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All word and pixel /tg/-related lewdness is welcome here, so long as the rules are followed. Writefags, consider pastebin/1d4chan rather than dumping for long stories. Drawfags with uncensored pictures need to host their images offsite and link to them. For those of you visiting from other boards, err on the side of censorbars and spoilers if you're hesitant.

People especially appreciate it when you give them meaningful feedback and criticism, so make sure to do so. It's easy and both writefags and drawfags will love you for it.

In any case, enjoy! Remember to play nice and that all contributions and requests are welcome!

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DISCLAIMER: While these threads are quite tolerant of many different forms of /d/eviancy, you can't just assume that everyone will automatically share your kinks. There's nothing explicitly preventing you from talking about your fetishes, but if someone has one that you dislike, please do not derail the thread with a flamewar- there's plenty of smut for everybody here.

Master smut list:
(/a/'s monstergirl fic collection is in here too.)

Smut list, 1d4chan edition:

A guide to constructive criticism, because "Your writing/artwork sucks" doesn't help anyone get better at it.


Need some help coming up with something to write? Here's a few requests that haven't been filled yet.


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Role call time again, fellow perverts.
Whatcha got in the works?

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First for SLOW DOWN, you're going too fast!!!

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Well, we got a new drawfag answering to "Cuteanon" who did a whole bunch of Cultist-chan smut, with a little help from Fucking Liar no less.

The guy who did that sphinx prostitute story made a fic to go with it.


Content warning: bestiality, self-fellatio, implied impregnation

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First for smut.

Also just finished the second draft of my story and am planning on polishing it up with another pass tomorrow, in between making a fancy breakfast for my mom in the morning and going out to dinner with my grandma in the evening. Because, you know, Mother's Day.

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Working on a vaguely Ocarina of Time story about a ghostmonger's apprentice and sexy ghosts.

Eat shit, ND.

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H&A 17.
Alex' Birthday motherfuckers.

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Monster, checking in.

I've got a gay story for gay people in the works. It's about a soldier and his commanding officer. Buttsex happens.

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Last week of classes is done, exams and several papers due next week.
I might actually get off my ass and finish something after that.

Pic unrelated, but fun.

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sounds kinda gay imo

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Man, she looks like a real firecrotch in that picture.

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>first for
Total cancer. Don't do this.

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Dude, first of all ew, I ain't no Nurglette...
Second, seriously, you've turbo-maxed a second thread while I was away...

I'm still catching up on last week damn it!!!

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You should make a paste for your backlog and preferences for writing.

Actually, that goes for everyone.

>> No.32050730

Lots of folks have them as far as I know.

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Ahaha, looks like my filters glitched out and were deleted!

Back into nothingness you go!

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no u

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I would, but I don't want to be reminded of my backlog. I prefer to write in the moment.

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>I came this hard.jpg

>> No.32050797

dat plumage

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Reminder not to reply to you-know-who.

Also, I can't believe we nearly managed to pass 450 posts last thread.

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Gonna do more work on Temptation part Two, probably gonna get into the kinkier aspects of the whole incubus submission thing but nothing as weird as the bug bondage. I am open to suggestions to where I cold go from here with it.

Did Lewd ever do the other two Mardi-Gras Eldar pics?

I might take you up on that, but that would take some serious boner searching to find out what my preferences and shit actually are.

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OR here


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I like ND though

>> No.32050864

Not yet. I'll bug him about it next time he shows up.

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If anyone else is willing to write something gay, how about a fantasy story with an elf seducing, or being seduced by, a bard.

>> No.32050895

Elf+Bard would work with any combination of genders.

>> No.32050902 [DELETED] 

At the rate you are going, YOU'RE GOING TO OPEN A SECOND EYE OF TERROR!!!

...Carry on...

And I LOVE you to Anon...

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Elf IS a gender, has been since OD&D

>> No.32050922

Actually, how about a human bard seducing a trap?
When the reveal happens, the bard reveals that he knew all along.

Lots of buildup on the elf's part, wondering if his lover will accept him, then happy sex and cuddling.

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Good, since you're here. Can you tell me, does it harsh the gay if one of the members had a wife (he no longer does) and just wants that feeling of closeness once more?

>> No.32050954

I like it. Its sweet and sexy.

>> No.32050977

Okay, I'll get back to work now.

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That wasnt replying to you Monster, that was about the Cultist fic.

>> No.32051043

is that a mask on her face?

>> No.32051045

That'll show me to not look too carefully at quotes. I'm sorry.

>> No.32051053

It's an illustration of Macha at Mardi Gras.

>> No.32051113

that doesn't answer the question
unless mardi gra includes wearing scary skull masks

>> No.32051134

Yes it does, sometimes. Besides, don't forget Macha is a character from Warhammer 40,000. EVERYTHING has skulls in 40k. Even little children's birthday hats probably have a skull motif in the Imperium of Man.

>> No.32051166

I think its supposed to be a harlequin mask; in the story the pic is from she's partying with Sylandri, and harlequins pretty much live every day in Mardi Gras.

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For a second I thought that was the most fabulous Necron to exist.

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I think we went past 450. Smut's going crazy this week

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Writing is addictive.

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And contagious, by my observations

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464, it's still up.

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Someone suggest a name for a bioroid catwoman, if you would.

>> No.32051988

Artificial Counter-Espionage Engine

>> No.32052037

More acronym than name proper. I can probably work with it though.

Any other takers? Random name generators are losing the appeal they once had.

>> No.32052038

Turing (or maybe some sort of femanine mutation of it)

>> No.32052079

A buncha nerds just built a sexy femme fatale robot. Now try to imagine the terrible names they would come up with for it. If they didn't name it after some anime or comic, they would likely do something like >>32051988.

>> No.32052119

If they were true nerds they would name it the Waifbot Mk1 or similar.

Fine, fine, fine. My mind has been put on the right track.

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What should you do when you lose interest in writing a story?

>> No.32052172

I put it aside for a while and work on something else and then come back to it later.

>> No.32052188

>If they were true nerds they would name it the Waifbot Mk1 or similar.
Weaponized Automated Infiltration Female Unit. Techies working on the project have taken to calling her 'Mai'.

There you go. That ones for free

>> No.32052215

I'm writing Skorne on Skorne sex. It's surprisingly challenging to get the right balance of everything I want in the whole thing.

>> No.32052231

Maybe (if she has a personality) she calls herself something similar, like Acey, A-C or something of that nature, so as to make herself feel like a person.

