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Can we talk about the fucking King of the Monsters? Because I just got out of the theater, and my dick will never be the same. So, /tg/, this is a thread about the one and only. Stat him in your game. Talk about your favorite kaiju system. Just sit with me and bask in the glory of it all. I don't care. The movie was a masterpiece, and reminded me of everything I've loved about Him since I was three years old.

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>Can we talk about the fucking King of the Monsters?

No, not a king.

A god.

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Has anybody played this game? I keep seeing it at my FLGS and I've been wondering if it's worth the fifty moneys.

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The way some people feel about Jesus? That's how I feel about Godzilla. I openly wept tears of joy in the theater. The first time you hear that roar, the first time you see the blue glow, the first time you see the two titans clash... it was a religious experience.

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So how is that movie? My mother wants to go see it.

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I've wondered the same. It has Gigan in it, it can't be all bad, right?

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i prefer the 98 one.

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Don't spoil the story, but the MUTO in the previews has looked, honestly, a little bit meh to me. How does it do in action? And are the kaiju origin stories stupid, or do they do okay? Do they stick with "Godzilla is a nuclear engine of death?"

I'm going to see it tomorrow, but I don't want this hype to disappoint me.

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I prefer the looks of Zilla but this Godzilla looks great and has the badass factor that Zilla lacks.

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Fuck Godzilla. Ghidorah was here.

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As a casual moviegoer who's just looking for a cinematic experience? It's better than a lot of movies. The thing to remember is that Godzilla's origins are, essentially, as a disaster movie. The titanic throwdowns are fun and all, but ultimately Godzilla was originally less a character and more a plot device. And as a disaster movie, it does its job well. It focuses on one family, and there are moments of both great sadness and great joy.

As a fanboy of over two decades, it was absolutely sublime. The "obligatory" Godzilla moments - emerging from the water, The Roar, The Fire, The Fight, are all there but it never feels like Edwards is doing them because they Must Be Done. He's clearly very passionate about the subject matter, and even the visual redesign feels like a modern tribute to an idea that evolving technology had rendered, frankly, a little silly. They got rid of the POWER PECS and MUSCLE BULGES of the original Godzilla and opted for something that feels, for lack of a better word, more solid. He moves like a sumo wrestler now, rather than a dude in a suit.

tl;dr it's worth at least one watch for everyone, but if you have any love at all for Godzilla, or for disaster movies, or for giant monsters, it's worth paying actual real life money for.

You funny guy. I kill you last.

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I can't hear you over the sound of your silly wire-operated puppet heads.

I've not played it, but I've heard reviews that the game has a good core to it. It just struggles on some of the minutiae.

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Honestly, they don't spend overmuch time on the origin stories. "Blah blah prehistoric monsters, blah blah woken up by nukular radiation," standard fare. The only tweest is (and you learn this I guess a third of the way through the movie?) that the Hydrogen Bomb tests of the '50s and on were less about testing bombs and more about trying to fucking kill Godzilla.

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What was that giant monster battles system they used to have threads for every once in a while? The one where people were generating monsters and then having dice+whatever roll-offs to fight with?

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>Spoilering something that's explained in the trailers
I'm almost disappointed

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Oh, I didn't watch all the trailers so I didn't know. I wanted to keep all the surprises fresh for when I saw the movie.

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If you give the Tarrasque a Con damage aura (to represent mad radiation) and a breath weapon with absurd damage, you can use him as Godzilla in your epic D&D games. Oh, and Wish and Miracle and the like don't do shit to him, because he is a God in his own right.

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"Don't use atomic weapons against MUTO, it's bad news!"
"Shut up, Serizawa, nobody likes you."
Monster eats bombs

We didn't listen.

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you would also need to give the tarrasque a bunch of levels of monk.

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I need that. Like 5 weeks ago.

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Silly Japanese and their aversion to nukes!

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Godzilla has always been about man-made disasters, it does it pretty well.

Also it could have worked if they were allowed to detonate beforehand. They even say the bomb that tried to kill godzilla was only a few hundred kilotons and that modern weapons make it look like a firecracker.

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Dude, cartoon Zilla was better than movie Zilla. Cartoon Zilla brought back the fire breath and the invulnerability of Zilla. And that's fucking awesome.

8:15 AM, August 6th, 1945.

I got chills.

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Just to make this thread more related to /tg/.

Does anybody else want a Godzilla playmat for their weakling tcgs? Cuz i do

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I feel like that's totally missing the point. The difference is an order of magnitude, yes, but I really don't think it would have changed anything. Any time you say nothing could survive that about Godzilla, you're wrong.

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So I saw this yesterday and my brother and I discussed the lifecycle of the Muto, they seem to follow a three stage lifecycle, Parasitic Pupa, cocoon and then big fuckoff bugs. Anyone notice anything else interesting about that?

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In a oWoD vampire game GM creates many giant monsters created by Tzimisce, they weren't as big as Godzilla, they were house sized monsters that were supposed to be too strong to be taken alone.

Too bad that they still take aggravated damage from fire... I killed many of them with incendiary bombs.

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Well we will will never know, because they never managed to detonate them anyway because Muto picked it up and put it in the middle of San Diego with an analogue timer. Chances are that it would have killed them and their babies from sheer physical force negating the problem anyway. Only downside is the loss of human life.

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I was traumatized by a moth as a child and while I don't fear them, moths are fucking gross. This one is puke inducing.

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It almost assuredly would have, the bomb would have had more force behind it than Godzilla's breath weapon, and the babies died to fire.

Was anyone else disappointed by the lack of a stinger i was hoping for Anguirus

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Moths are the best fucking insect to exist and kawaii as fuck, unlike ugly ass butterflies.

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I just don't like stuff walking on me. Aside of that I like arthropods

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All insects are the Great Satan

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For anyone who hasn't seen it, Imax/equivalent or bust. The sound quality/volume makes a huge fucking difference. 3d can shove off, as usual.

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Except the children would have been drinking the delicious juicy nuclear energy from the bomb if left unmolested. The timer would have run out. The explosive charge in the bomb, plus the gas tanker, might have killed the eggs but it wouldn't have done shit to the MUTOs.

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Naw. Moths are cunts. Always flying up in your face. You don't know me, moth. You don't know me.

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except it took the other Mutos thousands of years to pupate and they had like 27 minutes when they got to the timer anyway... so no.

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Problem with that idea, the eggs clearly weren't absorbing energy at a rate sufficient to stop a detonation, as the nuke still goes off as Ford blacks out

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As a man who works until the darkest hours of the night, moths can right fuck off away from my porch light.

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It didn't take them that long to *hatch*. They went dormant in cocoons until they got woken up and detected a plentiful food source. Remember, radiation didn't cause them to wake up, it nourished them.

They were only near it for, what, twenty minutes? They started the timer on the boat. Muto got it later. Then it took a while to get the nest set up. And when the army got it, it had 27 minutes left.

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>"skip it, I don't care, it's lame."

Literally the best improvement to his designs since original inception, Special effects reaching heights unattained from previous films and I'd argue even some post ones too. He fights a fucking AIR TANK (pic related shit was cash).

Totally fucking mediocre, must watch only if braised off hemp-pies; not really for TRUE FANS, like "us."

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You seem to have issues with coherent thoughts, and are incomprehensible as a result.

I didn't write it, and disagree with parts, but it's well thought and formatted and thus saved/posted

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Stoked out of my mind to see this movie. Going to get the whole crew together and do it Imax this coming week.

Pic was my favorite kaiju game. I wish I'd played more of it. Need to find people who still have minis.

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The MUTOs look much better in action.

Godzilla really isn't the villain or even particularly destructive in this one. He's a force of nature, to be sure, but it's the MUTOs that are the the malevolent ones.

The movie moves a bit slowly early on and you get blue balled with the early fights, but the final throw down is fucking amazing.

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The real reason why Godzilla went to Unite States this time.

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My least favorite aspects of this were Godzilla "accidentally" saving main/known characters repeatedly.

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>understands that 3D is fucking retarded and a toy at best
You are a good person.

