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How exactly is this thing resistant to torpedoes, bunker-buster bombs that can penetrate several metres of concrete and - when not in a densely populated area - to a tactical nuke?

Explain it to me, teeg.

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bit by a radioactive iguana

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Do you understand the sheer amount of energy it would take to move that creature?
Its internal body temperature is probably plasma. Its muscle mass is probably comparable to coils of carbon nanotubes rather than anything organic.

It'd either not move at all or be fucking invincible.

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This thing can actually breath nuclear force. It's likely completely immune to radiation.

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I always kind of wondered why no one ever bothered to create a virus and just pop it in his mouth. Seriously, if this guy is immune to damn near everything that we can throw at it, then why not use a disease against it?

Also, one thing I've always wanted to do with him in my games? breed him with a tarrasque and then impregnate the baby with a xenomorph from aliens

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See these guys: >>32098795 >>32098806

Godzilla is immune to most conventional weaponry because through the complex processes that simply allow him to LIVE are just as powerful and destructive as the weapons used against him.

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>not breeding Godzilla with Demogorgon
It's like you don't want flesh-melting tentacles on every monstrosity.

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thats..... kinda better. Freakishly horrifying when throwing a xenomorph in the mix, but still better.

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Because for all your hardware, all your science, all your hubris, you don't know what you're attacking.

Throw a bomb at a bus, a missile at a skyscraper, a nuke at a city, fine, you can destroy any of those things.

What you're throwing them at in the case of Godzilla is none of those things. You're throwing physics at metaphysics, you're throwing a bomb at the /idea/ of a bomb, and ideas are bomb, missile, and nuke-proof.

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I don't know, OP, but I'm excited as fuck to see how its going to go down this weekend.

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>>32098759 (OP)
Because for all your hardware, all your science, all your hubris, you don't know what you're attacking.

Throw a bomb at a bus, a missile at a skyscraper, a nuke at a city, fine, you can destroy any of those things.

With Godzilla, you aren't throwing any of those things at a target they can be made to damage.

You're throwing physics at metaphysics, you're throwing a bomb at the /idea/ of a bomb, and ideas are bomb, missile, and nuke-proof.

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You just need to throw something bigger than a bomb at them.

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Hey, hey, requesting OP's picture with the title changed to Tarrasque.

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I don't think I'm getting through here.

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Godzilla represents the primal fear of the nuclear holocaust.
You can't kill fear.

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Not him, but if brute force doesn't work you're just not using enough of it. It's a tried and true rule.

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He's a walking H-bomb; he's one of an ancient species of giant animals that can survive indefinitely because they generate fusion reactions naturally inside their bodies. Godzilla is also a predatory reptile no different than a crocodile; his body is armored with thick skin and scales. A large alligator's skin can stop a small bullet; scale that trait up to Godzilla's size and you can see how strong his body armor is.

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It's sheer hubris to think conventional physics can damage /concepts/, there is no "enough", an idea, fundamentally, is not something you can throw physical damage at with any effect.

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It's Godzilla.

What is there to explain? The sun rises, Godzilla is invincible. Someday, the sun might not rise, and someday, Godzilla might die. Might. But for now, the sun rises, and Godzilla is invincible.

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Because it is made of the souls of the angry Hiroshima dead coming to make japan remember.

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I don't think you get it. There's ALWAYS something bigger you can throw at them. I bet we could weaponize the concept of death and chuck it at Godzilla.

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Well he did die. When he was fighting destroyah his heart gave way and almost caused a nuclear explosions large enough to kill all life on earth.

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See, now you're getting it. Now, that's easier said than done, and Godzilla has a head start, but that's the right approach.

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Didn't he survive a black hole once?

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His metachlorians are better than yours.

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not the replier, but I think this is the only way to defeat Godzilla.

and even then I wouldn't be sure if it would work.

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Just a small one
More of a black indentation, really

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Not sure if conventional diseases would work, but poison damn sure does, that's what the oxygen destroyer was. It poisoned him so hard his flesh and organs literally evaporated off his bones.

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You probably end making it stronger

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>Exterminatus-fueled Godzilla
>falls to Chaos
Jesus Christ, how horrifying.

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He's a force of nature, or better (or worse depending) yet, he's in a way the physical manifestation of the destructive power and might of nuclear weapons, so of course he's going to be immune to all that shit. And he can breathe out flames that are made entirely of radiation for christ's sake, you'd need a few jaegers to take care of him, and even then it's dubious as hell if they can even stop him.

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Godzilla can become TOO strong though. He was already dying at the start of Godzilla vs Destroyah because he got too swole over the years. Radiation is like steroids to him, it makes him stronger short term but it eventually fucks up his heart.

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Is Godzilla a good guy in this movie? I'm not really into this genre by I thought Godzilla was a good guy in the Japanese movies, you know, he ocasionally destroys tokyo but saves the day more than wrecks it.

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From what I hear they've done a good job of making that as ambiguous as it usually is in the Japanese movies.

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>Godzilla falling to Chaos
That's the thing, Godzilla is a force of nature, you just need to point it to something you want dead dead, and pray it doesn't turn around.

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From what I've glanced on /m/, he's first treated as the monster which gets nuked all the time because humanity is afraid of him, and then he gets out and kills other monsters.

The major complaint was that it focuses too much on some American family while kaijus are fighting in the background, so Godzilla gets no screentime whatsoever.

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Nah, he gets about the same percentage of screentime as in the '54 film.

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Depends on who he is fighting, really. He is science in monster form, he's evil when it happens to you but he's good when he can safe you from other threats. Kind of like the Hulk, really.

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Writefaggotry of Godzilla awakening and wrecking Ancient Terra with the Imperium trying desperately to stop him fucking when? I want this now, especially with him fighting a titan

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I'm pretty sure Hulk (at least in 616) never killed an innocent man even when he levels a city, not one puppy was hurt during that event.