Lay Techs Because thats what she wears and thats what they want her to do ifyougetwhatimsayin

Core T-Sn

Flirt 6000

Android 38-31-43 DD

>> No.32052234

Personally, I ask myself why I'm losing interest, and what could be changed to make it more interesting.

When it comes to smut, that usually means making it even dirtier.

>> No.32052239

hmmmmm, it could be rather sweet or heartbreaking depending on what you do with it.

If the dudes just straight up using the other braw then thatd lean more toward heartbreaking, but if some genuine feelings take root and blossom, or alternatively if the other guy is cool with being used because of.....reasons (he wants to help out his bro, been attracted to him for a while, just horny as fuck, etc.) then thatd be nice.

It complicates things, but it doesnt necessarily ruin anything. That being said crossing my fingers for rough, emotional sex

>> No.32052251

Wow, that is an amazing achroynm.

>> No.32052252

If anyones taking requests how about a story about a dude escorting a prisoner/bounty across a territory because she pissed off the wrong people or other. She keeps trying to seduce her way out of it but he's having non of it, but they eventually screw because he gets wounded protecting her or something.

I can't write worth shit but you guys can.

>> No.32052321

It appears the Janitor took offense at the OP image. Did you forget a censor bar?

>> No.32052347

Mardi Gras is just 2lood, I guess.

>> No.32052374

Was hoping some kind soul could draw Corellon Larethian and Lolth dressed as Battler and Beatrice, because you know that's probably how their relationship actually works behind the scenes.

>> No.32052570

That was nice, in a weird, perverted Chaos kind of way. There really isnt much written smut of Cultist, is there?

>> No.32052596

I thought the chaos spawn was named Waffles, not Kay-Oss.

>> No.32052636

Its names change, this is the nature of chaos

>> No.32052669

It is Kay-Oss, but like any meme it changes as time passes.

>> No.32052673

Everyone in the last thread was calling him Waffles. I knew the character and her Chaos Spawn but I'd never heard the name Waffles before the last thread; I looked it up on 1d4chan and they said it was Kay-Oss. So I went with that, shrug.

>> No.32052708

I've heard it as both.

>> No.32052798

Hello fellow elegan/tg/entlemen. I'm back again with the third section done. This time with a bit of innocent showering at the end

(Blueberries, eldar, humans, no smut.... but soon)

As ever, give me feedback fellas. I want to make it as good for you as possible.

I read that fic with Cultist-chan and Kay-oss and thought it rather good. It's been a while since I read anything with her in it.

>> No.32052968

You made a mistake with the link, it would seem.

>> No.32053183

/r/ing a sexy Goat/Stag beastwoman

>> No.32053184

Sorry, I'll link the right one. Late here and no caffeine to keep me awake.


>> No.32053224

as in the 34 of Warhammer Beastmen

>> No.32053226


Sorry, screwed up again. I forgot to hit submit and it didn't save the third section! I'll go slap myself and rewrite it.

>> No.32053237


>> No.32053246

Er Doe
I meant elk but you get it

>> No.32053260

Third time's the charm, right?

>> No.32053279

Id recommend writing in a seperate word processor than pastebin than copying it into the site, just for this reason.

>> No.32054178

you mean I'm not the only one who think that?

Thanks, dude

Still working on "Hag Hunter", my fic for the "Monsterboys" setting

>> No.32054449

Okay, finally got that rewrote after slapping myself. Some innocent showering at the end.

(Blueberries, Humans, Eldar, no smut... but soon)

>> No.32054859

They also deleted any Meta comments about the speed of the last thread...
Clearly the Board Masters wish for us to ONLY focus on the Smut!

>> No.32054915

Throwing in an idea for Lewd.

> ‘No,’ she said baldly. ‘But that is your doom, as to wear this mask is mine. I laugh, but you will never know if I am crying or not, for none shall see my face. Aha!’ she said brightly. ‘We are here.’

Yriel and Sylandri doing lewd things while her mask is on.

>> No.32054945

> Mother's Day
> No fresh MILF-related smut

I'll bet you didn't even call your mother today, /tg/

>> No.32054978

It's 1AM where I am and I already sent my mom a text. Gonna video chat with her when she wakes up

For now, more writing.

>> No.32054988


Haha, that image always makes me laugh. Truely, Lewdanon's masterpiece.

>> No.32054991

Mother's Day, not the Motherfucking Day.

>> No.32055046

I did. Just got home from seeing her and my dad.

Wouldn't mind seeing some MILF smut. I want to write some too but I don't really have any ideas for it. I might give the monsterMILF /ss/ idea a shot.

>> No.32055103

What about an Ethereal Caste milftau getting all ara ara on someone to improve some tau empire morale? Anyone really. Multiple people, even. Not a fan of /ss/ myself, but if that's what revs your motorboat, I can deal.

>> No.32055178

I'm not even into /ss/ myself but that seemed to be popular in the last thread so I guessed I'd try it for you guys.

I've got some tropical island brown girls planned so maybe I'll chuck in some MILFs in that series. Also, I have to look up "ara ara". It sounds Japanese.

>> No.32055201

>Also, I have to look up "ara ara".
It basically means "oh my oh my". Its a common phrase for the older ladies to utter in them korean talkin comics, especially when receiving the attention of younger men or women.

>> No.32055294

Oh I see. That makes sense.

So they're embarrassed because they're getting attention from younger people? I could get behind that.

I've had a thing for older women recently.

>> No.32055313

I tried to give her a Card and some pans my Dad bought yesterday when we went out to eat with my sister, but she didn't want to open them until today...

...And yeah, kind of have to agree with Carlos on this one...

...Even if I love MILFs...

>> No.32055351

Not really embarrassment so much as a bit of a blissful surprise. Kinda like saying "Ah, youth...", but instead its "Oh my oh my, you would want to spend such a romantic evening with an old gal like me?"

>> No.32055407

If that can reassure you, the "Monsterboys" setting is more about monster teenagers/older adventuress than outright /ss/

>> No.32055585

Ooooh, now I see. I must have remembered it wrong. Yeah, definitely going to drop the /ss/ then. It's not something I understand or can relate to and really don't care to.

I'll add it to my personal request list so I don't forget. Maybe down the line I'll write it up.

>> No.32055858

It's not as much you remembered it wrong as poor phrasing of my part. There was discussion about /ss/, but ultimately I decided against it.