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It is a repost from an earlier thread. He fucked it up but the hidden joke is still funny the first time.


That game is pure titties on wheels. I miss the everlovingfuck out of it and still pray that one day PP will realize the error of their ways and do a revival.

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I like 1985 because it's the only other Gojira movie I know of that's not SUPA MONSTA SMASH BROS. I was honestly hoping, when G2014 was announced, that it would be another "Just Godzilla" movie, and that the brawls would be saved for the sequels. So, yeah, I definitely disagree with that part of the guide.

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I shelled out for 3d because I wanted to see the Godzilla redesign in every possible light. I'm gonna go see it in glorious 2d master race this weekend.

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First thought: Giant Mech having sex with Godzilla.

That which has been seen, can not be unseen.

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>tfw only playing in 3D imax and refuse to see it in the shitstain theater
>the other theater literally has a shitstain on many of the seats
>must have been a reach-program outting

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I also saw it in 3d, but only because the first Imax showing was 3d, and i wasn't going to miss the vast sound quality/volume that comes with it

Also, people cheered twice in my theatre, and seemed disgruntled once

>First full Godzilla roar
>Spines lighting up into full Atomic Breath
>lack of stinger

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Go to bed, Dia. You need to practice your typing tomorrow.

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We cheered three times.
> first roar
> blue spikes

I started all three cheers. There was also a decent round of applause for the first kill.

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Mon poc needs a comback, like damn. Picking sides in the ultimate giant monster showdown, bodyslamming the opposing force into buildings for massive damage all while a tank gunline re-positions to launch their salvo of ammunition. If you don't think that's the tightest shit, then get out of my face.

>no more blindboxing
>make canned tourney packs for organized play
There, I fucking solved your terrible marketing dilemma, PriPress.

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If I could I would.

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Zilla > Godzilla
More realistic design, scarier interaction with humanity, and demonstrably more intelligent.

>> No.32152639

Some people did make some noise for the kills, but i think they felt awkward when it wasn't responded to like the first roar/breath were.

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he gets it

I still love the commercial for it too

Rather timely at this moment, if I should say so
and who doesn't love 80s music roll?

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Every time this troll comes out, I chuckle.

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Can't go that far yet because have not seen this, but I FULL support '98 G-man. I loved the design and the movie itself get a terrible wrap, even though not every toho Godzilla movie laid a golden egg themselves .

you can stop calling him Zilla, that's just promoting the xenophobic disdain towards an awesome iteration of Nippon's precious national hero.

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Zilla is his canon name. He was in Final Wars.

>> No.32152830

No, it's Zilla because he's no god in '98. even the japs refer to '98 as Zilla.

>> No.32152834

When Godzillas creator bought the rights to "Zilla" then put him in final war to get beat up in less than ten seconds and referred to as a "Tuna eater" I feel that he doesn't deserve to be called Godzilla. Honestly though I liked the 98 movie and cartoon series, he just ain't GODzilla.

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Oh, Jesus do I eve wish MonPoc would make a comeback. Somehow I suspect that PP got fucked in the fine print when they signed the movie rights away, so that they're unable to put out new sets until the movie comes out, which will never happen because the movie rights were only bought so that someone could sit on them while Pacific Rim/Godzilla got made.

Zilla's monster design is fucking awesome. It's much cooler and more agile looking. Even with that said - Zilla's movie is fucking shitty.

>> No.32152858

"We didn't really expect him to do any good anyway..."

also keep pondering running some kaiju game or another... maybe slack-ass Pacific Rim knockoff (extra cheese), or something where players are colossal monsters who keep saving the earth/city (often by accident) if I could keep that going somehow

>> No.32152863

I've played it. Needs some house ruling to make the rules clearer, but over all, a great game, especially with 3 or 4 players in a slug fest.

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No it isn't his canon name. Canonically Final Wars and '98 do not co-exist in the same universe. That joke-death was nothing more than TOHO venting steam over the whole thing so they can feel good about themselves and go "OH HO HO, SO BAD MONSTER!".

In the script, posters and even the fucking cartoon (which is a continuation of that movie) all refer to and title him GODZILLA.

How numbskulled do you have to be?

>FW shill
Never mind

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Copyright says otherwise.

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>people liking 98 'zilla' movie
I have I walked into an alternate dimension?
It was fine as it's own thing, but just terrible as a Godzilla movie.

Fortunately, new movie addresses and steps on every single thing that was an issue with that one.
It was glorious.

There is some serious fridge logic regarding some technology issues and such in the new one, but the monsterS (oh fuck yes monsters plural) are awesome- and that is the important part.

>> No.32152956

Did you guys ever check this out? Probably won't see the new movie for a few days, and I have high hopes for it being amazing, but it will be hard to beat Half Century War for recent Godzilla offerings.

>> No.32152963

That's not retroactive, shithead. They didn't own the right then, so how the hell can they eretta his name?

That's like someone saying the MOS Supes origin story is now officially fucking canon and everyone can forget about everything that isn't
>baby trees
>putting the worst kind of war criminals in the safest place while the rest of the world implodes

>> No.32152971

I, also, liked the Broderick effort.

>> No.32152980

Wow, hated so hard they killed the copyright and changed it.
It is literally legally Zilla now.

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>> No.32152989

get stuffed, toho-nation fag, not everyone has a cookie cutter officially sanctioned opinion on films

I can say final wars is the most boring and convoluted piece of fuck story they have ever done, and I have examples to support my opinion, but it doesn't make it a fact.

this is a fucking fact

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;__; come here and I will hug you

>> No.32153028

Godzilla the cartoon?


>> No.32153034


you're saying whoever has the most money can nameshit whatever they what?

That doesn't change anything, that person will get royalties for those names but I am not bound by law to support that decision.

>> No.32153045

> two tails
> CR a measly 28
I'd still use him.

>> No.32153047

Things get retconned all the time, even when the film was first released the Toho response was basically
>well those Americans might THINK its godzilla...

And toho own the copyright and retconned his name. It is canon.

>> No.32153055

The best Godzilla comic there is out there right now. A must read for any Godzilla fan.

>> No.32153057

every fuckin time

>> No.32153065

When you own something you get to name it, yes.

>> No.32153098

The MUTO's first stage seems to live underground too.

>> No.32153162

It's so weird. Old Toho Godzilla - Awesome movies, shitty cartoon. New American Godzilla, crappy movie, fucking awesome cartoon.


>> No.32153168

What part of the phrase "kaiju world wars" doesn't seem worth fifty dollars to you? I don't really understand why you're even asking this.

>> No.32153178


My point is you can call it by it's toho stamp sealed name or not, but that movie isn't magically going to be edited with the brand name. Not especially when hapan wouldn't touch that IP with YOUR dick; they only bought it to put it in the darkest closet possible and ensure it never resurfaces again.

I hope beargoji is fucking amazing, but whatever happens I cannot prepare myself for the "I WAS ALWAYS A GODZILLA FAN, SAVE FOR THAT POS FIRST ONE. LOL FUCK ZILLA"

>> No.32153192

this is the best godzilla comic out now and then

Art Adams is the fucking MAN, and that monster he fought was sick.

>> No.32153197

Were I to assume that you weren't trolling, I would have to assume that you were a young lad in 1998 and had never seen Godzilla film before, you built it up as the raddest thing ever, and then got super-butthurt when kids at school told you it sucked and that you liking it was terrible. You latched on to it though, you held your counter contempt close to your heart, made it part of your personal gospel, and decreed no- they were the ones that were the ball lickers.

It was actually only passable as a movie on it's own. The cartoon was rad though, and involved a lot of things that would have made for great movies. WORLDS better than that other Godzilla cartoon.

But the movie just missed every single note possible in comparison to Godzilla.
Too small, too iguana and not dinosaur, no atomic hubris, no other monsters, no fighting other monsters, and could be hurt by mankind (perhaps the gravest sin of all Seriously wtf).

This is a fucking fact.

Also, Aliens 3 & 4 don't exist.
Companies can and do change things.
Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, but the changes are still real.

