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Last September I let /tg/ decide how I'd paint one of my extra marines. Here's how he turned out.

Not the best, since I decided to try washing techniques instead of actual paint, but I'd call him table-top quality.

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The original discussion

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Well that took you quite a while.
Looks good though

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finally bro, Ive been waiting forever for you to post pics of this guy

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Yep, a buddy of mine commissioned me to paint a Space Wolf army, so this guy went on the back burner.

I dragged my feet a bit, but this month I'm doing a thing where I paint a mini a day. Seemed like a good time to finish him.

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Looks like shit. Thin your paints and learn to wet blend. Don't do another one of those threads till you get gud.

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Good job anon.

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>not picking Star Phantoms
>oh look another Imperial Fist

OP is a faglord

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Would you be willing to paint a Blood Jaguar?

Feathers and all?

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