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Could do with a bigger head, I think.

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Why do they protect their shoulders and shins so much, but not their abdomen or groin?

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Not really, head might not grow as much as other bodyparts might, after all the same is true with normal humans if you look at growing children and teens.

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An Astartes needs legs to run up to the enemy and arms to hit the enemy with his sword. He does not need a groin to reproduce.

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I think it just needs to be wider or thicker, looks a little pinheaded as it.

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But he needs a groin to attach his legs to his torso.

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They have a heart in each shoulder.

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And only an eldar is coward enough to hit you on groin

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Because xenos cannot into human anatomy. The Space Marines realized that during the Great Crusade the Orks they fought never went for nut shots. And then after the Horus Heresy nothing was ever updated or changed ever. It's tradition!

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I don't know man, I realise they're taken as the most ripped tweens and made into mutant superhumans but I just think the tiny head looks goofy.

Might be that, yeah.

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>TFW GW giving a shit about anatomy for once

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Cant wait to see the game crash and burn when they try to draw how a person fits to the terminator armor

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The shins are fuck huge because they house the magna clamps that hold them to space ship hulls in space while fighting with zero g ship to ship if the gravity fails, and their life support system cables run up thru the shoulders into the mask, so you have to armor the chest and shoulders well. Also having essentially a shileld on each arm allows you to turn when needed to reload or check around while having decent protection.

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Not even GW bro

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That honestly looks kinda shitty.

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Because anyone attacking a marine from the front can be seen by the marine, and is hence already dead. The armour protects against cowardly xeno side and rear attacks.

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Too much legs. Really emphasizes the least cool part of the space marine. Might be the angle though.

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Why does that bolter look like it has two barrels?

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one's a laser sight/targeting thing

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The things above and below the barrel are the targeter and bayonet attachment.

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I think the trend is going back down since the Space Marine game and the lastest marine codex.

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If I were to redesign that armor, I would seriously add something to protect the groin.

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Pictured is Mk II Crusade leg piece and Mk III Iron chest piece.

Marines did have groin armor. Apparently once the Heresy happened people stopped aiming for the opponent's balls because marines don't have working genitals anymore.

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So many 12 year olds

The groin area has two major vital organs. Neither is genitalia.

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>So many 12 year olds

Can't tell if whooshmaster autist or clever troll.

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More like a bunch of major arteries m8.

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Space Marines cannot bleed out unless they have a major geneseed flaw which no chapter is recorded of having since one of the geneseed organs instantly clots blood.

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Yes, but their legs can stop working due to lack of blood/severed nerves.

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Or plain old getting you pelvis obliterated.
That would fuck up your legs too

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That's really the biggest concern. You destroy the pelvis (and there are plenty of weapons in 40k that could destroy an astarte's pelvis) and the best case scenario is a completely immobilized soldier.

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Best case indeed.

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Nope, you just get bionic pelvis and legs.
Still with no dick

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>implying a marine that lost his lower body wouldn't just crawl across the battlefield and gnaw your shins off with his power jaw

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>Power Jaw
Sounds like something a Warboss would have.

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Righteous contempt requires a power frown.

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F2P scum pls go

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>Lieutenant Brother Dan

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>scythes of the Emperor

mah nigga

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We will drown you in the blood of our Brazilian 'comrades'.

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The front one should read "Gib teef pls

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Well. If you put it into cockney it would actually be a rather accurately roleplaying. Except it needs more clobbering and squabbling.

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I predict that Brazillionaires - those who can wrangle large packs of BRs - will become the dominant faction leaders (or their right-hand-men) for Orks.

It's gonna be GREAT.

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It's fucking perfect.

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You. I like you.

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Is there something I'm missing? Is 40k and online gaming especially popular in Brazil or what are you talking about?

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F2P games get swarmed by two countries people.

Brazilians and Russians. They're also notorious for being toxic within F2P communities.
As of late, Russians have been getting region-locked out of F2P stuff. So Brazilians swarm every F2P everything. Ever.

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MMOs and Free-to-Play games are swamped with Brazilians.
Not to mention the Chinese and Russians.

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Every free MMO is full of Brazilians, since orks are the only free to play race, it will be the BR faction.

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It's blown out of proportions but Brasilians are very prominent members of the online gaming community. What makes them famous is their basic/rudimentary understanding of games.

From living in Brasil and being one myself. Most of them know they're being absolute shites. They laugh at you silly americans getting mad.

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Chinese are kinda rarer due to the whole "China locks the fuck DOWN on the vidya" thing. Hell, WoW had to make a special version of its game for china with no skellies or visible bones, I think.

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Why does China censor skellingtons, anyhow?

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That and the begging.

In good old Ragnarok Online, every free server had someone saying "give zeny" or "mida zeny".

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They censor a shitton of stuff, skellies were just the most prominent due to WoWs boner for the undead at the time I read that article

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something to do with display of bones being perceived as disrespectful to a departed person's spirit, I think

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but why specifically is it Brazilians that show this attitude?

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Brazilian culture is very centered around making fun of each other and being chill about it. Now I know there are really shitty people that actually believe what they say, but most of the time they're trolling you. Then they laugh and the expect you to be laughing at your computer too.

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>MFW I live in asia and only play on asian servers for MMOs
Never encountered these Brazilians, only annoying Thais and Chinese.