>> No.32153202

Which would be fine if it was true, but they DID re-use the IP twice now, once in a comic, albeit not the good one, and once in Final Wars.
Both incarnations used Zilla as his official name.

>> No.32153203

You can get 3d -> 2d conversion glasses. Hell, you can make them easily enough.

>> No.32153208

Didn't read the thread, but are there really people out there who don't give 1954 Godzilla the proper respect?

>> No.32153225

> tfw I never realized it was made by the same fuckers who made Scooby fucking Doo

>> No.32153243

Some people avoid trailers for just that reason.

>> No.32153251

But is it even in print to order? I meant that you could go out and buy it from a store right now.

>> No.32153252

Not 1954 Godzilla, King of the Monsters. Godzilla, the Matthew Broderick movie from the late nineties.

>> No.32153255

>you can buy shit and flavour it like real food and eat it again
But why the fuck would anyone do that? Just be patient or sit through you ill-considered decision to eat shit.

>> No.32153266

As much as I like M. Broderick, and as much as the movie wasn't terribly bad taken on its own, it seriously does not hold a candle to Godzilla in any of its incarnations.

>> No.32153289

I actually really like Jean Reno, Leon/The Professional being my favorite movie, but that Godzilla movie was an abomination.

>> No.32153322

Nope, I'm 27 and my first godzilla movie ever was Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla, so I know what a good japanese G film is all about. That bullshit about me lulling myself into defending it? No. It is still a fun movie, the design is still well thought out and very interesting to watch run amok because of how articulated it is. The acting is not oscar material but can you really defend acting in old kaiju movies? Yes, you can, but the examples are the exception, not the rule. I think it's all of these people who went to the movie expecting to get THE EXACT SAME THING they knew and dearly loved that got so visibly upset enough to make it a part of their rhetoric to sling shit it's way any time it was brought up. They can still feel entiled to the fact it wasn't a traditional Godzilla movie, I won't deny them that - but I don't care when I'm told to call him Zilla, that shit is inflammatory and unnecessary and they know it.

I like that you're telling me what you don't like about it as a Godzilla movie, that's all valid stuff; but it doesn't make any of my points invalid either.

>> No.32153332

>that Godzilla movie was an abomination
That's how I felt when I saw it in theatres, but I've learned to... forgive and forget, I guess. If this movie is any good, the healing process will be complete.

>> No.32153344

One of the things I liked, having watch it twice now, I'm relatively certain we can take 'accidentally' off the table too. He goes out of the way to take shots that would have killed a lot of people several times, and not once strikes out at humans or their machines. Only breaking the bridge when staggering back through it as he gets shelled. When all is done, he just fucks off again, back to the deep. Godzilla is a bro.

>> No.32153357

fair enough, but it is heavily circulated since they did multiple reissues - this IS worth tracking down, I promise

>> No.32153366

Suppose it could just be fanboy buthurt, but even at his human friendliest he wouldn't bother to do the shit in this movie, he felt like Godzilla with Mothra's mindset here.

>> No.32153396

Interesting, it seems I have watched only the Showa era movies without realizing it. Well, Showa era and Mothra movies.

>> No.32153400

> that shit is inflammatory and unnecessary
I'm not the folks you've been talking to, but it's conveniently different terminology to differentiate something that you yourself recognize is importantly different. What do you object to, that the traditional Godzilla gets the traditional name, and the new Godzilla that was largely disliked gets the alternate name (that you largely dislike)? You can continue to call him Godzilla, you can call him anything you want after all, just like you can call oxygen phlogisten if you really want. You'll just be out of step with both the fan community and the official lore.

Choosing to continue to do so seems like you relish the opportunity to confuse people every time you mention it, and furthermore look forward to the soapbox of explaining your deviation from the norm every time, in every conversation.

>> No.32153404

You obviously never saw the 80's cartoon

>> No.32153414

I'll see if I can get my hands on it. I just like Half Century War because there's been a rash of really shitty Godzilla comics and its SO much better then those have been.

>> No.32153417

I got a lot of vibes of the '54 Godzilla and Edwards' earlier film, Monsters from the new Godzilla. Ultimately a pretty good movie.

>> No.32153441

Never did in fact, although i have seen some scenes from that Japanese super hero show that featured Godzilla as an occasional sidekick.

>> No.32153501

>> No.32153558


Look on ye mighty and despair

>> No.32153585

I am not just one guy, there are others that would pose a similar argument.

This official lore stuff is what grates my fucking ass. It's a movie that existed in time and space as a Godzilla movie, it was a notion conceived AFTER the fact to flip turn the pr machine against. Now they can both lock down the rights to the redheaded stepchild of their lord and savior & make fun of themselves to distance their approval of 'their' creation.

It's a shit coverup for something they regret OKing to begin with, and that is canon.

>> No.32153597

That's the thing though, when you take on a license, you have to do it justice, not just 'do your own thing'. There are expectations that have to be met.

To do otherwise makes one the likes of Uwe Boll and Michael Bay.
No, that's too harsh, take Uwe Boll off that, he's not as bad as Michael Bay.

>> No.32153603


Doctor Tatopoulos, you're trying to seduce me.

But other than that, Based Adelaide.


>> No.32153624


It's a common practice in any media with an extensive library.

>> No.32153679

This one does feel more.. emphatic? and human savvy, like the trick making them focus on his tail in the water thinking it was the main body while he swam past the ships. Speaking of ships, there's him not bothering the fleet escorting him around in close formation either. And I swear he _knows_ things. Strangely ..I liked that..

>> No.32153722

It's not a coverup, it's a name. Like the clock tower in London is called Big Ben. No one's arguing with the fact that they made that piece of shit as a Godzilla movie, it just has a special way to refer to it now.

It really doesn't matter how many people make the argument. All name changes take place after the thing originally had a different name. That's just how it works, bro.

>> No.32153746

It worked fine for this one movie, but if/when they make more, it would be awkward for certain Kaiju Confrontationsbest name for a new Kaiju based PNP btw, particularly Mothra, the Defender of the Earth.
The closest movie to the new one in terms of how Godzilla acts is Godzilla vs Hedorah, but even then he wasn't so... careful

>> No.32153770

Nigga's old.
Old people are chill and savvy like that.

yfw the Divine Wind that wrecked the mongol fleets was the big G

>> No.32153784

>That's the thing though, when you take on a license, you have to do it justice, not just 'do your own thing'.
God, it makes me so angry when people do that; the worst offender probably being pic related.

>> No.32153789

YFW Godzilla destroyed Atlantis
YFW Godzilla destroyed the Spanish armada
YFW Godzilla ate the Lost Legion
This is almost as fun as Bucky Did It.

>> No.32153793

I used to watch this on Cartoon Network a lot when I was a kid.

I always wondered why this team of scientists not only had a means of calling Godzilla, but why Godzilla bothered to follow them around. Or why Godzilla didn't looked like Godzilla and breathed fire rather than Atomic death rays.

>> No.32153799

Expectation, sure, but it's artistic liberties. Do I agree with every batman film? Fun no. Should they not exist? No to that either, because sometimes what I wanted and what surprised me as being very good are not the same thing.

>Michael Bay
There's an excellent example of an IP completely malformed but bizzaro-successful. I personally loathe the film, but I know lots of people who enjoy them - and I would be painted as a complete dick and ostracized for standing up for the original by those people, which is a bizarro-my position on 98. However I don't try to say how wrong Mike is, even though I know it, I instead offer to enlighten them on the source material and suggest a better alternative to his. Yes, I don't think they shouldn't exist either, he can do what he wants. Hopefully somone comes along later (doubtful) and tries to do some more traditional films - I would like that I guess, but who knows? Ideas change, and shit, man. New Goji happened, and I hope that it'll keep happening because something is always better than nothing.

I don't support Bay's TF as canon obviously, and I understand he doesn't own the right; but if he hypothetically did... would you enforce flappy lips and piss-ports are now standard on every Autobot?

>> No.32153805


Godzuki bothered me more

Fucking Godzuki

>> No.32153824

Godzilla followed them around without pulling any shit because they were holding his retarded son hostage.

