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So, just as a kind of thought experiment (and yes, I know this isn't directly /tg/ related, but you're the only relevant board that isn't full of morons and if you're really interested, I'm about to run Tokyo Heroes soon) - how would you go about "modernizing" the Sentai genre? I'm not necessarily talking about making it "darker" or "more mature" (way too many people think that's the only way to make a genre "relevant again"), I'm just talking about ways of tweaking the formula so that the result would still clearly be "sentai", but a bit more palatable to the modern roleplayer without having to enter full manchild mode (and let's face it, no matter how much we all like power rangers, an attempt to imitate the show as it is between roleplayers is bound to devolve into a very low-brow parody very soon).

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Manually tweak the player's brains.

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>(way too many people think that's the only way to make a genre "relevant again")

Yes, I mean just look at how much of a miserable failure Madoka and Evangelion and Code Geas were.

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Code what now?

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Read Franken Fran. It's got some good ideas.

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The darkest and most mature thing you'll ever watch.

Pretty sure the Sentinels are the exact opposite of what he is looking for.

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He only said "not necessarily" darker. He's looking for modern interpretations of the genre, I suggested one.

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>ted, but you're the only relevant board that isn't full of morons

Bullshit, this topic belongs in /m/ and i assure you they know their shit8

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You don't, just run with the silliness of people in spandex punching monsters till they explode and enjoy the ride.

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The first step is to explain everything using nanomachines.

The second step is adding sex.

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Nanomachines are the bane of all science fiction.

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>how would you go about "modernizing" the Sentai genre?
Make them a very unusually diverse group of five friends to draw the greatest number of demographics and keep SJWs quiet.

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Saban is way ahead of you.

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Expand the Sentai so that it's more than just five+ people all protecting a single town? Maybe make the villains more widespread and actually win more than once?
Give each team member a unique thing that they can do, to avoid red member snowflakes?

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I stopped watching when they got car powers, did they start making lesbian Rangers after that?

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But anon, then they would have to explain everything!

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Nah. Quantum physics is just as good handwavium to plenty of schlubs. People have made a lot of money convincing housewives that positive thinking can physically alter your luck.

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>lesbian sentai


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Everything that Tokumei Sentai Gobusters did up until episode 20, and then everything up until episode 30 that was largely unrelated to the impending forced rescript/reboot that occurred at episode 30.

Sure, the emphasis could have been shifted a little, but everything was there. Generally speaking, the good guys have plenty of support, and finding the bad guys is like finding a needle in a haystack, only possible through some monitoring technology that has horrific implications for privacy of citizens.The bad guys sometimes contract regular innocent people who are just trying to get by, but ultimately money is worthless if they win anyway.

Sure, the bad guys may have an inexorable cause of lovecraftian proportions behind them, but they are also just people, and their greatest defense against the sword of justice is being too small to hit, not too large to be harmed. The weakness they share with heroes is that they are people, and can be goaded into making choices that are less than optimal for them because of their feelings.

Also pretty much every bad dude and monster of the week was stylish as fuuuuuuuuuuuuck

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>>>/m/, though to be fair they're as likely to ignore you cause the question's got some unfortunate implications.

Anyway, I'd focus more heavily on in-group dynamics beyond "Leader inspires everyone" and attempt to make the characters somewhat more individualized beyond their colour archetype.

I know that's kind of vague, but really, you would need to look at each element piece by piece because Sentai has literally existed for generations.

I'd also take a long, hard look at the likes of the secondary demographics and examine how much/little I'd want to gear my product towards their tastes.

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>5 pink rangers

But how would you tell the difference between them, anon?

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Can't believe Saban aren't directly adapting this. I guess the world still isn't post 9/11 enough yet. Or maybe too much? Fuck I dunno.

Like, Enter pretty clearly operates like an actual extremist terrorist apart from being smarter, cooler, and more competent in just about every way. You could even make the argument that the Metaroid monsters of the week are a metaphor for how terrorist plots turn local resources against the population. Maybe they're concerned people will feel inspired by the baddy?

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I can now only think of making a modular character creation system for a sentai team like Ashen Stars.
Baseline classless build your character, follow up with a bonus template for an archetype, then slap on another for your suit color stereotype.

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Do the Bokurano. Show what happens to LA after you let a giant robot that can only fire missiles in multiples of 300 rampage through it chasing a giant kung-fu hedgehog.

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No, the leader would be the Plad Ranger, at the very least.

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Step 1: Pick ever weirder things to base your teams on.
Step 2: Squeeze the gimmick for all it's worth.
Step 3: Sell even more toys.

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You could do what PR has already done (never watched Super Sentai) with multiple teams: the team is an extension of a larger organization, and the emphasis is less on being a superhero and more on something else, and their activities just involve superheroics. Time Force were just one team of many teams of cops, SPD were basically beat cops who got promoted to a SWAT team, Lightspeed Rescue were emergency personnel working for the gov't, RPM were Special Forces in an army in the last human city on Earth, Ninja Storm and Jungle Fury both came from large schools of fighters. I'm not averse to more independent teams, it's just what you seem to want.

I won't rehash it because I've posted it many times before, but I made up a PR plot where the UN is making their own team to combat a new threat and is taking volunteers - but not from UN forces, because their project advisor who is the reformed Zedd told them that the best teams always have random people from the general population.

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The problem, OP, is that you want it to be changed into something that can be taken seriously. Who knows why? Maybe because you're ashamed of liking it and you want it to be less ridiculous so that normal people can start liking it.

Give up.

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>Car Lesbians, except the cars combine to form a Megazord

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>Car Lesbians, except the stats are 'Robot' and 'Teamwork'

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This. The great thing about RPM was that while it took itself seriously, it still went full sentai.
You gotta go full sentai. Make them do the roll-call the first time, or at appropriately dramatic moments, like a season finale. Introduce elements common to episode plots, like faulty morphers forcing them to fight unmorphed.
Have someone sit in on a session, then reveal that they're the sixth ranger. You have, of course, been holding one-on-one sessions with the new player so that they're in the loop.
>The lewd of Car Lesbians, but with giant robots
But I've already watched Aquarion.

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Have there even been psychic rangers?

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There haven't been any teams based solely on psychic powers, but there have been members here and there who have them, though usually psychic powers aren't part of being a Ranger.
Now I'm imagining a Psychonauts-esque team working out of a mental hospital, where the monsters are all in their patients' heads.

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Oh, I remember in one of the Magical Burst threads someone had the idea of a bunch of sick Magical Girls fighting spiritual manifestations of disease in a hospital, and it's left ambiguous whether they're really doing it or they're just socially interacting and it's all in their imagination. Did that go anywhere?

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Sounds like something to run with Don't Rest Your Head. With a Dreamscape/Inception/Kreuger flair.

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It's probably because the toy sales and ratings were so low. Shows now need a stable supply of plastic crack.

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No, and from the description, that's a good thing.

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>Modernizing sentai
>There're several super sentai shows per year

I recommend you to watch Toku, the real Japanese Toku

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Or a reality show format. You could probably pull that off without it being jarring, teenagers make pointless short vlogs all the time.

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>Just five people
>Protecting a single town
Go watch Japanese Super Sentai

Toqgers right now travel trow japan in train saving tonnes of towns
Kyoryugers fought in different cities in the world, like NY, London, Hawai, etc. And they were 11 rangers.
And a long etc.

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Something like XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Within would be a good non-Sentai to look at.
>color-coding soldiers based on role
>helmets because who the fuck fights with an exposed head
>give them superpowers
>make them psychic
>turn them into cyborgs with robo-limbs
If you're thinking that there are no serious Sentai stories, look at Dairanger for inspiration.
>but it's 20 years old, that's not modern
Sentai and Kamen Rider are both capable of telling dramatic stories about relationships between people for years.

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What the fuck is wrong with me today?

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Posting at work, not enough coffee yet? That's what's wrong with me.