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Now multiply this by nearly 200 milion people.

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Goldfarmers everywhere?

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Because 2SPOOKY. Can't have everyone getting nightmares.

>> No.32171079

I can never tell if they are goldfarming or just bad at the game in question.

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This culminates in the HUEHUEHUE culture that we see. I'm Brazilian yet I've lived in america long enough that I fail to see the humour. My friends crack up when they HUE though.

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yea, but it gets to the point, that the first time I see Portuguese in chat, i drop group, cause I know that eating the re queue time will be less frustrating than staying.

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>very centered around making fun of each other and being chill about it.

But thats the same as brutish culture in my experience?

Yet F2P games aren't swamped with "spare any change old chap?" or "PIPPIPPIPPIPPIP!"

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Why not both?

>> No.32171465

Basically, they're the kender of the f2p community.

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More people? I don't know, lots of Brazilians have internet and computers and spare time/money. We have 200 Million people in our country. Yours has much less people.

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>brutish culture

>> No.32171690


Not too sure I like the proportions on those orks. They're too square, like WoW orcs, only given more brutish, rounded, features. And to draw further parallels to WoW, that background looks like it was ripped fucking DIRECTLY from Durotar, the home of WoW's Horde faction.

Not complaining too much, just saying that i get a really big WoW feel from those ork designs. Could be intentional, to draw in people who are more familiar with warcraft than warhammer.

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The British idea of this is pretending to be very intelligent, or very tough if they're chavs. The Brazilian idea fo it is to show off just how silly and inane they can behave.

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I ripped that image from dark millennium, which was gonna be an mmo before THQ dropped it, so its not indicative of what eternal crusade will be

>> No.32171764

Those are the models from Space Marine anyway. We haven't seen the Eternal Crusade models yet, in all likelihood they're still a considerable distance from done.

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>And to draw further parallels to WoW, that background looks like it was ripped fucking DIRECTLY from Durotar, the home of WoW's Horde faction.

Implying implications. Since Gorka Morka the second edition starter and the Armageddon campaign Orks were always right at home in the middle of the desert.
This screenshot actually reminds me of the sweet desert table in the BRB with the Orkfort more than anything else.

If you are thinking of WoW it's just because you played too much WoW.

>> No.32171818

>the sweet desert table in the BRB with the Orkfort
3rd edition I forgot to mention.

>> No.32171841


Ah, well that's alright then.

I was just looking at the image fora few moments before picking up an ork to check the proportion sizes.

No, really! I'm not saying it looks like Durotar because its a desert, I'm saying it looks like that because of the way that they style the mountains mostly. WoW had a very particular way of making mountains look, and that is dead on for how they did it.

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What's the deal with Dark Millenium, anyways? Was it ever formally canceled? And why one failed 40k MMO project immediately followed by another? It seems like the first would dissuade the second.

>> No.32171901

That's not accurate. It doesn't have to be a brain. They can eat the toe of a human, genestealer, or whatever and obtain memories from that.

>> No.32171905

>Was it ever formally canceled?
When the studio making something goes bankrupt, is shut down and their IPs are auctioned off, you don't need a formal cancellation to know a game isn't happening.

>> No.32171929

The rumor is that it was in development hell and is reworked into something else, probably an action rpg or something like that, not an mmo anymore though.
But since the licenses have been moving around a lot who knows. I wouldn't hold my breath, tbh.

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talking shit here but

>you need your shins/shoulders/joints to move and fight
>but guts...hearts... space marine's have like 2x of them with a third spare that kicks in if needed and shit

>> No.32172004

>talking shit
Is English not your first language? That's not how that slang works.

>> No.32172016

Isn't the pauldron huge because the space marine fires sideways and therefore the upper torso is protected by the giant pauldron facing the enemy, hence how some older models have those studs to provide further protection?

Yes it is.

>> No.32172223

>Yes it is.

Talking shit means to insult, you stupid, illiterate nigger. See, like that.

>> No.32172361

Not that guy, but it could also mean baseless speculation

>> No.32172404

Could, theoretically, if you weren't a native English speaker and were just looking at the meaning of the individual words rather than knowing the idiom.

>> No.32172508

Also, it depends on what English speaking area you're from. It could be like saying pop or fizz or soda or coke.
Hell, a family member of his might use the idiom that way.

>> No.32172519

Basically >>32170949
The skeleton is still part of the person that it used to be, and leaving it lying around is disrespecting the memory of that person.

It's the american version of... hmm...
Starving young orphaned nuns holding puppies chained to walls...
It's not a situation you'd see because someone else would've come by and fixed it already.

In this case, properly buried the remains to show respect.

>> No.32172529

Nobody says this.

>> No.32172570

>I don't understand words
"Haha dude you're just talking shit"
1) 'Dude' has been 'talking shit', meaning that he has been talking out of his ass with false bravado.
2) 'Dude' has been 'talking shit', meaning that he has been making false claims.

>> No.32172595

Tiny head is a common trick in fantasy/sci fi art to show bigger size.

