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Exalted General

>tfw no waifu at all

Theme song edition:

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Are red pandas even in Exalted?

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Sure, why not? They're probably on the Blessed Isle.

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Wouldn't a cuddly animal like that die to the dinosaurs and other crazy shit in Creation?

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Why would they not be?

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If they aren't they'd be just a few craft genesis rolls away. Where do you think the djala came from? Naturally occurring species? Fuck no, some first age solar got bored and decided he wanted panda people one slow tuesday. Also,

>tfw no bumblebee totem lunar waifu

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The vast majority of animal life is the same, or similar stuff, as on earth. There's just some weirder stuff thrown in too.

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So, like all of us I have been greatly enjoying OWoD Guy's story about a budding Solar knocking the teeth out of vampires. So, because I am the perpetual DM of my group and I hate having to come up with new ideas, I'm stealing this one. Vampires are Abyssals, Changelings are Infernals, Mages are Sidereals, etc. If it works out, should make for fun storytime.

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Best of luck my friend!

Remember that the East is glowing bright!

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Please OP. We already established that Heavenly Sword was the official soundtrack for exalted:


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You. Are. PSYCHIC. One of the players wants to make a martial arts focused Hunter who's from Japan, is a massive otaku, and wants to be a dawn caste because it syncs up with the "land of the rising sun" deal. He also wants his character's hair to turn blonde when his anima flares.

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Sounds like a fun guy who likes DBZ.

My character was born a blonde. Still it'd be fun to have more than a glowing symbol on my forehead and glowing madly.

That glowing is gonna get me killed if something bad happens. I swear, it's like a beacon for all vampires. And probably werewolves.

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Until they release the actual official soundtrack, at least.

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At maximum flare your anima goes totemic, like in pic related. So pic a theme that it should look like.

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I thought it was like this

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It's different for every Exalt, could look like anything

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Huh, I was told mine was resembled a giant version of some gold clad knightly demon thing standing by me like a Stand from JoJo

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There's a lot of ways it can go. All it has to be is an image that's totemic to the character. Lunar example here.

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I need an essence cannon. Wonder if I could build one eventually...

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Not to mention that there's not as many of the nastier things in the wild on the Blessed Isle. IIRC 2e's book on it said that GIANT pandas actually lived there.

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That's pretty cost effective for a weapon.

How do you get strength required to wield a medium?

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Be either really old and break the ess5/5dot limit or treat it as a crew-served weapon.

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So the cap isn't hard? So a 6 essence exalted has a cap of 6 I take it?

Wasn't sure if it was a hard cap like with other WW systems, and I didn't see anything about it.

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Exactly right, once essence passes 6, it raises the cap along with it.

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It'd be at least a thousand years, though.

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The nice thing about Exalted is they add their ability to almost everything.

I mean here's the VtM table of strength, but you only add Strength and Potence for this table.

Meanwhile the Exalted table only goes to 4500.

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Be a Lunar or Alchemical

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Comparing these two, this doesn't make a lot of sense. It takes 7 strength in OWoD to break handcuffs, but it takes 14 in Exalted. That'd be 11 on the OWoD table.

Either Exalted has better iron than OWoD has steel or someone messed up some where.

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Strength 4+ Full moon flaring anima? Yeah, that'll do it.

Otherwise they need Ess5, Str 4+, Devastating Ogre Enhancement, and Celestial Body Armor.

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The two systems were never really meant to meet. Hell, the splats within oWoD were never designed to meet.

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They still used the same table thought. Thought Exalted might also, but it's similar, but not the same.

Still that's a 1100lbs of lifting force difference. Unless snapping them means breaking the actual iron and not the chains.

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Something to keep in mind too is that you don't roll on the feats of strength table. If you can get your dot count up to the task, you can do it.

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So if you have excellency in Athletics, you can increase your strength?

Any other charms that affect how much you can lift?

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Well, you can spend 1 Willpower to roll your Willpower and add the sux to your Feats of Strength score...

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There's at least one or two Athletics charms that vastly increase your strength for purposes of feats of strength (aka fancy shit like punching a boulder in half that doesn't directly affect combat)

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Not really sure on the Solar side. I played a Full Moon Lunar and with the combination of Warform, Power armor, and Anima could get up to 20 without having to use an excellency.

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I assumed as much. WW has very similar rules for stuff.

I want to see an Exalted punch through a castle wall.

How do you even get power armor in Exalted, and who do you need to kill to get it?

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We had a craft-focused Sidereal who had a Manse with a Factory Cathedral.

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>How do you even get power armor in Exalted, and who do you need to kill to get it?
Usually you ask your Twilight circle mate to make some, or you steal some, or you get connections with people who have some.

It's not really scifi power armor, it's more magical armor with many built in features.