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Never heard of anything in that post, except for Magical Girls. I like the idea, though I'd like it more if they were trained medical personnel fighting actual diseases - when they acquire a new weapon, it's actually a shipment of medication that just arrived at the hospital.
>Red - orderly who inspires the others because he's just a pretty cool guy
>Blue - Doctor
>Green - justifiably-cocky surgeon
>Pink - Nurse
>Yellow - Uh, radiology? Intern?
>sentai confession cam
>"honestly, I wanted to say that the new Battlizer made his butt look super nice, but I wasn't about to say that on the job!"
I didn't know how badly I wanted this until I read your post.
Unless you mean like lonelygirl15: The Sentai. That'd be weird.

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Blue is House.

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>Not the Scrubs janitor

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>tfw Houseranger's zord is supposed to form the giant robot's leg but it's deliberately designed not to fit

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There was a throwaway thread once where someone mentioned the idea of a lovecraftian sentai team. Green cthulhu ranger, ranger in yellow, they couldn't come up with a full five, but it was an interesting idea

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We had a few months ago Mordor Rangers.

>Quick, Mouth,recruit a group of orcs with attitude
>Sauronzord Ungoliant
>Sauronzord Gothmog
>Sauronzord Watcher in the water
>Sauronzord Glaurung
>Sauronzord Draugluin

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>Black Ranger with a Thousand Young
>Red Hook Ranger
>Ranger of No Sane Wholesome Colour

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According to Hayore, red is Cthugha, blue is Yog and pink is Ut'ulls-Hr'ehr.

Their Zordon is Azathoth.

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Quick, someone recut the House opening with a PR theme song and graphics. Lightspeed Rescue is the closest I can think of.
Color out of Space is the sixth.
Nah, the bad guy is trying to wake Azathoth.

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It's also got Nyarlethotep as white.

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No Sane Wholesome Colour was a reference to that very story.

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Yeah, I was saying he's not one of the original team. Which makes sense, since it literally drops out of the sky.
Onto a farm.
Does Kryptonite weaken Superman (and kills everyone, eventually, through radiation poisoning) because it's actually The Color?

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But they're airing Kampai Senshi After V right now?

They don't have to be teenagers though. If you want to modernize Sentai for a western audience, I'd say look at Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, possibly SPD, and Thunderbirds actually.

Have a big organization, and if you want to keep the super tech fights you might want to review RPM while you're at it.

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>Kampai Senshi After V
Holy shit that looks amazing.

>> No.32082319

>Kanpai Senshi After V
Just looked it up. Is it subtitled anywhere? It's been a while since I was stationed in Japan, my moonspeak is rusty.

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It reminds me of a beautiful little fantasy book called Laura and the Silver Wolf. What can I say, I'm a sucker for cheese.

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>Wanting to play Sentai
>not wanting to be Parody or hyper nerd into it oriented

Man actual Sentai can't even pull that off, besides you can't "modernize" it because Sentai is a continuing thing not a fucking product of an era (outside of the evolution of effects technology and what is considered "attactive" in a main character)
If you have a color coded organized 3-5 man super hero team then it's going to be silly or played completely straight yet still humorous- there's no way to make it neither.
I suppose the closest you'll get to whatever you want though would probably be Go-Buster, but that series was boring as dicks.

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Check out the sample Sentai team in Tokyo Heroes. The "Dynamic Rangers" or whatever they're called. It's actually a pretty good example of what you're looking for.

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Man, I liked that show.

>Final Battle in the space
>Red vs BBEG
>Rest of rangers on Earth
>BBEG "If you kill me, you'll detonate the ship and you'll die!!"
>Red "Do you feel smart stating the obvious or something? why do you think I didn't let pink come with me?"
>Proceeds to shoot repeatedly BBEG while dancing samba

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Did you mean Daigo Sentai Kingranger?

But some people have different tastes than others.

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No more than radiation was in the sixties or bioengineering was in the nineties. Scifi has always had and will always have a designated magic technology that allows anything.

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Yeah, Kingu, Kiba no Yuusha, KoryuRed, etc. Why? you didn't like that show?

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I've found that most of the things I hate, generally because the characters in them seem to be weird parodies of humans, I eventually find out were written by Riku Sanjo.

I understand that there are people that love his stuff. I happen to disagree.

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B-but Kamen rider W and Kamen rider Fourze...

>> No.32084734

Fourze was fine till episode 7 when he started writing.

Unfortunately anon, you and I have very different tastes.

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I have a problem, when someone has different tastes than me, I think something might be wrong with me...so sorry, I can't quit. Tell me a toku show you liked it.

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On a kinda related note, I have no idea how the classic Ultraman managed to stay semi-serious despite having to balance mystery/paranormal Science Patrol stuff with Ultraman humping a monster for a few minutes every episode.

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>how would you go about "modernizing" the Sentai genre?

Like this. Which is to say, don't do it.

But really, Garo is (kind of) grownup toku. And Akibaranger was for adults.

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Why are they dressed like Matadors?

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Right now I'm working through OOO and really liking it. Same thing with Go-Buster. Akibaranger is fun. I'm liking ToQGer. I like what I've seen of Kuuga so far.

Sorry I can't tell you more. I tried to start with Fourze, burnt out; tried to start with Kyoryuger, it was too much of a power fantasy.
I didn't even start going through this stuff in detail until ToQGer got me back in, and a friend pointed out that the same person wrote everything that I had been complaining about.

But it's not you. I know it's me. I'm actively watching a different show than most people. If you were asking on the Power Ranger side, I'd have more information for you, sorry.

>> No.32085064

Maybe some kind of more technologically minded Evangelion? Alien invaders that really wreck shit up, and to fight them you have to use weapons that aren't really any better? And your superiors are the last people you'd trust, but you have no choice?

>> No.32085093

>Liking OOO, my favorite heisei so far
>Liking Akibaranger
>Liking Toqger
Thank god, we just differ in a couple of shows then.

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>People liking ToQGer
Like, really?

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Just take Metal Gear and replace nanomachines with interdimensional space magic.

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Zordon is a transhuman AI remnant of a race who genetically altered small parts of the human race many thousands of years ago, Alpha 5 is obviously one of his fully-robotic assistants. Once a bunch of known criminals escape, they take a set of power-suits, the traditional garb of their ancient warriors (which were colorful for purely ceremonial purposes) and grant them to a group of humans who still possess the requisite genetic markers to use them. Unfortunately, an adult human mind is too mentally and emotionally resistant to adapt to the suit's functions, but they also need someone of sufficient age to be competent at fighting, so they get the oldest-looking teenagers they can find.

Magic and wizards could be made to be more like psionic stuff.

I stopped watching the show after the first spin-off series or two, so my lore knowledge will be pretty damn clueless aside from that.

Alternatively, just make it Warframe.

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You know, five people protecting the whole world isn't more plausible than five people protecting one town.

>> No.32087565

>limiting yourself to one team
>not setting up franchises
Teenagers with attitude are a renewable resource.

>> No.32087592

With teen pregnancy rates, they literally make more of themselves.

>> No.32087603

But Avengers do, same with JLA, their teams are usually around 5-9, just like Sentai.

>> No.32087637

The Avengers hardly ever leave New York; that's why the West Coast Avengers and Great Lakes Avengers exist.
JLA includes Superman and Flash, who are so hax they could sort out the whole planet in a negligible amount of time.

>> No.32087671

Anything I'd come up with would just be a "Superheroes, but with X Y and Z."

That's the sentai formula- superheroes guarding an area from multiple sources of destruction on a constant basis. It shouldn't be too hard to spin that skeleton.

>> No.32089743

Nuh-uh, you'd have pink, yellow, purple and white.

>> No.32089830

Instead of making it about protecting the faceless masses, make it more personal and include very few running characters, with a very secluded setting (ie: instead of protecting the world, protect the city/school/hospital you live/study/work at).

So basically make it Kamen Rider with a huge cast of riders aka make it Gaim.

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I'm still hoping for an orange sixth ranger from this one (or any, really, and no the GekiRanger Rhino doesn't count).

>> No.32089858

Boom, and there's five. Also there was the cat-lady-scientist orange (though mostly white in actually costume) from whatever became SPD for a sixth ranger.

