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So, GW is making shitty games to push the God-damn SM splinter factions:
> Space Marine, a TPS - Ultramarines
> Dark Vengeance, a Plants vs. Zombies clone - Dark Vengeance
>Space Wolf, a card-ish game - Space Wolves
> Chess Regicide, a chess game - Blood Angels

This sort of desperation to push stuff really explain why IP is given to untested studios that are making iPad level shit. The only strange game in this Armageddon, since you'll be playing the Steel Legions and Blood Angels are only going to be there for fun (I guess).

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Hey, be fair now. Space Marine wasn't nearly as bad as the other detritus in this list.

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And chess is chess, no matter what figures you use.

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>making shitty games to push the God-damn SM splinter factions
A studio could make a game about Squats vs. Zoats and GW would green-light it if they thought that there was any money to be made from it.

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Co op character action game featuring a Striking Scorpion and Howling Banshee as the main playable characters made by Platinum Games when?

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Warhammer Kings by Paradox Interactive when?

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Space Marine was a really good game imo. People still get butthurt about that main character being a special snowflake though haha.

They're SM in 40k people, the only thing between mankind and damnation, they're gonna be SS.

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Oh, absolutely, the rest of this crap deserves nothing less tha total incineration. I'm just saying Space Marine was a pretty faithful and worthwhile use of the IP, and did a lot right that hasn't been done before or since.

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>co-op hackenslasher
>visual style of Afro Samurai
>constant banter between players
>fighting human mooks is easy, Astartes is hard, other Eldar is insane sans teamwork
>no upgrades or RPG elements
>only death

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>Paradox Interactive
A Mount & Blade-esque game set in the Chaos Wastes would be pretty cool.

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Agreed. The attention to detail, the faithful recreation of the feel of the universe, and the actual gameplay leaves me more proud to have played this game than the first Dawn of War. the only thing that leaves me butthurt is the cancelation of the potential sequels.

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>visual style of Afro Samurai

The series or game?

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Honestly, I haven't really seen the series. I have heard that the game's style is sufficiently close. I'd like it in the game's style, though.

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>Not making an Elder Scrolls style open world game set in the Empire
>not trekking through the Drakenwald before being ambushed by beastmen
>Not being hunted to the ends of the world for making a joke about a dwarf's beard
>Not joining the Grey college and wandering the Empire as Not-Gandalf
>Not having sequels in Ulthuan, Lustria, or Naggaroth.

It's like you're not even trying.

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>The Busty Lustrian

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Guys! Guys! For fuck's sake, Guys!

Survival horrors!

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If you're gonna go cel shaded you may as well go all the way.

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There will NEVER be a Guardsmen Tactical shooter, EVER

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>tactical shooter

You mean like Gears of War?

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Good? If it ever happened it would be shit.

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>The Lustful Skink Priest
>"Now, my faithful servant, I need you to lead the rite in worship of the Great Serpent."
>"But master, he is ever so long, I don't think I could ever satisfy his appetite!"
>"Now now, we all need to make sacrifices to please others..."

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Imagine ARMA, if every enemy AI was replaced with Master Chief's bulking older cousin, Solid Snake's invisible cousin, Hannibal Lecter moving faster than you can visually track, an entire Zergrush coordinated by a team of mind-linked Korean Autists, and a precision-shooting, plasma-launching box of death on the next hill that is roughly impervious to small-arms fire. You have exactly 13 seconds in the firefight. This time is spent fumbling with your rifle as a giant in power armour fills your screen, stroking his cock and mumbling "...came for some MAN booty...".
A Dark Heresy style shooter could be fun, though.

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I wish GW would put some serious money behind a game. Spess Muhren was a shitty game by all accounts but with a budget like that it could've been something good. Just pay a decent studio to make a good game. Hell, even a good Tower Defense game on mobile would be nice, but instead we get the shit in the OP. What a joke.

Did anyone get the rights to DoW when THQ died?

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>Such world design
>Very city
>Many population

I'm sorry but a TES style game in the empire would be shit. Call me when you raise the standard to at least the Witcher in terms of world design. I want cities that feel like more than a small gated community in perpetual renfaire.