Fuck, even Ghost Fucking Rider, Spirit of Vengance couldn't judge him during WWH because "hey dude, you're a swell guy, go destroy cities and hurt Illuminaties".

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>Godzilla fighting a Titan
Were there Titans that big?

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>Godzilla is a force of nature, you just need to point it to something you want dead dead, and pray it doesn't turn around.

And that fighting the first thing is enough to tire Godzilla out enough that your city doesn't get destroyed on it's way out.

>not one puppy was hurt during that event.
Yeah, that theory always came off a little silly.

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No ti has been proven very completely that if the Jeagers are equipped with swords instead of trying to beat them to death. They can take any known giant monster.

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Dear god.....

a chaos fueled godzilla fighting a Imperator-class Titan? That.... would actually explain a LOT about how terra became so fucked up right before the imperium took over.

In FACT.... what if the void dragon on mars IS godzilla? or if godzilla was a c'tan shard?

someone, please, write this bastard up.

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>I'm pretty sure Hulk (at least in 616) never killed an innocent man even when he levels a city, not one puppy was hurt during that event
That is almost always how it is in Marvel comics, period, no matter the people involved.
>Fuck, even Ghost Fucking Rider, Spirit of Vengance couldn't judge him during WWH because "hey dude, you're a swell guy, go destroy cities and hurt Illuminaties"
No, he judged that Hulk's claim of revenge was justified, considering the loss of his world.

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Dude, Godzilla knows CQC, Sambo, Aikido and other shit, you can't beat Godzilla using knifes, it would be stupid, imagine Godzilla as a giant Steven Seagal.

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Godzilla's height varies from 50-60-80-90 up to 110 meters. The american movie ones are about 50-60 so a titan would do. For the taller versions some rare modified titan.

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>That is almost always how it is in Marvel comics, period, no matter the people involved.
Wait, didn't Mr fantastic an entire planet of people the Hulk was living on?

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Fuck the fuck kind of morals does the penance stare even fucking run on to let that shit fly?

Even if you smash up all of new york without harming a single person, out of those multimillion some people are going to die due to starvation or exposure. Does Hulk smashing a hospital suddenly cure everyone on lifesupport inside?

Makes slightly more sense but still fucking retarded.

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>Does Hulk smashing a hospital suddenly cure everyone on lifesupport inside?
So I see you have been reading Hulk comics.

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>supermath wizard pacifist Hulk is still canon
Ugh, don't remind me. Most embarassing thing to ever come out of Marvel comics. Seriously what's the point in writing a character as an uncontrollable monster when he NEVER KILLS INNOCENTS, NOPE, NOT EVEN BY ACCIDENT.

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Shouldn't there be the same for the guys who died in Dresden or Stalingrad in that case?

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>imagine Godzilla as a giant Steven Seagal
That's not really hard to do, considering they move the same way.

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>what if the void dragon on mars IS godzilla?
Naw, if it's a dragon, it has to be pic related, which btw I would like to remind people is probably one of the few monsters that could potentially beat Godzilla since he almost always had to team-up with another kaiju to take him down.

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Reed Richards is a BBEG but nobody realizes it. Fuck, if you read Civil War you wonder why at the end Tony and Reed didn't get summarized executed.

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They didn't get nuked though. It takes a nuke to fuse all those angry ghosts into a kaiju.

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Guys, it's simple. We get King Kong to fight Godzilla.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju8Usr0DIyo

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> Reed Richards is a BBEG but nobody realizes it.
Isn't he a major villain over in the ultimate universe?

>> No.32099416

They built him up so gooooood, to end soooo bad.

>> No.32099437

The thing is that in 616 Reed is a cunt, dick, asshole, nazi, etc...but everybody loves him, specially his wife.

Srly, is disturbing, at least Tony was controlled by Skrulls, at least Pym was a Skrull, but Reed...Reed is just evil.

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This is something I should have realised before now.

Very good /tg/, very good.

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What about Pripyat? Is that the real reason for the exlusion zone?

>> No.32099689

Yes. There's a Russian Godzilla slowly forming there.

>> No.32099692

Godzilla IS Exterminatus.

Also, interesting that the monster that represents the threat of total destruction of the entire galaxy is actually the swarm of monsters that threatens the total destruction of the entire galaxy.

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>STALKER artifacts are actuallly kaiju eggs

>> No.32099914

Jesus, it's probably a giant boar or something.

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Nah. It's a giant slav. Imagine, looking out your window, and seeing a giant leg stomp into your street, the white lines on it's sweats glowing with nuclear fire. It's atomic squat shall signal the end of the world as we know it.

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You do know that every major population center in America has an Anti-Hulk task force dedicated to evacuations and population control when he goes nuts, right?

>> No.32101115

Except that the ending of the film was intentionally left dubious, so that Kong fans could claim he won, while G fans could claim the same.

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It wasn't poison. The Oxygen Destroyer literally just voids the oxygen of the surrounding area. Godzilla evaporated because, like any living organism, his cells are primarily made of water (hydrogen and oxygen) and when the oxygen was voided, his everything exploded in a cloud of hydrogen gas.

>> No.32101781


They sort of do.
In vs Biollante, they create a radiation-scrubbing bacterium and it damn near almost kills him.

>> No.32101848

Of course you can.

>> No.32102196

Only because it was basically draining his battery.

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Godzilla. Motherfucker fights magic moth with fairy heralds and space dragons. He ain't got no time for your nukes and shit.

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Wait a minute...
>Pacific Rim happened and was popular
>Now they're making a new Godzilla
Are monster movies coming back?

>> No.32102241

>godzilla gets power from a biological based nuclear reaction

>> No.32102269


I don't recall you doing anything but folding like a bitch to Parallax.

>> No.32102314

And it is worth noting that complete disintegration of his flesh didn't kill him permanently.

>> No.32102326

>Shiki can kill servants
/jp/ dropped by and said hello

>> No.32102494

My greatest hope comes from a new Godzilla franchise spearheaded by this movie.

