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Why is the Enclave so much better than the Empire you guys?

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Because 'Murrica, you filthy mutant.

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Because they're not? They're still a military dictatorship, vs. a caste system.

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Anything tau is shit so it doesn't matter.

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Because people have a hardon for providential man and despise bureaucracy that do the actual work.

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go home farsight you're drunk.

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Go jerk off to your inhuman monster of an emperor.

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At leats he has no vagina between his eyes.

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Aside from the one Horus made for him when he skullfucked him.

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That's Torchstar, not Farsight. YOU'RE the one who's drunk, Longstrike.

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Enclave vs Enclave.
Who wins?

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You just hurt Khorne's feelings.
Still doesn't stop the Tau from being shit.

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Because they're a concentrated form of what likely drew you to the Tau in the first place? Even more Anime-esque, and more genuinely good, with more distinction given to each caste.

As some /tg/ folk wisely said, they exist to satisfy the noblebright Tau fans whilst leaving the Tau Empire ambiguously amoral.

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Becasue flaming blueberries.

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The one with FTL travel, assuming Frank Horrigan doesn't manage to make it onto one of their ships. I don't know if he'd react to legitimate aliens the same way he reacts to mutie scum, but I can't imagine he'd be more amiable to them.

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In the grim darkness of the far-distant future, there are only lossy image file formats.

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>this gue'la
Ethereal pheromones are a hell of a drug.

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Enclave obliviously.

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Who's idea was it use that kind of font? Its god awdul against light colors

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>implying you aren't actually farsight hiding behind a blueberry guise

I'm on to you traitor

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I sorta want there to be a Metal Slug variant in which I can play as the Eight.

But it'd be really unbalanced because of O'Blotai and the guy in a riptide.

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Truly, it is a time of ill resolution.

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Farsight-sempai doesn't have time to waste talking to you blockheads.

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>There will never be any proper Tau novels.

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There're plenty of tau stories.
I bet you did mean ork novels.

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You mean tau mangas?
yeah, dat sad nigga.

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Time for a flame war.

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The appeal is probably:

>Fuck you ethereals

A lot of people don't like the ethereals, or could take them or leave them. You can, I think, still field ethereals, though, depending on the timeline.

>Battlesuit troops

Although kroot are perfectly fine as troops (seriously, they're one of the most cost efficient troops in existence), its easier to FORGING A NARRATIVE FORGE A NARRATIVE FORGENARRATIVE NARRATIVEFORGE with a smaller model count, and honestly I think battlesuit troops are one of the most fun things possible about tau.

>very slightly mildly less fucked up in melee

Is nice to compensate for your army's one weakness.

I dispute the idea that the regular tau empire is less "noblebright" though. Its perfectly normal for a faction that doesn't want to implode into a million pieces to not look kindly on people who are, lets be honest, deserters. Farsight Enclave is still cool, though.

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>There will never be any proper Ork novels either.
I meant full-fledged books, not shorts.

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I'd read an ork novel if it was something other than


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Still better than an average space marine novel plot.

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you're outclassed gue'la!

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That's true. Space marines have more potential variety than orks in terms of behavior, but orks played straight is at least eventually going to be sort of funny at some point, space marines played straight are awful.

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I liked the Nightlords books. It was basically a story about ancient 16yo bullies being emotionally immature while also being ancient and pompous.
They are not even like the mischievous sage stereotype. They just don't see how they behave like some stupid boys with weapons and ideas of grandeur and honor.

The best thing was how in reading one would be led to reject all the Astartes and embrace the human characters just because they were the only ones not being insufferable edgemaster cunts.

Naturally it made the books less readable, but as books that portray Astartes it wnet a long way to make them decidedly not human.

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I'm sorry, what?

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you and me both know that thing looks like a piece of shit

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sexy as fuck

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Oh look at that disgustingly exposed fuel canister.
It would be terrible if something shot that.

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Got some news for ya m8

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It would still be terrible if those went off.
Aren't there rules for that to happen?

What the hell is up with that side? Has the armor be stripped off or something?

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What's your point? It was a bad idea then and it's a bad idea in the 40th millennium.