>> No.32089870

It's gonna be orange, as previews have shown.

They might go for the full rainbow and add purple.

>> No.32089883

Shyeah-ah. I was worried they wouldn't be adding more when Diesel-Oh was fully formed without a new member being added. I could almost see Emperor Zed becoming a ToQGer.

>> No.32089904

why do you think he has a purple motif and is obsessed with the ToQger's SHINING?

>> No.32089950

You can go more western sci-fi and remove the mystic origins of the sentai team. Depending on the group, that one detail can be whats needed to "modernise" it

But really, what makes Setai Shows goofy is a mix of being, "for kids" and having another societies humor. Most gritty stories will insert comic relief for cathartic purposes, to keep the story from overwhelming the viewer/reader with feels. So the wild/dramatic poses, godzilla homage-ing combat, and seemingly random assortment of mythologies are just a result of it being a Japanese invention, and subsequently us copying those tropes.

TL;DR It's seriousness level is going to hinge on how you present the setting to the players.

>> No.32089953

Before he was even shown hinted to be the Emp I was thinking sixth ranger. I'd be super-psyched if he gets a version of the ShadowLine hingey-train mechs.

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Well, Yasuko Kobayashi wrote Go-Busters which took lots of cues from MMPR and RPM.
I think Emperor Zed was named so intentionally.

>> No.32089982

I was hoping for a second as soon as I saw his name that he'd actually be a skinful version of Lord Zedd.

>> No.32090002

Google is failing me and my knowledge of Sentai shows ends with MMPR: What is RPM?

>> No.32090021


>> No.32090051

That's... not very helpful.

>> No.32090067

Power Rangers taking another car themed comedy series of Sentai and attempt to turn it into a more serious show. Not sure how successful it was because I never watched it

>> No.32090095

Also that fact that the blue ranger was a child actor who managed to morph into an adult-sized ranger doesn't help.

>> No.32090126

That was Turbo, unless they pulled that shit twice.

>> No.32090147

Oh shoot, that's right. RPM was the post-apocalyptic one, wasn't it?

>> No.32090196

Yep. I understand how you mess up though, since both Carranger and Go-onger are comedy car series.

>> No.32090214


Whats RPM?

>> No.32090256

Revolutions per minute

>> No.32090270

I love you. I have to play this.

>> No.32090279

Did you ever drive a car?

>> No.32090293

Power Rangers RPM

Post apocalyptic, child solders, last stand of man kind. It's actually kind of cute and horrific at the same time.

One of the best Disney era power rangers, and arguably best so far.
But it has a terrible title sequence.

>> No.32090452

Never watched Power Rangers, what are the differences with Japanese Super Sentai? I know they tend to "copy" motifs but they also copy the plot?

>> No.32090454

Amazing, is what it is.

Look, I know the car thing is a turn-off for a lot of us. The very idea of Turbo prevented me from getting back into the series until Jungle Fury, and I still had to watch Gekiranger to even peak my interest enough to return to PR. But RPM is incredible. The show is a season long homage to sci-fi movies, and gets a lot of distance out of gags regarding the techno-babble used to explain the goofier aspects of the show. One episode involves a Ranger turning his back on the baddies so they get blown up by the stock footage explosion that backdrops his morph. Give it a shot, I'm glad I did.

>> No.32090459

So /tg/, if you were to create a Sentai team, what would their theme be?
Mahou Ōkoku Thatguyenger

>> No.32090478

No, in fact they're pretty much always radically different. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses, so if you like the theme or zords from one there's a decent chance you'll like at least one of the two shows that uses them.

>> No.32090557

>blown up by the stock footage explosion that backdrops his morph
HA! Okay, I wasn't even in this thread for hours, but I'm looking that up.

>> No.32090569

I'm really into Super Sentai and Kamen Rider (toku in general, Garo for example), is just that never watched the American Power Rangers.

>> No.32090589

This happens in Super Sentais quite ofter.

>> No.32090605

Depends on the head writer too though.

Turbo was garbage, but Dino Thunder was fun.
I'd stay away from the current stuff, but the adaptation for Kyouryuger next year is being done by an executive producer known for throwing the Japanese plot out the window.

Some times they bastardize the Super Sentai plot, some times badly like Samurai/SuperSamurai and sometimes well like SPD or Time Force. Other times they turn the show upside down and make an entirely new show out of it.
RPM is good at it, Jungle Fury does that well. Dino Thunder is fun if you liked MMPR. I do like Lost Galaxy after some time away from it.

>> No.32090741

>This thread
>Start looking into how Power Rangers is going nowadays

>Tommy's coming back
Holy fuck. I was in the Navy when Dino Thunder came out, we saw a preview for it on AFN, and we all nostalgia-bombed and were making jokes for days about Tommy being their disillusioned crotchety veteran.
"So you lost your morphers, big fucking deal. I kicked Goldar's ass without mine."

>> No.32090780

> Mahou Ōkoku Thatguyenger

Are we running Sentai rules or magical girl rules?
This is important, depending on if the central character is Red Ranger of Lead Cure.

Plus Green or Black, depending on which color we use, has all the powers of /k/

>> No.32090823

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: Wave Goodbye" (2004)
Dr. Tommy Oliver: Let me guess, there's a 30-story version of the guy you were just fighting?
Ethan James: You've done this before, haven't you?
Dr. Tommy Oliver: Once or twice.

>> No.32090856

Sentai Rules Mahou Ōkoku was my halfassed attempt at writing Magical Realm in moon

>> No.32090884

Super Weaboo Armored Teens

>> No.32090904

And being magical kingdom, you're telling me the pink ranger isn't going to be a dude and/or they're not going to be in dresses? You crazy man.

>> No.32090927

You have a point there...

>> No.32090929

Cooking+Ancient Egypt.

>> No.32090994

I want to know how are they going to deal with Carnival Red in the adaptation for Kyoryuger.

>> No.32091016

About Super Sentai...lets go full meta.

>> No.32091035

But Akibaranger is already a thing, anon

>> No.32091044

You mean Akibaranger?

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Magical Kingdom Thatguyenger would need a 32 year old IT worker, who draws accidentally fuses with a spam bot daemon left running since 1994 to become Thatguyer-01.

>> No.32091113

Both Akibaranger and Gokaiger did similar things.

>> No.32091157

Former criminals+mythic heroes from different cultures (like Hercules, Susanoo, Gilgamesh, etc)

>> No.32091212

About the JAV industry.

>> No.32091269
File: 198 KB, 546x500, Twilight Rider.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Exalted. Five color-coded Princes of the Earth trying to stop the two horrible demons who stole the light of the Sun and Moon and their armies of Tiger Warriors and Beastmen. The demons were a Prince and Princess of the Sun and Moon all along, and were never bad guys at all. The sequel series follows the newly-protagonist Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger as they try to thwart the 100 Star Lords and their armies of manipulated Dragon Prince minions.

Exalted is tokusatsu as fuck.

>> No.32091304

Monsters from horror movies.

>> No.32091391

I thought the American show has a continuous timeline.

>> No.32091419

I tried to think of this one myself, I got Mummy, Frankenstein's Monster, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Vampire/Dracula, wolfman, then I couldn't think of a fifth.
Also that idea is kind of connected to Big Bad Beetleborgs.

>> No.32091469

A slasher, like Jason, Myers, Freddy, etc.

>> No.32091510

A witch/ghost/demon. Just rip off WoD lines.

>> No.32091530
File: 1.43 MB, 320x180, TG tries once again hitting on a girl.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Creature from the Black lagoo
>"Then I couldn't think of a fifth"
>Mfw they're already 5

>> No.32091555

Pink is the only dude, rest are girls, and he's virgin. Group starts as 4 at the begining, ends being 10-12, harem manga style.

>> No.32091581

Uh, um, I totally meant sixth...
>Group starts as 4 at the begining, ends being 10-12
Kingerrangers? Utlra-kawaii version with a toy theme?

>> No.32091601

Pink is onani.
Then rest of the girls are Paizuri, shiofuki, meido, nasu, and other fetishes.