>> No.32102725

That....that would actually go to explain a lot of shit. Well that or mechagodzilla on Mars.

>> No.32102838

IIRC they found a species of mold in the Chernobyl core that gets most of its energy from nuclear radiation. Not exactly king of the monsters but it is pretty cool.

>> No.32102899

The panopoly of Saint Prhentus was in ruins, five thousand years it had stood, a glory to the saint of Xenos destruction and one of the multitude of shrines upon Terra built in honor to the God Emperor of Mankind, and now, a smoking crater, the titanic shards of stone cast for miles in every direction as in a blaze of nuclear fire It emerged. The roar that had been left unsounded for over twenty millenia now filled the air of Terra again as savants and nobles fled in terror. Custodes looked on and for the First time in Ten thousand years feared for their charge.

It had awoken, a leviathan seventy meters high, its eyes glowing with nuclear fire and its maw wreathed in crackling flames brought from deep within its furnace heart. Imperial guardsman in desperation had started firing, their long sought after posts crushed beneath taloned feet that dwarfed Leman russes and ground even mighty baneblades in their wake.

It had awoken, and once more Terra knew the terror of its Guardian.

>> No.32102901

Are you talking about him taking over the Kiryu mech? I'd hardly call that "alive".
In most of the continuities there are 3 Godzillas, 1951, the other one and junior. The other one is the star of the rest of them as far as i can remember.

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>Russians create Hedora

God damn it, Putin.

>> No.32102941

The new Godzilla is 115m high I hear, the tallest iteration ever

>> No.32102956

my bad, I grew up on the old movies I'd edit it but 4chan and all that. So, should I continue?

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Anything and everything in the universe can be destroyed if you hit it hard enough.

No armor is impenetrable.
No substance to strong.
No muscle to powerful
And nothing organic that cannot be done better by machine.

>> No.32102994

I feel it should be pointed out the the oxygen destroyer also created another equally dangerous monster.

>> No.32103011

Except the big G. Even if you do kill him he just comes back.

>> No.32103017

A Warlord or Emperor class Titan would totally wreck Godzilla's shit.

>> No.32103038

I have strong doubts

>> No.32103053

Fingers crossed, brother. Their oth made by WB/Legendary.

Pacific Rim did really well (overseas) so if Godzilla manages to make a nice American profit I woukdt be surprised if other studios hope on the kaiju hype-train

>> No.32103060

Nature points up the folly of man.

Godzilla is just yesteryear's warning about the dangers of global warming.

Only better because he's a giant monster rather than a formless mass of finger wagging.

>> No.32103084

Totally could.

How do you fight rediculously powerful things from fiction?

With weapons as ludicrously powerful!

>> No.32103105

Canonically false.

In 'The Battle of the Archaeosaurs' 2 Warlord Titans go up against a pair of fire breathing sauropods on newly discovered feral world. They get their shit wrecked so hard the planet gets nuked from orbit.

>> No.32103106

In all fairness nuclear weapons don't generally perform well against armored targets. The reason they developed neutron bombs was because the blast from a conventional nuke couldn't reliably stop tanks.

>> No.32103135

For one thing Godzilla is generally way bigger then they are. For another he regularly takes the sort of hits they can dish out without much problem. Lastly Godzilla is way more ridiculously powerful then they are, when he was going into meltdown everyone was worried he would kill everyone on the planet.

>> No.32103165

You should see his height scale for the new movie, he's bigger than he has ever been.

>> No.32103202

Princeps Vorthak Roused the God-machine. For the first time in Seventy standard Terran years Dominus Mechanii was to walk. Vorthak through his neural linkages could feel the behemoth around him stir. Moderatii, his dear breathern prepared he batteries and the vulcan megabolter that was now his and the machines right hand began its slow rotation and the Volcano cannon that was Left warmed till he could feel the firey light held within ready to burst. His carapace batteries, Hellstorm missles lovingly crafted by adepts of the Ommnissiah were fueled and ready to unleash death. For the first time in Seventy years the great Warlord class titan Dominus Mechanii Walked and with with a roar its plasma furnaces buried deep within its heart powered up. The Guardian of Terra marched now to war.

It lumbered into view of the Shrine of the Primarchs Ascendant. There the Asartes of the Imperials Fists prepared once more to hold the Gates. Catechisms were bellowed by Captains as upon the horizon it loomed impossibly huge. A cloud of ash and dust swirling as its clawed feet as it moved forwards the first withering salvos of the steeple mounted lance batteries began. Great spears of light rushed to meet the monster that now decimated the world around them. The polluted air ignited around it and for a moment cheers filled the streets as it was engulfed in superheated flames. Truly not even a titan could survive such an assault!

>> No.32103231

I love King Ghidorah, he is always a fuck you to people who love to talk about Godzilla indestructibility or power levels.

I honestly think the "king of the monsters" thing is just godzilla fans trying to compensate. Remember only one Kaiju actually has "king" in his name.

>> No.32103274

Square-cube law of biology. In order for a biological being to be that large in our atmosphere, it HAS to have immensely more durable and strong construction than identical being of much smaller size.

>> No.32103376


>Just another day in western Ukraine
>"Native Pro-Russian militias" have been pushing their way up towards Kiev
>Most nations are complete pussies and just continue laying sanctions on Putin's no-fucks-given ass
>Poland sent some military forces, but it's just a bunch of plumbers on horseback with toilet paper wings and plunger lances
>Government is desperate, pours all of Western Ukraine's funds into secret atomic research
>One day, the sky above Kiev turns black, and the earth quakes as if God himself has set foot down upon it
>A massive figure rises above the horizon, pulling itself out from the depths of the Ukrainian earth
>It opens its mouth, unleashing a booming wave of air pressure like the fist of an angry God sweeping its foes from the land

>> No.32103438

As giant robots go I would give an ACU the best odds of stopping Godzilla. A Mavor battery might not kill him but it would pin him down as long as it keeps firing.

