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What do you guys think of the rumors? I see two different camps

>Percentage based FOC
>No army more than 2 books


>It's more like 6.5 Edition
>Only folding in Escalation and/or Stronghold Assault into the core rules.
>Included all current errata and FAQ into the core rules
>It's not even being called 7th, it's 6th Edition Revised

Also there's rumors on the new starter set

>Blood Angels vs Orks
>Imperial Guard vs Eldar

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I hope for the latter.

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You know, even though the first group seems to be tournament player wishlisting, I'd be keen to try it out. The only thing that bothers me is armies being limited to two books. We play at high point levels and it's common to have at least two books. Especially with Imperial players. For example my Imperial Guard are allied to Space Marines and have an Inquisitorial Detachment.

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> starter pack not having any kind of space marines

Also its most likely to update two unupated armies.

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IG and eldar and i would cream my pants and start an eldar armr and beef up my IG to more then allies.

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So they sold all this ally shit only to try to back peddle when people use it? Limiting to only two books or whatever only hurts bad books atm.

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>I see two different camps

From my experience I'd add a third camp of people who now rabidly hate 40K and the direction the rules and the costs have gone etc. They only see any new edition as a new low either casualise the rules further or a cynical attempt to get money.

It's depressing because I have a nice world eaters army and so few people play it at my gaming group.

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I think that no matter what it is the internet will be pissed.

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>Percentage based FOC
>No army more than 2 books
Not happening

>It's more like 6.5 Edition
>Only folding in Escalation and/or Stronghold Assault into the core rules.
>Included all current errata and FAQ into the core rules
>It's not even being called 7th, it's 6th Edition Revised
Calling it 6.5 is a stretch, it is probably just an updated rulebook including rules from escalation and whatnot. I doubt a single rule will actually change.

>Also there's rumors on the new starter set
Seems unlikely seeing how DV is still up on the website while the rulebook isn't being sold anymore.

>Blood Angels vs Orks
More likely of the two
>Imperial Guard vs Eldar
More interesting of the two

Anyone who seriously thinks we are getting massive changes like a percentage based FoC and sideboards is delusional, limiting the actual forces used eg. inquisition, allies, knights, pick one; is actually possible.

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>Calling it 6.5 is a stretch, it is probably just an updated rulebook including rules from escalation and whatnot. I doubt a single rule will actually change.
From what I hear the assault rules were on the table to get an update (no, I don't know if they made it or not, but there was at least something in the works at one point).

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What's a sideboard in this context?

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>mfw all it does is change all mentions of IG into AM and adds Scions

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>From what I hear the assault rules were on the table to get an update (no, I don't know if they made it or not, but there was at least something in the works at one point).
Perhaps they were, but odds are it wasn't carried over or if it was they are very minor changes. Most changes I can see are rules being cleared up, especially regarding combining books.

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I recall a separate person talking about the assault rules getting charge reactions and what sounds a lot like being able to redirect charges.

Assuming that it's not just wishlisting and is related to the stuff I heard then it's definitely something.

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I guess something like you can swap out say 25% of your forces to make a matchup better so you can put say 250 points in a side anti mech unit and anti flyer unit then pick one for the match. It's from shit like TCG

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IG isn't being replaced by AM, the codex itself refers to the army as the Imperial Guard in their codex.

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Pretty much this: >>31868239
The example being tossed out is that in a 1000 pt game, you have the option to take 750 points that's your main list and have a certain number of 250 pt sideboard lists (I can't remember if it's rumored to be limited as to how many sideboard lists you can have). After you both see each other's lists, then the person that deploys first chooses his sideboard and deploys normally. The person that goes second then chooses his sideboard after that. So he'd know everything the person going first is bringing.

Also, your final list including primary list plus your sideboard must conform to the percentage based FOC.

Even though it's probably wishlisting, this is actually one of the very few I'd like to try to see how it goes.

