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Anything Werewolf or Vampire goes here, be it game discussion, lore or images.

Let the hunt begin.


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What is your favourite Werewolf origin story?
Do you like them as noble savages or mindless killers?
Which pieces of literature influence the way you see Werewolves?

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Does the whole "vampires are the enemies of werevolves and vice versa" thing feature in your games, or do you consider it silly?

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WtF or WtA, and why?

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Okay, done for now.

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Hey guys can I play?

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I'm wary of letting my player play a Werewolf because I'm wary he might end up being a furry.

What do?

I think it makes sense. Vampires are unnatural, werewolves are simply different.

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Forsaken. Mostly because the Garou Nation are horrible motherfuckers and I hate them. If they weren't the player characters, they'd be the antagonists. (The Pure are basically the Garou Nation).

But Idigam Chronicles is also looking to make the Forsaken cooler.

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>vampires are unnatural, werewolves are simply different
They are both people who had their humanity forcibly stripped from them by a curse, sometimes as punishment for their crimes in life and sometimes just by being unlucky enough to get bitten by another cursed soul. They have a lot more in common than they have differences, if I would incorporate them into a game I'd make them allies, not enemies. If only by necessity because nobody would side with a monster except for another monster.

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>>32102303 >>32102222
Heck, a lot of times werewolves and vampires are considered to be the same thing. Look at the Loup Garou, which is all Werewolf-Vampire-Warlock

>I'm wary of letting my player play a Werewolf because I'm wary he might end up being a furry.
Stop being so childish.

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Really? I think there are at least a few origin stories that positioned the Werewolves as descendants of the moon or some such.

WTA and WTF for example.

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>But Idigam Chronicles is also looking to make the Forsaken cooler.
Do we have any info on that one yet?

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The origin story in Underworld was pretty hilarious.

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I like my werewolves as I loik my dogs; Man's best friend.


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Quite a bit.

We even have the new Cahalith write up, and some Gifts.

People have been encouraged to use the new rules for Kuruth and forms.

I actually like the Corvinus Brothers thing.

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Ugly, monstrous vampires are the only good vampires.

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Haunt, pls go

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they do have the advantage of being easy to pick out a random colelction of character portraits. other vamps can just be regular people. so no need to keep another folder for that.

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52243224 nigger

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I'm actually quite fond of underworld mafia, faux nobility vampires.

The contrast of monsters playing at refinement is quite fascinating.
It was okay, but the way they constantly tried to hammer down the fact that they wanted the thing to to considered sci-fi was sorta jarring.

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I enjoyed that sci-fi bit. I mean, not so much the "we're wearing super sexy leather and shooting sun bullets" part, that was kind of silly, but I liked the mystic-science bent.
That's one of the reasons I like the Ordo Dracul. They're SCIENCE vampires, looking to become better monsters through the power of OCCULT SCIENCE.

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I just started a Forsaken chronicle, only for this to happen.
That said, I had applied some things already, like making Gauru form more utilitarian, making attribute bonuses scale to Primal Urge, changing how Renown works, etc.

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It had some charm, but the last movie really crashed it, IMHO. Then again, the last movie kind of messed up in oh so many ways.
Anyways, Vampire: Dark Ages Movie when?
> Ordo Dracul
I never much concerned myself with them. What's their deal?

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WtA. WtF turned werewolves into just another bunch of emo 'I so suffer' whiny bitch supernaturals. Werewolves should be tearing the wyrm a new asshole and dying gloriously in the process not wallowing in self pity. You leave that shit to vampires and middleschoolers.

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>Werewolves should be tearing themselves and all their allies a new asshole and dying gloriously without even putting a dent into the real problem, the Weaver

Fixed for proper Garou behavior

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This entire post.
Werewolves got really hit terribly with the nerf shtick and they dunked the entire projects in gallons of FEELS once they were done.

Having high hopes for (>>32102497) Idigam Chronicles.

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Pentex pls go

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>fight against all odds for the piece of land you call yours in a battle you will die fighting
>emo I so suffer
Werewolf needed the nerfing, but it suffered from being an early book and wallowed in the bad design choices of the core mechanics.
Looking in hindsight, it's clear the lower scale of the power is caused by 2 distinct problems: the assumption of the "pack" supporting the individual player meaning the individual can afford less personal power, and the Renown/Gift system meaning it requires massive XP expenditures. Couple that with Primal Urge being more a hindrance than anything else, melee being the foolish errand, etc, and you have the end result.

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Well, the book isn't out until November.

Never saw but the first Underworld, maybe the second.
Ordo Dracul want to become better monsters. Their whole schtick is that Humans > Vampires > Them.
A lot of their stuff was focused around mitigating vampire weaknesses. I never really read more about them, but I do like their concept. They're the ones who go around poking shit with sticks to learn more. Dracula may even have created a Promethean.

Except all the Garou stuff is that they're whiny and decide to murder everyone without really thinking about fighting the Wyrm beyond ecoterrorism. Forsaken goes "welp, we're fucked, let's carve out a territory, bitchslap spirits for fucking shit up, and growl at occultists for being idiots".
Well, that's how they're supposed to be. In actuality pre-Idigam Chronicles they kind of suck at everything.

This is from a guy who doesn't realize the Garou Nation are villains. So of course he thinks Uratha are emo.

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>This is from a guy who doesn't realize the Garou Nation are villains
Most fans of WtA don't realize that. My main beef is just how dated and EXTREME 90s!!! WtA is. Amusing that the Pure in WtF have the same mindset, and acts, as the Garou Nation.