>> No.32103533

To be fair, grey goo like ACU or TotalA can stop nearly everything ever, and if they can't, they'll remake the world with just a Commander to exist at the start of the new universe.

>> No.32103553

Right before it goes up in a blue radioactive glare.

>> No.32103571

kiryu fought him to a draw and his absolute zero cannon might oh actually killed the big G if it ever landed a hit.

>> No.32103608

>dangers of global warming
global warming or nuclear weapons? 'cuz i get a more nuclear weapon vibe.

>> No.32103678

Godzilla is about nuclear weapons. You know, your parents boogeyman.

If he were invented today Godzilla would be a story about how global warming is going to kill us all.

>> No.32104022

Pacific Rim already did the climate change angle. Godzilla would have to be antibiotic resistant bacteria or rare earth metal shortages.

>> No.32104125

Here's somethign for you 4okids to think about.

If Godzilla is the manifestation of nature's response tonuclear bombs dropped on earth and is completely indestructible....

...what do you think the manifestation of the multiple worlds' natures worth of Exterminatus be in WH40k?

>> No.32104166

You mean like Nids?

>> No.32104199

Because It's a giant fucking monster, and we all know Giant Monsters are impervious to conventional weapons. The only things that can hurt them are singular unit's in the same size category.
C'mon, get with the program.

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>> No.32104234

Nothing much, compared to what the universe spat out in response to the C'tan sucking the life out of entire stars.

>> No.32104258

found it

I could kind of picture an animal with all its cells like that, and then one organ working like a nuclear reactor that pumps radioactive elements into its blood to keep all its cells irradiated. It would be a weird biology but it could process a lot of energy.

>> No.32104291

>and then one organ working like a nuclear reactor
Genetically modified bio-reactors when?

>> No.32104317

New plan:
A creature that lives on coal and fossil fuels. Has now emerged to the surface because we burnt its food source.

>> No.32104395

I don't know about you guys, but last time I checked this satanic beast came really close.

>> No.32104433

> fungi which appear to use the pigment melanin to convert gamma radiation

>converting gamma radiation to chemical energy

Holy fucking shit.

Marvel Comics was right.

>> No.32104437


>> No.32104451

Well yeah but it should also be pointed out that the monster the oxygen destroyer created got destroyed by cold air.

>> No.32104477

what if
what if we built a wall to keep him out?

>> No.32104499

OP, it's well-known the only way to defeat Godzilla is with a basketball match.

Step it up a little.

>> No.32104501

Too creative, needs to be more preachy about who you the watcher are doing wrong and how you're ruining everything.

>> No.32104527

That idea may just be dumb enough to GET US ALL KILLED!

>> No.32104549

The main character is the leader of an oil company who wants to use the creature to destroy clean power plants for money. Oh, and he wants to burn all the trees. Because fuck tress. The trees also contain cute little animals, who talk, and are bros with our main character, a just-cool-enough-to-be-non-threatening kid voice acted by a member of One Direction. Also, all the songs are upbeat pop songs.

>> No.32104559

>And nothing organic that cannot be done better by machine.
But organic creatures are machines as well just made out of different materials.

>> No.32104578

>Anything and everything in the universe can be destroyed if you hit it hard enough.
Godzilla can be destroyed if you hit him hard enough humans just do not have anything that can hit him hard enough.

>> No.32104581

>Captain Planet: The Movie

>> No.32104593

Also, the main animal sidekick gets used for advertising everything. We basically make them our advertisement whore.

>> No.32104599

Anyone who says this is stupid.

Nature provides examples of things we're not even within the realm of replicating. Just because we're good at making things that can brute-force solutions doesn't mean we've made the most efficient possible means of anything.

>> No.32104664

>Remember only one Kaiju actually has "king" in his name.
Mecha King Ghidorah?

>> No.32104704

What would we even make the wall out of?

Other Godzillas?

>> No.32104751

what about king ceasar anon?

>> No.32104761

This is why ultimates hulk is the only other upgrade from the original. Literally chomps people and they just die

>> No.32104773

What about a karaoke match?

>> No.32104778

the end up killing Godzilla by throwing the Litany of Litany's Litany at him

>> No.32104805

It doesn't matter what you do, because you're all forgetting rule zero - there is no killing godzirra.

You can make him mad, and if you throw other critters at him maybe get him to go away for a while, but there is no killing godzilla.

It underwrites the very laws of physics - it's the laws of plot of the movie universe. Godzilla cannot be killed by conventional means. The entire movie has to be humans running around like chickens with their heads cut off mostly, with a couple people trying to stand against him so all the fans can jerk off about how weak and shitty humans are compared to this impossible creature, and then the plucky protagonists go rouse one of the other monsters to kill even more people and wear him out from beating on their sorry hides until he decides to go take another 10 year nap with his Cthulu cuddleplush at the bottom of the ocean.

>> No.32104894

Iron Hands pls

>> No.32104947

They say this next film has him in the 250+ Meter range. He's HUGE.

>> No.32105003

>with his Cthulu cuddleplush

>implying Godzilla could ever possibly defeat The Dead Dreamer of R'lyeh

>> No.32105056

In one of the cartoons they had to take a submarine inside Godzilla to save him from giant bacteria. Of course that was Good Godzilla so there's no guarantee it would work the same on Evil Godzilla.

>> No.32105170

Not the guy you responded to, but I think that's implying godzilla's a fan of old tentacle beard.

>> No.32105371

What is a king to a God?

>> No.32105436

what is a god to a none beliver

>> No.32105465 [DELETED] 

Image this guy goes up against Godzilla.

What happens?

>> No.32105497

They join up forces to defeat a more annoying and human killing opponent

>> No.32105506

Imagine this guy goes up against Godzilla.

What happens?