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Muh dik

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There will never be a Techpriest Simulator 40,000.

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Imagine Obsidian Games was allowed to make an RPG based on Dark Heresy.

All of my money.

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Now THIS, this is the real tragedy.

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n-No FUCK NO like Operation Flashpoint or Arma, Holy fuck what's wrong with you!

I think you were thinking the same

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I really enjoyed your post and thought I'd let you know.

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No anon, that's a cover-based third person shooter.
A tactical shooter would be akin to Rainbow Six, Swat 3&4, etc.
Though i have to ask:why does no one make an arma mod? (apart from the obvious problem that 40k weapons look shit in fps view)

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Or, the most fitting type of tactical shooter - Star Wars Republic Commando.

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Make a red orchestra mod.

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Make a red orchestra mod.

OFP&ArmA are Military Simulations, not Tactical Shooters. "Holy Fuck what's wrong with you", expecting others to understand what you mean when you can't even get the genre right.

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>like Operation Flashpoint or Arma
so just mod operation flashpoint or arma.

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I guess.
But I can think about now is the Tank driving AI transposed to a Lemon Husk. I didn't think it could get more shit, as a tank.
I was wrong.

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Requisite repost of
SOB Shooter brainstorming

Okay, each character has 3 chapters.
The more of the 40k universe outside the main things that you see, the better.

>Argent Shroud
1) Reunite with Imperium forces after being stranded. Save Imperial Guard along the way because that's how you roll. How many Guardsmen and Sisters you save, and how many Orks you kill affect the later two missions.
2) Save a feral planet of tribal humans from Dark Eldar, teach them about the Imperium. Find out information about the Sisters of Silence.
3) Last defense against Daemons on Krieg. The available forces of the Imperium are sent, and the decisions you made earlier affect whether you fight a losing battle alone in a horror-themed system of ruined buildings trying to survive or whether you participate in a GIANT battle alongside Sisters from various Orders, Imperial Guard, and newly trained Guard from the tribals you saved (this one is flat out: did you save enough, y/n?).

>Bloody Rose
1) Assists Salamanders in purging Tyranids and the Genestealer Cult. The choices you make here affect the later missions.
2) Sent to Necromunda. Purge who you want, spare who you want. Random chance anyone spared backstabs you later. At any rate, once you've progressed enough to have dealt with the Redeemers you are called away to...
3) Deal with Gray Knights who have fallen to Khorne. Final level, depending on how you played previously, ends up with you badly injured but rescued by Slamanders and put inside an Immolator or after causing the Slamanders to be slaughtered you commit yourself as a Repentia and wade straight into battle. Either way, the friends or enemies you made on Necromunda appear to fight or aid you.

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>Sacred Rose
1) Investigate a new planet, discover it is an Eldar world. Find yourself in a race for survival as you are hunted in realtime. Focus on survival or suffer not the alien to live and become the hunter, the choice is yours. In the end, choose ultimately whether or not to unleash an Exterminatus on the planet.
2) Find yourself in a very uneasy alliance with Tau against Necrons. Aid or hinder the Tau as you lead your team around a battlefield to execute the Necron leader.
3) Investigate a Rogue Trader for corruption. Play squad tactics, giving orders to following companions. Find hostiles of every kind, kinds of xenos never before seen in the Imperium, and even a race of giant ratmen...choosing not to exterminate the Eldar lets you have a psyker in your squad, and the level becomes a heart pumping fast paced search and destroy mission. Had you destroyed them, your investigation quickly turns on it's head as you become a plaything in a series of traps and tortures planned by the Slaaneshi turned Rogue Traders. Being friendly with the Tau secures you the aid of Kroot you can rescue inside the ship who also keep you alive when you find yourself at a place of respite (but fight far stronger enemies by contrast), or else find yourself against Tau as they board the ship to destroy both you AND the RTs at the same time.

