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SPYMASTER? THE Spymaster of the Twentieth...? Did- Did Malal just--why? WHY?

You're at a complete loss for words, here. Running you around in circles, deliberately keeping important information from you is ONE thing, sure. You're not that deluded to think that your Rank Leader has to explain herself to you, as much as you'd like it to be a reality. Keeping the near-death, near-Witch state of the Warmaster from the entire Officio - absolutely fucking insane, but considering the current circumstances, it counts as damage control, and that's fine as far as you're concerned.

But going to the fucking TWENTIETH? Involving not only an outsider in Ninth Officio business, but also the most untrustworthy, the most sleazy, and the most underhanded of Warmasters? It's like - it's like a Bad Decision Tornado, where every single bad decision that someone like Malal - or any other Magical Girl, at that - can make IS actually made, thus setting off a chain reaction and creating a giant devastating vortex of HORRIBLE FUTURE CONSEQUENCES that will just completely fuck everything up.

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"...Your analogy started out pretty cute and everything, but it kinda fell apart in the end. Still neat, though, I particularly like Bad Decision Tornado." Malal chuckles. "Don't be such a dildo, Omegon. Spymaster's actually not THAT much of a cunt, although you have a point - I trust her as far as I can make her projectile vomit." She sips from her shake again, a long annoying slurp.

"It's not like I told her EVERYTHING, though. I just called in a favor from way back, said I needed a body double for Kharn until this entire thing blows over. She said yes, of course. Saw it as a challenge, since apparently our Warmaster is like the most difficult mark for a Callidus. We're talking Nightmare Mode, here. Impossible." Another slurp, this time longer and much more annoying than the last. "Are you paying attention, Omegon? You know how I don't like being asked unnecessary questions, right?"

Yeah, you're paying attention. ...So she's saying that the reason she didn't just approach Karasawa was--

"Because she wouldn't be able to hack it, and this is one of those things where you really have no margin for error." Malal shrugs her spiked shoulders. "Look, I don't like it any more than you do. I just spent thirty minutes making peppermint chocolate milkshakes for our guest, and you know how I am with that kind of thing. But sometimes we have to swallow our pride and do what we have to."

...Right. Fine. You'll...you'll let that slide for now.

"How gracious of you." Your Rank Leader snorts, but you ignore her. There's something else you want to know, and it sure as hell isn't an unnecessary question.

"I know, I know. About Kharn." A sigh. "Well, I'll be honest, I don't have a satisfying answer to give you besides just recounting what I know." She holds up a hand, holding up a finger as if to ask you for a moment's silence - before she starts.


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"Three days ago, around probably 3 AM or something, I get woken up by my helmet notifying me that both Kharn's and Murderface's vitals are in the red. Literally almost flatline. I rush out of my quarters alone, dead of the night, track their locator runes to just outside the Officio building, a couple of blocks away.

I find Murderface full of gunshot wounds and having like, three swords pinning her to an alleyway wall. Kharn's pretty much in the same shape, except someone stuck her Soul Gem with this black curvy knife thing that dissolved into thin air after I tried to pull it out. Oh, and they cut her head off and made it look like she was trying to give herself a blowjob, too. That was fun to stumble upon."

"Anyway, I dragged them back to base myself, had the night shift Venenum do first aid, restoration, all that crap. Told Kyuubey to keep it quiet, he agreed. Gave me permission to scrub the Venenum of any memory of that night, by the way - don't worry, they all think they just stayed up all night and played some pay-to-win game app on their smartphones waiting for a call. And here we are."

...So it was an assassination attempt.

"Probably. I found bloodstains all over the place, different types other than Murderface's or Kharn's. Lots of it, too, the alleyway was practically painted red. Whoever tried it had enough sense not to leave any bodies behind, or Soul Gems - they knew in advance that those two weren't going down without a fight. Impeccable timing, too - probably had Murderface monitored, and waited for her to sneak off for a couple of drinks, like she always does. I guess they were aiming for her specifically, and then saw Kharn and just fucking took it."

It's here that Malal drains her shake of its contents. "Makes sense, really. Why just go for one when you can get two in the same night?"


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You nod here, carefully considering what you've learned. Trying desperately to catch up to the pace of Malal's explanation.

Wait. If they were going for Murderface, then...

"The black dagger?" Malal nods. "Yeah, I'm not sure about what the fuck it actually is, or why they used it on Kharn instead of Murderface. What I AM sure about is that it infected Kharn's Soul Gem somehow - we've spent like ten grief seeds on that thing and it's going dark as fast as we can purify it. It's like she's frozen in that state. But yeah, why'd they use it on Kharn if they were aiming for Murderface?"

You blink here. Well...maybe they thought Kharn was the bigger threat. You'd do the same if you had to pick between her and Murderface.

"That's what I thought, too." The Culexus taps a glove-encased finger on her helmet's side. "Doesn't explain their motive, though, although I can probably guess. Kharn's made a lot of enemies, and I'm willing to bet that one of them had enough of a grudge to take out a contract on her."

That's no mystery. Kharn's appetites - both in bed and in battle - had always been a cause of headaches not just for Malal, but also for the Officio itself. It's not all that far-fetched to consider that someone would pay to have Kharn offed, as well as her pet.

What happens now, then?

"We wait," Malal replies. "Kyuubey's got his suspects, I've got mine, and we've compared notes. We're also waiting for Kharn to recover - the Venenum did what they could, but besides being really close to Witching Out, some of her injuries just won't close. Murderface is...well, look at her. Perfectly healed except for a couple of scars. Tried to get any information from her, but THAT happened before I could."

She sighs, the vox speakers of her helmet turning the exhalation into a snarl. "We find out who did this, we add their skulls to Kharn's throne. Probably their entire Officio too, but I'll be satisfied with the culprits first."


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How do you react?

[]You're saying that as if we'll actually survive Walpurgisnacht.
[]...Why didn't you forsee this? Aren't you supposed to be hot shit, MISS Malal?
[]Politely end the conversation. Maybe you can coax Murderface - Girl A - for answers of your own. Malal's explanation sounds too convenient, somehow...

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>[]...Why didn't you forsee this? Aren't you supposed to be hot shit, MISS Malal?

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>[x]Politely end the conversation. Maybe you can coax Murderface - Girl A - for answers of your own. Malal's explanation sounds too convenient, somehow...

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>[]Politely end the conversation. Maybe you can coax Murderface - Girl A - for answers of your own. Malal's explanation sounds too convenient, somehow...

I think we got all we could outta Malal.

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>Politely end the conversation. Maybe you can coax Murderface - Girl A - for answers of your own. Malal's explanation sounds too convenient, somehow...

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[x]You're saying that as if we'll actually survive Walpurgisnacht.
REJOICE! The culprits will also die, regardless of who they are!

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>made it look like she was trying to give herself a blowjob
Maybe everyone's a futa in this universe and we just didn't know because we've never seen anyone's junk.

>>[x]You're saying that as if we'll actually survive Walpurgisnacht.

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>[]...Why didn't you forsee this? Aren't you supposed to be hot shit, MISS Malal?
Malal sent us here for a reason, even if she's not entirely sure what it is, yet. Heh, who knows, maybe malal's foresight does have some limits.

>[X]Politely end the conversation. Maybe you can coax Murderface - Girl A - for answers of your own. Malal's explanation sounds too convenient, somehow..

>> No.31800437

>[x]You're saying that as if we'll actually survive Walpurgisnacht.


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>[]Politely end the conversation. Maybe you can coax Murderface - Girl A - for answers of your own. Malal's explanation sounds too convenient, somehow...

>> No.31800450

[X]Politely end the conversation. Maybe you can coax Murderface - Girl A - for answers of your own. Malal's explanation sounds too convenient, somehow...

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[X] prod the weapon Murderface is cleaning. Malal said she doesn't react well to it. I want to know what she means.

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>[x]...Why didn't you forsee this? Aren't you supposed to be hot shit, MISS Malal?
could we, perhaps, try not to be offensive with it?

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>[X]Politely end the conversation. Maybe you can coax Murderface - Girl A - for answers of your own. Malal's explanation sounds too convenient, somehow...

But ask her why she didn't get a warning on this without being rude

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We have 3 hours left to live. What's she gonna do?

>> No.31800469

Of course, but that's potentially hours away, and -ahem - there's definately a very slim chance we'll survive.

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Cross the streams, naturally.

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[x]Politely end the conversation. Maybe you can coax Murderface - Girl A - for answers of your own. Malal's explanation sounds too convenient, somehow...

We do what we can, where we can. Mllllll has her plate full, and she doesn't want more questions.

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[x]"Ih Kharn is short of witching out, why is she still alive then? Please tell me you are not endangering the whole Officio for a promise, Rank Leader."

I dont get it. If they had Kharn headless and Girl A disabled and it was an assassination atempt why didnt they just crush their soulgems while cleaning up the corpses?

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Interesting that both kharn and murderface are like this in this face of the approaching Walpurgisnacht.

What was it that Strauss called them? Maeorus?

>> No.31800494

[x] You're saying this like we will survive Walpurgisnacht

>> No.31800501

I'd guess that the knife was a delivery vector for... something.

>> No.31800506

>[]You're saying that as if we'll actually survive Walpurgisnacht.

>> No.31800522

>delivery vector for

It's why she nearly fell into despair.

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Happy 200 MGNQ!

And thanks to everyone who has helped it get this far!

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But it still doesnt make any sense.
Why would you think it was an assassination attempt if they left the job unfinished?
Kharn was technically dead.
Girl A was technically dead.
Why did they have the time to clean up the mess but not the time to stomp on the soulgems?

>> No.31800561

Sounds like an attempt to cripple the 9th. Kharn getting killed is a terrible blow, but Kharn witching out would take out the entire city and the whole of the ninth together.

Not sure why Murderface didn't get stomped though.

>> No.31800567

The 200th thread and I finally manage to catch up with this quest.

>> No.31800574

The obvious answer was that they didn't want them dead. Just incapped and/or infected.

The real question is why kharn instead of Murderface if she was the originally intended target.

Either way, it's good we split them up. They can do more damage that way.

>> No.31800587


Welcome aboard! We're happy to have you here with us!

>> No.31800596

>[X]You're saying that as if we'll actually survive Walpurgisnacht.

You've seen it already but congrats on 200 threads!

>> No.31800598

You are assuming this WAS an assasination attempt. They stabbed Kharns soulgem with a dagger that has infected her with something. Obviously they planned for Kharn to live, and possibly witch out inside the 9th.

As for why Murderface was left alive. If she was the original target, then obviously they intended to stab Murderfaces soulgem and have her witch out instead. Which suggests they don't want her dead, but rather turned into a witch. So they leave her alive, so they can attack her again later, and infect her with another black knife.

>> No.31800605

Who the fuck are you and how did you become this awesome without me noticing?

>> No.31800612


I still really, really love that drawing and wish you'd do more stuff for MGNQ

>> No.31800615

Then why do Yuma and Malal agree that it was an assassination attempt?

Im sorry if Im being annoying but that just really broke my supension of disbelief and kinda took me out of the story.

>> No.31800630

Oh my.

>> No.31800632

So this is why Kharn had that procedure done.

>> No.31800640

I think the most sinister part is that they were attacked just before Walpurgisnacht with a weapon specifically designed to make someone witch out.

>> No.31800644

Because malal always knows more than she's telling and it's a story that makes sense to Yuma

>> No.31800676

Well, the witch out MO is familiar... or will become so in the future, anyway

>> No.31800678

Leaving your target dying of poison is an assassination attempt, which was definitely the state Kharn was in. The thought of it would probably kick in after a bit as to wondering why they didn't finish Girl A though.

>> No.31800679

She needed the procedure to stop her Maerorus bits from growing. Her corruption was taking hold as far back as Kharn Quest, months before this flashback.

>> No.31800692

Looks great anon!

>> No.31800705

Oh damn son

>> No.31800717

That is awesome
Top work!

>> No.31800722

Fucking great. I really like the style.


I just have to wonder just who the fuck managed to gank both murderface and kharn at the same time. Did they bring like 100 girls with them or something?

>> No.31800727

Kharn is not dying. She is transforming into a witch. There is a difference. The fact they had a unique knife specifically designed to turn a MG into a witch means that was their primary goal, not death but witchification.

And since Girl A was the original target, they presumably left her alive for the same reason. They don't want Girl A to die. They want her to turn into a witch. Smash the soulgem and that can no longer be done. Leave it intact and you can return later with another knife, and turn Girl A into a witch too.

Why their goal is to transform MGs into witches rather than just killing them is the question you should be asking.

>> No.31800735

>without me noticing?
Because everything else I've done is considerably less awesome, honestly.

I'd probably just end up drawing Sallaka and Kyoko over and over and girls can't love girls!

>> No.31800763

>they presumably left her alive for the same reason
Not necissarily. They COULD have taken her soul-gem with them.

The fact they didn't suggests it's important she remains here.

...i wonder. Could kharn have taken a knife blow intended for murderface, ruining the plans of the assassins

>> No.31800767

Gimme some Mumi.
Or Enishi.
Or Kuma-chan.

>> No.31800777

How do you take a blow to the soulgem that was meant for someone else with your soulgem? Wouldnt it be easier to block it with literally anything else?

>> No.31800786

Well given the description they probably brought a few hundred vs an extremely hammered Kharn and Murderface

Although it probably wasn't an attempt on Murderface at all, rather Kharn was either set up to witch out and destroy the ninth and Malal for destroying Strauss's base when she rescued her and pave the way for her return when she was the one who stopped Walpurgisnacht

>> No.31800799

There isn't any problem with more best girl and blueberry

>> No.31800805

What if this is somehow a trap for Malal herself?

>> No.31800816

It is. People keep forgetting that Pinky told us she arranged malals death.

>> No.31800817

Dunno. Just speculating.

Actuallly, they might have been setting up murderface to witch out and killll kharn

Possibly delayed so that it would happen inside witch barrier?

Hard to tell without more forensic/CCTV data but we can assume Malal is dealing with that stuff...

>> No.31800822


It's that damn cult, I tell ya what.
Probably not.

>> No.31800823


Go full noir and it was THE SPYMASTER, and Malal is now setting HER up.

>> No.31800834

So they want Girl A to witch out in or near the 9th.

Actually, I wonder what kind of witch Chiaki would create, considering her really bizarre situation, the fact that she has lived for ages, has previous incarnations living inside her head and so on and so on.

For all we know, Chiaki witching out could create a witch of truly absurd power, if it has the strength of all Homuras.

>> No.31800840

Full noir and it'll be mami, somehow

>> No.31800841


frighteningly strong and possibly entirely devoted to FAUST.

>> No.31800867

Its more likely than you think.

>> No.31800868

See that is unlikely to me, it is just that Kharn is more a threat than Murderface witched out and and she would likely kill both of them

Plus if it was Strauss it makes more sense for her to target Kharn since Murderface wasn't involved at that time. Strauss is more likely since Pinky doesn't want to have Murderface dead yet she wants her to suffer

>> No.31800877

Chiaki cant witch out because she is already Homucifer.