>> No.32056146

I just got an idea for a story while dicking around in XCOM. 2 top notch mercenaries/assassin's get assigned by their guilds to kill the other because of business rivalry. They both hunt each other relentlessly and ruthlessly while maiming each other. Eventually they have sex because reasons.

>> No.32056186

You're looking for "Mr. and Mrs Smith"

>> No.32056191

I was reading Cosmo for laughs once and there was an excerpt of a smutty novel that had that premise.

As I recall, the female protagonist had been assigned to kill a man who was a sexy billionaire, and as she was infiltrating his life she falls in love with him and then finds out that he was also supposed to kill her but he fell in love with her too.

Goddamn Cosmo will never stop being hilarious.

>> No.32056247

I've read a pretty good hentai about a scientist and a girl who had to steal the blueprints he's working on. But since he's got a creative block she has to "motivate" him to finish the job. And many interesting (and sexy) things happen

>> No.32056273

movie was alright.

I forgot to add that they absolutely hate each other because they've killed the others closest friends, and sometimes not as a job.

>> No.32056311

"M-m-orty! I've got a creative block Morty. I nn-n-*belch*eed you to do something about it."

This is sick, I know, but it was the first thought that popped into my head when reading this.

>> No.32056325

'Cuteanon' here back from dreamland. I like it!

>> No.32056327

That would be easily solved with one of those robots from gazorpazorp

>> No.32056340

>sexy billionaire has to kill some random chick because plot

my god that's retarded funny. Why would he need to kill her? he's a fucking billionaire.

>> No.32056383


I am now picturing you as Kirby, Cuteanon.

A cute little smut drawing Kirby.

>> No.32056391

It was definitely just because it was smut. Cosmo is a weird magazine and mainstream smut writers don't always try very hard.

>> No.32056416


>> No.32056417

>A cute little smut drawing Kirby.

>> No.32056435

mainstream smut writers lack world building. I'd much rather read a story here about an Orc woman dragging some poor(lucky) bastard to the snu-snu cave than read about some housewifes fantasy.

>> No.32056495

Of course on the opposite side of the spectrum we have people who would rather read a story about some lonely woman being dicked by a rich guy and dream about it being them than read pages of world building.
Never seen much point in complaining about the other side really.

So now we've got a Kirby and Corgi then. I've heard about weirder gatherings of avatars I guess.

Aren't those actual books in this case? Man I really should get into writing at least e-book smut because you can get away with a lot of stuff.

>> No.32056507

That book is like .99 as an ebook on amazon.

>> No.32056516

Well okay, an actual e-book then.

>> No.32056532

Monster and I are seriously considering putting H&A up on Amazon as an ebook when we're done converting all of it.

There are some crazyass ebooks out there though. All I am scared of is that my parents would someday find out I was doing this and try to read it and be like, "Mask, what the fuck?"

>> No.32056563

Can you publish it under a pseudonym?
You'd need a cover for it as well, would you draw it?

>> No.32056580

I'd draw it myself.
And yeah, so many pseudonyms. We'd need to pick suitably cheesy ones though.

>> No.32056602

>H&A is at part 16

Christ how long is that story going to go? I stopped reading at like 7, I've been meaning to catch up but holy shit thats a lot of reading to do.

>> No.32056614

That almost makes me wanna put up Late Night Research on Amazon as an e-book. Either that or Gumroad.
Or possibly "The Extraterrestrial Research" series if I ever get all ideas written down.
And rewritten obviously since trying to sell XCom related smut would be an amazingly stupid idea.

I definitely would have to use a pseudonym because using my real name, as amusing as it would've been, is a really bad idea because it's really rare and pretty much only our family has it where we live.
And if my parents were to find it somehow my only response would be a shrug.

>> No.32056627

We're most of the way through, like 65000 words so far. Technically novel length but not a huge novel.

Monster and I ran our names through a generator and somehow became Pablo Violence and Pepe Sly. Pablo Violence WILL be my next tabletop character and I will only be speaking at the table in Spanish.

>> No.32056666

El monstro And el masque

If you do go through with it, put the disclaimer about the ERP logs in the front; it really adds something to the story knowing you two acted it out.

>> No.32056694

El monstruo y la mascara si recuerdo correctamente.

And we will. It'll be in the preface. Maybe we'll write something weird in the back about how to talk your loved one into a long term multi-media ERP and then include a book talk section as if anyone actually reads those. There's one in the back of my copy of American Gods and it is painfully bland, not the sort of thing that I ever talk about at book groups.

>> No.32056703


>> No.32056713


Maybe he was part of a conspiracy or something?

>> No.32056727


>> No.32056733


Give us a sign if/when you do it. I'm certain there are some fa/tg/uys who'd support you!

>> No.32056743


>> No.32056744

El Masque and El Monstro! They're cops! ...and smut writers.

I wouldn't worry about length. If someone is downloading a smutty e-book I doubt they're looking for a long-winded epic.

>> No.32056763

I tend to skim those parts for the occasional amusing shout out. But they tend to read as really dull Academy Award speeches more often than not though.

I should almost make looking into Gumroad/Amazon E-books my summer project or something and see how feasible they are for me to do.

And speaking of something completely different I stumbled across this somewhat adorable thing

>> No.32056764


>> No.32056772

any stories with female Orc's that aren't on the smut list? Or amazon women?

>> No.32056788

masque is like "I chewed." You're thinking of mascara.

It would always be free for 4chan

do it

I believe someone is working on something with amazons right now

>> No.32056826

Yeah I probably should, complete with horribly photoshopped covers since I can't draw worth a damn and trying to request a book cover is gonna be a pricey affair.

And I just need to purge all the XCom mentions as well and possibly rename Vahlen because getting slammed with a copyright notice is not something I really want.

In fact I might just make getting stuff published in general something of a summer project in June as I still have that idea of wanting to get something printed in a sci-fi magazine.

>> No.32056829

>working on something with amazons right now

Any more stuff in the meantime while I wait for it to be finished?

>> No.32056881

I want to submit The Laboratory to a sci-fi magazine.

>> No.32056915

In my case it's "The Port Patience Steal" which was a character background that turned really long.
Really really long. As in 25 pages long because I was enjoying myself too much writing it.
Thinking about it I even have a cover image in mind for it since the scene it would be based on is one of those moments I just went "Damn, that's really cool" after writing it.

>> No.32056939


Is a half-orc fine too?


