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>Galaxy at War (Hobby Guide) 144 pages

>Dark Millennium (Background and Artwork) 128 pages

>The Rules 208pages

Extremely glad to see the rumor that they were splitting the rulebook into three separate books in a slipcase turned out to be true.

Hints that there might not be a new starter set after all

Also Dark Eldar master race

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Apparently $85

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what hints are those?

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So, less book for more money?

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For fuck's sake.

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i can't read that shit

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Red box in the bottom right corner, says something to the effect that Dark Vengeance will be repackaged with the new rules.

Psychic Phase rumors, so much for "ML1 SUMMON A BILLION DAEMONS XD"

>Psychic Phase

D6 + Mastery Levels of all of your psykers = warp pool (or whatever its called) and you draw dice from this pool to cast (once used they cant be used again that turn.)

>Powers are cast on the amount of successes, so warp charge 2 would require 2 successes, warp charge 4 requires 4 successes.

>A success is a D6 roll of a 4+

>There may be a limit of how many dice you can throw at a spell (Mastery Level +1 etc)

>Double 6 or Double 1 is still a perils (unsure if you can get two perils per casting)

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that makes level 3 and 4 quite hard even for level 4 psykers

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So if you have 1 psyker no matter the level you might as well not roll as you can only use 1 of those +d6 charges

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Nm it's per spell I am stupid

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7th edition .. the Thousand Sons will fucking rape face.

Base 1d6
arhiman lvl 4 sorsceror 4d
lvl 3 sorc lord 3d
1k Sons lvl 1 sorc leading 1k sons squad 1d
x6 for troops
3 more from elites choices (running 9 thousand sons squads)
1d6 + 16 dice on turn 1.
16 chances to get possession and summon.

Each sucessfull summon gives you more dice to cast with. and more sorcerors to summon more units with.

lvl 3 sorc bout to die. 1 wound left.
/cast trollface
possesed by Greater deamon of tzench. roll new powers. get possesion again.

Greater deamon of tzench down to 1 wound again. Casts possesion and gets another greater deamon of tzench. (basically re-roll powers AND reset wounds.


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> the Thousand Sons will fucking rape face.
Pfff. You surely mean seer council.

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Keep in mind to get that off you have to roll 4 4+

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It's the psychic phase that never ends.



THEY CALL CAN SUMMON. average you'll get enough for 4 chances.

Every time you suceed summoning a herald he generates more dice AND powers. and he can attempt to summon more.

once it's all said and done if you don't kill all the tzench psychers... I'VE GOT MORE DICE NEXT TRUN AND MORE CHANCES TO SUMMON MORE (wich starts to snowball.

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Time to unfold some d weapons and just wipe the shit out before it could multiply.

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It doesn't matter how big the dice pool is if you can only use ML+1 on a spell.
The primaris is 3 charges making it quite likely not to go off

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Hmmm, this MIGHT make them workable. Also considering Cursed Ground lets 1000S get 3++.

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How? Isn't it for daemonic saves only.

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Fuck, disregard, was thinking of obliterators, my current favorite obsession.

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>It doesn't matter how big the dice pool is if you can only use ML+1 on a spell.
>The primaris is 3 charges making it quite likely not to go off

you're not taking into account the new psychers being summoned

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Or take IG with 3 lvl. 2 primaris psykers, 2 astropaths and 3x5 battle psykers for 11 warp charges and a total cost of mere 575pts.

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Or perils

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notes from the Psychic phase that double 6 causes Perils, and when you're using Malefic any double causes Perils.

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Do you happen to know what the difference between chaotics/daemonics and loyalists/xenos using malefic is?

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No longer required to stock list, pointing towards an Ork release (Which was certain) and possibly a Blood Angel release (Rumored)

>No longer required stock for Stockist status:

BS1: Dark Vengeance
BS1: Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook
BS1: Space Marine Terminator Close Assault Squad
BS1: Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard
BS1: Ravenwing Command Squad
BS1: Vampire Lord on Dragon
BS1: Skullcrcushers of Khorne
BS1: Skaven Warp Lighting Cannon/Plagueclaw Catapult
BS1: Fantasy Paint Set
BS1: Warhammer 40,000 Paint Set
BS1: Hobby Starter Set
BS2: Grass
BS2: Scorched Grass
BS2: Purity Seal
BS2: Stippling Brush
Ext: Space Marine Strikeforce
Ext: Dark Eldar Battleforce
Ext: Ork Battelforce
Ext: Dark Eldar Razorwing
Ext: Ork Battlewagon
Ext: Ork Deff Dread
Ext: SM Landraider
Ext: Chaos Marauder Horsemen
Ext: Warhammer Daemons of Chaos book
Ext: Karl Franz on Deathclaw
Ext: Warhammer Tomb Kings book
Ext: Vampire Counts Battalion
Ext: Empire Battalion
Ext: Celestial Hurricanum/Luminark

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guys, what if GW put some "thought" into summoning daemons. take the allies matrix for for once. space marines are not able to ally with daemons. so what if summoned daemons by said space marines dont act for the space marines at all? also acprding to the 6th edition rulebook, conjuration counts as deepstriking, so no moving nor assaulting for summoned daemons, they also dont score.

what if they count as a complete own force then? that acts does their turn sequences before the summoners turns and attacks the closest enemy within range. friend or foe.

lets have space marines fighting space wolves for example:

turn SM: space marine player summons a bloodthirster in the midst of battle. shooting phase, the bloodthirster has to shoot first at the closest target (SM or SW). then SM start their shooting phase, then assault (wich the daemon cannot do this phase)

turn SW: the SW player now might has the option to let that SM regret the summoning. moving away from it and doing the rest of his turn.

turn SM: moving phase, the Bloodthirsters phase is first.. so he moves towards the closest enemy (wich may be the SM since the SW backed off a bit). then the SM moves. then in the shooting phase the thirster does his shooting/running and might aswell turn towards the marines. then the marines shooting phase... and the following assault phase may become the turn the SM player can regret the decision summoning said daemon while the SW player uses this to his advantage.

i think this might be a posibility. i hope for the best and this would actually be quiet nice. a player that knows that his daemons are on rampage will think twice before summoning his daemons. is he safe to do it or does the next turn may turn bad?

of course its up to GW... so i think this wont go the way i think it will work but.. yeah.. would be awesome and also limit the "OMG ALL GO FOR MALEFIC"

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>mfw after all the years of mockery, 40k ends up just the bastard of Fantasy again

You chucklenuts better hope Eldar don't get Banner of the Universe Dragon or you may as well bare your ass and sell your Daemons.

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>Skyblight just got more stronger!

>> No.32111326

yeah. also those titankiller changes make my flying circus now less scared of knights.

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>++ can be taken against D weapons
>mfw only two units with ++ in my army

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>Adam: Challenges are now pointless!

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It says Dark vengeance will still be the starter set for this ed.
Rules for it will be in the new rulebook.

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mfw 7th drops and everyone takes unbound armies. Ah, we're fucked guys. Anyone want to purchase a beautifully painted AM, Ork, or CSM army???

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I think he means for combat res? If not HAHAHAHA suck it low Init scrubs

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Thank fucking god, I hate those grounding checks.

>> No.32111894

Deff Dread is still pretty new, and Battlewagon already comes with pretty much everything.

New battlewagon may just include the expansion sprue in-box if I had to guess, but why remove the dread?

>> No.32111953


I'm a bit confused about that too.

Why update the deff dread orthe battlewagon kits? Orks still have models from the fucking 80s laying around, I think they warrant an update more than something that was updated so recently?

>> No.32111966

>that one designer that hates the battlewagons but loves those old 80s Orks

>> No.32112006


They might be getting new boxes instead of new sculpts.

>> No.32112062

Still works actually. Let's say you're a power weapon-wielding whatever against an ork nob and challenge him. Either:
- he declines, sparing you from power klaw hits
- he accepts, your attacks hit the nob without any look out sir, you hopefully kill him off before he attacks back, and if you're lucky you get to kill some more boyz

Functionally the same as before, only a nerf to the tactic of "i'll sacrifice my useless sergeant to your monstrous creature, thus tying him up one more round"

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but would you get saves against those overkills? or would it be like in whfb where you don't get saves it counts for combat res only

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>New discount Sisters announced
>$20 for four "precision laser cut high quality" cardboard cutouts depicting current Sister models
>Fa/tg/uys get booted from GW stores for bringing John Blanche art homemade cutouts

>> No.32112127

"the wounds they cause carry over into the unit" sounds more like actual wounds rather than wounds for calculating combat resolution, but it's not guaranteed.

If that's the case, you'd most likely get saves against it (where applicable), as with any other wounds caused to a unit.

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You made me triple-check that list for sisters removals. Stop trying to make me sad please. :(

>> No.32112139

Are they really going to reuse that ultramarines "durr how do bolter work" picture?

>> No.32112173

Naw, metal Sisters get moved to the Collectors category and double in price "because a mold cracked".

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what, you really expect to someone else besides the poster boys on the cover of the big rule book? perhaps space wolves will be on the cover next. actually this is what i remember of the book covers

>dark angels on 6th
>hammer for 5th and 4th
>black templars for 3rd
>blood angels for 2nd
>ultramarines for 1st

>> No.32112340

It's not about it being ultramarines. It's about them reusing the pic from the codex where he just looks confused.

>> No.32112378

More book I think. We're looking at almost 500 in total. Last book was closer tol 400 iIRC

>> No.32112380

>Brother Captain, my Bolter appears to be unable to destroy the heretics. I require assistance.

>> No.32112416

Why would they take the Sang Guard back for new boxes but not Death Company or any of the other BA stuff?

>> No.32112454

No, the sequence is: Crimson Fists, Blood Angles, Black Templars, Hammer, Hammer, Dark Angles.

>> No.32112478

Well they've fixed grounding at least.