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The big difference you are glossing over is that the Garou did not cry over their sacrifice, they reveled in it. Launching yourself furiously into the maw of a beast you can not possibly defeat for a cause greater than yourself is not emo, it is the Norse ideal of bravery.

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>the Garou did not cry over their sacrifice, they reveled in it
Yeah, except half the time a) they didn't need to sacrifice themselves in the first place, and b) they were sacrificing innocent Pentex employees who didn't realize their company was evil.
There's nothing about the Forsaken that's emo, either.
No one's even saying the Garou were emo, just that they're evil monsters and terrorists who need to be murdered for the good of the world they claim to protect.

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>innocent Pentex employees

The timeless clarion call of the servants of evil powers. I Was Just Following Orders.


Now I am not arguing the Garou were perfect. I mean they were 'the warriors of Gaia'. They were never meant to be deep thinkers. What would happen to an army if you removed all the units, all the generals, scouts, spies and artillery and just left the storm troopers. That's what happened when the Garou's ancestors, like idiots, killed off the other changing breeds

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>they're evil monsters and terrorists who need to be murdered for the good of the world they claim to protect.

Only from a human perspective. WtA was not about the human perspective, it was about the perspective of the rest of the biota on this planet. From that perspective there is no doubt who the actual monsters are.

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>The timeless clarion call of the servants of evil powers. I Was Just Following Orders.
It's easy to judge if one's removed in time and space. Just saying.

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Except most Pentex people don't even know they're working for an evil company. It's not even "you knew the risks when you took the job". Plus, sometimes you gotta work for Walmart even if you know the company is bad for the environment and third world countries, and also this country. And Pentex *isn't* Walmart because a lot of the time they want to be seen as a good company with good benefits.
It's not about killing the generals and the scouts and the spies and artillery. It's about killing the millers and the bakers and the blacksmiths who make the nails and siding and pots. It's about the so called "heroes" busting into town and murdering the guards because the alchemist's guild is actually evil.

Let's ask the Fera who the actual monsters are.
Oh, wait, they'll say the Garou Nation :V

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Relativistic ethics is to evil as the coating of slime is to an internal parasite.

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Please name a war in human history where the true orchestrators of it did not hide themselves behind thousands if not millions of innocents. Please name one.

Godwin's Law but did you know most of the wehrmacht was conscripted? Most of them were not radical nazis. Should we have not entered the war out of fear of having to kill innocents? The same logic could be applied to any war because in any innocents die by the millions.

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>Let's ask the Fera who the actual monsters are.

No argument that the Garou's killing of the Bete was both evil and profoundly stupid, but those were the ancient Garou, not the modern ones. It would be like me arguing that you are evil because your ancestors wiped out the Neanderthal. Remember the first war of rage happened in like mythic times. The second war of rage was largely caused by humans as they created inevitable conflicts with natives so the Garou had to decide who to side with, their human kinfolk or native shifters. Tough choice .

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>mfw all these Garou sympathizers

We're not talking about conscript humans fighting a human war. We're talking people who work security for a company that makes widgets or even the guy in the office who doesn't even realize anything is amiss until a werewolf busts through the wall and tears him in half.

The Garou are agents of the Wyrm, each and every one of them. The Black Spiral Dancers are just the only ones who haven't deluded themselves otherwise.

Except the Fera *still* consider the Garou monsters. Not just for killing off other Fera, but for shit like the Impergium and just in general being assholes. Sure, it happened millions of years ago, but you can't act like the Garou have changed much when they do the same fucking thing.

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All this sexy werewolf art, makes me want to get back to my writing

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>We're talking people who work security for a company that makes widgets or even the guy in the office who doesn't even realize anything is amiss until a werewolf busts through the wall and tears him in half.

This is like America in WWI supplying allies with tons of munitions and then being shocked and appalled when their merchant vessels get sunk.

>buth guyz I wuz neutralzzz!!

>The Garou are agents of the Wyrm, each and every one of them.

Anything dat kill human is uf the wyrm I am wurwolf 2.0

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The best part is the disgusted neckbeard, who is probably just upset that someone let in a girl.

>> No.32103867

Except these people in question DON'T KNOW THEY'RE SUPPLYING MUNITIONS. I'm not talking about arms dealers, I'm talking about interns and rent-a-cops.

>Anything dat kill human is uf the wyrm I am wurwolf 2.0
What does the Destroyer Wyrm do? I'll give you a hint: It destroys.

Now, what do the Garou do? Another hint: RAGE is not a stat that deals with flower arrangements.

This isn't a "wurwolf 2.0" thing. This is the fact that the nine foot tall engines of destruction are feeding the aspect of reality that thrives off of wanton destruction to the point that if it managed to destroy all of reality it would happily swallow it's own tail and chew and chew until it reached Oblivion.

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>letting in a vampire

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>The best part is the disgusted neckbeard, who is probably just upset that someone let in a faggot wearing tons of belts and other miscellaneous accessories.


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>All this sexy werewolf art, makes me want to get back to my writing
Tell us about your writing, anon.

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>Implying that's not the face a neckbeard makes any time anyone with a vagina enters the room, no matter if it's a vampire or not.

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Is it about the awkward moment when the werewolf realizes he'd knotted you?

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only real vampire reporting in

>> No.32103981

>implying I said anything about the neckbeard

>> No.32103989

>Not hot
>Not wanting to take the knot

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lol, no. black metal songs with a post-apocalypse theme

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Well it was the first date, and he got carried away, and he can see you're not really... used to the... size.