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Regarding the Crocodile t is armored and easily detachable in case of emergency and I don't see any reports of spectacular explosions. In fact, IIRC, flamethrower fuel did carry ignition risk but usually fuel tanks were more likely to act like a high-pressure jet when punctured; the bullet alone usually could not easily ignite fuel on infantryman flamethrowers.

/k/ could help.

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But what's with the bit on the side of the tank? It looks like part of the hull has been torn off.

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You want to use a flamethrower, you need fuel.

Now you can have it INSIDE the tank. Which yes, protects it, but it also means any penetrating hit is going to HORRIBLY fuck you up. Or you can do what the British did, and stick it on the outside. Note how large the tank is. Much better than the 'fire two shots and you're done' flamethrowers that tended to turn up on others. And note that it still has it's main gun. Much more flexible, and in the end more survivable. And when you're wrecking Jerry trenchline and bunkers, a lot of what you're worrying about is ahead of you anyway.

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>Thinking the Tau could ever come close to the Imperium in a flame-off.

You think you're hot-stuff just because you've got a fire-fetish, but humanity's been dicking around with fire for a LOOOONG time. An the Imperium takes it to whole/holy new levels.

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dem sisters of battle

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Torchstar is the very definition of hot stuff.

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All right so let's get this straight.

Torchstar hates Blue because she works with the orks.
Blue knows Xeno because of adventures
Xeno made Xenorita because science
Xenorita likes fire because battle sister
and Torchstar is Xenorita's rival because she likes fire too.

Everything's connected!

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Or not you faggot.

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>hot stuff
>not Inferno Cannon

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fuck, forgot pic

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That's the extra treads they're carrying as back-up in case they breaks.

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My thoughts exactly

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>can't even fire a flame template down range
>can't even surround yourself with flame in CC
>doesn't even have heavy flamers
>thinking you're hot stuff
why are tau fans so delusional

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I liked it when the etherals was these psychic peace enforces where the fire caste wasn't actually able not go on a rampage without them around.

Made them more alien i guess.

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why does that imperial trailer have wheels instead of tiny tank tracks?
aren't wheels pretty heretical?

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Thats bullshit but I'll allow it.

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Oh shit

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Are those vehicle mating?

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Deff Skwadron is one of the best pieces of 40K literature

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Hell no, what are you thinking?
It's a mommy tank taking baby tank for a walk.

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>dat pic
>dat purgin'

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>Greater Gastropod
>No Tau commanders are OP, classic (1-3) setup where no Tau actually get special abilities, the only difference is in character appearance.
>No battlesuits are actually OP since they're like 'Slugs and can only take a few hits, and you almost never actually start with them.
>Rebels become IG, SM, an' SoBs. About as devoted as ever, have about as many tanks for as many roes as the Rebels do, and as many flavors for when the Rebels are in different environments.
>Eldar as Mars people expies
>Chaos as Ptolemaic guerrillas
>Necrons as Mummies
>Tyranids can be the various beasts sometimes found in 3, but fit better as Venusians
>Imperial bosses end up as tanks and bombers, as well as whatever crazy junk the AdMech threw together, or sometimes other stuff

Using this same formula with the Imperium of Man versus generic planetary rebels xenos, etc, you now have Imperial Snail.

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The Damocles Collection and Fire Warrior, you silly person.

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You do know that Torchstar is likely an agent of Aun'shi, right?

>> No.31885163

You know that the only reason why the tau empire doesn't obliterate Aun'shi is because he used to be the Supreme Ethereal just like Aun'Va, right?

>> No.31885187


I still wonder what Aun'Shi's deal is.Part of me thinks that him covertly funding the enclaves is his scheme to take control of the empire and become the new space pope, but I really, really want to believe that he's just a cool bro.

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Aun'shi is a respected and beloved Ethereal who is trusted by Aun'va.

> he used to be the Supreme Ethereal just like Aun'Va

He is and still a supreme Ethereal. Aun'Va pulled him back from retirement.

I believe he wants to guide the Tau Empire into a better path (wishful thinking).

