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As fucked as it was with double FOC.

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40k is gonna be fine, poorfags who can't spam are the ones fucked.

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>time to buy 10 heldrakes

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Yeah man, those poorfags that dont have 20 riptides deserve to lose

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Not saying they deserve it, just saying how it is. GW is gonna make money, the game will continue to exist.

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Yeah that's GW in a nutshell.

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40k 8th Edition - Well we've decided to expand on our previously ground-breaking work guys. Now in the interest of forging a narrative you can put down whatever models you like on the table. Don't worry about points value, just throw everything out there.

We've streamlined the rules some more to appeal to all gamers irrespectively of whether they're hardcore or people who can barely think and breathe at the same time. So both of you roll a dice and add that number to the number of games-workshop models you have on the table. Whoever has the highest number, wins! Now the rest of your time can be spent moving your models about and making pew pew noises. Forge that narrative guys. Oh and yes, the rulebook will cost £50.

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I doubt that. I didn't really believe the GW is dying trope the internet throws around, but every single flgs near where I live has a bigger warmahordes or infinity playerbase than 40k now. Fantasy is pretty much dead as it is.

I'm sure 40k will continue to exist, I just don't think GW is realizing that they're alienating so many players. Or they don't care. Both are god options.

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> Dark Angels can now summon Bloodthirsters
Fucking retarded

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>number to the number of games-workshop models

More like: money spent on the incredible games-workshop TM model range

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Source please

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It is the end of civilized society as we know it.

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They are killing it on purpose, aren't they?

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Well, I think we all know who the heretical side is now.

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White Dwarf. There is a very specific example where Ezekiel is losing to 'Nids, summons a Bloodthirster and then proceeds to dick on the Hive Tyrant and wins.

Daemonology is fucking insane. The *Primaris* summons a unit of *10*. You can get 3 Elites, or Heralds, or Greaters. The best bit is when you can get a ML3 Psyker for under 100pts in the Herald of Tzeentch, who then sits pretty and pulls an army out of his bum.

Playing Daemons? Take 20 Heralds of Tzeentch, in one unit with Grimoire and Forewarning, and then summon an army to counter your specific opponent today.

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That would be what they're doing to Fantasy and Lotr. "Oh, nobody plays those systems anymore, after all that energy and effort we put into promoting and capitalising them. Guess we'll just have to "lose them" in another website shuffle".

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With every edition they have pushed out in the last 10 years my urge to play GW games is decreased.

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>Release a new army not two weeks ago
>Still have movies coming out

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I think you mean
"Grudgingly put out a Fantasy army release once every 3 months for the mandated 2 week maximum, can't interrupt that stream of 40k shit for too long"

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Psychic phase is different now. A ML3 psyker can't just cast those spells by passing an LD10 test. From the most recent rumours:

>Psychic Phase

Roll a D6 and add the total mastery levels of all your psykers. You get that many power dice and your opponent gets that many DTW dice.

To cast a power, you need to roll a 4+ for every warp charge of the power you're using. So warp charge 2 = two 4+, meaning you'd need 4 power dice to have an average shot.

Your opponent dispels the power with a roll of a 6 on their dice. So the more dice they have, the more shots they get at rolling that 6 to cancel out that critical power. I was told that the mastery level of the psyker dispelling the power lowers the roll needed to dispel it. So a ML2 psyker dispels on a 5+, ML3 on a 4+. etc...

That is what I was told.

That seems wrong to me because Fateweaver, Eldrad and Ahriman could dispel anything on a 3+. More likely, I would think you compare mastery levels between the casting psyker and the dispelling psyker, and apply a bonus that way. This is conjecture. What I wrote above is what I was told.

What I also don't know is if there is a dice limit a psyker can use to cast or dispel a power based on their mastery level. I also don't know if you need two 6's to dispel a ML2 power. I assume you do.

You would figure Adamantium Will would give you +1 to DTW for powers cast at a unit with that rule.

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That....sounds about right. Thanks Oracle!

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That's okay. I have been meaning to switch to Kings of War, anyway.

GW seems to be getting worse at making rules so might as well abandone ship while I can.

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So, im confused, are they saying no more allies chart, just take whatever you want?

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Is Warhammer 40,000 kill?

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>not just playing older editions
whos gonna stop y

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We 100 basilisk armies now?

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>You know what we should do? We should take elements from Fantasy and put them into 40k, because Fantasy is not selling well, so the people who no longer have anyone to play fantasy with can play fantasy while playing 40k.

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Give it another 5 years.

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Ratmen vs Nids, does sound fun.

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I actually have been wanting to play Fantasy recently, especially since my new army just got updated (Wood Elves). GW is making 40k pants on head retarded and unbalanced, while Fantasy seems to be leveling off for the most part (not that Fantasy is a perfect game by any stretch of the word).

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Nope. You still have to follow the Allies chart, which is why you can have Blood Angels sacrificing themselves to summon demons, but can't have a genestealer cult with Nids and IG.

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Fantasy has been saved from the torrent of endless updates, that's why fantasy is still playable. 40k gets tons of shit stapled on, with less and less regard for playability.

Fantasy players should stop whining about their lack of updates. Be glad it's 40k that gets turned into more and more shit every week.

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> mfw I can now run an army of nothing but MissileSides

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>mfw Tyranids finally get allies.

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With an unbound army, just take whatever you want. That's the point of 'unbound'

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So everything that can except allies are now battle brothers?

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Wasn't that said five years ago?

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Not technically true. You don't have to use the ForceOrg chart, but you do still have to use the Allies rule. See what >>32097406 was bitching about.

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5 years ago was better in every way.

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everyone else for not wanting to play?

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Shit, if Wood Elves got a solid update, BY OUR SPIRITUAL LIEGE NO LESS, then I don't think anyone can complain. Except Brets. Poor, poor, Brets.

>Sympathy for Brets stops in the summer.

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I was actually about to start playing again and was going to build a new Space Marine army. Im glad this all just came out so i can save the money. Maybe ill plant a garden instead.

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I don't play (or care for) competitive 40k in the slightest, but I do think it's going to be hilarious to see how that's impacted by this change.

I can just see a guy fielding 10 Riptides vs. 10 Imperial Knights. Or 15 Night/Doom Scythes vs. 15 Hellturkeys.