>> No.32091636

More or less?

SPD takes place in 2025 and Time Force's origin takes place in 3000.

Also Samurai takes place in a different universe, because the Ex. Producer of Samurai and Megaforce wishes the Disney seasons never happened.

But otherwise they're all in the same universe and moving forward at real time.

>> No.32091780

go on...

>> No.32092124

I guess I am not understanding of the problem.

You have a gathered team of individuals who are given a power-boosting transformation/suit, perhaps some special items/weapons, and usually are given access to large combat vehicles that are often capable of combining into a larger combat vehicle and/or robot. These people then must work together or learn top work together to defeat increasing threats.
Sentai Team 101.

Tone, modernity, 'camp', seriousness, etc.. Those are separate factors, factors provided by the game-master in the setting and attitude of the world around them, and by communicating with the players.

>> No.32092225

Face cards. The King, Queen, Jack, Joker, and Ace

>> No.32092296

The problem is, US audiences are more focused on grimdark and serious with superheroes. This is why The Brave and the Bold was widely derided despite it being campy fun.

Japan (despite having some pretty mature themes at times) embraces the silliness and showmanship of people dressed in colorful costumes fighting villains. It's like looking at a time warp of Adam West Batman, but it's made in modern times.

>> No.32092427

That's already a Sentai: JAKQ

>> No.32092435

Movies and film.
>Transformation sequence involves a movie reel and a projector
>Powers based on different genres and styles of film e.g. the red ranger is the action genre and uses a lot of flashy attacks and explosives, yellow is a spaghetti western and acts kind of like Clint Eastwood, blue is comedy, pink is romance, green is B-movie monster flicks.
>Special attacks parody and re-enact famous movie scenes
>The Director records the fights and passes it off as a new television show to cover up the fact that earth is being invaded by the forces of darkness

I oughta pitch this to my group next time they want to play something different.

>> No.32092445

>Team "Jack"
>led by Jakq McHenshin-sama

>> No.32092605

>yellow is a spaghetti western
Oh, that gives me an idea! All different types of gunslingers. Blue is a dual-wielding gun kata dude. Yellow packs a six-shooter with special bullets and a quick draw. Green is tacticool, and sports an assault rifle with all sorts of different attachments and firing modes. Red is the protagonist from a police procedural, the type that uses a semi-automatic and lots of cover. Pink is retardedly heavy weapons - rocket launchers, flame throwers, and other super overkill. And Black uses an archaic weapon, like a bow or a crossbow, and only shows up half way though the first season to mysteriously bail everyone out of the occasional bad situation and then slip back into the shadows.

Play down the zaniness, play up the seriousness. They don't have transformation sequences, they physically gear up, locker room and all. Some kind of military/law enforcement affiliation/sanctioning? Either way, they would be dealing with a villain arc heavily involved in serious mundane organized crime, possibly international.

...I just killed everything that was fun and light-hearted about Sentai, didn't I?

>> No.32092739

Time Heros Chronenger
>MC/Red works at an antique shop. Ancient/Future Evil awakens to try and control all of time by through altering events in the past by using their present day counterparts as a connection to them. MC first finds the device the villain uses and improperly uses it on four objects in the shop and pulls the rest of the sentai there. Bad Guy gets the device back. Mysterious person from the future gives them tools to fight back including the objects that pulled them there, now transformed.
>Red: Modern. Special Weapon: ChronoSpear
>Pink: Post-war 50s-60s. Special Weapon: ChronoRibbon
>Blue: Warring States. Special Weapon: ChronoBlade
>Yellow: Western (Turn of the Century/Gold Rush). Special Weapon: ChronoRevolvers
>Green: Bubble Era (90s). Special Weapon: ChronoKnuckle
>6th Silver: Future

I can't really think of too many iconic Japanese eras without using the stone age or having some of the feudal eras blend in in style or appearance.

>> No.32092777

Combat Sentai Gunger sounds like the best thing ever.

>> No.32092945

What's funny is that more than a few Kamen Rider series that fit the more grim and serious tone that you're talking about. The problem is that you're mixing demographics.For the audience that PR is attracting (mostly boys 5-12), they want a simple show with lots of action, jokes and not a lot of plot so as to "keep their attention." Or so the execs say at least.

Grogs (or the older male audience that would be the equivalent to secondary audience of Sentai) on the other hand want the characters to be DEEP. Comedy and over the top shenanigans are not meant to be part of sprawling epics or their action games. These are also people who take themselves too seriously.

PR already has certain baggage to it that makes it difficult to rerepresent as something else. Sentai does too, but differences in media history and how comics and animation are portrayed give sentai (and Toku in general) more room to move about and hit mainstream targets.

>> No.32092952

Really? Cool. And then you could play all the character traits against each other. Yellow's very cowboy - motorcycle, leather jacket, cowboy hat, serious loner. Green's ex military, and would prefer if that 'ex' weren't there. Serious, determined, always on the job, even when off. Blue's a loose cannon, constantly getting bailed out of fights, investigating things in his off-time, with a vigilante streak a mile wide. Pink's a fucking psychopath, probably played slightly for laughs - a highschool girl with a sadistic/pyro streak, or something.

Black turns out to be defecting from the villain, who is themselves some kind of ancient evil who decided to make it big in organized crime and keep their real power under wraps for as long as possible as they build themselves an empire. Black has all kinds of sweet ninja skills to make up for his not-guns, including the only proper superhuman kung fu.

And Red is the generic protagonist cop glue that holds it all together.

It would end up being a police procedural most of the time, until the final third of the episode, when it goes half-Sentai. They gear up SWAT style with their unique loadouts - probably borderline cyberpunk - and have to work together to stop this week's magical threat. Suits of ancient, sentient, magical armor that takes over its wearer. A dealer of drugs that turn people into monsters who dips into his own stash. That kind of thing.

Combat Sentai Lawranger. Law and Order: Tokusatsu.

>> No.32093153

And it's been decades. Time for a theme re-visitation.

>> No.32093287

Just got to episode 3 of RPM. Black ranger is best ranger, followed distantly by Blue.

>The Ranger prototype series Covert Infantry Biosuits!
>RIGHT. Because nothing says 'covert' like bright red, yellow, and blue spandex.

>> No.32093305

Ranger series green is best.

>> No.32093332

Haven't gotten to them yet - only on episode 3. But so far, Black is overwhelmingly best.

>> No.32093414

Everybody is a 90's action movie hero, but also a teenager.

One of your attributes is "Witty One Liners".

>> No.32093493

"There is one thing I need to know... What's with the SPANDEX?"
>Spends the next scene washing the floor with a toothbrush. "Talk about sensitive."

RPM is good.

>> No.32093545

>"What's with the eyes?"
>"The what?"
>"You know the big googly anime eyes on the front of the zords."

>> No.32093747

Cards are a better villain gimmick
>Villain leaders are the Face cards
>Mooks are the number cards
>Monsters are some other theme like toys and games or something
>Final Boss or Midseason introduced General are the Jokers

>> No.32093973

Think Gatchaman.

>> No.32094194


Because they moonlight fighting bulls for cigarette money?

>> No.32094419

Okay, yeah. Green is best, followed closely by Black, followed distantly by Blue. Red and Yellow a shit. I hope Yandere Robo Waifu comes back for more.

>> No.32094510

She'll be back. You also have the genius twins with the mentality of 7-year olds to look forward too.

>> No.32094585

Also, GreenXHakase forever. They got married irl

>> No.32094595

Good, because she was crazy-hot - or hot-and-crazy? Eh, same thing. Point is, I want Green to tap that, then get NTRed by Black.

...I'm a fucking terrible person.

>> No.32095145

Alchemy. Gold ranger, tin ranger, lead ranger, iron ranger, copper ranger, and mercury ranger.

>> No.32095422

The /k/amen Riders: Mosin-Nagant Rider, AR15 Rider, FN-FAL Rider, Kalashnikov Rider, SIG Rider, and the mysterious Commando Knife Rider.

>> No.32095498

>Cards are a better villain gimmick
That's Kamen Rider Blade.