>> No.32105511

I always thought it was really fitting. The weapon used to end WWII created Godzilla, and the weapon used to kill him created an even bigger monster. Destroyah was always one of my favorite arcs. Final Wars was probably my favorite movie in terms of sheer entertainment. Wasn't that good, though.

>> No.32105530

You mean Emperasque vs Godzilla?

>> No.32105540

They join forces and together fight crime.

At the end of the day, they fistbump each other and the universe collapses into nuclear fire made of awesome.

>> No.32105544

He reveals that Godzilla was one of the missing Primarchs and gives him command of a Space Marine chapter.

>> No.32105589

What's this chapter name?
The Monster kings?

>> No.32105595

What's a non believer to a radioactive super lizard leveling his greatest creations by taking a morning jog?

>> No.32105611

turns out it was the angry marines

>> No.32105619

I like this

>> No.32105645

Perfect. Now canon.

>> No.32105715

I think del Toro straight-up said he'd be ecstatic to do a PacRim/Godzilla crossover. My dick could not be harder at the prospect.

>> No.32105739

Rest In Penisland H.R. Gieger, You will be missed.

>> No.32105779


>> No.32105792

Contradiction of their nonbelief?

>> No.32105797

>Mechagodzilla as Godzilla biggest foe
>Not King Ghidorah
Come on now.

>> No.32105815

I was thinking that old MMO Ace Online recently and it's kind of funny how the backstory reads like the exact opposite of the average kaiju plot:
>colony ship lands on a new planet
>turns out the local wildlife is nothing but giant radioactive monsters
>"fuck it, we're moving in anyway"
>colonists build fortified cities on the surface and then go hunting kaiju in customized fighter jets
They had some nice monster designs too.

>> No.32105830

Not a good mix. There's no clean way to combine the universes, and the Gypsy Danger comes up to Godzilla's dick with his new size. It would just be unsatisfying to me. I just want the new Godzilla with a new Mecha Godzilla and Anguirus vs Megalon and Gigan and Ghidorah and the crew. Megalon needs another movie.

>> No.32105855

shut up, let me have my even bigger robot vs even bigger monster dream

>> No.32105902

Daily reminder that the new Godzilla movie is actually a US Navy recruitment video.

>> No.32105947

What if they made the jagers or how ever you spell it more agil cuz science and it was like a dragons dogma or shadow of the collusus fight?

>> No.32105959

They're actually pretty close in height, it's just that the new Godzilla is WIDE.

>> No.32105985

>Godzilla was the Original they used to create the other Kaiju
>when the facility was destroyed, Godzilla saw his chance to escape
>he just finished wiping out the Anteverse
>now he's coming for Earth

>> No.32106063

Yeah, it's not as bad as others were saying, but Godzilla does have a significant size advantage. 107 meters to 79 meters. Evangelion Unit 01 is also of a comparable height at ~80 meters to the tip of the pylons.

>> No.32106083


>Wasn't that good, though

You shut your whore mouth Final Wars rules.

>> No.32106108

Final Wars was awful. Eating up 2/3 of the runtime with some shitty cross between the Matrix, X-Men, and Independence day killed it.

>> No.32106141

Depending on the canon, Godzilla can actually be a defender of the earth

>> No.32106148

We live in fantastic times anon!

>> No.32106151

Your moon is poor.

>> No.32106161


Better than the average 3/4 of a Godzilla movie being "STOP TALKING SCIENCE AND SHOW ME GODZILLA FUCKIN SHIT UP"

>> No.32106268

That's the twist at the end. It turns out that the last invasion was all about capturing him and all he really wants now is to come home.

>> No.32106283


>dis nigga thought comics were fictional


>> No.32106357


>King Kong
>King Caesar
>Lord King Kaiser God-Emperor Jet Jaguar-Sama

Do you even Skreeeeeonk?

>> No.32106967

You mean Kiryu? Old man godzilla?

>> No.32107021

>Grant Morrison was right about everything, ever.


>> No.32107087

Insane nearly Woverine level regeneration thats is completely cannon and never been touched on visually in the movies because lol Japanese guy in suit and lol hollywood budget.

How do you think he get thrashed by giant monstters that are even bigger than him and comes back for the win in all his movies?

The big G is to giant monsters, what Wolverine is to super heros more or less.

>> No.32107110


>> No.32107116

They totally touch on it in 2000.

In fact they design weapons expressly to counteract this through sheer penetrative power and they don't work.

The only time conventional weapons have bested Godzilla was arguably GMK. Arguably.

>> No.32107150

My memory is a bit hazy, but didn't the American Godzilla get killed by a pair of f-15s?

>> No.32107160

>Nature points up the folly of man.

I love you so so much.

Oh no, there goes Tokyo~

>> No.32107162

The regen ability was a plot point in Godzilla 2000. This ugly motherfucker got it to.

>> No.32107175

>They totally touch on it in 2000.
Leave that abomination out of this.

>> No.32107195

That was retconned to being Zilla, Godzilla retarded cousin.

>> No.32107206

What about her, then?

>> No.32107218

Take it to /m/. This isn't /tg/-related.

>> No.32107224

I honestly do not like Godzilla 2000; The fight at the end was way too short and the plot was bullshit.

>> No.32107226


>> No.32107233

Is Mothra Godzillas GF?

>> No.32107240

2000's quality was about on par with the other Millennium era movies, barring maybe GMK which is possibly a tier above them. All of them were certainly much more entertaining than the Emmerich nightmare.

I love them but god damn, don't pretend they're more than B-movie entertainment, man.

>> No.32107245


>> No.32107250

I could have sworn Biollante was destroyed at the end of that movie. Maybe I should watch it again.

>> No.32107252

Can you hear it?

Put your ear to the wind.

And then you can hear his voice:


>> No.32107258


>> No.32107259

The plot is bullshit in every Godzilla barring the original and '85.

>> No.32107307

There's an old saying that comes to mind right about now. Something about knives and gunfights, if I recall.