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Get gud slowpoke

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I bet the psychic phase rumor is fake since with the new daemonology chart you can get hundreds of points of demons for every cheap psyker you have, and pink horrors can infinitely sacrifice themselves to generate 10 more pink horrors.

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I think the video with the "unbound" army selection but I'm not sure if people like: >>32097487 are right.

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I took one look at the page for pivoting ("wheeling") in WHFB and I put it down in disgust. It's like they're trying to teach a kindergartener how to draw a snake.

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Due to the very positive response to Warhammer 40,000: 8th edition, we have decided to apply our design philosophy to other areas of the hobby.

We have therefore applied the 8th edition ruleset to non 40k products. Other games? No, why would you make that assumption? We have added all new rules and purchase organization charts to our online store! For example, one of the rules we're most excited about is when items are added to your cart, roll 1D6 to see how many dollars are added to the price of each model. One lucky customer, chosen at random each year, will have the honour of having his roll determining the new base price for all models in the next year!

Also, regular customers will achieve enhanced status while shopping, ranging from a +1 modifier to their roll or even rolling 2D6!

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>I bet the psychic phase rumor is fake

>> No.32097650

>Due to the very positive response to Warhammer 40,000: 8th edition, we have decided to apply our design philosophy to other areas of the hobby.
>Sprue cutter with hobby knives for handles and vice clamps for jaws

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Same. We play with so many houserules we might as well be playing a different game.But the butthurt from people who take 40k seriously is delicious.

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>Customers may lo longer park their vehicle and charge into the store in the same turn.

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| can somewhat appreciate competitive 40k, but I just don't get it. It's a game centered around probability and praying to the dice gods. And it's a fucking expensive hobby.

It should be played in a way that allows for maximum enjoyment by both participants, not some flavor of the month cheese list vs. cheese list dick waggling contest.

And call me crazy, but wasn't Fantasy and 40k designed as a 'pretzels and beer with friends' type of game originally?

>> No.32097712

>FAQ: Due to multiple and costly incidents customers may not charge into the store while in their cars

>> No.32097729

>In an unrelated rules change, the front armour value of all hobby centers has been increased.

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>To cast a power, you need to roll a 4+ for every warp charge of the power you're using.
that makes casting a lot more difficult...

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So.... whats exactly wrong with this?

It seems like it just opens up everything and makes it more like Warmachine where you just go for a points cost with any troop configurations you want.

Isn't that a good thing?

>> No.32097824

I don't like things that are different.

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Yes, it's going to make it so people can field what they want and can make armies they want tailored for their tastes. It also enables cheesefags to get worse but it's going to cost them apparently. I'm viewing everything I've seen so far as positive.

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it creates powergaming in a system that isn't designed to be competitive and balanced.

>> No.32097861

I can field My endless Ork Boyz army I always wanted to w/o an HQ now.


>> No.32097869

But it makes the game fair and balanced.
You can now spam the best possible units/combinations from the codex and not worry about having a shit codex.

Imagine: an army of fast vindicators.

>> No.32097873

And this stopped it before?

>> No.32097876

Are you really implying that it was balanced the way it is now? All you're going to see with the new rules are asshats that are going to spam monsterous creatures/armor and we don't even know how the knew rules with things like that will be dealt.

>> No.32097879


>what's wrong with this?

Unless every unit in the game is rebalanced, the unbalancing potential is horrendous.

Ex: An Annihilation Barge or Terminator Squad is only balanced because you can take a fixed number of them per the FoC Chart.

With that restriction removed, it seems like the game could unravel very, very easily.

And what? I think you always need a HQ. But now you could, maybe, take an all-HQ army.

>> No.32097898

> TO cast a power, you need to roll a 4+ for every warp charge

If this is true then Shadow in the Warp is going to be completely useless until next codex... Thanks GW!

>> No.32097905

theoretically with GW's thinking the point cost of said models will create the balance.

>> No.32097913

I assume points costs stop that from happening.

Does mean you can field a crimson fists sternguard army though.

>> No.32097932

Change to "7".

>> No.32097933

>people actually think this will hurt the game
Making it so any army can into 40k is hurting it? Seriously? This will only help the hobby and hopefully hurt the competitive community even more, 40k is a casual game to play in narrative with friends not to win gorillians of dollary doos from the GW jewlords.

>> No.32097941


That's just one layer of balance. The original FoC has been in its current state since what, 4th edition or earlier? (Excluding fortifications/Inquis/Knights)

Every unit since then was likely built knowing it would occupy a specific part in that FoC.

And honestly, I don't really want to ever fight a guy who fields exclusively fliers. Or an entire list of Wave Serpents.

I don't buy that. A Tau player could, for example, field a list comprised entirely of Riptides and one HQ. I don't think a normal FOC-based army could handle that.

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>> No.32097954

That would make it an unbound army, so it couldn't contest objectives.

A green tide Ork army would ride that off the board simply by placing blocks of 30 boys on each objective and chase the ripetides away.

>> No.32097959

>And honestly, I don't really want to ever fight a guy who fields exclusively fliers. Or an entire list of Wave Serpents.

Than don't play with shitters, it's really simple. Other than tourney shit I've never met someone that was as much of a fag as some of you guys have described and I can't believe they exist.

>> No.32097974

>an entire list of Wave Serpents.
But this is already one of the most powerful Eldar builds.
You can already do it...

>> No.32097983


While not shitters, there are a few guys I'd consider 'power gamers' in my group who play more seriously than anyone else. I generally try to avoid playing with them.

And the 'all flyers' or 'all Wave Serpents' examples were a bit hyperbolic, sure, but my point is those are things we could see now and it sucks.

Wouldn't the Riptides just pieplate all of those Boyz to death?

They can spam them before, sure, but they could theoretically field an army composed entirely of them now.

>> No.32097986

Couldn't fill all the points with them though.
Now you can.

>> No.32097996

Hyperbole is the only language we speak around here.

>> No.32097999

it wasn't balanced but at least it had structure to limit it and prevent it from being rampant.

>> No.32098004

They could try, but You can field more units of boys than they can riptides.

And the weight of fire from them would knock a few down eventually.

Plus Biker Nobz scaring the Riptides into always jetpacking away.

Riptides don't synergies well with themselves.

Also, you can't fill the points with Wave serpents as they are dedicated transports, so they need to be bought with a unit.