What the other anon said is true. Heads don't grow as fast and start out bigger in proportion to the body. That's probably why when you see a big head on a small body, you see them as younger, and small head on a big body your brain tells you the body is fuckheug

>> No.32172610

Except "talking shit" doesn't actually mean "talking shittily". It's its own phrase with its own meaning, an idiom.
1. "Dude" has been "talking shit" meaning he has been speaking insultingly to others
2. "Dude" is trying to start shit by "talking shit" directly to other people.

>> No.32172626

this. its a bad broken telephone of "could be bullshitting" and a mixture of other language's sayings

>> No.32172699

But they aren't the skeletons of real people?

It's the equivalent of Americans getting butthurt because people are racist to orcs and racism is the worst. The Chinese masses should just bitch about how disrespectful undead guys are, not ban their appearance.

No, fuck off. This isn't a fucking argument you can win because definition of a slang word is determined by how people use that word.

SHIT loads of people use the term TALKING SHIT to mean talking BULLSHIT - that is, something that is a lie.
Usage has morphed to the point where people now jump ahead a few logical steps and obsequiously state that what they are saying may be entirely wrong and thus SHIT.

>> No.32172755

>SHIT loads of people use the term TALKING SHIT to mean talking BULLSHIT - that is, something that is a lie.
These people exist only in your mind, or possibly some similarly non-real place like Britain or Australia. They have no basis on how the language actually works any more than some degenerate yankee who thinks "mad" means "extremely".

>> No.32172756


It can mean telling lies. Stop assuming that your region/vernacular is the only one in existence.

>> No.32172831


>Getting this butt-flustered

Just stop.

>> No.32173004


Because all the organs in their abdomen and groin have multiple failsafes, redundancies, and on board damage mitigation. If they get that shit blown up but can manage to limp back to base basically anything not fatal can be fixed.

But they only have one set of legs and arms.

>> No.32173087

>These people exist only in your mind
Maybe if I was a solipsist who refused to acknowledge other people existed, then sure.
Otherwise they exist in my city, at my workplace, on 4chan etc.

If people keep wanting to give a serious answer to this it's going to be less about redundancy and more about having a giant block of armour in front of where your legs connect is going to stop you from walking properly and GW didn't want them to have floppy metal dongs.

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You sure? Here in America I know several niggers whom talking shit means making false statements.

>> No.32173131

You sure you're not thinking of "talking the shit"?

>> No.32173168

Quite sure. I've heard the phrase "he's just talking shit" and variations (none of which included "the shit") numerous times.

>> No.32173422

>But they aren't the skeletons of real people?
>The Chinese masses should just bitch about how disrespectful undead guys are, not ban their appearance.

But they represent the skeletons of characters, who, like real people, would've had someone show them respect.

Actually, i thought of a better analogy. It's like if there was a female nipple somewhere in an american video game that was for kids.

It would be banned and edited, not just protested.

>> No.32173466

Free speech. It could be restricted from being shown to minors (but a nipple wouldn't be enough for that to happen) and people could refuse to carry it, but there wouldn't be actual censorship.

>> No.32173530

I seem to recall the shit fit of the superbowl's 'wardrobe malfunction'.

>> No.32173564

Yes. But you'll notice it was the exact opposite of
>not just protested.

>> No.32173727

I always thought it was because shoulders are used as an additional protection for the head when in cover

>> No.32173964

>all these guelos talking about muh spookytons

They don't show bones because it's bad luck, simple as that. Same reason you're not allowed to buy new shoes, cut your hair, or give things with the color black around February for Chinese New Years.

>> No.32174051

Nah, this actually makes sense. A lot of art has the head 50% of that size or smaller though, which is stupid.

>> No.32174233

> /tg/having a ball
> /v/ raging from the Brazilian F2Ps
Just as planned

>> No.32174304

Nuke the fucking brazilians out of existence, they are the cancer of humanity.
>inb4 I get called /pol/
Nope, just a jaded gamer tired of brazilians ruining and throwing games because HUE HUE HUE.

>> No.32174377


>NUH UH My dude cant bleed because hes super aspeshul
>well my guy can eat brains and learn stuff!

I know, I know.

>> No.32174424

I thought it was from when George W Bush accidentally asked how many were in a Brazilion (thinking it was a number). At least that is when I started using it. I also like "Thousandare" from Strong Bad E-mails.

>> No.32174478

>niggers whom talking shit means making false statements.
>implying niggers would ever have true statements

>> No.32174483

Same in Denmark.

At my workplace we even use the term "Talking out of ass" just because it sounds like a broken version of that exact statement.

>> No.32174510

I find this to be fairly reasonable, in a strange sort of way. Like a coincidence where the most effective strategy happens to be fucking ridiculous

>> No.32174516

>And my guy can call in guy from across the galaxy to level an entire subsector of the galaxy because there's a bad guy going around
>he also has space monkeys with rings that fires HUEG LAZORZ, HUEG FIRE AND HUEG MELTA

>> No.32174519

Brazilians play games to have fun, others play games to have meaning for their lives.

>> No.32174541

>implying my guy can't bleed AND can eat brains

This is why muh chapter is better than yours!

>> No.32174557


The problem is the guy who originally said "talking shit here" wasn't even talking shit. In either of the definitions.

>> No.32174569

Hah! My chapter bleeds brains! What now?!

>> No.32174582

>>he also has space monkeys with rings that fires HUEG LAZORZ, HUEG FIRE AND HUEG MELTA

Fucking Jokaero Sues

>> No.32174605


Oh man you too?