>> No.32056954

I would love to see something of mine put into print. A Sci-fi mag would be awesome but really I'd be happy just to be paid for something I wrote.

>> No.32056998

>but really I'd be happy just to be paid for something I wrote
Yeah pretty much. Then again just getting something into print would be nice as well just for the brownie points. Sure it's just a magazine but you still got something put into print compared to everybody else who say they want to.
Of course the bonus in this case is that you compared to many others also have something you've actually written and finished and want to put into print as well.

>> No.32057050

anything Orc/Amazon related is cool with me

>> No.32057265

I have awoken.

Smut writing intensifies. Expect a story soon.

Knowing me it'll probably end up a 2-parter. I suck at closure within one "chunk", so we'll see.

>> No.32057629

I like two parters better than things smooshed together.

>> No.32057789

I updated "Hag Hunter"!


Tags: fantasy, humanXhag, multiple partners, harem, trap, older female/younger male, femdom, gods

It's the first installment of the "Monsterboys" series. Feel free to write your own stories for this setting, I'd be honored.

>> No.32057863

As usual, I need criticism.

>> No.32057910


First part posted. No smut, just setup and story. I think I got rather carried away with the whole "eastern fairytale" thing, and this could probably have been way shorter in a different style, but worldbuilding is fun and /tg/ seems not to mind too much.

I also need a break for a bit, and if people want I will come back and amend Part I to include some smut as well, though Rakshasa-themed femdom will happen entirely in Part II.


>> No.32057960

Thank you, JustAnotherWritefag! I didn't quite finish yet, but so far it's pretty good. You captured the "eastern fairytale" style perfectly.

>> No.32058036

I just finished. Not exactly what I requested, but incredibly awesome nonetheless!

Still, I would have found it more poetic if it was the father who made the bargain.

>> No.32058044

You are right, I shall amend it. And I'll try to make Part II as femdommy as possible to make up for the lack of Rakshasa dom here.

>> No.32058104

Don't sweat it. If I can wait through 200 pages of Silmarion before the femdom part, I can wait for it in your story too.

>> No.32058122

There's femdom in the Silmarillion?

...huh. Never realised Tolkien was that lewd.

>> No.32058154


>> No.32058213


>> No.32058233


Dat crotchplate

Not feeling it though lewd?

>> No.32058368

this is fuckin fantastic

>> No.32058378

Oh lewd...

Can I ask for more exodites? Pwetty pwease? :(

>> No.32058385

very good, but I don't recognise it

>> No.32058397


It's Lelith in Mardi Gras attire. Or something.

>> No.32058433

Yea, kinda a homage to the Carnal Carnivale story. There was one of Macha done a few weeks ago.

>> No.32058533

Ah yes. 2 out of 3 now.

Looking forward to the third member of the Mardi Gras group.

>> No.32058793 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

9,400 words in to my latest creation and I'm feeling a little burned out. I'm just on the home stretch and my characters are just having a post-coitus soak in the bath together and having a bit of a talk but I can't think of anything interesting to say.

>> No.32058810

No offence but you might want to delete the picture. Even spoilered NSFW stuff can get you banned.

>> No.32058837

Crap. Didn't see that nipple. Sorry!

Anyway, 9,400 words down, about 600 left to go. I'm going to take a break for a while and let my creative juices replenish.

>> No.32058935

That scourge in the back just seals the deal.

>> No.32058977

It was the OP pic, but it got deleted for some reason.

>> No.32059135

A neat beginning, though calling them Hags and having them be males is a little confusing. I suggest Swamp Hermits or something along those lines.

I would also swap the order of introductions, personally. Have Felicia be the first person we are introduced to, and the Gods come later. Felicia explaining the nature of monsterboys should be front and centre, though thats just my personal preference with regards to structuring.

Overall, solid opening, its peaked my curiosity, and I look forward to seeing this first adventure of Felicia's resolved. I'd enjoy seeing further adventures written in this setting, but its helpful if the "template" story is completed first, imo.

>> No.32059158

You'd be smiling too if you were there.

>> No.32059282 [SPOILER] 


>> No.32059387

I wouldn't call this bestiality. Kay-Oss seems to be sentient. Either way, a good fap was had.

>> No.32059478

If you listen closely, you can actually hear Dranon trying to suppress his gag reflex.

>> No.32059536

Unf. That's a nice pic lewd

>> No.32059603

Goddamn, I can't believe I missed this on my first run through the thread. That was *good*.

>> No.32059606

Yo onyx, I asked you this last thread but it died before you saw it.

Will From The Sea get a continuation where Aenea takes her captive home for some snu-snu? If not, maybe your spellsword castaway fic takes place in the same village and the pair makes a quick cameo?

>> No.32059949

I actually know where this mask came from.

> Hesperax turned to the Harlequin King. Why in the fifteen worlds he had insisted on accompanying her was a mystery, and his mocking, motley clad form, so at odds with the fleshy room, irritated her greatly. ‘You told me this would be a simple matter.’
> The Harlequin arched supplely from the wall and bowed. His extravagantly collared coat was of many colours, his mask pure white. The mouth was fixed in a grotesque smile that put her in mind of Sarnak, the brows sharply arched, as if it enjoyed a pitiless joke. A single sapphire tear adorned one cheek, a high crest of hair that shifted colours curled over his head. He performed a complex mime.
> She gaped in exasperation. ‘You said nothing, of course; very well, you conveyed to me that that would be the case. Does that satisfy your pedantry?’
> The Harlequin gave another bow, accompanied by a teasing wave of its hand. There were two eldar in the immediate vicinity besides herself, and she would gladly see them both dead. The wrack she wished to kill out of spite, but the Harlequin King… Hesperax ached to test her blades on him. There were few in all the Great Wheel, the Labyrinth Dimension or the Othersea who could best her in combat. She had a sneaking suspicion that this Great Harlequin might be one of those rare individuals. As she imagined him fighting for his life in the arenas of the Cult of Strife, his motley stripped from him, his mask nailed to his face, she stared a little too long into his gemstone eyes.
> He cocked his head and waved a warning finger, shaking his head slowly. To her surprise, she experienced a small rush of fear. It only served to excite her. She wet suddenly dry lips, her tongue running over the stickiness of their reactive paints.
> ‘One day, you and I will dance together, king of fools.’

>> No.32060014

Where is this from?

>> No.32060028


>> No.32060050

Ooh, is this from Guy Haley's new novel? It's got Lelith as a main character? I must have this.