It really didn't, stop being deluded.

>> No.32098010

you can take 6 troops at 210 each, and then add to that teh mandatory 70pt warlord and some firedragon serpents to round out to 150

>> No.32098018

So all Drone army when?

>> No.32098062

Fuck you make me want to try that, and I know the Chinaman sells them cheap as shit....shit.

>> No.32098117


It's basically "play 40k for fun and prizes". That eventually gravitates towards "I want to try to break the game and play super tryhard games versus similarly minded armies and opponents" as all competitive events are wont to do.

I mean, you CAN go to a tournament without preparing. Just don't expect to win. It's like asking why people buy multiple copies of the best Magic cards instead of just opening boosters and building a random deck.

>> No.32098127

History lesson: FOC was added in 3rd for a reason.

>> No.32098210


What did the game look like before that?

>> No.32098415

Percentage based, divided into HQ, Troops and Support (or some variation thereof, I only own the translated version).
FOC was literally the best change introduced during 3rd, closely followed by the nerfing of psykers and heroes, and the untangling of the more convoluted phases (looking at you here, Melee).

>> No.32098444

Just came to say that the FOC was introduced in 3rd ed.

>> No.32098472


I know a guy who at one point was running a CSM army with 3 Heldrakes and a CronAir allied detachment. I don't even want to think about what he would come up with without a FoC to worry about.

>> No.32098483

>powers getting harder to cast
>improved DtW
If Daemonology is anything to go by, witchfire powers are still going to suck ass.

>> No.32098492


>> No.32098502

>powers getting harder to cast
>improved DtW
yeah I don't buy this, it makes psykers crap offensively and lvl3s massively OP for defence.

>> No.32098618

The thing that immediately jumps out at me is every army now 100% NEEDS a psyker or three.

Unless you feel like letting your opponent summon an assload of demons or whatever fucking busted ass nonsense GW decides to throw in.

I never take weirdboys because, fuck them, there are more interesting HQ choices but now I'll have to take them.

And before the "Don't play with shitlords" and "Try having fun" arguments come out. 40k is a competitive game, the objective is to win. I can still lose and have fun yes, because the battle itself is the important thing, but if you aren't trying to win what's the fucking point? At that point you may as well plunk your models on the table and just say what happens, pew pew noises and all.

I have RPGs for that.

>> No.32098628

>bonus for having an army following the FOC
>reroll warlord trait

>> No.32098704


Furthermore, how the fuck does this work for armies without psykers? Necrons, Tau, Sisters, Dark Eldar; where exactly does this leave them?

Fantasy didn't face this same issue because the only two armies that don't use magic (Ogres and Dwarves) have pseudo-magic that lets them counter enemy magic (Gut-casting and Runes).

>> No.32098712

You mean like how this edition made close combat a complete joke, or how vehicles were nigh indestructable before? Or 2+ aror was shit because all powerweapons would cleave through it? I could go on forever. GW does not care about balance.

>> No.32098721

You take psyker allies! Which you will need to buy.

>> No.32098735

Exactly! That's a point that hadn't even crossed my anger clouded mind.

>> No.32098751

Orks will probably get a lulrandumb ork only table without a primaris power anyway.

Can't let npc races have nice things.

>> No.32098769


So instead of being able to field, say, 15 Wave Serpents, I get a 7-in-36 chance of getting the warlord trait that I wanted but isn't very helpful anyway instead of a 1-in-6 chance. All of my Christmases have come at once.

>> No.32098778

Orks aren't the real npc race.

>> No.32098783

I think it's 11/36. That makes it totally worth it.

>> No.32098785


Tell that to my 4th edition codex.

At least Nids have had updates since 2008.

>> No.32098799

>15 Wave Serpents
but you afford that many, its 185 minimium, 210 for shuricannon and holofield.

>> No.32098810

I'm much happier to have had the current codex this long than to have gotten a cdruddex twice in the meantime.

I feel like a battered wife sometimes.

>> No.32098820

Battered norn queen?

>> No.32098847


Okay, nine then. That's still enough to make more than half the other guy's army explode into confetti on the first turn.

>> No.32098861

I take a battleforged list with 3 land raiders.

>> No.32098900

Well I can make a Nod Brotherhood and Cobra (GIJOE) army with these unbound rules. No need to adhere to one codex and (ab)use allies to make it happen.

I wonder if everyone with the infantry special rule will be scoring...

>> No.32098972


You know you can't claim objectives while in a vehicle anymore, right? You would still only win games where you went last (and even then you'd better pray you don' misjudge when the game ends).

>> No.32098977

Does anyone have the scanned page where it says unbound armies can't take objectives? i can't find it on foolz but if most of /tg/ squawk about it it must be from a scan somehwere

>> No.32098987

>You know you can't claim objectives while in a vehicle anymore, right?
You know everything is scoring now right?, and Battleforged troop choices are uncontestable?

>> No.32098999


You still need to take a unit to buy a transport.

>> No.32099006


I'm not sure that the uncontestability counts for troops inside a vehicle.

>> No.32099008

the 185/210 includes a 65pt troop unit.

>> No.32099016

transports chosen for a troops unit are troops, chosen for elites are elites.

>> No.32099020


A transport taken with a troop choice counts as a troops choice itself.

>> No.32099033


How is this different than last edition then?

You could still take a boatload of them.

>> No.32099049

its isnt, And most Eldar players aren't spamming full serpents because you need heavy anti tank for when someone brings 2+ landraiders.

Unbounds biggest boon for Eldar will be multiple farseers in a super jetstar, not the spamming of ubiquitous vehicles.

>> No.32099067


I find that a fair trade for making my troops uncontestable.

Actually looking forward to these new changes.

>> No.32099072


Okay so you could do that if you played Dark Angels or Black Templar. But that list istill has some pretty significant weaknesses against other armies..

>> No.32099091

>Dark Angels or Black Templar.
or Bangles, or grey knights, or anyone who takes a corteaz detachment.

>> No.32099159

>Tactical Objectives

AKA "We totally didn't steal this idea from Infinity/Malifaux, honest."

>> No.32099180


The idea of objectives that give a trickle of points when held was old even when Infinity did it.

Might as well complain that Malifaux ripped off warhammer by being a miniature wargame.