>> No.32112596

You raise a good point. I love the whole concept of summoning uncontrolled demons as like a slightly more coherent fireball and I've seen the idea elsewhere too.

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>> No.32112648

Aw so there well be no new starter set? :( I was really looking forward to orks vs blood angels box. That was my favorite part about their being a new edition.

>> No.32112761

If assault termies were getting redone like tac marines did I would jism.

>> No.32112811

They don't release new starter sets until months after the book since it forces people to buy the big book first.

Also since this book was rushed out to get out before the next financial report I wouldn't be surprised to find they're behind on new sculpts.

>> No.32112814

Wow, and I thought challenges were bad before!
And I thought flyers couldn't get more broken!

Thanks GW, for removing any chance that I might actually want to keep playing this game.

>> No.32112863

>what, you really expect to someone else besides the poster boys on the cover of the big rule book?
Yes, Hammer when?

>> No.32112892

Crimson Fists were on the Rogue Trader book, not Ultras.

>> No.32113025

Sisters of Battle deserve their turn!

>> No.32113032

>ML3 and 4 powers are hard to cast
>the stronger psykers like LoC's and Eldrad are more likely to fuck up their stronger powers
>the ones you brought them to be able to cast
What the fuck is the point

>> No.32113116

SoB are on the cover of the 4th book obviously

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>> No.32113375


Three books, for $85.

More overall content in them, but the upside is that you can leave the fluff and showcase portions at home when you head out for game night, instead of having to lug all 500 pages around every time.

>> No.32113436

>Three books, for $85.

So $400 in Australia.

>> No.32113502

Free if they forget a sprue in the same order in Canada.

>> No.32113677


guys come on that's shits fake it has a bunch of fantasy stuff that was released last year...

>> No.32113704

Those are just the dates they'll be raising the prices on those things.
Otherwise, people may stop playing 40k!

>> No.32113739

If GW doesn't raise prices every week they'll go bankrupt and won't be able to design such amazing rulesets as "ignore the rules and buy more models".

>> No.32113797

>So $400 in Australia.

>> No.32113881

Did you see that a bunch of feminists sent a letter to GW asking for more female options in the armies and for updated Sisters?

The reply was basically "make your own females, but there's no female space marines unless you buy the Blood Raven battalion and modify them using Games Workshop parts! (They literally turned the letter into an ad about halfway through)
Sisters of Battle have a much lower demand than Space Marines, and as a result we have no plans to make new sculpts".

Feminists are PISSED. It's funny too, they weren't one of those batshit insane feminazi groups but were like actual gamer chicks.
I mean, did they not get that this would go public?

>> No.32113898

Anyone know if the kits will be receiving a price hike with the release of 7th?

>> No.32113923


but they're pulling DV from stores, and there are tons of rumors about a Blood Angels/Orks starter set

>> No.32113942


well I know that as a guy I want more sisters options regardless. Im getting tired of old ass metal models with 0 meaningful updates

>> No.32113999

That's like asking if they'll change the date tomorrow

>> No.32114017

Don't put any faith in rumours. There were rumours of new plastic Chaos Space Marines kits (for regular marines, Chosen, and Havocs) but nothing besides the Helbrute ended up coming up from it.

It's interesting how the murder-rapist space elves are the most gender inclusive race, model-wise. I mean sure, there's female guardsman, Eldar, and Tau but there's little representation in the models of that. I'm pretty sure Tau have very little actual sexual dimorphism, though, so I guess you could argue they're already there (sorry blueberry fans).

>> No.32114067


lol yep. my gf plays DE for that reason. She finds it a good blend of herself being most represented with the combination of great looking sculpts.



>> No.32114146


but all the DE fem models have manfaces/bodies unless your gf is like that lololol

>> No.32114147

High Elves in Warhammer Fantasy too with half the army being female and all, plus some amazons and an alternate mage and the God Empress of Elfkind.

Dark Elves have strippers and the slutqueen who worships Slaanesh, Wood Elves have twins riding a dragon plus archers and feminine tree monsters, Tomb Kings have their second most important named character as a female paladin, Ogre Kingdoms has an alternate model as a female Ogre wearing a fake beard, Vampire Counts have an entire Bloodline that's 99% female and 1% himbos plus Banshees and brides of Dracula on a floating throne and Isabella von Carstein AKA Mrs Dracula, Warriors of Chaos have Valkia as Khorne's champion plus the titty horses, Daemons of course have Daemonettes and the Masque with the Keeper of Secrets, Bretonnia has it's only spellcasters as noblewomen, and the Hellpit Abomination for Skaven may be one of their giant womb monsters.

So yeah. Play Fantasy; we have females.

>> No.32114153

>blueberry fans

guilty as charged.
Still, I am fairly sure you're right. The fire warriors of the glorious Tau empire's have little need for sex appeal, though water caste may be an exception.

>> No.32114186

40k Radio confirmed no new starter.

>> No.32114193

To be fair, everyone looks ugly while they're yelling.

>> No.32114242

Satsuki-sama is beautiful while yelling.

>> No.32114254

Not me. Apparently I look like Tom Cruse fucked a pissed off highlander

The only 8/10 gf I ever had only got interested in me because she saw my facebook profile of me yelling mid charge, drunk, and decided to message me

>> No.32114354

The new dark elf warrior kit took away all the female chests.

God the new dark elf release was crap except maybe the cauldron of blood.

>> No.32114502

fucking pants on head retrarded person put that together.

fuuck .. all of my rage...

puts powerfist on seargeant
puts a knife in the powerfist.

>> No.32114533

Fuck, the Medusas as bits sell for a fucking third the price of the whole damn kit. Not to mention good fucking luck getting Hellebron or the attendants for less than $10 each.

I think people are replacing whole Dark Eldar and Dark Elf armies with them.

But the nice thing about Sisters of Avelorn chest and head pieces is you can mix them with a good chunk of things to make decent womenfolk.

>> No.32114618

>not putting knives in the hands of all your sarges so they don't have to decide if they want to punch or stab a heretic

this is the dark angels we're talking about, same chapter who's top psyker likes to summon bloodthristers for fights ya know

>> No.32114622

>nut bursting into friendly Nurgle daemons for extra troll factor

>> No.32114627

As if WHFB needs the cost per unit to go UP by buying extra bits from another WHFB kit.

>> No.32114649

new 7E leaks? this was just posted

>> No.32114681


>> No.32114708


>> No.32114770


Besides the possibility of a new kit or rebox, stuff might be getting put on the list because it hasn't sold well. Note that the list is for GW's stores who now more than ever need shelf space, this is also likely the reason why all metal finecast figures are only available directly from GW now, not worth actually shipping them out to stores.

>> No.32114799

Well Sanguinary Guard are shit and the only reason people buy them is for bits so I can understand why they wouldn't sell well.

>> No.32114834

>capture & control
>take & hold
>storm & defend

How are these not all exactly the same thing?

>> No.32114859


Hey...hey guys. Just thought I would let you know, you can only cast any given spell once a turn, not once per guy in 7th. So no demons summoning demons summoning demons summoning.....

>> No.32114860

That's what I mean.
I like to toss bids on bits and make oddball shit, proxies and the like, and sell some of them.

But the characters from these new big kits sell so much that it's actually better to buy the whole fucking thing then sell the kit minus the character.
I can't win a Strigoi Ghoul King for less than $15, which from a two plastic character one monster fuckton of bits $60 kit is fucking ludicrous.

>> No.32114880

According to the picture, they actually are.

>> No.32114882

>Eternal War
A plug for the vidya?

Shit, what if they start putting codes in kits that get you shit in the game? What if it's a lottery chance, so you get fucks buying the kits to resell at full price on eBay, then the codes for like $100 each?

>> No.32114905

That would imply that GW actually knows it's the 21st century and not the 15th century and how video game companies jew.

>> No.32114927


Good. Eat a dick.

>> No.32114928

Maybe we're missing something? I got no idea.

>> No.32114949


It seems like it... they cant all be the exact same

>> No.32114963

But we made of discovery for to download book! At same price as normal book!

>> No.32114971


They're called Eternal War Missions in the 6th Rulebook

>> No.32114999

Capture are many objectives on both sides. Take is a few in the middle so evenly split. Storm is only one side has objectives and is defending them.

>> No.32115022

I think you're grossly underestimating GW's incompetence.

>> No.32115039

>capture & control
Objectives start neutral
>take & hold
Objectives start in player hands
>storm & defend
Objectives all start under one players control.

Here have a scenario template

>> No.32115072


What exactly counts as controlling may have different meanings for Capture & Control, Take & Hold, and Storm & Defend

>> No.32115127

You retard they are already called eternal war missions in the current rulebook.

>> No.32115267

They're still the same thing, you take the objective and hold it for a turn. Thought there'd be more to these cards.

>> No.32115305

>Thought there'd be more to these

You say that in the edition that's main selling point is literally "don't use the rules".

>> No.32115325

Actually GW has been prettt good too down here. Last feq releases haven't been marked up at all except things like codexs that they keep the same price as older ones.

>> No.32115345


Seems to be more than these, >>32114681 mention Kingslayer and Witch Hunter

>> No.32115357

I find it funny how the introduction of Unbound armies gets blown up to "don't use the rules"

>> No.32115389

Right, so there's the 3 capture and hold objectives, which even with different names is all the same. Killing psykers which is actually new and now Slay The Warlord (Kingslayer) is double points for the same thing, considering you have the card.

>> No.32115393


I'm not a 40k player, just here watching the madness unfold.

>> No.32115524

just wait for next month

>omfg 7th is fucked
>i can't kill these flying mofos
>my riptides are useless against everything now
>fukken 7th raped my marines again
>h-hey guys sisters got a mention m-maybe we'll get a proper book this time
>zog me boss, 7th deamonboyz are alright
>why yes I am a greater deamon so when i get low on health i just summon up a copy of myself at full power. just as planned

>> No.32115536

When will Jew's Workshop stop?
I just want the businessmen's hands out of my Warhammer pie. I just want more cool rules and models and stuff, not having it thrust down my throat. And also some proper balance would be nice.