>> No.32060122

Yes, it has Lelith.
No, not the main character. She has three episodes and I did really like them because not enough and too many erotic implications.
I mean we have the warrior queen and isntead showing her in action lets talk about how she kills lovers right during sex.

>> No.32060174 [SPOILER] 

If you want a continuation I guess I can write that up pretty easily. In my original draft i had it all take place on the island but I decided to set it on the ship instead as it got to the lewdness faster.

I guess I can do both actually. I'll do a From the Sea Part 2 and mention them in my other Amazon-themed stories.

So happy someone cares about my stories haha.

>> No.32060181

Hot. Between that and Sylandri's first major appearance in the fluff, this is looking like the jackpot for us.

>> No.32060183

Well that's at least in character for her. but do we not see her doing anything lewd? Seems like a wasted opportunity for some harlequin sparring-turned flirting-turned hatesex

>> No.32060208

More brown girls is always better, and I really like the sexy kidnapping aspect you've gone with.

Godspeed based onyx.

>> No.32060222

> Sylandri's first major appearance in the fluff

Because punching Kelmon in balls to cause him summon Yriel back and thus in fact being the real saviour of Iyanden totally wasn't major.

>> No.32060237

BL doesn't have the balls to include sex in their novels. Graphic depictions of violence and killing are fine and dandy, but god forbid they allow sex in it.

Shit, forgot that part. I meant to say her first appearance in a novel. My bad.

>> No.32060263

>Graphic depictions of violence and killing are fine and dandy, but god forbid they allow sex in it.
Western civilisation in a nutshell (especially 'murica but not only)

>> No.32060267

The first(?) ultramarine novel with the nightbringer had deldar/imperial sex, and I'd wager some other chaos-themed novels have had scenes, however breif

>> No.32060341

Yea, I guessed she wouldn't be the big central character, but it's still nice to see her making a cameo.

I was just about to mention the scene in Nightbringer. Abnett wrote a short story where the main character visits a mutant brothel/strip club; there's no sex, but descriptions of the "creatively holed" outfit one of the girls is wearing.

>> No.32060365

> because not enough violence
Slow fix.

>> No.32060386

I have a request for you , if it's not too much. In honor of Mother's Day a breif vanilla scene of Xorralain, the matron from SM having sex with an intimidated slave (or maybe her drider hubby?)

>> No.32060400

>the Great Wheel, the Labyrinth Dimension or the Othersea
I'm guessing these are the Material Galaxy, the Webway, and the Warp respectively?

Great, now I'm imagining some heartbreaking slice of life tale of two Cultist in love...

>> No.32060449

Francisco_De_Stiges here.
I'm adding the cultist/chaos lord turned spawn fic to my backlog after Temptation.

Probably going to go with the partial mutation ending, if only for feels.

>> No.32060455

>I'm guessing these are the Material Galaxy, the Webway, and the Warp respectively?

Yea. The term "Great Wheel" was used in Chamber's Dark Eldar trilogy, I've heard of the Webway being described as the 'labyrinth dimension' before, and as such it's easy to guess that "Othersea" refers to the warp.

>> No.32060463

Yeah, they call the Materium the Great Wheel for some reason.
Perhaps a hindu reference, perhaps DE consider its inhabitants hamsters.

>> No.32060486


This is still on.

>> No.32060522

Well the reason they call it the Milky Way a Great Wheel is because it is a SPIRAL Galaxy, constantly spinning like a starry rim.

And yeah, Webway being a "Labyrinth Dimension" makes sense, but I love the imagery invoked by calling the Warp the Othersea.
...Makes me think of my NiceDaemonettes as all those little fish that hide in the nooks and crannies of coral, and since one sub-type basically has a giant cuttlefish for a lower body...

>> No.32060593

If it's a Slaaneshi cuttlefish, wouldn't that be a cuddlefish?

>> No.32060654

nope, a cutehellfish

>> No.32060662

Wouldn't mind seeing that cuttlebone.

>> No.32060668

* cunthellfish

>> No.32060675

No it's a rapefish. Or torturefish.

>> No.32060684

Question I have as I brainstorm; did the OR want 40k or is WHFB appropriate?

>> No.32060695

Hence why they are called CuddleDaemonettes!

>> No.32060705

Thanks for the review!

>> No.32060775

I could do that, sure.

>> No.32060808

Well TECHNICALLY, they'd be Cute Hell-cephalopods...

If she had any bones in her body... they'd be YOU/RS!

Ok then, this is completely wrong...
They're cunts are so orgasmicly comfy that you'd probably call them Cunt Heaven-cephalopods...

...Can't rape the willing Anon.

>> No.32060843

Thanks JAW, I've wanted more of her since I read SM for review, and this looks like a great excuse for some Drow mild lovin

>> No.32060847

Is the excerpt on BL or somewhere else?

>> No.32060877

Milf, not mild, damn autocorrect. Consensual Drider smut would be preferable but I totally get if you prefer a different partner for hrr

>> No.32060928

Mild drow lovin'. A fetish unto itself. Practised by priestess of Elistrae of it was FR drows or some other more benign Drowish deity elsewhere.

>> No.32060953

>how she kills lovers right during sex.
Does anyone have this excerpt?

>> No.32061151



Keep it coming, cuteanon, you sassy devil you.

>> No.32061183

Not quite a milf, but considering all the abortions, close enough.

Now organized by character (design).

>> No.32061204

All right, fellows. Last week, there was someone requesting a story with cuddling between a rogue and his apprentice, so here's my take on it:

"Little Magpie"
Tags: M/F consensual, cuddling.

I would really appreciate some feedback on this, since this is the first time I actually do write something, and I'd like to know what to pay attention to for the future.

>> No.32061205

> Her Venom was piloted by her current favourite, Khulo Khale. He turned in his seat to look up at her, his pale face artfully marked from their last encounter.
> ‘Mistress!’ Khulo Khale had a deep voice, sensual. She liked that about him, and he had not yet bored or offended her. It was only a matter of time until he did. She smiled at the thought of that day, a pleasant thrill shivering her belly. She had the habit of deciding how to dispose of her lovers the moment they came into her arms; it made their couplings all the more erotic. The best had much time and attention lavished on their love-deaths. Each one, she was sure, came to her certain that they would be the one to survive her attentions, that somehow they would tame her. They were resurrected as wiser beings, if she allowed them to live again.

If you wanted an actual sex scene then alas, it is 40k book. Children can read it!