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I have several armies. I wasn't interested in an Eldar army until I heard about the possibility of an IG/Eldar starter set. I have a large guard army. The only Eldar faction that holds my interest is Ulthwe. So I might just branch out to Eldar as allies.

What I'd like to see in such a starter set
>2 squads guard infantry
>Some IG vehicle. A tank is probably asking too much but I'd settle for a sentinel.

>Guardian squad(s)
>whatever else from Eldar

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I'd say it's all but confirmed that anything about percentages is bullshit. No source with credibility equaling or exceeding 40k Radio's has come out in favor of it as far as I know.

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The only sources equal to or better than them would be Harry or Hastings and they went silent over a year ago.

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I know next to nothing about the actual sources of these rumors. So those are/were the three big ones that were generally correct? What's the rumor scene like in general? Just curious. For example, has there been any noteworthy blunders or outright liars?

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40k Radio has 53 correct predictions out of 58. That's like an 89.9% average. I'll take what they say over Natfka pretty much any day.

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It's easy to predict the weather in the desert with 99% accuracy, you need to account for the number of predictions were fucking obvious before making a value judgement.

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Here you go. Just scroll down to their section.

>> No.31870748


>First to say IG was getting a new name in Astra Militarum

>Were the first to mention Imperial Knights as I recall

>First ones to say 40k was getting a new rulebook

>First ones to mention a Crimson Slaughter supplement

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Oh, and they've had rule books in hand early more than once to boot.

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Yeah, but the official title is AM, and the rulebook only mentions IG. Can't have that. Original concept, do not steal.

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Holy shit. I had no idea there were that many people claiming to know what is going on

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And that's why the tracker exists, to help seperate wheat from chaff.

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> Ok some more news. There was a slight misunderstanding of the new IG name....Astra Militarum. No extra "I" in there. And from our source there will be a mix of Cadian and Catachan releases for Astra Militarum. So tHigh Elf Rumors of Catachans going away would appear to be incorrect. TRUE
> IG is getting a new name with their new codex a la SoB. According to 40K Radio's source, they'll be renamed to the Astra Militarium. TRUE
> And I want to re-iterate Knight ARE NOT part of Astra Militarium (IG). TRUE
> Imperial Knight Titan: 1 kit will make all the versions. TRUE
Pretty obvious

>Imperial Knight Titan Codex: Three armies in this book.
>1st Army: Imperial Knights Army TRUE
> Catachans and Cadians are covered in the new codex. Catachans are not going to direct only. TRUE
Giving marks for these is just stupid.

> New Larger Transport TRUE
It's in now way larger, don't know why they marked that as true.

So taking the first load they get 12 right, 7 off which are trivial, 3 wrong and 2 partials, both of which are trivial, so 5/8 of the non trivial ones.

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>Pretty Obvious
Wasn't obvious at the time dipshit. Hindsight doesn't apply on how "obvious" things are/

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>New starter set comes out
>Tau vs. Eldar

>> No.31871162

40k radio shill plz go.

>> No.31871235

Pft. No shill here. Just the guy who spent a lot of time during the run up to the Space Marine codex collating all those Q&As on Facebook and relayed all the info from the podcasts so people wouldn't need to spend 3 hours listening to both of them.

I shill for no man, just calling bullshit on saying something is "obvious" well after the fact.

>> No.31871291

Yes it was, but carry on being impressed by their amazing ability to correctly point out that they previously made a spelling mistake and predict that one of the two most common guard regiments wont disappear.

>> No.31871331

There was concern at the time that Catachan was getting folded out because their models went direct-only IIRC.

>> No.31871414

By idiots, much like when basilisks went direct order, did you give them any TRUE predictions for saying they were still going to be in at some point as well?

>> No.31871456

I don't run that tracker, I was just pointing you to said tracker.

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I'm a Sisters/Inquisition fan, and I'm not into Scat. When do we quit getting shit on and start getting into more Fireplay?

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The rules team isn't "ready" to go back to working on Sisters yet after finishing that digital codex. So at least another year before Sisters get another update. Probably longer.