>> No.31800889

Black knife job would certainly fit their MO. Kharn performing fellatio on herself would also entertain certain parties who will eventually be known to be assosciated with them

>> No.31800901


Draw KyouSaya then, but they must be their MGNQ versions!

>> No.31800913

Why would she be devoted to Faust? Homucifer would and the original Homura Akemi would probably HATE Faust since she is nothing like the real Madoka.

>> No.31800920

WHOAH NOW this kinda lewd is not allowed Hat. It's forbidden.

>> No.31800925

Basically, we're missing to much evidence to fruitfully speculate at this time, so the next thing b to do is gather more pieces

>> No.31800930

I still can't wrap my head around the use of the word "fellatio". Does Kharn have a dick or does Malal think fellatio just refers to oral sex in general (encompassing cunnilingus)?
My magical realm desires the former.

>> No.31800933

Know what else is forbidden?
Girls loving girls.

>> No.31800943


more please

this pleases me

>> No.31800945

I'm guessing there may have been a dildo involved.

>> No.31800952

Maybe the good doctor gave her more "enhancements" than we expected...

>> No.31800954

Colour version?

>> No.31800957

what if Kharn is a futa

I'll see myself out

>> No.31800984

Since we got to thread 200 already... Sadly, I was only able to manage four costumes, but I'll be drawing more as time allows. I'll definitely finish the commissar costume over the next few days.

Since I managed to get the morning off, I suppose I'll spend my time drawing a bit, just whatever comes to mind

>> No.31800990


/r/ nude version

>> No.31800991

>>31800404 >>31800410

Something...something doesn't feel right with Malal's explanation. Everything fits neatly, of course, or as neatly as they could under the circumstances - but TOO neatly. Like everything was planned from the start - not only the act of premeditated attempted murder itself, but the fact that it WAS attempted and clearly failed.

It felt like a setup.

No, it WAS a setup, la detailed ruse that your Rank Leader would have come up with, plan, and then pull off completely flawlessly, with every detail considered. It'd be just like her to leave absolutely nothing to chance, with all the variables firmly in her grasp - that's what made her so devastatingly effective as a Culexus AND as the Equerry. She considered every possibility and had multiple contingencies for everyone, with all of them leading to her own desired goals.

But the question that remains here, one that makes you grit your teeth in frustration as you try to keep in pace with your Rank Leader's pace of thought - is why? WHY would she want the Warmaster and her pet murdered, or in this case very nearly so? What was her motive?

It couldn't be for the Warmaster rank. Malal had made it perfectly clear to everyone that she had absolutely no desire for the role itself, being completely content with taking care of everything behind the scenes - paperwork, logistics, the watch-wearing dildo shit that Kharn wouldn't even touch with a ten-foot pole.

She was perfectly content to let Kharn get all the fame, the awards, the infamy - and every single time you shared pulsed communications with her, you never found her psyche tainted with the venomous poison of jealousy. Only contentment - and duty.


>> No.31801002

We were still waiting on more vote banners, if you feel like working on those.

>> No.31801003


Was it jealousy in some other way, then? Perhaps at Murderface? That was impossible too - you'd seen her look after Girl A with the air of a parent, albeit a disaffected one. She always left the touchy-feely stuff to Mami or Kyoko, but she always made sure that Girl A was eating, that she was being taken care of, and always paid attention to her needs as much as she took care of Kharn's.

So, no. As much as this seemed like Malal's deeds, carried out by other hands, she just didn't have any motive to. If she did have one - one that currently escapes you - then you may as well just throw in the towel, here. Trying to match wits with Malal - someone who can out-think anyone, as well as out-fight them if it came to that - is just impossible. It's an instant-lose condition. IMPOSSIBLE.

"You still there, Omegon?" Malal chuckles. "Or are you trying to figure out if I planned all of this somehow?"

You blink from behind your faceplate, feeling your cheeks heat up. W-wait, no, you weren't--

"Relax, I don't blame you. It is a bit too convenient, isn't it? And to be honest, I had to try and remember if I didn't get drunk in the past and set it up myself, really. Probably back then when I was still green and hated Kharn's guts."


"Kidding. But yeah, no, not guilty here. I didn't plan this." Malal shakes her head. "And you're not the only one thinking that I should've seen this coming. Well, I did, but it was more a common-sense-thing rather than a Culexus-foresight-thing. Chose to ignore it, because if I'm not picking it up with the latter, then surely the former's wrong, right?"

Another sigh. "Let that be a lesson, Omegon. Trust prophecies as the half-dreams, half-truths that they are. Never take them as gospel truth, and never trust them over intuition. Or common sense."

This is seriously the best time for her to teach you that. Seriously. Three hours till Walpurgisnacht. Perfect.


>> No.31801021

Its love. Its definetly love!

>> No.31801034


"I know. Gets under your skin, right?" Malal cackles. "Anyway, that's where we at right now. Still think I did it?"

You stare at her display image, before slowly shaking your helmet-encased head. No. Not anymore, at least.

For a wonder, Malal actually sighs in relief here, before nodding at you. '...Thanks, Yuma. I appreciate it." She pauses for a moment, before continuing. "Sorry if I'm putting you through the paces suddenly here - I know you'd like to at least spend more time with Cavefish and the rest of the guys. But there's no one else I'd trust with this, so..."

It's fine, you tell her. You understand. Although you wouldn't mind having a bit of time to visit Haruka before you die.

"I'll authorize it. Do it after your errands, and after that, meet me in the Warmaster's Office. That should be around an hour before go time, I think."

Right. You thank her before saying goodbye, and the connection is severed with a beep.

...You're still not convinced here. Not entirely. But at the same time, there's no one else you'd trust with your life.

You take a slow, deep breath here, before you turn towards Girl A. You blink to see that she'd been staring at you the entire time, hugging what looks like an AK-47 to her frame, the way a child might hug a cherished stuffed toy.

"...It's not the Angel's fault." She murmurs, just as you open your mouth to talk to her. "The Angel told me to kept quiet about it, but...it's my fault." There's a rattle of freshly-oiled machinery as she hugs the rifle tighter to her. "It's my fault that Re...Rape Monster-san got hurt."

Rape...Rape Monster-san?

Oh. Kharn.

How do you respond?

[]Try to ask her what happened. Ease her into telling you the truth.
[]Forget interrogation. Tear her secrets out of her skull. She's mindfucked already, what's a bit more damage?

>> No.31801038

>This is seriously the best time for her to teach you that. Seriously. Three hours till Walpurgisnacht. Perfect
You know, it may be, at that, if Walpurgisnacht is destiny, then she just told you that the results v may not be set in stone.

>> No.31801054

[X]Try to ask her what happened. Ease her into telling you the truth.

>> No.31801055

[X]Try to ask her what happened. Ease her into telling you the truth.

>> No.31801057

>Rape...Rape Monster-san?
Oh shit decu you make me lose it completely you asshole.

>> No.31801062

[X]Try to ask her what happened. Ease her into telling you the truth.

>> No.31801065

>[]Forget interrogation. Tear her secrets out of her skull. She's mindfucked already, what's a bit more damage?
3 hours til got ist tot.

Whats the harm?

>> No.31801069

>[X]Try to ask her what happened. Ease her into telling you the truth.

As much as I like tearing open skulls I don't see why that's a good option.

>> No.31801071

[X]Try to ask her what happened. Ease her into telling you the truth.

>Rape Monster-san.

>> No.31801082

>[x]Try to ask her what happened. Ease her into telling you the truth.

Professional Yuma is Professional.

Besides, doing it this way doesn't rule out doing the other method if it fails!

On another note, happy 200 threads, Decu~

Always needs more wendy

>> No.31801085


Time is more pressing than murderfaces sanity

>> No.31801088

[x]Try to ask her what happened. Ease her into telling you the truth.

Give me the chocolate Hisao

>> No.31801090

>[]Forget interrogation. Tear her secrets out of her skull. She's mindfucked already, what's a bit more damage?

>> No.31801092

>[]Forget interrogation. Tear her secrets out of her skull. She's mindfucked already, what's a bit more damage?

>> No.31801099

that has been discussed before. Apparently it isn't impossible with magic

>> No.31801100

>[x]Try to ask her what happened. Ease her into telling you the truth.
she already started, so no need to go at it violently

>> No.31801105

Yes. YES

>> No.31801111

>[X]Forget interrogation. Tear her secrets out of her skull. She's mindfucked already, what's a bit more damage?

>> No.31801114

>[x]Forget interrogation. Tear her secrets out of her skull. She's mindfucked already, what's a bit more damage?
If this had any chance of affecting the current state of the quest, I would vote against this.
But it doesn't. Metagaming ahoy!

>> No.31801117

Besides, I'm curious what Yuma might learn this way.

Might explain Omegons outburst later in the lift too. She was awfully touch about people being fucked in the head.

>> No.31801128

Holy hell that's amazing.

>> No.31801132


Oh but it does.

How will a person who doesn't even care if she does any further damage to you act towards you in the future?

You are setting the character tone of a NPC here.

>> No.31801145

Didn't Malal rescue Kharn? She thought of herself as "green" when she did that?

>> No.31801147

We've seen her tone. She physically assaulted us in an elevator.
This could be something for us to later remember and guilt her about.

>> No.31801157

>dem legs

>> No.31801164

>How will a person who doesn't even care if she does any further damage to you act towards you in the future
Aggressively guilty whrn trapped in a lift with b that person later?

>> No.31801166

>[X]Try to ask her what happened. Ease her into telling you the truth.

She seems pretty talkative, might as well go the easy way

>> No.31801176

I dunno. She was upset about it when she thought Malal had screwed with Girl A's head. It would feel really odd for her to instantly to it herself afterwars.

>> No.31801177 [DELETED] 

[x]Try to ask her what happened. Ease her into telling you the truth.
There's no point in spending your last few hours hurting folks that don't need to be hurt.

As long as she tells you swiftly.

>> No.31801189

>[x]Forget interrogation. Tear her secrets out of her skull. She's mindfucked already, what's a bit more damage?

>> No.31801190

>[x]Try to ask her what happened. Ease her into telling you the truth.
>Rape Monster-san

Happy 200!

>> No.31801191

[x]Forget interrogation. Tear her secrets out of her skull. She's mindfucked already, what's a bit more damage?

One more reason why it looks like Omegon doesn't like Chikuwa.

Because she's part of the reason why she was fucked up.

>> No.31801197


It might be that this is something circumstances will conspire to force her to do.

>> No.31801204

>[x]Try to ask her what happened. Ease her into telling you the truth.

>> No.31801214

Possibly, but it seems odd for it to be the first option she would jump to.

>> No.31801230

At the moment it looks very much like it's going to be plan B

>> No.31801232

Best girl.

>> No.31801234

[x] Lick the soulgems of Malal, Kharn, Wendy, Midori, Sayaka, Kyouko. Apply regular licks to Iori, NotMiku and Pinky.

>> No.31801250

You make Faust so proud.

>> No.31801255


Ahaha, thank you for this! She cleans up cute, don't she?

>> No.31801272

Every voting banner is Madoka!

>> No.31801280

>She cleans up cute, don't she?

Wendy is actually a blonde

>> No.31801293

Wendy, when did you get so lewd!?

>> No.31801295

Wendy <3

Heh Rape Monster-San
Can we keep this version? I like her

>> No.31801297 [SPOILER] 

>[X]Forget interrogation. Tear her secrets out of her skull. She's mindfucked already, what's a bit more damage?


I know what.

>> No.31801305

I want Madoka to step on me with her mary janed feet..

>> No.31801313


>> No.31801336

Did being an edgy asshole win?
Are we about to get shot when girl A flips out and stops time?

>> No.31801339

>[]You're saying that as if we'll actually survive Walpurgisnacht.

>> No.31801342

> Rape Monster-san

>> No.31801346

The crazy one that wanted what Midori's getting

>> No.31801353



Most of those votes didn't have the [x] anyways

>> No.31801362


>> No.31801368

God I hope it didn't and if it did that we do get shot.

>> No.31801372

Speaking of which, Wendy butt

Congrats on 200 threads deculture!

>> No.31801379

Ha ha, time to traumatize a Culexus!

Except that option didn't have as many votes.

>> No.31801387

>all these people with good taste in butts
Absolutely beautiful

>> No.31801393

That's because many of those were discussion from people who didn't spam multiple votes because they're not assholes.

>> No.31801396

We could use more of this all the time

Nah the skinnier one. Wasn't healthy enough for Chiaki to notice.
Hah that makes me wonder if she would actually use a wish to change herself if she saw Wendy and Midori then thought that's how she could get Chiaki

>> No.31801428

Why would Wendy need a wish to change herself? She is a Callidus, after all.

>> No.31801431

More Wendy butt? More Wendy butt.

>captcha: omoodst imregnable

I'd take that as a challenge.

>> No.31801449

He means the idol singer from the reeeeally early threads. The one that got a write-up recently where she had to work with Ruri.

>> No.31801450

> The literal end of the world is less than 3 hours away
> edgy

If we don't find out what's going on, this could be all Decu wrote

>> No.31801456


>> No.31801458


>> No.31801466

Because pretending to be something youre not is exhausting compared to just not being it anymore

>> No.31801470

There we go!

>> No.31801472

>Flashback thread
>This could be the end of the line, guys!

>> No.31801473

I gotta say, I'm liking this trend.

>> No.31801475

I'll.. I'll just..
I'll just be over here, on my own, doing nothing in particular

>> No.31801476

Time paradox.

>> No.31801481

basically, started doing figure practice last night and it turned into Wendy butt. 10-15 minutes per sketch

This isn't even my Thread 200 project though.
I'll be posting that later today.

>> No.31801486

I don't have enough hands for all of this Wendybutt, goddamn.

>> No.31801498

The cheeks on the last two are really far apart. Might want to work on that in the future.

>> No.31801500


Hah, so that's where all the hamburgers went!

>> No.31801528

YFW the future refused to change...

Because you were a giant pussy

>> No.31801587

So, since I got the morning off from work, I might as well do some random doodles.

Really liked Chiaki's face here, but then... hahaha...

>> No.31801609

>This isn't even my Thread 200 project though.
I hope it involves more burgerbutt.

>> No.31801644

>>31801054 >>31801055 >>31801062

You take a deep breath, before reaching out and placing a careful hand on Girl A's shoulder - a gesture meant to calm yourself as well as the girl currently hugging an automatic rifle to her chest. You feel her flinch slightly under your touch, but to her credit, she doesn't recoil or move away.

"It's my fault," She murmurs again, eyes tearful and contrite from behind her glasses. "A-am...am I going to get in trouble? Are you angry with me, Spooky Helmet-san?"

You blink at the rather strange nickname that she's dubbed you with, before shaking your helmed head slowly. N-no. It's...okay if it's her fault, you tell her, right after blink-disabling your vox speaker's voice-mangling feature - making it broadcast your own voice in a carefully modulated volume. No one's going to get mad, and she's not going to get in trouble.

You just want to find out what happened, that's all. Can she tell you what happened to her and Kha--Rape Monster-san? It's important that you find out.