>> No.32115548

Potential rumors from someone who may have their hands on a copy of the WD, they mentioned the change to FMC rules and stuff about D Weapons way before >>32111293

>Word on the D Weapons is 1: miss, 2-5: wound with no armor save but cover/invuln still allowed, 6: destroyed.

>The specifics for contesting is that all units now score, but troops in forged armies now have the uncontestable rule (like for the gargs in the formation), unless the other unit also has that rule. So it isn't just a big deal for forged v unbound, but makes troops a big deal in standard foc games.

>The rulebook also specifically states requiring player permission for unbound games. Oh, and as a bonus, forged armies get to reroll their warlord trait if desired.

>Unsure of the rest of the damage chart changes, but explodes only happens on a 7+ now.

>You can ally with "come the apoc" now. Penalties include not being allowed within 12 in and not being able to deploy together

>Jink saves are better, but universally force snap shots next turn.

>FMC now only have to make one grounding test a shooting phase, and only if wounded. No more laser pointer crashes. Big buff for flying circus.

>Oh, and apparently snap fire has been changed to a -2BS modifier instead of the flat BS1

>> No.32115582

>Oh, and apparently snap fire has been changed to a -2BS modifier instead of the flat BS1
Laffin' Boyz.ork

>> No.32115586

Huh. All those changes are actually look good.

>> No.32115596


these are changes that don't seem automatically stupid.

>> No.32115604

good stuff.

>> No.32115605


>Oh, and apparently snap fire has been changed to a -2BS modifier instead of the flat BS1

Fuck everything.

Assault is officially dead.

>> No.32115615

>>Unsure of the rest of the damage chart changes, but explodes only happens on a 7+ now.

So I guess vehicles are gonna get a buff. Watch out for mah chariots tg ima run you over

>> No.32115633

The Daemons/Ghosts of the Warp call Shadowsun the ''Ice Queen''. A human child called her the Space Princess.

So she might be beautiful and possess something of regal majesty. Perhaps her art is just not flattering and doesn't present her true beauty.

I mean look at Iyanna's art and see how she looks. I don't think GW artists know how draw a pretty woman.

>> No.32115643

The only race this really affects is Space Marines. Though I guess Tau can avoid it like they always did with markerlight shenanigans.

>> No.32115662

Every shadowsun art is her fighting someone, no one looks beautiful fighting someone.

>> No.32115669


>space marines are the only army with a wealth of BS4 or higher


>> No.32115694

to be fair I doubt she gives one single shit about how bad she looks inside her helmet while blasting fools.

>> No.32115700

So the armies that already have good troops get better and the armies that already have good shooting get better.

>> No.32115732

Rumours have also mentioned overwatch now requiring an initiative test. Which if true would even things out

>> No.32115786

my Shas'O with 2 Gun Drones attached to a 12 man Drone squad with Drone controller just got even more ricockulous in Overwatch.

>> No.32115806


Honestly I think Iyanna looks pretty good

>> No.32115840

>no one looks beautiful fighting someone.
>not going into battle with all your bling that actually does deflect bullets
>not posing dramatically for the servo skulls when you take the head of your enemies

err anon, 40k loves dramatic battle poses. we have eldar/Deldar that wear fabulous armor so they look hot while fighting. where is your sense of flair anon?

>> No.32115884

As much as I hate to say it...she kinda has manface.

>> No.32115921

>Word on the D Weapons is 1: miss, 2-5: wound with no armor save but cover/invuln still allowed, 6: destroyed.
t-this seems really good, no more D weapons fear in the air?
I can play a hierophant without feeling stupid!!

>> No.32116054

For one, the anti-Semitic meme is getting dull fast.
For two, "Jewish management" implies they're doing well. They aren't according to their quarterly reports and store closings.
For three, eBay. For balance, play Fantasy or homefluff because 40k will never be properly balanced. EVER.

>> No.32116093

Im curious how the psychic phase will be. how power generation will go and whether or not wyrdvanes will have a use besides more prescience, with the rumor that they are changing prescience I assume the other tables will change as well. Hopefully they bring back weaken resolve in the form a book power.

>> No.32116098


overwatch is now the reaction fire for the Zone Mortilas?


>> No.32116107


Eldar don't exactly have to fit human standards of masculine and feminine, in fact it would be better if they didn't and did their own thing.

Even if Eldar do follow human standards, there isn't anything wrong with her having "masculine" features, she's a leader of great standing on Iyanden, not some pop princess. In those circumstances I believe any "masculine" features she may have only serve to accentuate the authority she has, giving her face a regal and possibly imperious quality.

Also, here is Yriel looking "feminine"

>> No.32116116


is it always one wound?

or does it have insteat death for 2-5.

>> No.32116129

shut it kike

>> No.32116157

That's not Yriel.

That's kayleth cross-dressing as him.

>> No.32116158

yeah those screamer star and seerstar players , must be having a drunk orgy or something.

>> No.32116194

I think and hope it is 1 wound with no armour saves
while 6 is a wound with instant death and no saves of any kind

>> No.32116201


.... 6s are still super rending.

Hopefully you can't look out sir hits in the new edition.

>> No.32116230


Would 1d3 or 1+1d3 wounds be fine? (no armor saves due to all D weapons having AP 2 or better)

>> No.32116245

>Every other thread on /tg/ for the next 4 months

>> No.32116262

That's a very good point. Thanks.
Same with applying ideas of gender to Orks and Daemons, I suppose. I guess Slaaneshi Daemons really just pick whatever organs bring them the most pleasure/whatever they find aesthetically pleasing, because far be it from inter-dimensional manifestations to really understand or care about concepts that are so exclusive to the human scope of reality.

Also that really makes me curious about the biology of Eldar, and their similarities with humans. Are humans just differently evolved space elves? Or maybe Eldar combined with their closest terrestrial equivalent by Old Ones fuckery?

>> No.32116271

now that I think about it maybe even 1 wound with instant death is good for me
since it offers invulnerable and covers
so that for superheavies is still 1d3

>> No.32116277

>so concerned with posing that the retard is about to drop his storm bolter

>> No.32116279


... in setting, nobody knows.

out of setting, GW has hacky alien visual design for eldar and orkz.

Not that I don't love them gitz, but still.

>> No.32116301

K bye

>> No.32116327

Well, if eldar and humans can interbreed, I'm pretty sure it suggests a common ancestor or at least similar enough genetic make up to make a hybrid.

>> No.32116338

>Unsure of the rest of the damage chart changes, but explodes only happens on a 7+ now.

Will dreads live a fraction of a second longer now?

>> No.32116339

>storm bolter

Your level of skulls is impressive brother, but your lack of knowledge over weaponry and proper handling of weapons is not.

>Implying I'm not cackling like mad over all the broken rules I will be using and all the rape by daemon I will be doing.

>> No.32116341

I really don't like that description of the Imperium there. GW is presenting them as more heroic and less totalitarian horrorshow with every edition. I understand that they have to make the setting palatable for vidya fans and such, but it's still a depressing trend.

>> No.32116373

Orly? And how might you know this?

>> No.32116375

>things are getting better

>how depressing

>> No.32116379

that's the imperium point of view in fact
like all the valedor rapings are eldar being shitty at history but great at storytelling

>> No.32116380

>Are humans just differently evolved space elves? Or maybe Eldar combined with their closest terrestrial equivalent by Old Ones fuckery?

The Eldar were children and servants of the Old Ones who fought alongside them against the soulless evil of the Yngir and Souldark.

Humans were also creations of the Old Ones but during the time of the War in Heaven they were just comical tree climbing creatures (Primates). Before the Old Ones could uplift them and give them purpose, the Enslaver plague happened and wiped out the Old Ones.

And the rest is history.

>> No.32116398


>a meme

The total ignorance of the bluepill is strong here, if you aren't Jewish or JIDF or a shill


The delusion of the red pill is strong here.

>> No.32116408

$140 but close ;-) still way too much

>> No.32116428

Technically the setting isn't really getting nicer. The Imperium is just being presented as more and more justified and less insane.

>> No.32116438

I know. I just thought it was a funny way of expressing it.

>> No.32116475

Personally I thought they should have been less insane than the usual perception. They have managed too survive 10000 years of war afterall.

>> No.32116489

Their existence can hardly be called surviving.

>> No.32116522


In setting, humanity is a creation of the Old Ones (Which begs the question just how many natural humanoid beings there were besides the Necrontyr before the Old Ones. From the other xenos GW has created and what I've read of the HH, humanoids seem to be extremely rare.) so it makes sense that they and the Eldar would share similarities. However I think it's still part of the lore that it's the similarities between the two races that cause humans to freak out when they come into contact with Eldar due to the latter's joints and such behaving differently. I think the older art for Iyanna was supposed to reflect this.

>> No.32116554

Well, recall that 40K is based on the wacky, politically-driven comics if 2000AD. The Imperium isn't there to make a whole lot of sense. It's there to be a grim depiction of mankind trapped in its worst possible state.

That said, none of the writing is making the Imperium actually less insane. They're just being depicted as such. They'll still do all the same awful shit, they'll just get less flak from the writing. For example - in earlier editions, you'd come across terms like 'valiant' and 'heroic' far less often when reading up on the IG or the Astartes; you'd be much more likely to find them described in terms such as 'unyielding' or 'grim' or such. Nowadays they're all valiant and heroic, though, even in the neutral writing outside their codices, and it's a little jarring. It's like, after years and years of writing these guys, GW is slowly starting to forget that things like genocide are kinda bad.

>> No.32116565

Nothing is bad in the name of survival.

>> No.32116584

'Genocide' became a non-issue when there was only war. I like the idea of them writing from the propaganda angle, especially for the low man on the totem pole.