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FINAL LEVEL: Chaos Space Marines launch a new Black Crusade. With the forces of the Imperium pulling back to defend the homeworld, the Astropath has ignited the energies of the Golden Throne to new levels which has acted like a beacon to draw a Tyranid Hive Fleet straight to the planet, and Orks simply came lookin' for a good fight!
Defend Terra! Having been an effective Inquisitor as a Sacred Rose brought death without thought to xenos lets you fight as a Living Saint. Otherwise, fight in an Avenger in space agianst the enemy fleets. Being a devoted Bloody Rose allows you use an Exorcist against the masses of foes, otherwise find yourself in a Penitent Engine headed straight for the center of the carnage on the planet surface.
As an Argent Shroud hero of the people fight in a giant battle between your Brothers, the Space Marines, as well as your Sisters against the enemy. As a survivor find yourself behind enemy lines making your way through to the leadership of the CSMs.

For at least one of them, basically imagine playing as the Soulstorm Immolator driver


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>splitting hairs

Besides there is NOTHING tactical about gears of war in the slightest. As for your comment about making a mod. You can do that for literally every game listed here. That is not the point. The point was for a game to be produced with some financial backing not a dude in a basement who will never get it done.

You are so far beyond the point here.

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What about a game set solely in a single city, like Altdorf. You could get into shenanigans with the Colleges of Magic, release the Dragon from the Imperial zoo, build shit in the School of Engineers, or crack some skulls with the temple of Sigmar, whilst never sacrificing the sense of scale of the city.

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That could be fun. Hell, given the size of imperial grand counties I could warm up to having the hinterland represented.

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Well, yeah, that's a bad one on me. Actually liked Space Marine. A well made game, that, optimized as fuck.

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I played space marine. Quite a good game.
Last time I played it I was on a multiplayer coop, and the doomsday thingie was charging. "3... 2... 1..." *BSOD*
No kidding. My 2yo laptop overheated...

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YOU were the one who started insulting people, and now you can't accept you fucked up. Very mature.

The rest of your points are also irrelevant.
> You can do that for literally every game listed here
>Star Wars Republic Commando.
Have fun reverse engineering.

In all seriousness though, go check out how Tripwire Interactive started - you can start with a mod and become a big project later.

>You are so far beyond the point here.
No wonder you're namefagging with that name... you seem very insecure.
Do you get my point now?

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who the fuck was talking about gears being tactical
are you delusionall or can you just not read

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>40k related stuff
>space marines at the lead

More news at 11.

Also, "GW is making shitty games". GW didn't make any of those games. But I'm sure the actual developers are quite happy to let people shit on GW and not them.

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I can only recommend watching total biscuits videos on space marine as well as "the codex astartes does not support this game" (iirc, title could be slightly different)

Space Marine was an okay 6/10 shooter, which is better than most triple-a shooter these days.

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Well, if you sell your IP to Uwe Boll, who's to blame for a shitty movie?

Seriously, thought. The Russians making Space Wolf? Their company website looks like mid-2004s flash game site. Space Wolf website has better production values than any game they ever made. Dark Vengeance was also given to some untested dweebs. A stroke of luck that Space Hulk was as good as it was, but maybe it's because the Space Hulk formula is hard to fuck up.

On a less flaming manner, Blood Ravens were in DoWs and you don't see them with their rulebook. Dark Vengeance isn't about Crimson Fists and their defense against the orks (thought, i don't know if there was ever a published CF campaign).

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Or because they actually had the money and time to give it production values and they were smart enough to stick as close as possible to the board game.

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>people butthurt about shitty no-name games
>forgetting we're getting Deathwing from the guys who did EYE
y'all gay /tg/

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Sure is summer in here

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TB loved "Space Marine" to bits, it was storm of vengence that got his knickers in a twist.

>> No.32119495


Also, e.y.e. was very bad in theory and still very fun to play,so even if they fuck up it'll be enjoyable

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>bawww they don't like my shit ideas

>> No.32119499

What if it was Ork warbands?
Fighting other Orks for Loot, land and other bitz etc. Not sure how they would do the vehicle things in that style though.