Also fire breath is more kid friendly than atomic breath?

>> No.32153825

I got the sense that this Godzilla was the most apathetic towards humanity in general. He doesn't bother the fleet of ships following him because he doesn't give a shit. He seems more carefully around our buildings because he's not out to actively destroy it. He's a predator on the hunt, and we're just the flies buzzing around his head.

>> No.32153859

That was how i took it at first, but he kept saving people for no reason. I actually like the way the Muto's were handled in regards to humans though, they treated the city like a giant forest, and ignored the humans until they pissed them off.

>> No.32153889


>> No.32153895

I have a question for the Godzilla experts in this thread. What is his laser breath made of?

It's been atomic in some versions, but in this one that seems unlikely because of the muto's stated immunity to radiation. Is it just pretty blue fire? I wouldn't mind if it was.
So, what goes?

>> No.32153913


One of the first Godzilla movies I saw had manila in it, and the English dub called him Godzuki, so I kind of accepted he was there, even if I didn't like it.

>> No.32153948

Not very surprising, up until about ten years ago the Heisei series was difficult to find unless you knew where to look.

>> No.32153954

I get the concept of retroactive continuity, I do, but when an idea is changed it doesn't erase the original, it pretends it doesn't exist instead. Fine, sure, a turd by any other name smell as sweet, cool... But Final Wars takes place in a universe that isn't even the least bit congruent with the 98 film. It's a dystopia future setting where THE BEST PARTY obviously won and there are flying submarines loaded with gay marines running around punching kaiju and asking if someone forgot to bring the butter. That is a far far bigger stretch to connect those to dots than purely it's name. Can you see my point even a little, or is this just talking to a brick-wikipage?

>> No.32153958

I always liked the 98 design. It's really the writing and characters that drags it down. If they just disregarded most of the characters and made the movie more about Jean Reno it would have been better.

>> No.32153964

It's raw radiation.

Literally plasma

Pure energy

>> No.32153980


had to do it

>> No.32153985


But that's wrong, the Castle Bravo test that they referenced as being the one they detonated on him was the largest atomic bomb America ever detonated, the first hydrogen bomb, and 15 megatons.


If Godzilla survived Castle Bravo, there's not a lot aside from just full-on saturation strike that's likely to stop him.

>> No.32154000

listing to this while looking at
makes me fucking lawl, I'm sorry

>> No.32154001

>It's been atomic in some versions, but in this one that seems unlikely because of the muto's stated immunity to radiation.

Muto isn't immune to radiation they just metabolize it, much like godzilla himself. I would think that the sheer heat would fuck most shit up but also keep in mind that even water can kill a human if they have to much of it.

>> No.32154020

It seems that way, but you'll notice all those attacks where he saved people were also times when one MUTO or another was making itself vulnerable. Any time the camera focused on just one monster, you could be raisinably certain one of the other monsters was about to come in with a suplex.

MUTO is immune to radiation. It is not immune to gas heated to the point of a thermonuclear reaction. Godzilla's breath is basically a pinpoint hydrogen bomb detonation. In some of the novelizations, he's even described as having an organ in his chest that's basically a biological nuclear reactor.

>> No.32154041

Alright, I'd like to take a moment for the only serious flaw area of the movie, which can largely be ignored since it doesn't directly involve the monsters.
Technology and EMPs. Shit is not turning back on again after an EMP, particularly not one strong enough to knock out military hardware (which is hardened against that). Not just not turning back on magically and functionally after a few moments, not turning back on again EVER- shit has to be replaced. Hell, one of those 1950s detonations in the -south- pacific MELTED copper power lines in Honolulu.
Speaking of detonations, nukes have an EMP two.. and fall out, and how the heck did that boat get far enough away in 13 minutes? For that matter, how did the helicopter find him, hoist him aboard, and get far enough away to not be dead in 3 minutes? Why was he not permanently blinded from seeing the blast?
As far as bringing the power back and restarting the engine on along with the autopilot, I'll just assume Godzilla did that with Godzilla Magic.

All that though, that is just nitpicking. Focusing on it would be stupid and might just be 'how things work in that reality'. Movies are like that with 'small details'.
Details like a wrecked unbroken tanker that most have been full of nitroglycerin. Hollywood loves the enormous explosive power of leaking petrol, and we can't start getting butthurt about that now.

However, there is one thing that does actually annoy me: Disarming the nuke. One guy tries to tug it open, no further attempt by a dozen strong men to open the casing. The 'get it to a boat plan', instead of 'just break the damn thing' as plan B. It isn't fucking boobytrapped, and nukes aren't volatile or unstable. Also, could have just shot the gears and broke the timer, or just stuck a hand grenade in the gap if you have to be thorough. That's the only thing that annoys me, 'cause that wasn't even fridge logic, I was noticing that right at the time.

>> No.32154052

I think the difference in viewpoint stems from the fact that i enjoy comics. Comics are retconned
ALL. THE. FUCKING. TIME. You learn to get over it. Getting retconned doesn't make something good bad, it just means that it is no longer canon. Zilla is a canon monster, and Final Wars even references a specific scene from '98, which means that Godzilla '98 is, at least in some form, canon, and that the monster was always canonically Zilla, despite what the people in the movie say.

You can enjoy non-canon works all you want, Red Son is damned good for example. It doesn't mean that I should go around claiming Superman is Russian.

>> No.32154067

At least Uwe Boll does it on purpose. Michael Bay probably thinks he does nothing wrong.

>> No.32154078

I recognized the EMP thing, but just assumed that by "emp" they meant "field that interferes with the function of electronics" because Hollywood.

The tanker I just assumed set off the explosives in the missile that would have triggered the thermonuclear detonation because, again, hollywood.

And I thought they were all tugging on the missile in that scene. At least a few of them.

>> No.32154093

Can it be worse than that the live-action one?
Though, while I like Miyazaki, having people hugging on the cover already sends up red flags.
'Tales of', is it just unrelated stories from the same setting? That could be ok. Maybe.

>> No.32154094

Those aren't story ideas, Mr. Bay. Those are special effects.

> I don't know the difference.

We know you don't.

>> No.32154100

the terminal shock zone of a nuke is pretty easy to escape in a helicopter that is flying 400k's an hour

>> No.32154105

>Michael Bay's Transformers
>Tales of Earthsea
I cant decide which of these is worse.

>> No.32154111

But he's not NOT Russian either, is he?

And RED SON is the jam, dude. I've got a Bats figure floating around in my collection somewhere...

But yeah, comics are retconned in the same way - though you don't consider that continuity vanishing nor the fact that even though the story was about a Ruskie Supes, they now say it is American Supes (even though nothing else changed) (and just to use your example). It is something that exists compartmentally, like every Godzilla Movie has unless obviously tied into one another. GMK was using well established characters in different light/style - I loved it personally, because it was fresh but still familiar.

Anyway, I'm literally bloodshot and my tonsillitis is collapsing my throat now that I'm denying it a proper healing process, so goodnight.

>> No.32154114

Dude other than the fact that the movie gave me blue battle balls with every single fight for 90% of the fucking film, the last 10% of the movie made me fucking mess my pants repeatedly.

>> No.32154127

I think they made everyone white despite the books having most of the people being black or at least very tanned.

>> No.32154131

Also a fair way to look at it. He gave no fucks, that is certain.

>> No.32154144

To be fair most military and even civilian equipment are designed to counter powerful EMP and the method to do so is as simple as an iron cage. So they really shouldn't be shutting down at all, at most it would block radio transmission and only briefly.

However I will grant you The tanker scene is total hollywood, but actually is important to the plot or the MUTO probably would have just curbstomped big G to death.

You are completely right about the bomb scene and I think that is mostly because people think nukes are extremely volatile when in reality they are probably safer to handle than conventional explosive given that you need conditions "just so" before you can start the reaction. They could have literally blown it up with plastic explosive and other than possible and, extremely limited radiation exposure, nothing would actually happen.

>> No.32154179

I thought we had an understanding, /tg/? And now you pay homage to some pretender, some new 'king' of monsters?