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Hey /tg/, how many excellencies do you usually get at chargen ?

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Anywhere between 1-7 depending on how greedy I'm being. It's generally best to grab a lot of excellencies, but at the same time they're REALLY BORING.

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Like 3 or 4.

One in a combat skill, one in what my character actually does, and a spare or two to cover something utility (third App for a Lunar, Dodge for when I bought an Archery Excellency instead of a Melee/MA one, etc.)

For Alchemicals and Infernals the rules go out the window, since they start with tonsaCharms and only need one or two Excellencies at best, respectively.

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Is the Familiars background fun in any way? Mechanically or otherwise for RP/character purposes. IE storytiem pls on what I could do with it.

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Not the canon one, no. It sucks total ass and really offers nothing that you couldn't accomplish for free, even at 5 dots.

It needs a total rewrite and a pile of custom Charms before I even look at it in games.

Demonic Familiar is okay.

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Strength Increasing Exercise boosts strength for a scene. Unless I'm forgetting some errata

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I usually grab one for a combat ability and one for whatever non-combat ability I'm focusing on the most.

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>Theme song edition

My Solar Exalt's theme song is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPkoVjqvoIg

Most of that soundtrack could describe her, actually. Yes, I'm aware I'm a huge faggot.

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Pleb tier, there is only one song suitable for a solar exalt.


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so its not like exalts arnt that strong, its that hand cuffs on creation are fucking strong as hell

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If it makes you feel better, that is on my Exalted playlist.

But no, I think the PSG OST fits better for her.

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I have this song playing any time a mortal PC Exalts:


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I just can't connect modern songs with Exalted, a mythic world. i suppose my Solars theme song would be probably wholly instrumental and ancient in feel and sound.

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I really want more of those too, but I had a great time using more modern songs for the alternate settings in Shards of the Exalted Dream. Especially Heaven's Reach, which was mostly Zone of the Enders.


I also used a lot of the Skull Man OST and classical compositions for Abyssals. The more sinister the better:



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Damn. That's a shame. The recent photoset of the Mongolian hawk huntress was inspiring a character.

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The familiar system is being totally overhauled for 3e however.

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So question guys.

Exalted Shards ALWAYS ask their user if they want their superpowers before being granted to them? And this is to prevent "I didn't ask for this whiners"?

Cause if so 1) If your intent is to prevent THAT GUY from playing your game then LOL GOOD JOB ON THAT EXALTED YOU REALLY SUCCEEDED THERE

2) Isn't "I didn't ask for this" as perfectly a legitimate reason for characters to exist as anything else?

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Solars don't get a choice, neither do Sidereals.

Solars have to earn it, though. I guess you can choose to be mediocre and not earn it? There's literally nothing a Sidereal can do to avoid an Exaltation, because, you know, Fate; but on the other hand, the person receiving it is pretty well fit for the Exaltation, because again, Fate.

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>tfw huntress loli could maybe be a thing


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I just realized potential Sidereals really could avoid the shard by hiding in Malfeas or the Underworld or killing themselves, I guess.

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No, normal uncorrupted Exalts will automatically Exalt when is appropriate. Abyssals and Infernals, due to the corruption, are given the question.

You don't really get Adam Jensens with normal Exalts, for either your Exalt is tied to your destiny from birth for Sidereals, which would have shaped you as a person, or in the case of Solars and Lunars, if you were not willing to use the power you would not get it.

>> No.31797012

A potential Sidereal cannot do this of their own volition, for they aren't even concieved yet. When a Sidereal dies, the Exaltation passes instantly and attaches to the soul of a newborn, forming their destiny. A Sidereal Exalt is born Exalted, but their grasp over their powers grows with time.

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>There's literally nothing a Sidereal can do to avoid an Exaltation, because, you know, Fate; but on the other hand, the person receiving it is pretty well fit for the Exaltation, because again, Fate.

but that assumes that they know in advance that they'll get one - and since they're often kidnapped as children to be raised in Yu-Shan, they canonically do not mind getting that power when they exalt

>> No.31797048

Yeah, this is basically edge cases here.

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>You don't really get Adam Jensens with normal Exalts,

Again: isn't that kind of targeting out an entire character archetype and just saying "NO! THIS KIND OF CHARACTER CAN'T BE DONE!" in a game that's perfectly okay with you being a child murdering motherfucker.

Was White Wolf just TERRIFIED of people being emo with this game and wanted to do everything in their goddamn power to prevent that?

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No, they gave you Abyssals if you wanted to be emo.

>> No.31797088


Let's be clear, you can be totally reluctant to use your power, but you wouldn't get it if you ultimately actually would never use it ever.

>> No.31797089

Solars are supposed to be mind-numbingly HE~RO~IC~.