>> No.32095580

Do you even /k/, nigger?

>> No.32095883

>RPM is good.

Thank god, someone understands.
And relevant to the thread here, how some one would 'modernize' the sentai concept in a western fashion.

>Ranger prototype series Covert Infantry Biosuits!
It took me a while to figure this out, but they are covert bio-combat suits.
A person can walk in, untransformed, as a normal human, and within seconds change into a one man engine of brightly colored whoop-ass.
The covert part is the fact you can drop them in pretty much anywhere.

>Yellow a shit.
Poor Andrews. That's all I'm saying till you get to Ranger Yellow. The show is very nice to everyone, and the first episode isn't completed until 11 or 12 or so.

>> No.32096034

screw you, my main guy (well at least the soldier who was there from the start and never died, who I considered the captain of the team) never wore a helmet. Alien fuckers gotta know who's kickn' their asses.

>> No.32096103

you are enjoying the genre wrong

>> No.32099335

bump for long post coming up

>> No.32099489

I think if you're going to make it "palatable for the modern roleplayer without having to enter full man-child mode", you have to change a good amount of the cliches and the classic formula. You have to make the enemies less cartoon evil and take out some of the more ridiculous battle patterns.

The mooks shouldn't be guys completely covered in black spandex with a weird mask or something, yipping like Jawas. They should be a force that can't be taken lightly. I think the perfect example of what I'm envisioning are the Shadowkhan from Jackie Chan Adventures. While not resilient, they are skilled fighters and can make even Jackie think twice about engaging them when they're in numbers. Maybe they're a little too strong for Sentai mooks, but they definitely have the feel I'd be looking for.


>> No.32099493

>I stopped watching the show after the first spin-off series or two
I don't think you can really count them as spin-offs, since its one coherent series, but I'd say at least half of all PR powersets are tech-based.
Also, Zordon's been dead since season 6 (In Space)

>> No.32099508

Post-apoc Power Rangers. Robot overlords have killed 90% of humanity, the remaining 10% are either roving bandits or live in the city of Corinth, the last human stronghold.
It's the best PR series to date.

>> No.32099522

Samurai does not take place in a different universe, since Bulk and the son of Skull appear. Also, it's connected to Megaforce, which is connected to every season.
It's all one after the other, except for RPM, which is an official alternate universe

>> No.32099549

I'm actually doing the reverse of that: volunteers with reverse-engineered Psycho Ranger powers (mythic monsters from different cultures: ifrit, basilisk, treant, wendigo, golem)
But I like your Suicide Squad idea. Criminals now working for the good guys pleases me.

>> No.32099562

...So, the Royal Flush Gang?

>> No.32099571

Who is our sixth?

>> No.32099578

What's this? moonspeak?

>> No.32099602

Do Samurai Flamenco.

>> No.32099612

In the criminal justice system, monsters are a growing criminal demographic. In New York City, these crimes are investigated and punished by an elite squad known as the Power Rangers.
These are their stories.

>> No.32099621

Pink isn't in highschool, but she is only like 18 or 19: she joined right after graduating, she can't even drink legally yet.
Not that you'd want her too, with that personality.

>> No.32099644

>were making jokes for days about Tommy being their disillusioned crotchety veteran.
...He sort of was heading that way in the beginning, but that went nowhere. There was that great episode where he was in a coma, and fought mental versions of Zeo 5, the White and Green rangers. It was pretty sweet.

>> No.32099672

She's both.
>Point is, I want Green to tap that, then get NTRed by Black.
It's not relevant, but in the actors for Green and Dr. K are now married. It's adorable.
Now here's a fun game for you to play: Tenaya-7 (robo-waifu) has a great ass, so try to figure out when it switches to her stunt-double, whose ass is not great at all.

>> No.32099681

>that episode with the teased blue-silver romance
Fuck the writers.

>> No.32099812

>so they get the oldest-looking teenagers they can find.


>> No.32100084
File: 283 KB, 1280x1097, tumblr_mv3w1cJcNh1r3ptiio2_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And their armor would be a weird fusion of SWAT/Riot armor and sentai armor. Of course, for most of most episodes, they would be in plainclothes (with color-appropriate accent pieces) and only gear up when it's 'OH SHIT, SUPERNATURAL THREAT TIME.'

But yeah, Pink is too damn young, and probably a fucking psycho - a teenager with attitude.

>> No.32100111

Why would you recruit a girl like her that's clearly mental?, well, here's my explanation, she's a natural, she's like bullseye or hawkeye, the best of the group, but crazy. Also she started working for the bad guys until the good ones showed her better weapons.

>> No.32100120

Holy fucking shit, that tacticul knight looks amazing

>> No.32100156
File: 278 KB, 1280x837, tumblr_mv3w1cJcNh1r3ptiio3_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, yeah, tacticool knight is best knight. I used that character art for a Shadowrun street samurai once

>Why would you recruit a girl like her that's clearly mental?
Because even the serious Sentai still has to be bullshit sometimes? I like the idea of her being seen as the 'last resort' character. They only give her clearance to let loose when shit's seriously going down and the baddie of the week is in dire need of a rocket to the face. The rest of the time, she's willing enough to suppress her pyromania and psychopathic tendencies and follow orders.

>> No.32100221
File: 1.76 MB, 353x302, Pink after HQ says they can use the Zords and heavy fire.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32100257

You mean like SPD/Dekaranger?

>> No.32100260
File: 1.10 MB, 550x250, We're assembling a team that uses heavy weapons to stop monsters, want to join?.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32100277
File: 168 KB, 1280x635, tumblr_mv3w1cJcNh1r3ptiio1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, exactly. And her 'zord' is a bubblegum pink police helicopter with short-range missiles and firebombs. She's in it for when some vampire cult-leader drains all of his cultists dry for a supercharge and she gets to disable all the safeties.

Let's see, I think that Yellow (cowboy) and Blue (gun kata loose cannon) would probably get along well, or at least have a similar law enforcement style. By the same token, Green (tacticool ex-military) and Red (protagonist police detective) would probably get along well because of each other's professionalism. Pink, on the other hand, is seen as dangerous, and Black is officially labeled a criminal vigilante for most of the series after his premiere.


>> No.32100285

Yeah, my Exalted circle fought power rangers one time. They were called something like Invincible Sentai Superhunt.

>> No.32100313

At the end of each episode there's a counting on the collateral damage on properties made by each one of them, Pink always surpass the rest by at least 5 figures.

>> No.32100329

This ^
You never get any dimension out of the team dynamics outside of one or two episodes. Like the overused trope of the yellow ranger getting depressed after losing a soccer game and suddenly a monster shows up that "oh no! Only yellow ranger can beat it! But she's too depressed to fight!"

>> No.32100336
File: 308 KB, 748x800, 1335854370239.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, with the hardass department captain being like, "3 million dollars in city property damage, reckless endangerment of human lives, and public indecency during the explosions and resulting fires. I... What can you possibly have to say to justify what you did today, Sergeant Pink?"

"Hey, we won, right? Would we have won if I didn't do everything except that last part? Yeah, nah, didn't think so. Let a girl have her goddamn fun, then."

I don't have any tacticool knight pictures left. Maybe this counts?

>> No.32100345

>I didn't watch the later seasons.
That's why SPD was great, the team Dynamic was an integral part of the plot.

>> No.32100351

>Red has a typical Police car
>Yellow a harley davidson
>Blue a lamborghini
>Green a humvee
>Pink a fucking A-10
>"In what universe can be that hellish thing a law enforcement vehicle?"
>"It has police sirens"

>> No.32100356

And Black rides a goddamn horse.

>> No.32100363

Even worst...a VSTOL A-10

>> No.32100378

Someone needs to draw this

>> No.32100383

>I'm just talking about ways of tweaking the formula so that the result would still clearly be "sentai", but a bit more palatable to the modern roleplayer without having to enter full manchild mode

Oh oh. I got it! Stop making Sentai and Rider so fucking stupid.

My brother is probably a full blown man child and trying to get me to watch the newest monster-of-the-week hero show. But I find their all so fucking BAD because they are literally just shit.