>> No.32099258

>that whole last part

Yeah I wouldnt give that advice to you anyway as you reek of being a shitlord yourself. Getting this assblasted before the edition is out. And this is coming from a nids player for fucks sake, whos SITW is probably going to be useless along with everything else they fucked up.

>> No.32099302

Maybe they should have kept stealing.

>> No.32099381

When the fuck did this become an accepted term?

>> No.32099389

>mfw players having different objectives was a thing in 40k before either of those games existed.

>> No.32099427

Since you got SJW and Redditfags infesting this board.

>> No.32099435

I hope strategy ratings make a comeback. Also green cacti with orange spikes.

>> No.32099469

>Strategy Ratings
YES! And physical traits
Oh and of course the movement stat. And if we're bringing back physical traits lets bring back virus outbreak too! That way we can force guard players to cough up shekels for armour just to survive past deployment.

>> No.32099480

In case it comes off as all sarcastic, I actually did mean the first lot. But fuck virus outbreak.

>> No.32099481


>> No.32099510

If we're coughing up old shit, I want anti-plant missiles to come back. Also melta-missiles.

>> No.32099537

I want old termies and old Ork jump packs, the ones where you roll for use and may have them 'sail off into the sunset'. I want old termies because they actually seem like the most unkilllable of unkillable supersoldiers.

>> No.32099543

The only thing that has raised my interest in the game at all has been the rules put out by Forgeworld. Watching them come up with balanced, interesting and fun rules while struggling against the tide of nonsense spewing from GW central is inspiring.

>> No.32099556

without save modifiers they'd be busted to all hell though. So let's bring back save modifiers. Also bring back sustained fire dice.

Alternatively just re-release 2nd edition so I can find a game of it more than once in a blue moon.

>> No.32099576

Post your face when you found out Tau and Space marines are no longer battle brothers

>> No.32099577

I'm down. After I lost my set years ago, I bought one off of ebay.
>mfw it was missing 60% of the stuff

>> No.32099581

Yeah things are shifting- I came back to my home state after 10 months out on my own to find my meta had gone from predominantly GW players to a huge Warmahordes group. The only table playing 40k the last two times I've visited was a kid with 4 Riptides, coincidentally.

>> No.32099620


I'm guessing this is America?

In Scandinavia Warmachine was popular for a while but seems to be on the decline sadly.

>> No.32099647

Yeah it's the US. Not sure how it's faring in the larger scale of things. Warmachine is the first game around here to break the GW bubble- well, so far in Delaware at least. Flames of War and Malifaux popped up for a couple months, but they vanished.

>> No.32099753

>> No.32099764


>> No.32099780

Astra Militarum with bazillion minimum strength recruits here we go!

>> No.32099785


Do you think Strike Force Ultra summoned any daemons to defeat the cultists and daemons?

>> No.32099786

Sorry for the small size, it's the size of the images as I found them.

>> No.32099816

does this mean more infinity players?

>> No.32099824


With models like that? No thanks.

I'd rather play Flames of War.

>> No.32099838

It never means more Infinity players.

>> No.32099840

plz stop

>> No.32099852

Are you even aware that there are games out there which don't use a form of foc and are doing fine?

>> No.32099884

Generic shit mechas are shit.

>> No.32099888

You mean games that have a fraction of the units.

>> No.32099928

Apparently there are rules in place to reward using focs&formations.

>> No.32099940

>The original FoC has been in its current state since what, 4th edition or earlier? (Excluding fortifications/Inquis/Knights)
>forgetting legion of the damned

>> No.32099959

> Dark Eldar on the cover

What a miracle.

>> No.32099975

I fully expect the art to be reused for their codex. I mean the other two are pictures that have been used before afterall.

>> No.32099994

40k did it first. And i doubt many GW employees actually give a shit about other games, similiar to e.g. how it people rarely use a computer in their free time.

>> No.32099997

Perhaps you have to pay points for the pool of demons you can conjure.

>> No.32100022


What? They're a thing now? I thought they were just some ancient unit that stopped getting rules written for it so you could never draft 'em.

Can you actually make a list that includes the LotD?

>> No.32100033

They have their own codex now.

>> No.32100035

Shitlord IS a redditor term. False flag harder.

>> No.32100037


Isn't palyig a game based on real, relatively recent conflict a bit disrespectful to the vets? You know, some are still around.

>> No.32100053

I wouldn't go that far. I just find historical games boring as fuck. But then again the military doesn't give me a raging hard-on so I'm not their target demographic.

>> No.32100069

Now that is some bullshit right there, it's just a fucking game you tard. Axis and Allies has fucking existed for 30 damn years. Hell my great grandfather was a Soviet rifleman during the war and I showed him World at War when I saw a kid, he thought it was great stuff.

>> No.32100075

The trick to fixing saves is to make it like Ballistic Skill. Armour grants a save value of 1 to 10, and the saving throw this grants is equal to 7 minus the value if it is less than 6, and a 2+ with a reroll on 12 minus the value for 6 and greater. Then simply convert AP to a 1-10 scale and voila, a scaling AP system that doesn't break the game. It mixes stuff up, sure, but then we're entering an edition of Dark Angels sacrificing themselves to Khorne, so who cares?

Example: Terminators have a 2+/4+ Armour Save, and are shot at by a heavy bolter. Heavy Bolters have an AP of 3, so the terminators make a 2+/6+ armour save. Normal space marines only have a 2+/6+ to begin with, so they only make a 3+ armour save.

>> No.32100098

You know I just reread what I typed and I realize I came off as a real shitter, sorry anon just a little too early for me to be posting I guess.

My point still stands though.

>> No.32100116

This is why I like /tg/

>> No.32100121

My Great-Grandfather was a veteran and became an alcoholic after coming back from Russia, but that didn't hinder him from collecting miniature soldiers and tanks and playing with his children and grandchildren.

>> No.32100129

Now go ask genocide survivors.

>> No.32100134

Would you play a rape simulator?

>> No.32100148

>Oy Vey they're playing a board game!
>Muh 6 gorillion have been spit upon by this neckbeard and his filthy goyim friends

>> No.32100150

Oh fuck off and play in traffic anon. It's too early for this bullshit.

>> No.32100160

Are you two serious? Come on now.

>> No.32100165

This is why I don't like /tg/ haha.

>> No.32100188

so i can now field an army of chapter master smashfucker + smashbane?