>> No.32116604


Reaction fire in ZM lets you fire at FULL BS if you pass the init test.

My Orks once fought a Dark Eldar force in ZM. Somehow he rolled a 6 every time for his init test, and the two times I got charged, I rolled 2 or less.

>> No.32116608


The Imperium is the center of the setting so it's only natural for GW to make them look good. Besides it's only a blurb in WD, wait and see if any of the actual lore has changed.

>> No.32116612

>implying even half the stuff the Imperium does is because survival
>implying it's not 90% doctrine and idiots digging themselves deeper

40K was never envisaged as good men reluctantly doing evil for good reasons.

>> No.32116645

Yeah, I don't mind the propaganda angle, I just wish they'd tone it down occasionally. Otherwise you get guys like>>32116565
who believe that the Imperium are actually the good guys and not the reason for the 'only war' status of the setting.

>> No.32116675

Speaking of Kayleth, I still think it is a good example of how to draw a nice-looking eldar female.

>> No.32116694

Fantasy is mostly balanced.

The only two "bad" armies are the two who's books are several editions out of date, both due out by the end of the year.
High Elves are OP as fuck, but only because of a few cheese combos. Avoiding White Lion+Frostheart+Banner of the World Dragon+Life Lore and Book of Hoeth on Archmage will usually result in a fair army.

>> No.32116750

>Good looking
>With those Sith eyes

Elenwe aka BEST farseer is the way better example.

>> No.32116781

Tell me, anon.

How would you solve the problems of The First War of Armageddon, Hive Fleet Leviathan, The Orpheus War, etc?

>> No.32116788


>more heroic and less totalitarian horrorshow with every edition


>5th edition

Ordo Malleus forces euthanize errybody who see a daemon or see a grey knight

>6th edition

Stormtrooper training is beyond the gripderp (with rotting corpses of dead kids put on display, etc.) and commissars have to murder a buddy to graduate.

The Imperium's VERY grimderpian.

>> No.32116817

There's fluff about the uncanny similarities being disturbing, and there's fluff about eldar appearing dead sexy to humans as well.

Personally, they're space elves, were always supposed to be space elves (to the point of originally having AD&D style infravision), so trying to make them anything but space elves is disingenuous.

>> No.32116820


Well they're not "good", but the Imperium's stance could be justified by what happened in the past. DAOT humanity is mentioned as signing non-aggression pacts with numerous xenos species, only to get stabbed in the back during the Age of Strife. It's not like most of the current major xeno species don't think the same way as the Imperium. Craftworld Eldar to one extent or another still think they are the master race and definitely wouldn't want to share the galaxy with anyone, as Kelly himself said with regards to Duriel.

>"The world of Duriel suffers a cruel series of events over the millennia, but there is an especial tragedy in the way that the Eldar finally deal with it," says Phil Kelly on the subject of the doomed maiden world. "There's an ironic cycle at play, as Duriel is abandoned and isolated after the fall of the Eldar, only to come into Imperial possession much later. Despite everything that followed, the world endured - sure, it became a cloying pollution-choked hellhole, but it survived. Even when the Tyranids attacked, the world itself would have remained, albeit as a lifeless husk. But the spiteful nature of the Eldar shows through in the way that they employ the Fireheart to deny the world to their enemy. There's a real feeling of 'if we can't have it, nobody can' to this act, and it's not a little ironic that the Eldar are willing to kill a world to keep it from the Tyranids. If it wasn't for the fact they were also preventing the Hive Fleets joining up, you'd think they were insane"

>> No.32116888

The difference in the situation is that the eldar are attacking a horrifyingly monstrous alien race that is out to exterminate every last group of sapients in the galaxy. Eldar attacking humans is no different from humans attacking tyranids -- imperials aren't reasonable or relateable to them, and it doesn't bring the eldar down to their level.

If the eldar were exterminating a friendly alien race -- yeah, that'd be Imperium style dickery. Remember, the imperials first slated the tau for extermination when they were of no threat to anyone.

So the world nuking eldar aren't just mirror versions of imperial -- though they're pretty bad, they're still a bit below, say, Star Wars Galactic Empire tier.

>> No.32116894

It's strange to see how the devs attitude is the same of the humanoid races in 40k towards tyranids
>no, tyranids, you can't have that

>> No.32116907

>Craftworld Eldar to one extent or another still think they are the master race and definitely wouldn't want to share the galaxy with anyone,

Eldrad seems to break the mold by being protective towards the Tau and hopeful for their future. Also the Iyanden Eldar showed regret at the mass slaughter of humans.

>> No.32116949

Come the aocalypse allies are now in, so i can bring my genestealer cult conversions with my tyranids

so we got that bone at least

>> No.32116950

>Remember, the imperials first slated the tau for extermination when they were of no threat to anyone.

Imperials do that because these seedling races would grow to be threats in the future and in the case of the Tau it did happen. When the Eldar found the primitive humans on Earth, they had the option of wiping them out or enslaving them. The Eldar choose to leave them alone. Now the entire galaxy suffers for it.

> Eldar attacking humans is no different from humans attacking tyranids -- imperials aren't reasonable or relateable to them, and it doesn't bring the eldar down to their level.

Demonstrably bullshit.

>> No.32117009


Necron + Dark Eldar army time. Hope you like night fighting, I sure do.

>> No.32117013


With psychic powers, it's because Tyranids use powers differently then the other races.

Allies it's, who is really going to ally with the Tyranids and vice-versa?

If this Come the Apocalypse ally rule change is ture, it better be stupidly restricting and show more two forces hostile to one another just so happening to attack the same target, anything else is gamey bullshit.

>> No.32117029

>With psychic powers, it's because Tyranids use powers differently then the other races.

Yeah they don't use the warp at all.

>> No.32117044

>Orks still have models from the fucking 80s laying around

No they don't.

>> No.32117050


>Demonstrably bullshit.

You just pointed out that eldar didn't sink to the level of the Imperium:

>imperials encounter primitive race
>slate them for genocide
>eldar encounter primitive race
>give em a chance

There's a difference between blowing up planets belonging to a deadly, omnicidal threat to the galaxy (things on the level of daemons oldcrons, tyranids, and imperials) and blowing up planets belonging to guys who haven't wronged you.

You could even argue its reasonable for imperials to blow up eldar worlds as well. Sure, why not. That's at least wiping out an alien race that's a legitimate threat to you.

So unless the eldar've wiped out races that genuinely posed no threat to them, they've still never sunk to the level of the Imperium and hence the idea that they're equivalent is false.

>> No.32117062

don't even start with this BS again
tyranids do USE the warp

>> No.32117069


Some necrons or daemons would do it -- nothing to fight over.

Remember that Come The Apocalypse allies appear to be "we'll stay the fuck far away from those horrible dudes, but we'll let them fight it out."

>> No.32117074

The codex says they don't.

>> No.32117090

Oh, and yeah, SOME daemons are gonna fight everything ever, and SOME necrons want to save the fleshbags. But they're still capable of realizing "Hm, there's no benefit to engaging those forces. Lets try to maneuver things so that they take some hits for us." That's all Come The Apocalypse usually represents.

>> No.32117098

They better be returning the ability to assault out of reserve/deep strike if marines, eldar, necrons and chaos all just got even more dangerous to charge

>> No.32117119

but it doesn't

they use it differently:
the other races create portals and then shape the warp that can grab
tyranids just fuck it until "pure" warp energy burst out in the right direction

the second way they use it is for communication
the shadow in the warp is just the hive mind talking to itself

>> No.32117141

>the hive mind is just twitter on overload but you can't turn off your phone or ignore the messages

>> No.32117151


>> No.32117185

>The Tyranids don't use the warp in any fathomable way

>> No.32117224

Your gf is just trying to give you a hint.

She wants to dom you.

>> No.32117233

>So unless the eldar've wiped out races that genuinely posed no threat to them, they've still never sunk to the level of the Imperium and hence the idea that they're equivalent is false.


The Eldar harass the Newcrons for no other real reason other than they being ''soulless''. That's Imperial level prejudice right there.

>> No.32117246

>When the Eldar found the primitive humans on Earth, they had the option of wiping them out or enslaving them. The Eldar choose to leave them alone

This is exactly why Eldar are morally superior to the Imperium. Eldar are REALLY fighting for survival, and don't generally just kill shit for no reason (even fucking Biel-Tan, the most radical of Craftworlds, offers to relocate settlers on Maiden Worlds before killing them - and seems to stay true to their word), whereas the Imperium keeps up a thin veneer of fighting for survival while actually just being a bunch of genocidal cunts. To the rest of the galaxy, the Imperium = Tyranids. They're both vast alien threats intent on destroying ALL life that isn't them.

Certainly not by attacking all possible allies and burning every bridge I could ever want to cross.

>> No.32117254

You mean like when the eldar gave the ultimatum to clear from the planet to a feral human world, barely mastering basic tools and with no way of contacting anyone? You mean when the Eldar sacrifice billions of non-Eldar lives to save their own skin?

You mean like when the Tau nuke entire hive spires from orbit because they didn't surrender to their mission for more Lebensraum? You mean when the Imperials went to a world conquered by the Tau, and gave them the choice to retreat or be destroyed, and the Tau were all, "not gonna happen, come at us, battle-bros".

Yes, Tau and Eldar are totally reasonable and Imperium a bunch of assholes who deserve no quarter.

>> No.32117261

Here we go again with the Tyranids and the Warp.

The wording in the codex for this is very ambiguous you can argue for both points and you'd be both right and wrong. Maybe GW is keeping it this way for some future reveal or something, just to keep it mysterious.

>> No.32117262

Newcrons are legit evil, though. They killed the forefathers of the galaxy for no reason other than petty jealousy, and they want to enslave/exterminate all life and possibly use the bodies of the currently living to house their consciousnesses.

Necrons are evil. They are an evil faction.