>> No.32174612

Some new info came out recently , so I'm going to spam you guys.

>> No.32174632


>> No.32174657

sth about warp powers, still kinda vague but confirms limitations on using them

>> No.32174671

Because the shoulders pads provide massive shields against the sides of the abdomen and head

Also I'm not very knowledgeable about power armour but they might have some machinery in the shoulder pads that provide extra upper body strength? I know the xbox-heug shoulders on Samus Aran's armour does.

>> No.32174702

Michael with some thoughts on AoE.

>> No.32174712

>reduce unscoped Stalker effective range

Confirmed for shit devs.

It should stay pinpoint accurate just like Counter-Strike instead of this CoD 720 noscope business. You are already penalized with lack of crosshair and slowest fire rate in game, no need to force skilled players into scoping and making the weapon useless.

>> No.32174735


They used to store ammo in the shoulders. Now it has these things that make it automatically shift and absorb incoming fire and explosions, like the armor you see on tanks that they stick on in rows of bricks.

>> No.32174745

>I hate scopes
Chill out mate, nobody if forcing you to use Stalker bolters

>> No.32174786

Who told you stalker bolters won't have a crosshair ? It takes inspiration from space marine. They had crosshairs there.

>> No.32174815


Sniper rifles should not be worse when unscoped, that's the point.

You don't all of a sudden become incredibly inaccurate as fuck from hipfiring a bolt action rifle compared to any other kind of rifle.

Sniper rifles that require scoping are nearly worthless, unless the game is setup so that you have ample opportunity to apply your weapon. And when those exists, sniper rifles in the hands of skilled players break the game and the game becomes snipers only unless they ban the weapon entirely.

Seriously, explain to me why a sniper rifle should be unusable outside of scoping in. There's no good reason.

>> No.32174834

Why do Orkz wear pants if they have no gubbinz?

>> No.32174846


>> No.32174869

Well, they're referred to as "he" and "him" so they may very well have such.

>> No.32174872

So let us be honest.

Is this going to be the greatest persistent and long standing WH40K game ever made or another pile of shit failure MMO?

The past decade has made me incredibly weary of the genre.

>> No.32174892

Stop that right the fuck now. We are not doing this. Orkz have no dicks they have zero reproductive organs they don't even piss or shit for all we know. Stop.

>> No.32174906

They do piss and they can piss on things

>> No.32174908

It's a stalker bolter. It's pretty damn accurate without scope. The scoping on it is small because it's not a full blown sniper. It shoots fast. Hits heavy.
If they make it like you say it would be an all around weapon. None would bother scoping and would still be hitting from maximum range. If anything you would turn the game into a noscope fest because of your hate for scopes. Which justified or not kills the lore on stalker bolters.

>> No.32174914

If you want realism go play arma.
Seriously, its a really fun game and I agree that most games have batshit ideas when it comes to aiming

>> No.32174928

Orks can and do piss

>> No.32174946

Huge potential.
Some fun guaranteed on start.
Cash shop/imbalances could fuck it up.
I think of it as something like tribes right now. It will be fun on release for sure but not really lore deep. How it goes from there is unknown.

>> No.32174962


Biologically speaking there is ZERO reason to have a penis outside of reproduction. All unisex or simple organisms that need to expunge waste do so though an anus like orifice.

>> No.32174974

Warhammer is silly

>> No.32174975

Yes, we do know they shit, I can't believe you don't know about the most lovingly detailed portion of ork fluff, the shitters. The shitters are their main form of social area. The young orks are allowed to frolic amidst the plentiful poop, which is what squigs eat, and orks eat squigs to turn them into more poop. Its the circle of life.

I hope noone thinks I'm joking. Orks, man.

>> No.32174980

it's an action game with tactical elements, set in a grimdark sci-fi world.
that's not really the best combo to hit young players with.
anyway, as any fps, it will depend on the gameplay. the 'slower, tactical' thing will make or break it. who am I kidding, it will just break it.

>> No.32174983

Nah just take the piss out of each other.

>> No.32175036



>> No.32175049

Yea like the "slower tactical" thing killed Gears of War! God I wish we just got more CoD hide and go seek with guns gameplay....

>> No.32175084

I wonder how they're going to differentiate Space Marines/Eldar and Chaos as factions.

Are Eldar going to have less shields/health but move faster? Looks like a relatively small percentage of players are going Eldar looking at the player polls.

>> No.32175105


Maybe eldar have access to more dodge rolls/the ability to shoot while rolling?

Battle focus, bitches.

>> No.32175137

When are they going to add an iron sight to the bolter and show us where spare magazines are kept?

>> No.32175154


My hope is that Chaos is substantially different from Space Marines in terms of game-play. I mean they both have power armor, but maybe the accessories/skills choices promote diverse playstyles?

I would pay big premium cashdolla to access cult marines, Noisies especially.

>> No.32175197

Well swooping hawks are all but confirmed so the eldar assault class is not a close combat class. This is actually a big deal.
Space marines have apothecaries and CSM sorcerers. One supports only , the other uses offensive warp skills.
Where one are about brute force and self preservation the others are about brute force and trickery. The 4th class adding the most flavor.
It's what I know so far , but it's a good distinction.