>> No.32107316


No. He isn't. He is a dinosaur that the Americans nuked to kill and ended up lurbo moding. He was then removed from time and replaced with another monster, only to be reborn in a BIGGER nuclear explosion/radiation leak and come back even more powerful.

That said, the reason Zilla survives the shit he survives is that he regenerates at insane speeds. That means unless you are hitting him harder than he can regenerate, you are pissing in the wind and as the first couple of posts said, a 20,000 ton lizard that jumps about and suplexes other monsters his own size is so far above human physics that you can't really comprehend how tough he would be.

Not to mention nukes don't work since all you do is super charge him since its canon that Godzilla ATTACKS power plants to feed.

>> No.32107346


>And nothing organic that cannot be done better by machine.

Fuck off. Organic life is orders of magnitude more efficient than inorganic life.

>> No.32107347


From what I heard, Humans are being humans and Zilla is fighting giant monsters while not giving a fuck about anything about him/her. Generally the same as the jap movies except Malcolm's dad is present to prevent the tantrums.

>> No.32107447


>implying Cthulhu holds a candle to Nuclear War personified

>> No.32107590

Not THAT godzilla 2000 anon, the good one with orga in it
Who gets his/her shit kicked in by godzilla in about 3 seconds

>> No.32107785

>implying that isn't just what the media reports to avoid mass panic
>implying Slavzilla and Nazilla aren't still fighting over territory

>> No.32108216

You know, Destroyah was made of the weapon that killed the first Godzilla, is like saying the incarnation of nuclear death was killed by the incarnation of nuclear death's death

>> No.32108334

Mecha Godzilla II and Destroyah are the only Kaiju enemies to kill the Big G.
Just sayin'

>> No.32108446

Or that the newest invasion is about finding something on our planet that hunted Godzilla, resurrecting it via Kaiju creation machines, and sic'ing it on Godzilla.

>> No.32108594


You do realise that match-up can be done in Monsterpocalypse right?

>> No.32108824



>> No.32108890

That's not the frightening part.... the frightening part is that there is already porn of exactly that nature

>> No.32108943

GODDAMMIT! who the hell left a gerbil near the radioactive plant again?

>> No.32108962

I think if we did that, we'd get our Jorblochs handed to us hard.

It would be interesting though, to see godzilla attempt a rendition of "all by myself"

>> No.32108966

Why is it in a bra and a furry thong?

>> No.32109093

I don't honestly think kaiju porn is a surprise to anyone here.

>> No.32109110

And thus the galaxy was consumed by this creature, and moved onto the next galaxy where they were dubbed "tyranid"

>> No.32109192


>> No.32109261

so, we clone godzilla.
we kill the godzillas.
we stack them up
put cement around them
and huddle in our little shelter praying that godzilla isn't a cannibal...


>> No.32109356


So, I got bored and compared MonPoc's Not!Godzilla with their Not!Cthulhu. This is how they stack up.

>"Terra Khan" (who is clearly a mix between Gino and 90's Godzilla)
>Mid tier health in both forms
>Starting form has lots of buffs for his minions or if he was in some kind of tag-team match.
>Also has a long range attack for nuclear breath.
>Hyper Form sees him go "Fuck this tag-team shit" and power-up into a destroyer of worlds who's nuclear breath now knocks monsters out of their hyper-forms and has AoE, he can attack twice for free with melee, and his special attacks (throws, headbutts, charges etc) now cause double damage. Which is huge and means you can set up multi-hit combos that can potentially solo and entire monster form like your Zero in MvC3

>Generally weaker stats, Hyperform has better defence though.
>Can summon and eat minions for health.
>Telekinisis shenanigans
>Gains power from brawling
>Can Fly
>Hyper Form gains terrify so tiny guys can't get close, but loses summon.

One on One, Not!Godzilla would whomp Cthulhu in a fair fight. Cthulhu however has all the tools he needs to never let that happen. Using Telekinetics to simply put roadblocks in G's way, eating minions if he get's low on health and generally trying to wear him down.

The moment Cthulhu fucks up though, G is going to atomic piledriver him into the goddamn Chrysler Building.

>> No.32109384 [SPOILER] 


>> No.32109407

That twist would be so much better if they break open the walls to find motherfucking godzillas inside.

>> No.32109451

If all the titans were Godzillas the series would be over a lot quicker

>> No.32109456

>godzilla eats the other godzillas
>absorbs their nuke cores or whatever the fuck
>gains their power

son of a SHIT

>> No.32109505

It's the fucking Godzilla. It blurts lasers out of its ass. Do you really believe we can do anything against a creature that shits lasers?
No no, don't be silly, that's just not right.

>> No.32110251

Godzilla is twice the height of the wall, so... yeah.
It'd be over in a few hours.

>> No.32110355

I love the new premise of Godzilla just for that reason, He is basically our world's Terrasque.

I can't wait to see the movie!

>> No.32110713

Imagine Godzilla is some kind of naturally evolved Kaiju that isn't related to the ones that come through the rift. Imagine he ends up fighting along side the Jagers because it can somehow sense that the invaders through the rift are trying to fuck with his home. Imagine Mariko doing the Mothra song!

Never gonna happen though. Gypsy Danger riding into battle on Godzilla's shoulders against giant Tier 6 Kaiju can never happen because we would all die from the awesome.

>> No.32110809

Cthulhu got his ass wrecked by a boat.

>> No.32110992

And Godzilla dies to bubbles.
Both sides can play that card, but we both know it doesnt mean shit.

>> No.32111010

Well, if we're gonna be literal that's a no in every respect for reasons I find obvious.

But hypothetically how many times has Godzilla killed Mothra? They're normally bitter enemies if there isn't something for them both to direct aggression towards. Plus Mothra is supposed to be all about grace and niceness and shit while Godzilla is the embodiment of eternal nuclear death. To top this all off Godzilla is old as fuck compared to the short lived Mothras. Don't think there's much chemistry.

>> No.32111934

They are the kaiju and we are the fools.