>> No.32117266

>even fucking Biel-Tan, the most radical of Craftworlds, offers to relocate settlers on Maiden Worlds before killing them - and seems to stay true to their word

Biel-Tan also fights side by side with PDFs if chaos is involved (that's pretty much the entire Cursus war)

>> No.32117272

Who could this possibly be?

>> No.32117290

It's happening

>> No.32117291


This has to be satire. The eldar were built to fight the necrontyr (who started the war) and the necrons are crazy-go-nuts powerful (read the entry on Scarabs). The one saving grace is that the necrons probably won't awaken in force until long after everyone else is dead and gone.

>> No.32117306

>> No.32117307

>offers to relocate settlers on Maiden Worlds before killing them
>relocate settlers
>before killing them

Did they relocate them to extermination camps?

>> No.32117314

>You mean when the Eldar sacrifice billions of non-Eldar lives to save their own skin?

That's actually fighting for survival, though. They didn't just kill them because "hurr genetic destiny".

Also, the Imperium's hostility is exactly why all the other races barely ever consider working with them. All the races in 40K are perfectly justified in assuming the worst of the Imperium, because the Imperium will almost always prove them right. There's generally no point in trying to reason with them or establish an alliance. The other races know that if you let the Imperium get close to you, they try to kill everyone.

>> No.32117321

>> No.32117331

>> No.32117332

Yeah, that's how mercy works at Biel-Tan.

>> No.32117338

The imperium doesn't even need xeno allies to turn into backstabbing little shits. They'll gladly backstab their own forces.

>> No.32117346

Nope. It's been in the fluff since 3rd edition, maybe earlier, and appears in all their codices.

They moved the colonists off to another world and apparently just let them be. >>32117266
Eldar obviously have their future dickery shenanigans going, but they're pretty much the only race that seems to do the right thing in a jam. They're by far the better men than the Imperium.

Though the Imperium of course isn't mankind. Just the collective will of a bunch of very powerful haters.

>> No.32117352

> innocent necrons

>> No.32117353

>The Tyranids don't use the warp in any fathomable way
>in any fathomable way

not being able to get how they do it doesn't mean that they don't do it

>> No.32117361

>Battle brothers with the warriors of Tallarn
>Wantonly exterminating mon'keigh

Your propaganda is honorless

>> No.32117372

As mentioned, humans are a tyranid tier threat to the galaxy. Keep that in mind when you read any fluff about eldar or tau trying to conduct peaceful interactions with them -- they still generally try to preserve the lives of a hostile alien race that has wiped out countless other species.

Now, say, if it was eldar wiping out demiurg or nicassar or whatever out of the blue -- yeah, that'd be pretty awful. Humans, though? They're lucky the eldar consider it a sacrifice at all.

>> No.32117373

Okay, as much as I love the Eldar, let's not pretend they're morally squeaky clean. Sure, they'll sometimes offer to relocate people on Maiden Worlds. But sometimes they don't, and sometimes their offer is more of an insult. Remember the time that Saim-hain gave the Imperium a massive twenty four hours to evacuate several Hive Cities? And when they refused, set the Dark Eldar on them?

The Eldar are bastards. Maybe not quite as bastardly as the Imperium, but still bastards.

>> No.32117393

Oh shit, totally forgot about that.

Eldar can sometimes be the most bro of elves. Sometimes it seems like you're guaranteed to get brotier excellent adventure friends if there's an Autarch or an Aspect Anything in charge, and dickery hickorycock if there's a Farseer running the show (unless it's based Eldrad).

As usual, fucking psykers ruin everything.

>> No.32117421

>You mean like when the Tau nuke entire hive spires from orbit because they didn't surrender to their mission for more Lebensraum?

That world has a core world in a sector and anyone who controlled it controlled all Warp routes in the sector. simply put, the World had to fall for the Tau to secure the entire system and beyond. So when Imperials use advanced shielding technology to protect a powerful point of resistance, the Tau are justified to respond.

Note that the Tau didn't nuke any other spires or blow them up from orbit. Only the one with the shielding.

>You mean when the Imperials went to a world conquered by the Tau, and gave them the choice to retreat or be destroyed, and the Tau were all, "not gonna happen, come at us, battle-bros".

The Nimbosa talks was a ruse to stall time while the Imperial fleet came to Nimbosa. The Tau know of the deception and decided to fight the Imperials for the world. A point about the Tau, when they were beaten and there were no hope for victory, they withdrew. The Imperials if they were in their place would have died for a futile cause.

>> No.32117438

You mean the Old Ones who, in all their wisdom, decided not to help a suffering people, because of reasons, and got totally butthurt when it came to bite them in the ass.

Should we remind people who were the ones who fucked up the warp during the War in Heaven? Which race unleashed the orks on the galaxy? And which race fucked up and created a 4th god of Chaos? Should we remind people how the Eldar just fucking gave up finishing the job, let the Necrons be and now it comes to bite them in the ass? Should we remind people of all the raids the Dark Eldar do, enslaving millions and robbing whole worlds of precious resources they need to survive?

I'd truly want to see the galaxy without the Imperium, since who do you think would take over once the Eldar dropped the ball? Orks? Necrons? Who'd stand against the Tyranids? Or Chaos?

>> No.32117440

Yeah, nobody's 'clean' in 40K.

I'm just pointing out that all hostility against the IoM is pragmatic, whereas hostility by the IoM is dogmatic. The Imperium kills aliens because religion, aliens kill the Imperium because... it's the Imperium's religion to kill aliens.

Everyone hates the IoM for good reason. It's pretty fucking weird that they're ever given the benefit of the doubt at all.

>> No.32117452

> Huge creatures lumbered out of the grey, perpetual twilight of the hive.
> ‘So it ends,’ whispered somebody.
> The militia levelled their weapons. Defiance was more important than survival now. On the landings above, others were waiting, no doubt in fear at the sound of the battle coming closer. Yoth was proud of how these men and women had held their ground. Knowing that there was no escape for them, they fought on anyway.
> Before Yoth could order them to fire, the shaft was filled with shards of glittering light. Through the gaps between the tank-beasts, Yoth and his men saw glowing alien warriors, clad in bright armour. A nimbus surrounded them, as of light shone through crystal. The sounds of shrieking alien weaponry rang up the stairs. The creatures turned to face them.
> ‘The Hand! The Hand! He is here again!’
> Others took up the cry, until all were chanting the name. There was relief, and tears.
> ‘Silence!’ roared Yoth. ‘We do not know the true purpose of this aid. The alien is to be feared. None are as devious as the eldar.’
> Yoth hated to admit it, but he had come to rely on the mysterious eldar. He caught a glimpse of the one called the Hand, a slender being decked with shimmering banners, a tall helm upon his head. He danced around the carnifexes’ clumsy swipes, slashing at them with a long sword. Discs from the device mounted on the back of his other hand joined the merciless hail of projectiles shot by his followers, a hail that hissed into the tyranids, slicing through their armour and severing their tendons. Like the men of Luggenhard, the eldar interlopers targeted the weaker points of the creatures, only their weapons were far more effective. A living tank fell to the floor as its knees gave out. It dragged itself forwards on its other four limbs, roaring in outrage. Yoth and his men watched as a glimmering warrior leapt onto its head, put the fluted barrel of its weapon against the creature’s neck and slew it.

>> No.32117467

> ‘Chaplain Gorth,’ Yoth signalled. ‘Sergeant Yoth. The alien fights here again on our side.’
> Gorth replied. His voice was hoarse. Many long days of command had taken their toll. Raankin was dead, slain by the sky swarm, as were all but four of their brothers. Once their commands had fallen, these few had made their way back to Hive Luggenhard, the last redoubt of Ector. Their adventures would fill whole tomes of the Chapter’s history. > Their deeds would go unrecorded.
> ‘By your side?’
> ‘No, my lord. He is yet distant. We look on and he slaughters the enemy in our stead.’
> ‘That is a great shame, for proximity brings opportunity. Should you get such opportunity, Sergeant Yoth, I expect you to take it. Strike him down. We have lost. Felling such a warrior as he will cause the eldar some discomfort. A trifle in recompense for this world, but a stone to be built into the walls of the Imperium nonetheless.’

No, mon-keigh, you are backstabing cunts.

>> No.32117480

>They didn't just kill them because "hurr genetic destiny".

Tau manifest destiny says "hi".

>> No.32117481

Good point, they aren't morally squeaky clean; they're every bit as bad as people who, say, kill hive ships. Yeah, I get that those hive ships are full of living creatures, and, are living creatures. Of course, those living creatures are a threat to the whole damn galaxy and will never stop until everyone but their race is gone. Some guys like the Star Trek Federation would try to find a way to make a peace with the Chaos Gods, or the Hive Mind, or the Imperium.

Mere mortals like eldar, though? What can you do? Conventional wisdom dictates that when dealing with threats to the whole galaxy like daemons, tyranids and imperials, you kill them until they die. The eldar don't really 'get' that and often spare them, which is certainly pretty stupid, but its certainly more of a nice guy approach than they need to use.

>> No.32117494

>Newcrons are legit evil, though

Don't generalize. Not all Necrons are genocidal monsters. Some just want to be left alone.

>They killed the forefathers of the galaxy for no reason other than petty jealousy

The War in Heaven was started to unite the Necrontyr and save them from extinction.

Also the Old Ones were dicks.

>Necrons are evil. They are an evil faction.

Scaling from lawful Neutral to Chaotic Evil. Don't judge the Crons by the bad apples. If you're going by that logic than the Eldar are evil because of the Dark Eldar shenanigans.

>The eldar were built to fight the necrontyr

They forgot about the Necrons and their duty.

Most wars against them in this age are pure prejudice.

>> No.32117515

At the time the Necrontyr were greedy assholes constantly fighting one another. I wouldn't give them super immortality tech either.

The Old Ones wouldn't have done any of that shit - which they did in fighting for survival - if the Necrontyr hadn't launched their retarded war. Everything that happened there the Necrons are guilty of.