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Thanks for spoiling the 3 vids i recommended, baka

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>> Dark Vengeance, a Plants vs. Zombies clone
That's not really true, and while there are several criticisms that can be levied at the game regarding bugs and some design choices, the "clone" argument is the easy lazy choice. The mechanics only share the similarity of camera positioning and lanes, it is otherwise an entirely different thing and it would be like calling Starcraft a clone of C&C. And if it looks like an iPad game, it's because it primarily is one. PC compatibility was a strange choice, but if you're curious about the game, it's ultimately cheaper than a smartphone.

Game's no Dawn of War, but it's a fun way to spend a good 10 minutes at a time during lulls in a busy schedule. Hence being a mobile game primarily.

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waiting list:
>eternal crusade
They better not fuck these 2 up.

>> No.32119537

Not that anon, but those aren't really ideas as much as wishlisting by faggot with no understanding of game development,planning or theory.
Since it's mostly plotfocused i'd recommend recycling it into a short story or a fanmade movie script (that you could build on via a blender short teaser trailer based on it etc.)

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>Starcraft a clone of C&C
Meh, they're both just clones of dune
herzog zwei is where its at

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I wonder if Middenheim with the cult of Ulric/Church of Sigmar conflict and crumbling dwarvern ruins underneath might be better.

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They're not my ideas, they're a repost of what every fucking 40k/WHF videogame idea devolves into. If you think this is shit fine by me but it was relevant.

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Uh...what kind of response is that? He told them to watch some videos, yet you phrase your sentence as if he claimed something you try to disagree with

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No, TES gameplay is shit. Give me Old world+chaos wastes mount and blade all day every day.

>> No.32119594

>dat failure of reading comprehension

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>you actually control a whole squad
>including heavy weapons
>everytime you dies, short cutscene
> another guardman picks up the vox and you become him
Once again, men, we will hold the line...

For the Emperor

>> No.32119663

>everytime you dies, short cutscene
> another guardman picks up the vox and you become him
Also annoying if other games are anything to go by.

>> No.32119667

Well, I enjoyed it many times more than any Gears of War, Modern Warfare or Halo (except Halo 1).

First of all, what makes you equate the developers of those games to Uwe Boll? How exactly do you know the game is going to be shit before it's even made?

A lot of good movies and games were thought to be shit when in development, and a lot of shit games and movies were praised until you actually saw the final product and realized it's shit. You can never say for certain.

>> No.32119668

E.Y.E. Was a turd with JRPG levels of writing. I hated every moment of it. The shitty dialogue, the respawning enemies that take away all meaning from stealth, the stupid mission obejctives that don't do anything, enemy design... basically, hacking was the only fun idea about it.

>> No.32119670

>>you actually control a whole squad
Pikmin 40k!

>> No.32119683

Was using hyperbole to get my point across (also, I'm still baffled how people sold right to UB).

Some games are shit from the inception, like Storm of Vengeance (I'm surprised nobody has called me a fagot for mixing up the name): the idea is bad and the execution isn't any better. It's like Star Wars dancing game: sure, you can make it, but Star Wars isn't about that and nobody needs that (and it's an obvious cash in on fucking casuals).

>> No.32119704

Why not Brothers in Arms? Your squad is split into three parts:
-The rifle section (Lasgun all day), 4 doods
-The Special Weapon section (duh), 3 doods
-Heavy Weapon Team, 2 doods.
And you're the sarge.
Together, you fight heresy.

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C&C can hardly be a clone of Dune, seeing as they're made by the same guys. Spiritual Sequel fits better.

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>I'm still baffled how people sold right to UB

He's a known name and notoriety sells way more tickets than something obscure. Why do you think people pick the shitty leading brand over a way better unknown?

>shit from the inception

And some have been shit and turned out to be cash. You think anybody could foresee Minecraft or Angry Birds becoming the hits they were? Or DayZ? Or ton of other games?

>the idea is bad

The idea is different. I have no problems with them trying different things. Just because it's not 100% lore accurate and super serious, doesn't mean its bad. It's one more tower defence game among a billion, this time with a 40k theme. How is it different from any other one?

The actual gameplay is lacking, sure, but fuck it, I'd be ok even with a 40k dating simulator. You still got your super serious wargame and super serious fluff, if you want it.

>Star Wars isn't about that and nobody needs
>implying this shit ain't cash:

I... don't know what to say. Like, each to their own.

