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>Where 99.9% of the characters are male, there's an all-male species, and female character introductions have actually been campaigned against by the fans.

How do they get away with it?

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Common sense?
The reverse cases also exist and no one minds.

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Why is frogloli wearing a jacket that says CUNT REHASH on it?

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>Feminists actually making a good point

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Ana - khornate
Miu - slaanesh
Chika - tzeench
Matsuri - nurgle

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>How do they get away with it?
99.9% of the fanbase are manchildren, think girls are icky, and resent any and all female involvement in their hobby as "hurr feminism".

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Games workshop is so far removed from giving even a single fuck about its player base or reputation that it simply ignores everything that isn't the sound of its own voice.

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If you've seen how badly GW sculpts female models, you'd understand.

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Female marines actually used to be a thing

lel so funny

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Pretty sure that says Clint, and that the three letters immediately below are EAS, meaning Clint Eastwood.

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it's clint eastwood i think.

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That's a sad fact. Hell, given how the salamanders look like minstrel show singers, I'm pretty glad the only marine-like faction we get is SoB.

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>A fantasy universe at constant war

Women birth more soldiers. Putting them on the front lines weakens future armies.

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>autism AND radfeminism speaking in the same sentence

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>40kids implying anyone else is autistic

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No they werent.
Your next move will be to post that one image of female power armor from a nonofficial source and claim its canon!

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Because literally no-one gives a shit about 40k anymore.

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Its a legitimate question, faglord.
Oh okay. That makes slightly more sense. Between that and the Gorillaz shirt, frogloli has some pretty good taste.

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>implying I care about 40k
Commit sodoku.

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>Pretending 1st edition didn't exist

The two female power armor models were very much official and were only retconned as not-marines later on.

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because they dont do that
holly shit! you actually care enough to know/remember their names

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They were never billed as marines.

They were only ever labelled as "Female adventurers"

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They weren't marines. That was just back when power armor wasn't some marine-only thing.

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who? the girl's or the chaos god's name?

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Mainly because they don't really care about forcing women into everything probably. Not like there isn't dozens of things where men don't show up either.

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>webo OP pic

Can you pieces of garbage go away?

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Honestly, in a 40kish setting, the optimal alien race is 70-80% female for maximum population growth. That or asexual, or construct.

Tyranids, Orks, and Necrons come close but they're still held back by "hive queen" nonsense, being fungi, or having souls.

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>Where 99.9% of the characters are male
lelith hesperax alone should be surrounded by a thousand of male characters if you are talking about playable characters
first of all, there're not as many characters as a whole, and then we have torchstar, shadowsun,valeria, not to talk about all the sisters of battle, the female eldar, the tyranids who act as brood mothers, the assassins
and then we have the female characters in the background
your percentage is wrong
>there's an all-male species
No, there isn't, orks are genderless, while space marines are not technically a species
>and female character introductions have actually been campaigned against by the fans.
lot of people want a great return of the SoB as an actually supported army
and there's a kickstarter lying somewhere supported for this specific reason

what are you talking ab8?

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Doesn't help when a large percentage of those who try to shoehorn females into extremely male-centric combat roles are feminists.

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Most of 40k players nowadays are teenage boys

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Why don't you make your own fucking forum that's not a japanese-style imageboard?

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>The style was built off Disney.
>Styles like it has existed the world over.
>He says then on a website based off of 2chan.

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Torchberry da bess.

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Got to love those women. "Why aren't there more women solders in WW2 flicks? I mean sure they weren't there in real life but that is discrimination so they should force them in anyway."

It's like those people that get really pissed off there is no black people in a movie about 900 AD France.

It's technically even worse because the SOB does exist and do kick ass sometimes. Since they are pretty much the army of the religious authorities.

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This is the only correct answer in the thread.

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... you are going to have to define your use of the word feminists.

While I do consider myself a feminist, I will admit that my mixed gender armed forces thing is mostly driven by the fact that I like staring at ladies over staring at men.

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40K is actually the cosmic counterweight of Touhou. Changing either in such a fundamental way could destroy both.

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So what happens when the last Gelfling places the shard in the Dark Crystal? Will Raymoo merge with the Emperor?

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It's bad enough to have Sisters of Battle, their 20 years old ugly as all fuck models are atrocious, they have manfaces that would make a Space Marine shit his plasteel pants, cost way too much in an already expensive hobby and their full metal monopose is crap.