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>Aun’shi, the Ethereal Supreme and speaker of great truths, had told her in person that the Traitor believed the philosophy of Kauyon was only for the weak.

>She shook her head in disgust and despair, her smooth brow creased. The idea of ignoring patience in favour of aggression was utterly alien to her. Surely, demonstrably as far as she was concerned, Kauyon was the path that led to the Greater Good. How else to use the foe’s own confidence against him, to do the maximum damage at minimum cost to the tau race? The Master himself had often said ‘To triumph with the least amount of risk must always be the goal.’ Unlike her headstrong peers, she had listened well.

Also like Aun'Va apparently he likes to troll and making her hate Farsight.

>> No.31885316

troll Shadowsun*

>> No.31885378

Who doesn't want to troll Shadowsun and watch her spill her spaghettis all over the galaxy?

>> No.31885419

Even if it did go up, I imagine it would just burn instead of actually exploding, then the crew detaches it and drives off without it. The fact that you'd have to shoot at it with proper anti-tank guns to damage it helps, too.

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>There will never be any proper Necron novels.

>> No.31887427

>There will never be a novel of Trazyn dicking every other race

>> No.31887471

>There will never be Trazyn's Eleven starring Trazyn and his duplicates

>> No.31887484

>there will never be a novel of Trazyn where his massive character flaws are addressed and fixed.

>> No.31887493

Fuck yes immolators

>> No.31887499

I recognize that bikini!

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Trazyn is perfect.

>> No.31887545

Actually, there is one where he featured. A short book called the ''Infinite Tableau''.

I can copypaste excerpts, if you like.

Hammer and Anvil and Damnos has some great Necron parts.

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>Kender are perfect

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Trazyn isn't a child with no sense of right, wrong or property. He's a thief.

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>> No.31887653


>> No.31887684

He is a manchild with no sense of right, wrong or property. He is That Guy. He uses edgy pseudonyms that are the necrontyr equivalent of XxX-L0rd-B4ph0m3t-XxX. He claims to be an historian but doesn't actually care about historical accuracy or knows shit about his trade. He owes his every achievement to his Crypteks' technological gizmos. He's so delusional, autistic and incompetent that he needs to create dozens of replicas for each plan to avoid fucking up.

>> No.31887698

and you don't recognize this one?
granted it doesn't have the brand written on it but we mentioned it last time.

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b-but anon....Tau dont have FTL

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>He is a manchild with no sense of right, wrong or property.

He does know.

>He uses edgy pseudonyms that are the necrontyr equivalent of XxX-L0rd-B4ph0m3t-XxX.

That's not the case at all, he uses historical names. Imagine if he called himself William Wallace, but nobody else is from Scotland, so they don't know who he is.

>He claims to be an historian but doesn't actually care about historical accuracy or knows shit about his trade.

This is true, but being a bad historian doesn't make a bad character and Kender aren't renowned for being historians, so I'm not sure where that angle comes from.

>He owes his every achievement to his Crypteks' technological gizmos.

As does every Necron, since they're all robots.

>He's so delusional, autistic and incompetent that he needs to create dozens of replicas for each plan to avoid fucking up.

He simply has the ability to use replicas and so does.

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>there will never be a 90s OVA series about the Farsight Enclave

>> No.31891310


>> No.31891351

make it the 80s, so we can have Tomino in full Kill 'Em All mode for the right amount of grimdark.

>> No.31891417

whatever, there's no real difference between late 80s and early 90s.

>> No.31893202

Hawtest gals in the galaxy.

>> No.31893336

>40k game in vein of Metal Slug
Much like the picture's maker I thought of it as an Imperial game tough, with available tanks being LR Demolisher, Punisher/Exterminator and Executioner.

And available characters would be Guard heroes, with applicable abilities (like later MS games): Marbo with extra grenades and speed, Pask with buffs for vehicles he's riding and Yarrick one-shotting tanks and multi-HP mooks with his klaw and coming back from the dead twice (every other character would be 1HP like in original games). I couldn't decide who would be the fourth guy, but I assume it would be one benefiting from special weapons.
Harker would be used as an NPC and Straken is too much like Yarrick.