>> No.32119806

You shut your whore noob mouth, before you have an accident involving your head dropping onto an acid jar while I wear your moron face as a party mask.

Git gud.

>> No.32119818

>bring up valid complaints

>well your a faggot so here

>> No.32119833


Well, to be honest I like chess so I don't mind having an online 40k version with multiplayer. I also enjoyed Space Marine though it felt like I was watching a movie. Multiplayer was good too but the "you have to buy ALL the game modes!" shit killed it early on.

Tried storm of vengeance. Amusing for 5 minutes, gets old really really fast. Don't know the space wolves game but there's already a physical trading card game so why not. If GW can produce stuff like this to keep profits up without doing more things with the model prices then all the better.

>> No.32119856

Something new doesn't mean good. I mean, watch some of the gameplay. Do you really feel teh powah of being a Space Marine? Shit, they should promote the Ork side of it more, because that shit's hilarious, especially when you start spamming gretchin and boys cuz orks don't give no fucks.

40K dating simulator would be good, but hard to do, I guess, especially if want serious in universe feel and not just replacing lolis with Repentia.

Please, enlighten me as to what was good in that game and how that refutes any of the points I made.

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>40K dating simulator
If one ever got made, the only thing I'd spend more time on besides incessantly raging over and shitting on it online would be the time I'd spend playing it.

>> No.32120079

>tripfag whiteknight
Your points are automatically invalid.

>E.Y.E. Was a turd with JRPG levels of writing. I hated every moment of it.
This isn't an objective point, it's him being a bitch and whining on /tg/.


More to the point, you're wrong because 1) JRPGs have better dialogue, and aren't generally dragged down by both intentional design and lack of resources. 2) Half of what you listed as negatives are completely subjective points. The game is about achieving mission objectives while being under constant pressure. It's a selling point, and if you don't like it there's an option to limit or turn off the enemy reinforcements altogether. You can even play around with their perception and reaction times. It's entirely up to you to change the game to fit your wants, and it appears as if you didn't do that. 3) As for lack of options, you can use dozens of firearms each handling differently, you can use your freaking Cybercloak to stealth around, you can even one hit kill Deus Ex Machinas with the default katana if you use Ghost or misdirection correctly. You're only impaired by your imagination and knowledge of the game, and apparently both are severely lacking in you.

>> No.32120130

> (I'm surprised nobody has called me a fagot for mixing up the name)
THought that'S a deliberate parody on the blandness of the names. Hugh.

>> No.32120149

>oh no, a company is using its rights to make games to make games! Not in my warhammer!
Get over it. The games are no shittier than Warhammer in general, who cares if they make silly little tablet games?

>> No.32120160

>JRPGs have better dialogue
JRPGs tend to have more superfluous dialogue, not necessarily better.

>> No.32120161

>▶silly little tablet games

> tablet games

top kek

>> No.32120225

Storm of Vengeance is an android game, as is Space Wolf. Space Marine is actually a well made, generic third person shooter.

>> No.32120265

It's sold as a full fledged PC Title.

>> No.32120268

Why can't it use its rights to make better games?

1) I don't know how "intentionally shitty" makes it less so. The dialogues were horrible and the lore was bad even for JRPGS.
2) Aren't most shooters about achieving mission objectives under constant pressure?
Also, bullshit on reinforcements part. They spawn in the same places over and over again (I used that to grind cyberdemons in next to last level), popping in the air, breaking immersion and stuff. Kind of like in the last SoF game.
3) The only difference was uselessness. Also, it appears you have to do some "the floor is lava" mental gymnastics to make the fun and playable.
It's a turd released by an overambitious bunch of French moders that crammed the game full of awful looking levels, disjointed enemies (aliens, werewolves and white women, all part of the metawhatsit) as well as plot that's full of 12 year old level attempts at hardcore mixed with obnoxious euro-weeaboo pseudophilosophical bullshit.

>> No.32120289

I agree with everything you said yet i still enjoyed the game somehow.

>> No.32120314

Of course, except they're quite obviously designed with tablets in mind and are published on android. In can be both.