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>This is the fact that the nine foot tall engines of destruction are feeding the aspect of reality that thrives off of wanton destruction

It's laughable that you think the amount of damage the Garou do to either the planet or even to humanity itself is even remotely comparable to what humans do. Arguing that the Garou should not be used to combat humanity on behalf of the wyld because they are violent is like arguing chemo is not an option for a cancer patient because it damages them in the process.

Also I don't know what hippie rewrote werewolf but the wyld is not synonomous with nonviolence. The wyld is chaotic and can be destructive. The destruction of the wyrm is of a different nature not because it is destructive but rather because it serves only oblivion itself. This is the essence of human industrial civilization, a meatgrinder for biodiversity which serves no ultimate purpose, that will destroy all it can and then finally eat itself.

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Anyone have a decent Werepire pic?

>> No.32104163

I'm not sure. what would that have to be?

>> No.32104180

That's what makes it hot.

Have you even read nWolf? Because it seems like you haven't. There isn't even a such thing as the Wyld. Also, the Garou Elders may not have told you this, but the Wyrm doesn't serve Oblivion, it acts to cut off the Wyld before disease and bacteria go crazy and thick vines choke everything to death.

Also, you wanna talk about hippies? "Humans are all evil and bad for the environment and blow up SUVs for Gaia" is pretty fuckin' hippie dippy.

Nevermind that humans never had anything rivaling the Impergium or the War of the Rage. I'd say killing off Gaia's other children is serving the Wyrm as opposed to the completed Triat.

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Hybrids, obviously.

A werewolf with sharp teeth, darker (maybe dark-grey-ish?) fur and blood red edgy eyes or something similar would do I reckon

>> No.32104230

like so?

>> No.32104248

or this perhaps?

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First one's absolutely splendid.

Guten dank mein viel's Herr.

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No problem. Was that supposed to be German? Cause it looks babblefished.

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>> No.32104340

>Good thank my lot's sir
I think you mean something like "Viel dank mein gute Herr"

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>> No.32104349


Think it's the bat-like ears that do it for me in the first pic. The bats in the background help too. What I'm looking for (if I wasn't clear enough so far) is a mixture between Vampire and Werewolf, but good pictures of these things are kinda hard to find

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Fun fact, each of the faces in the game is one of the dev team.

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Vampires.... sparkle...

Werewolves... yiff...

Frankenstein... GOOD!

>> No.32104571

Wretched, pls go

Your creator will never love you and neither will we.

>> No.32104572

I should explain why soul reaver vampires are so fucked up.

So basically vampires used to be a super race, similar to lotr elf. Living for a long time and being super fit and awesome. Anyway they got corrupted and cast from the real of life (Death and rebirth), the humans they had enslaved rebelled and brought them down. This created two lines of vampires in nosgoth

Those sired from the original vamps and those sired from Kain. Original vamps sires are more traditional vamps whereas these monsters are the result of Kains nature .

Kain was raised from the undead and made a vampire, this means his blood line is highly unstable. When Kain took over the world and his vampires enslaved humanity, his vamps that looked like your trad vampires started to "degrade" in form. His lieutenants got it the worst and became monsters.

I love these guys because they are so monstrous, this is how vampires should go after millenia.

Oh and on top of that every vampire takes a unique trait from their master. This one we see here is immune to water and thus over their line became sharkpires

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I would love him

>> No.32104619

His name is Adam, jackass

>> No.32104665

Actually, he's now a pretty boy corpse with no soul and helps fight demons with gargoyles.

>> No.32104700

absolute morality is to society what flesh eating bacteria are to the body

>> No.32104758

At least we got the good Edward.

>> No.32104796

Only harmful in exaggerated doses?

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I know this isn't the /wodg/, but can we just take a minute to talk about how fucking amazing and unique Promethean is? I mean, White Wolf's schtick has been taking a horror movie concept or fantasy folklore (vampires, ghosts, changelings, monster hunters, werewolves, wizzards) and pulling it into the modern era. They've had a lot of unique stuff, but most of it is still inspired by the original myths. But with Promethean? Sure, it's easy to dismiss Promethean as "playing Frankenstein", and it's true, the Wretched are basically the 'face' of the line. I'm pretty sure the quote here is meant to be by Adam/Mr Verney.

But Promethean isn't JUST Frankenstein. It's Galatea, and the Golem of Prague, and Orpheus, and robots, and Osiris. It's a game of magical hobo culture straight out of the Great Depression (which is their Dark Era chapter) mixed with Chinese and European Alchemy, and with the wholely new thing of Disquiet and the Pinocchio quest to become a real boy. Like, I love Geist because I feel like it's pretty unique and there's no real good mythology or folklore you can point to and say "that's a sin-eater", but it doesn't really compare to Promethean, which even in just the core book does an amazing job of conveying this NEW entity that isn't like anything else.

Sure, on the surface it's Frankenstein, but whereas all the Vampire supplements are about THIS myth of vampires or THAT myth about vampires, Promethean is really almost nothing like it's sources. Frankenstein went out to the wastes, but he never battled monstrosities in the burning town of Centralia. Disquiet, Wasteland, Torment, Pandorans, Refinements... you don't see a Promethean and go "that's a Frankenstein" the way you can watch a Rahu go War Form or a Daeva be all hissy sexy fangs and point them out as a werewolf or vampire.

If you see a Promethean using a Refinement, their Disfigurements flashing for just a second, you have no FUCKING idea what that is.

>> No.32104934

So few people realize that. Although technically it's because it's not in the book.
Then again, most people think Victor's assistant in the movie is Igor (it's Fritz).

You say that now, but wait til the Disquiet hits.

No Wretched is that pretty. He's a Muse.