>> No.32100205

>lets them buy what ever they want fuck gameplay
>give us your moneys!

I am so glad I stopped buying even the 40k books back before they started in with that supplement bullshit.

>> No.32100207

That sounds really nice. Maybe even apply it to BS (as you almost mentioned) and have higher BS with stacking modifiers for cover, range, weather, etc.

So areally shooty model could have BS8 with a 2+/4+ to hit. Shooting at unity in hard cover (-2) during a thunderstorm (-1) at long range (-1) would leave him with BS 4 (3+ to hit).

No model would hit worse than 6+, maybe with Orks always hitting on a 5+ like TK used to.

>> No.32100228

i havent bought a book since 5th edition imperial guard. good thing models dont become obsolete.

>inb4 someone posts marbo etc.

>> No.32100231


I don't even buy the codices anymore.

I'm hoping 7th edition has its own Dark Vengeance combo box that has a pocket rulebook. (And if the rumors of it being Blood Angels v. Orks is true, I'll buy it straight out.)

>> No.32100242

>I play this horrible crime in front of someones eyes who was traumatized by it but not that other horrible crime that people get traumatized from

Not that i mind playing those games, but it's easy to see where
comes from

>> No.32100247

Artefacts would still be limited to 1 offs

>> No.32100252

>weather effects

Genius! GW could sell a whole bunch of different errata covering things like sandstorms, monsoons, hurricanes, acid rain. Not to mention all the extra markers and bits and pieces too.

>> No.32100253

It's not like you can't use it as a proxy anymore.
Or just homebrew stuff.

>> No.32100276


Spare me. This is the same thing as that infantile 'Trigger Warning' bullshit.

Attempting to create a product that has no risk of offending anyone or reminding them of something bad from the world is beyond absurd.

If you're too weak to get over the past you shouldn't even bother going outside.

They should not be catered to.

>> No.32100278

Nigger you have to be samefagging, nobody is this dense, how does a frigging board game "trigger" people?

>> No.32100284

Stop agreeing with yourself.

>> No.32100318

I've seen people "trigger" from adverts.
Without going about how stupid this assumption is on 4chan:
There is at least another person here, since i didn't post the original complaint.

>> No.32100324

>clearly never worked with holocaust survivors

>> No.32100327

Triggering is for thin skinned retards that make up under 1% of the population. Back to tumblr with you cretin.

>> No.32100337

Then it wouldn't be called summon daemon, it would be teleport daemon.

>> No.32100339

Now I know I am being trolled, you can't work with people or trigger them when they never existed in the first place anon.

>> No.32100346


>trigger from adverts

So fucking what? Should we censor every form of media because of the rare chance of 'triggering' some hypersensitive stooge who likely cannot function in normal society already?

If you really, truly live through an event of that scope and horror, then you probably have enough common sense to know media about WW2 might include the Holocaust. Even then, should we ban a film like V for Vendetta because it had Holocaust-like imagery? Fuck no.

People either move past trauma or let it consume them.

>> No.32100349


USW - there's b, pol and v for you guys.

Not everyone responds the same to ptsd.

>> No.32100350

Oh hi Germany!

>> No.32100353

ah well, I'll field an army of creed then, all of them hiding eachother.

>> No.32100354

So can I make an army taking units from different rulebooks?

>> No.32100359

>being this bluepilled

>> No.32100362

Special characters would still be uniques and limited to 1 offs as well.

>> No.32100370


Your bait isn't even good enough for a numeric rating.

>> No.32100371

Says bring whatever you want. I'll just ally with myself repeatedly and bring as many as I want.

>> No.32100374


The normal alliance table still needs to be observed.

Also, anyone else loving that Tau are no longer buddy buddy with anyone?

>> No.32100375

Fuck you, this steak is delicious.

>> No.32100384

have Creed hide Abbadon

>> No.32100389

Still doesn't work. A codex Space Marine army can ally to itself by using different chapter tactics and still can't bring copies of the artefacts.

>> No.32100396

Battle Brothers are the only armies that can benefit from each others rules (unless they change it) and from the sound of things Chaos and Guard aren't chumming up anytime soon and staying AoC.

>> No.32100402

I just want orcs with diggas and ogryn(Imperial guard) and looted sisters... just for a bit of magical realm. Maybe even looted demons?

>> No.32100413

Official rules says I can bring whatever I want. So you're wrong.

>> No.32100415

but i bet i would get way with in almost all of the games i play I'm the closest thing to a rule's lawyer.

>> No.32100427

It has already been confirmed that ally rules and uniqueness are still in

>> No.32100439

Proof or fuck off.

>> No.32100442

It goes onto say it still follows the rules for allies and unit restrictions faggot. Learn to read.

>> No.32100444

Well you can always ruin a decent idea with terrible execution or plain malice.

>> No.32100452

So basically you could cheat.

>> No.32100458

No. Not a single GW source has said that.

>> No.32100470

Guess i have to fuck off since i'm at work. Though if you go look for the pics already released you'll find it e.g. the one that descibes the psychic phase in the lower right corner starts the apge off with a mention of an all new ally system chart

>> No.32100484

For bound armies using the FOC.

>> No.32100487

It's on the next fucking page of that White Dwarf. I'll even show you. Here's the first page where your paragraph comes from.

>> No.32100506


>> No.32100507

Back to tumblr with your shit typing and opinions.

>> No.32100513

Somwhat related question: Did the errata/Q&A that were removed from the GW website pop up again somewhere? Or are errata now officially no longer part of the game?

>> No.32100520

Where on that page does it say it follows the rules of uniqueness and allies. It simply doesn't, you're wrong.

>> No.32100522

Supports says that a new, single big faq will be released in the future iirc

>> No.32100526

I don't think you understand, anon. That IS how Ballistic Skill works - a BS 8 model has a 2+/4+ to hit. Now cover being a modifier is a different matter, and there's frankly no reason for it to be a save as matters stand. I reckon if a model should have their BS reduced to less than 1, they have to reroll successful hits but they can still make attempts at shooting.

>> No.32100532

>that failure of reading comprehension

keep posting good anon

>> No.32100539

And here's the second page. Note the parenthesis on the top left.

Now stop being a fucking faggot.

>> No.32100548

Sorry it took so long my internet basically tanked on uploading this one.