At this, Girl A finally moves away, shaking her head. "N-no...The Angel m-made me promise I can't. It was a...p-pinky promise. Pinky promises are forever! A-and if I break it, I'll n-never find a b-boy..." Her cheeks go completely red here, and she hides behind the AK-47 she's currently cuddling. "A b-boyfriend!"

What? You blink at this, before shaking your head. That's...that's stupid. What kind of shit did Malal feed this girl, after 'rescuing' her memories? You've never heard about THAT kind of penalty for promise-breaking.


>> No.31801663


"I-it's true!" Girl A insists, her face going redder. "T-The Angel told me it is, so it has to be!"

You open your mouth to reply when you hear someone growl a curse, making Girl A shrink back even further on the bed. You blink at this, before realizing that the growl had issued from you - your teeth gritting in frustration at being jerked around by this, and by a lobotomized Girl A no less.

Jesus. You don't have the fucking time to play kid interrogator.

[]Ransack her mind for her secrets. You have to find out what happened. It'll hurt her bad, but you're going to die later. What's the worst that can happen?
[]...Leave her alone for now. If you make it out of Walpurgisnacht alive, then you'll try again. For now, you'll trust Malal on her word.

>> No.31801681

>[]Ransack her mind for her secrets. You have to find out what happened. It'll hurt her bad, but you're going to die later. What's the worst that can happen?

>> No.31801682

Don't worry, we all look at the faces anyway.

>> No.31801685

>[]Ransack her mind for her secrets. You have to find out what happened. It'll hurt her bad, but you're going to die later. What's the worst that can happen?
A Pinky promise?

>> No.31801690

>[]Ransack her mind for her secrets. You have to find out what happened. It'll hurt her bad, but you're going to die later. What's the worst that can happen?

>> No.31801699

[x]...Leave her alone for now. If you make it out of Walpurgisnacht alive, then you'll try again. For now, you'll trust Malal on her word.

>> No.31801700


[x]...Leave her alone for now. If you make it out of Walpurgisnacht alive, then you'll try again. For now, you'll trust Malal on her word.
Yuma is 2soft.

>> No.31801702

>[x]Ransack her mind for her secrets. You have to find out what happened. It'll hurt her bad, but you're going to die later. What's the worst that can happen?

>> No.31801709

>[x]...Leave her alone for now. If you make it out of Walpurgisnacht alive, then you'll try again. For now, you'll trust Malal on her word.

>> No.31801715

>[X]...Leave her alone for now. If you make it out of Walpurgisnacht alive, then you'll try again. For now, you'll trust Malal on her word.

>> No.31801719

>[x]...Leave her alone for now. If you make it out of Walpurgisnacht alive, then you'll try again. For now, you'll trust Malal on her word.

>> No.31801726

[X]...Leave her alone for now. If you make it out of Walpurgisnacht alive, then you'll try again. For now, you'll trust Malal on her word.

>> No.31801727

[X]...Leave her alone for now. If you make it out of Walpurgisnacht alive, then you'll try again. For now, you'll trust Malal on her word.

>> No.31801734

>[x]...Leave her alone for now. If you make it out of Walpurgisnacht alive, then you'll try again. For now, you'll trust Malal on her word.
Remember that if we die during Walpurgisnacht, the ones responsible will be dead, too. So no reason to do something we'll hate now.

>> No.31801736

[X]...Leave her alone for now. If you make it out of Walpurgisnacht alive, then you'll try again. For now, you'll trust Malal on her word.

>> No.31801737

[x] Ransack her mind for her secrets.

Take them.

Take them for your own, nya.

>> No.31801739

[x]Ransack her mind for her secrets. You have to find out what happened. It'll hurt her bad, but you're going to die later. What's the worst that can happen?

Getting tired of this "not knowing shit" shit.

>> No.31801745

>[X]...Leave her alone for now. If you make it out of Walpurgisnacht alive, then you'll try again. For now, you'll trust Malal on her word.
We got shit we need to do, let's not waste time here.

>> No.31801748

>[x]...Leave her alone for now. If you make it out of Walpurgisnacht alive, then you'll try again. For now, you'll trust Malal on her word.

What foul creature would make someone break a pinky promise, seriously?

>> No.31801765

Yeah. Pinky would be really pissed if a promise made in her name was broken.

>> No.31801767

[x] Try diplomacy again. I AM THE ANGEL!

>> No.31801774

You babies.

>> No.31801775

>[X]...Leave her alone for now. If you make it out of Walpurgisnacht alive, then you'll try again. For now, you'll trust Malal on her word.
Do something smart while I'm gone guys!
In my absence Deculture said he'll post my new write-up, so until later everyone!

>> No.31801777

>"A b-boyfriend!"
The fuck is that?

>> No.31801779


[x]...Leave her alone for now. If you make it out of Walpurgisnacht alive, then you'll try again. For now, you'll trust Malal on her word.

Maximum professional.

>> No.31801781

[x]Ransack her mind for her secrets. You have to find out what happened. It'll hurt her bad, but you're going to die later. What's the worst that can happen?

It's not like we're mindwiping her, and cmon let's not be in the dark for once. I doubt Yuma is continuing to give a fuck at this point.

>> No.31801787

[X]...Leave her alone for now. If you make it out of Walpurgisnacht alive, then you'll try again. For now, you'll trust Malal on her word.

did some thinking. What if Malal took a precaution and put a trap inside Girl A's head?
There is no way she would just leave it at a pinky promise.

>> No.31801796

An ancient curse, anon!

>> No.31801800

>[]Ransack her mind for her secrets. You have to find out what happened. It'll hurt her bad, but you're going to die later. What's the worst that can happen?

>> No.31801805

Part of me wonders what would happen. Would it work, or would Yuma be repelled and swarmed by a few thousand Homura incarnations and lots of clara dolls.

>> No.31801822

[x]Ransack her mind for her secrets. You have to find out what happened. It'll hurt her bad, but you're going to die later. What's the worst that can happen?

This will end well.

>> No.31801834

>[]Ransack her mind for her secrets. You have to find out what happened. It'll hurt her bad, but you're going to die later. What's the worst that can happen?
Oh nothing, just karma whiplash~

>> No.31801836

>[]Ransack her mind for her secrets. You have to find out what happened. It'll hurt her bad, but you're going to die later. What's the worst that can happen?

>> No.31801839

>[X]Ransack her mind for her secrets. You have to find out what happened. It'll hurt her bad, but you're going to die later. What's the worst that can happen?
End of the world in a couple hours here, let's not die in the dark. "What's the worst that can happen?"

>> No.31801844

[x]...Leave her alone for now. If you make it out of Walpurgisnacht alive, then you'll try again. For now, you'll trust Malal on her word.

>> No.31801851

[x]Ransack her mind for her secrets. You have to find out what happened. It'll hurt her bad, but you're going to die later. What's the worst that can happen?
Fuck it, fine. I want to know. And Chiaki is fine now anyway.

>> No.31801876

>[X]Ransack her mind for her secrets. You have to find out what happened. It'll hurt her bad, but you're going to die later. What's the worst that can happen?

>> No.31801878

>[x]Ransack her mind for her secrets. You have to find out what happened. It'll hurt her bad, but you're going to die later. What's the worst that can happen?

She won't know and this is important information. Making the mother of all omelets here, can't fret over every egg.

>> No.31801881


>> No.31801885

No, just raping her mind. Nothing big.

>> No.31801890

>[]Ransack her mind for her secrets. You have to find out what happened. It'll hurt her bad, but you're going to die later. What's the worst that can happen?
You become Braids 0.5,

>> No.31801902

>[X]...Leave her alone for now. If you make it out of Walpurgisnacht alive, then you'll try again. For now, you'll trust Malal on her word.
But it would be amusing to find that all this amnesia shit was started only because Yuma's mind scan disrupted Malal's treatment AND IT WAS ALL OUR FAULT TOO.

>> No.31801905

>>[X]...Leave her alone for now. If you make it out of Walpurgisnacht alive, then you'll try again. For now, you'll trust Malal on her word.

I don't want this to come back and bite us next thread. Or threads in the future.

>> No.31801915

Which option won?

>> No.31801917

More like getting our arms and legs blown off in time stop.

>> No.31801921

I want to lick her thighs until I die of dehydration.

>> No.31801928

[x]...Leave her alone for now. If you make it out of Walpurgisnacht alive, then you'll try again. For now, you'll trust Malal on her word.

We have bigger things to worry about than this crap. And we don't want to go away feeling like crap, too.

>> No.31801932

Arguably it already has.

But... chiaki is already fucked in the head.

Wouldnt it be preferable to have an idea why?

>> No.31801941

Neithet, im pretty sure both are being strawmanned to high heaven

>> No.31801945

>[x]Ransack her mind for her secrets. You have to find out what happened. It'll hurt her bad, but you're going to die later. What's the worst that can happen?

Being a goody-two-shoes is for Ramen Tits.

>> No.31801946

I really hope Satsuki is the warmaster of the first

>> No.31801970

First Warmaster handles heavy information.

>> No.31801996

[x] Leave her alone
Seriously guys we are dead in a couple of hours anyway what's rooting about in the first likeable version of this weirdo going to get us

>> No.31802012

I've been convinced to change my vote to [x]mindrape if that's still allowed.

>> No.31802032

Does that make Yuma Mindrape-monster-chan

>> No.31802042

Well, we know her sister is part of the first at the least.

>Satsuki contracts to gain the power to overthrow her mother
>Ragyo was a former magical girl who retired
>Satsuki has a variation of Stone Free
>Implants Stone Free's "fibers" into the gokuseifukus to raise her personal army
>Is actually a rather weak magical girl on her own, but with the aid of her devas, allies, and a 300 gallon barrel of RESOLVE, becomes the warmaster of the first
>She's dating her imouto
Duuuuude, I could get behind something like that.Even makes room for a "NANI SORE" moment.

>> No.31802046

Well, if we're thinking we might survive this we might know if something's planning on stabbing us in the back while we're engaged in five separate fronts and that might, you know, stop us all from dying - or at least stop MORE people from dying.

Just saying.

>> No.31802048

Chiaki would remember Yuma vaguely doing some very intimate things to her head

>> No.31802057


>My apologies, but this is a big decision, and the votes come to a tie. Can I ask everyone to take a five-minute revote? Please quote this post and then post 1 for the first option (mind ransacking), or 2 for the second option (leave her alone). The most voted option in five minutes wins.

>Sorry for this OOC post, I really don't like making them unless it's after chikuwa. This will hopefully be the last one before too long!

>> No.31802066


>> No.31802067


[x]...Leave her alone for now. If you make it out of Walpurgisnacht alive, then you'll try again. For now, you'll trust Malal on her word.

Who knowns what's in that mind?

>> No.31802069


>> No.31802072


>> No.31802073


>> No.31802075


>> No.31802078


>> No.31802079


>> No.31802080


>> No.31802086


>> No.31802087


>> No.31802091

Option 1

>> No.31802092


>> No.31802094


>> No.31802095


>> No.31802097


>> No.31802098


>> No.31802100


>> No.31802102



>> No.31802103

[x] Lick soulgems of all good magical girls. Because why not?

>> No.31802106


>> No.31802107


>> No.31802114


>> No.31802115


>> No.31802116

the evil seed of what we've done shall germinate within us

>> No.31802119

I'm upset how you lot have managed to screw up your votes!

>> No.31802120


>> No.31802129


This prevents samefagging during the flash rounds.

Thank you!

>> No.31802134


>> No.31802135


>> No.31802138


>> No.31802139


>> No.31802140

Option 2.

>> No.31802151


>> No.31802153

that's what I get for going away for ten minutes, nearly missing revote

>> No.31802154


>> No.31802156


>> No.31802157


>> No.31802160


>> No.31802166


>> No.31802167

In this thread:

People who don't understand how Final Destination votes work. Or really dumb samefags.

>> No.31802170

so, which one won NOW?

>> No.31802174

[]...Leave her alone for now. If you make it out of Walpurgisnacht alive, then you'll try again. For now, you'll trust Malal on her word.

>> No.31802179

inb4 it's a tie again

>> No.31802181


I'm really sorry, this was a stupid mistake.

>> No.31802191

13 votes for 1


11 votes for 2

discounted for 2,
discounted for 1.

Honestly, even the spam filter is pretty easy to trick. Pretty sure a space or the like would get past it.

>> No.31802195

I still dont understand HOW they work, but I know to to reply to em right.

>> No.31802198

Holy fuck, you people really need to learn to refresh the fucking thread before you post.

>> No.31802199

And you just invalidated your own vote.

>> No.31802208


>> No.31802229

Amusingly if you count the discounted ones it's STILL a tie. I don't think those three were particularly cheating, either.

>> No.31802234


>if we count the invalidated votes it would've tied up again

Sheesh Yuma get it together.

>> No.31802235



>> No.31802238

Depending on if the fucked up posts were counted or not I believe 1 took the vote.


>> No.31802240

well this is the first time I've seen it happen. Tough luck I guess, at least I know for next time if it comes around again.

>> No.31802250

Seems kinda "dildoes" thing to do to dismiss those votes just cause they have mild variations on them.

Though its amusing that if they are not discounted, its another tie.

>> No.31802251


>> No.31802257

Is this the first time the votes have tied like this? That's impressive for a 200+ thread quest.

>> No.31802273

>samefagging intensifies

>> No.31802277

I recall it happening before, but deculture just chose one back then.

Suggests this choice is something that will have real longterm impact.

>> No.31802278

Normally I'd agree - I've always pushed to count anything that was clearly a vote - but the purpose of the


thing is to make samefagging harder, because the filter won't allow the same text from the same user to be posted again within five minutes. It's also come to my attention that some people voted, then revoted when they saw they did it incorrectly, nya.

No, usually we just take the first vote after the banner for a tiebreaker, but mindrape vs. not mindrape seemed like a decision that would leave people pretty salty if not handled properly.

>> No.31802279

You COULD have followed the directions, which was to quote the post and then 1 or 2 for the vote.

>> No.31802292


>> No.31802297

Ahh, that makes sense then. I did not know thats how it works.

>> No.31802304

It's an anti-samefag vote measure. You can't post the same thing within 5 minutes, so therefore identical posts within 5 minutes of each can't be by the same person.

Posting anything but what is required of course will bypass the spam filter, and therefore one can samefag by posting
to get two votes in.

I am unsure if pictures and spaces allows you to bypass the anti spam measures.

>> No.31802305


>> No.31802307

It's not, because it takes advantage of the site's spam filtering algorithms to prevent samefagging within a 5 minute period.
Mild variations CANNOT be tolerated, otherwise they get through the spam filter.

>> No.31802308

You missed
For 2

Shits still tied

>> No.31802323

>I am unsure if pictures and spaces allows you to bypass the anti spam measures.
Let's find out.

>> No.31802324


I guess this means that Chiaki is in for some surprise mindrape after she gets back from boinking Midori.

>> No.31802325

Jesus, how is it that people don't fucking refresh their browsers before they post.

>> No.31802332


Then >>31802154 was also missed, still making 1 win.