>> No.32104962

>Disquiet is the name given by Prometheans to the invisible aura they emit which causes humans, animals and even the land itself to reject them
Well that's my life in a nutshell lol

>> No.32104980


>Have you even read nWolf?

Implying I would read Pentex propaganda

Seriously though, from a meta perspective Whitewolf can rewrite the series anyway they want. They can put the Garou in tutus. Does not change the fact that WtA was one of the only games that took a nonhuman perspective on human civilization. That was its value. No perspective is absolutely true, but that perspective is one that is sorely under-represented in the world.

>Also, you wanna talk about hippies? "Humans are all evil and bad for the environment and blow up SUVs for Gaia" is pretty fuckin' hippie dippy.

Only if then all you did was smoke pot :-P

>> No.32105039

Promethean lost me so hard when I realized that the world would literally be better if all Prometheans went extinct tomorrow and that Prometheans literally -can't- contribute meaningfully to the world. Even vampires help people more than Prometheans. It just tipped over from 'bawww' to 'fuck it, just reading this is making me fucking depressed, why would I want to play it?' And the end goal is...becoming a vanilla human. In the World of Darkness. Woooo. If being immune to Disquiet doesn't get you killed by a Promethean or Centimani, you're equally likely to be killed by the first supernatural to come along in a pissy mood. Promethean is a wonderfully made game. Pity its themes just make me depressed and annoyed rather than interested.

>> No.32105079

I'm a bit with
Here. It's almost as depressing as CTD if you think about it.

>> No.32105131

>Does not change the fact that WtA was one of the only games that took a nonhuman perspective on human civilization.
So you've never heard of Vampire: The Requiem or Changeling: the Dreaming?

Or... Promethean: The Created.

How would the world be better off if all Prometheans went extinct? And what makes you think The Created can't contribute meaningfully to the world? Also, yeah, you become human (and often forget your memories, too), but that's what Athanors are for. So that when you become human you're in for a cushy life that you've earned.

Being immune to Disquiet is likely to turn a Promethean into your best friend. Not make him kill you.

But in Changeling the Dreaming life is hopeless and all you can do is be happy and excited until you grow old and forget and Banality kills your soul.
In Promethean you struggle and suffer and yet at the end of it all there's the hope for a New Dawn. In fact, Prometheans are THE ONLY group in EITHER World of Darkness that has a good ending. Closest is a Mage Ascending or a Vampire reaching Golconda... which in both versions is kind of vague.

>A fire burns within me and animates this dead flesh, these legs that have walked the far regions of the Earth, these hands that have killed men. And I walk with a purpose. You will not stand in my way. These hands have killed men.

>> No.32105215

That's the thing. Your good ending is at best meaningless and at worst itself depressing. Your objective is to become an NPC. That's not uplifting. That's fucking depressing.
>How would the world be better off without Prometheans?
No centimani. No wasteland. No Flux. No pandorans without Azoth. World loses a lot of monsters at a stroke and doesn't lose any net gains.
>Being immune to Disquiet is likely to turn a Promethean into your best friend. Not make him kill you.
Remember the story where a Muse has a husband immune to Disquiet until a Centimani kills him and tries to turn him into a Pandoran? Or the accounts where a Promethean goes into Torment and kills their human buddies? Being around prometheans shortens your life expectancy dramatically, whether they're friendly or not.

>> No.32105259

I'm a nWoDfag, I barely know anything about oWoD. Someone care to explain what the deal is with W:TA?

From what I gather werewolves are ecoterrorists with spirit powers who fight the wyrm (some personification of destruction), the wyrd (chaos), the weave (I dunno) and some random evil corporation. And everything is fucked, somehow.

>> No.32105332

>. Mostly because the Garou Nation are horrible motherfuckers and I hate them

Gotta agree with this guy. I don't like the Forsaken that much either but the Garou are just awful.

>> No.32105381

From what I've heard about Irish myth is that werewolves were actually guardians in service to the king? Maybe not.

But I like the idea of werewolves being noble and devoted people who sacrificed a bit of their humanity in service to the realm. When they were needed, they would transform into monsters to fight off invaders.

>> No.32105385


>Run Promethean campaign
>Goes on for nearly 2 years, loads of sessions
>Players massively attached to their characters
>Huge narrative built up around their quest to become human
>Everything builds up over months to the final moment where they can stoke their Fire and become mortal humans
>Ingame years of suffering and gaining their humanity to achieve their Great Work
>Big, dramatic moment where all their toil comes to fruition
>Nothing happens
>It was all a lie, Prometheans can never become human
>Deathly silence around table as players realise their hope has been fruitless
>One player actually starts crying

It was totally worth it.

>> No.32105434

Most of what you say is true of all the supernaturals, though. I mean, for one thing Pandorans don't actually interact with humans (and in fact can't). Heck, Centimani don't really care about humans, either.

You're pretty much right.
The Triat of Gaia--Wyld, Weaver, and Wyrm--are a powerful group of spirits and aspects of reality. The Wyld, the chaotic, creative aspect of rampant growth, is the weakest. The Weaver, the aspect of stability and balance, is the strongest.
Long ago, the Weaver went mad and tried to cause stasis in the world. It did this by weaving a net around the Wyrm, the spirit of destruction meant to prune the Wyld at the Weaver's guidance. The Wyrm is now mad, and is no longer pruning things that grow too big, but going crazy and destroying shit. Mostly through the company Pentex, which corrupts the world.

You're a horrible person.

>> No.32105462

A species of full retards (the Garou) killed all their own allies and helped throw everything out of balance, so now the force of destruction is planning to, well, destroy everything.