If the Imperium didn't exist some other alien species would come to ascendancy. And by the by, the IoM is big enough to defend sorta okay against Tyranids doesn't make any more 'good guy'. It's still a genocide machine. The Imperium isn't selflessly protecting everyone.

>> No.32117517

> Scaling from lawful Neutral to Chaotic Evil. Don't judge the Crons by the bad apples. If you're going by that logic than the Eldar are evil because of the Dark Eldar shenanigans.

Show me at least one necron who is not hostile to eldar by default.

>> No.32117520

>Also the Old Ones were dicks.
>believing the deceiver

>> No.32117539

>decided not to help a suffering people

That's a funny way of saying "decided not to help a ruthless, expansionist empire comprised of aggressive, militaristic fucks". The Necrontyr didn't deserve the Old One's aid, and furthermore, they didn't even go to war with them because of the Old One's refusal to give them the secrets of Immortality; it was a convenient excuse to convince their failing empire to band together against an external foe. Read your goddamn codex.

>> No.32117543

Yeah they on the way to being Imperium 2.0.

>> No.32117546

>Show me at least one necron who is not hostile to eldar by default.
that's because the eldar are the very definition of dicks
look at slaneesh!

>> No.32117548

>can't shoot with 0 BS

Who's laughing now you green niggers?

>> No.32117556

Trazyn? He loves Eldar goodies.

Also any isolationist Necrons who don't give a damn and want kjust to be left alone.

>> No.32117571

there will probably be written
>to a minimum of BS1

>> No.32117578

They'll probably have the "to a minimum of one" qualifier tacked on to that.

>> No.32117580

As far as anyone can tell -- the necrontyr never asked the Old Ones for help, nor ever had a need to attack them. Instead, they attacked for purely political reasons. If I'm wrong, please give me a citation, but nothing remotely implies the necrontyr tried diplomacy -- considering there was never a need for an attack either.

>I'd truly want to see the galaxy without the Imperium, since who do you think would take over once the Eldar dropped the ball? Orks? Necrons? Who'd stand against the Tyranids? Or Chaos?

The orks DO run the galaxy, more or less. If you were to compare the number of ork planets to human ones, the galaxy would look stained green etc. With or without the Imperium, live in the galaxy carries on as normal, only without the Imperium, there's no lingering threat of Chaos to consume all (on the level of Daemonpocalypse anyway).

Past that -- yeah, necrons are quite well equipped to handle tyranids and chaos.

You answered your own question. And its not like imperials are less hostile than daemons, tyranids, orks, or necrons.

>> No.32117596

Jesus man. Fuck that's really shitty.

What Chapter are those bitch niggas of? Their geneseed has clearly been infected with the taint of crackbitchery.

>> No.32117602

So if you attack, and the enemy defends against you, you have all the rights to kill them without prejudice, because they were defending against your attack?

>Note that the Tau didn't nuke any other spires or blow them up from orbit.

They couldn't, because they blew up the moon that housed the nukes.

Still, a masterful show of diplomacy.

>The Tau know of the deception

You mean the Imperials flat out told them "if you don't leave, it'll be war"?

So when Imperials object to alien conquests, they're just being dumb and not knowing what's best for them, but when aliens do it, they know the Imperium's gonna attack (because lord knows, threatening to attack in no way should include actually attacking, that's terribly unsportsmanlike) and it's perfectly reasonable for them to stand their ground to the last man?

>> No.32117629

Maybe it's a ruse to get the other segmenta to dump the empire and join forces with the Eldar.
Which is only a bad thing if you believe imperial propaganda about the astronomicon

>> No.32117631


>it was a convenient excuse to convince their failing empire to band together against an external foe

Outside of three dudes in the Necrontyr Empire, nobody knew the real reason of the war.

Most Necrontyr joined up to punish the Old Ones for their cruelty and the chance of beating the secrets out of the Old Ones. Had the Old Ones given the Necrontyr what they wanted, the war would never have come to pass. The Necrontyr wouldn't have united.

Another thing. The Old Ones were prescient. They should have foresaw that the Necrontyr would have declared war on them by saying no. This is all their failure!

>> No.32117633

Crimson Castelans.
The sarge who was ordered to shot Asurmen didn't listen to it though because he had a sense of honour.

>> No.32117640

>I'd truly want to see the galaxy without the Imperium, since who do you think would take over once the Eldar dropped the ball? Orks? Necrons? Who'd stand against the Tyranids? Or Chaos?

Orks are already the galaxy's true immune system against outside threats, and they're no more hostile to other species than the Imperium is.

To the average species in the galaxy, Orks and the Imperium are the same shit.

>> No.32117650


>Most wars against them in this age are pure prejudice.

Oh noes, they're attacking an invincible army of robots that cannot die and that have scarabs can barf up whole battlefleets. The only challenge the necrons will ever face, fighting against the eldar, is noticing an attack at all.

>> No.32117652

You can probably reason with an Ork warboss more easily than with an orthodox inquisitor.

>> No.32117656

>The Old Ones were prescient.

Eh... we all know that GW doesn't know how to write precognition. It just doesn't work when the plot requires it not to.

>> No.32117662

>Outside of three dudes in the Necrontyr Empire, nobody knew the real reason of the war.

Completely and utterly fucking irrelevant. The reason for declaring war on the Old Ones was what it was; the fact that most Necrontyr lapped the lie up without questioning it just shows how vile and bitter they were.

>> No.32117673

Trazyn is a horrifying Hellraiser type antagonist cloaked in the guise of a silly skellington blood raven type. The fact that he is funny as hell doesn't negate the fact that those who fall into his clutches suffer a "Hearty Lass" tier BAD END.

>> No.32117676

That's a storm bolter mate, what are you talking about?

>> No.32117696

>greedy assholes constantly fighting one another

Ever stop to think that living short, miserable lives, would have something to do with it? I mean, it's not like living in utter poverty without any hope for a better life turn people into desperation and make them bitter.

>If the Imperium didn't exist some other alien species would come to ascendancy

Such as? By the time the warp storms calmed down, the Emperor had his armies and plan of attack all laid out before him. And humanity was, by that time, spread across the galaxy, so it was just a matter of connecting the dots.

What other race would have been able to claim the galaxy before the orks or Chaos had claimed most of it?

>> No.32117708


>> No.32117720

>Completely and utterly fucking irrelevant.

It is relevant.

You think the Necrontyr would have united behind the Triarch, if they were granted immorality? No, they won't.

The Necrontyr Empire would have continued to fragment and then collapse on itself, or perhaps the Necrontyr would finally know peace and their culture would have changed.

>> No.32117764

>invincible army of robots that cannot die

Lead by a tragic people. Who have feelings and are SAD. They don't need any further suffering.

They have suffered enough. Leave them alone!

>> No.32117771

>nothing remotely implies the necrontyr tried diplomacy

>> No.32117775

i wasn't talking about this one >>32116277
i was talking about this one >>32115840

>> No.32117795

Sad people who one day will come and claim your planet.
Imotekh and Anrakyr say hi.

Fucking NIDF.

>> No.32117799

Shooting rules from someone who has the WD

>Units now shoot based on the weapon they're holding. E.g., the Flamer shoots and resolves all wounds, then the Bolters in the unit shoot and resolve all wounds. So on and so forth until all eligible weapons have been fired.

>No more 'my Bolter has 24" range so my Flamer wounds can apply to models up to 24" away." This is huge.

>> No.32117805

Its sort of funny that the orks are one of the more mild mannered races of 40k, considering they -usually- enslave planets instead of, say, eating all the babies.

Not that being an ork slave is likely to be pleasant. I'm curious as to whether any fluff is written about what life as an ork slave is like, but I'm guessing its super grimdark.


>> No.32117807

>To the average species in the galaxy, Orks and the Imperium are the same shit.

Do you actually have any citations on these claims? Where does it say the average non-human views the Imperium in the same light as Orks and Tyranids? I'd really like to see that.

Even the Tau have decided that orks are beyond reasoning, yet still continue to keep their channels open with humans.

>> No.32117845


>> No.32117849

That doesn't really imply it. It sounds more like "rargh we're so jealous"

>> No.32117853

>suffer a "Hearty Lass" tier BAD END.

What does it means "hearty lass"?

>> No.32117854

True, but I don't know if Illic Nightspear and his band of merry dying race fucktards suicide rushing the necrons for the thousandth time is even something the necrons notice as a -thing-.

Well shit. Aren't the Old Ones dead, anyway?

>> No.32117859

>as the Necrontyrs’ young and fractious empire sprawled outwards through the stars, it inevitably encountered far older powers, beings that have dwelled in the galaxy for long aeons. Collectively, these beings were the Old Ones, and they were absolute masters of forms of energy the Necrontyr could not even conceive of, yet alone wield. The Old Ones had long ago conquered the secrets of immortality, yet they refused to share the gift of eternal life with the Necrontyr, who yet bore the curse of the bitter star they had been born under.


>Clad in its godlike, awe inspiring form, one of the C’tan— known to its kin as the Deceiver -came before the court of the Silent King. It spoke of a war fought long before the birth of the Necrontyr, in which the C’tan had been vanquished by the Old Ones and cast to the furthest reaches of reality. Now, the Deceiver claimed, the C’tan were ready to return and reap a harvest of grim vengeance upon the Old Ones and all their progeny. The Necrontyr could share in their victory, the Deceiver promised, and be granted the immortality the Old Ones had so resolutely, and perhaps presciently, denied them.

-Outer Reach

Necrons asked nicely for generations, indeed.

>> No.32117861

>Any roll of a double when using Daemonology causes Perils of the Warp, hints that Chaos may be immune

>Taking all your psychic powers from one psychic discipline gives you the Primaris Power for free

>> No.32117870

> I don't know if Illic Nightspear and his band of merry dying race fucktards suicide rushing the necrons for the thousandth time is even something the necrons notice as a -thing-.