>Why can't it use its rights to make better games?
Because small cheap games generate more profit and are lower risk. What were they gonna do with the rights to WH:40K that could be so good anyway? They already have 2 decent RTSs and a decent 3PS. People don't want to shell out £40 on video games anymore unless its CoD 7: The Coddening, and developers know this.

>> No.32120385

If it's sold as a PC Game, it's a PC Game. If it doesn't want to be that or even considered in teh same category, then it shouldn't be on PC.

>> No.32120396

>single digit cod number

>> No.32120429

>if it's sold on PC then it can't be any other type of game
U wot m8?

>> No.32120431

Not only did you make up claims, you also probably belong to those dumb fuckers who don't know what "tactic" means except that it somehow involves brains.

>> No.32120457

I fail to see the hole in my logic.
If some weird Camelfucker came to you and tried to sell you one so you can fly to the moon you'd compare it to a rocket as well.
Or if someone gave you piss instead of wine.
If it isn't what it pretends to be someone is trying to fuck you over.

>> No.32120480

>(I used that to grind cyberdemons in next to last level),

You're a self-flagellating piece of retarded shit, did you know that?

Thanks btw, Quest thread was going slow.

>> No.32120488

"Sry, for have no new wheels for your car here. However i can sell you these manhole covers! Of course i will take only the same money as for new wheels. You're ruining me, but i like my customers."

Good goyim.

>> No.32120489

It's pretty simple. It can be two things at once. A game playable on PC is a PC Game. A game playable on tablet is a tablet game. If something is playable on both it is both.

If a guy tries to sell me a camel that is also a rocket, then I'm not going to say "no fucking way man, I can't go to the moon on that rocket camel, it's just a camel!"

You're just looking at one aspect of the thing and defining it by that aspect. Which is retarded. If you can't understand that something can have more than one purpose or function then you probably don't have the intelligence to even play Storm of Vengeance.

>> No.32120505

I don't think slap-dick-at-button simulator would be that fun...

>> No.32120522

Figuring stuff out that doesn't make sense to you is the heart of every clickn&point classic.

>> No.32120526

Don't want to alarm you, but you should check to make certain that you're real. People who agree that a thing they like might be bad are kind of nonexistent.

Good on you, anyways. We all play videogames hoping they will be good and we'll like them.

Vidjareviewing is a thankless job. Also, nice comeback.

An RPG? Something new? It's the guy that tries something new (or drawing from good inspirations) that get the big money and fame. That's why Modern Warfare is good while the rest are derivative crap.

>> No.32120539

The thing is, that camel doesn't have a rocket, it just has a super soaker strapped to it's back.
If the second aspect is so bad or barely even there in the first place, why bother with it?

>> No.32120560

>I think it's called a guilty sin. Lots of people have that.

>An RPG? Something new? It's the guy that tries something new (or drawing from good inspirations) that get the big money and fame. That's why Modern Warfare is good while the rest are derivative crap.
I think most people would disagree with that, maybe i'll write something about that later this evening; writing from work which is going to end now so i'll be busy with other stuff for the next few hrs

>> No.32120571

>People who agree that a thing they like might be bad are kind of nonexistent.
It's called a guilty pleasure.

>> No.32120575

Probably because it took less than a day to switch over to PC and they can sell it to more people for more money.

>> No.32120578

First part was ment to respond to
>Don't want to alarm you, but you should check to make certain that you're real. People who agree that a thing they like might be bad are kind of nonexistent.

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>> No.32120586

>It's the guy that tries something new (or drawing from good inspirations) that get the big money and fame. That's why Modern Warfare is good while the rest are derivative crap.
You got it backwards. Modern Battlefield games are all tried and tested and get all the money and fame. Trying something new is risky.

But that's a false analogy anon. Your second sentence is correct, but it supports my point, not yours. The thing looks like a tablet game, plays like a tablet game and is available on tablet. It's a fucking tablet game that you can play on PC.

>> No.32120591

*anon uses dodge!*

>> No.32120629

>Something new doesn't mean good. I mean, watch some of the gameplay.

Never said it was a good game, just that the idea wasn't so terrible. It could have been a fairly decent game with some work.