>> No.31802336

In this case, no matter what Decu does, I'm sure that some people will get salty, but if it's honestly impossible to tell it's up to Decu to do what he does best.

>> No.31802337


>> No.31802338

Shiiiiiiiiit it's about time we got a cool choice with long lasting terrible consequences in the noir story.

>> No.31802345

Pictures might.
Spaces probably won't. I assume the string functions would truncate white space like v that.

>> No.31802354

I lost my draw

>> No.31802355


>> No.31802357

I think that 2 wins now. It's a tie if we count only valid votes, but the 2 has more invalid ones.

>> No.31802359

Yeah, 1 won~

People will always get mad, but if they get mad now they at least can't say it wasn't fair.

>> No.31802360


>> No.31802363

Huh yeah I missed that, good eyes

>> No.31802366

And that is all that matters.

>> No.31802371

When did Murderface get fat thighs?

>> No.31802377

Spaces allow you to bypass the anti-spam filter.
Pictures do not.

Just tested it. It doesn't truncate.

>> No.31802378

Turns out it was neither Midori NOR Wendy. It was Yuma all along!

>> No.31802381

This was done as properly as possible
Now let's get on with another terrible decision

>> No.31802384

First vote was at 16:51:24 (for me, anyway).
was at 16:56:35 and
was at 16:56:35
which was also after the allotted time limit.

It's honestly unlikely they are samefag votes, but just setting the rules as per what's provided.

>> No.31802385

Honestly, I'f be fine if Decu just picked the v one that makes for a better story, especially when the vote is this close.

That's what we're here for, right? Not "everyone does everything right all the time but horrible things all happen to good people" quest?

>> No.31802387

Well the top half still looks good!

>> No.31802388


>> No.31802391

And we don't even have any time for revotes. Walpurgisnacht is fucking tomorrow.

>> No.31802398

You feeling okay today, Hat-chan? Did you get enough sleep?

>> No.31802419

Huh, I always though posts with pics didn't count either. Meh, its all good.

>> No.31802427

Well I was going by it isn't over until NECO posted the banner since that is technically what has always been the end of the time period regardless of a few seconds either side

But we have a winner now so it is all irrelevant

>> No.31802429

So, is the Murderface-Yuma social link FUBAR? Because sheesh it is NOT going well and I love it.

>> No.31802446

>tfw it's already Waluigisnight here

>> No.31802448

Doesn't make sense for her to be such a bitch to her after doing this since she acted like she was perfect

>> No.31802465

>1 won~

>> No.31802479

If you think that this is FUBAR you must not have seen homu soul-ripping/raping the power out of godoka, which people STILL think is saveable (which it probably is, AI YO etc).

A little mindrape probably would get Omegon tense and standoffish externally but wracked with guilt on the inside and with a bit of pushing she'd just break down with apologies and Murderface forgiveness ("It's already forgotten, Yuma. No, I mean literally. I can't even remember, stop beating yourself up about it")

And then soul gem whiskeying or whatever.

>> No.31802484

If it was just a story, then why would we be making choices?
If the decisions made are not our own, then why bother with them at all? It should be written as a book instead, so that the decisions made can always be what's best for the story.

That we make interesting, discrete choices to come to an individualized ending makes this a game.
I'm here for a game, because if I wanted just a story where the choices were made for me, I'd read a book.

>> No.31802490

You know guys there is such a thing as being gracious in victory
Nice to see you have absolutely no sense of not letting the side down

>> No.31802508

Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to gloat, I just thought it was a funny coincidence that song started playing when I saw which option one.

>> No.31802509

I'm just going to vote for killing her from now on. Every vote. Kill Yuma

>> No.31802513

Wonder how this will affect the players. Less sympathy for Yuma in the future and what she desires.

>> No.31802517

>which option one


>> No.31802523

Well, I guess this: >>31802509
answers my question >>31802513

>> No.31802526

Wouldn't surprise me really but I think that's what she would have done so that's why I went with it

>> No.31802542

I really hope Malal didn't put a trap in Girl A her mind and if she did, I hope it doesn't fuck us up too bad.

>> No.31802547


I could understand that for small choices maybe, but for a big (story changing?) choice it's unsatisfactory. Even if the choice is split this close, with the redone vote at least the choice has been made pretty much fairly.

>> No.31802550

>In Australia

Walpurgisnacht is when its night between the 30th of April and 1st of May in germany, you dingus. Thats still more than 30 hours away.

>> No.31802552

She's guilty as fuck over it, and she knows shit shes not supposed to, but not how to make sense of it.

Imagine if you could steal a look in an immortal demons mind.

>> No.31802557

Is that really fair, though? The players are the ones who made this decision, not the NPC.
If the NPC was still running as an NPC, then sure, it'd be understandable.
But this is the players taking control of the NPC, making the NPC do things, and then blaming the NPC for those things when the NPC/QM wasn't in control of their actions.

>> No.31802559

I for one hope this really blows on Yumas face, BADLY.

>> No.31802564


yuma confirmed for NECO 2.0

>> No.31802573

Nice. That bitch now certainly deserves some FoFA on her ass.

>> No.31802575


Yessss a more hated character than NECO

She's a PC right now, and that means she's fair game. Chiaki has to pay for the players' poor decisions all the time, now Yuma gets a taste of it.

>> No.31802591

>but I think that's what she would have done
Even after Yuma blew up at Malal over supposedly crossing a line, even by Culexus standards?

>> No.31802594

A little mindrape sours people on Yuma, but theres still a strong Wendy contingent, even after cultist sacrifices.

You guys are wierd.

>> No.31802600

>in Germany
>implying no other countries celebrate it

Walmartburgersmash is big in Slavland and Scandinavia, too. Don't be such a holiday nazi, Kraut-kun.

>> No.31802608

Probably not, but thats life. Though if Chiaki learns of it, then it would be pretty IC for Chiaki to want Yuma dead, and the incarnations in the DEagle might remember this incident, even if Chiaki herself does not.

>> No.31802609

People were pretty mad about Wendy for a whiiiile, they'll cool off on Yuma, too.

>> No.31802614

And people -voted- for mindrape. They -wanted- mindrape. And they still mad.

>> No.31802615

Yuma doesn't have a nice butt

>> No.31802616

Wendy has butts. And boobs. And the gap.

What does Yuma have?

>> No.31802617

Oh yeah she is guilty but given her attitude towards Chiaki it is a bit less reasonable now since she always acted like she never fucked up and well half of what we have seen so far is her being insubordinate and now directly going against her much more experienced and skilled superior's wishes by mucking about in a mind she has no place being in

Just saying she doesn't have much of a reason to be on the high horse that she spent the first real interaction we had with her on

>> No.31802618

Wendy only killed a filthy disgusting prole. Yuma dares to raise a hand (thought?) against the almighty and benevolent Girl A, blessed be her name.

>> No.31802620

Theres a difference between taking a look in someones head and lobotomising them I guess?

>> No.31802627

Bet your ass it does. If she tried it on a hostile murderface, it'd be a different matter. This though? Unacceptable, especially with her acting all superior and butthurt about haruka

>> No.31802629

>Killing Yuma

You people are trash.

>> No.31802630

>That bitch now certainly deserves some FoFA on her ass.
Only because the players made her do it.
So you're saying that the players deserve to be killed.

>> No.31802632

Its kinda weird. Yuma goes and mind rapes us when we are in a state like this but still has the nerve to pull something when we were on our way to see Haruka.

Either we fuck up pretty bad in the time between Walpurgisnacht and the present day or Yuma confirmed for a shit.

>> No.31802633

Dem nekomimis.

>> No.31802637

Yeah, and that's because it fits with what the character has done so far under /tg/'s control

>> No.31802643

Yeah. Mindwipe is murder. Invading their mind is just rape. And Yuma knows that while murder is wrong, rape is perfectly acceptable.

>> No.31802645

Wendy did nothing wrong.

>> No.31802646

yeah but wendy wasn't sacrificing people we care about

or us

>> No.31802647

>So you're saying that the players deserve to be killed.

That's a tempting alternative.

>> No.31802654

The difference is mindraping someone for the acquisition of information is fair game, same as torture or mami-information-retrieval.

What's not OK is mindraping people to be better people, or rather mindraping people to be your allies. That's Not OK, because then you have to wonder if your allies ever did it to you.

Mami's allowed to do it because she said it's ok for her to do it and Mami wouldn't lie to us.

>> No.31802659

I think that was mainly a vocal minority
Much like we are seeing here

>> No.31802665

>t would be pretty IC for Chiaki to want Yuma dead,
I think, if anyone would be sympathetic to Yuma, it'd be the person who lives in that head all the time.

Of course, being forgiven would just make Yuma feel bad.

>> No.31802666

Neither did Yuma.

>> No.31802672

>difference between taking a look in someones head and lobotomising them
But it was said very clearly that this was going to fuck up Girl A.
>Tear her secrets out of her skull. She's mindfucked already, what's a bit more damage?
The 'tear her secrets out' and 'what's a bit more damage' implies that this is not going to be painless, or safe.

>> No.31802678

One of the problems with flashbacks that give player control over a established character.

One of the reasons I wish Decu would just post pre-written stuff for these.

>> No.31802680


>> No.31802684

Well. The fact we needed a revote and that it was very close suggests that atleast half of the playes think this is bad.

Then there are those who voted for it because they think its bad, but believe that its something Yuma would do IC.

Both of those groups can freely hate Yuma from now on for the mindrape.

>> No.31802689

I didn't say she did.


>> No.31802690

>Vote for the edgy options
>Complain that the character is horrible because she goes for the edgy options
>"Gee I hope Yuma bites it or suffers the consequences for her actions."
>Those actions are ours.

Later when this all comes back to bite Yuma in the ass, we will say she deserved it. Deserved to suffer at our hands just like when we finally kill her later in this quest.

>> No.31802696

No I didn't. It's bullshit.

>> No.31802697

Thats like celebrating Hanami in Murrica.

>> No.31802705


>> No.31802718

Thats WHY, dude.

Shes firsthand been responsible fir how badly it can mess a person up.

>> No.31802725

Reminder that Yuma did nothing wrong!

>> No.31802730

>killing our last Culexus because of a decision we had her make in a flashback
sure is dumb around here

if i knew you guys were going to get all uppity like this i would've voted for 2

>> No.31802731

I didn't either but enough people did
That's just how things go sadly

>> No.31802734

Dude, did you not see the Wendy butt above?
That butt absolves all sins.

>> No.31802742

Maybe not you, but plenty of people voted for mindrip, and there are people saying that Yuma a shit for mindripping, and there's currently no way to know who voted for which AND is saying Yuma should die.

So how about you say which way you voted, and how you feel Yuma should be treated?

I voted for 2, and feel that Yuma shouldn't be held accountable for the decisions we made for her.

>> No.31802745

You wish.

NECO is not only riding the hate train, she's the fucking driver.

>> No.31802752

Well I hate to sound like a condescending prick but what exactly did you think people would do when the option of "Be a colossal shit and rape someone's mind after we just chewed out superior out on the unfounded belief she did" would do?

>> No.31802753

Blessed be the buttocks.

>> No.31802755

>fuck up Girl A.
Shes ALREADY fucked up, and may well have less than 3 hours to live if we cant figure out whats going on.

>> No.31802757

I live in Austria, and I have literally never heard of Walpurgisnacht being actually celebrated anywhere. It's not a holiday or even something that gets talked about in media.

>> No.31802763

Hey here's a hypothesis: She is the reason for our recurring amnesia.

>> No.31802766

I would say its pretty likely that the people upset about the mindrape are the ones who voted against it. Not 100% sure but pretty likely.

>> No.31802773

Yeah. Not like the players themselves do, of course, and I don't even hold a grudge against them for that decision. But they should accept the consequences of their actions, at least.

>> No.31802774

What if all Chiaki's positive karma went into Wendy's butt?

>> No.31802787

>he doesn't celebrate sugoi nihongo saijitsus

>> No.31802789

It changed its meaning over time. Now it basically means "the night before 1st May where I get completly smashed because tomorrow is a holiday and I dont have to work"

>> No.31802793

Honestly? I dont think so.

I think she just saw too much.

I bet she saw us all singing the cake song

>> No.31802801

>Those actions are ours.

Wrong. Those actions are Yuma's. It's like you don't even understand how storytelling works. If I play a horrible character, I fully expect, even look forward, to them suffering the karmic backlash for their actions, because it is narratively fulfilling.

>> No.31802805

It is a universal truth that Yuma did nothing wrong.

>> No.31802809

That's every day before a day you don't have to work on, Freund.

>> No.31802812

I'm sure Wendy would be very appreciative of that.

Then Yuma is the reason Midori wasn't killed off instantly and then her body dumped, and is responsible for Chiaki being actually a person instead of a walking execution.

>> No.31802821


Shit, we've been doing so much good recently...no, wait, Wendy's butt is safe from getting too big. We've been just as horrible as we've been good and worthy of kharma.

>> No.31802822


I'm pretty upset but I fucked up my vote so I'm keeping my mouth shut and will aim for damage control if this ends badly.

>> No.31802825

What if other things went into Wendy's butt?

>> No.31802829

Fair point, yes.


Yesss this.

Nooo it'd go flat

>> No.31802836

What if Chiaki's dick went into Wendy's butt?

>> No.31802849

>a horrible character
But that's not a fair analysis of the situation, people are just massively over-reacting because they didn't win a vote, and have decided that everything is terrible forever.

>> No.31802850

Tail buttplug nya~

>> No.31802853

What if it was Midori's dick?

>> No.31802854

If the choice runs completely contrary to all (admittedly sparse) previous characterization, then that rationale falls flat on its ass because it's terrible fucking storytelling in that case.

>> No.31802856

It's like you don't understand how games work.
The players made a choice, between two possible courses of action.
The character was not a horrible character until the choice was made, by the players, to make them into a horrible character, when there wasn't any previous indication that they were horrible to begin with.

>> No.31802858

Of course the one who's a fan of the worst character wants to encourage rabid hatred of another. It's just to shift the hate away from the reporter bitch.

>> No.31802866

It's big enough for both!

>> No.31802872

NECO knows where it is.

Dog plug though. Or rabbit. Cats a shit.

If by dick you mean strap-on, finger, etc, then sure.

>> No.31802883


>> No.31802886

Does not change the fact that she is a horrible character now.

>> No.31802890

Personally I think everyone gets too crazy angry at characters in the first place. It's fine to dislike the decision here and Yuma for it, but blowing up and going "Everything is awful forever let's murder her later" is a bit of an overreaction.

>> No.31802893


>> No.31802894

Well, like you said, the characterization is sparse at best, so the argument is invalidated. If anything, this sequence of actions explains a lot of the characterisation she has in the future.

>> No.31802903

Then wait till after chikuwa

>> No.31802907

Still not feeling it and now I need to go to work

Oh well. Have fun everyone.

See you when I get to the office

>> No.31802911

>the choice was made, by the players, to make them into a horrible character
This is dumb bullshit. The decision doesn't make Yuma a horrible character you bunch of weeping fucking pussies.