So the Garou throw themselves into the meat grinder that is the Wyrm over and over again instead of fighting what actually made it insane in the first place, the Weaver.

And none of Gaia's other children can help because the Garou murdered most of them.

>> No.32105525

>Pandorans don't actually interact with humans (and in fact can't)
Then what the fuck was I reading in Pandora's Book about Pandorans going full Alien on isolated humans? And the whole point of Centimani is that they're fucks who do whatever they want because they're fucks.
>Most of what you say is true of all the supernaturals, though
Werewolves stop the Shadow from going full feedback loop and turning the whole planet insane. Mages usually have good intentions in everything they do (But then again, >No sense of right and wrong). Changelings are just trying to rebuild their shit, although I'm totally behind killing off all True Fae. Sin-Eaters are party-hard ghostbusters, that shit is awesome. Promethean is just depressing. Mummy and Demon, haven't read, can't say.

>> No.32105549

Oh, and even vampires can and do help people out because of their own ends. Hell, the Sanctified have the whole 'dark shepherd' mindset, but eh, vampires are probably the blackest super anyway.

>> No.32105556

>Then what the fuck was I reading in Pandora's Book about Pandorans going full Alien on isolated humans?
Pandorans are supposed to go dormant whenever regular muggles show up.

Most of Pandora's Book is about weird shit. I mean, isn't that the one with a vampire Promethean and a crow Promethean?

>> No.32105561

That is weird.

Isn't it like, super duper hardcore canon that it is possible?

>> No.32105946


According to who, exactly?

Any Prometheans who succeed would by definition never remember, and nobody's ever witnessed another one perform the act successfully.

>> No.32106052

There is at least one human who was once a promethian. Vernie also has met a few ex-kids.

Core pushes it as a maybe and then every other book ignores it because it would be too cruel.

>> No.32106077

>nobody's ever witnessed another one perform the act successfully.
Actually, the way it's talked about, people have seen it. Not to mention that you can remember if you roll well. Also I'm pretty sure at least two of the signature characters make it.

From the Wiki article for Zo Malek
>Eventually reviving, she decides to both get revenge against the Tamer, and to resume her Pilgrimage so that she can become human and hopefully be reunited with Charles when she dies. It is implied that she eventually attains her New Dawn, returns to the place she and Charles met, and commits suicide a second time so she can be with him.

>> No.32106088


It is also stated that most humans who are immune to disquiet were once Prometheans or are related to Prometheans. Two such humans exist in the setting as well.

>> No.32106098

All of the fiction is written assuming it is true to the point there are multiple canon successes.

>> No.32106136

Isn't it actually a huge part of Vernie's character that he knows it is possible for most Prometheans but suspects it isn't possible for him because technically the first generation are not Promethean?

>> No.32106167

>technically the first generation are not Promethean?
That's a thing?

>> No.32106190

I liked mtg werewolves, even the lore...until they fucked it up.

>> No.32106252

It is what Vernie thinks. He hasn't been able to become human but some of his kids have, and he recons that the pilgrimage starts by being made by another promethian, so he may never be able to complete it.

>> No.32106609

>> No.32106930

I got some werewolf art I will post I suppose.

While I am doing this, does anyone know of any decent games where you play as a werewolf? Or books with a werewolf main character I suppose.

Seems like there is fuck all which is pretty dam annoying. For books there seems to be hundreds of shitty romance novels and nothing good. For games there is just nothing.

I guess there is like... Skyrim and Morrowind. But playing a werewolf in those just doesn't fill the void. I wish we could get something like Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines again.

>> No.32106974


>> No.32107006

>While I am doing this, does anyone know of any decent games where you play as a werewolf?
Have you tried... Werewolf?
Apocalypse or Forsaken both have you playing as a werewolf. And the new Forsaken update, Idigam Chronicles, is coming out in November and makes them much more awesome and less shitty.

>> No.32107054


>> No.32107069

Sorry I should have been more clear, I meant vidya. I can't find shit for tabletop games mostly. Can't even find a game of 3.5 that agrees with my schedule.

>> No.32107145

sure, what the hell are you?

>> No.32107197

There have been a lot of interpretations of the Frankenstein legend buddy
But I like prometheans, its what happens when Humans play god and forget to clean up the playroom.

>> No.32107230

>bill paxton
>pretty boy

dude he looks like a homeless mans skin stretched over a manniquine. or is it pullman? i dont know.

>> No.32107243


>> No.32107257

Disquiet can be resisted by sentient beings concentrated willpower

Kind of how you can resist pain, you can mentally resist disquiet

>> No.32107262


>> No.32107263

>Frankenstein legend
Um... it's not a legend, it's a book.

>> No.32107285

This one isn't a werewolf, but it is badass as fuck.

>> No.32107294

Its Aaron Eckhart
The guy who played Harvey Dent
A very attractive man
I'm not gay or anything, but I'd want his children

And they picked him to play a buff ruggedly handsome version of the Frankenstein Monster

They also turned the previously clumsy monster into an agile kung fu fighter, which I (and many others) thought was retarded.

Really cool visuals though, waiting for this company to make more WoD movies

>> No.32107318

i dunno, he still look like a bunch of slabs of beef got possessed and crawled into a person.

>> No.32107320

>not a legend, its a book
Its a mythos that has expanded past the original book, just like there was an original book "Dracula" now its a mythos because of the various interpretations.

>> No.32107342

I always wondered why his sword grew to be huge after his death.

Probably magic.

>> No.32107363

Fucking Amaterasu, calm your tits girl.