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Since when has the Inquisition been shat on, cheap divination, those fucking grenades, every transport in the imperium ever and now the ability to add in the stormtroopers as allies?

>> No.31871558

Fuck... I just picked up another 2 units of maxed out troops, 6 special weapons, and some Seraphim, as well as a full unit of Repentia.

Got it for decently cheap. Perhaps I'll have them all painted and ready to go by the time the book comes out.

>> No.31871596

I've got 3k of the girls myself and am waiting for new models, or at least a new book with actual options in it, before they come back off the shelf.

Also don't bother with Repentia. With how they work currently they'll die before they ever make combat. Losing FnP outside of a single assault phase was fucking stupid.

>> No.31871666

Yeah, which fucking sucks, because Repentia are my favorites. Nothing but unending battlelust, zeal, and a hugefuck Chainsword. I've got 3 maxed units.

Currently at... 4,600 points of Sisters/Inquisition, 5,000 of Chaos, and some others sitting around.

>> No.31871721

I ran Repentia in 5th using Grand Theft Rhino and then unleashing that can of Rage right in the middle of the enemy lines, I feel you.

They need less S&M looking models though. Either something that fits their C:WH look or dresses them in the torn remains of their robes.

Also no shoes.

>> No.31871774

I would kinda like the sideboard allies thing, only have CSM, but still the concept might help deal with some of the tourney lists.

>> No.31871775

I actually like the shoes. Mine have them painted silver, and it's fluffed out that they were dipped in molten metal, and each step is agony, as part of their pennance. The entire convent is based on repenting for sorcerous trechery, repentia heavy, with lots of special weapons. It's all about shock and awe with a hell of a mop up crew.

>> No.31871832

Not that guy. But I was underwhelmed with the Inquisitor's options. In Black Library's own words, they were going to be the most customizable character in all of 40k. A generic Space Marine Captain probably has more options.

Off the top of my head. Want to run Ravenor? I suppose you can take power armor to represent his armored chair. But he's limited to mastery level 1 and can't take a Psycannon if you run him as Ordo Xenos. Amberley Vail? She has to leave her Displacement Field at home.

>> No.31871852

That works I suppose, but I'd rather them be barefoot or wrapped in rags (or options for both) when we get a proper kit. Not like you can't paint barefeet in metallic colors and keep the same fluff.

>> No.31871891

Exactly, or use some greenstuff to modify it. I'd totally be down for rags or barefoot, doesn't bother me much.

>> No.31871919

Someone would insist on painted toenails on theirs I'm sure. There is always someone.

>> No.31871933

As a fellow Sisters player, I'm going to wishlist a starter set

2 squads of Battle sisters with either flamers or meltas
Penitent Engine or a new model
Limited Edition boxed sets include an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor

The enemy I don't care about. But I'd pick one of my other armies.

All plastic, obviously

>> No.31871948

>No Plastic Exorcist
You're making me sad Anon.

>> No.31871983

Well yeah. Plastic Exorcist would fucking rock. But GW seems to hate including tanks in starter sets.

You're right though. Since I'm wishlisting, plastic Exorcists.

>> No.31872120

>They need less S&M looking models though
>the S&M nuns need less S&M

>> No.31872720

They aren't supposed to be S&M nuns though.

>> No.31872796

Uh huh.

>> No.31872834

Of course they aren't.

>> No.31872866

Heels =/= S&M

And that one is obviously not actually a Sister of Battle, I mean you can see her exposed cleavage.

>> No.31872889

Yeah, it's not like she is wearing the fleur-de-lis.

No S&M here!

>> No.31873018

Which is something that could be a lot S&M-y.

Also man jaw.

>> No.31873539


A lot of blanche's art - most famously that SoB picture and the deathcultists for Inquisitor (the game) - look like he had just stepped out of an S&M club and had a moment of inspiration.

For SoB blanche's art (especially concept art) is basically spot on and reproducing that in model form is difficult. Repentia actually come fairly close, they just suffer from awful posing and breasts lola ferrari would've been proud of.