>> No.31893915

Did the Eldar engineer the Tau to evolve 80s hair as they developed as a species?

>> No.31894053

That's my rationalization for giving Torchstar this much hair.

>> No.31894129


As good a reason as any.

Perhaps one day, the Tau will have helmets with their manes spilling out, just like the Eldar.

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Makes sense. That necron did say he recognized eldar muckery in their dna, and eldar are glam as fuck.

>> No.31897354


... Ass shots man.

Ass shots.

>> No.31897392

>Ass shots.
Comes with the, glam, man. You cant have glam without glam butts. Butts n hair comprise, like, 90% of glam. The rest is electric guitars, power synths and eagle jumps.

>> No.31897407

since tau are not-asians the only hair they have are top-knots and sometimes goatees.

80's hair is eldar/space wolf only.

>> No.31897911

>space wolf
>80s hair
Theyre just not!Viking hair.

>> No.31898071


I wish there was a company that did Metal Slug minis. My Orks would be so happy.

>> No.31898761

So, there's like only 10 pictures of Torchstar, isn't there?

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Not too many yes.

>> No.31899002

I don't think tau have hair beyond their topknot. Either that or they cut it so there's only the topknot.
That being said, as a seperate region, enclave tau might let it grow out.

>> No.31899188


And yet we get 100 Xeno whatever her name is called pictures.


Who knows, the Tau might ceremoniously keep their hair a top-knot. It might grow loos and flowing naturally.

>> No.31899668

She is also multitudes of years older than Torchstar and was once part of a quest.

>> No.31899697


Xeno is pretty old.... and was made by a quest.

Torchstar just doesn't have that many words to go by.

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So what you're saying is that Torchstar needs to star in her own quest?

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Additionally, do you think Shas would be willing to do it? She did a pretty good job with Tau Quest and whether you like Xeno or not, you can't deny that she's generated a pretty significant amount of fan art.

>> No.31900240


She needs to be the Sempai to Random Quest Protagonist #434334. You are either a tau or guevesa serving under her and constantly being sent on more and more dangerous missions alongside her as she tries to gain the attention and affection of Farsight.

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I mean, I could post for the rest of the night and I don't even think I'd get through all of my Xeno's Adventure pics; and that's not even quest thread proper material. There's just an absolute wealth of Xeno art. Tons and tons.

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Admittedly, these three are the best general purpose Xeno pics.

I guess this one is alright, too.

>> No.31900337

Is dat draffagit?

>> No.31900457


Yeah, but she's not as cute and doesn't have amazing hair like Torchtar

>> No.31900487
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>not as cute
>doesn't have amazing hair
Allows me to disagrees.

>> No.31900515


Cute, is subjective.

Hair? This isn't even a contest. That disgusting blue hair is short contained in a rat's tail.

Torchstar has perfect mane.

>> No.31900520

They shave their head though, you can see from the artwork that sometimes the braid comes the side of the head or whateve.

>> No.31900557

Red for enclave as well as fire
Black, because Necrons
Green, because orks. Causes constant confusion due to her name mismatching her color
White, because her suit is already white

We are just two tau waifus away from having a proper Tau-er Rangers tau waifu squad.

>> No.31900570

It's true that Xeno has a more practical haircut. She's an earth caste girl, after all. Long hair would just get caught in the machinery when she's working.

>> No.31900590

>rat's tail.
Torchstar has one, too.

>> No.31900611

>Black, because Necrons
Now I want to see Xeno piloting the Black Scarabzord.

>> No.31900627


Find a girl Tau from the T'au sept for yellow.


No wonder blondes have more fun, she's not Earth Caste.

>> No.31900641

Torchstar's is longer and, therefore, better.

>> No.31900646
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Xeno's hair is soft and always clean.

that would be boring compared to just playing as her
Torchstar is definitely not the kind of character she's into. Torchstar is all about kicking asses and hanging out with bros, Shas makes every significant character a pathetic blob of feels.

>> No.31900651


But she's fluffier

>> No.31900656
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Tau Race Queen could be blue, because she is Water Caste and all.
And Blue would have a green Squigzord.