>> No.32107366

If I was female, I'd do him. No homo. Still ripped with a lantern jaw of justice and good facial structure.

>> No.32107382

maybe artorias had a big one made for sif.

>> No.32107403

>No homo
Where do you think we are?

>> No.32107411

>They also turned the previously clumsy monster into an agile kung fu fighter, which I (and many others) thought was retarded.
I don't think you can get through a wasteland in the Arctic by being clumsy.

You seem like you're comparing the classic movie version to something probably more like the book.

>> No.32107496

Wasn't I, Frankenstein done by the Underworld guy?
> WoD movies
Third generation vampire that's been around for millennia and ends up Diablerizing her ur-sire.

Sounds like a beginner VTM campaign alright.

>> No.32107511

>RE: Pentex

First off:


All joking aside, I'm fairly certain it's mentioned that the Garou don't just murder everyone attached to Pentex. They *can* distinguish between the 9-to-5 working stiffs and the ones who are really in wyrm-shit. I've only got access to the W20 book, but it states it as such.

>Garou often agonize over how to strike at the villains these humans support without harming the same humans they’ve pledged to protect.

Remember, Garou aren't *just* champions of the Spirits/Gaia. They've got one foot in the human world as well whether they like it or not, and are just as responsible for protecting the un-tainted humans as they are eradicating the ones shitting Fomori and Banes.

>> No.32107526

Yep, and "Underworld Awakening" may as well have been called "Hunter the Vigil" for all of the humanity vs monsters that occurred.

I think the guy who writes their screenplays has a white wolf group

>> No.32107538

>previously clumsy monster
The only version where Frank is outright clumsy is in Bride of Frankenstein from the 30s, where he gets fucking blinded.
Although I do agree that the Frankenstein monster shouldn't fight like that. He should fight like a Victorian hooker (as in an old-timey wrestler, not a prostitute)
Knowledge of the human anatomy + monster strength = snap go the joints

>> No.32107549

fuck'em. they work for pentex, then they are just as responsible as if they knew what was happening.

>> No.32107569

>Yep, and "Underworld Awakening" may as well have been called "Hunter the Vigil" for all of the humanity vs monsters that occurred.


>> No.32107705

Being a Werewolf in the "Underworld" setting is much like being a werewolf in the WoD setting
no drawbacks at all.

>> No.32107768

Well, he did travel the world like the guy from Kung Fu.

>>32107526 >>32107496
Actually, they got sued by White Wolf for Underworld being too close to their Romeo and Juliet vampire+werewolf novel.

Someone already posted that. And for all the lip service, Werewolves rarely side with humanity in the war against the Wyrm (and as someone else said, Weaver is the real problem... and the Balance Wyrm is restored in one of their end of the world plots). Often Werewolves care more about their greater mission than they do about the individual humans. I mean, that's kind of WHY many Garou would agonize over that.

There were even modules where Werewolves would meet "these are totally you" mirror versions of themselves who were cultlike and murderous.

Not to mention that the Pure are meant to evoke the feel of the Garou Nation. Who in addition to the Impergium also had the whole War of the Rage thing, which is why the other Fera hate them.

Garou are... not good guys.

Tomorrow night you're leaving work and a nine foot tall monster of fur and fangs burst through the wall and you have just enough time to shit yourself before it tears you in half. Whoops, turns out YOU work for Pentex.

>What is Rage?
>What is the Litany/Oath of the Moon?
>What is Duty?
>What is Kuruth?
heck, all the werewolves in Underworld are hobos. All smelly and living in the sewers.

>> No.32107807

I really like the Cheiron group out of all the Hunter groups. Them and the Union. Basically Cheiron does the most reasonable thing (in a manner of speaking) and tries to use super natural events as a resource.

I ran a campaign where one of my PCs was a Cheiron field surgeon, they had a changeling NPC tag along that was shot and killed due to their shitty planning. He ended up taking several of her more mutated organs and storing them for safekeeping. He did this every time they killed something not human.

>> No.32107835

>Duty, Litany, Oath
Like any Player character actually does these things.
If a book has to enforce plot restraints on what a character can't do rather than mechanical ones, then its a broken character

>> No.32107886

>they got sued by White Wolf
Really? that makes everything much funnier. So now they are going to work their way through their rulebooks out of spite?

We already have

Now we need
>another Hunter

>> No.32107925

If a game has to force mechanical restraints on a character, it's broken. Although the Litany at least actually does have mechanics tied to it, because the whole POINT of the Oath is "don't do these things that are Spiritually terrible".

Also, there are still drawbacks of being a werewolf even beyond that. Unless you're Pure, but that's kind of the point of the Pure.

>> No.32107965

>Tomorrow night you're leaving work and a nine foot tall monster of fur and fangs burst through the wall and you have just enough time to shit yourself before it tears you in half. Whoops, turns out YOU work for Pentex.

that would be fair. granted i would have no clue what was happening, but still.

>> No.32107992

How is that fair?

>> No.32108020

Game mechanic restraints on a character are basically the fundamentals of character stats.

You're character can't do things that are beyond his/her stats. If you have a character with stats so much higher than everyone else for no reason but have to say "in story your character wouldn't use them" then its broken.

Because every PC that wants to play a over powered character with plot restraints is just going to use their over poweredness and make excuses as to why they acted against their normal behavior.

>> No.32108071

Okay... and Werewolves have stats, and can't do anything beyond their stats. So I'm not understanding what the problem is. Nevermind that there are drawbacks to things--like Warform for instance--beyond "in the story your character wouldn't use them".

>> No.32108100

Werewolves? Okay.