A team with a pirate base, groan, super powers based on fruits, fucking double groan? Sometimes the actual concept is really cool, but then the setting/show/comic/book/what have you is base in fucking school... and a lot of time monsters are attacking because of fucking school related.

Honestly I think the Sentai troop is FINE as is. If they just
- dropped the (other) retarded Eastern Troopes with plague series
- maybe not always be "Kids in high school"
- Have the villains make more sense
- Have the villains actually be competent
... it'd attract more "mature" audiences

>> No.32100412

>maybe not always be "Kids in high school"
So I assume you never watched Super Sentai or Rider.

Oh, w8, this was b8, nicely done, I completely fell for it.

>> No.32100421
File: 1.71 MB, 300x175, haters gonna hate.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32100463

>"Lets combine!"
>The horse just stands on the Megazord's head, scared as fuck

>> No.32100493

>The horse totally saves shit in the series finale, when an infiltration monster gets kicked clean off the head by it before it can get in and murder the rangers in their cockpits.
I like when the comedy relief becomes terribly relevant for a single episode.

>> No.32100495

>I like the idea of her being seen as the 'last resort' character. They only give her clearance to let loose when shit's seriously going down and the baddie of the week is in dire need of a rocket to the face. The rest of the time, she's willing enough to suppress her pyromania and psychopathic tendencies and follow orders.

At what point does the mental disconnect occur for a Tumblrite like this? Mega-90's edgedom is fine so long as "LOL RANDUMB PINK" or simply because "CUTE GIRL LEL"?

>> No.32100514

No it honestly isn't hating. Just saying what'd attract me more.

Kamen Rider Astro first thing to come to mind. That's only what? two three or so years ago (Something like that). It's only two rider series ago. So I guess your worse at this than me.

Last Super Sentai thing I watched was that one were their all based on samurai warriors. While not actually in a high school it sure as fuck gave that same vibe.

And it's not bait, it's you guys being man children. So get off your high horses, both of ya.

>> No.32100534

>Kamen rider decade, not high school kid
>Kamen rider W, not high school kids
>Kamen rider OOO, not high school kid
>Kamen rider Wizard, not high school kid
>Toqger, not high school kids
>Kyoryuger only ONE hight school kid in the group, rest have 25+, there's even one who has 32
I could go on and on

>> No.32100538
File: 48 KB, 427x231, cry about it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Kamen Rider Astro
You mean Fourze? Yeah, that's the only highschool Kamen Rider in recent memory. In decades, even?

I don't think it's bait, I just think you're hating on something you don't know anything about.

>> No.32100556

The commanders should be more fleshed out than "I am here to cause mayhem and defeat you do-gooders for the evulz" *insert high pitch cackling* and after they beat him "to take my revenge". They should have their own motivations, maybe even their own ambitions. Heck, you could have one be a Starscream. And for fuck's sake, the ridiculous looking "alien" costumes where all they can do is flail their arms have to go. The spiky, revealing armor getup for the female commanders could be classed up a bit, but I'm not going to complain too much about tits.

Now, the stuff that needs to go: the stupid combination weapons that they use for the finishing blow that take forever for them to make. The only reason why they have these is to sell toys. There's no reason why a sentai team can't have a combination attack that doesn't take up two rounds to set up, just to go all overkill on the commander.


>> No.32100576

Sounds like you don't know Doggie Kruger. He's basically everything you just described.

>> No.32100582

>Kamen Rider Astro

get a load of this guy

>> No.32100602
File: 2.25 MB, 350x197, Cooombo.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>combination attack
Even though they had a combo weapon, combo attacks in Kyoryuger were awesome

>> No.32100655

Yeah, so far, in RPM, the only fight scene I liked was when an untransformed Black fought in the prison cafeteria. That fight was fucking baller. Everything else has been more about heelie spins and rocket launchers.

>> No.32100665
File: 2.40 MB, 350x197, STANDING HERE.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Slowmo scenes in general, I know is an overused trick, but damn, they look cool.

>> No.32100679


Lastly, I think, is the shoehorning in of super mecha. Again it's a ploy to sell toys. If the bad guys didn't inexplicably have the ability to become the size of skyscrapers, they would hardly need the super mecha.

If there must be mecha, I'd really like to see Real Robot Genre rather than Super Robot Genre mecha.

I meant the evil commanders. I was still talking about the villains at that point.

Now that's what I'm talking about. Just keep it to that and scrap the combo weapon.

>> No.32100691

>Didn't mention any Sentei teams, and skipped "Fourze" which is between wizard and OOO in 2012 (Wiki). So. Fail again. But go on anyway.

Also I pointed out like... five other things aside from the high school thing. But keep focusing on that as the ONLY problem.

So in conclusion
>Literally trying to help as NOT a Sentai fan by pointing out things that drive me off.

>Nope fuck your advise. Because of technically wrongs that only people already in the genre would know it's invalid.

OP's Thread
> but a bit more palatable to the modern roleplayer without having to enter full manchild mode

Whatever I'm out. Enjoy your stagnation then, was actually trying to help.

>> No.32100696

Ah, there's a few of them that have motivations, like the villain in Time Force.

>> No.32100709

>Not sentai tems
Wut? are you that blind?

>> No.32100733
File: 44 KB, 1280x720, aesirkamen_rider_gaim_-_16hde8d94098-mkv_snapshot_08-12_2014-02-04_00-44-03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The thing is, you literally have no idea what you're talking about.

It's like a guy going into a 40k thread and calling everyone in there manchildren because they like playing with barbie dolls.

>> No.32100734

>Says all Sentai and Kamen are high school kids
>Point him that the vast majority aren't high school kids
>Guy focus on the few that are high school kids and says "see, I'm right!, I win!"

Sure, brah, g8 b8, I r8 you 8/8

>> No.32100736

You didn't exactly do a good job of showing that, stating that the characters shouldn't be from high school, indicates that you haven't watched much of anything, and your complaints ring incredibly hollow, because there are series wherein the Sentai in question are rescue workers, soldiers, cops, or what have you. Even the characterization issues aren't really a problem, because they don't always happen, it's just a matter of figuring out which series has what you want.

>> No.32100760

I just genuinely hate the pervasiveness of Stupid Evil villains in Sentai. I'm fine with the big bad planning on destroying the world, but only as long as his not-Stupid Evil lieutenant stabs him in the back at an opportune moment to take over with a less stupid goal, like simply taking over the world.

>> No.32100768

Dude, ToQGer and Kyoryuger are Super Sentai shows, fuck, they aren't called Ressha SENTAI ToQGer and Zyuden SENTAI Kyoryuger for nothing, and those are just the latest ones.

Gokaiger weren't high school kids, and there're more, you want me to enumerate each one of the 37 Super sentai shows and 43 Kamen Rider shows that aren't high school kids? you're a fag, and the worst thing, you love being a fag who knows nothing about the subjects but likes to talk about it nevertheless.

>> No.32100791

What if she only discovered her girlboner for big guns after she joined the force?

>> No.32100812

To be fair, from most perspectives evil people are stupid.

>> No.32100823

I hate One Piece, but you've clearly never actually seen One Piece.

>> No.32100841

Evil without a goal is stupid. Taking over the world using any means necessary is evil, but not really stupid. Destroying the world for the evulz is stupid.

>> No.32100854

If evil people weren't stupid they would always win.

Look at Luthor, he's smart, but has to make stupid calls and be arrogant as fuck so Supes can actually get him.
Look Joker, he has to be lolrandumretardedevil, and so on.

You can't make an evil guy, that supposes a thread for the world, and is a genius, with a bigass organization and thousand of minions and liutenants, that also are fucking smart, and expect to get caugtht by a 5 members group.

>> No.32100870

Have them be less of a slave to the formula. I've only watched two sentai (Gokaiger and Akibranger) but they seem very formulaic and predictable compared to kamen rider shows.

>> No.32100889

No they wouldn't, it's like the assassin thing: you have to keep being lucky, to not get caught, the cops only have to get lucky once.