>> No.31802912

I'm not sure what kind of character you think WOULD mindrape someone for information after chewing out their boss for thinking they did the same thing.

>> No.31802932

No she isn't, she did nothing wrong.

>> No.31802933

that's lewd but i believe it

>> No.31802941

She still isn't a horrible character. I was just using the horrible character karmic backlash thing as an example.

>> No.31802952

Sparse doesn't mean none. Just these past threads alone have had plenty of indication that Yuma wouldn't even consider mind-rape barring extreme duress, which this certainly isn't.

>> No.31802955

Welcome to /tg/, don't even try to enjoy your stay.

>> No.31802969

Later Hat!

>> No.31802976

She'd never delete memories. That is what was established.

Nothing was ever said about rummaging through them.

>extreme duress
Four hours until everyone dies.

>> No.31802979

good luck at work Hat-chan

>> No.31802984

Nah, it'll come down to a vote between using dick and a strap-on and when the dick is narrowly voted in everyone will be butthurt about Chiaki now being a futa.

Sounds like an inconsistent character that is guided by voted in actions. A horrible character in that we made her horribly written.

>> No.31802988

Think about it for ten fucking seconds dumbass. As far as she's concerned she has a matter of hours left to live, and she's just found out that someone has tried to take out the warmaster - the officios biggest asset - shortly before the fight that could potentially end the world, and the only information about who that is, is locked somewhere in the shattered mind of a psychopathic amnesiac - she may not be acting like it right now, but the memories will be hitting her like a freight train a few hours from now anyway, assuming the world survives that long.

>> No.31802996

Deculture has stated he'll only provide choices if it's a choice the character would make.

Of course, Yuma's got plenty of good reasons for mindrape, like trying to save girl A's life as well as everyone else's - given an assassination attempt on two key officio figures and DEATH FIGHT staring everyone in the fucking face it's a good reason not to take the time to take it easy.

>> No.31802997

Its 3 hours before the end of the world.

Sure, its a horrible plan that could mentally cripple Murderface for the rest of her life - notwithstanding the fact shes already broken twice over anyway - but if thevrest of her life can be measured in minutes, why the fuck not?

>> No.31802999

>Decu allowing lewds

>> No.31803007

Ofcourse it does. Thats how the game works. We choose how the characters act, and how they act defines what kind of persons they are in story.

If we choose the boring, peacefull and good options for Chiaki, then Chiaki is a watch wearing dildo. If we choose the edgy options where Chiaki shoots NECOs brains out in an interrogation, then Chiaki is a full on murderface.

We choose what kind of people the characters are, and we just did. Thats how this works.

>> No.31803019


You make the decision, here and now. You HAVE to know.

Not just because of some misguided sense of justice or desire for truth - nothing so noble as that, and certainly nothing so deluded.

But you have to know what happened. You just have to.

Because you want to prove yourself wrong.

Because you want to quickly repair the now-cracked faith that your own niggling conscience had just taken a hammer to.

Because you don't want to go to your grave knowing that your hero, Malal of the Ninth, was a traitor and a liar.

And no cheesy, middle-school Pinky Promise Mickey Mouse bullshit is going to get in the way of that.

"I'm sorry," You murmur, your vox picking up the halfhearted apology and turning it into a guttural growl.

"Eh?" Girl A blinks in confusion. "Spooky Helmet-san? What did you say?"

...And to think you were chewing Malal out for fucking with Girl A's mind.

"I said," You repeat as you look up, closing your eyes behind your faceplate. "...I'm sorry."

Before Girl A could give voice to another query - to give you another second to doubt yourself, to doubt what you're doing - it's here that you move, thrusting one leather-clad arm out to grasp Girl A's face with your fingers. Your retinal display zooming in automatically, sensing your intent and tracking her as a target - the crosshairs centering on her face, allowing you to see her expression contort from confusion to complete and utter horror. The magazineless AK-47 clattering on the floor as she grabs your gloved wrist, trying to pull you off.



>> No.31803045


She tries to back away, to squirm away from your grasp - but you move with her, one booted foot sweeping her barefooted legs out from underneath her and using the grip you already have to pin her back onto the bed.

Girl A SCREAMS this time, screaming for help, screaming for you to stop, screaming for you to not make her forget again. And you almost do so - but you've gone too far, now. There's no going back.


"I have to know." You find yourself saying again, but in a bleaker, deader monotone. "I have to."

You close your eyes, tighten your grip on her trashing face, and force your way into her mind.

Keeping in mind that, if this bites you in the ass later, then at least you won't have long to live with the consequences.

>> No.31803047

Right, sure. But this action does not make her some horrible, irredeemable person. Its reasonable, understandable and sympathetic of you actually consider it.

>> No.31803051


>> No.31803066

Sorry, she is mindraping someone helpless. She is a monster now. Others are free to disagree.

>> No.31803074

Then how does that relate to your assertion that Yuma's actions are her own, when the players are the ones that made those decisions for her, ignoring prior characterization?

This isn't a horrible character getting their just deserts, this is like a player temporarily getting control of an NPC or another player's character, making them act like an asshole and completely out of character, and then the player returning back to their own character and letting the patsie take the fall for what they did when they had control.

>> No.31803081


>> No.31803086

But Yuma was already horrible even before she was a PC.
She did attack us for no fucking reason.
She did laugh when she heard the news about her parents' horrible deaths.

>> No.31803090

Well, this is ending up quite the dramatic 200th thread.

>> No.31803091

>not telling her to suck it up
You shouldn't be sorry at all!

>> No.31803094

Remember! Nothing wrong!

>> No.31803105


Quick comment before I rush out the door: sounds like an angry and desperate teenage girl, scared that she and everyone she loves is going to die in a few hours, who thinks she finally found a way out and decides to take it, consequences be damned and is later eaten alive by the guilt of her actions so she lashes out at the source of them.


>> No.31803106

ahahahah i'm such a horrible person for picking this

jesus christ

>> No.31803112

I dont see it as being out if character.

I see this as being the moment that LED to the characters established personality.

This is why Yuma is who she is.

>> No.31803119

Inb4 Malal interrupts.

>> No.31803124

>Girl A referring to Malal as an Angel
>Flesh of Fallen Angels
>Midorin mai angel
>Ramiel is the best angel
>Acute angle a shit
It all makes sense now.

>> No.31803126

I have to admit this was well written. With Girl A begging for mercy and Yuma just coldly ignoring it as she prepared to violate Girl A's mind. Made it clear this was a horrible thing to do. Almost gave me chills.

>> No.31803129


And that's it for this thread! Conclusion of this small flashback tomorrow, hopefully! Thank you for everyone's participation, feedback is always greatly encouraged!

I believe we have a few writeups today, so questions answered after that!

>> No.31803137

And Hat-chan hits the nail on the head.

Nothing wrong.

>> No.31803141

Threatened us in an elevator because her seer girlfriend completely believes we'll kill her
Wishes herself out of her parents life so they'll be happier
Gonna go out on a limb and say that was I'm completely broken now laughter

>> No.31803159


Why are you doing this to us, Decu. Why.

>> No.31803167

Well that was a doozy. Is it party time now?

>> No.31803169


It was the Practical thing to do.

>> No.31803170

Yeah I am going to disagree there
She knows this is wrong
She just chewed Malal out for thinking she MIGHT have done just this
She knows this will fuck her up a lot more

And yet she is doing it
Sorry to shatter your illusion but this whole side quest has shown her to be nothing but a fucking terrible person with this as the cherry on top

>> No.31803171

thanks for the thread Deculture and congratulation for 200 threads dood!

>> No.31803181

To show there's no such thing as a "Good Choice?"

>> No.31803184

Hat-chan gets it

>> No.31803187

Aww yis. Thread 200!

activate it

>> No.31803189

Still no mindrape yet? At least I got to the flagship in engie B

>> No.31803190

its ogre

>> No.31803199

Yeah. I figure she is pretty irredeemable after this. Especially after the way Decultuer wrote it.

>> No.31803208

>who thinks she finally found a way out and decides to take it
Except it's explicitly said that's not why Yuma is doing it. It's because she just wants to know, for her own benefit only. Not for the good of the Officio, or for her friends.

>> No.31803214

This is eerily reminiscent of rape.


>> No.31803217

No feedback. This was glorious. And horrible.


Totally delivered. Couldnt have done any better.

>> No.31803218

A significant portion of did asked for this
It is all on us

>> No.31803224

Which makes it even worse.

>> No.31803234

Please also note:
>the angel promised me no-one would do this to me again

What are the odds that Malal ALREADY went through the psychic torture mindrape as gently as she could to see all the details of the attack herself?

Also, Yuma not even getting any new information because Malal already got everything of value.

>> No.31803238

>A significant portion of did asked for this

Nobody asked for Chikuwa.

>> No.31803242

How does it feel now that Yuma's days are effectivly numbered?

Congrats on 200 threads, I am looking forward to the future.

>> No.31803243

Yuma did nothing wrong.

>> No.31803244

It IS rape. And I liked the fact that Deculture did not hesitate to write it that way.

>> No.31803251

and for some reason my name disappeared

true it make sence but i would still precer option 2
but theres no use crying about it now

>> No.31803257

>I figure she is pretty irredeemable after this
That she is, is only because we chose her to be this way. This is the fault of the players, when a choice not to be was offered and in front of us.

>> No.31803259

Nobody ever asks for Chikuwa anon
But it comes for us anyway

>> No.31803264

And I'm going to have to disagree with you.
>>31803105 says it pretty well.

All this shows is that Yuma is a human being with emotions, who's suffered significant losses and probably has some serious guilt going on on top of the usual survivors guilt. Its an explanation not a character assassination, and I find it sympathetic, not irredeemable.

>> No.31803265


Parfecto Hat.

>> No.31803269


T-thanks for running!


Congratulations on 200 threads! (not counting flashbacks, etc...)

Thread has been archived and will update with any writeups!

I don't hate Yuma though.

>> No.31803275

Tough. Changes nothing. She is still irredeemable.

>> No.31803276

>assassins try to kill Officio leader, right on the verge of a major war against an already horrifically powerful foe!

>nah, she's not wanting to know if something's lurking ready to attack just when everyone's got their hands full of their own guts while fighting WALLMART NOUGHT she's doing it for her own perverse pleasure

Fucking hell, we've got Yuma in full SHADOWRUNS at the moment. Trying to see why there are assassins out here is a pretty obvious step.

>> No.31803279

I agree with this.

>> No.31803288

Oh my

This goes a long way to explaining why she's such a bitch to Chiaki in the future. Guilt can be a powerful motivator to lash out.

>> No.31803294

Nothing wrong.

>> No.31803297

I wouldn't say she is irredeemable she does need to be knocked down a lot and learn to atone properly though
Although maybe that is why she has been such a shit since then, she is punishing herself

>> No.31803303

It wasn't Malal, it was Pinky all along.

>> No.31803310

Its not justification for rape.

>> No.31803311

...It's just one butthurt anon who's samefagging and calling Yuma irredeemable, right? Everyone else thinks that she's human and allowed to make mistakes, right? Especially at our hands?

>> No.31803315


>> No.31803319

Except Deculture just posted and showed that is not the case
You don't have any support for that argument even from the QM

>> No.31803328

Its almost certainly that she feels guilty, every time she looks at Chiaki she sees how low she sank at her lowest point all over again.

>> No.31803335

I think the playerbase is pretty split on this, considering the votes.

Dunno how long it will last though. Might be that by next thread everyone will have cooled down.

>> No.31803337

Und here I sought I vas bad! How could you do zat to a person, Yuma-chan? Tsk, tsk.

>> No.31803341

Yeah, this explains a LOT about Yuma.

I just want to deliver headpats.

>> No.31803345

Well I am saying she is a terrible human being but not irredeemable so quite possibly

>> No.31803351

Back to your vault!

>> No.31803358

Totally irredeemable. Such an awful, bad, awfulbad person.

>> No.31803359

Doing a prequel write-up for Magical Girl Noir Quest that takes place eleven years before the main story. Here's a snippet!
“I wouldn’t?” Charlotte smiles a sadistic smile. Teeth that should be human take on a bestial look. They sharpen on the spot. Her golden eyes become dilated. “What makes you say that?”

“Usually too much of a busy body to hang out. You usually just stay in that office of yours and goof around, forcing poor Vintage to do all the work.”

Yes, here we go.

“The pot calling the kettle black.” Charlotte steps forward. Ruby matches her. Their foreheads collide.

Our coworkers stop their work to watch the sparking brawl. “Please, you two.” I enter the lion’s den. I put my hand up against Charlotte’s stomach and Ruby’s forehead. I do my best to pry them apart. “Warmaster, I just came here to get my assignment. You called me and said you needed to talk?” Please let this change of subject get them from pulling each others spines out.

“Oh, that’s right, I did.” she blinks a few times in realization. Yes, whichever deity is watching over us, I thank you for this boon. “Come, Ayano.” she takes hold of my hand and starts leading me to her office. Ruby follows after us. Charlotte must be okay since she doesn’t stop her.

Once we get to the office, the doors close.

I look around to see that it’s as I remember. A bookshelf with rows of neatly organized manga, a clean trashcan and a spotless desk. “Vintage really knows what’s up.” I mumble.

“Yes, she’s the best Equerry any Warmaster could ask for.” Charlotte says so in a sing-song tone, “But down to business.” her gloved hand falls upon a stack of papers that are stapled together. “Here’s your assignment.” the paper is thrown through the air straight to me.
It was too big to post in the thread: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RaSvfdl6t-aSyvULVFmoG8Tm0fBgmVVGfEQFntsbGsU/edit

>> No.31803371

and I find it horrible that I completely agree with this guys

I personally don't find her irredeemable and also think this incident explains her actions on the future just like >>31803288 and >>31803341 said

>> No.31803373


>[x] Kill Yuma anyway.

>> No.31803378

Maybe two or three, I doubt everyone who voted 2 are that much a bunch of little bitches, but there are a few.

Its an odd combination of redemptionfag 'boohoo such crimes' bullshit and edgy 'she wronged us kill her!' crap.

>> No.31803384

QM only posted what happened, not that what was done was irredeemable. That's your own personal take on things.

Have you ever thought Pinky was irredeemable? Even though she's been seen crunching soul gems? Ever thought Wendy was irredeemable? Though she's murdered girls slowly and painfully? Midori? Willing to accessorize to rape for money and out of fear for her own life?

>> No.31803386

This is a lewdfic brought to you by Artemi, @NegativeSilence on Twitter.

Please, enjoy.


>> No.31803396

Well, I figure she could redeem herself, but so far she has made no attempts to even try as far as I can tell?

She is taking full advantage of the fact that Chiaki does not remember her mindrape and even acting like a complete bitch (explainable by guilt yes, but not exactly redeeming).

So I think she could probably redeem herself if she tried. But she is not trying.

>> No.31803403

I never said she was irredeemable that's you making that leap
I said she is a terrible person and the last post just confirmed it

>> No.31803410

And the funny thing is, Chiaki is, I feel sure, the type to GET it.

...Its almost an echo of what she did to Madoka, once.

what goes around...

>> No.31803411

Pinky was our fault, but Yuma wasn't.