>> No.32108120

pentex is trying to destroy everything, if i did know i would be a monster, if i didn't but am still important enough to warrant killing it doesn't really matter that i didn't know. if i was just in the wrong place at the wrong time then it is a situation so far over my head that what i think about it doesnt really matter what happens to me.

>> No.32108149


>> No.32108151

a situation so far over my head what happens to me doesnt matter*

>> No.32108155

>I've never had to work at Walmart.

Also, often "important enough to warrant killing" means "in the way"

>> No.32108218

pentex is trying to destroy the planet, if im in the way of something that might cause that to not happen i dont think i would hold it against them. granted i wouldn't KNOW that, but still.

>> No.32108490

awww fucking yeah
full moon tomorrow, need to get my wolf on

>> No.32108570

>Average Pentex consumer
oh god, I need to get into WoD now

>> No.32109400

I prefer the ones that have backgrounds based in animism. No, not the magic Injun mother earth bullshit, I mean the "spirit world is atavistic, angry, and now it's trying to steal your soul. Enjoy your half-existence, you sorry fuck" type animism. Old-school transformative shit.

>> No.32109435

>needed the nerfing
That's like saying Space Marines need nerfing. You're missing the fucking point.

>> No.32110212

Irish Werewolves were basically people who either willingly became werewolves or simply were laid up under a curse.
This wasn't really a bad thing though.
These Werewolves spent their evenings protecting people out on the roads, helping lost children and making sure nothing was amiss.
The only negative thing they'd do is occasionally take a sheep or cow. But the locals let this happen because the Werewolves were such a huge net gain for the community.

Heck. Benevolent Werewolves even survived the Catholic Church barreling in. There were stories of this one Saint running into a Werewolf who wanted the Saint to give his female werewolf mate her last rites before she died. (Irish Werewolves often were a male and female couple and one variant of the legends held that they stayed as wolves for seven years before another couple took on the responsibility.)
Instead of the Saint killing or rebuking the Werewolf for being a monster he followed the Wolf and gave his mate her last rites. The male werewolf even followed along and saved the Saint out of gratitude.

It's disheartening when you have people focusing on the negative legends regarding werewolves. (Which was usually related to Western and Central European folklore.) When Celtic and Eastern European folklore had much more noble and beneficial werewolves.

>> No.32110287

It's more complicated then that. Doesn't excuse the Garou derping up but some of the other Splatbooks for the Fera. (The Snake one's if I remember correctly.) Revealed that they goaded and manipulated events around to cause the Garou to initiate the Wars of Rage.

Specifically it was mentioned that they made it look like a Garou had been killed by the Werebears and when the Garou started clamoring for revenge the King of the Garou nation sent a messenger to tell them to fucking knock it off and not do anything stupid. The snakes then killed a messenger and ensured the war would start.

I'd have to re-read the book though but it was something along those lines.

>> No.32110500

Did you hear about the third Corvinus brother? Pic related.

>> No.32110549

little fuckers.

>> No.32110888

Werewolf did not need nerfing. Straight up.
WtA has combat as a heavy feature (and werewolves wouldn't really fit well if they couldn't)... but just look at how werewolf extra actions compare to Celerity. To get anything near close to Celerity they need such a high rage nobody can interact with them peacefully and it runs out crazily fast. Likewise, anyone who isn't poor can get some silver to fuck them up with.

>> No.32111064

Just because the Weaver drove the Wyrm insane doesn't mean that the force of primal entropy should be your friend or that you should prune the Weaver, which generally means "destroy civilization." The last time garou shoved all mankind into a stone age concentration camp it certainly didn't help things.

>> No.32111121

Seems to me to be a fairly legitimate and interesting interpretation.

Prometheans are fucked up anyway.

>spend life driving people insane and poisoning the earth
>contemplate how fucking horrible your existence is
>knowing how horrible existence as a created is, make another of your kind just so you can get a shot of becoming human
>become a human. Now you're an adult with no paperwork, no job experience, no money and, in all likelihood, no memory of life as a promethean

>> No.32111215

I'm now more interested in Prometheans

>> No.32111292

Promethean is the best game that no one ever plays. Probably the best thing WW has ever written, even.

>> No.32111621

except the weaver is trying to turn everything into sterile nothingness. fuck that, the stone age is better then that.

>> No.32111849

Plus, while Frankenstein itself is the work of Mary Shelley, the result of a late night telling ghost stories with Lord Byron and her husband, the notion of a man giving life to inanimate matter and creating a new being does go back waaaaaaay further, and tends to crop up in a lot of different cultures.

She may have been aware of Galatea and Pygmalion, at least, though it's not certain, and I don't know whether it was actually much of an inspiration for her at the time. Apparently, much of her original story was based on a dream she had while she'd been trying to think of a story of her own to contribute to the game for several days and been failing at to that point.

Then she went back and polished it up afterward.

>> No.32112296


Everything in the game is a derivative of mage.


They should have called it Frankenmage. Yet more evidence there is no originality left at Blackdog.

>> No.32112435


I want to say it was the Ratkin but I also remember this and am not sure which one. The ratkin fervently believed, and probably rightly so, that they would inherit the earth after the apocalypse, so they had the most reason to do it. Push things closer toward the end times.

What I do remember for sure was that it was about raising the dead. The werebears possessed the spirit rite for bringing back the dead and the Garou wanted it which is forgivable because they were getting pwned at the time and many were dying. However, the rite required that the Gurahl who performed it had to go into the umbra and fight the deathbear for possession of the soul, the deathbear being kind of like the grimreaper and Shardik all rolled into one, so it wasn't something they could teach or do willynilly. However, being the Gurahl they couldn't just explain this to the Garou and the Garou being the Garou even if they had explained it, they wouldn't have listened.