>> No.32175203

It's how a sandstone desert looks.
Or do you propose nature is ripping of Blizzards aesthetics?

>> No.32175258


>Deffguns confirmed


>> No.32175286

>Dark Souls is currently our biggest influence when it comes to melee

>> No.32175326


>they don't even piss or shit for all we know.


>> No.32175337

Devs confirmed somewhere that cash shop will only be for cosmetics.

The question is if there will be a limit to the number of purity seals I can place on my marine.

>> No.32175386

I said could. And it's still a great danger to the game like it was in tribes.
As for purity seals other than official artworks in books marines don't always prance around in tons of them during battle. If anything
they should be limited.

>> No.32175700

>Newsletter says game will feature pets

I don't know how I feel about this.

>> No.32175740

orks don't eat

>> No.32175815

>What are squigs?

>> No.32175939

>"...All Squigs are edible, but some Squigs are specifically bred as a food source. Gretchin are responsible for cooking the Squigs, though Orks will eat raw Squig if a cook cannot be found. The rarest form of these are referred to as Juicy Squigs and require a special type of Gretchin cook. Orks reserve the eating of Face-Eating Squigs for special contests and other celebratory occasions."

>> No.32175961


>> No.32176087

If the Cain books are to be believed they also eat captive humans.

>> No.32176116

He never actually said that. It was a joke.

>> No.32176149

>Implying assblasted virgins cannot be /pol

>> No.32176159

>orks don't eat.

and now the internet is dead to me... For years people have told me that fandoms neither know or care to research their ass backwards opinions, and will incessantly moan ass backwards theories based on little more than conjecture.

I used to thing that each person deserved a voice, troll or idiot, but that each opinion could provoke thought and inspire us to intellectual discussion regardless. /tg/ a little of me has died...

>> No.32176193

Scattered throughout the fluff are also other references to them eating enemies as well as Grots and the like. Basically, aside from the standard squig diet, assume that Orks will eat anything that's edible, and many things that aren't.

>> No.32176211

>needing crosshairs to play
In my day we modded that shit out and liked it.

>> No.32176360

Ya git , yuz gonna drop da waargh cuz of da panzee dat dun know wat a month is for ? Yer feelinnz hurt ? Iz full of grots like dat.
Go ! Go waaaaghh ! And keep the choppa chopin !

>> No.32176367

see >>32175961

>> No.32176393

In earlier versions, orks didn't reproduce by spores you know

>> No.32176538

>Friendly fire
>mfw F2P Orks

This is going to be hilarious

>> No.32176587

>least armour on the most often shot and most vulnerable part of body

>> No.32176654

Even as the least armoured part of the body, it's largely immune to small arms fire, and heavier more restrictive plating would make them easier targets for slower heavier weapons that ignored then their most heavily reinforced armours.

Or do you also propose for bicycle helmets to include rigid neck and back-braces?
It'd protect from spinal injury, at the low cost of peripheral vision and occasionally overseeing 18 wheelers.

>> No.32178481

>Orkz have no dicks
There have been some instances of orks getting killed while pissing, while standing up. That's BL though, Cain specifically iirc.

>they don't even piss or shit for all we know. Stop.
Except that the ork books specifically mention that they do and that the dung pits are where the squigs grow and live. It is specifically written and described in the official lore, so yes orks do shit and piss.

>> No.32178518

>Biologically speaking there is ZERO reason to have a penis outside of reproduction.
Orks are Cockneys and quasi Football Hooligans. Of course they need to have penises, how else would they live up to the stereotype they are based on?

>> No.32178577

If you look at how most muhreen models are posed they're shooting looking over their left shoulder mostly, which means the strongest part of their armour is facing the enemy, then crouching makes sense right? So if they do crouch, the only armour you can shoot at is their strongest.

>> No.32178757

Yeah, kinda like I said here >>32172016 before we got derailed by an angry and incorrect grammar nazi.

>> No.32178784

I'm loving this steady flow of updates the devs are putting out. At such an early stage too.

It might be decidedly uncool to say, but I do quite like the people making this.

>> No.32178975

Hey, look at this guy! He thinks that your dick is what holds your legs to your body!

>> No.32179094

>least armour on the most often shot part of body
The chest?

>> No.32179322

Did you think there would be Orks but no Squigs?

>> No.32179338

downvoted and user pm'd

>> No.32179382

>SW - Fenris wolf
>UM/BA - Chapter serf
>DA - watcher in the dark

Orks - Attack squigs

Eldar - Gyrinx?

>> No.32179432



>> No.32179488

>Eldar - Gyrinx?

>> No.32179586

Pets are (as of the moment) non-combat only

>> No.32179620


>> No.32179627

Can't wait for this fucking game man, can't wait

>> No.32179649

Get lost heretic

>> No.32179701

oh damn. Now I want a story about a downed thunderhawk or something and the injured Templars limping and getting lugged by their buddies the rest of the way to the battlefront so they can all unload on the unsuspecting heretics who figured the crash would kill them.

>> No.32179738

There's also this guy, even though the blood isn't his.

>> No.32179792

Yeah they do. Energy drinks =Fizzy stay-awake.

>> No.32179819

>having such a small penis that it doesn't

>> No.32180192

>the dung pits are where the squigs grow and live

They even had official cityfighting rules in White Dwarf several years back. You know, if you're into that.

