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Kingdom Death is delayed again (boo!). Pledge manager is open for additional pledges (yaay!)! No, it doesn't mean you can become a backer now (boo!). The delay means more free bits and pieces like the chello for the Flower Knight (yaay!).

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Not sure if Gorm-balls are NSFW, but I'm not taking any chances on this one.

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Forgotten King has so far stayed true to its promise to update backers once a week on the status of the game. Most of the pieces have entered the tooling process.

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What the fuck is this shit, and why does it look an unhold cross between grimderpness and weebturd.

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No one cares about your shitty fetish game. That fad has passed.

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In every thread.

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grimderp? weeb? I have no idea what you are talking about.

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Absolutely no idea at all.

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>doesn't know what kingdom death is


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Dont make up words, it just makes you look like an idiot.

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It's mid-spring.

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They made a Guts model!?

Fuck me, I already knew they had my wallet when they go retail, but dammit.

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Some schools start break in May.

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Not knowig about some kicstarter shit = summerfag

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A few months ago KD was the biggest thing to hit /tg/, there were multiple threads about it daily for weeks. The only way you couldn't know about it at this point is if you were some summerfag who wasn't around then.

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>TFW your expensive porn game you kick started has been delayed more than any other project that hasn't been cancelled
Knew it was a smart idea not dropping $500 on this crap

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Missed the KS (or rather was too much of a proorfag back then) but I'm sooo getting the game once it's out!

Cosplay when?

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Orrrr I haven't visited /tg/ in a while? It's not like I'm married to this board

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>Orrrr I haven't visited /tg/ in a while?
Yeah, like... since last summer, right?
>It's not like I'm married to this board
It's not like this board would want to marry you in the first place, baka!

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Sooner than later I hope.

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Look at dis shit, mang. Just LOOK at this fookn dragon!

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Teaser of Spidicules resculpt.

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I'm still hyped. Delays and all, I'm still anxious for this game. Poots seems to be doing a decent job, though i worry that they might run out of funds before it's all done. i hope that doesn't happen, it's the only way I think this project would fail.

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It's a series of pornographic figurines designed for fapping, what did you expect?

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Most of them were made by Poots. Surely you haven't forgotten the identical threads with the same three pics and text posted over and over.

That's not how you spell cello.

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>Most of them were made by Poots.
Nah, it was probably me. I almost always start a KD thread when there's a big update, just cuz. He has visited a few of the threads though, pic related.

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I don't think we have to worry about them going under just yet though. They are still selling resin minis on their store (Satan was sold out right quick), so I'm pretty sure they have their head above the surface at least.

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All it means is quality is going up.
Although now I want to add more to my pledge... which I know I shouldn't, because I can't afford it.

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While I'm very excited for Kingdom Death, I've since lost people to play it with, which is a shame considering the great lengths I went through just to scrounge up money for it all the way to the kickstarter's final hours.

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It wasn't you making the same thread over and over a year before the Kickstarter launched. That was some blatant samefag viraling.

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Normal people use the catalog and can easily ignore the majority of the threads they don't give a shit about.

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If you don't know how to spell a word, google that shit.

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>Normal people use the catalog
Normal people aren't on 4chan in the first place.

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>Messenger of the Spiral Path
>Is Kamina

Poots pls

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Can you spot all the references? Hint: Messenger of Courage is rule63.

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Well that's definitely a thing.

Guts is pretty obvious, and the Watcher looks like Arcanis? Messenger of First Story makes me think of Ayla, but I dunno. I got nothing on Kara Black though.

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Kara Black is another companys OC, it's cross promotion, just like Candy & Cola.

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YES. Get Hype

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So how do you get out cum stains from resin, anyway?

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If you're the type that can fap to figures, I don't really think the design matters that much.

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Apply layer of varnish before you start... um.. using them. Then a simple soap washig will do.

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You have to clean it before the cum dries. If your resin is already stained, there's no way to clean it without damaging the resin. You can wash it with water though, in case it's not actually a stain but just not clean. Simple green helps a lot.

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They should rename the project Kingdom Delay. You guys are never getting the game.

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Sure we will. It may take a while, but we'll get it. Just like Duke Nukem Forever.

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...at first I was a bit shocked that someone actually seems to have experience with this, but then I remembered what thread I'm in.

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What delay? He never posted an estimated release date anyway

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On the plus side it will probably beat Robotech Tactics, crazy Kevin doesn't even have the sprue layouts confirmed for one of the most common units a year after the KS was done.

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AvP mini is coming along good, minis are all done and approved by fox, tiles have been redone and they are just waiting on the approval for the packaging.

Prodos have been good with email updates and what not.

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Wanna share some pics in jolly cooperation?

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Dude, this is a blue board!

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How much are these, and what do they add to the game? I never really looked at anything other than the expansions before, because that was almost $500 on their own.

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I'm getting survivor level with all the add-ons possible (except that one pin-up who only comes with one card) for $600

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They were kickstarter exclusive, so it's really a bit late to be asking.

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They're exclusive.

Which I thought was an odd choice by Poots, people will want them and they'll be hard to get.

He doesn't seem like the most astute businessman, but I guess he wanted to help e-bay middlemen and recasters.