>> No.32061434

So I suddenly, after browsing an amusing story thread on /k/, added a somewhat peculiar story idea to my idea document which I might as well just quote here as well.
>Title: Eye in the Sky
>-Two soldiers (male and female alt female and female) on UAV duty and trailing a suspect manage to stumble upon a pair of lovers in action that manage to light a passionate fire between the two onlookers.
>Theme: M/F alt F/F, voyeur

And here's the idea list for those interested to see what moves in the murky depths of my depraved mind:

Also, so far the little I have written of Group Research has gotten more views than my finished Exalted story. I don't know what to feel about that other than I guess slight disappointment and that it wasn't that great I guess.

>> No.32061459


Disappointment is the name of the game for writefags. You think you're used to it, but it just keeps happening.

>> No.32061496



>> No.32061520

>the hat stays on

>> No.32061568

GW appears to be a firm adherent of pic related, it would seem.

On a more related note I can only assume that the feather torture was her idea of being "nice", inasmuch as the only death involved with their couplings was the little death.

>> No.32061651

...At least I can have my MILFy, Militant Feminist, Hippy Daemonettes in my own head canon...

>> No.32061837

Just finished my 10,000 word story! Wooo!

I'll edit it tomorrow and upload it hopefully before the thread dies for the week. If not I'll post it next week along with whatever else I get done this week.

If only the dark figure of university assignments wasn't hanging over me...

>> No.32061943

>If only the dark figure of university assignments wasn't hanging over me...
I know that feel Onyx...
Just be sure to not let the dread drag you down!

>> No.32062016



A bit more Kayleth for those who hunger for her.

>> No.32062065

Great ! There very little fanart about her anyway

>> No.32062095

he's doing a snakegirl deep-kissing some guardsman next.

>> No.32062099

That's really nice.

>> No.32062406

>... if she allowed them to live again.

>> No.32062436


Err, doesn't that need a censorbar?

>> No.32062529


I feel bad because I can never tell what's new and what's old lewdanon stuff. Is this new? If so, bravo for making me chuckle. If it isn't new, then still, bravo for making me chuckle.

>> No.32062571

cuteanon now attempting to draw a sexy walrus girl.

>> No.32062591


I'm pretty sure it's new.

>> No.32062987


>> No.32063496


Great work, man!

>> No.32063587

Er, I'm not cuteanon, I'm just posting his work.
As you can see there, he wasn't really willing to post the walrus...

>> No.32063603


It's okay, everyone thought I was him too. The sentiment is what's important, and I bet it's a treat for cuteanon to read these comments.

>> No.32063647

I thought the walrus girl was plenty fine and I'd have enjoyed seeing her finished with cute nips and everything, but I understand that not everyone likes chubby girls.

>> No.32063747

Are the complete works of lewdanon up to date?

>> No.32064140

Cuteanon took a break, so we defaced everything.

>> No.32064443

Defacing erased, now he's drawing shlicktau while we play "find the dwarf fortress" and the lower-right-corner-planet spontaneously grows adamantine spires.

>> No.32064782

I don't think so, whoever runs that imgur gallery for him should add the new stuff.

>> No.32064963

I'm too busy being lazy

>> No.32064991

Juiblex go home

>> No.32065021

I'm already home though.

>> No.32065045

then go homer

>> No.32065214

more cuteanon, this time with shlicktauxsybian and more Cultist.

>> No.32065233


You guys are crazy! But it's a good kind of crazy!

Sanity is for the weak!

>> No.32065240

So wait, is Franciso the only Nymph story so far? Or is one of them not tagged right?

I thought there was more info about the setting so far?

>> No.32065332

Thats the only story so far. Sumotmancer has a little document summerizing all the brainstorming we did for the character/setting. I think Onyx and Mask (or was it Monster, not sure) said they'd started rough drafts of nymph stories, but nothing substantial, and Smutomancer is working on an intro fic, but hes super busy with IRL things IIRC.

Heres Smutomacner's thingy

>> No.32065557

Trap Yriel's sexy adventures when?

>> No.32065719

Can people help me come up with slang names for the cultists, things they would call themselves to make themeselves more intimidating, stuff like Skull-Breaker or Scalper

>> No.32065812


The Bonded
The Bloodsworn
The Servants of the Eye
The Brotherhood of "NameOfYourChaosLord"

>> No.32065852

The Hanged Man

>> No.32065886

you, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.

It's a shame Croaker never met so many of the Taken after the first book

>> No.32065984


Black Company mentioned in a smut thread...

Black company smut....

>> No.32066246

Oh man...You know how to tickle my fancy Lewd. I'd give anything for more The Lady smut...

>> No.32066310

That's ooooold Lewd art.

Also, do Soulcatcher smut first. Mah waifu...

>> No.32066317

That's actually one of his older works, if memory serves.

Also, I've gotten all the stuff made here in the list now- sorry for the delay.

>> No.32066443


Looks like you missed one here: >>32061204

>> No.32066457

I must have requested that like a year ago...
That spelunkering porpoise must have waited for an opportunity to post it for months.

Never stick your dick in crazy. Especially not magic crazy. Double-especially in world-bending, grudge-keeping crazy.

>> No.32066524

Ah, I'm tired guys and running out of steam. The Seeding Midnight Mother's Day Special will probably not be finished for Mother's Day, but I will make every effort to finish and post the story on my pastebin. Consider it a fun little prequel.

The title currently is Seeding Midnight: Mother's Love, a Prequel.

It so far contains the following: sexy and bloody gladiatorial combat, incestuous voyeurism, lesbian virgin cunnilingus and light bondage. I feel the fetish count will probably climb before I'm done here.

I'll probably write one of them "What the Author's working on" documents aswell, with a list of my fetishes and general progress on various stories/projects/ideas percolating.

The Tiger and the Prince Part 2 will be shared for sure next weekend.

>> No.32066529

You know, I always see him depicted as bearded rough looking guy, and it's the same impression I had when reading the books; I wonder why is that, since he was pretty explicitly described as bald

>> No.32066596

You're right. Let me fix that.

>Never stick your dick in crazy

Hypothetically speaking, what if you're already slightly mad to start with? Would that cancel out the crazy?

>> No.32066643

He's not described as bald until he reaches the end of his life. Then he becomes a magical golem-god.

an headcanon of mine is that he get shape-shifting in the process.