>> No.32180213

Even cats are fucking grimdark in 40k.

>> No.32180221

Looks like i'm gonna be using melee alot

>> No.32180230

>tfw I'll be driving around da boyz as a mek for the glory of Top Mek.

Sweet gork and mork it's gonna be like carting around six foot toddlers with guns.



>> No.32180304

Ive never seen any evidence that showing bones is disrespectful in china, I'm pretty sure this reason is bullshit and has more to do with the CCP dislike supernatural stuff, though I have no evidence myself.

>> No.32180343

Its like the Tau fire warriors, the shoulder is basically a giant shield when you shoot. That's the only legit explanation for giant shoulders, they're no good for melee.

>> No.32180355

As much as /tg/ bitches and whines about everything, i think the game will turn out alright and be pretty fun.

The developers seem to have their heart in the right place at least

>> No.32180382


>they have the same basic build as the Age of Reckoning Orks, but even more muscular


>> No.32180498

That's from Dark Millenium.

>> No.32180628

>not keeping your entire squad free of corruption

>> No.32180662

>Not going full Chaos.


>> No.32180753

I'll purge the shit out of you!

>> No.32180819

step aside junior

>> No.32180877

Okay, okay, lets just relax everybody, sit down and have some ribs.
In the grim darkness of the far future we still have BBQs on occasion.

>> No.32180882


>> No.32180929

Way to crash a party.

>> No.32180967

I'm just bringing pets for everyone.

>> No.32181015


>> No.32181055

you were saying?

>> No.32181088


>> No.32181118


>Professional Developers

>> No.32181129


>> No.32181191


>> No.32181518

>Orks - Attack squigs

>> No.32181560

They might have professional programmers, professional designers, and at least one professional money guy, but they don't have professional PR. Their whole plan for PR is just to be big 40k nerds and rely on their market also being big 40k nerds.

>> No.32181578

It's a joke. Get over yourselves.

>> No.32181663

There's also a lot of food related stuff in Gorkamorka, and references to squiggoths being used as food for feral tribes.

>> No.32181699


> implying Brazilians won't incorporate gloriously da Ork life
> implying Brazilians won't do exactly what 40k Orkz do
> implying fighting ork BR's won't feel exactly like fighting 40k Orkz
> implying it won't be glorious
> implying they didn't make this on purpose

Srs guys

>> No.32181706

Showing human bones outside of rituals.

As in, all those corpses covering every dungeon in wow.

>> No.32181738

Because that won't be a common sight when the f2p orks steal tanks.

>> No.32181764

Its wonderful, and I cant wait to see it.

>> No.32181797

>implying they didn't make this on purpose
They've outright said that this is why they did it this way.

>> No.32181815

> No skulls allowed.
But it's the essence of Warhammer !

>> No.32181825


I can barelly contain myself

> Lines of Black Templars stare silently at the horizon while drops of rain fall softly around them and small fires burn in the ground
> Their faces are stern, their weapons are drawn and ready to shed blood
> The ground begins to shake
> A Captain speaks "They come brothers. Give them no quarter."
> The Black Templars slam their weapons on their breastplates in acknowledgement
> On the horizon, over a hill, a mob of Orkz appear
> Soon their voices and screams become audible
> "L00T DI MONI"
> "FDP"
> They clash in glorious battle

>> No.32181849


The best thing is, the BR's will infight each other just as they'll infight the Russians.

So we get different clans of Orks all fighting one another.

I love this.

>> No.32181867

>Striking Scorpions try briefly to negotiate with Orks to get a shared offensive against SMs
>Orks willing to meet due to green and dakkaface
>"¿Hablas Español?"
>No Eldar escapes

>> No.32181868


>Friendly Fire

Magnificent, orks will balance themselves by pure infighting.

>> No.32181905

>intelligent proportions that still emphasize their largeness
why cant these guys just do the base art for the models now?

>> No.32181931

You forgot something


>> No.32181951

>Roll grot specifically to wander around

>> No.32181985


>"¿Hablas Español?"

Who says that, the ork or the eldar?

You reminded me of how the spanish translate ork slang, pretty much normal talk but replacing all Ss and Cs with Ks. When spoken it sounds almost exactly the same, it sucks.


>Nob gets swarmed by BRs who want to be boss.
>Ork offensive collapses

>> No.32181995

>that paint job

>> No.32182001


but replacing all Ss and Cs with Zs and Ks*

>> No.32182209

>Who says that, the ork or the eldar?
The Eldar. BRs speak portuguese and resent that Spanish is more of a lingua franca than their own.

>> No.32182224

They have enough rituals in Warhammer to justify that.

>> No.32182235

Isn't that because the Portuguese signed a really moronically biased treaty in favor of Spain some centuries back? Not Spain's fault they were idiots.

>> No.32182279

Not exactly. That treaty gave the Spanish the new world and gave Portugal the orient. There was no way to know at the time that the new world would be purged of its inhabitants by disease making it perfect colonization grounds for the Spaniards, nor to know that there was enough gold to make it worth more than the spices of the east.

>> No.32182284

I am hoping that they reveal some info about the Eldar soon.

>> No.32182308

They're weedy as fuck and the only faction with females. What more do you need?

