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Warhammer 40,000: Extreme Beach Volleyball Edition

Coming this summer because Games Workshop is desperate for money

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Once upon a time they would have had enough of a sense of humor to actually do that.

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Nowadays it's all about satanistic soccer-mom strap-on rape.

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I'd play it

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>Desperate for money
>Not making hand over fist on bits of sculpted plastic

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A lot of anons have this fantasy where GW is five minutes away from total collapse....since about 1990.

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They posted an eleven percent drop in actual sales, back in January. It cost them a quarter of their share value, overnight. They have until the end of July to reverse that trend.

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Which is also hilarious, in a morbid sort of way.

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Wow, 40k can really ruin anything.

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I am awaiting the [insert here]-catalog.
So I can reason everything and anything.

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End of June. July would be the first month of the second half.

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Will it be as good as Blood Bowl? Because you should know that won't make GW money.

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Yes! let that happen!

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Xeno would only need to paint her breastplate and her crotchplate green and BAM! instant bikini.

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And Torchstar only needs to take her pants off.

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And Lelith doesn't need to do anything at all.

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...or she could wear a bikini.

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Why? Her chassis already includes one.

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i like her hooves..

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Well obviously, blueberries would be able to jump pretty high in spite of their small size.

Eldars would be a complete hack though.

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Cuteness analyzer overloading, impending system shutdown.

>Eldars would be a complete hack though.
Just as usual.

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>Increase prices while player base shrinks
>"There will literally be no consequences for this" - you

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>"It's like printing money!" - Games Workshop

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Torchstar is practically designed for beach volleyball. The ethereals who implemented the breeding program that gave birth to her had this precise purpose in mind.

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...The Necron have Ass Scarabs?!?!

In real life, I rather dislike volleyball because of my bony wrist...
...Of course, a Daemonette only has bones if she wants to...

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Sigh, thought it was Belldandy for a split second

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You aren't a daemonette, you're a neckbeard.
Neckbeards can't play beach volleyball.

Why the hell are you posting mechs?

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only have a tiny 40k female folder. worksafe atleast. sorry...

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It's even better, it's Iyanna Arienal.

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And it contains Infinity pics.

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I am now imagining tau drones designed fo assisting in volley ball games.

.. seriously, they are really cute robot assists and the tau probably have non military models that are just as cute.

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just let it be man. its a drawn girl with a nice ass. maybe shes not from the 40k universe, but she could just as well be climbing into a sentinel. being that guy only makes you look like that guy.

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>not playing volleyball with curled-up scarabs

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>Neckbeards can't play beach volleyball.
I could, but like I said it hurts my bony wimp wrist...

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Ooooh, earplay.

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this may fit the thread.

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>implying I don't do both.

Still, attacking drones are a much more funny image then attacking scrabs.

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Well Xeno's body features a bikini so obviously she's built for the beach too!

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What is this, smut for ants?

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for you anon. i didnt want to kill the thread, but some things are meant to be shared.

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Scarabs, actually.

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>Why the hell are you posting mechs?
For heavy beach-volley ?

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Cléo, what are you doing here? You aren't even an eldar.

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Oh wait

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Each and every game have their own doomsayers. Neckbeards who screamed death at every new thing the company does, then posted the standard 'i have played this for 100 years and i'm quitting over this'. They kept playing though and kept posting the same thing over and over again.

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Except the GW financial report was bad, and they're been having fewer sales (in numbers) each year for the last eight or so.

If they continue exactly on the same trajectory, they will eventually just vanish.

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Funny, I've heard at least a dozen people say the exact opposite.

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Then they're wrong. GW reports are public, being a public company and the most obvious thing is the fewer sales you can infer from their financials.

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>> tfw she will be blasted to bits and ashes.

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Have you played 40k for 245 years and quitting now because 'insert a new GW policy here'?

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The fiscal reports are available for public consumption. You could bother doing some research to see what is and is not true on your own.

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that feel anon

i didnt want it

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I still play 40k, but like most players I buy less because I've been wanting to be spending the same amount (roughly) each year and now what I buy buys me fewer models, for what models I need to play a game.

Because of this, I haven't started or won't complete a couple of armies I was thinking about before because they shift beyond what I want to spend to start them.

I don't think I'm alone in thinking this way.

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Not the guy you are responding to but I worked for GW for a span of about 7 years. Spent my last 3 at the HQ Factory store - things look grim after the most recent 6 month report. Internally there is very little acknowledgement but the massed scale reorganizations, policy changes, etc are telling.

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>if they survive for long they'll become a husk thanks to the defects in the neural link

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keep it relevant ladies

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>not wanting a mentally retarded blueberry at your disposal

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Dude, seriously, have you ever worked with the mentally or physically disabled?

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Yeah, no. It's not really all that great. As it turns out, mentally retarded people happen to be more resistant then you would ever think.
My god that sounds bad.

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Dudes, we know the reality, don't let it ruin the fantasy.

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>not liking everything
get a load of this gue'la

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Ok then, get shit done time...
I'm thinking such a game would have to be full team Volleyball, six units per team arranged in a three by two grid pattern...
Each turn would allow a player to pass the ball up to two times for bonuses before sending it over the net on the third hit.
Unit stats would probably be Ballistic Skill, Toughness, and a Receiving Save...

...Damn, we need a /sp/ anon in here, I know at least one team rotates positions on each serve, but it's been a while since my sister played in Highschool...

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Well I remember watching Jeanne et Serge and apparently it involved weird dunking-type moves and a lot of physical and psychological abuse from the team coach on his own team.

>> No.32062785

Yeah, that'd probably be a bonus for passing to your front line for a shot at the other teams front line.

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>...The Necron have Ass Scarabs?!?!
Yeah, no, that's just Technomancer taking things too far.

>> No.32063491


they do have mind control scrabs.

>> No.32063731

They do, but this is not that.

>> No.32063749

Actually it is. It's just located on the butt.

it's irrelevant anyway.
Unless you can make a bikini out of them.

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Drone isn't a mindshackle scarab and he was supposed to be grafted onto the small of her back.

>> No.32063813

He actually can into mindshackling.

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What? She's got nice hooves.

>> No.32064016

The point is that she's got a nice everything.

>> No.32064041

Her personality leaves a not to be desired.

>> No.32064086

she likes burning things and having fun. She's pretty much perfect.

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this thread is ewwwww

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Hey I at least attempted to start on a Warhammer Volleyball board game here: >>32062681

>> No.32065008

Stop that Mr. Drone!

>> No.32065514

I would SO buy truckloads of copies if either game existed in any shape or form.

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>Macha and Taldeer as cheerleaders
I am 500% OK with this.

>> No.32069768


... I need to see if anyone has tried a turn based tabletop or video game version of volley ball.

... should we use d6s because 40k does?

... does BB use d6s for the same reason?

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with 6 secs of googling.

Fuck if I am going to read it before I do otherstuff.

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