>> No.32111998

its more like a boat convinced him to take a nap again. he woke up before he should, stepped on a lego, and said fuck it im going back to bed.

>> No.32112039

That is by far the best description of what happened I have ever heard. Spot on.

>> No.32112128

Man, that kid looks eerily like my wife's little brother.

>> No.32114135

godzilla inception?

Godzilla, eats godzilla, and becomes Godzilla godzilla?

>> No.32114228

Screencap pls, do it for the superultramegaslav

>> No.32114279

Clearly we must irradiate the iguana's natural enemy. Bring forth the giant radioactive weasel!!!

>> No.32114822

Yessss! I just nerdgasmed.

>> No.32114934

Chaos doesn't stand a chance....

a living, nuclear-fire breathing, giant avatar of exterminatus, followed by his loyal chapter of the angry marines?

Either Khorne just jizzed in his pants, or Chaos just got screwed.

>> No.32116533

Read some of the Godzilla novelizations. It's not necessarily just resistance. It's a combination of extraordinary physiology and supreme regenerative power.

Also rule of cule

>> No.32116556

The trouble there is it's hard to custom-breed a virus for a creature with a unique physiology, especially when even getting close to a tissue sample will make your hair fall out and your nutsack shrivel and die. However, there's a Godzilla novel written by a fan (I don't remember what it was called now) that centered on the use of a genetically-engineered retrovirus called the Matrix which would bind with a virus and then adapt to the genetic material of whatever poor sucker you inject the mishmash retrovirus into. They used it to give Godzilla the Ebola virus.

>> No.32116575

Who's the guy in the far back? I recognize Big G, Anguiris, Mosula, Rodan, Seesar, and I think maybe that other horned guy is Titanosaurus? Also, what's the flying dildo villain on the right side? Is that just a UFO?

>> No.32116589

This exactly. Granted I have no fucking way to describe how it would even be able to walk. But as you said it would require a very efficient and powerful design.

>> No.32116613

It is a movie about a giant mutated dinosaur from a isolated island coming to wreak havoc on humanity because it is pissed about nukes and you try to apply logic to it? Godzilla was never the sort of movie you are supposed to think about, if you do you won't enjoy it.

>> No.32116642

So what you're saying is Pacific Rim 2 should be one of those John Woo movies where the cop teams up with the criminal and they become best friends through a series of gunfights in increasingly unlikely locations?

Because I'm not hating the idea.

>> No.32116672

Have you seen Godzilla 1985? The Russians fire a GODDAMN SPACEBORNE NUCLEAR MISSILE at Godzilla.
He survives.

>> No.32116686

> Nature points up the folly of man
Nature points OUT the folly of man, Anon.


>> No.32116748


Well, he *is* nuclear powered.

>> No.32116762

None of the Kaiju in PacRim even hold a candle to Big G. He's significantly stronger (and heavier) than any of them, and also larger than all except the Cat 5, with whom he is roughly equal. And none of those guys spits radioactive fire hot enough to vaporize a tank.

>> No.32116810


Slattern did survive getting a nuke dropped in her face, though. That would be a tough fight for the big G.

>> No.32116831


Do we like the Fu Manchu version too?

>> No.32116837

And Godzilla Raids Again. That one was aight.

>> No.32116905

Yeah, I'd rate Slattern at least equal with some of the second-string Godzilla monsters. Anguiris, King Seesar, Jet Jaguar, Megalon, and so on. He would be a good BBEG's sidekick, for sure. But he's not QUITE on Godzilla's level.

That said, he's still a cool fucking monster.

I'm not AS fond of the Fu Manchu version, primarily because I think the vocalist a shit. That said, it does have a certain ponderousness to the beat that I find appealing.

>> No.32116957

I saw what you did.

>> No.32117031


>> No.32117165

Khorne jizzed and the rest of chaos got fukd.

Also Malal woke up.
And Khorne decided to materialize.

>> No.32117341

That was the entire point of why Serizawa committed suicide. He knew that his weapon would be the next atomic bomb and wanted to bury it.

>> No.32117446

I'll be honest: I really wish Gareth Edwards's first Godzilla was more in the vein of the original GKOM or G1985: Godzilla the Natural Disaster. I always find that kind of Godzilla to be more intense and emotionally satisfying. Sure, it might not be as boner-inducing and fun as Godzilla Royal Rumble, but there's something tragically beautiful about Big G simply being a force we don't understand, and with which we cannot contend or reason.

>> No.32117647

You have it backwards. Godzilla was the fear of nuclear warfare, and while it seemed like a terrible thing it was also the only thing capable of holding back the realities of comventional warfare. That's why all the others only appear after he dies.

>> No.32117999

The UFO is Orga, on the left i believe is Varan and Baragon.

>> No.32118018

Oh, that makes sense. Varan can fly. And Baragon has the horn. Good call. Guess I just wasn't expecting to see them on the "hero" side of things.

I never saw the one with Orga, so herp on muh derp.

>> No.32118098

Orga's final form looked good, but that movie suffered from the worst CGI in the series, and that's saying something

Pic related is a non-fully transformed Orga.

>> No.32118151

This discussion made me interested in watching the Godzilla movies (shame on me, never saw any apart from the one with Jean Reno)
Any recommendation?

>> No.32118160

Godzilla, lizard of murder?

So... transformers, but with giant monsters?

>> No.32118180

I don't necessarily agree with this list entirely, but its a good place to start.

>> No.32118196


Watch the original Gojira for starters. Its absolutely nothing like the rest of them, but it has the distinction of being one of the few Godzilla films that is genuinely a good film critically (as opposed to being a good popcorn flick, which is what they start aiming for by about the third instalment).

Or watch your way through the Millenium Godzilla films. They're the most modern/budgeted so they tend to be the easiest way in for people who aren't already big fans of rubber suit shlock.