>> No.32182352


I wanna know if jetbikes are in, and how boss Warlocks are gonna be.
I want to start my own jetseer gang.

>> No.32182370

get lost, NPC.

>> No.32182382



>> No.32183001


The portuguese royalty was royally butthurt after the pope decided the territories and it was later discovered that Portugal's side was nothing but sea, so both nations made their own treaty so Portugal could have a little piece of the cake.

The portuguese being excellent merchants as usual bought territory from spaniard governors (who had all the foresight of the peasants turned rulers they were) and ended up with the the whole territory of current Brazil.

Colonial South America is a neverending tale of uneducated people with power making bad decisions.

>> No.32183097

See attached image for a full explanation.

>> No.32183315

Hey, isn't that image from /tg/? Do we have an inside man?

>> No.32183558

>inside man
It's just a forum poster. The quote's a repost or from an email or something.

>> No.32183568

I thought the developers came to 4chan a while ago.

>> No.32183573

Not just when it was colonial.

>> No.32183796

I'm fucking in. We'll need some ork bikers who dress like clowns for rivals.

>> No.32184193

Wassup, Neato.

>> No.32184198

>there is friendly fire
>orks have a WAAAGH!!! meter.
>the higher the meter the more damage they output and the more damage they can take.
>The meter goes up when an ork shoots his gun or hits something with his choppa
>one orks WAAAGH!! meter can affect other orks WAAAGH!!! meter.
>shooting into the air at random makes the bar go up but not my much.
>hitting something while shooting makes the meter go up a lot faster
>even if its other orks

>> No.32184239

Game mechanic of the year, every year.

>> No.32184259

IG control entire squad of cadians when

>> No.32184277

They better have tankhammers and tankbustabombs in the game.
Enemies also better go flying when I hit them with the hammer.

>> No.32184375


Every passing moment the other factions turn less and less appealing compared to orks.

Seriously, I'm loving this. I had been thinking for a while that MMOs were making a futile effort to make their players play the game "as intended", and that doing the opposite, exploting the MMO player mindset and turn and use it as a mechanic was the answer.

The way orks are turning up is beautiful, I hope they don't fuck it up.

>> No.32184418

>See that gameplay video from a while ago
>Pretty much Space Marine turned MMO, looks neat
>Assault marine jumps into wall
>He puts his fett on the wall and jumps again

I-I don't remember being able to do that in the game.

>> No.32184604

>Buffing people by shooting your BRs
Fucking brilliant.

>> No.32184736

This is actually painful to look at

>> No.32184793

The studs don't actually provide. Pauldrons, and SM armor in general, that have those studs have it for two reasons: a long time of service with many great deeds by the armor and/or wearer, and/or the armor is designed so that its uppermost layer will take the damage and can be replaced quick and easy.

>> No.32184968

The question remains, what will they do to make other factions act like they're supposed to?

>> No.32185043

Well, given the other factions will be payed-for, I imagine there will already be an elitist vibe going on anyway.
On top of that, paying players are less likely to dick around anyway, so they'll probably either try to min-max or stay in character, which is pretty much the same thing as far as SM, CSM and Eldar are concerned.

>> No.32185059


Khorne Berserkers should be easy enough. The rest? Too much much discipline.

The most they can aim for is encourage small organized squad of friends who can actually coordinate and form a chain of command

>> No.32185111


>Minmaxers can roleplay by minmaxing
>Roleplayers can minmax by roleplaying

It was meant to be.

>> No.32185159

offer considerable stat boosts to players of the same class standing within a certain distance of one another up to a certain amount

that way you'll end up with blocks of the same unit type working together against enemy blocks of the same units

except for orks

>> No.32185163


Meant to quote >>32185043

>> No.32185300


>One member of the squad has a radar equipped
>Rest of the squad has radar only as long as they stay near that member

>> No.32185402


you'd logically try to coordinate your equipment with those around you

BUT I'd want to emphasize you sticking with people of your own class and that the bonuses only apply to members up to a certain amount

so say you're an imperial guard
you and every other pc like you standing within a certain radius of one another all get a group benefit, up to say 100 people

the 101st person in the radius doesn't get any benefits and would most likely try to go find another group

for spess muhreens the number would probably be more like 20 at most and the benefits would be much more dramatic

>> No.32185555


That, and also how it affects mixed units, like a tactical squad that gets some heavy weapons and in order for the entire squad to gain benefits they have to slow their pace, or they specialize in flamers and since they'll be aiming to get close and personal for them to be used they won't bother with long range.

>> No.32185598

oh man, I never thought about people's ability to stay within that radius being so important

that's amazing

I think this mechanic would really really help the game capture the right feel and be a unique gameplay experience

it wouldn't so much be an mmo the way they're thought of nowadays

it'd be a lot more like really BEING a single unit in a 40k army

>> No.32185645


>Slower than Space Marine
I don't like it.

What do they mean by this?

>> No.32185701


I believe it's whena unit under the ideal range of a heavy weapons unit loses speed and is therefore exposed to the barrage for longer.

>> No.32185910

They did though, they provided a stronger bond to the subpar material the heresy armour was made of. Then with the next update to the armour the material got better, but the studs were kept on the pauldron to continue to provide better protection. As of now the material armour is made of is at its best to the point where the studs no longer provide any benefit, but are still kept as a sign of seniority, as you said.

