscura is more like opiates. It can be smoked or injected, fluff mentions obscura dens (opium dens), produces a dreamlike state that lasts for hours (similar to opium, old opium pipes are even called "dream sticks"), etc.

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No bullying the Torchstar!

>> No.32197575

But bullying Torchstar is so much fun!
Plus it's not like she can't fight back.

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Didn't we agree they are descended from some kind of space bovine, and thus it's perfectly acceptable for them to have large breasts?

Tell that to Hitomi Tanaka...

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So...as far as I can tell this is the only picture of Torchstar, and she is only mentions in about two paragraphs in the entire supplement aside from her Profile.

Where exactly does all this fapfiction about her looks come from?
At least for Shadowsun there was an unhelmeted model and artwork to base all the other stuff on.

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> Where exactly does all this fapfiction about her looks come from?


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> Where exactly does all this fapfiction about her looks come from?
>Horny Neckbeards.

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*scarab manufacturing intensifies*

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Why would farsight get out of his suit? Its got a huge sword.

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she's basically the blonde chick from Gall Force: Earth Chapter.

not that there's anything wrong with that.

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Because, "muh honor"

>> No.32199770

>Chosen Heroine of the Emperor vs Chaos corrupted Traitor wielding a daemon sword

Geee...who will win?

>> No.32199809

Well if we go by the Smut Thread...

>Requesting Torchstar+Shadowsun hatesex

>not genderbended farsight, for shame

>All this, PLUS Caugirl udder growth!


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Space Nazi

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Where is it shown that blueberries are canon. Tau are always portrayed as androgynous compared to humans in my experience.

>> No.32199973

Because she only wants the greater good for the aryan race.

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>Tau are always portrayed as androgynous compared to humans in my experience.
And what, pray tell, is your experience?

>> No.32200081

Not him but Cain had difficulty telling the difference between male and female Tau with and without armor.

>> No.32200142

>Tau are always portrayed as androgynous compared to humans in my experience.
There's an artwork of some bare chested tau doing their bloodritual bonding knife thingy in either the first or second codex.
There's nothing androgynous about them.

>> No.32200163

But was the bare chested recruit female or male?

>> No.32200264

Except for the odd demonette here and there how many bare female breasts have you seen in GW publications so far?

>> No.32200289

No, these are space nazis

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>> No.32200385

At least two.

The Wood Elf Shadowdancer from the previous Wood Elves army book and the Harpies from the Beastmen army book.

>> No.32200580

the new dark elf medusa has bare tit

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Is that Iron Sky? That movie was the shit.

>> No.32200709

Is there any reason to build her on a monster base btw? can you use her without the shrine or somehting?

>> No.32200826

...it was terrible.

Simple fucking concept
Nazis from the moon...attack the world again.

nope...it's a handful poorly executed jokes about race and a "romantic" cringe-inducing sub-plot drawn out over the course of 90 minutes.

>> No.32200872

You can.

>> No.32200904

well...your FACE is terrible b-baka

>> No.32200981

Fuck off, it was fun. Plus, the nazis had the right idea of throwing rocks at the Earth.

>> No.32201133


It was pretty bad. Took a good concept and wasted it.

Not to mention to cringe-inducing Sarah Palin impersonator.

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