>> No.32154192

Yeah, they really coulda just jammed a fucking hand grenade in the case, pulled the pin, and scarpered. Wreck the timer, prevent the reaction.

>> No.32154198

More that Uwe doesn't care enough to strive for accuracy, while Michael Bay just hates everything about what you loved and actively wants to do his own thing. Alien Amphibian Action Team script being even considered shows it even more strongly than his TF stylings.

>> No.32154211

>live-action one
Tell me more, though it may aggravate my heart condition. As for the animated version, I watched it expecting a full adaptation, but beyond the name of the titular character and the inclusion of what can loosely be considered magic... it was terrible. I grit my teeth and watched the whole thing, and once again after a while, unconvinced that it could be that bad. It was that bad. I looked into it and Miyazaki-san gave it to his then-untested son Goro, who completely ruined the project. It is unredeemable both as a stand-alone piece and as an adaptation. It basically bears no relation to the Earthsea series beyond what's already been covered, and is a poorly conceived and executed work. Maybe if they had taken a minor character and placed them in some remote part of the world that was poorly defined, but no. I haven't thought of this in years and I'm seething with rage right now in my old age.

>> No.32154235

>But he's not NOT Russian either, is he?
You are delusional.

>> No.32154245

The funny part isThey dont even need to be that delicate, they could literally blow up the warhead and it still wouldn't go off. Nukes need a precise series of specific reactions at specific times in specific places to actually work.

>> No.32154249

Go back to your wyvern cave.

>> No.32154275

Dragons and Wyverns are the same thing and movie Smaug was awesome.

>> No.32154281

That thing was a train wreck. Le Guin was so politic about it too, and I feel for her. She gave the okay for the project because of Hayao's track record and the Studio's reputation for quality animation, insightful and imaginative treatments and overall quality - and they hand it to a first-time director.

>> No.32154287

Think it was an old Sci-Fi channel mini-series, I recall catching part of one and avoiding it forevermore.

>> No.32154293

You realize smaug wouldn't come up to godzillas knee, right?

>> No.32154300

if they were the same thing they wouldn't be
>Dragons and Wyverns

>> No.32154305


Thank you.

>> No.32154307

>tfw you will never see Smaug get rekt by the campy as fuck power ranger that was Showa era Godzilla

>> No.32154309

Though Big G would still beat his ass like a King Ghidorah with only one head.

>> No.32154331

Maybe. But Smaug is far more intelligent. Gozilla i a brute and a king without a kingdom. Smaug would rule over him and all other monsters.

>> No.32154338

So... he would still need to team up with like 3 other kaiju to take him?

King Ghidorah is not to be fucked with.

>> No.32154350

As a big enough loser to have written my masters thesis on Tolkien's body of work and loves it to death, I've got to say you are full of shit and Godzilla would wreck old Smaug every day for a thousand years.

>> No.32154351

The entire goddamn world is totally a kingdom, dude.

>> No.32154356

>But Smaug is far more intelligent.
I wouldn't bet on that.
Particularly with how canny the new one is.

Even at his worst in other movies, he's still portrayed as a smart combatant.

>> No.32154364

The SyFy version was so bad, the author said the only similarity between the show they made and her books was the name.

And she was right, it made the anime version look canon.

>> No.32154379

can Smaug eat a nuke?

>> No.32154383

I think the best way to understand Godzilla is to imagine what Coop would do in the situation. He's not trying to be a bad guy and he's not particularly trying to be a good guy either. He's just trying to be a guy.

>> No.32154398


Why did you just post a straight picture of Benedict Cumberbatch? There are plenty of still from the Hobbit that you could have used for Smaug.

>> No.32154417


As if Smaug would fight Godzilla. That would be an apocalypticaly stupid thing to do. He would eliminate Godzilla is a far more cunning fashion than battering him to death.

Probably by obtaining a Dunkelzhan-like presidency over Japan and fast tracking the Oxygen Destroyer, or some other cunning plan.

>> No.32154419

>Your made up creature violates my established made-up standards

>> No.32154430

>it made the anime version look canon
Are you sure about that? I find it hard to believe.

It's hard to say which one disappointed Le Guin more:

>Live Action Bullshit

>Animated Horror

>> No.32154444

You don't know anything about Smaug, do you? That mode of operations doesn't even make sense with Peter Jackson's Smaug, much less Tolkien's.

>> No.32154446


Dude. Have you actually WATCHED a Godzilla movie? Godzilla may not be intellectual, but he's more than a dumb beast. He feels, he knows, and he finds the world around him wanting. Smaug cannot rule over Godzilla, because he'll straight knock buildings down for having the Audacity of being as big as him. If Smaug was REALLY smart? He'd stay far away from what is essentially a force of nature more than anything else.

Shit. Godzilla don't fuck around, son. You don't even know.

King of the Monsters, King of the Wild Frontier, King of all he sees, King of Comedy, King of Coffee, King of Kingdom Come.

God-mother fucking-zilla, son.


>> No.32154459

I've always loved the *idea* of Godzilla, but most of the movies I've seen are rather lame. I was pleasantly surprised by Final Wars though. It is by no means a work of art, but it's nice and entertaining, and they do a good job with Godzilla. I also have to say that I think that the millennium suits are the best I've seen. I think I like the early millennium suits the best, the Final Wars suit isn't far behind.

>> No.32154476


I think you don't understand what it is Smaug does or how he works. He's smart, yes, but his cunning plans usually amount to "Burn them until they submit."

That's it. He doesn't rely on cunning plans, he relies on being a fucking dragon, which is why he's taken out with an arrow.

>> No.32154494

And we all know that Godzilla straight up wins any contest of burnination.

>> No.32154496

DnD is not an emperical source on monsters and mythology.

>> No.32154504


Unlikely. I think Smaug's vanity is such that he would be compelled to destroy godzilla for the affront of being the mightier monster. And his capacity to treat with humanity is just the advantage he would need to make a go of it.

>> No.32154507

I forget... is an arrow more powerful than a nuke?

>> No.32154514

No. Unless its a broken arrow. Then it is a nuke.

>> No.32154516


Hesei-era Godzilla gets fucking nuts. Watch Godzilla VS King Ghidorah. There's Terminators, Time Travel, and power ups that culminates in Godzilla just straight rampaging through Tokyo and it's fucking great.

>> No.32154544

Wrong. It is a source of distilled mythology that is valuable as a modern touchstone when it comes to mythical beasts. Can a minotaur beat up an ogre? Check DnD.

>> No.32154558

I've pretty much come to the conclusion that you don't know what you're talking about. Sorry if you're being sincere, but you're starting to sound like a shill trying to redirect conversation away from that off-topic Earthsea discussion above.

>> No.32154565

>tail glowing
>think "probably just a searchlight or something"
>scales and spike glow blue

>> No.32154566


Again, Smaug doesn't do much in terms of social maneuvering aside from threatening to burn people and intimidate them. He can talk and reason, yes, but he's also a great big fire-breathing magpie. He only cares about getting bling and showing everyone he's the biggest and most fire-breathingest.

You're also assuming that Smaug has a lot more information and understanding of what Godzilla is and how to kill him.

Like, I get that you like Smaug, but Smaug isn't Batman. I know you want him to be Batman in this fight, but he's not.

>> No.32154568


Important question: could Godzilla's breath attack destroy the Ring of power?

>> No.32154573

DnD is a bad system for conducting studies. You should use GURPS instead.

>> No.32154586

What if we tried with one who was more inclined to cunning plans?

>> No.32154608

Glad you enjoyed it. I, too, jizzed in my pants several times.

>> No.32154614

Smaug's couldn't anyway. And, yeah, I'm pretty sure Godzilla's breath fucking could.

>> No.32154619

Probably not. I seem to recall it needed to be destroyed in it's point of origin.

>> No.32154624

Could Ancalagon have done it, and what is the mechanic behind destroying it. Is it the extreme heat, or because it's specific to dragons, is it protected by specific magic, or just because it's hard to destroy.

It's non-specific because the setting it's in says
>nothing but X, and maybe the biggest bestest dragon ever
which isn't a helpful frame of reference for determining WHY, only how.