>> No.31874174

>Also there's rumors on the new starter set
>>Blood Angels vs Orks
The new starter sett should be; Sisters of Battle vs Orks.

>> No.31876916

>>It's more like 6.5 Edition
>>Only folding in Escalation and/or Stronghold Assault into the core rules.
>>Included all current errata and FAQ into the core rules
>>It's not even being called 7th, it's 6th Edition Revised
These ones seem most likely to me, anyone hoping for percentage based army selection doesn't realize how shit an idea that would be for 40k

>> No.31877303

If they go with a percentage thing for force organization, I'm dropping 40k.

>> No.31877350

I could see a 25% troops requirement being put in.

>> No.31877548


This is looking to be true, but with some rule tweaks for stuff like Skyfire and Interceptor.

Someone actually brought up a good point with regards to the latter. Interceptor is present in the Tau codex, but pretty much or flat out doesn't exist in the Eldar, Space Marine, Tyranid, and Imperial Guard codices.

>> No.31880711

>starter set not containing some form of Space Marine

>> No.31880979

They should just remove interceptor, a nice idea that doesnt work very well, and just have units that have skyfire able to shoot at both flying and normal targets.

>> No.31881240


Well obviously it's not doing what they want, so that is why it and Skyfire are possibly up for getting changed. Unrelated, but I could see Precision Shot becoming a rule

>> No.31881437

Get rid of random charge distances and allow assaulting from deep strike.

>> No.31883536

>And from our source there will be a mix of Cadian and Catachan releases for Astra Militarum
Eh? Was there? I don't remember either...

>> No.31883544

>but with some rule tweaks for stuff like Skyfire and Interceptor
Where did you get that from?

>> No.31883826

>What do you guys think of the rumors?
They don't sell the rulebook anymore. So one way or another:
It's happening!

>> No.31883836


>> No.31883849


>heels in battle

What the fuck kind of heresy am I looking at?

>> No.31883869

Hey, I just noticed that because I wanted to get the book in english now that I can order in any language I can.
When I finally have made up my mind to take the plunge and buy the fucking thing before I can't get it anymore because of all the rumors... I can't get it anymore.

Fuck me. Fuck GW. Fuck everything.

>> No.31883911

John Blanche, the king of 40k.

>> No.31883922

>heels in battle
Basically every game since the 70s does this. Not really a 40k thing.

>> No.31883968

Why would you want to buy it just before it becomes unavailable? That only happens when they're about to make it obsolete. You dodged a bullet.

Although actually I don't anticipate any real changes, so I think the 6th ed rulebook will stay valid. But we don't know anything for sure.

>> No.31884050

The 80's

>> No.31884092

>Why would you want to buy it just before it becomes unavailable?

So far I got the BRB from every edition. I'm not much of a player, mainly a collector.

So yeah... mainly just for completeness' sake.

>> No.31884113

How's he going to get down that hatch?
Is there some kind of official SM tank crew apparel? I find it hard to believe they sit there in their power armor

>> No.31884153


I'm guessing there will be a long PDF, likely why they held off on FAQs for so long too

>> No.31884170

Ebay, my friend.

>> No.31884278

Well as I said, I wanted it in English. Kind of tricky now, as most people here only get the translated version and of the few that have it in English not a lot of them seem to be willing to part with it again.

Screw GW for not announcing shit like this.

>> No.31884369

I see quite a few, and there will be a lot more if it becomes obsolete.

>> No.31884381


There is an unforgivable lack of googly eyes.

>> No.31884390

>I see quite a few
Well, there would be in England.

>> No.31884411

Well, if it's selling for £10 or whatever even with international shipping it won't be too much. I find the idea of collecting old rulebooks odd anyway, but I ain't going to judge.

>> No.31884427

>I find the idea of collecting old rulebooks odd anyway, but I ain't going to judge.
Hey, have you read Gorka Morka?

READING those books is more fun than playing 40k.