I'm very happy with there not being women in the 40K fluff, at least the part that comes from GW, because considering how well they handle anything male or genderless, women would be sad and unfunny parodies that would accomplish nothing but get tumblrfeminists frothing with rage.

And since the only thing GW can do is play it safe, they play it safe by pretending women don't exist. And I'm fine with that. Because think of the alternative, seriously.

That too.

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Let's dissect this argument on an army-by-army basis, shall we?
>Space Marines (including all derivatives )
All male because the Emperor willed it so, pretty much the only all male force canonically in-game.
Imperial Guard recruits both genders, depending on what world you're talking about.
Recruits both men and women
>Sisters of Battle
All-Female, all the time, like a distaff counterpart to Space Marines
>Chaos Space Marines
See: Space Marines
Neither male nor female, breed via spores.
Male and Female Fire Caste Tau fight.
Male and Female Necrontyr were equally biotransferred.
No genders as far as I can tell.
Ideas and emotions made manifest are hard to qualify as having a sex.
>Eldar and Dark Eldar
Both are equitable societies when it comes to gender.

Are there any more I missed?

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Then we get a setting where manly men in silly hats fight alongside little girls in power armor, alternating between tea parties and bullet hells as preferred battlefield.

Oh, and the music is catchy as hell.

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>See: Space Marines
Dont forget that some CSMs also get turned into all sorts of weird bullshit, with claws, tentacles, and yes, sometimes vaginas.

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I have absolutely no problem with this

>> No.32121529


because when something isn't overtly female, people just assume it is male.

You'd have to throw some tits, long hair, and eyelashes on them to pander to women

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It's like I'm really playing a campy militaristic over the top game from the 80s!

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99.9% is fairly close, if we're talking about what units get used in an actual game.

For every female character, there's 50 armies that are all male.

Also, Orks being technically genderless doesn't change that if you had a gun against your head and had to say they were either male or female, you'd say the race was male.

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Think it says "Clint Eastwood" and "Rehash" on the jacket as the t-shirt says "Gorillaz" on it.

Clint Eastwood song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoQYw49saqc

Rehash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3DQJKcFik8

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Shh, facts are racist, truth is oppression.

And perhaps my favorite,

>Why are there no black people in this movie about Norse mythology? That's racist.

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10/10 would play in this setting.

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>girls are icky
Have you seen the rampant sexuality on this board?

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Also note that Chaos in general does not discriminate against who can join. So long as they are mad/ruthless/riven enough, it is all good.

On that note, it does bug me how it seems to be only the CSM who are deemed important in any way as far as the mortal followers of chaos are concerned. I want some stories of some random clerk who finally snapped, then went on to lead a full on incursion through the power of ludicrously well organised paperwork and bureaucracy.

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>Implying the best movie about norse mythology doesn't have a black actress

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There is a huge distinction between girls, the sexual object, and girls, the people.

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Given. There are plenty of ladychildren as well.

>girls are icky

Demonstrably false. The issue isn't necessarily with females as a whole, just with females raising a stink at the mere thought of a male-exclusive army.

>Resent female involvement

Again, demonstrably false. Plenty of female players out there. They resent the notion that they are sexist/racist/whatever-ist by default, an opinion most often found spewing from the mouths of middle-class white females who will never play 40k, ever.

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That's because GW is still convinced everyone only cares about SM.

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>I want some stories of some random clerk who finally snapped, then went on to lead a full on incursion through the power of ludicrously well organised paperwork and bureaucracy.
He just wanted to go home.

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It's more the idea than the result.

Like calling the Japanese or Africans racist because their respective mythologies feature Japanese and Africans.

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well they get away with it partly because most of what you said was wrong and secondly people that actually care about feminism don't give a fuck about inequalities in science fiction worlds.

The feminists who would actually care don't read fantasy.

This. Would love to see more stories focusing on 'minor' chaos cultists rather then Spuce mAreins the whole time

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Yeah people like that makes me shake my head sadly. Whats worse go to any college campus and you'll find the place crawling with them. At least mine anyway.

On the other hand in general people like that are rare but in certain places.

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What does that have to do with anything?

Even if objectification really existed, it doesn't prove that ronery nerds dislike female characters in their fiction. Because they do! They love it!

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>No genders as far as I can tell.

Some Tyranids have been described as breeding independently of the Hive Fleets, but it's possible they reproduce like Aphids; they're born with a clutch of larvae already within them rather than having to reproduce sexually. Dominatrixes have also been theorised to be the female equivalent of Hive Tyrants.