>> No.32100898

>A show that is filled with homages to other sentai shows
>Not predictable
Dude, it was made that way on purpose

>> No.32100911

>I've only watched two shows
>but I know most are a slave to formula

>> No.32100924

Thanks for reminding me, anon
Ammost forgot those guys
I still don't know if I feel sad or amused about them

>> No.32100925

Cops follow rules, Super Sentai don't (apart from not killing innocents), Super Sentai don't go "well, guys, we didn't read his rights, we must release them", they shot, kill, etc without a warning. So your "cops vs criminals" example doesn't exactly work here.

>> No.32100946

You must not know how people AND the Joker work.
People make stupid decisions despite their intelligence and because of their arrogance all the time. That's just a people thing.
Joker does the things he does because he finds it funny. Sometimes he chooses not to kill someone, because it's funnier that way. Also, he's fucking psychotic.
The fact that you think Luthor loses because Superman needs to win says you have a problem with Superman, not Luthor and probably paladins in general

>> No.32100959

Yeah it does. The bad guy could be the most brilliant villain in all of history, then something goes badly awry, and you have the police descending upon your brilliant as.

>> No.32100986

I don't have a problem with Superman, but he follows the rules, he's a good guy, a boy scout, he can't go there and grab Luthor and put him into jail because he doesn't have proves, he needs Luthor to make a mistake (and knowing he's one of the best minds in the world seems ood) or be to arrogant to fall for some trick, those are flaws luthor needs to have to be caught.

Now, see what happens when Batman goes rogue in those neverending what ifs that /co/ so much love, he's fucking unbeatable. You want an evil guy like this?

>> No.32101009

Y'see, now look at those two manly bastards on the left side on that picture. What the sweet pigfuck happened to japanese culture that these individuals are no longer considered ideal or attractive? Do japanese men that look like this even exist anymore?

>> No.32101013

>Complain evil guys in Super Sentai made stupid mistakes
>"You just need for a criminal mastermind tomake a stupid mistake and the police will descend upon your brilliant ass"
Maybe you're not the same anon as before, but damn...what kind of evil guy you're looking for?

Also, go watch Kamen Rider. Super Sentai is focuses on a younger demographic.

>> No.32101041

Yes, they do, look for Kamen Rider Skull, or Kamen Rider Birth (Goto-san). Is just that the main characters are younger and still are on a phase...usually bishonen

>> No.32101082

And by Goto-san I totally meant Akira.

>> No.32101091

I said seem and Akiba was certainly less formulaic than Gokaiger.

If it's only gokaiger that follows the find problem, fail at problem, solve problem, fight monster, megazord fight routine that's great and my suggestion to avoid follow the formula too closely can be ignored.

>> No.32101099

Not that kind of stupid. The kind of stupid where the evil plan has no purpose except to be evil. It's not gaining power, wealth, immortality, etc. It's just "kill all of these people and destroy those buildings because I'm evil and doing that is evil."

>> No.32101136

>Find a disease, fail at diagnosis, epiphany to discover what disease is, cure it.
>You could deconstruct almost any show ever made
Every genre has a formula, fuck, that's what genre fucking means.

>> No.32101177

>implying House isn't actually a sentai
Disease-of-the-week, ICU is basically Abandoned Warehouse District, a season-long effort to find the Sixth Ranger.

>> No.32101182

I'm sure you didn't watch much sentai, every evil guy has a purpose.
For example ToQGer right now, they're building Shadow Lines and absorbing people's bad experiences to fuel them, that's their goal so far, isn't evil for the sake of evilness, isn't a very awesome goal, but they have a purpose.

And pretty much any other Sentai Show, in fact, the last one Kyoryuger was the fist one in a long time that had the evil guys as a force of destruction in the universe, they just run from planet to planet killing all intelligent life, yeah I know that's stupid and nobody would even care about a plot like this Mass Effect sold millions, but that was kinda original for Super Sentai in a few years.

>> No.32101194

>implying intelligence has anything to do with random chance
I said nothing about making mistakes.

>> No.32101238

>original for X
That's the real sticking point. Anything can be original in context. Lovecraft was original because many of his monsters didn't have a purpose knowable to humans, some didn't have one at all.

>> No.32101242

You really want a Super Sentai show where the main characters don't fight shit in 47 episodes, they just spend those episodes being really extressed because evil guys are untouchable masterminds, and then in the last 2 episodes, when shit hits the fan and evil guys had bad luck and their plan goes south, all the action happens?

>> No.32101287

I'm not talking about that, I'm telling you (or another Anon) that not all, in fact they're the minority, Super Sentai shows have evil guys who do shit because evulz.

They're evil, they have a plan and goals, they do evil shit to get it. It's easy and straight forward because it's a 20 minute show with pretty much autoconclusive episodes focused on young demographics. If you want something slightly more mature (but not much) go watch some of the Kamen Rider shows, they even have several Riders that form a group, just not a color coded one, and they don't have zords or combine weapons (not that I know)

>> No.32101288

Remember, this is the same thread where people don't want giant combining robots or instant transformation.
It's like people who read comics, but only Star Wars comics. They don't want comics, they want Star Wars.

>> No.32101305

But if they don't have zords of weapon combination then isn't a ss show.

>> No.32101318

You're confusing Sentai with Toku. SS and KR are Toku. SS is not KR.

>> No.32101335
File: 10 KB, 213x191, 1326532429277.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>I don't like giant robots and silly toy weapons
>Go watch this, also, Toku show, it doesn't have giant robots and silly toy weapons
>But that isn't super sentai!

>> No.32101384

But retarded evil guys, giant robots, weapon combinations, etc is what makes a Super Sentai show a Super Sentai show...and people are yet complaining about it.

>> No.32101408

Welcome to planet Earth, here people don't know what they want.

>> No.32101415

Because they don't actually want Sentai.

>> No.32101418

As an aside, I'd recommend that those people looking for something different in their toku watch Kamen Rider Kuuga, because:

- The hero isn't instantly an unbeatable fighter; he has to learn to use his various powers.
- The civilians aren't helpless; in fact, the police department runs the show and can (with some effort and a lot of stolen tech) serve as backup. Watching an ordinary police officer snipe the shit out of the MOTW is great.
- The monsters are pretty close to unknowable horrors, and figuring out just what they are and what they're up to is a pretty big part of the series. Think X-Files, kinda.

>> No.32101480

>I want Sentai
>But I don't actually want Sentai
My head hurts.

Again, srly, if they dislike retarded evil guys, giant robots, weapon combination, etc...there're other shows that have the same vive like Kamen Rider, Garo, etc. I mean, if you remove what I said, what's left? Henshins, martial arts, weeaboo fightan and good vs bad.

>> No.32101500

What's left is the genre conventions of Toku, which Sentai and KR a sub-genre of.
Also remember that this isn't /m/: you aren't guaranteed everyone has actually watched sentai or more than the first few seasons of PR.

>> No.32101501

I think... he wants Voltron maybe?

>> No.32101512

Except Voltron is built on giant robots.

>> No.32101519

>Only Kuuga
Pretty much all Kamen Rider shows follow that path, I mean the Hero isn't unbeatable, has help from other people, usually civilians, evil guys goal isn't revealed until much later in the show, even till last episodes.

>> No.32101529

Yeah, but it handles them a little more seriously than most Sentai runs.

Fuck, I don't know.

>> No.32101540

>thread theme
>Fuck, I don't know.
Exactly. You can't get away from the conventions of Sentai without not actually being Sentai.

>> No.32101548

>Also remember that this isn't /m/: you aren't guaranteed everyone has actually watched sentai or more than the first few seasons of PR.
But that doesn't stop them from make generalizations like that guy speaking about "Kamen Rider Astro and any other kamen rider so far" being about high school kids.

And even when you point him shit like ToQGer or Kyuryuger (Sentai as fuck) not being about high school he goes and says those aren't Super Sentai shows.