>> No.32114089

Book wise, I rather like the... Oh god what are they... A series of werewolf books by an author named Carrie Vaughn. Series name is Kitty Norville (Or something close to that.)

Not the best writing in the world, but not complete shit ever. First book may be a little rough, but it gets better. I like it for the amount of "supernatural slice of life" that tries to be incorporated.

>> No.32115572

Is it romance?

>> No.32115600

I like the whole "they're just animals" approach.

>> No.32115620

Speaking of romance, why is there almost never a love story between a human dude and a werewolf chick?

>> No.32115647

Because it would have to tackle the time honored classic; How do periods and full moons interact with each other?

>> No.32115649

Yeah really. Since my qt3.14 was a huge werewolf fan back in the day (owod was what brought us together) I tend to think of werewolves as female.

>> No.32115801

…I'm not the only one who thinks of vampires as male and werewolves as female?

>> No.32116127

That's in incredibly sweet.

>> No.32117527

Makes sense to me. Vampires stick their big phallic fangs into people and werewolves go into a murderours rage once a month.

>> No.32117948

He's not too far gone yet, I see no Thai cookbooks.

>> No.32118034


Even though thematically or analytically it seems the other way around.

>ndropon transformed

>> No.32118190

Looking to kick off a game of Night's Black Agents and I'm looking for inspiration, both for the Vampires and the Conspiracy. Previously I've gone with a Bourne Legacy-meets-Peter Watts genetically reengineered extinct anthrophagus subspecies under the control of a corrupt private military corporation. Now, I am leaning toward a more traditional thing, and I'm thinking of more mystical Vampires. I'm currently torn between Supernatural-magic vampires or Damned religious-style vampires. I'm kind of leaning toward supernatural, because the Damned have too many implications, but I could just go all out apocalyptic with the vampires ushering in the Anti-Christ.
As far as the Conspiracy goes, I'm kind of playing withe the idea of one cabal of vampires seeking to plunge the world into a new dark age by causing an energy crisis, eliminating the world's oil reserves, and returning the world to a much more maneagable state for fuedal vampires to lord over their herd.
This seems like a reasonable place to ask for suggestions or thoughts on possible Vampire builds and a suitable conspiracy/goal to saboutage.

>> No.32118330

I HATE the WtF/WtA werewolves. Nothing kills my interest in a monster quicker than it being part of a whole race of monsters.
The individual werewolf is a tragic, but powerfully frightening figure. A whole tribe of werewolves is just a big furry LARP session.

>> No.32118589

>Not WerePyre


>> No.32119109


I (poster) think Werepire is better since Were from WEREwolf and pire from vamPIRE makes sense. the random pyre has never made a lot of sense to me.

>> No.32119130

>not vamwolf

>> No.32119147


>> No.32119176

Man that spontaneously turns into a pile of burning wood?

>> No.32119295

>because the Damned have too many implications, but I could just go all out apocalyptic with the vampires ushering in the Anti-Christ.
Go full cheese. We have too few legit cursed/not sciency vamps lately.

>> No.32119321

I'll keep that in mind.

>> No.32121278

My feeling on that was... Mild. There's a hamfisted love triangle that's only taken up about 3 pages in 5 books. The MC screws in fade to black. And outside of the first book, the "pack sex" one sees in terrible werewolf fiction is almost entirely nonexistent. That sex is seriously abusive behavior, the ramifications of which are a little more "monster in the heart of man"

>> No.32122446


>> No.32123076

god dammit wolfwing.

used to play that game, when i was a kid

>> No.32126185

What a whore.

>> No.32126216

I like my vampires to be completely unaware of how dependent they are of humanity and how quickly they will unravel without at least some of them looking after them.

Ultimately I like them to be pathetic deep down.

>> No.32126652

As a player or GM?

>> No.32127876

I was writing up some fluff for a setting once and I mispelled "vampire" as "vapmire". The players thought it was funny so for the rest of that campaign we insisted the world didn't have vampires, it just had vapmires.

Werewolves escaped any such shenanigans though.

>> No.32128057

Yeah, too many writers tend to forget that vampires are parasites. Fuck all this Francis Varney, Lestat, and Cullen Clan shit about vamps being Kryptonians with a liquid diet. I want to see writhing human tapeworms.

>> No.32128208

in nWoD they don't really have any reason to be neither mortal enemies, nor close allies... :/ So I'm gonna go with 'considering it silly'.

>> No.32128427

>it would happily swallow it's own tail and chew and chew until it reached Oblivion.

which it actually does in 'Last Battle'.

>> No.32128467


>> No.32128511

Did Vapmire actually have something different from vampires apart from the name?

>> No.32129208


>> No.32129320

Not really, other than them being comically retarded. It wasn't a very serious campaign.

>> No.32129659


>> No.32129733

>sun titan

>> No.32130111

A good deal of folklore had werewolves as blood drinkers, or vampires as improperly buried werewolves, or men's bodies that were scavenged by wolves, etc. Not to mention shapeshifting vampires would often take on the form of wolves. So technically any werewolf picture would do. The vampire/werewolf connection is actually pretty old

>> No.32130147

Also, Jesus was a vampire

>> No.32130426

But he had other people drink his blood. He's a reverse vampire.

>> No.32130526

That's just how he gave others the gift. He was a very generous vampire

>> No.32131119


He was a hunter you fuck

>> No.32131256

And one himself.
He didn't rise from the dead because he was actually the son of god.

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