But yea. The actual in-universe gender balance is pretty good, all in all, even if it's not fully represented in the models. There seems to have been a trend towards introducing more female characters in Black Library novels over the past few years - obviously, because so many have Space Marines (and it's entirely okay for the Marines to be all-male) as protagonists you don't always see them in leading roles, but you get plenty of cool female Ship Captains, Titan Crew, Techpriestesses, etc.

It'd be nice if there were a few more female Guard and Tau models (though Tau don't seem to display a huge degree of sexual dimorphism, as far as I'm aware; a male and female Fire Warrior would probably look almost exactly the same when they're in armour), but it's really nothing worth getting up in arms about.

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Ichigo Marshmallow is a poor man's mitsudomoe.

>> No.32121647

>An opinion most often found spewing from the mouths of middle-class white females.

Mainly middle to high class women in general. Or the really really poor. Anyone in the lower middle to low class typically won't have that opinion where I live. I think because they actually get out and talk to more people.

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Honestly champagne socialists/feminists are the absolute worst

>> No.32121691

It's funny when anyone thinks they are making any new observations on GW now that they even feel the need to lie to make a point

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Course the problem with that logic is it implies that humans by nature don't look to sexual matters when other sex is involved. Once you do anyone can say you're just looking at someone as a sex object no matter what you actually like about the depiction.

>> No.32121733

And that viewing someone as a sexual object is badwrong.

But now we're inviting tumblr.

>> No.32121754


It's more like implying humans treat sex-toys differently than they treat a living person, which I would hope is true in general.

I don't care about "objectification in media" or whatever the fuck, but people looking at/creating/etc. pornography are not experiencing the same social stresses as someone talking to another living person.

>> No.32121777

But you're oversimplifying the situation at hand so you can say 40k players think women are sex toys.

You can objectify something without treating it like an inanimate, non-sentient object. It isn't either or.

>> No.32121780


40k is a fringe hobby, that's the only reason.

If it was more popular, we'd see articles complaining about the spread of "fascism" in role-playing games, which is a criticism I'm surprised to find so little of.

That's what 40k boils down to. Christian space fascism.

>> No.32121790


Oh, no, I was more referring to /tg/'s "hypersexual" culture, which really is just literally sharing, looking at, and creating pornography, a far cry from being hypersexual in person.

Sorry for the confusion.

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If you just glance over one brief description of the imperium then maybe

But if you actually looked in any detail at the various factions or hell just looked at the imperium more closely you'd see that it does not propagate the imperium as a 'good thing', which it appears your suggesting.

>> No.32121872

That's largely just a small minority, who've sadly dedicated their lives to being the collective THAT GUY of /tg/.

You should just largely ignore them, since they're protected by the moderators as a bit of a zoo exhibit.

>> No.32121909

They also don't really bother anyone else so I can't really see why not to let them met up or do whatever.

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>christian space fascism a bad thing
This would be the ideal future

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Posting NSFW images on a SFW board tends to inconvenience people.

Also, thread space is limited, especially on the coveted first page (because you can't see subsequent posts in catalog mode).

So, yeah, a constantly bumped thread does inconvenience people, especially when that thread is better suited for a different board.

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>99.9% is fairly close
no it isn't
do your maths
>For every female character, there's 50 armies that are all male.
only space marines are all male all the time
and space marines are a minority when confronted with the rest of the galaxy
>if had a gun against your head and had to say they were either male or female, you'd say the race was male.
if I had gun against my head I could even say that pigs fly
that doesn't make it more true

the only thing that distinct male and females of all species is the role of their reproductive organs
I can't say that orks are male only because they have big muscles and don't have fat mass covering determined zones of their bodies

>> No.32121971

Have you actually ever been to a GW Store? Played a few friendly matches against people?
Seen the models they fielded?

>> No.32121984

I have a friend who plays SoB

>> No.32121996



>> No.32122009

the nigga who wrote that has some mad love for the gorillaz

>> No.32122032

>if I had gun against my head I could even say that pigs fly that doesn't make it more true

That's not the point.
Even if you don't have a gun against your head, you could say that pigs fly. The gun's not there to make you choose a particular answer, it's there so you won't try to do cartwheels around the question.