>> No.31884444

You mean they will publish the changes over 2 WD issues which you can purchase for the low low price of whatever they cost in your region.

>> No.31884454

I like being an Ork fan and an Ork player, but I also like how, by virtue of GW only knowing how to make space marines and new editions, Orkz are now the new Dark Elves, having not been updated since Fourth Edition.

>> No.31884469

and of course the faggot artist chose the Imperial Fists to get killed by inferior space marine stock.

>> No.31884489

It's just bait.

>> No.31884505


No, I mean as an FAQ on Black Library. Stop shitposting like this is Whineseer


Your codex is next

>> No.31884511

I don't believe you, you didn't use the "This is bait" picture.

>> No.31884518

yeah but I'm still gunna enjoy my "Three editions in and still relevant" status for the two months it lasts, and I assure you it'll probably change to ultramarines by ward for the first codex of the new edition.

>> No.31884524


They're just revising the rulebook, no need to make all new codices, that would be asinine.

>> No.31884609

>no need to make all new codices, that would be asinine
>implying they won't

Anything to avoid doing something for Sisters.

Fuck, they'll probably bring back Genestealer Cults at this rate before doing something with Sisters.

>> No.31884614

Just made this for this special occasion.

>> No.31884623

there we go.

>> No.31884660

That and this is probably a revision the way 6th edition was a revision and the way that the 5th and 6th edition updates to most books were a revision.

>> No.31884685

Nah, that would be too much work for geedubs, especially with the rate at which they've been putting out codices and army books. Time will tell, of course- the only sure thing is that there will be rage.

>> No.31884786

yeah, I'm waiting to see how ward fucks up the orks. I mean you think a guy who writes hilariously bad fluff and overpowered rules would be welcomed by ork players but I can see this going hilariously wrong.

>> No.31884870

The fact that they wear corsets to battle is already fetishy enough. They even have the self flagalating chicks.

SoB was totally designed to be partly in the S&M section and mediaeval Christianity repentance.

>> No.31884958

He fucked up orcs and gobbos in fantasy beyond repair when he wrote their book.

Your entire army has gets hot, except on a 1 you attack your own units! This is good game design.

You want to know the absolute worst part? He would be infinitely preferable to the cruddace.

>> No.31884969

yeah. I hear people defending Ward by saying he's making sure armies keep up with the power creep... When he's the damn reason the power creep is as bad as it is.

Cruddace can stuff a bag of dicks into his ogryn-face and choke to death. I don't even play nids and I feel the player base's rage.

>> No.31884991

I haven't played since 5th. Do we have meaningful wargear options again?

Will the game ever be as fun as it was in 3rd?

>> No.31885019

Never more, Anon.

Looking back at it, I think I liked 3'rd edition better than anyone of them that came after. Although, that could also have been because GW was more active supporting their own hobby without our wallets in mind.

>> No.31885027

>Do we have meaningful wargear options again?

The Armoury page is back for most armies with up-to-date, hardback codexes, but the amount of options available tends to vary. Marines and Chaos Marines have quite a nice selection to choose from, while Tyranids have seen their available options decreased.

>> No.31885032

> Not Tau WITH Eldar
> Against auto-piloted Tyranids.

>> No.31885084

>Against auto-piloted Tyranids

>> No.31885091

>Cruddace the destroyer
>Kelly the eldarizer
>Vetock the Auto-hit AP2 Ignore Cover
>Ward the powerspammer
>Johnson the furfucker
>Thorpe the option killer
>Haynes the funburner
There's no good GW author. Only Cruddace and the others.

>> No.31885202

if only all the codex\armybook were designed in the same time and by the same writer

my vote would go to ward the slaanesh wounder

>> No.31885224

>he's the damn reason the power creep is as bad as it is
How is he responsible for Tau and Eldar?

>> No.31885229

Ward is seeing a popularity increase because he hasn't committed anything meaningful since some time. Who remembers Sentinels of Terra and Iyanden? Yeah.