>> No.32154626

Look, if we're down to cunning plans then being a dragon hardly matters. At this point we might as well be pitting Godzilla against Blackadder.

>> No.32154641

I would watch that.

>> No.32154644

Well, it was destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom because said fires are extremely hot. Godzilla's fire has similar effects to magma - turning steel molten is a key example. I don't know if he could sustain the heat required to melt the ring, but he probably could, if he knew/cared.

>> No.32154649

>thinks Smaug's dragonfire could destroy the One Ring
>point of origin bullshit
Who the fuck are you people?

>> No.32154683


If it was the extreme heat of the volcano that destroyed it, then yes. Definitely. It if was some sort of magic bullshit, then maybe. I'm not entirely sure that much concentrated Nuclear Energy COULDN'T overcome magic bullshit.

>> No.32154689

I didn't say anything about smaug. All the talk of him made me wonder if godzilla would be a good magical artifact of evil disposal site.

>> No.32154691

I really hate how restrictive the standard sizing options are. Colossal in 3.P would only come up to Godzilla's thigh.

>> No.32154695

I am thou and thou art I.

>> No.32154711

>Godzilla against Blackadder

A show I would watch.

>> No.32154715

>"Burn them until they submit."

Isn't that a piece of advice from the Art of War? In the absence of a better plan, set shit on fire?

>> No.32154723

Well met, brother.

>> No.32154728

>Watch Godzilla VS King Ghidorah
Will do. In preparation for Godzilla 2014, I'm trying to watch enough movies to get a feel for the broad swathe of Godzilladom. I've already done the original Godzilla, Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla and Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (I wasn't impressed by any of 'em). I'm gonna try for maybe 4 more before hitting the theater. Since I've already seen a number of Showa and Millennium movies, I was probably going to just watch 1 more from each (Destroy All Monsters, and... something), and grab a couple from Heisei, and since Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah seems to be popular amongst fans...

>> No.32154732

Together we fight crime.

>> No.32154750


I rather think that Smaug was following biological instinct rather than following any sort of martial strategy like Sun Tzu.

Call it a hunch.

>> No.32154755

Colossal doesn't top out at that size. That's just the standard range. You could always do Colossal+ and have the stat mods be multiplicative...

>> No.32154761

Disregard the shit old ones. Watch Godzilla 1985/The Return of Godzilla, the only good one made until now.

Its extra good because in the US version they re-edit the film to make the Russians eeeeeevil.

>> No.32154778

Its unclear whether it was heat or a sympathetic connection -- Gandalf speculated dragonfire might work, but it might not.

That being said, Sauron was basically the lord of contemporary horror (WoD type) beasties who served the lord of fantasy monsters, his niche was never 1v1 fuckery.

>> No.32154789

I would be more inclined to agree with you if D&D did any fucking research on the mythology it takes its names from.

Gorgons and Medusa for instance.

>> No.32154793

What is that breath weapon, anyways? I seem to recall it being described as "atomic fire" at one point, but it's been over a decade since I've consumed any Godzilla-related material. It's bright blue, his back spikes fucking GLOW when he's charging it, and if memory serves it has a good deal of concussive force rather than just being a gout of blue flame.

The blue might be an allusion to Cherenkov radiation, the oft-misrepresented-as-green glow of a nuclear reactor's reaction, which dovetails nicely into some kind of explanation as to how he seems to actually charge the weapon rather than simply have it on hand. Maybe he's got ongoing low-level nuclear reactions inside his body, and some biological action does the equivalent of withdrawing the coolant rods.

Is it literally just fire, though?

>> No.32154795

Godzilla vs Hedorah (the Smog Monster) is trippy and unique.
Gojira, the original film, is amazing
Godzilla vs Biollante is one of the best made films overall
Final Wars is campy as hell, but fun monster fightan
Tokyo S.O.S. continues off of Against MG for good and bad

>> No.32154804

Unless Sun Tzu was actually a dragon.

Which would explain a lot about Sun Tzu and chinese culture in general.

>> No.32154811

The original Gojira has him breath a steam-esque line of super heated atomic breath, but it doesn't really have any concussive force until later on.

>> No.32154814

D&D's not supposed to be a myth simulator (otherwise somebody else killed Medusa, why bother), the iron-bull with petrification gas was basically just an attempt to add new monsters to the game, and I thought they were reasonably cool.

>> No.32154825

>Final Wars is campy as hell
Judging by some of the other Godzilla movies, I'm not sure Final Wars qualifies as truly campy.


>> No.32154828

To be fair. the Gorgon creature from D&D probably should have just had a different name, then it wouldn't be an issue.

>> No.32154829

A line? That changes things a bit. I always statted him based on it being a cone. A line seems like a bit of a nerf. What is it like in the new film?

>> No.32154837

Ghidorah's the shit in Showa. Too bad he is shit in Heisei and Millennium series. They haven't done him justice in a long time.

>> No.32154846

Godzilla's always doing low-level nuclear reactions. If he gets pissed, he heats up his nuculiver and the reaction makes blue-white doomfire.

>> No.32154847

Muh bruvver. Just came back from this and it's awesome. All kinds of awesome.

Little light on the Kaiju battles, but it's a moneyshot everyone was waiting for. 8/10 not sure it's the best GZ but it's a hell of a great movie in general.

>> No.32154849

someone was talking about the whole thing where for godzilla to actually move would take such exorbitant amounts of energy that he actually has low level nuclear reactions firing inside him at all times, just so he can move his huge ass

>> No.32154850

Definite line.
In the old stuff he can hit it like a damned sniper
The new one is also a line, straight down a monsters neck, just like he did to Orga, as well as just blasting the fuck out of the male

>> No.32154874

The One Ring? No.

The lesser rings? Definitely - several were in fact eaten and destroyed in dragonfire.

The One ring has a caveat to its destruction, which cannot be bypassed, even by beings with power granted directly from the creator of the world.

>> No.32154876

Gandalf did say that dragonfire could /maybe/ destroy the Ring. But there weren't any dragons around so they hiked to Mt. Doom.

>> No.32154879

>blasting the fuck out of the male

Oh Godzilla... feminism got you too.

>> No.32154888

The One Ring has a specific destruction requirement - the fires that forged it. The others, not so much, and dragons ate a few of them.

>> No.32154903

Definitely top 5, probably top 3.

No, his breath is definitely a line. It's just an EXTREMELY focused line. As in, when fully charged it has the concussive force to knock 500-foot-tall King Ghidora on his assbones.

>> No.32154913 [DELETED] 

The passage you're thinking of by Gandalf specifically discounts the idea that Smaug could have done it. None of the great worms like Ancalagon were left in the world, and the lesser worms had the juice.

>> No.32154921


Pretty sure Ancalagon could squash Godzilla like a bug, and even for him the Wises weren't sure that he could destroy the One Ring.

Godzilla isn't that out-of-place in the Silmarillion.

>> No.32154922

>The One Ring has a specific destruction requirement - the fires that forged it.
No, it doesn't. Go on, read those books again. I'll sit here and wait.

>> No.32154939

The passage you're thinking of by Gandalf specifically discounts the idea that Smaug could have done it. None of the great worms like Ancalagon were left in the world, and the lesser worms didn't have the juice.

>> No.32154947

No, you got it wrong. It's classic toxic masculine violence when the male gets crushed by a skyscraper. But then Godzilla forces her to abort her babies and then he breathes fire directly down her neck in an obvious parallel to forced oral sex, and then he kills her. I don't understand why they're actively trying to promote/normalize violence against women. Goddamn misogynists.

>> No.32154956

Bat-Dragon needs to be a thing.

>> No.32154967

Yeah, it's a line for sure: http://youtu.be/LjBsp13DZqo?t=1m48s

>> No.32154968

I wonder if Godzilla is immune to magic, then.
I guess if he were in a fantasy setting he would be, but he's not immune to getting battered by other monsters.

>> No.32154971

Yeah, Ancalagon and Ungoliant are out of Godzilla's league, as much as I love him.