I bet they find it funny.

>> No.32117881

If you don't know about what it means to become a Hearty Lass, you are lucky and should never try to find out again.

>> No.32117891

They dont have to explain , its magic.

>> No.32117895

Aliens see humans as a massive horde of monsters intent on destroying them for no reason and without compulsion.

What does that sound like? It sounds exactly like the way the Imperium views Tyranids.

Sure, aliens kinda know WHY the Imperium us on a genocidathon (i.e. muh religion) and that it's a function of their society rather than their genetics, but it makes no practical difference to them. When Orks turn up, you fight for your life. When Tyranids turn up, you fight for your life. When the Imperium turns up, you fight for your life.

>> No.32117901

I think he meant that the Imperium is exactly the level of threat to the average species of the galaxy as the Orks and Tyranids, not that they necessarily view it that way.

>> No.32117923


His highness allows aliens to live in his domain as long as they pay tribute to him.


The Traveler is a good man and a saint.

Picture related

Both are bad examples for ''EVUL'' Crons.

>> No.32117934

space magic

>> No.32117937

By the time the C'tan were involved, the War in Heaven was already in full swing, so I don't know what you're getting at.

>> No.32117944

>Aliens see humans as a massive horde of monsters intent on destroying them for no reason and without compulsion.

Still, [citation needed].

>> No.32117949

>Everything (almost) is scoring - no word on if this extends to vehicles. Battle forged troops trump other scoring units, though, so they can steal objectives from non troop enemy units (or unbound troops).

>Difficult terrain is -2" to charge range.

>7+ to explode a vehicle.

>New wound allocation - weapon by weapon.


Rulebook - $85

Munitorum Edition - $340, 2,000 copies, online only, limited

Psychic deck - $15

Tactical objectives - $8

>Confirmed that you need to roll a 4+ per Warp Charge cost to be successful

>Wound allocation still hits closest models first

>> No.32117953

Wait, is about that comic about the girl that become the heart of a dragon?

>> No.32117958

How u no dis?

>> No.32117970

>Melee to-hit chart is the same.

>S vs T to-wound chart is the same.

>BS6+ not listed in the shooting to hit table.

>Vehicle damage table has effects for 1-3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

>Perils chart is a d6 table.

>> No.32117988

Except, you know, there's alien mercs, Imperium leaves many species that aren't a threat alone, etc. While orks, deldar, tyranids, etc. just attack everyone they like.

Hell, the whole Damocles Gulf was the work of one butthurt priest, who rallied a pitiful force to wipe out the Tau because, quite frankly, he found the idea of an alien who's all nice and shit offensive. The rest of the Imperium? They didn't give two shits about it. Hell, in the original Tau codex there's even bits about merchants getting drunk with tau traders and stuff like that.

>> No.32117996

Are you fucking kidding me?

What else could they see them as? I mean, they don't see them as exactly Orks, but you're retarded if you think that's what that guy was saying. The Imperium WILL try to kill you, without mercy or any real reason, if they get into your general vicinity. Any alien that has encountered them knows this.

To any species in the galaxy, they are just as much a thread to life as Orks or Tyranids are. The end result of contact with the Imperium is exactly the same as it would be with them, except Orks might keep some slaves rather than killing everyone.

>> No.32118013

That's mainly because the central government has next to no real power outside of Segmentum Terra (it's mostly soft power) and major frontlines.

>> No.32118024

While some worlds may not be bothered or have the resources to uphold it, it's Imperial policy to suffer not the alien. If Imperial officials caught those merchants there'd be serious consequences.

>> No.32118038


Trawling through the thread on Dakka where someone has the WD (They're worse than /tg/ unsurprisingly, oy gevalt)

>> No.32118052


It mentions how Trazyn finds the special feature of his collectibles... that they're still conscious and alive.

>> No.32118085

You mean like how the event was mentioned in an Inquisitorial report, and was mainly mentioned as a source for insight into the Tau race with no indications there were repercussions to the trader for trading with aliens. Or all the novels, where traders have aliens in their crew and nobody gives a fuck? Or pic related?

>> No.32118102

>Are you fucking kidding me?

That's my line.

You're free to spin all the headcanon you like, but if you're gonna start projecting your own views and opinions on the factions of the game, at least have some actual sources.

>> No.32118124

>Hey non-psyker armies, don't forget to buy an allied army with psykers so you don't get fucked!

>> No.32118128

You mean like how the Tau sometimes have trouble controlling their people, like Farsight? Or how the Eldar lack any central government and the actions of the dark eldar aren't exactly helping the position of the craftworlders.

>> No.32118142

>Battle Brothers get to ride in each others transports

>> No.32118172

What, really?
So now I can load bumshees into the raider and make them at least somehow usable?

>> No.32118200


Other rumours point to the only Battle Brothers in 7th ed being Eldar/DE, all Imperial factions, and Chaos/Daemons. So you might be able to stick Banshees in a Raider.

>> No.32118225

Honestly this is about as it should be, adding in that tau should probably be able to be BB with CSM, less intense imperial factions, and eldar.

>> No.32118243

don't eldar and dark eldar kind of hate each other?
less than the other races, obviously
but isn't it still hate?

>> No.32118244

is that a euphemism?

>> No.32118249

It's right there in every sourcebook that exists. In every rulebook, in every Imperium codex, etc etc...

Suffer not the alien to live. It is Imperium policy. It gets bent a little when it suits those in power, but in general, that is their approach to contact with other species. Extermination.

How can you possibly reject such a fundamental part of the setting?

>> No.32118257

Despise, not hate.

>> No.32118264


>even after 2 years of 6th edition we're still having this argument

Even if they don't agree with each other's way of life, they're both still Eldar. And any Eldar will place the life of another Eldar above anything else.

>> No.32118274

incubi have to hunt down an aspect warrior...

>> No.32118302

The Tau I get, but the eldar aren't trying to be a massive totalitarian all-encompassing empire in the first place.

>> No.32118303

They are also about the smallest faction of DE.

>> No.32118305

>How can you possibly reject such a fundamental part of the setting?

How can you reject all the cases when the Imperium has worked with aliens, let them be, etc.? Do you have a single source in which aliens view the Imperium being as bad as tyranids or orks, as you claim?

>> No.32118329

TG maymays are generally all about attributing to the other races the attributes of the imperium. Considering that part of the fall included the Dark Eldar trying to sell slaanesh a whole craftworld's worth of soulstones, no, the idea that CEldar put DEldar above proven friends of other races is bullshit.

>> No.32118343

Vect doesn't allow such shit, you know.
DE before him are not like DE today.

>> No.32118348

>"Trust not in their appearance, for the Eldar are as alien to good, honest men as the vile Tyranids and savage Orks. There is no understanding them for there is nothing to understand - they are a random force in the universe."
-Abriel Hume, Codex: Eldar, 4e

>> No.32118392

The Ordo Xenos tends to grasp at straws a lot. That said, as a general rule the empire is friendlier to aliens the further from Terra or Cadia you get. Probably because there's fewer =I= morons trying to run the show.

>> No.32118426

>claim aliens perceive the Imperium as like orks and tyranids
>no quotes
>"durr, it's obvious, isn't it?"
>give quote that says eldar are like orks and tyranids
>"hurr, stupid Imperials don't know shit."

>=I= morons

Think you mean:
>ecclesiarchy morons

>> No.32118431


From last week's WD

>Adam: The interactions between Eldar and Dark Eldar are surprisingly cordial..

>:Guy: At heart, the Eldar are all arrogant, overbearing, self-important xenos! Yeah, but I actually don't think there's as big a gulf between them as might appear to outsiders.

>Do the Eldar and Dark Eldar hate each other like Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines, because I keep seeing them fighting alongside each other. Is that allowed? - Concerned Autarch, John B

>The Eldar and Dark Eldar are two sides of the same coin. Where Eldar live a life of purity, the Dark Eldar live a life of debauchery. The Eldar avoid Slaanesh's embrace with the use of Spirit Stones, while their dark kin make every effort not to die,. Ever. While they don't like each other, they share an uneasy alliance, knowing their future depends on unity. It's like having both sets of parents around for Christmas dinner. It's sometimes necessary, but awkward.

>> No.32118447

The =I= and the ecclesiarchy are joined at the hip (SoB are part of the standard inquisitorial OOB ffs) and anyone who claims otherwise is pretty much in denial.

>> No.32118470

Maybe not the 90's, but that anon is right, they got some ancient shit still lying around. I see three of these in my local gameshop.

>> No.32118472

>anyone who claims otherwise is pretty much in denial

Yes, everyone else is wrong but you.

>> No.32118496

3rd edition Codexes for inquisitorial troops were largely ecclesiarchy units. I sincerely doubt this has changed much.

>> No.32118518

He's not the only one arguing this.

The IoM are pretty solidly anti-alien. HUMANS in general might not be, and the further from the power-bases of the Imperium you get, the more leeway there'll be for them. But it has always been a core tenet of the Imperium that all aliens must die. It's right there in the Imperial oaths.

When it has the opportunity, the Imperium just kills every alien it can find. When it doesn't, things are more muddled, but such affairs only stand until someone from the central hierarchy of the Imperium takes notice and rallies up some crusade or another.

>> No.32118550

I still think alliance of convenience would fit better though

>> No.32118554

The tau are natural humanoids. Though they're notable less human than orks or eldar (no noses, hooves rather than feet and only 3 fingers)

>> No.32118565

They're at least on as good of terms as Bloodthirsters are with Cultists of Slaanesh.

>> No.32118581


>> No.32118583

Gorkamorka, 97.

>> No.32118599


And yet one of the primary reasons for the creation of the Ordo Hereticus was to keep tabs on the Ecclesiarchy...

Sisters of Battle having to do with the Inquisiton outside of being apart of retinues, the thing about them being an Order Miliant has been struck, no mention in the Inquisitor, or as far as I'm aware, Adepta Sororitas codices of such a thing exists.