>> No.32066647

No, that only makes you more susceptible to crazy women. In my less sane days I ended up fucking a girl who was an autistic furry with a tendency to punch herself in the stomach.

>> No.32066693

Thanks, JustAnotherWritefag! See ya next week.

>> No.32066712

So long as the sex was fun at the time, whose judgin'?

>> No.32066755

Also, "Hag Hunter" isn't /ss/. All the parties involved are and looks past puberty.

>> No.32066843

Eh, well I'm already getting close to wizard status anyway, but my personal life is something best left for another board. And for the record, I prefer the term "differently rational".

My mistake. Fixing it now.

>> No.32066922


Thank ya!

>> No.32066990

So if I'm getting this straight in Nymph land, she is bubbly and naive as a loli, skeptical but playful as a teen, and matronly but seductive as a grown woman?

Only story so far is in the Bogs of Lokus Liebe. Interesting.

It looks like the WST actually put good work into this.

>> No.32067009

I didnt realize how much I missed you until you came back JAW. You're talent is incrediable

>> No.32067022

The sex was ok, but the pillow talk was annoying as hell. That's what finally drove me away.

>> No.32067042

Last save from Cuteanon's work before I tragically lost connection to the room. Have a harpy.

>> No.32067083

wait, I just reconnected, cuteharpy is now colored. Drats.

>> No.32067096

I'm friends with this artist, he drew for /d/ a while back but quit when the requests got too repetitive, can /tg/ come up with creative smut for him to draw?

>> No.32067150


What sort of stuff made him quit?

>> No.32067151


Define creative, I guess.

>> No.32067162

Seems tentacles are what they wanted, so I'll refrain from my Mind-Flayer request.

Could we get a sexy belly dancer then? Perhaps entertaining a tiger-headed Rakshasa with her dance?

>> No.32067369

how about the prince from this story >>32057910 dancing for the Rakshasa while in an harem outfit?

>> No.32067406

I am a shameless whore for people who draw my characters or take inspiration from them.

So yes, i third the request for Rakhasa belly dancer.

>> No.32067412

Meanwhile, on cuteanon's flockmod, the little lower-right-corener-planet survives, and discover space travel.

>> No.32067425 [DELETED] 

>creative smut

a kyton evangelist having sex with a nun (not guro)

>> No.32067487

I like how he does snakes. How about this snake woman http://flockmod.com/gallery/index.php?q=/post/view/22263 giving coil/lap dance to this guy http://flockmod.com/gallery/index.php?q=/post/view/22282

>> No.32067521 [DELETED] 

I like how he does snakes. How about this snake woman >>32061496
giving coil/lap dance to this guy >>32062987

>> No.32067547

If any draw anons are around, I would love to see a picture of a warrioress lamia/naga with four arms giving hand jobs to four men she has captured, licking her lips hungrily.
Also, she is topless.

>> No.32067600

artist here. I regret not drawing for /tg/ sooner. You guys already have great suggestions. The rashaka and lamia ones sound great and I'll get to work on both of them if I have the time.

>> No.32067697

Oh, I missed the fact that you had previously drawn for /d/, I just mentally filled in /tg/. I thought you got tired of us before, and left, but were trying again.

I can imagine that /d/ was mostly tentacles and dickgirls, that can't be fun.

>> No.32067705

Welcome to the fold, oh Traveler. By what monicker, if any, shall we call you?

>> No.32067756

tentacles would've been fine but all they wanted was girls with dicks and farts

AC1 if you wish, seems to be my adopted artfag name

>> No.32067777

I know that feel AC...

>> No.32067795

Awesome drawing skills, /d/artist

>> No.32067852


Depends, how /d/ do they like?

>> No.32067885

Welcome aboard. Always good to have another artist aboard.

>> No.32067910

Welcome to the Lewd club, AC1. We have cake, and we meet every weekend for more delicious cheesecake.

>> No.32067911

>all they wanted was girls with dicks

Kinda sums /d/ up, sadly. Good to see another artist though.

>> No.32067973

Short story I wrote today

An important lesson in Demonic summoning (Tentacles, Female Necromancer, fist, non-con) http://pastebin.com/L46MwEiS

Also I'm gonna write a MILF story that I'll hopefully have done by next week. Which race should said MILF be?

>> No.32067992

If tentacles are fine, I would like to request a Mind Flayer doing a drow, perhaps while mind-controlling her (represent that visually however you like)

>> No.32068054


Don't forget the Tea Parties.

>> No.32068062

Three things:
1) It seems James Joyce got to you too. My condolences.
2) Good to have you join us, friend.
3) Do you drawn tyranid/xenomorph/zerg-esque aliens have sex with women in varying states of want?

That third one is of particular importance.

>> No.32068065

Maximum awesome.

Loved it. Only suggestions would be go in to some of the dialog-heavy paragraphs and split those into separate lines so they are easier to follow.

>> No.32068088

Matronly orc lady, please.

>> No.32068138

I don't know anymore guys


I hallucinated all day while working, I come home and I draw this. Does that even count as smut ?

>> No.32068169


No that counts as failing one too many san checks.

At least you have a nice mindflayer plaguing you.

>> No.32068195

Yup. There's certainly people out there with a thing for more-monstrous-than-normal monstergirls.

>> No.32068210

Monster will like that.

>> No.32068217

...I'd still hit it!

>> No.32068235

seconding this >>32068088

>> No.32068239

8/10 would swim to the sunken city and debate the Ry'leh text with.

>> No.32068266

I'd do her, personally. Seems like a nice enough gal, at a glance.

>> No.32068400

Yeah, but y'all would hit a knothole in a tree, too.

>> No.32068498

You wouldn't?

>> No.32068536

Two words: Cock Splinters

>> No.32068556

Why bother with a leaf thong when you are made of wood?

Man, nymphs have no sense of right and wrong, or fashion.

>> No.32068579

Well, only if the tree was cute and wanted it.

>> No.32068610

Nonsense, it would be smooth as buttered glass, or maybe like the inside of a flower.

>> No.32068642

Well then maybe. Would her juices taste more like honey or maple syrup?

>> No.32068648

>like the inside of a flower
Yeah, that's probably both the most reasonable concept for dryad pussy and the best-case scenario.

>> No.32068659

Maybe like a... honeypot?

>> No.32068692

So does that mean with an alraune the entire woman-looking thing is just an over developed clit inside her pussy?

>> No.32068693

Maple Syrup. There were a lot of threads about this topic a few years back, before the janitor clampdown, and that was the conclusion /tg/ came to. Repeatedly.