>> No.32154974

Eh, you might be right. Haven't read the books in...I think sixteen years? Can't rightly remember what year of highschool it was.

>> No.32154977

>Baldrick builds a giant robot using plans left by Leonardo Da Vinci
>he doesn't know much engineering but he's very good with models

>> No.32154987

He's not, Mothra and the girls magic him a couple times. I think the Aliens do too.

He just either is affected a few moments, then snaps out of it, or wills his way through after a small child encourages him.

>> No.32154998

No, while it does say it CAN be destroyed in the fires of Mt. Doom, it never says it can ONLY be destroyed by it, but the only other method they knew of involved dragons, and no remaining dragon could handle the one ring, and they weren't sure even Ancalagon could have done so.

Hence my noting that it doesn't mention a point by which we can determine if godzilla could blow up the one ring or not.

If i had to guess, no. His shits hot, but he isn't magical but rather a force of nature. I'm guessing Sauron protected it beyond just it being an artifact in terms of destroying it

>> No.32155002

The real question that is on everyone's mind....

Did they play "Godzilla" by Blue Oyster Cult during the end credits?

>> No.32155005

Naw man. Showa only, final destination.

>> No.32155020

He also can be affected, although not harmed, by human level psychics.

>> No.32155028


>Sun Tzu was a dragon
>George Washington was a giant eagle
>Romulus and Remus were a couple of werewolves


I think people would have mentioned it by now, Anon.


Could Godzilla destroy your standard phylactery?

>> No.32155032

No. But I put that shit on my phone and blasted it. Because I'm That Guy.

>> No.32155049

Line, definitely.
But he can keep firing that line for awhile and strafe shit if he really needs area effect. Mostly he just focuses on one asshole at a time though.

>> No.32155066


>> No.32155079

>isn't magical but a force of nature
Nature is magic in Tolkien-land. Ungoliant came from the abyss, and Godzilla's breath is powered by the very bonds that hold the universe together - essentially he belts out single notes of the chant of creation; the secret fire.

>> No.32155087

>The most common form of phylactery is a sealed metal box containing strips of parchment on which magical phrases have been transcribed. The box is Tiny and has 40 hit points, hardness 20, and a break DC of 40.

I'm gonna go with, woops, sorry Lich, i accidentally destroyed your soul by walking around Tokyo.

>> No.32155090


>> No.32155112


Standard phylacteries are merely 40 hp/hardness 20, or strength check DC40.
Destroying them is not difficult, but almost all liches defend them with further magical benefits. The one ring would be a stellar example of such mystic reinforcement beyond standard.

>> No.32155113

Hmm, fair interpretation. Godzilla would be the opposite of Ungoliant in some senses, a pure being brought about by song which harnesses it's raw power to live and fight.

In that case, I'm going with yes.

Other possible blending would be a Dragon eating a Silmaril

>> No.32155116

I was singing it on the way in and out of the theater.

>> No.32155135

>"I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of SKREEEEOOOOONK!!!"

>> No.32155136

I have to say. I really do prefer 1998 'Zilla from an aesthetic perspective. I don't remember anything in regards to the quality of the movie (by all accounts it's awful), but I just can't not love that more nimble, even serpentine movement it has. Also, I'm a sucker for reverse-joint legs on monsters.

Godzilla is a lich. Now what?

>> No.32155144

I'd be up for that.

>> No.32155155

>> No.32155162

I don't buy Godzilla being a wizard in the D&D sense, so lich is out of the question. We already have a techno-zombie Godzilla in Kiryu, so it's really just the knowledge fueled magic aspect that doesn't work i think

>> No.32155163

Not even the Oxygen Destroyer can save us.

>> No.32155168

If Godzilla is a metaphor for the atomic bomb, would a reactivated SDI satellite be a thematically appropriate weapon to stop him?

>> No.32155185

Kinda reminds me of the early Kamehameha's from Dragonball. Dunno if that's helpful.

>> No.32155188

Mazers don't do jack to Godzilla, although they can handle weaker monsters. Don't think a laser satellite would do any better.
And no, the only thing that can kill Godzilla is something worse than the Atomic Bomb, hence the Oxygen Destroyer and Serizawa killing himself.

>> No.32155202


Nigga, you gonna be waiting for a fucking while.

>> No.32155206

>the secret flame
>The Secret Fire and Flame Imperishable, the life-giving and reality-bestowing power imparted to the world by Eru Il├║vatar
>raw power to live and fight
Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a winner.
You are fucking rad. Made my night.

>> No.32155217

Of course, there's also this, whatever the fuck this is... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E284IfUyssc

>> No.32155218

>> No.32155224


There's a picture someone drew on /co/ a zilion years ago of Bat-Godzilla and Joker-Ghidorah/Clown Prince Ghidorah.

>> No.32155228


>> No.32155236

Damnit guys, I didn't want this fucking nostalgia

>> No.32155245

What about the Solaranite bomb?

>> No.32155264

The sense of scale pleases me, you watch this move and KNOW that he's bigger than huge.
Bigger than you have an easy time comprehending even.

>> No.32155268


Not that thing, but I got a smirk imagining the film of pic related that I just found.

Batman vs an actual superpowered creature that can wreck entire cities? Don't be ridiculous.

>> No.32155275

So that's how he killed the balrog in Moria.

>> No.32155279

Shit. I hope none of my players see this. Years ago I killed one because he was in the cone of the atomic breath. Would have missed if it was a line.

That said, it does seem to fan out a bit. The rules are quite clear the lines don't fan out at all. They go up to their distance and stop.

>> No.32155281

I think you have to go past bomb to be thematically appropriate, whatever that may be.

>> No.32155290

What would Godzilla's type be? Aberration or True Dragon?

>> No.32155294


>> No.32155295

Does D&D have rules for long as fuck but narrow cones, cause that's essentially what it would be then.

>> No.32155302


"Gandalf" is actually a mispronounciation of Godzilla.

Also explains why he had trouble fitting in a hobbit's house.

>> No.32155304

Not as far as I know, and it pisses me off. Apparently the only options are "laser" and "all collateral is acceptable."

>> No.32155306

Elemental (Nuclear)

>> No.32155323


Xhe doesn't need to to conform to your binaries of genders and Godzillas, cisscum.

>> No.32155325

His knockoff in Pathfinder is a Magical Beast.

>> No.32155329

That movie comes in as the trippiest Godzilla I've ever seen or am likely to ever see.

>> No.32155353

Where does Dagon fit into all this?

>> No.32155363

Godzilla got a Bat-grenade thrown at him once. Boy was he pissed.

>> No.32155366

Colossal++ Magical Beast, scale up the Tarrasque and give it a breath attack (and higher int).

>> No.32155383

Yeah, it fans out a little, but not much. But that's okay, his earlier steam-like breath is more of a cone (skip to 29 seconds in): http://youtu.be/8e5PrWqCeJE?t=29s

>> No.32155387


I think I have the thread cap, but I can't seem to find it.

>> No.32155388


He choose the harem option instead of the big fancy powers.


Yeah, but what he didn't expect was being blocked by Shaq.

>> No.32155392

homebrew it

rule zero is the only rule there is

>> No.32155405

So which does more damage, a bat-grenade or a can of Shaq-fu.

>> No.32155424


Aaron Carter.

>> No.32155429

Is he a Kaiser?

>> No.32155438

The RULES are the only rules there is, faggot. I fucking hate having a solid game and some cunt comes and 'fixes' it with his bullshit. Why even bother when we have what's on the page in black and white?

>> No.32155441

Even the G-Force is looking at that like "Dude, what the fuck did that scientist slip me?"

>> No.32155442

I guess, but when he hits things that are far away, it's still essentially a line. I just think it's wispy around the edges once it gets going.

>> No.32155455

That would mean he is literally a mass of nuclear energy, which is absurd because "nuclear energy" isn't so much a thing as it is a variety of energies produced during nuclear reactions.

>During nuclear reactions
Huh. I think that would give him the [Earth] subtype. Earth covers acids, which are very small atomic reactions. (If I remember highschool chemistry correctly, anyways.) But then, he can also seem to survive underwater indefinitely, so he'd have the [Aquatic] subtype as well.