>> No.32101599

>But that doesn't stop them from make generalizations like that guy speaking about "Kamen Rider Astro and any other kamen rider so far" being about high school kids.
>And even when you point him shit like ToQGer or Kyuryuger (Sentai as fuck) not being about high school he goes and says those aren't Super Sentai shows.
Because, as in all things, people like to talk about things they know nothing about. The phrase "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" (Alexander Pope) means "people act like they know a lot when they only know a little.

>> No.32101690

You also have to know that some people don't like toku at all, and they will use anything to complain even if they're wrong. But this gets us to another question, why are they here?

>> No.32101703

>Not liking Toku is wrong.
You heard it here.

>> No.32101741

>I have no reading comprehension
He's saying that if they don't like toku, they'll complain about anything related to toku, even if their claims about them wrong.

>> No.32101761
File: 959 KB, 1280x720, oh no he dint.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not liking something is acceptable.

Not liking something and talking about it like you know everything about it despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary is dickish.

>> No.32101770

If you don't like Toku, then your opinion has very little weight in discussions on how to do something with Toku.

"Man, I know how to make a Romantic Comedy better! First, remove the jokes. Instead of the antagonist being relationship drama, I'm thinking a brutal serial killer. Also? Remove the potential boyfriend. And the romance plot. Also she's trying to hunt down the serial killer because he killed her dad. How is it a romantic comedy? We use the same soundtrack all the other ones use. And she eats ice cream while she's sad at one point I guess."

Yes, it's hyperbole, but a lot of the "modernization" of Toku/SS stuff here sounds a lot like people who don't like the genre trying to keep the visuals/very very basic ideas and changing the genre itself.

>> No.32101810
File: 133 KB, 694x618, dis guy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a pointless argument since Sentai was modernized already. You just can't make it apply to a more adult audience without removing the childish bits, and Sentai without the childish bits is not Sentai.

>> No.32101934
File: 2.70 MB, 640x360, What is this some kind of silly tv show.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why? Sentai is still relevant.

>> No.32102642

I just recommended it because it's closest I know of to what certain people in the thread are looking for.

I'm aware that there's a spectrum of Kamen Rider shows (with Wizard on the far opposite end in terms of secondary character usefulness and actual tension (fuck Wizard)).

I keep getting a connection error for this; hopefully it'll go through this time.

>> No.32102737

The Bulk and Skull that appear in Samurai appear to have no knowledge of the Power Rangers, which they have fought beside (as of Zeo), know of personally (as of in Space), and have worked directly with (as of Wild Force). Skull does appear in the finale of Samurai as well.

RPM does make a minor appearance in Samurai as a parallel reality. Samurai cameos in Super Megaforce, where the appearance of Jungle Fury is possibly a spirit projection.

Again, mostly because the Current/Previous Executive Producer hates the Disney era and wishes Jungle Fury and RPM never happened.

It's possible to infer that the Earth in SPD, which has made limited positive alien contact before Turbo, is different than the Earth as it appears in Samurai/Megaforce.

>> No.32102843

Well the Earth in SPD is the same Earth in Time Force, since SPD Blue's father was a/the Red Time Force Ranger. Perhaps SPD grew a time-traveling arm in 975 years.

>> No.32102973

Hey, if they made a crossover for the next season that didn't happen, it could have been resolved.

Or if they went with Amit Bhaumik's proposed adaptation of Go-Buster.

>Toqger, not high school kids
Umm... they seem to be 8 year olds, in the bodies of 18-20 year olds, who have no memories of being more than 8. Riding around on a magic rainbow train.

Then there's Gaim, where the seasonal theme is about them being late teens trying to define what growing up is about. It's worse out of the gate because you don't get to the Umbrella/Mercenary plotline for about thirteen episodes, and until then it's a show about magical fruit samurai, and street dancing teenagers.

Not that I don't like Gaim or ToQGer, but the covers look super silly from the outside.

>> No.32103392

Why wouldn't the space police also have a time police branch? Space Patrol Delta implies a Space Patrol Gamma and so on.

The way I figure it works is that Lost Galaxy is built on the alien warship left on Earth at the end of in Space, Light Speed is built around the wreckage of the Turbo Zords left on earth. Light Speed becomes SPD which becomes Time Force.

On the side Billy, who designed the Turbo powers, dropped the information on the internet in some form, which is where you get Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, Overdrive, and Jungle Fury. To get the system to work they need a power supply and contacts with other people who know.

Then you have magic. Wild Force and Mystic Force are both magical warriors that are using the 'Morphing Grid' to get people that don't know how their powers work to combat capable as fast as possible. (This also applies to Jungle Fury)

Dr. K finishes the work on the Venjix AI from Forever Red, weaponizes it during Jungle Fury. Everything goes to hell, aliens show up to help repair things. By 2015 10-15% of earth is alien populated like in SPD.

>> No.32103496
File: 97 KB, 1191x670, 1381401915057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wanted to do this with my own rework of sentai: roughly, the old five man team retired to found a sentai organisation after Yellow, the spiritual core of the group died in less than ideal circumstances. So, you have the veterans all broken by that event in some way trying to make good on their legacy by training anyone who passes the entrance qualification test and wants to join into a group that's larger, better-funded and benefits from the experience of veterans, while the sixth ranger goes rogue and hunts down the baddies in his own way, relying on the life-draining tech of this Black Brigade to supplement dwindling ranger powers.

That's the kicker as well, the Sentai Corps relies on numbers training and gear more than their powers since the power of the original five is being split to cover a whole company of rangers and multiple undersized megazords and the modular vehicles that form them.

I'd planned for the main characters/PCs to be teenagers and young adults that had passed the aptitude test, but chose to follow another path of greater interest until the Black Brigade makes the big reveal by sabotaging the Sentai Corps with the double agents they'd recruited from the Corps' less ethical members over the years of peacetime.

>> No.32103869

>Space Patrol Delta implies a Space Patrol Gamma and so on.
It implies it, but there actually isn't.

>> No.32103892

gee, the black ranger's head looks like a penguin's face

>> No.32103913

An angry penguin.

>> No.32104019

Linux ranger?

>> No.32104070

>dropped the information on the internet in some form
One day, a pdf mysteriously appears in a post. Anonymous, no text.

>> No.32104377

Was there any reason of why:
>Black dude is the black ranger
>Asian girl is the yellow ranger

>Mastodon isn't a dinosaur
>Saber-Toothed Tige isn't a dinosaur

Were they implying those people weren't part of the team?

>> No.32104421

Look at those teams though.

Cam (Ninja Storm) put together the morphers in that season based on contacts he had met over the internet, and his understanding of... I can't remember, was it called ninjetti in Ninja Storm too? Because it clearly is.

Haley (Dino Thunder) put together the morphers based on Tommy's understanding of the Dino Gems, and her contacts with a few people online.

Andrew Hartford (Overdrive) threw a bag of money at an undefined contact and ended up with bootleg copies of SPD/Lightspeed tech.

RJ (Jungle Fury) worked alongside a techie (Possibly Haley) developing morpher technology. I'm not saying that he traded a bag of weed for some morphers, I'm just heavily implying it.

>> No.32104481

>Americans using Ninja and Samurai motifs
Those are trully weeaboos, and not the original Super Sentai shows.

>> No.32104500

Pterodactyl is also not a dinosaur.

But the Asian yellow ranger and black black ranger was an accident.

>> No.32104521

>Blacks and Asians aren't humans (dinosaurs)
>Women are below humans (flying reptiles)
That show taugh me everything I need

>> No.32104940
File: 23 KB, 710x399, Captain Obvious.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32104976

I was making a joke, but it wasn't making fun of you. It's actually a pretty legit idea, that's what the internet is for.
>RJ (Jungle Fury) worked alongside a techie (Possibly Haley) developing morpher technology. I'm not saying that he traded a bag of weed for some morphers, I'm just heavily implying it.
RJ is and always will be Not Jack Sparrow.
>two techies working alongside PR named Haley
Are they the same person?

>> No.32104995

Isn't Cam Japanese? Can you be weeaboo for your own country?

>> No.32105419

Nowadays weeaboo just means "it has a Japanese vive", so even Japaneses can be weeaboo (and they usually are).

>> No.32107373

So... what does you guys think?

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