FAQs are here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/faqs-and-errata.html

>> No.32100549

And I place a Landraider DTs. Fuck off.

>> No.32100551

Dude you must have posted the wrong page, cause it doesn't say a thing about what your talking about on that page.

>> No.32100567

Its on the black library page.

>> No.32100573

First off, as the second part of my post has shown i wasn't the one who posted.
Secondly, >>32100487
wrote about a FIRST PAGE meaning he intended to write more.
Is english not your first language? Because it isn't mine either and i got that.

>> No.32100585

>no sororitas faq

>> No.32100586

>I don't think you understand, anon. That IS how Ballistic Skill works
I do know and you should have kept reading.

Is there any source for that?

Thanks. It doesnt even cost $9.99 each. I am amazed.

>> No.32100589

>Supports says that a new, single big faq will be sold in the future iirc

There. Now it's fitting a GW approach.

>> No.32100593

They had a digital only codex, the only "FAQ"s they get right now are updates that have to be downloaded.

>> No.32100596

Source was what i remembered from the top of my head from gw tech support but apparently i was wrong

>> No.32100604

Were any ever released after the initial update for the comdemnor boltrifle?

>> No.32100612

Not that I know of.

>> No.32100638

>whole force of flyers

Well, it'll at least be a quick game, that's for sure. Unless you get to field that Heldrake formation that allows you to vector strike onto the table turn 1.

>> No.32100656


Little late in the year for that, now.
Better buy ammo instead.

>> No.32100741

I can finally field all of my IG sentinels and rough riders.

I will be playing an army of 4 Hell hounds, 6 sentinels, and fill the rest with RR, as I have the models needed.

>> No.32100744


Who the hell would ally with Tyranids?

>> No.32100767

>Dark Angels can now fight with Cypher

>> No.32100769

Pants-robber clubs.

>> No.32100774


Chaos Cultists maybe? As a way to offer themselves to Khorne?

>> No.32100775

Still nothing about uniqueness.

>> No.32100790

I read the entire thing. If you were just trying to vocate a cover = BS modifier system, you could've worded it better, that's all I'm saying.

>> No.32100792

No they can't. Cypher can't be in an army with Dark Angels.

>> No.32100799

People being mind-controlled by tyranids.

>> No.32100803

>time to buy 10 heldrakes
>Autolose to Tau (skyfire and interceptor on everything) and Guard (twin-link everything).

Why do people still insist that the heldrake is the most OP unit there is? CSM suck with heldrakes, heldrakes are still shitty flyers, they simply have IWND and an AP 3 flamer

>> No.32100807

You know...the single most broken part of this isn't multiple riptides.

It's an eldar warlock bike council with hundreds of cheap lance-tarches and farseers so large I can multi-assault the entire table.

>> No.32100809

I see what you did there.

>> No.32100822

Forged narrative?

Apart from hive mind controlled genestealer cultists, didn't the old Apoc book talk about Orks having caged up carnifexes or Nids using some sort of brain works to control the minds of their enemies?

>> No.32100836

Damnit, I didn't get it until now.

>> No.32100845

>Maybe even apply it to BS (as you almost mentioned) and have higher BS with stacking modifiers for cover, range, weather, etc.
Like in Fantasy, the superior game

>> No.32100850


>> No.32100857

>White Dwarf. There is a very specific example where Ezekiel is losing to 'Nids, summons a Bloodthirster and then proceeds to dick on the Hive Tyrant and wins.
Except it was specifically mentioned to be a test game. Daemonology which allows summonon daemons has been confirmed to exist with photos of the rulebook but it will likely to limited to specific factions, presumably Chaos and maybe Guard (representing traitor guard).

Besides daemonology isn't that bad, the only great power is summoning a greater daemon, everything else involves summoning a small unit of less daemons or beasts, or a lone herald. It certainly isn't any more broken than divination currently is.

>> No.32100860

I dunno, that's less hilarious that an Inquisitorial army consisting entirely of minimum acolyte squads in barebones rhinos. Literally clog the field with 42 vehicle hulls at 2000pts.

>> No.32100864

>Thanks. It doesnt even cost $9.99 each. I am amazed.
There based in the UK, if they pulled that, you could argue their products aren't fit for purpose, and would be entitled to a full refund, they would be ruined, and I'm sure their legal team isn't that stupid.

>> No.32100891


>dat filename

>> No.32100894

>Orks having caged up carnifexes
I think I remember that...

>> No.32100895

>shoot front row dead with my serpent spam
Were you going somewhere?
Shoulda brought more skimmers chum!

>> No.32100910

Fear because it makes me feel that the game will turn into Imperium vs. Chaos vs. everyone else. Tau shouldn't be battle brothers with C:SM, but they also shouldn't be desperate allies. This also makes me worry that guard will be desperate allies with Tau and CSM/Daemons meaning that you can't make a gue'vesa or traitor guard army without your guard hiding every few turns for no reason.

>> No.32100912

No, they mentioned all psykers have access to the deamonolgy with the exception of tyranids.

>> No.32100917

HERE i've updated it for you

>> No.32100927

Like in Fantasy, the in some ways superior, in other ways even worse game, that does not appeal to me due to personal preference.

Rename errata to "game enhancements" or some other corp. BS. Done.

>> No.32100929

>Orks will probably get a lulrandumb ork only table without a primaris power anyway.
Orks are going to have at least 3 psychic tables available...

>> No.32100939

>Fear because it makes me feel that the game will turn into Imperium vs. Chaos vs. everyone else
This is what the game has always been.

>> No.32100940

5 Dire Avengers are 60pts and a Wave Serpent is 115pts. That's 175pts per vehicle, so 11 of them at 2000pts. You can tank shock skimmers, right?

>> No.32100944

Where did they mention that?

>> No.32100953

Seriously, what the hell is it with clueless newfags and tg this past week?

>> No.32100962

Oh wait, you were referring to the wreckage. Meh, what's a dangerous terrain test or seven to a man that has 42 Rhinos at under 2000pts?

>> No.32100975

>Gue'vesa isn't a thing
>Traitor Guard isn't a thing
You see my point? Honestly everyone including Tyranids should just be brothers in arms, it isn't like SM and Tau is the most broken combo. If someone wants CSM and C:SM to represent a renegade chapter slowly falling to chaos, let them. If someone wants to run inquisitor allied with Chaos to represent a Chaos cult (daemonhosts and death cult assassins) or fallen inquisitor, let them. If someone wants to run Tyranids with Dark Eldar as though a haemonculus has managed to mind control and modify the Tyranids to obey his commands let them.