>> No.31803420

and if you allow me the rudeness how is the plans for the crossover going?

>> No.31803421

This is very much true, and mostly what I should have said from the start

>> No.31803431


It had been a long, strange three months for Midori Hanegawa. Being the assistant Callidus trainer had been more exhausting than she thought, and with her lover and Warmaster doing, well, Warmaster-y things, she'd had very few nights to spend with Chiaki. On top of all that, an old flame from Chiaki's past had appeared; a copper-haired girl named Wendy Cooldown. The two had come to blows in the beginning over Chiaki's affection, but they were shut down after a lengthy lecture on her emotions. And to top off the strangeness, Wendy was now their off-the-record house guest, which made for some fairly awkward mornings.

But as time went by, Midori and Wendy came to accept one another and even started enjoying each other's company. To Chiaki's surprise, the pursuers of her love seemed to spend more time with each other than with her, which made her happy...but a little jealous. Time would eventually tell the consequences of this 'love triangle'.

Another long day of work finally over with, Midori trudged through the door to her shared apartment. Kicking off her sneakers, she sighed as she plopped onto the couch. "When will work stop sucking so muuuuch?"
Wendy wandered into the living room, taking a seat next to her. "When you stop going to work. At least that's how it is in America." Staring up and down the green-haired Callidus, Wendy tapped Midori on her shoulder with the back of her hand. "You look like you could use some booze, so go hop in the shower. I could use something too."
"Wh-what? We're going out drinking?"
"Damn straight. Now get to it."
Midori stood, her body aching from the training. "A shower would be good; I feel all sweaty and grimy." Making her way to the bathroom, she heard Wendy call out to her, something about making it quick to avoid all the late-night drunkards. She would take her damn sweet time if she so pleased, it's not like Wendy had to train rookies every day.


>> No.31803445

Congrats deculture!

Final version of the thread 200 project I did.
It was supposed to be Risa, Kirika, and 「Yuu Platinum:Imouto Moe」but I ran out of time

>> No.31803450

>never said she was irredeemable
>Except Deculture just posted and showed that is not the case
>Its an explanation not a character assassination, and I find it sympathetic, not irredeemable.

What exactly were you saying Decu was showing not to be the case, then?

>> No.31803452


After a relatively short shower, compared to others she would take, Midori and Wendy made their way Charles' bar, intent on drinking their woes away. And hoping a certain black-haired, red-glasses wearing girl wouldn't be home to see them completely smashed when they returned.


The hallway loomed over Wendy, looking a lot longer than she remembered. Midori, who was already falling out of her stool by her fifth shot of whiskey, clung to Wendy's back. The poor girl was unable to stand, let alone walk home.
"For fuck's sake, I haven't gotten this fucked up in a looooong time, Midori." One step forward. "And you have to be one of the weakest drinkers I've ever seen!" A few more. "I mean, I knew Japs couldn't hold their liquor to an American, except for a rare few, but you take the fucking whiskey-flavored cake." Almost to the door. "And by the looks of it, you ate more than your fair share, what with your fat ass and all!"

Finally making it to and through the front door, Wendy stumbled and fell under the combined weight of herself and her drunken companion. "Gah, fucking god damn! Jesus Christ, Midori! How much do you weigh!?"
Midori grumbled as Wendy tried to get her off of her. "Stop calling me faaaaat...I'm just healthy!" As Wendy finished slipping out, Midori pushed her onto her back and pounced on top. "Take it back!"
"I just carried you all the fucking way home and down a hallway that fucking magically got longer with each step, I know when a girl is fat! Now get off of me!"
"No, not until you take it back, Wendy-san!"
Wendy growled and rolled Midori off, sliding on top of her and pinning her to the ground. "I don't take back the truth." Glaring at Midori, Wendy brought her face mere millimeters away from Midori's. "Your. Ass. Is. Fat."


>> No.31803455

>Girl A SCREAMS this time, screaming for help, screaming for you to stop, screaming for you to not make her forget again

Congrats everyone who voted for this. You are oficially worse than Hitler.

>> No.31803458

They're still up there. The two of us are actually prepping for Black Rock Shooter Quest at the moment (or was it a one-shot version of it for the future, I'm not too sure on that).

But the crossover is still going to happen! No worries on that.

Though, out of curiosity, what would you like to see in the crossover?

>> No.31803459

Yeah. I figure when she confesses, apologises, explains the full details of why she did it and tries to make up for it, she can find redemption.

But as she is written right now, she is indeed a terrible person. Will that change? Who knows.

>> No.31803460

Of course, with the kind of person that Murderface was, maybe in a part of her mind, she felt that Murderface wasn't worth atoning for?

Would you feel guilt for killing or torturing a mass-murdering psychopath that's just as likely to kill her allies as she is her enemies, and who is predicted to kill your loved ones?

>> No.31803475

>"Your. Ass. Is. Fat."

>> No.31803480


Midori struggled under Wendy's superior strength until she was struck by brilliance. "What about your ass!? It's not exactly tiny either!" With her hands being free, Midori reached up and grabbed two handfuls of Wendy's butt. "See? You have a fat ass too!" She began groping and squeezing with all her might, to prove her point.
Wendy gasped at this, surprised that the usually timid and reserved Midori would make such a bold move. Not that it didn't feel good...it felt nice, actually. Nice enough to make her do things she normally wouldn't do, especially with the alcohol in her system.
"Well? What do you say to th-" Midori was stopped mid-sentence by Wendy planting a kiss on her lips, feeling her tongue being groped by the others. Maybe it was the alcohol talking, or maybe this was something Midori secretly wanted. Without a second thought, she embraced Wendy harder, a feeling of lust flowing through them.

Wendy gently broke the kiss, opening her eyes to stare back into the crimson orbs of the girl she strangely wanted. "Are...are you okay with this? I, I mean, I just went by instinct..."
Her fears were alleviated by Midori placing a finger on her lips. "No questions, no regrets. Just take responsibility~." Midori chuckled as they both stood, leading her copper-haired rival into the guest bedroom, intent on ravaging her till the morn.


The rest is lewd and can be found here: http://pastebin.com/pgJjCj3a

>> No.31803488

That she wasn't doing it out of fear or concern for her friends but for her own desire to know
Honestly didn't think it was that complicated since I didn't say anything about her being irredeemable ever

>> No.31803498

Plain version of Jotaro-Chiaki.
I can post the transparency if any wants,

>> No.31803504

So you belive that Rape is ok so long as its done to people you believe are bad and may possibly betray you in the future, even if you have no proof?

If this is how Yuma truly thinks, then maybe I was wrong when I said she could find redemption.

>> No.31803511

Oh and the third post wasn't me, that's another anon

>> No.31803512

The slums.
In any city, it's the place most avoid if they can, and everyone else flocks to because there's nowhere else to go. Most of the time it's just populated by the homeless, but there are also the shady ones, people with guns and cause, the murderers waiting for their moment to strike again.
And down here, in Santa Destroy, you get a lot of that.
It's a reason why I like going down here. Mostly its just to train with people with more muscle mass than brains, but once in a while you can spectate. Fights between neighbors don't happen down here too often but when they do happen it's quite a thing to see. With more on the lines for each party, they're willing to give up more to protect what they have. People will give their own blood away to keep their boxes to themselves for a coming storm. A few fingers lost doesn't care when it's protecting your food for the next week.
It's just how life is down here. But that also makes it a hotspot for witches and their familiars to gather around here. Usually Eightball has a few teams patrol near by this place every so often to see if anythings up, but he knows I come here all the time by myself at dusk, and stopped sending people here when he knew I could take care of shit hitting the fan myself.
He sees so much in me, I sometimes wonder if I'll fall under everyone else's influence.


>> No.31803547


I'm just roof-hopping tonight. I don't really want to get anything serious underway, especially with eyes on me from every corner of the Officio. Even Miss Cooldown, oh great and prestigious Callidus Rank Leader, has shown some interest.

It becomes a different style altogether when you know you're being watched closely.
You're not looked at as a personality, you're looked at as a Callidus. Pick your fights, win without letting them know what happened, erase the evidence, get out, scout, repeat. It's a by-the-book style of picking fights out here, but apply-directly-to-the-forehead repetition works wonders.

But nobody is out here. I know the forecast called for clear skies tomorrow so no one should be hiding under their roofs, so it's an anomaly when a populated section is devoid of people. Maybe there's some big-bad rolling through town, someone from the UAA?

That's when I feel it; the pulse of magic sending shivers down my spine, and my blinking soul confirms my suspicions.


>> No.31803548

>explains the full details of why she did it
>You know, you were so kind to me and that's exactly why I decided to rip your brains out and see what color your thoughts are.

>> No.31803559


"Hello Gina~. Needed someone to talk to on this dark and lonely night~?"

...As much as I'd normally prefer someone else, "Orange Flash" is currently undergoing more training, again, and "Silver Ribbon" told me she would be busy tonight preparing for something. What that something is I left to her, which left "Bubbly Tits" the last contact I knew I could trust tonight.

"Where are you right now? This is important."

"Oh, is it something so special you can't say it over the phone? We~ll, if it's that bad you can come down to Crimson Road and throw yourself into my chest as you-"

"ELIZABETH." Curse and praise this woman for all she is... "Its a barrier."

"...Ah." There's a noticeable pause as she takes a deep breath and... I think lies down some paper bags? "Where is it?"

"In the slums, southern section. Nobody here, practically barren."

"ETA five minutes. Let nothing through."


>> No.31803566

I meant more about doing it because she was afraid Malal was a traitor and thinking of the best of the 9th and so on.

>> No.31803575


Right at the barrier, my soul burns brightly. I could open it right now if I wanted, but I'm not risking anything. I was brash way back when, and under these circumstances I would have charged in already, mace in hand and not fearing what was ahead, even if it was two witches in close proximity.

But I think back then, I didn't necessarily care if I died, I just never did.

"This is the entrance." I could hear her approaching from behind me, and turning my head let me see her in her magical outfit for the first time in a while. I remembered the way her soul gem gleamed in her hairband, holding her long blue hair back as it swayed behinder as as she ran. Her light-blue MG outfit, almost reminiscent of a standard blue-collar suit, matches her waving hair like most other girls. Around her waist is her belt of stuff to throw: mostly knives and some tomahawks.

"Has anything been trying to get out?" She skids right next to me already with a few knives between her fingers.

"Not yet. Maybe the witch is preparing up for a bigger spread, and considering the area we're in it has a lot to feed on. We need to act soon."

"Then let's get this over with and report back to Eightball afterwards." She holds out her soul gem with her free hand and concentrates. A cold night breeze passes by as a hole into hell opens up right before us.

"Alright, go time."


>> No.31803585

Yes, please

>> No.31803595


Heavy metal. That was the most accurate sound I got as I landed on the floor of the barrier. Most witches have their own twisted visages of how the girl's despair influenced their turn, but one quick gaze makes this seem to... real.

"A, hospital?" Izzy asks with tone of worry in her voice. The normally pristine walls of white are covered in a rust, including the floor and ceiling. The ground creaks under our every step and the air has a heavy tone of death.

"It's too direct, too real." My hammer comes into my hands without so much as a thought. "This witch must be really strong to create this kind of image. Open eyes."

Normally Izzy is the one telling me what to do, but with my own experience catching up to hers, she allows me to call the shots if she thinks I have it dead-on. I think I've learned more in-the-fray experience from her alone than my callidus instructors have taught me, which makes up for my brash beginnings in spades.

"Stop." We freeze at her command, the steel knives in her hand glinting in the fake light. "Familiars incoming!"


>> No.31803601

>even if you have no proof
The 'no proof' part isn't exactly right.
What with Murderface's amnesia episodes which are apparently well known in the Officio, her shooting at her own Culexus allies (and kneecapping Cavefish), and whatever other episodes that she's had between this event and Chiaki Matsuda that solidified her reputation in the Officio, I think there's quite a bit of proof.

We're only talking about why Yuma didn't apologize later or bring this up, not why she did this action in the first place, right? Because otherwise we'd be arguing about two completely different things.

>> No.31803602

You mean flash-forward, right?
Oh baby.

>> No.31803608


The clanking and screeching of metal made it too obvious when they came. But it was the sheer number that surprised me; unlike most barriers where the minions were equalized in quality and quantity, the... q-tip things with oil and blood on them we're only a child's size but they stampeded through the hallway in countless number, the razors on their feet making a mess of the floor.

"Get back!" I instinctively hopped back as Izzy got knives in BOTH hands and flew them out. The knives straightened themselves into glowing lines; red-hot and directing themselves to the closest things they could hit. Knives pierced their way through a good number of them each time but as their energy was lost they got overrun by the coming horde.

"That isn't working!" Pointing the mace downward and sweeping it back and forth does make them stumble, fall and break apart but they keep coming and coming.

"Then you think of something!" Izzy tries a few tomahawks on them but mostly comes down to one target.

The blood churns in me, power grows from their pain. Maybe...

I think I know what I can do.


>> No.31803625


Even with being a mace it does have a few pointy ends, mostly at the tip where it would be easy to pig-stick people. But without a second though my left hand scrapes along it quickly, sharp pain following the blood flow.

The blood is power, its my life, my pain. It forms like my shield does around my mace, protecting it from damage, but its other function is what they'll get from it. It pains my hand as I grip it again by the handle and raise it all the way up, then bring it down right back to the rusted floor with all my might. The shield pops; waves of grey-blue lash out across the waves of enemies and cut them down. They slowly dissipate into the barrier, leaving nothing but the thrown weapons of Izzy on the ground.

I barely manage to catch myself as the sudden change in balance nearly throws me off having put all my strength into that swing. Izzy catches me from behind, making sure I'm balanced with a "you ok?" then going to pick up her tools of the trade.

"We need to find this witch quick." She says lending out a hand to me. "I don't know if we can take another wave like that."

I grasp her clean hand with my bloodied one, beginning to heal a bit. "Then lead on, my fair teacher."


>> No.31803626

Much appreciated! It feels like a long time since a smutty writeup was posted, so this is extra nice.

>> No.31803628

I'll be waiting anxiously for the crossover
> Black Rock Shooter Quest
I cannot express how awesome I think this is

as for what I would like to see I think it to have different version of the same character intersection or at least have characters that are in both quests having to struggle with two different set of memories

>> No.31803639

I like where this is going.

>> No.31803640


Despite the chaotic battle only a few moments ago, the rest of the hallways are dead empty, only the heavy atmosphere of the dying hospital giving any weight on my shoulders. Izzy too still looks disturbed by the scenery around us.

"You're not liking the feel of things around here either?" I ask holding my healing hand, only going a bit faster by my magic.

"It's just... strong." Her eyes scan the room, her face stern yet faltering to her inner emotions. "Witches don't just embody the sorrow of the girl they're born from, but also whatever makes her crack. In this downtrodden area, it's a good chance she lost it from coming here."

"Wasn't there something you told me before?" My question comes out after looking through an open door to an empty, rusty room. "The eighth has only room for three types of girls; the insane, the crazy and the already dead?"