>> No.32186210

Is this true information or "wouldn't it be cool if" stuff?

>> No.32186249

Chaos is undivided only at launch.

>> No.32186251

Cool stuff.

>> No.32186313


Really? I assumed they'd make some classes based on gods, are they going to simply copypaste the Speesh Mehreens?

>> No.32186377

Well, given the mention of Warp Powers, I'd say we'll probably get something along god-based classes.

>> No.32186429

>End of 2015

Oh no. You're not getting me hyped for this for another year at least. My heart couldn't take it.

>> No.32186455

From the looks of it they have focused on legions that are undivided to allow individuals to choose how they want to go and allowing each legion to benefit from all the gods.
This helps with the fact that they appear to not want major game changing differences between sub factions and if each legion was dedicated to a specific god it would really change the mechanics between each legion if they wanted to properly represent the differences between say world eaters and 1k sons.

That said there is still the customer chosen faction and the possibilities for expansions if the game does well enough, but on launch they appear to want to make sure every has as many options as they can have.

>> No.32186646

> how they think they are communicating with people from other countries
> how they are actually communicating

>> No.32187046

No, undivided legions will get abilities from the chaos gods, you just won't be limited to only one set. So I guess you could be a "khorne berserker" in that you'd take only khorne powers, but it probably won't be optimal until they figure out how to do semi-friendly factions like with rival chaos gods.

>> No.32187156


Aren't most single god groups just small warbands that work as mercenaries sometimes?

It shouldn't be a problem for Khorne berserkers, noise marines and sorcerers to be employed by an undivided legion.

>> No.32187299

I expect every ork to be going huehuehue now

>> No.32187365

>not seeing that it's two rhinos colliding head on

>> No.32187407

I was hoping for ork luchadores

>> No.32187412


>GW doesn't understand that HUEHUEHUE is just a thing that shitty BRs do, and mistakes it for something that the ork community came up with on their own
>Orks now canonically go "HUEHUEHUEHUE" in addition to "WAAAAGH"
> GW legitimately thinks of this as "A nod to the fans"

Pls no

>> No.32187532

>>Britian/English people don't know how English works

They invented the language, it means what it means in Britain, any other way of taking it/definition is wrong because of retardation and no other people on earth other than the English fully understanding how the English language words.

>> No.32187567

A bit too obvious, sorry. It's a good premise but your delivery fell just short of being believable.
I'll give you a 6/10.

>> No.32187636

How a language works is based entirely on the popular opinion of the majority of people who use it. Kind of like how you can be right about something in a group, but you still end up getting kicked out because nobody likes admitting they're blatantly wrong. It's all subjective at this point, and the general consensus of the majority dictates what is truly right and wrong, regardless of whatever appropriately-structured, logically-sound argumentative points you have thought out. Ain't life a shit?

>> No.32187656

in most games, a sniper rifle can kill in one hit to the torso, whereas other weapons take a few hits to the chest to kill. A sniper rifle that can kill in one shot via hip firing or not aiming would be, in short, bullshit in a video game in terms of balance.
In terms of realism, yes, it would work. I'm kinda pissed off that in games sniper rifles can't be used as bolt action rifles without scopes, as the slow time between shots is just as good a balance as any but lately video game designers can't into weapons and don't seem to understand things, IE, a shot to the head with a pistol would kill outright, not just "hurt more".

short version, it's balance. the idea of guns in modern games is:
Light machine guns/belt fed guns: High damage and ammo capacity, slow as fuck movement and reload speed leaving you open.
Sub machine guns: Weak, but accurate, fast rate of fire and movement speed, designed to let you get in close to use the weapon as a close assault weapon.
Assault Rifles: accurate at longer ranges, not as good up close as a sub machine gun, not as good at range as a sniper. Supposed to be a "middle of the road" weapon.
Shotguns: massive damage up close, not as good at range (NOT "duh buckshot stops hitting anything at 10 feet)
This is all in terms of balance, by the way, not realism. THIS is how they're meant to work in games for balance reasons.
Sadly, game designers are fucking morons lately, so sub machine guns and assault rifles can kill god, the other types of weapons can go rot in the corner.


>> No.32188004

One problem is that you cannot really make longer guns to be unwieldy in close quarters because the player lacks body awareness so it would feel extremely annoying whrn the barrel gets stuck somewhere.

>> No.32188188

What Eldar pathways are confirmed? I better be able to perform The Joys of Melta...

>> No.32188416

>pls gibe dakka

>> No.32188528


DoD had one-shot kill scopeless bolt action as the primary gun for the nazi team

Americans had the garand, semi auto 2 shot kill 5 shot clip fast reload

All weapons required aiming though.

>> No.32188667

I can't wait

>> No.32190669

> (NOT "duh buckshot stops hitting anything at 10 feet)
But that's not...
>adly, game designers are fucking morons lately, so sub machine guns and assault rifles can kill god, the other types of weapons can go rot in the corner.
Yep. That's right.
I can tell you why. Game development is totally soulless now, unless you're a lucky indie.
All the people who are good at design and programming aren't designing and programming games; they're doing business software instead because it's EASIER and it pays a FUCKTON more, and isn't really at the whim of publishers and shareholders who suck the fun out of it.

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