>> No.32100985

I`ll look for the source, but don`t forget daemonology has two tables, one for summoning daemons and one for banishing them, and you may not always have access to both.

>> No.32100994

>I`ll look for the source, but don`t forget daemonology has two tables, one for summoning daemons and one for banishing them, and you may not always have access to both.

>> No.32101000

>"simply IWND and AP3 flamer"
>5++ save
>turreted weapon
>S7 vector strike

Have you actually played against someone fielding a bunch of them and knew how to use them?

>> No.32101002


People that want that stuff are like... a niche within a niche. Rules like what you're suggesting will just lead to abuse by the vast majority. Should I have to put up with SM armies with Riptides and Jetseer councils because one guy in Finland has a Gue'vesa army?

You can run Traitor Guard with Renegades list from FW.

>> No.32101005

Yeah I know the table exists, but that doesn't mean everyone has access to it, just like everyone doesn't have access to divination.

>> No.32101014


>may have access to one table but not the other

I love the mental image of having the Psyker equivalent of 'My hips keep moving on their own!' with an endless wave of daemons being summoned in

>> No.32101019

>Yeah I know the table exists, but that doesn't mean everyone has access to it, just like everyone doesn't have access to divination.

The only people who will have acess to it are th ones who pay the $100 bucks forthe rulebook.

>> No.32101027

Considering the sheer amount of shitty fiction that has been created about WW2 I think they've all overloaded their offense meters by now.

>> No.32101047


>what is downloading the rules

>> No.32101065

download version won't be available for probably 2-3 months and i'll bet 3/4 of hte pages will be blurry as fuck or barely legible in the parts that need to be.

>> No.32101074


That's what a lot of people do, but even then it's usually faster to be able to quickly thumb through a printed version.

I just hope you can get a pocket version.

>> No.32101075

Yeah, I shot them down with vendettas (3 shots, twin-linked, pens on 4+, AP 2, AV 12) and twin-linked lascannons on the ground. AV 12 flyers are far from abnormal, vector strikes are everywhere, turreted weapon makes it worse but doesn't matter much anyway since it is only str 6 so just keep your guys in their transports until you kill them off, the longer it takes them to kill with vector strikes the longer you have to kill them or the rest of their army.

Maybe if the heldrake was 130 points like the old vendetta, but with its current price it really isn't as broken as people make it out to be.

>> No.32101081

Well you have to put up with Tau with Riptides and Eldar with Jetseer Council right now, so I fail to see the problem.

>> No.32101085

Or, you know, buy 8 pieces of fortification that can have obstacles and buy 288" of tanglewire, turning the entire board into dangerous terrain.

Only flyers and FMC's should be a problem, but you got more than enough points to get some stuff to deal with them.

>> No.32101088

>You can run Traitor Guard with Renegades list from FW.
>I don't list FW rules
Looks like you are shit out of luck. Even if GW says FW is cool people are more likely to accept the rules if they are made by GW proper.

>> No.32101094

Would you rather they DIDN'T cover it and then have every other "that guy" insist that "it doesn't count as movement because they haven't all moved" or something?

>> No.32101095

Unless the rulebook gets a digital release then it'll be up within a couple days.

>> No.32101098

Are you dumb? Most codexes have a downloadable PDF the week it is released. It only takes one person to take pictures of their rulebook to make a pdf.

>> No.32101102

Out of curiosity, how much is a vendetta now?

>> No.32101108

some of us don't give a flying fuck aobout being politically correct.

(then we get called stormfags or edgy)

>> No.32101122

>If someone wants to run Tyranids with Dark Eldar as though a haemonculus has managed to mind control and modify the Tyranids to obey his commands let them.
You don't even need to go that far - who's to say the tyranids don't represent a new strain of beasts that are all the rage among the beast masters of your kabal? Or perhaps some kind of collaborative effort between the haemonculi and the beastmasters.

>> No.32101125


>170 base

>> No.32101129

170 points can be taken in squadrons of 1-3. It is a lot like the heldrake, hard to kill and powerful, it simply trades the flamer and vector strike for three twin-linked lascannons, making it a great flyer killer.

>> No.32101180

>Ezekiel summoning a bloodthirster was obvious GW staff fucking around during playtesting

>Unbound is totally optional, people will always use Bound lists in tournaments

>Reasonable players will realize Force Org was dead via allies, formations, and detachments anyway

>New Psychic phase essentially solves all the deathstar issues since they need key powers to go off every turn.

>CSM are lackluster. Daemons are mono-build. Both have meh in-codex powers. Daemonology is fluffy as fuck as make for awesome gameplay moments

What is wrong with you people?

>> No.32101200


>tfw you'd love to make an all-tank IG list and can do so now through the current rules but hate the stupid look of the Leman Russes

Why does Imperial armor look like shit? When I first saw that new Taurox tank (or whatever the hell it's called) I legitimately thought it was some sort of new steampunk vehicle for an army in Fantasy.

>> No.32101229

oh my fucking god you're right

>> No.32101233

>Yeah, I shot them down with vendettas

A Vendetta, on average, has like 8% chance of killing a Heldrake outright, and, on average, causes 0.75 HP worth of damage.

>it is only str 6

Unless you're sporting Land Raiders, S6 can hurt your transports, just as S7 vector strikes can. Just fly over behind it, vector strike and flame the rear armour with 1 S6 and D3+1 S7 autohits and lets see how long it'll last.

>the longer it takes them to kill with vector strikes

Why would it go after your shitty transports, instead of wiping out your AA capabilities first?

>> No.32101244

but ezekiel has access. that says something

>> No.32101260

I remember one game, where vehicle rules didn't give turning any movement cost, while reversing halved your movement. So why would anyone bother with reversing, when you can just turn the vehicle around, drive away at full tilt and then turn back around to face the enemy?

>> No.32101264

Seems reasonable.