>> No.32118198

>Implying that Slaanesh wouldn't think on how to fuck Godzilla.
>Implying that Nurgle wouldn't take it as a personal challenge to devise a disease that can affect Godzilla.
>Implying that Tzeentch wouldn't... Hold on, what he would want to do with Godzilla? Oh, right, trick it into destroying Mankind.

>> No.32118276

I'd say watch one of every major "era" of Gdozilla to get a feel for which version you like best because there are some big differences.

My personal recommendations would be:
Original one from the 50s
vs Mothura from the 60s
vs Destroyah from the 80s
vs King Ghidorah from 1999
GMK Giant Monsters All-Out Attack from 2001.

>> No.32118358

But that misses out on some of the best/most unique films, Biollante is fucking great, and Hedorah is interesting as hell. 36

>> No.32118382

Don't worry, being an Ultraman fan, I have no problems with guys in rubber suits beating the shit of eachother on a model city

>> No.32118404

I remember Paizo statting a bunch of NotGodzilla monsters, was there also a NotMothra ?

>> No.32118422

They aren't the best ones but I think they're the best to start out with because they give the best picture of what a Godzilla movie is like. Biollante and Hedorah and Millenium Mechagodzilla with the crazy Evangelion backstory are all fucking great but if you start out with them you're setting yourself up for disapointment with most of the others.

>> No.32118846

Bringing a gun to an Iron Chef competition?

>> No.32119394

>They join forces and together fight crime.

In Miami.

Neon suits.

>> No.32119454

>with 5 Ariane IV rockets strapped on his back
>mounted by Cherno ALpha
>against Moon Nazis using dragon Kaijus

>> No.32119475

>Final Boss
>Golden 3 headed dragon Kaiju
Secret Boss, MechaKingGhidorah

>> No.32119496

The two invasion from Planet X movies did this already.

>> No.32119520

Shit. Throw cockney space orcs for comic relief then. And people doing parkour.

>> No.32119535

As long as everything is made of space titanium.

>> No.32119552

Especially the robot waifus. Also everyone wears latex and leather.

>> No.32119882

I want a drawfag to do a picture of this. Please. I'd make a CSI: Miami worthy pun, but I'm half-drunk and can't even think straight.

>> No.32119904

Why are you shitfaced in the middle of the week?

>> No.32120058

Godzilla's inclination changes from movie to movie. He's been a good guy, more or less, though one who tends to cause some collateral damage. And he's been the big bad plenty of times too.

Quite commonly, he's something in between. He'll stomp cities into the ground, but end up protecting the world from some other, possibly more malevolent force. Sometimes this seems to just be happenstance, but it can come across like Godzilla's not outright evil, like whatever he's fighting, but merely savage and destructive (possibly with a hint of righteous vengeance thrown in for mankind's use of atomic weapons).

>> No.32120101

Simply put, he's always mad.
Sometimes that's directed at those that would hurt us, sometimes that is what is hurting us, and sometimes it's just hurting goddamn everything. Because mad, and also fire.

>> No.32120214

>Simply put, he's always mad.
Except when he's dancing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMxrXMjPMcc

All of this destruction because our intolerant society couldn't just let him dance. He could've been happy, but they took his dream away from him.

>> No.32120329


>> No.32120347

How's the Godzilla cartoon that was based off the 1998 US one?

>> No.32120430

>the Holocaust was made to create the Great Jew from the souls of the victims
>we stopped the process just too early

Hitler did nothing wrong.

>> No.32120460

So, what, the jews are eldar now?

>> No.32120570

Will the leather and latex also be made of space titanium?

>> No.32120711


>> No.32120751

A Dead Space Brethren Moon?

Maybe, but I would't guarantee it. Especially if this guy is involved.

>> No.32120755


That is the sound of something going completely over your head anon.

>> No.32120766

>How exactly is this thing resistant to torpedoes, bunker-buster bombs that can penetrate several metres of concrete and - when not in a densely populated area - to a tactical nuke?

by living in a universe governed by soft scfi physics

>> No.32120775

I see this a bunch, but I gotta wonder if, by the psychic link scene from Biollante, Big G would be more likely to be visited by a red ring?
Or perhaps both, competing for the icon that would surely become either's champion.
Maybe it's a case-by-case thing, with a different ring for each iteration of godzilla?

>> No.32120832

Why shouldn't he be?

>> No.32120859

Also, Slattern, the Category 5 Kaiju, weighed in at about 1/3rd the weight of the original, small Godzilla. Godzilla as it stands right now would just tear through them like it was Final Wars all over again.

>> No.32120860

I wonder what corps the new version would join

>> No.32120867



>> No.32120978

Why aren't you?

>> No.32120998

>mfw mekboyz make a mechagodzilla

>> No.32121528

Yes, because science.

>> No.32121626

So I'm just now thinking about getting into the Godzilla stuff, but one thing that always bugged me. How do the mecha versions of all these monsters come to be? Do they just show up or do people build them?

>> No.32121658

Mecha godzilla 1 was made by space apes.
Mecha godzilla 2 was made by humans.
Mecha godzilla 3 (or kiryu) was made by humans using the bones of the first godzilla.
Mecha King Gidhora was made by humans from the future using his dead remains.

>> No.32121739

Godzilla enemy monsters vs Ultraman enemy monsters

>> No.32121783

Kiryu is a badass motherfucker.

>> No.32121987


I'm pretty sure Destroyah, Space Godzilla, King Ghidorah, or Biolante could solo the whole stable, let alone all of them together.

>> No.32122179

I'll be honest: The cartoon is actually halfway tolerable. The visual reboot still a shit, but at least Godzilla breathes fire and is near-indestructible. In their effort to appeal to kids, they actually undid two of the most offensive aspects of GINO (Godzilla In Name Only).

>> No.32122510


Their version of Mechagodzilla was kind of a mix between the original 60's MechaG and the 2000 Mechagodzilla in terms of origin wasn't it?

Like it was a cyborg made from the original godzilla, but controlled by Ape Men aliens.

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