Cruddace has done Codex:Skyblight Swarm, Space Marines and IG. All of them rather unimpressive, if mostly workable.
Kelly has done Eldars, Chaos Daemons, Codex:Heldrake and Farsight Enclaves. All of them prime example of rape.
Vetock has done Dark Angels (so okay no one cares) and Empire Tau (wtfbbq).

>> No.31885256

Power creep started to explode after the IG 5th, GK 5th and SW 5th. People mostly remember Ward because, while IG/SW 5th were rapetastic GK 5th was Nyarlathotep-level insane. And Necron 5th didn't help.

>> No.31885291

>>31885224 see >>31885256 this guy
Notice how their knight units came after the baby carrier knight? Also notice how codices necron and GK from 5th edition were pretty damn glaring and can still ruin tournaments to this day?

>> No.31885293

what kind of changes are expected on the powers? wtf about all those cardswe bought eh?

>> No.31885297

think this is ward's big chance to shit on 40K again?

>> No.31885304

into the trash like a pony thread on /b/

>> No.31885305

Necrons can still give it a pretty good go, but Grey Knights? They have a couple of units which are an absolute pain in the ass to play against, but outside of Henchmen spam, they're really not as powerful as they once were. Draigowing took a substantial hit when 6th edition stopped it from juggling wounds around to keep its Paladins alive.

>> No.31885309

Andy Chambers was in charge of 40k back then.

He left when he wasn't allowed to make changes to the game as he saw necessary. I think that was GWs biggest mistake so far in regards to 40k. Because after that everything was just a patchwork of covering up past mistakes.

>> No.31885314

gee, it's almost like the power creep left them behind and kept on rolling. Also I thought Nobz stopped wound juggling but Paladins still could.

>> No.31885322

>notice how codices necron and GK from 5th edition were pretty damn glaring and can still ruin tournaments to this day
No. Necrons are mostly average when not being allies to chaos for some Chaos Crescent. GK are quite dead, the only thing left of them is Coteaz, because Psyback spam is dead and Inquisition Detachments or IG allies do their thing better.

He's too busy shitting on Battle.

>> No.31885345

I mostly recall a huge chunk of the Ward whining was that his fluff was too 90's revision for the people that came in with Dawn of War to get. Also the part with the Ultramarine propaganda going above their heads

>> No.31885350

>t's almost like the power creep left them behind and kept on rolling
I think it's more that the core rules changed to stop them being abusive.

'Power creep' isn't remotely consistent, anyway. Since 6th we've had codices at all power levels.

>> No.31885354

Paladins still can but with MUCH less reliability. Also, GK deathstars aren't impressive when the most played army brings a S8 AP2 Ignore Cover Large Blast.

>> No.31885369

M-maybe tyranids will be better this time?

>> No.31885371

That was the Spiritual Liege incident. The most whined-about things are Grey Knights (Mortarion's heart, Bloodtide, mighty men with musculous magic, radical GK, whatever) and Newcrons. Let's not speak about Newcrons.

>> No.31885373

Which is irrelevant. Your claim was that Grey Knights and Necrons are still capable of dominating Tournaments; this is simply not true. Both books can produce a gimmicky list or two that can do well at a tournament, but almost every codex can do this. Even Tyranids, with their shambolic codex, can do this. That doesn't make them overpowered.

>> No.31885382

I didn't mind that stuff all that much because I was failing out with 40k at the time anyway due to coming with terms over how poorly GW managed it.

>> No.31885384

>expecting core rule changes
>expecting core rule changes that benefit Nids


>> No.31885393

>tfw BA went from near top to absolute bottom

>> No.31885401

Oh, well that explains everything.

>> No.31885408

>Newcrons. Let's not speak about Newcrons.
Newcrons got much less rage than the other things. Look back in the archives and you'll see the majority of posts were in favour of them when they came out.

Though the Oldcron fans were persistent, I guess.