>> No.31900675

the color of T'au is white; that's why Shadowsun's armor is white.
Yellow is just their usual camouflage color.

>> No.31900677

I cannot disagree with either of your posts. I just wanted to point out that it exists.

>> No.31900693

But isn't Xeno's dynastic colors black and green?

isn't Blue's clan color yellow?

>> No.31900701
File: 142 KB, 800x800, 1291692523045.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Patently untrue. There were feels but Xeno was also a pain train in Tau Quest. She wrecked, in no particular order; her own doppelganger, an eldar farseer, and ork warboss, a tomb spyder, a giant obelisk thing and probably a bunch of other stuff I'm forgetting.

>> No.31900738

But in a very sad and angsty way (apart from maybe the first two threads). Torchstar would do it in a badass and fun way.

>> No.31900755

Necrons say the work of one of the Old Ones servants in the Tau.

For all we know, it could be the Orks

>> No.31900762

>But isn't Xeno's dynastic colors black and green?
Green in general is a very necron secondary color. But black/steel gray is their main shtick.
>isn't Blue's clan color yellow?
While true, shes more known for being orky, and there is no color more orky than green.

>> No.31900764

That's called pathos. Good characters have it.

I'll bet Shas could write a great Torchstar.

We should summon her. Somebody find a goat to sacrifice.

>> No.31900786

No since the Orks were made by the Brainboyz who weren't multicolored taoist frogs but weedy green space nerds.

>> No.31900832

>That's called pathos. Good characters have it.
Are you from fanfiction.net?
Good characters don't need pathos.

>> No.31900889

And I won't bet you anything since you're obviously so delusional that you went so far as to bring up Shas when talking about Torchstar.
So, visibly, at this point, even if you were presented with all the evidence of the world that Shas couldn't write Torchstar for shit you would refuse to admit defeat.

And for all we know maybe Shas could conceivably write a good Torchstar, but we might as well ask a random fa/tg/uy to do it, and his chances to come up with something good wouldn't be any lower.

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>Are you from fanfiction.net?

>> No.31900994

>still no compelling air caste or ethereal blueberry
why are they objectively uninteresting castes for berries?

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>Theyre just not!Viking hair.
space wolves are actually the only ones with crazy 80's hair on any modern models, though

>> No.31901015


Tell that to Jain Zar

>> No.31901200 [DELETED] 

I actually don't think I'm familiar enough with Torchstar to write her properly. I've been out of the hobby for a little while, at this point and, if I'm honest, I don't know that I have any interest in getting back in. I like the art of her, though. She looks neat but I'm afraid that any writing based on appearance, alone, would be similarly one-dimensional.

Also worth pointing out, Xeno as I wrote her was more of a cypher than anything else. A lot of her characterization came after the fact, in the following short fiction and draw quests - although it tended more towards cute than anything else.

>> No.31901239

I don't think anyone has really worked on any. Which is weird considering how /tg/ is, I'd think by this point we'd get a tall and clumsy Air Caste girl and a bookish and prudish Ethereal.

>> No.31901299

There's nothing mysterious or puzzling about the angsty robot/undead girl with an existential crisis and a traumatic past yadda yadda. 80% of deviantart's cyberpunk (and I use that term very loosely) is just that: melancholic cyborg chicks who pose a lot. The only reason why such a trope exist isn't because it's fascinating or interesting, it's because it has a vague nihilistic glamour.

>> No.31901412

Originally it was just this one head and it was a reference to Slaine, with punk inspirations, not glam ones.

>> No.31901605
File: 1.19 MB, 3406x1000, get rekt taufags.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

friendly reminder that a single librarian can make a mockery of a multitude of riptides

>> No.31901639

Is the librarian a qt spunky fightan gril?

>> No.31901659

he's a mongol on a motorcylcle that makes lightning overload riptides and explode them

that's clearly better

>> No.31901676
File: 263 KB, 900x1320, Tau Air Caste.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Heres an airberry. I really want someone to do a milfy arathereal caste blueberry, though.
>Ara ara, you're going to hold the line and sacrifice your lives in the name of this old mess?