>that shit's hilarious
>space marines
>not hilarious

>hard to do

Schola Progenium. It's basically 40k High School. You could have popular girl Sisters, jock Stormies, nerd Techadepts, freak Psykers, etc.

>> No.32120637
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>I . . I . . It's not like I like purging Xenos or anything . . .

>> No.32120697

Space Marine would've been an excellent game if they had dedicated servers for multiplayer. Peer to peer connections in that game were always bullshit.

>> No.32120825

Well, there's that, but comment sections under any review of popular movie or game (that are bad) are toxic cesspits. Newest Spider-Man is the best example.

Battlefield isn't really pulling in that much cash. Wehenever they talk big releases and big money, they talk CoD.

And yes, I totally agree that trying new things is risky, but not trying new things is not the way to make big bucks. That's why you never say "CoD clone" with any positive connotations.

Also, risky, bold moves are better to the industry, much more than "hey, we made shit that's like the popular shit, but maybe worse".

>> No.32121006

it is actually a complete clone though, of "Ninja Cats & Samurai Dogs" by the same devs, they even admitted it

>> No.32121149

>Forgetting teachers pet Commissars and top of the class Inquisitors

It's like you were never a privileged orphan in the 41st millennium.

>> No.32121168

The chess game is a new one. Was this announced recently?

>> No.32121339

That's what the "etc." stood for. I wasn't going to list them all. Also, the Inquisitor would be the hall monitor.

>> No.32121837

No one's gonna watch your YouTube celeb's videos, fagtard.

>> No.32121951

>"Angry Birds is a PC game"
- Some fucking dumbfuck on /tg/, 2014

>> No.32123047

I think tempestus might be more marketable.
Guardsman FPS should be something like a modern FPS, but the linear scripting more cleverly hidden as hail of enemy fire. At least when it comes to singleplayer, it should shine in multi. It should be something like Battlefield 40K probably (I don't really play modern military shooters, but IIRC Battlefield had vehicles).

>> No.32123094

No, fuck moder military shooters.
It should be something like ARMA or Red Orchestra, not fucking battlefield.

>> No.32123169

A Surgeon Simulator: Mechadendrite Version?
And don't forget the sacred oils and incense!

>> No.32123196

Reminder that the EYE devs also got the rights to make an fps

>> No.32123263

Oooh, how about Warhammer 40,000: Angry Beakies, featuring our favourite agitated, yellow-armoured marines smashing into ork structures?
Add a vs mode where you can launch stormboyz at opponent's stronghold to destroy it before he does the same to yours and I'm sold.

>> No.32123308

There was a published CF campaign. It started with the raid on Badlanding and contained two full-on Apocalypse games (the battle for the spaceport, where the missile eventually goes boom and fucks everything and everyone, and the battle for the spaceport at the very end of the campaign).

>> No.32123320

>not mentioning Flappy Stormboy

>> No.32123326

>ARMA or Red Orchestra
I was thinking about something I would play and while I play neither CoD nor Battlefield, those two sound even less fun.
They're kinda too niche for GW to pull big number from, I'd rather see something like Marvel Capcom games.
Huh, you know, a GW Special Character fighting game would be cool.

>> No.32123337

I'd rather see Orks in a TF2 or Planetside style game.

>> No.32123363

Damn, you could probably make hundreds of casual games about orks.
Just make something about flying a deffkopta/fighta-bomba, feeding a squiggoth, avoiding being fed to a squiggoth, grot tennis etc.

>> No.32123408
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> JRPGs have better dialogue
Iz dis grot 'avin a larff?

I bet you think FullMetal Alchemist is super deep and philosophical, too.

>> No.32123413

I heard that it was the plan for the 40k MMO in preparation. Orks being the F2P faction.

>> No.32123419

>They're kinda too niche


I remember when people bitched about DoW and how it was shit because it was some dumb base building RTS instead of glorious true 40k in video game format. And how did that turn out?

40k is niche enough for major audience (seriously, don't kid yourself, your average Joe doesn't even know about wargaming, let alone 40k) and 40k with ARMA gameplay is going to be even less appealing. But as long as a few neckbeards are happy...

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