The point is that if you ask anyone, even your own self, if the orks are a race of men, you're going to say "obviously," unless you're able to say willy-nilly wishy-washy things like "they're genderless, so they're not men, but zen or xen or schen."

>> No.32122039

They don't have balls. They are literally mushrooms. Why would you call them male?
It's not WH40k that is sexist here, it's you anon.

>> No.32122068


>> No.32122083

>They don't have balls.

Neither do eunuchs. Are Eunuchs not men?

>> No.32122092

I study biology
I CAN'T say they are male without knowing I lied

and any person informed about the very definition of being a male/female would say the same

you can't just say that they are male only because lots of ignorant (literally: "people who ignore", in this case, the definition of being male/female) answer in the wrong way

you could say that they resemble male humans in their physical appearance
but not that they are male

>> No.32122101

>it's there so you won't try to do cartwheels around the question.
Theres no cartwheels, the answer to whether they're male or female is 'neither', plain and simple. Check your fungoid privilege, you sporephobic scum.

>> No.32122104

Eunuchs had the capability to be men.

Orks to not

false equivalence

>> No.32122111

No, they aren't. They are eunuchs.

>> No.32122118

That's a downright retarded argument and you know it, but since I don't have anything better to do I'll respond anyway
Eunuchs had balls, Orks never had them in the first place.
Are eunuchs mushrooms?

>> No.32122143

>The point is that if you ask anyone, even your own self, if the orks are a race of men, you're going to say "obviously,"
>even your own self
but that's wrong, because I'm pretty sure that anon (as well as myself and many others) know that orks are fungi

there's no men or women, just spores and the things that grow from those spores.

This includes squigs, snotlings and gretchin.

>> No.32122149

No one I know would assign male or female to Orks. Orks are Orks. But then they actually play the game.

>> No.32122152

>Women who can't have children aren't really women.
>Goats with no horns aren't really goats.
>Cats with no claws aren't really cats.
>Dogs with no balls aren't really dogs.

I anticipate a nuclear apocalypse solely because I would die knowing people like this would be suffering in abject and total agony.

>> No.32122164

>How do they get away with it?

40K is a strategy game. It's based on combat, and combat is overwhelmingly a male endeavor. Besides, the last time they let Mat Ward write about women he just used them as blood sacrifices to make magic space armor. Which only slightly more disturbing than the feminist version, which had the Sororitas anointing their own armor with their menstrual blood before charging in to rescue the grey Knights.

>> No.32122181

>ask a retarded question
>get retarded response
>cries about it

>> No.32122188

Eunuchs had their balls removed, but they still had them once. Its not the same and you know it.

>> No.32122196

It still isn't.

>> No.32122211

>twas but a jest

The only thing that would make it better would be if there was a global plague of some kind before the nuclear holocaust.

Then I'd know you'd be sick AND on fire.

>> No.32122232

>I study biology

That's cute. I was in first grade once too.

In any case, the question of male/female extends far beyond simply biology.

Male and Female are even used to describe objects just by their color, cables by their connectors, or Pokemon which can't even breed.

Orks are male. Non-breeding males, but males nonetheless.

>> No.32122246

I didn't say you or the guy who responded were joking.

I said that if you ask idiotic questions you get idiotic answers, which is what your crying over and shitposting about.

Just say 'culturally male' for fuck sake we all know it's what your trying to get across

>> No.32122250

> Non-breeding males
>don't breed

Do you even w40k?

>> No.32122257

>Orks are male.
Technically, they're 'boyz'. No more, no less.

>> No.32122287

Is the "z" at the end some sort of weird parody of the tumblr pronoun thing like zim and zer?

>> No.32122289

Orkz self identifize as da boyz, youz gitz shud respekt der life style choicez an accept dem fer who dey iz on der insidez.

>> No.32122300


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>> No.32122307

You mean they behave in an over-the-top stereotypical hypermasculine fashion and have a closer outward physical resemblance to human and eldar males than they do human and eldar females. They're not male by any proper scientific definition of the word. They're space cockneys, and as we all know, gender/sex doesn't apply to those weird myconid things either and bombing the East End doesn't get rid of them.

>> No.32122317

You've gotta be kidding me. You literally dont know the first think about orks.
>z or az. Plural.

>> No.32122330

Not BiologyAnon, first and foremost.