>> No.31901709

Thats pretty cool, but not all that qt. Maybe if he let Torchstar feed him from her bento box afterwards we would be onto something, but I'm pretty sure that lunch is reserved for Farsight alone.

>> No.31901721

Guess they could go fishing or something

>> No.31901742

jain zar is not a modern miniature in the slightest

>> No.31901806 [DELETED] 


Did that happen in the novel? Is that the same dude Shadowsun turned into heated vapor?

>> No.31901857


Did that happen in the novel? Is that the same dude Shadowsun turned into heated vapor?

>> No.31901865

presuming that you are talking about >>31901709


he also throws around tau fighter craft like toys, and teleports a riptide to parts unkown for a laugh

mid laugh shadowsun melts his face

and off in the distance straken is punching a riptide to death

>> No.31901884

What does Torchstar have in her bento box?

>> No.31901896

extremely spicy fish

>> No.31901934

grilled fish.
Taus are traditionally vegetarian in the Empire but she doesn't strike me as the vegetable-eater type.

>> No.31901955

Curry, but unknown to all it's very bland. To her great embarrassment she can't handle spicy foods.

>> No.31901973

One reason the Enclave caught on is that they have BBQ Rib Fridays.

>> No.31902009

>taus don't smoke
>Torchstar hangs around with gue'vesa mercenaries, sees one of them smoking lho
>she likes the smell of burning prometheum, figures out it must be similar, also the idea of inhaling burning stuff appeals to her
>she pulls on the blunt ONCE
>the next morning she wakes up naked on another planet with no recollection of what happened and weird low gothic stuff written all over her face.

>> No.31902048


>> No.31902073

also one of them drew her a nose and ears

>> No.31902134

>arathereal caste
This needs to be a thing. Why isnt this a thing.

>> No.31902233

Animu triangle nose or realistic?

This is important.

>> No.31902250


why you gonna draw it?

>> No.31902258

>eating with the vespid and kroot
>one of them looted Exterminatus Joe's Plasma Destroyer Heretic Incineration Sauce off a corpse
>they dare her to try it first
>one drop on her food makes her start sneezing
>she eats it and does her best to smile instead of spitting it out and guzzling water
>after she says it was nothing special they douse her food with it
>she has to sit there and finish her meal trying desperately not to cry
>after she's done spends the rest of the day in bed shivering and sweating

>> No.31902365

Why do I find this Tau so cute

it must be the hair

>> No.31902384

She doesn't seem to be very petty but she sure as hell is going to make the kroot freak out by pretending to light up his quills with a flamer.

>> No.31902405

maybe cause the design reminds you of Curly Brace a little.

>> No.31903760
File: 76 KB, 600x442, dirty-pair-TV-2-screenshot03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kei was my first thought. Must be the hair.

>> No.31907304
File: 43 KB, 640x480, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

please tell me theres a long blue haired blueberry that teams up with Torchstar for hijinks and shenanigans?

>> No.31907339

Yes we get it, badly written Black library shit is badly written.

>> No.31907347


But...but Kelly worked on it too.

>> No.31907370

Not disrespecting anyone.

But when you have the Giant Gundam Robots that are not just powerful they're also rare as hell drop around like flies, it shows a great lacking in your own sense and ability when you also have all the stuff killing said Gundam Robots die to a potshot from something most of said Gundam Robots are carrying a better version of.

>> No.31908231

But that would be wrong.

>> No.31908260

The Orks like their burnas too though. Setting things on fire is basically the national sport of the Milky Way.

>> No.31908315
File: 90 KB, 512x512, burna.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's only one Arch-Arsonist.
Snagrod is love.
Snagrod is life.

>> No.31908333
File: 355 KB, 1600x1200, dow259.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I miss the fire off?

>> No.31909058

I must admit, that I don't really care about the Tau. But Torchstar is so cute.

>> No.31909124

>used by commissars to pickup sororitas chicks

>> No.31909134
File: 17 KB, 300x431, vostroyan-with-flamer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah man. Here in the IoM, there's no such thing as 'too little fire'

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