>> No.32068718

Well call me Jed Bartlet the Tree Fucker, because I'll eat damn near anything with maple syrup on it.

>> No.32068760

Technically speaking, yes.

>> No.32068767


>What are you doing with that tree, Mr President?

>You know damn well what I'm doing, CJ.

West Wing/tree sex fic. God damn I love you /tg/

>> No.32068776

Harper Crowley, ladies and gentlemen.

>> No.32068842

Wow. That is one sexy bird lady.

>> No.32068853

I'm getting severe "you stuck it in crazy" vibes from that expression of hers. She does look pretty cool.

>> No.32068864

I can't believe my naming suggestion was chosen.

>> No.32068960


I don't think she's crazy, so much as scheming and seductive.

>> No.32069072

Fuck, now I feel compelled to greentext the rest of the scene.
>I'll just be outside then, Mister President.
>Thank you, CJ.
Scene change, CJ's office.
>CAROL! Get me the Secretary of Thaumaturgy, the Surgeon General, and a bottle of Scotch.
>Yes, CJ.
*headdesk*, fade to black

>> No.32069082

Someone desperately needs to write a story with this chick.

>> No.32069091

We're getting murderface next. caw caw.


>> No.32069155

Is there any chance we could get a worksafe version? I've got the urge to try working her into my Changeling game, just as a background character for Goblin Market scenes.

>> No.32069195


I think it'd be better if she wasn't. She doesn't have much of a personality, and any writefag that doesn't immediately go "and then they fuked" would need to invent a lot of stuff for her, which may conflict with the mental image cuteanon has of her.

>> No.32069214

We have censored versions but not much else

>> No.32069280

Not to mention that pun deserves the death penalty. And I'm not talking about her name.

>> No.32069447

I'm his other friend. I fucking told him he should visit drawthreads here instead.
I also told him to draw girls with dicks.

>> No.32069759

Is the Gestalt Sorceress guy around? How are we doing on the fic?

>> No.32069764

Here's a general purpose sfw design of her.

>> No.32069824

He wasn't there last time you asked, and I'd assume he isn't here now. Be patient, anon- rushed smut is bad smut

>> No.32069902

Ok, its just that I remember him saying last week he'd try to have this week

>> No.32069978


>> No.32069979

Brilliant, thank you!

>> No.32070233

So, like 2 weeks ago there was a silly thread about a bunch of fa/tg/uys ending up in the head of a buxom fantasy sorceress, and playing Everyone Is John with her in a fantasy world, and I said I'd write it.

Well, I did, and I totally failed, because the more I wrote the more it just turned into silliness, rather than smut. There's still sex in it, quite a lot of it too, but the focus just totally drifted away from what I thought the anon wanted.

So, whether you were in that thread or not, whether you care or don't give a shit, here it is:


Tags: genderbending, fusion/merge, orgy, I dunno what else.

So once again, sorry for this, it's only barely smut.

>> No.32070329

Ah, there you are. Thanks for giving it your effort, Im glad at least some smut came out of it.

>> No.32070852

The important thing is that you tried.

On page 9 now. Anyone have something they'd like to post before we close up shop for the night?

>> No.32070892

I'm balls deep in my Cultist/Spawn fic and Im loving it, probably gonna have it by next week. That is all.

>> No.32070945

Are the two pics the drawfag, who hoped on /tg/ from /d/, going to be finished in time for this thread or will we see them next weekend?

>> No.32070993

I guess nobody bothered to read it, or if they did they hated it?

>> No.32071013

What is 'it', the Gestalt Sorceress thing? Ive yet to read it, saving it for later. I can give feedback next week if you like

>> No.32071046

Read what? We tend to have trouble giving feedback unless specifically asked for it, due to being too busy fapping.

>> No.32071120


Oh sorry, I thought I quoted my post. Yes the Gestalt Sorceress.

>> No.32071152


Last one by cuteanon this weekend.

>> No.32071154

It's late in the thread, so try again next week- we're deep in autosage so now's not the best time.

>> No.32071184

Damn, that pics raven worthy
Thats the only corvid pun I could think of

>> No.32071300

Is the right half cut off?

>> No.32071315

I dont think he drew more than that

>> No.32071355

Nuts. Well, leaves more to the imagination that way I guess.

>> No.32071378

The thread's dying? But I haven't finished the gay smut story for anon! I just got to the smut, granted I've been procrastinating way too much. It's still only 6PM here, the weekend has like six more hours!

>> No.32071449

It's not quite dead yet. Worst case, you'll be able to post it at the start of next thread. Even if you do rattle it off now, I'll be certain to get it in the list.

>> No.32071523

You live on the West Coast? Cali?

Either way, it's pretty early where I'm at, too.
I think we should make a new thread.

>> No.32071555

3 threads is usually the most we do. The only time we had a 4th is Easter, and even that was a one-off. Best to stick to three so we don't overstay our welcome here.

>> No.32071590

...I told you, you went to damn fast!

>> No.32071596

We've had four other times as well. It's so early that we could afford another sunday thread.

>> No.32071626

These are called weekend smut threads. Has long as it's the weekend we should be fine.

>> No.32071635

Yeah but then it might last till Tuesday Afternoon, and thats not really what we want is it?

>> No.32071653

Personally, I don't care what others think.

>> No.32071680

Whatever the case is, somebody else will have to make it- I'm away from the computer where I have all my OP pics saved.

>> No.32071695


We can have a writefag dump a story to kill the thread again if necessary.

I could write another one of those if you want.

>> No.32071742

That could work.

>> No.32071782

Indeed, I've still got about three threads worth of backlog to read through, plus two fics and a Sororita description on top of that!

>> No.32071789

It's not like anyone's going to jump down anyone's throat any more than they already do if we have a thread last into monday. The trolls already troll these threads from the start.

I say if there's content a -brewing, make another thread.

>> No.32071806

I'll make the new thread then.

>> No.32071827

Go for it. I'll be right here adding the stuff from this thread.

>> No.32071837

>No rest for the lewd...

>> No.32071864

You lied

>> No.32071892

But it has Kitty Sororita's and EVERYTHING!!!

...Except the second post...

>> No.32071895


New thread:


>> No.32071896

He usually waits until he posts the links and such in the thread before linking it here. It'll be a second.

>> No.32071898

>smut don't grow on trees

>> No.32071916

>Unless they are dryads...

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