I want to write a lengthy, detailed post on why you're a fucking nitwit, but then I realized where I was and why that would be folly, so here's a short version. Orks aren't male because they literally have no genetic difference in sex. Male and Female is based on chromosomes which determine what sort of sexual organs one receives. Since Orks are fungal and breed asexually via spores, they have no need for a biological gender. They're just Ork. All those things you talk about are based on human recognition. Orks are seen by you as "male" because in your base feminist mind, you can't see "Big, Muscly Brute" as anything but male, due to your cold resentment of men. However, it is not the case.

>> No.32122332

Because not every franchise needs to have everyone represented everywhere at all times? No one really complains that arcana heart only has female characters... and no, that's not a hentai game.
>Where 99.9% of the characters are male, there's an all-male species, and female character introductions have actually been campaigned against by the fans.
Is complete horseshit.

>> No.32122337

>They're not male by any proper scientific definition of the word.

By the proper science of anything, they wouldn't exist.

In fact, by the proper science, the entire setting of 40k would cease to exist.

>> No.32122357

Orks may breed via spores, but nobody would say anything but 'male' if they weren't told that.

>> No.32122375

40k exists by the science of money.

>> No.32122383

You see how male characters are written in 40k. Do you really think they could pull off female chars without madbutthurt feminists?

>> No.32122412

More like poor people are too busy not starving and paying the rent to deal with anything else.

>> No.32122443


>Black Library
>lesbians with black lovers, female thunderbolt ace with black lover, Aaron Dembski-Bowden doing his best to remind everyone how much he loves nigs by constantly asking people how to paint them, Word bearers are all south americans or something

>85% of character art is female (higher if Only War)

In this one area where GW is doing ok, their side companies are trying to fuck it up. What gives?

>> No.32122457

Dude, they self-identify as male. They don't call each other "girlz."

More importantly, Male and Female is not based on chromosomes in all species of animals, let alone plants or fungi. When you introduce things like all the varied gender determination systems, determining what is male and female basically comes down to who is delivering and who is receiving genetic material.

Orks got spores, which they use to spread their genetic material. While in some ways that's gender neutral, it's also very male.

Their women just happen to be the entire rest of the world.

>> No.32122469

Just a wild stab in the dark here, but the women who play 40k are the kind who just want to play and don't give a shit about women being in their grimdark tabletops, and unlike vidya which has something for everyone, there isn't really a way to stick your toes in, you sort of have to go in the deep end with it.

That or you do what I did, play for a month or two, realise you're dirt poor and so are you friends and just play RPGs with models that are a dime a dozen

>> No.32122492

>Vengeful Spirit
>99% of the military command of the planet Molech is a woman
>The token Perpetual is also a strong woman

It's funny seeing the authors try to counter balance the male presence of the Space Marines for no reason.

>> No.32122496

Now now /b/, it's not nice to masquerade as /pol/. How would you like it if we came to your board and pretended to be /po/, hmm?

>> No.32122508

That...doesn't really compare at all, anon.

>> No.32122515

>How would you like it if we came to your board and pretended to be /po/, hmm?

Now I kind of want to see someone flood /pol/ with origami threads.

>> No.32122522

Not even /b/ would hate on origami

>> No.32122527

>self-identify as male

They literally don't have a concept of male or female. Your trying to divine gender scripts for cockney aliens. Just admit that it's literally just you saying 'MALE OVEREPRESENTATION IN MEDIA' about a race that wholeheartedly slaughters every gender. Your denial is getting farcical at this point

It fleshes out the Imperium a bit more at least.



>> No.32122544


To be fair, the authors must be bored out of their minds writing about Spess mareens all the time, but it also leads to terrible things like the Cabal, Perpetuals, and Spess mareens doing out of character things like shitting their pants (and your example0

>> No.32122552

That's clearly papercraft (or kirigami), not origami.

The difference is pretty simple.

"The goal of this art is to transform a flat sheet of paper into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques, and as such the use of cuts or glue are not considered to be origami."

>> No.32122556

>feminism is a lie, burn the origami

>> No.32122572

>Ichigo Mashimaro is not this guy's favorite anime

>> No.32122580

For a second I thought the pets were shop'd in.

>Based Chika

>> No.32122590

I grabbed the first thing I could find.

Don't bully please.

>> No.32122606

This shit is about as funny as the anti-war protests people used to hold outside wargame clubs in the UK.

>> No.32122612

Telling you that you were wrong, and explaining how you were wrong, is not an act of bullying, but of kindness.

Don't be so soft that you can't recognize that.

>> No.32122614

Er... wot?

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