I dunno. His stats are way better than MB would allow on RHD alone, which is all he has. Not to mention gobloads of DR/Magic. I think he might be a low-Int flightless True Dragon that took Wyrm of War and traded all his spell slots in for Martial Maneuvers. He pulls some pretty bullshit melee stunts at times. I recall a hilarious scene in one film where he dropkicks across what must be three full miles. That's Evangelion-tier, and WITHOUT the lithe 1998 body to do it with.

Colossal++ Great Wyrm True Dragon [Earth] [Aquatic]


>> No.32155469

King Mogera can use his line attack as a sweet to make it a conical area of effect, so yes.

>> No.32155471


Because sometimes WotC doesn't print fun things.

Also no version of D&D or Pathfinder, or any tabletop RPG at all for that matter, is "solid". Every system can, will, and does get gamed to hell and back.
Only way to stop that? 1. don't play with assholes 2. rule zero.

>> No.32155480

That's an exaggeration, I'm pretty sure. Big G's height caps out at 450 or 500 feet, even in his tallest incarnations, and his tail isn't half as tall as his body.

>> No.32155492

Doesn't Earth subtype generally have a burrow speed? He never really burrows, although Aquatic is a must.

As for
>Elemental (Nuclear)
that is pretty much the exact intent of the original Gojira, a walking nuclear bomb, it looks like a big lizard, but inside it's basically a reactor.

>> No.32155495


He was seriously scaled up for this latest movie, it's clearly the biggest Godzilla yet.

>> No.32155499

In between Godzilla's jaws?

>> No.32155502

Magical Beast, subtype Kaiju.

Hey. Hey look. Here.
He has a line attack....that can be swept out as a cone!

>> No.32155514


Still can't find it, giving up.

>> No.32155523

...Do you EVEN Rule 34?

...You're not New G, you don't have enough junk in the trunk!

...How can you be so sure this Godzilla IS a male?

>> No.32155537

That is in fact a serious exaggeration, he's ~110m tall in this movie, the Jaegers were 70-80m

>> No.32155544

Zilla was female because she got out of Isla Nublar.

>> No.32155570


>> No.32155574

Because RAW is terminally retarded at times. Nobody but rules lawyers play all RAW all the time.

Sometimes, but not always. Though I have a hard time believing Godzilla has never been seen to burrow.

You don't have to be MB to have the [Kaiju] subtype.
TD fits much better mechanically, and c'mon, it's fucking Godzilla. He deserves the distinction.

>> No.32155577

Interviews with designers put him at 110 meters tall. He's bulk as fuck, but his tail isn't 150 feet tall.

>> No.32155598

Anguirus, Baragon, Megalon, they burrow. Godzilla flies and swims and walks, i don't recall burrowing.

>> No.32155623


>> No.32155628

I recall 1998 'Zilla being underground, but don't remember if it actually tunneled or if that was just it occupying the subway system, which I know happened later.

>> No.32155647

Just saw this movie. What was going on.
He's said to be a predator but he gets battered by his alleged prey and then he doesn't eat them.
What was that all about?

>> No.32155650

Doesn't count.

>> No.32155651

There was a .gif or .webm that i saw which combined a number of rediculous Godzilla scenes and used the whole trailer quote, was bretty gud.
Ended with the flying from Hedorah

Regardless of anything else, Zilla would have to be statted significantly differently.

>> No.32155653


>> No.32155656


98 also burrows, in one of the comics where he fights Godzilla he uses it as a tactic.

>> No.32155677

Pic needs bagpipes.

>> No.32155679

Okay, THAT is a cone.

>> No.32155682

And then there's this faggot:

> http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/16/movies/godzilla-grandaddy-of-movie-monsters-stomps-back.html?_r=0

> "I went to college for eight years, and here's why I hate fun."

Spoilers abound in the article.

>> No.32155724

Actually that post was to direct them to the place where line attack can be altered to cone by something that is functionally like Godzilla.

I statted Godzilla as a CR 35 Kaiju with the Behemoth, Spawn of Divine Destruction (aka Tarrasque/Spawn of Rovagug subtype) and Kaiju subtypes.

>> No.32155741

Zilla isnt a kaiju, just a big dinosaur.

>> No.32155778


Nah, D&D cones are very wide. Like a 90 degree angle.
It can only be represented as a line or customized thin-cone in those mechanics.

>> No.32155782

So is the real Godzilla.

>> No.32155788

He is definitionally a kaiju. Kaiju means giant monster. King Kong's just an upsized monkey, but he's still technically a kaiju. Just that Kong and Zilla are category 0. They are the tropical depressions of Kaiju.

>> No.32155803

He's got six seconds to blanket the area with nuclear death. I think he can turn his neck 90 degrees in six seconds.

>> No.32155808


Godzilla has roughly as much to do with dinosaurs as Smaug.

>> No.32155834


>> No.32155853


>> No.32155878

Damn Godzilla swole as fuck

He been hittin the kaiju gym

>> No.32155902


We should associate each Godzilla with a board.

Bearzilla is /fit/.
Mechazilla is /m/.
Zilla Junior is /co/.

>> No.32156000

Except Godzillasaurus is an in-universe connection to dinosaurs. So Godzilla does have something to do with dinosaurs. Smaug does not have an in-universe connection. Therefore, Godzilla has more to do with dinosaurs than smaug. To wit, you are a nigger.

>> No.32156136

So, hypothetical:

What would you have thought about Godzilla if Bryan Cranston's character had survived the MUTO's hatching instead of the son? The military stuff still happens, but we don't see much of it, except from the vibilian standpoint. Instead, we now have a broken Cranston, grieving the loss of wife AND son, rushing to San Francisco in an effort to get there before the monsters, determined come Hell or high water not to lose his daughter-in-law and grandson, the only family he has left?

Much less military stuff, trains and bombs and such, much more Bryan Cranston dodging falling bricks and watching in horror as these events go on around him. Would that have been as good to watch? Would it have been as much fun[/spoiler? Would the critics have had less to piss and moan about?

>> No.32156196


Guys, 3.5 stats for Godzilla already exist (but they're inaccurate)


>> No.32156218


Godzilla once punched Battra through the earth's crust at the bottom of the ocean, then burrowed through the mantle and broke out from Mount Fuji.

So he can burrow.

>> No.32156530

Godzilla could literally crush Smaug with just one stomp, though.

>> No.32156568

Jesus christ I spent so much time of my childhood on that cartoon.

>> No.32156621

If Macross has taught us anything it's that the best way to stop a giant monster is to teach it how to love.

>> No.32156726

>Blackadder teaches Bat-Godzilla the meaning of love in his transforming Jet-Robot while they adventure across MiddleEarth...

...Fund it.

>> No.32156727

To be fair, Ford also kinda saves Godzilla by destroying the Muto nest, thus distracting the female Muto. Godzilla was just returning the favor, because he's a bro like that

>> No.32157662

Shrunk down Ghidorah with one head 0/10

>> No.32157841

Makes me wonder if something like Lexx could be considered a kaiju. Does it fit into giant monters or does it go in a different category?

>> No.32159144

There's enough of them to go around

>> No.32159216

This isn't an unknown thing though, either through purpose or just luck in quite a few godzilla movies
I am ashamed I cannot name those movies right now...

>> No.32159222

>Need to find people who still have minis.
Where you at?

>> No.32159618

>"nuclear energy" isn't so much a thing as it is a variety of energies produced during nuclear reactions
And fire isn't so much a thing as it is a variety of energies produced during combustion. You're not making much sense here.

>> No.32159673

>Kaiju means giant monster.
No no no no no no, I apologize for this autism to follow.
Kaiju means "strange creature", often translated to english as monster.
Dai Kaiju means "giant monster"

>> No.32159996

He is the Force of Nature and he is restoring Balance.
Or just absorbing their radiation.
Considering that it seems the MUTO species actually preyed on a relative of Big G, it might be more that they are competing predators.
Also, he'd been napping for decades, so maybe he wasn't on his A-game.

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