"I still hold to that." Her voice now falters too; softer than her in-the-zone tone of voice but nowhere near her normal speech. "I was taught that myself, but I failed in finding out which one I was among them."

"...I think I know which one I am now."


We come to a stop at our first set of double-doors, rusting away and already a crack open. There's no hiding whats on the other side.

"On the count of three, and no slower." Izzy grips the door by the frame while I hold back, waiting for the charge in.

"One, two, three!"


>> No.31803644

>Nice fanart
>Lewd write-up
A successful thread 200 I'd say.

>> No.31803661


Part of me was expecting the witch to continue the trend of the damaged/destroyed hospital theme but no amount of preparation would have been enough for this. The... aberration in the center of a giant auditorium is scrounged up of countless medical machines. In its center lies an EKG, showing a heart-rate speed not meant for humans, its limbs littered with scalpels, needles and knives connected by tubes and wiring to its back. Its eyes are the only non-metal there, but just being ripped-out pieces of cotton being held together by tiny strings to its head seems like torture to itself.

"That's... it." It takes me a moment to stop the shaking in my hands, readying my mace and entering the room. It wastes no time turning to me and letting out a few electrical hisses as a threat. "Get in here and split up, keep it occupied at two different angles!"

As I bolt out to one side Izzy goes and circles around the room in the other direction. The witch had its gaze on me until it started getting hit from the sides and back by my companion. Some... fluid thing began to drip on the floor and churn the ground to rust.

Shiiiit. We had to end this fast.


>> No.31803668

Did you read the link? Unless she has a golden 'weapon', it will be non-canon.

Thank you, but don't judge till you read it all.

>> No.31803671

Kinda hard to argue amnesia as an excuse IMHO, considering that she knows this might make it worse.

Anyway, its fine if you think thats the reason why she has never sought to make amends. It does make some sense and might well be true.

Ofcourse, it does not paint a pretty picture of Yuma. Mindrape someone, justify it to yourself by saying "she deserved it, its not my fault I had to rape her" and then never even try to make up but just feel glad she does not remember so you cannot be held accountable.

>> No.31803674

>amnesia episodes which are apparently well known in the Officio
Are, but not were. She had no proofs then.

>> No.31803681

it took 200 threads but finally, a majorly bad decision

>> No.31803683

...It just occurred to me that Malal said that Girl A has no short term memories that she could retrieve.

We're going to get jack shit from this mindrape aren't we.

>> No.31803688


"Izzy, conserve yours shots! I'll get you openings!" I yelled at her from the other side of the room as I charged in at it. A shield was already formed around myself for safety as my mace collided right with it on the sides. As expected a splash of fluids ejected itself from the side I hit it and started to rust the floor. Already some of Izzy's knives were becoming useless from the witches concoction and she soon realized it.

"I'll do more power strikes, just keep the witch on you!" Izzy started to channel her magic into one tomahawk, but as much as I wailed on it the witch eventually took notice and threw -something- at her. Said thing got split and half as a white-hot streak of magic flew right through it and nailed the witch in the chest. Izzy froze after the shot having split a scanner in two; the pieces sticking into the wall right behind her.

The witch writhed in pain as the axe hit her, not to difficult for me to finish off. I scattered what parts fell off of it across the room and didn't stop until a second shot from her nailed it right in the EKG. The witch cried out, the world we were in wavered and I could see the dark of night.

And in the center of a cement path was the blackened soul of a former colleague.


>> No.31803715

Good point! That would make it even worse for Yuma probably. She brutally violates someones mind, and its all for nothing.

>> No.31803717


>> No.31803718

>Baseless arguments
>Impotently baying for blood

A thread truly representative of MGNQ.

>> No.31803722


"Nicely done my bitches! Not even my other top-girls noticed that one comin' in!" Izzy reveled in Eightballs compliments while I stood off to the side, keeping the grief seed to myself.

"Well, to be fair, Gina was calling all the shots in there. I don't think just because I'm much more experienced that I should be giving all the praise~." She was also back to her normal self; it would be hard for some to think of her as a cold-hard killer only an hour ago. But I've known her for a long time, and hell, this is the eighth. We're known for that.

"Right, my rising star! Why don't ya hand over the loot over 'ere? It ain't gonna do much shit just bein' looked at ya know." With a light sigh I just tossed the seed over to him with him catching it with his ear-extension-things. Whatever the hell they're called. He'd probably call me on it if I asked him the name for them. "A fine piece of work here. Just gotta see who might've been knocked off from the list. Bitches gotta know their place right?"

"Yes sir." I reply with a grin, standing up from my chair. "We are the eighth, the assassins. We take our job seriously and with the utmost caution. But above all, we got the fucking job DONE, even if it means throwing common rationale beside and doing what needs to be done."

Izzy looks at me with a surprised expression while Eightball starts laughing. "Now that's my girl."

Yea, I think I really am starting to go crazy...



Sorry for the messy first post, didn't realize it copied over weird.

>> No.31803727


More guilt for Yuma once she realizes she did something reprehensible and got nothing out of it

>> No.31803732

>We're going to get jack shit from this mindrape aren't we.


>> No.31803749

Yuma's actions were of no ill intent.

>> No.31803758

That's okay, thanks for posting the writeup!

>> No.31803771


>> No.31803804

Actually, I would say that since she only did it for her own personal curiosity, they were of ill intent.

>> No.31803821

have we reached FULL DECU yeat?

>> No.31803833

All the writeups are up, so question time, as usual!

>> No.31803834

I believe not. Pinky certainly did notice.

Also, she warned us about Yuma. If you don't remember, her previous warning were about Noriko, who lied to our face while helping an intruder, and about the Prophet. So it's pretty serious.

>> No.31803841

So, selfishness then

>> No.31803842

>Kinda hard to argue amnesia as an excuse
>She had no proofs then.
First, I'm not arguing the amnesia as a reason for not trying to make amends; I'm using the amnesia as an example of when Murderface would wake up with no idea who or where she was and would start shooting up her allies like she did when she first woke up or when the Culexus squad had to be called when she had another episode and shot them up.

Second, as I said, I'm not making excuses for the actions that we made Yuma do now, I'm putting forward reasons why Yuma wouldn't have tried to make amends with Murderface between when she did the mindrip and when she met Chiaki in the elevator.

>> No.31803845

Question: What do you think about Yuma now? Or rather, will you change the way you write her in the future, based on what the players chose to have her do here?

>> No.31803858

>We're going to get jack shit from this mindrape aren't we.
Which really begs the question: what did players think we were going to get from this?

>> No.31803880

There's still 1:59:59 to go for that, Prinny!

>> No.31803884

Who is your waifu?

>> No.31803885

A good explanation of our current condition.

>> No.31803892

Malal never shows her full hand, she could damn well be hiding stuff.

>> No.31803915

An explaination of Yuma's future attitude, and some characterisation for her.

>> No.31803920

That makes her a terrible person then.
She raped someone. Justified it to herself so she would not have to face what she had done. And is now going on knowing that she can never be caught.

I for one think what she did was both sickening, but potentially redeemable if she really regrets it and tries to make amends. But she is taking no steps to redeem herself, which does make her a pretty horrible person overall.

>> No.31803924

What's your favorite obscure pairing in the quest?

>> No.31803925

Decu's asleep, so you'll have to ask him next time. Sorry!

Probably Ruri. Maybe Enishi. Or Heather Crunch.

>> No.31803933




>> No.31803942

The players who voted for rape were probably being "edgy" or some such nonsense.

>> No.31803959

Who, who, and who?

>> No.31803960

Forgetful of what her superior tells her MOMENTS BEFORE. Sure we forgot between threads but why did no one go back to check come on

>> No.31803964


>> No.31803969

Obscure pairings, huh. NECO x Enishi maybe? Wendy x Midori is practically mainstream.

Midori x Annie is good too, and Nicole x Jade.

Or Lily x somebody that hasn't been introduced yet, that's had my attention lately.

Basically a bunch of people who haven't mattered much aside from the first one.

I thought it would be more interesting and was pretty understandable given the time limit. But I'm apparently Queen Edgelord, so.

>> No.31803972

Just out of curiosity then, what do YOU think? Or do you feel its too controversial to comment on given the craziness going on (would certainly understand that).

>> No.31803997

>knowing that she can never be caught

>Implying shes not terrified of Chiaki remembering.
Why do you think she's so avoidant? Apparently its not just that shes a Culexus outcast.

>> No.31804002

aw yiss

>> No.31804004

Miku, Fatty, and Australia.

Personally? I think Yuma was already a little bit of a loose cannon, and she kind of proved that talking with Malal. Also punching Chiaki. There are other explanations for it, but I think it's more interesting to think of her as a little bit reckless and angry and not quite so submissive.

>> No.31804018

>I thought it would be more interesting and was pretty understandable given the time limit.
Oh noooo, I'm agreeing with Queen Edgelord, I must hand in my Dildo-Paladin badge!

>> No.31804025

When it was explicitly said that we wouldn't be able to get it because those memories were already lost?

I suppose she could have lied.

Of course she couldn't have taken steps to redeem herself; this was a choice that we made, one that is in the past, for a character that's already been written.

I assumed people remembered; last time people did not seem appreciative of being reminded of facts from the past.

>> No.31804039

Its not about what we got.

Its about what Yuma has.

>> No.31804045




>> No.31804052

That makes her even worse then. She is actually actively trying to hide her crime by doing her best to make sure that Chiaki does not remember.

Question. If Chiaki did somehow remember, and Yuma learned of it before it became public knowledge, do you think Yuma would mindwipe that knowledge from Chiakis head?

>> No.31804065

Do those plans involve more butts than I was promised when I signed up to be a dildo-paladin?

>> No.31804070

ahahaa no, she will die for her fucking sins before she watch her fuck toy girlfriend die.

>> No.31804076

Yes. Butts and thighs, erry day.

>> No.31804091

Yeah, obviously. But to fit into the timeline, it does mean she has not tried to redeem herself for a horrible thing she did here. Making her a pretty terrible person.

Thats kinda the problems with being able to vote for flashbacks but thats how it is. She was not a terrible person yesterday (just a bitch), but now, after this thread, she is. Confusing but what can you do? *shrug*

>> No.31804093


>> No.31804097

indeed they fucking are.

>> No.31804115

N-no...I'll fight you off, o-okay!

>> No.31804116

>actively trying to hide her crime
No, he's not saying she's avoidant to avoid triggering repressed memories or something, he's saying that seeing Chiaki brings back memories of her lowest point. It makes her lash out and be a bitch because it makes her angry at herself, but there's no-one around to help her deal with it - the person she actually wronged doesn't exist any more and all her friends are dead along with her idealised hero and moral compass.

>> No.31804140


Maybe she is trying to redeem herself with Haruka? She already failed one Girl A so maybe she can help the other one

>> No.31804163

and she'll fail again because of all you worthless fagots who voted 1.

>> No.31804165

Well, Chiaki does still exist and she is sorta the same person. Now you can argue about the personality and amnesia and so on, but given that there is concrete evidence of people having souls, you could say that an apology to Chiaki (even if she does not remember) would be an apology to Girl A too.

And making amends with Chiaki and gaining her forgiveness would atleast somewhat mean that Girl A forgives too.

>> No.31804166

You should just stop trying, The idiots who want to demonize Yuma won't budge so trying to explain this is like talking to a wall that shouts back.

>> No.31804195

Welp, now its pretty obvious the reason for Chiaki's amnesia, traumatic mind rape from multiple sources

>> No.31804197

Hard to demonize a rapist. She already did that herself. What we are arguing about now is how she could make it better and do the whole "redeem" thing. Try to keep up?

>> No.31804208

tough shit. she deserve it like the bitch she is.

>> No.31804228


Do not listen to the succubutt >>31804076, brother!
Come let us pray to the Dildo Emperor for guidance in the time of crisis!

>> No.31804245

Maybe. And trying to help others and be a good person and all that stuff would certainly be all "redeemy".

That being said, Haruka is not the one she raped, so Haruka is not the one she should ask forgiveness from.

>> No.31804280

Girl A is gone, and the cutesy girl she actually hurt would have been gone in a matter of hours either way.

>> No.31804289

I think I need to side with the butts on this once, the thighs really helped sweeten the deal.

>> No.31804291

Just out of curiosity to the remaining posters.

IF Yuma after this flashback does confess to Chiaki (who we are in control of), explain why she did it and does ask for forgiveness, would you give it if you had two vote options (Yes and no).

>> No.31804302

Yeah, some people seem really salty about loosing the vote.

>> No.31804317

Chiaki is still there, and she is Girl A and has the same soul. Trying to pretend otherwise is just another way of avoiding her crime.

>> No.31804321

Chiaki isn't Girl A, fake Girl A or Murderface, and if given a proper full explanation probably would forgive her.

>> No.31804342

Could Wendy beat Midori in a cook-off? The judge is Chiaki

In the event they both have live In the same apartment would Wendy loudly slurp cup ramen with Midori in the room?

Did Mami scoop Wendy's cookie jar or what?

>> No.31804346

Depends on whether she's part of the reason Chiaki's memory is swiss cheese.

>> No.31804350

Sure, maybe be a bitch about it for a while first, make her cry a bit, but yeah, making an exceptionally shitty call out of desperation and grief when your back's against the wall is something Chiaki can probably sympathise with.

>> No.31804351

This 100%.

>> No.31804354

You know, the fact that you think this is about losing a vote frightens me.

>> No.31804355


>> No.31804366

For a multitude of reasons.

But what if the soul is linked to memories, as both Yuma and Malal said in the last thread?
It was said that messing with long-term memories is the one line not to be crossed because it affects the soul.

>> No.31804372

Would probably depend on how Deculture writes the scene but I too think Chiaki would let it go. Would probably have Chiaki demand that Yuma stops acting like such a bitch to her though.

>> No.31804375

>Traumatize a girl because you need to figure out if your mysterious superior is fucking lying to you about shit when everything and everyone in your world is probably going to die in three hours, and you don't have time for this.
She's still not exactly Satan.

>> No.31804380


If this were presented a vote option for Chiaki I'd vote for: "Punch her so hard that her helmet breaks and she falls unconscious, then tell her she's forgiven"

>> No.31804394

>Trying to pretend otherwise
She doesn't share the same mind, the same memories or the same personality, arguing this is not as cut and dry as you're making it out to be.

>> No.31804396

Hard to say. Wendy can do Real American Cuisine and Chinese, Midori specializes in ramen. I think it'd just lead to a huge, varied meal and Chiaki would just try to answer 'both'.

Yes. Especially if it bugged her

Deliberately ambiguous. Judging by the tight leash she has on her, though...

Yeah Hat's got the right of it, I think.

>> No.31804399

>Punch her so hard her helmet breaks
We've definitely proven we can, when it comes down to it.

>> No.31804401

>Punch her so hard that her helmet breaks and she falls unconscious
We're going to need Risa's help for that, what with Chiaki's noodly arms.

>> No.31804417

Heh. Blowing a kneecap would be more in Chiakis style though.

>> No.31804432

As long as we keep it down to "Punch her so hard that the superficial parts of her helmet break and she falls unconscious" because its quite hard to forgive while vomiting uncontrollably.