>Ezekiel summoning a bloodthirster was obvious GW staff fucking around during playtesting
Who cares.
>Unbound is totally optional, people will always use Bound lists in tournaments
It is one more rule we have to ignore to not break the game entirely.
>Reasonable players will realize Force Org was dead via allies, formations, and detachments anyway
And who ever could be responsible for that?
>New Psychic phase essentially solves all the deathstar issues since they need key powers to go off every turn.
A psychic phase is a good idea. The execution is lacking.
>CSM are lackluster. Daemons are mono-build. Both have meh in-codex powers. Daemonology is fluffy as fuck as make for awesome gameplay moments
Demonology is broken in almost every possible way.

I don't know what's wrong with me, but I can tell you what is wrong with you. You have very selective perception.

>> No.32101281

unreasonable player is unreasonable

>> No.32101372


So main points: optionality is bad, Daemonology powers are OP and psychic phase is shit though we don't know how they work.

Kay. I'll stick with my selective perception.

>> No.32101381

There is still the new Fantasy Flight Card Game with the Tau Allies

>> No.32101382

>A Vendetta, on average, has like 8% chance of killing a Heldrake outright, and, on average, causes 0.75 HP worth of damage.
3 shots twin-linked is 2.25 hits, 0.375 glances, 1.125 pens, each pen has a 1 in 3 chance of killing it outright.
>Unless you're sporting Land Raiders, S6 can hurt your transports, just as S7 vector strikes can. Just fly over behind it, vector strike and flame the rear armour with 1 S6 and D3+1 S7 autohits and lets see how long it'll last.
Long enough to kill the heldrakes with various vehicles or units shooting out of transports.
>Why would it go after your shitty transports, instead of wiping out your AA capabilities first?
Go ahead and wipe out my AA. Oh wait in Guard and Tau almost everything is AA because of divination and skyfire galore.

Spamming heldrakes probably would work, because your opponent isn't prepared to face it, the same way brining an armoured company is great because few people plan to face them, or spamming conscripts is good because few people prepare to face them. Unless lists can be tailored (in which case your heldrake list will fail utterly because I will bring nothing but skyfire or stuff with 2+ saves or invul saves) you will beat a take all comers list, until take all comers lists adapt and your specialist list becomes crap.

Seriously, as soon as you bump into Grey Knight terminators or deathwing your list falls apart, they don't even need to shoot you, just camp on objectives for the entire game, and in addition to losing you played the most boring game in the world.

>> No.32101394


No, like they were seriously just fucking around. Re-read the WD article. It's obvious they just gave him access to "see what'd happen LOL!"

>> No.32101417

In a test game. The way it was written made it seem like they said "hey they gave us this new psychic discipline but we don't have Chaos around, lets try giving it to Dark Angels for this game." Which is a lesson most people could learn from, fuck the rules do what sounds fun.

>> No.32101441

ok thanks

>> No.32101532

This is just grand. I'm just finishing up painting my Daemon army and now I hear there's going to be some bullshit Daemon Banishing psyker power available to damn near everyone.

What a wonderful fucking idea, GW. Let's make everyone daemon hunters. Let's make an entire faction fucking useless.

Yes I am mad. Mad as fucking fuck.

>> No.32101559

>playing against lists that are tailored against you

>> No.32101590

>Choosing psychic powers
>Tailoring a list
You choose powers before the game but after you show each other your lists. You are dumb not to tailor your powers against the other player.

Either way, daemons can summon more daemons and hopefully daemon banishing will be pretty rare. Daemons might be a fun* army to play now with daemons of all kinds popping into and out of reality.

>> No.32101699

We have to put up with assbackward shills all the time whenever we want to talk about the warhams.

>> No.32101707

Are you dumb? Anon mentioned the problem of blurry images, which is the only result of your approach. Most readable .pdf's are scans from a deconstructed book.

>> No.32101714

All that chart needs is for Chaos to be swapped with Orks and it is perfectomundo.

>> No.32101746

>implying i was ever restricted by foc
>implying i ever will be
balance in all things

>> No.32101975

Well, there's always videogames and books, right?


>> No.32102073

What if I work really hard to ONLY immobilize you so you can't move through your units?

>> No.32102090

I have a PDF of the new IG codex that is just photos because I am too lazy to download a better copy and I can read it just fine. Maybe you just have shitty genetics if you can't read a pdf that is made from pictures of a rulebook.

>> No.32102107

A bloated rulebook with lots and lots of stuff to ignore.

>we don't know how they work
We know.

>> No.32102195


>Knowing how they work
>No info about ML caps
>No info about psyker-less armies
>Only minor spoilers for other disciplines

K bud.

>> No.32102232

Impossible. You can't game the Pen chart. It would be outstanding if it happened, of course, so I invite you to try.

>> No.32102291

Yeah, while Ork Mercs exist I would say Orks alligning themself with Guard is rarer then Chaos alligning themself with Guard and DEldar manipulating Orks is more likely then Chaos and DEldar.
But honestly not a fan of Space Marine Tau instead of Eldar Space Marine.
Also Eldar working with the smallest upstarters is also weird

>> No.32102486

I will take nothing but chaos cultist

>> No.32102783

When will I ever get to run a freebooter army using the DE vehicle stats?

>> No.32102815

>Not taking Chaos cultists and daemons
>Not having all daemons deepstrike as though they are being summoned during the midst of the battle
>Not using daemonology so that daemons actually can be summoned during the midst of battle.

>> No.32103068

>I think you always need a HQ
I don't think you understand this unbound concept

>> No.32103223

Tyranids should have scarab swarm equivalent considering how weak rippers are, the lack of reliable anti-armour, the thematic fit and because necrons already have too much over powered bullshit.

/unbound allies win

>> No.32103384

>Terminator Squad is only balanced because you can take a fixed number of them per the FoC Chart
>Terminator Squad is only balanced because you can take a fixed number
>Terminator Squad

Just...just stop. Probably the worst example you could have used with the plethora of 2+ save armor ignoring weapons in todays 40k. You say it like deathwing armies could ever or have ever won even local level tournaments in the last 10 years.

>> No.32103841

>Tyranids should have scarab swarm equivalent
What are Sky-lasher swarms?

>> No.32103911

Are you seriously going to go all cleveland mark blakemore now?

>> No.32103930

Enjoy storm of vengeance, now with an ig update.

>> No.32104279

Not sure what you mean by that. Either way the shitty PDFs work fine for me so I have no problem with downloading the week 1 PDFs that come out until something better comes out.

>> No.32104583



>> No.32104644

What about them?

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