>3rd Edition

top lel m8!

>> No.32118622

verical ribcages
no pointy ears
insect-like pheromone controlled actions

it's like the eldar made them to be the opposite of themselves

>> No.32118641


Tau weren't around in the beginning though

As the Anon above alludes to, it still seems to be very likely that the Tau were the Eldar trying to fill the shoes of their creators.

>> No.32118654

More likely its just another of those "chose the cannon you like" pieces.

>> No.32118659

3e Witch Hunter codex was a brainfart made to sell models by tagging Inquisition into the Sister codex.

2e Sister codex has no Inquisition and even states the Ordo Hereticus was formed to monitor the Ecclesiarchy and make sure they don't fuck things up again. 5e and 6e Sister codexes have no Inquisitorial units and only reference to the Inquisition is that they monitor the Ecclesiarchy's adherence to the decree passiva. Codex: Inquisition ranks Sisters as an asset just like Marine chapters or IG regiments, while GK and Deathwatch are named as chamber militants of the Malleus and Xenos.

So, yeah, nothing has changed much.

>> No.32118669

It really doesn't fit no matter how you look at it. The eldar have never exhibited skill at genetic engineering, nor at non-psychoactive technology in general. The orks have a more credible chance at being behind the tau, since orks at least -can- interact with other races' tech.

>> No.32118672

And this relates to Inquisition and Ecclesiarchy being "joined at the hip"... how exactly?

>> No.32118674

Even if those suggestions are right the tau had got too black powder level all on their own.

>> No.32118684

>Ordo Xenos
get spaz morons of every chapter + alien tech
>Ordo Malleus
get the fanciest, most overequipped spess muranes ever
>Ordo Hereticus
get friendzoned

>> No.32118695

the eldar have high knowledge of bioengineering as with other technologies
they just prefer to use the prettier methods

>> No.32118715


>> No.32118721

It can be inferred, maybe, but they're just about the least likely to be responsible.

>> No.32118726

Deathwatch kill-teams are small forces and you rarely see more than a handful of them. They're dedicated to the most tasking missions needing the best training and equipment. The rest of the fighting is left for the regular Imperial military.

Daemons and Chaos are a dangerous foe to even the hardiest of troops and having a dedicated anti-daemon chapter at their disposal to do the impossible and push back the forces of Chaos, is given.

Hereticus is internal affairs. Their whole purpose is to monitor the factions of the Imperium and weed out corruption and heresy. What sort of special "anti-Imperial" task force do they need that cannot be fulfilled by any PDF or Guard regiment, Marine chapter, Arbites precinct, etc.?

>> No.32118730


Probably not beyond the abilities of a Haemonculi

One even calls the Tyranid genetics something to the effect of "Delightfully simple" and how he'll have no trouble whipping up a batch for Lelith's arenas.


Probably should have been more clear, there are signs that the Eldar are responsible for the Ethereals, otherwise the only thing they may have done for the Tau is create the warpstorm which gave the Tau protection from the Imperium.

Again this is all speculation based on something it seemed GW was once going to run with, whether they still are or will is anyone's guess.

>> No.32118737

it's possible that only the ethereal were a creation of the eldar
and not the entire race

>> No.32118750

>''He sees the hand of the Eldar all about, though he was much gratified to discover that these erstwhile scions of the Old Ones are but a guttering remnant of their former glory. The presence of the Orks was of little surprise, for ever have their kind infested the universe. Of the Tyranids the Necrons knew little, but recognized them for the foe that had decimated the Charnovokh Dynasty. In the Tau, the regent saw traces of the work not of the Old Ones, but others of their progeny, determining that a more detailed examination would be necessary to ascertain their true heritage''

-Outer Reach

It's obvious that the Tau were meddled with by one of the servitor races of the Old Ones.

However, this is not their true heritage. The Necrons will investigate the mysteries behind the evolution and the rise of the Tau and then destroy them.

>> No.32118760

>One even calls the carnifices
fixed that

not every tyranid has the same DNA
sometimes the same tissues on a single species have different ones

I want to see if the homunculi would dare to call stealers,warriors and tyrants "simple"

>> No.32118786

IIRC humans aren't so much a creation of the Old Ones as they were on the To-Do List before the Old Ones got killed.

I recall reading some things saying humans weren't manipulated at all by the Old Ones, and on the other extreme humans were slightly altered but the Oldies disappeared before they could do anything sensible.

>> No.32118788


Regular human scientists managed to control swarms of Nids that include Fexes, Zoans, and loads of big stuff.

Nids are no match for the power of SCIENCE!

>> No.32118801


>> No.32118806

>The presence of the Orks was of little surprise, for ever have their kind infested the universe.
>infested the universe

Orks confirmed to be intergalactic

>> No.32118823

In the Imperial Knight Companion book.

Check it out. It's in one of the knights backstory.

>> No.32118840

could you be a bit more specific about the page?

>> No.32118857

Spess too.

>> No.32118866

Don't have the book with me right now.

Look in the section of the Knights who are loyal to the Admech.

>> No.32118908

Not that strange considering that they are fighting a universe spanning faction whose minds are linked by a space defying network called the Hivemind.

Tyranids 5 galaxies away would know of the Space Marines.

>> No.32118931

Does the Hivemind expand so far? Genestealers operate independently from the Hivemind until the hive fleet gets close enough and it take over them. If there's no synapse creature around, smaller shits revert to animalistic behavior (not just game rules, shooting the big monsters is a doctrine when facing tyranids in the fluff).

If the Hivemind had infinite range, those things shouldn't be a a thing.

>> No.32119005

Found it!

>> No.32119090

So how are they fixing assault?

>> No.32119107


Yeah that's been confirmed for a long time.

>> No.32119126

That means it hasn't even left the galaxy you dumb nigger.

>> No.32119144


Don't know yet, did see something about still not being allowed to assault out of reserve, which should have been expected considering GW's stance on the matter.

>>32111293 mentions the wounds from challenges spilling over into the unit.

>> No.32119158


Depends how fucking fast it's moving you cockhead.

And before you get me started on "HURR IT CAN'T GO FTL THERE'S NO PSYKER ON BOARD TO LET IT TRAVEL THE WARP DURR" the Tau apparently built their whole empire without FTL travel and the Nids are somehow moving through space at breakneck speed despite not traveling through the warp. The text also says that it's mission was "to reach the utmost limit of the universe". Blame GW's shithouse knowledge of astronomical distances but the intent behind that piece is clearly that the probe isn't in the Milky Way anymore, especially when you consider that the news of "Orks found in the Milky Way" is hardly going to cause "utter despair" amongst techpriests.

>> No.32119182

but I wouldn't call that a victory
the tyrant wasn't subjugated
it's still strange that he managed to "control" (if caging and releasing them in the right direction can be called control) even synaptic creatures like zoans and warriors, maybe he cut down the part of the brain that connected them to the hive mind (there should be such an organ somewhere)

>> No.32119201

It's not FTL because it's not in the Warp, deal with it.

>> No.32119213


Never said it was FTL. GW has a bad track record with regards to space travel and the mind boggling distances that are actually involved. Their intent with the piece was to show that Orks were present outside the galaxy. Their numbers don't match up (they never do. Someone post the laughable statistics on a Leman Russ) but that was their intent. Get back to me when you find a way to reconcile Nids or Tau not using the Warp with their travels in space. We tend to ignore it because it's plain stupid.

>> No.32119294

gwriters always confound "universe" (intended as the sum of all things that form this reality) with "universe" (intended as an euphemistic "everywhere" as with miss universe)

it's not big deal

>> No.32119419

Pretty much everytime its brought up its mentioned that the Hivemind includes EVERY tyranid. If there are some nids 5 galaxies they'll be connected too the ones here. The need for synapse creatures is not an issue of signal range but reciever sensitivity.
Think of it like the hivemind is the Internet, regular creatures are just computers and synapse creatures are the hub/swith/router.

>> No.32119441

Tau still sorta use the warp for their ftl. And tyranid nonwarp ftl involves bending space.
The warp isn't the only way too ftl in 40ks setting.

>> No.32119661

>TFW necrons use to have inertia less ftl drives
its one of the few bits of newcron stuff i hate

tau apprently dont do that anymore either

>> No.32119695

>140 ding dong dollarydoos for rulebook

Yeah, nah. Get fucked GeWs.

>> No.32119794

The necron imperial armour gave them back their inertialess drives. Though I think a slower version(but still ftl)

Newest tau codex just changed to so their ftl ia a recent invention they only had for 3rd phase expansion.

>> No.32119852

I just imagine the signal picked up is of a spaceship full of orks flying towards a new galaxy with all of them singing


>> No.32119873

>The necron imperial armour gave them back their inertialess drives. Though I think a slower version(but still ftl)
you have made me a happy soulless automaton, thank you anon

>> No.32119948

You dense motherfucker. I bet when FFG writes about billions of guardsmen getting lost, you demand more stupid shit. Even with 40K, there's still a limit to how extreme it can go before you go "fuck it, this is fanfic level writing".

>> No.32119967

I did. Their lore sucks harder and I have a friend who's dead serious that Warmahordes is worse than the devil.

>> No.32119991

Damned Vorlons!

Lyta Alexander, God-Empress of Mankind

>> No.32120371

Just read the page 13 on your rulebook
under Which models can fire
".. If a model cannot shoot at the same target as the other models in its unit, FOR ANY REASON, then it cannot shoot at all in that phase.."

>bolters has 24" range
>Flamer has template range
>flamer cannot shoot on that phase

>> No.32120822

>>not posing dramatically for the servo skulls when you take the head of your enemies
Oh God you gave me a new idea for my chapter master. Place several video servo skulls on his base to record his every action since he is an egomaniac.

>> No.32120834

So no D weapons countering riptides? Fuck well Knights are now completely useless.

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