>> No.31804443

But it'd be funny.

>> No.31804449

Infact, given that its satan whose mind shes poking around in and there's some real doubt as to whose going to walk away raped.

>> No.31804451

If Yuma''s helmet breaks Everyone in her culexus range is dead or unconscious from soul gem resetting.

>> No.31804454


Throw up on her for good measure, I say

>> No.31804463

We could vomit on her and through the hole we make in her helmet. Call it payback and all that.

>> No.31804475

Break her helmet and puke on her.

>> No.31804484

Oh will you give up on the whole Homucifer theory. Theres nothing to even suggest it. Heck, Malal would presumably have noticed given she was familiar with Homucifer and we know she was in Chiakis mind when she was trying to save her mind.

>> No.31804492

Yeah, you'd like that wouldn't you vomit-tan.

>> No.31804500



>> No.31804505

Personally, no, but I don't want to disappoint Kyuubey, Mami, Yuu, Midori, Kyoko, Sayaka, the list goes on and on, so it depends.

>> No.31804526

I'm always judging you, pukey.

>> No.31804527

Didn't we already do this in the elevator?

>> No.31804540

Yuma a better Noir protagonist than Murderface ever was.

>> No.31804542


Alternatively, "Punch her so hard her helmet breaks and she falls unconscious, and then tell her to ask again tomorrow"

>> No.31804549

And now we know why

>> No.31804564

I think that was because she was being a total bitch at the time.

>> No.31804566

Fucking this.

>> No.31804572

Wendy didn't seem like the cooking type, what's the extent of her domestic power anyway?

Who'd fill more plates at an all you can eat buffet? Wendy or Midori?

Do either stand a chance against kyouko?

>> No.31804584

According to background information Wendy used to work at a Chinese restaurant.

>> No.31804593

after punching her with all Chiaki has I would vote to forgive her

>> No.31804601

Kyouko is more of a plate-emptier

>> No.31804607

"With all Chiaki has" is having Yuu punch her to the moon. This kills the culexus.

>> No.31804612

She worked at a Chinese place a few years ago, back when she was still off-duty on a regular basis. It was mostly to get away from the people around her, but she picked up a few things.

Wendy's actually one of the two Rabbits that does most of the cooking, the other being Amber (with Dorothy doing a lot of baking). She's pretty indifferent to the other aspect of housewai-fu, though.

Probably Midori, she has more experience in that kind of setting and it's easier to make a hundred bowls of ramen than grill and dress a hundred bacon cheeseburgers.

Kyouko would destroy their buffet.

>> No.31804622

Eh? What's so great about those awful people?

>> No.31804623

That's because we're seeing Yuma in the dark depths of despair against an unfair world, whereas Chiaki has all been building up from her initial apathy to the current level of hope and having things to lose. When the tumbling down hits, we'll see how Noir we go.

>> No.31804642

Amber makes food? What kind of food?

>> No.31804645

Bitch don't even talk bad about Enishi.

>> No.31804651

No including Yuu, just pure noodle arms.

>> No.31804654


>> No.31804660

I meant eating in the buffet

They both have had to get those butts somehow.

>> No.31804675

Eat a dick.

>> No.31804677

Well, we could use Yuu to punch her to the stratosphere only. Thats not such a long way to fly.

>> No.31804682

Oh man, now I want to see an Amber cooking special.

>> No.31804684

"Yuma never returned to the Earth. She became half-mineral, half-animal, and floated forever through space. And though she wished for death, she never died. So eventually, she stopped thinking."

>> No.31804693

i meant Chiaki by her self with out the help of any golden weapon just as >>31804651 said

>> No.31804708

She must feel the wrath of the noodley fist, using Yuu powah is just cheating.

>> No.31804710

Just don't make it a cleaning special

>> No.31804740



I wish I were still at home so I could draw this!

>> No.31804741

next time we use Yuu we HAVE to make a Jojo reference!

>> No.31804754

It's weird for me to say Wendy is my waifu because...you know. Midori doesn't get shown off well enough to keep my attention (in the confines of the main quest), and Mami's more of a mother type in my mind, so the big contenders are out.

Ruri, on the other hand, is controlling, wily, obnoxious, and cute, and that makes her a lot of fun to me. Enishi's graceful and elegant and a little pouty, on top of being pleasantly soft.

And even that level of affection is possible for Heather Crunch. What do you think, everyone? (Eleanor 'FUCK YOUR FLOWERs' Slam is a close second in the Aussies.)

Relatively often? Drugged food. She's not as tied to one category as anyone else so far in this conversation, she's pretty flexible and fairly creative. Amber's housewai-fu is strong. She's still a maid, after all.

Wendy is American so she'll win. Kyouko it's a tough call, but I'd give it to Kyouko.

>> No.31804766

Eleanor is DIE THE DEATH

>> No.31804786

How noodly is chiaki on the noodles scale?

1 being Petite and 10 being holocaust survivor

>> No.31804807

And now I am picturing chibi version of all this stuff; chibi face punching, chibi helmet vomiting, chibi orbital launches.
I blame you for this Hat.

>> No.31804820

My mistake

>> No.31804821

3.5-4. When you can magic punch people it doesn't tend to matter much up until a point.

>> No.31804830

Yes if she seriously wanted to atone
God knows Chiaki has had enough second chances

>> No.31804886

What would the various characters be in the cake song?

>> No.31804891

and she never try to see if Sayaka have a maid fetish to be explored Amber I'm disappointed

>> No.31804904

If Amber cleans, are there any survivors?

>> No.31804906


Personally, I'd put her at a 2 if I assume Homura is a 1. She'd be taller, but thinner because she doesn't take care of herself. That aside, gotta remember that she has... A huge ass for an otherwise thin girl.

But that's just my personal opinion and how I try to depict her after talking it over with Decu way back when

>> No.31804919

As far as YOU know.

Not if she takes it seriously. But really, when Amber takes ANYTHING seriously, that's when you have to start worrying.

>> No.31804944

Does Amber have a sister?

>> No.31804988

Too many to count. All I can think is...

"The cake is soft~ Is the cake Wen~dy?"
"This is retarded."
"Sing the damn song, Wendy."
"...No, not me. I'm the... ...fuck this. This is retarded."

She does, a twin (though Amber is the slightly older of the two). Jade.

Bet none of you TMfags saw THAT name coming.

>> No.31804989

That reminds me, we should get Amber and Emma's Extreme Sleepover sorted out sometime.

>> No.31805042

"Okay, now that the deal's sorted out, let's practice kissing!"
"But vhat about-"
"Shhh. is this your first sleepover? We HAVE to practice kissing. Or...will I be your first kiss, too~?"

>> No.31805095

I can picture Amber, Annie May, Mary Sue all singing along poking Wendy until she does it

>> No.31805124

"...I am the fuck off fruit."

>> No.31805132


That right there basically sums up Wendy's life.

>> No.31805139

Yup, definitely no survivors.

>> No.31805172

>Amber and Emma's Extreme Sleepover
I need to see this!

and some one needs to draw this!

>> No.31805184

So a banana?

>> No.31805216

Somebody else already has claim to the banana.

>> No.31805246

I thought a fuck off fruit would be something worse than a banana
Like one of those spiky bastard things you get, can't think of the name but they hurt like a bitch when they hit you in the head

>> No.31805269

But isn't she a berry?

>> No.31805283


She's a pineapple.

I'm drawing Wendy in a pineapple suit like the costume set from [email protected] and no one can stop me

>> No.31805285

She is all the sexually suggestive fruits. All of them.

>> No.31805339

So I guess she is also half an orange

>> No.31805408

>those spiky bastard things you get
Durian? They definitely fit the fuck-off fruit bit, I wouldn't want to go near one.

>> No.31805417


>> No.31805434

I wouldn't want to that is a great idea

>> No.31805504

Isn't it great, Puke-tan? People are finally drawing art of Wendy.

>> No.31805533


Hey, I resent that. I do draw art of Wendy and fairly often and of my own initiative.

I just do a whole lot more of Chiaki and Midori because I like them better, that's all

>> No.31805550

>because I like them better

You said it! You said it outright! You said it so directly like that!

You're such a jerk, sempai...

>> No.31805557

Don't worry Hat, no-one blames you for having good taste.

I kid I kid, I like Wendy a lot too.

>> No.31805601

I like all the girls equally, except Mikasa and Yuu, Little sisters are best characters.

>> No.31805604

What >>31805557 said, but without the spoiler.

>> No.31805662


I have acquired a new kohai

>> No.31805664

I don't know what they were called I just remember getting a face full of them while I was cutting down an old tree
Had to pick little spikes out of my head for a few hours after that

>> No.31806151

BlackCitySkyline already posted mine, but I'll put the full text in just for posterity.

- - - - -
Blueberry à la Mode

Sometimes, there were days when Miki Sayaka really despised her job.

This was one of them, but at least things were starting to look up. She had finally arrived home and was looking forward to a nice night of kicking off her boots and lounging on the couch. Maybe finish off those raspberries in the fridge if a certain red-haired someone hadn't gotten to them, yet.

Fumbling with the key to her apartment, she couldn't help but sigh in relief as she managed the lock. Eversor physiology be damned, being up and awake for a 16+ hour shift was definitely taking it's toll. Staggering through the front door, she cancelled her transformation with a sigh, not bothering to turn the light on. It was her house, what was she gonna do, trip over Kyoko?

Flopping onto the couch, she tossed her head back, swearing as she stretched. Fucking Murderface, why do you have to be such a bitch sometimes?! Just because you hate meetings doesn't mean you have to drag me along, too!

Hearing a small noise deeper in the apartment, Sayaka glanced behind her, relaxing as she spotted Kyoko's distinctive ponytail in the dim light from under the hall door. 'Guess you wanna play sneaky, eh?' she chuckled to herself, as she felt hands reach up and drape over her shoulders, strong fingers working the muscles underneath.

“Mmm... You know just how I like it honey... A-a little higher, my neck is stiff...” Sayaka purred, leaning back into the massage. This was definitely the best way to come home, ever.

Reaching back with one hand, she stroked her hand through the ponytail behind her, running fingers down it's length. It felt... softer, more silken, then usual... Must'a've just taken a shower, maybe? She grabbed a handful of hair and pulled toward herself, dragging her husband around to kiss and nibble the exposed neck. “Come 'ere, you...”

>> No.31806175


Sayaka heard a small gasp in the dark above, indicating she had found her mark. Smiling into the warm, fresh scented skin, she chinned around, looking for that one... spot... that she knew Kyoko liked so well.

The hands roaming her shoulders and neck paused a moment, then slid down her front, pressing and palming her chest through her thin shirt. “Someone's feeling worked up tonight, aren't we?” Sayaka groaned quietly, turning her head to grab at the other woman's lower lip, biting gently as she held her hair handhold firm to give a deep kiss. There was a gasp, before the other girl leaned into it, tongue darting into her mouth.

Moaning into the kiss, Sayaka had had enough, grabbing the other girl by the shoulders, and dragging her over the back of the couch. A yelp of surprise later, she had a lap full of husband, and she wasted no time taking advantage of that fact. Running her hands over Kyoko's body, trying to mentally place the outfit she was feeling, trying to remember where the... entrances were.

New outfit, maybe?

Flashing a small smile when she heard a low moan of pleasure, Sayaka stopped when she felt a pair of hands hold hers in place, preventing her from continuing. She paused one second, two, before the hands moved, running along her belly, grabbing the top of her shorts. With a deft, practiced hand the button was open, and the blue haired girl gave a throaty chuckle. “Sure babe, we can start with this!”

The weight rolled from her lap, with a thump below as she saw a grinning face in the dim light. Lifting her hips, she closed her eyes and laid back, hands sliding down her own legs to lightly caress the red-haired girl's cheeks. Wiggling back and forth, she felt her clothing slide down her long legs, slipping down her thighs, then shins. The grinning face below becoming obscured as she leaned forward, and... and did that thing with the tongue.

>> No.31806205


The undergarments hooked over her left ankle were suddenly lost, flung into the depths of the apartment, as every muscle from her waist down spasm from shock and pleasure.

Coming up for air an inferno of pleasure later, the blue haired woman panted heavily, pushing gently on the others forehead. “Wa-wait a second. Let me... let me catch my breath.” She groaned a little as she felt her hand being kissed, gently along each fingertip. Then the... curious sensation of her ring finger being enveloped in a warm, wet place.

Spell momentarily broken, Sayaka glanced down, cocking her head to the side in confusion. “Are your trying to pull my Soul Gem off with... your mouth?”

Nod, nod.

Too dark to make out the expression on her husband's face, the blue haired girl shrugged, and her Soul Gem burst into it's larger form. The usual flash of light muffled by the girl's mouth closing over the Gem, lips tucked back over teeth, causing Sayaka's eyes to widen. “Wa-wait! Kyoko, hold-! I'm not~!”

Her eyes rolled back, as she felt a warm, hot, wet feeling engulf her entire lower half.

She caught her breath a few eternities later, feeling slender fingers dancing around her inner thighs. She felt like she had been training for hours, and her legs felt so weak, like she had been trying to run to the moon. Feeling a curious, cool sensation on her hot, sticky skin, she tried to lift her weary head, feeling too drunk from pleasure to do more then just ride out her husband's lusty mood.

Her eyes widened, unseeing, as she felt herself... part open. Spread wide, around... herself. As if her own Soul Gem was being pushed gently, firmly, deeply into some place... she had never considered putting a Soul Gem before.

As her brain momentarily shorted out from the overwhelming wall of pleasure flooding her system, one curious thought came to the fore. Kharn was right.

These Soul Gems are Dildos.

- - - - -

>> No.31806258


Slipping into the brightly light apartment hallway, the dark haired girl panted heavily, hand lightly held to smiling lips, a blush staining her face a deep crimson. She... she had to calm down... be... before...

Fumbling in her pocket, she pulled a pair of thick, red rimmed glasses out, placing them gently on her nose, trying to focus her thoughts. To still her mind. To... quiet the voice inside, swearing at her to give her body back. Screaming that she'd have to scour her own tongue clean with a belt sander. How she'd tear those goddamn braids off her fucking head and beat her to death with them.

Hearing a noise coming from the elevator down the hall, the dark haired girl startled to action, realizing she couldn't stay in front of the scene of... the apartment any longer. She turned and fled, ducking around the corner just as the elevator doors opened, letting a grinning, one-eyed redhead into the hallway.

As she did, Kyoko caught sight of movement down on the other end. Of a long wave of dark hair cutting away, disappearing down the hall. Holding her hand out to call out a greeting, she shrugged, then headed to her own apartment, fishing her keys out of her pocket. It was probably someone else.

It couldn't have been her, could it...? Nah... no way. She had no reason to be here. Kyoko had a long day at work, so her mind must have been playing tricks on her... There was absolutely no reason for her to have been here. She shook her head as she unlocked and opened her door, walking into her dim apartment.

The door closed behind her with 'Honey, I'm home!' slipping out.

>> No.31806315


I updated the archive, why am I still awake?

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