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Still not nearly as delayed as Lost Valley was or Relic Knights is.

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Relic Knights started shipping though.

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Wait, where's the lure? I bought Spidicules mostly because of the awesomeness of the fluff with the lure.

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It's where you least expect.

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Apparently he lockboxed the necessary amounts for shipping costs as soon as everyone finished the initial pledge manager with the mailing address.

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You do realise that the pledge manager re-opened, right?

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>Relic Knights starts shipping next week

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Apparently right now it's waiting on sprue layouts for the armor kits. All the monsters and pinups are finished and stored in a warehouse.

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I made the mistake of putting a lot of money into that thinking it'd be Ninja Division calling the shots. Wishing I'd put it into a Minecart pledge for Shadows of Brimstone instead.

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What a magical realm that must be...

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The most disturbing, phallic warehouse ever. I bet it's being haunted RIGHT NOW by HR Giger.

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>ewww is that ecoplasm?
>No, it's something else...

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Alright, Halloween prank, we dig up Giger and store him in the warehouse.

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He died two days ago..

that's really morbid

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We're not talking about the people selling their souls for first dibs.

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I made it clear in my post that I had already pledged, and was looking for info on some of the limited edition minis. How is an appropriate response to that "You can't get them because they're limited edition"?

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They even gave him a lantern instead of a bag.

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Read the post
>Teaser of Spidicules resculpt.
AKA, not finished.

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I missed the KS on the time since I had problems with the credit card, a,d I regret it greatly.
Minis looks better on what I thought would be, especially the expansion dragon.
There is no a way to join it? Well, even if not, I'll take it when it comes out, so..
Btw, I remember that, during the ks, some play testing started: how's the situation and impression on game play now?
Btw, I'm sick of listening to virgins complaining on "sexual"elents. Grow up plz

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The last chance you had to get in on the KS was Black Friday last fall. You had the option of choosing the game, the game with all expansions, or the game with all expansions and pinups IIRC. The only chance you have now is if you know someone that has backed it already, whom you can send money to so he can increase his lemon pledge.

As for the game play I have no idea at all. I haven't seen any beta rules of the game (I think it was one of the higher tier pledge options).

It's mostly trolls. Try and ignore it as much as possible.

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Arent there youtube vids with gameplay? I remember watching them.

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Are other KS campaigns welcome, or is this just a KD thread?

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>As for the game play I have no idea at all.
People have seen what are considered the Event Cards. You get one with the freaking pin-ups. And the item, which, with the "Obvious Green Connection Points" shows that it can he a part of other "Green" marked cards since people have seen other items with different coloured tags which goes with the whole build armour poop.
The additional squares are assumed to be item values like defense etc.

Results of earlier playtests have been talked about a little on his blog or whatever the fuck I cant care to dig it up.
But it is pretty vague and there is a lot of speculation.

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It's mostly trolls. Try and ignore it as much as possible!

I think that guy is just behind or something.

>> No.32137047

Other campaigns are welcome. Pics are encouraged. I just started it off with KD because it's relevant to my interests.

>> No.32137064

Yeah, but I haven't seen any additional videos besides the ones from the KS.

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These look PRETTY fucking legit.

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>Almost 100 minis for 100 doubloons.

>> No.32137082

I was agreeing with you!

Sarcasm translates so poorly on the internet.. ;_;

May as well have them for the other folk anyway.

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The Writhing Dark is doing a new order thing, and I was pondering getting pic related. It'd be ten bucks.

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The funny part is that Soda Pop Miniatures are buddy-buddy with Kingdom Death crew.

>> No.32137489

Wicked, because I'm pretty damn fuckin hyped about pic related. It's made by CMON (zombicide creators) so I have complete faith it'll turn out well. There's 25 models (not including the monsters) included (got the expansion box) that I cannot wait to paint up. It's going to be glorious!

YouTube link for gameplay:

I'm hoping to get a few of my friends, and we all pick out a team of 3 to be our avatars. I'll let them paint them and personalise them to their specifications between scenarios. I'm hoping it'll be a blast of laughs and fun.

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Alright, fuck you. You reminded me that the pledge manager was reopened and I ended up spending 30 bucks on >>32118739

Stop taking my money, Poots.

>> No.32137717

The gear system is pretty aptly explained in the second game play video.

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>darker pink of the nipples just about peaking out
>dem thick legs
m-muh dick

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That manga has so many priceless reaction images

>> No.32138585

Im going to have to have a read of Dulce and see what I can find.
Manga reaction images are best reaction images

>> No.32138610

I seem to recall the one you posted to be the most hilarious one from it.

I can't get over how le happy manga artist likes to draw girls (?) as drooling during intense moments of passion.

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>It's made by CMON so I have complete faith it'll turn out well.

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You should be thanking me nigger. You could've missed out a discount on the expansion!

>> No.32142166

What's it about, homie?

>> No.32145583

It is like SDE from what I can tell. Probably because CMON and Soda Pop broke apart, CMON wanted their own SDE?

>> No.32146293

It's not like SDE at all.
It's more like Descent 2e, if you gave everyone a team of heroes and made the monsters just be static hazards that you can kill.

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