>> No.31885493

I would say it was a mixed response. I for one was glad they pretty much fluff assassinated the C'tans because I really didn't like them as the root of all evil. The entire point with Chaos manifesting the way it does in the setting is that it mirrors all the evil in the galaxy.

>> No.31885519

have faith gaunt
have faith...

>> No.31885533

After waiting for 8 years for Chaos Spacemarines to be fun again I have given up hoping for GW to do something right.

>> No.31885572

>root of all evil


>> No.31885585

the nightbringer being the reason why sentient races fear death etc
that kind of stuff

fuck that stuff

>> No.31885865


>nearly 100% false

>> No.31885900

Well, 4chan's only reliable fixer is Raziel, and he only posts if/when he has the codex in hand, which is WAY past the point when anything can still be considered "rumor".

>> No.31886256

> Multiple wounds weapons.

>> No.31886270

>Though the Oldcron fans were persistent, I guess.
And they will be back.

>> No.31886324

>tfw 7th/6.5th/6.1st edition is still three weeks away
Dammit, /tg/, I'm tired of the calm before the shitstorm. Make time go faster!

>> No.31886337

It's not going to change anything. Walkers will still be shit, assault will still be shit and whoever can spam the most rerolls will still be king shit.

>> No.31886338

If you developed mutant powers and reported yourself to the imperium would they actually try to help you or would they just kill you?

>> No.31886383

Whatever happens, though, we should get some kind of a shitstorm.

>> No.31886570

you mean like every update,no matter how minor?

>> No.31886579

Blaming unfortunatly :(its why all the muties hid in the underhive

>> No.31886724

What sort of mutant powers?

Tentacle Arm =/= Night Vision

The public entrance secretly sterilizes you anyway though, so it really doesn't matter.

>> No.31886756

The internet being what it is, I'm sure we'll see a shitstorm no matter what happens

>> No.31887005

He went on to do the Starship Trooper game (now no longer in production) for Moongoose publishing iirc.
Rumor has it that is basically the game he wanted 40k to be.

Either way, from what I can tell leaving GW worked out in his favor.

>> No.31887082

At least he won't be blamed for everything wrong everywhere forever.

>> No.31887096

Can you extrapolate on this or point me in the direction of a pdf? Seems interesting.

>> No.31887149

This was recently posted here. Should be it.

Check the main rulebook. He is listed as
>Squad Leader
>Capt A Chambers MI82-94

>> No.31887530

Last I heard Ward wasn't writing rules for 40k.

>> No.31887623

Paladins mostly benefited from 5th edition wound allocation shenanigans. Since that changed they stopped being god-teir.

>> No.31887636

>yfw he's been working hard on 6.5, and it will be his most glorious work yet

>> No.31887669

He was involved in writing 6th and I honestly think most of that is fine.

As a writer and a dev he seems to be getting a lot more solid and less insane honestly.

>> No.31887952

Sooner or later by practise you learn.

The general standard for that department hasn't been that good in the last 10 years, though.

>> No.31888051

GW Devs aren't hired based on experience or training but how much they're fans of the game it seems.

>> No.31888187

I figure the studio operates on a buddy system rather than how qualified people are. At least that's how Black Library works.

>> No.31888492

>Read a bunch of WH40K lore daily
>Try to discuss it with my friends
>''I. Don't. Care.''
>Turns out I'm the only one interested in the lore, while the others just play the game
>I want to talk about the lore, but nobody's interested
It hurts, /tg/.

>> No.31890981

Indeed. I feel you man, sometimes I just want to talk about lore, not how rape-tastic your new Taudar list is. Gotta love 6th/7tt/6.5...

>> No.31891215

we're here man
for everything
/tg/ is here
if you want to rage about the last giant squirrel that got out of the warp\ward
or dream about both crunch and fluff of the thematic campaign you'll never have
or built piece after piece your warlords with their personal and unique background and glorious battles
or just talk about the lore you don't have clear
we're here
for everything
/tg/ is here

>> No.31892673

I like the giant squirrel. I want to field one in an army now.

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