If you want "woe is me and the burden of power I bear" you play Abyssal.

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At best you can suddenly realize you're actually supposed to be responsible for shit, and this could cause you to freak out that you weren't ready for this.

...Of course, completely ignoring your responsibilities is always an option, even for Exalts.
Especially for Exalts.

>> No.31797145


If you want Adam Jensen, you could in theory play an alchemical who's memory echoes congeal into a reluctant but stoic defender of the weak and seeker of truth

A solar Adam Jensen? Again the seeker of truth theme might work, with him quickly becoming disapointed and disenfranchised as he finds how shitty first first age solars behaved
>But as a very important general rule, then no mortal will ever exalt as a solar if he wouldn't want to use that power. That's a big no.

AFAIK only Dragonblooded, by virtue of exalting purely through their bloodlines, can opt to sit on their ass and not really use their powers. Everyone else is basically destined to use them in some grand way.

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>tfw looking for a Exalted online game because I'd rather write the stunts/RP than say them

>> No.31797234

I ran a text-oriented game on roll20 with some friends. The main issue is that it's slow as balls, so you can't go in expecting the same kind of pacing you normally would. This has some pretty hefty implications on the campaign themes that are feasibly run.

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Go to RPdom - there is a big play-by-post community there, with quite a lot of Exalted games

Alternatly poke around a gamefinder thread here - you might get lucky - though there are usually far more interested players than STs

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Is there any way to lose charms?

>> No.31797657

There are effects that grant charms on a temporary basis, and those can be lost. The Forgotten Blade might work too, but it gets lost frequently.

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My solar's theme song:

>> No.31797988

Silly boys, this is the only theme song a true Exalt needs:


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There are some exceptions but generally no.
If for some reason you no longer have the stats needed to buy a charm then you can't use it however.

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>tfw knows a redpandalunar player but not in game with her

>tfw was in a game with a bee lunar but the player got a job and had to quit

>> No.31799077 [DELETED] 


I remember seeing an image of an anthropomorphic red panda/honey bee hybrid. Does anyone have it?

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Gimme a moment

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With bebws

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And one more

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Actually, they WERE a random natural race.
Solars genemodded them to be even tinier (2x Small mutation) and with enlightened Essence so they could crawl into machinery and fix shit.
Post usurpation the minikin merged back with natural djala, evening out the size and carrying on in-born essence enlightenment.

>> No.31799222

Increasing Strength Exercise.

>> No.31799249

The RAW FoS table is kinda shitty.

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>tfw knows redpandalunar and is in game with her

>edgiest thatguy in existence, cracks her neck at weird angles and threatens to eat everyone's heart

>player constantly bitches about imbalance between Solars and Lunars

>wants everything houseruled in her favor

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Shut the fuck up, frosty.

>> No.31799866 [DELETED] 

Go back to your ERP generals, leave the game playing to people that know what they're doing.

>> No.31799906 [DELETED] 

Although the only one online right now is Naibu. Is that you?

>> No.31799937 [DELETED] 

Clearly, because nobody ever browses /tg/ without being online.

Go ahead and finger him for this, I'm sure he'd love it.

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>Exalted thread
>Turns into namefag circlejerking
This is why we can't have nice things!

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So me and my friends have decided we'd like a change of pace from Shadowrun and decided on Exalted. Is there anything I, as the GM, can run them through like the Food Fight module? If not, suggestions for the first-time players and GM to do on their first game?

>> No.31800592

Some published adventures are kinda like that: plots for started characters. But be warned that they tend to suffer from bad writing (there is a lot of bad tidbits in the books overall, but in adventures they're kinda concentrated)

One of the better ones is Daughter of Nexus. It is in essence an escort mission, but gets you in touch with important political and supernatural figures of the locale and includes a bitchin' battle. It also takes place in the heart of the designated adventuring area, so it's easy to go from there.

Avoid the Tomb of 5 Corners module, it's a piss-standard D&D dungeon crawl which is NOT what this game is about. It's just plain boring. It's set nearby the Daughter of Nexus so if you really want something that low, you can run it before the DoN.

Under The Rose and Return of the Scarlet Empress are endgame-tier and the latter is the crown of bad writing.

In Hunting a Monster is an adventure for a non-core splat, the Dragonblooded. If you want your party to be lower on the power level and with much easier getting into politics of the empire that dominates the heart of the world, then you can take it.

Contagion of Law takes place in a rather unpopular locale and suffers from that. Not sure what Disease of an Evil Conscience is about other than being set in the middle of nowhere.

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> tfw redpandalunar's girlfriend bans the wrong person for posting this

>> No.31800862 [DELETED] 

I'm going to ban your whole fucking crowd.

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So on a scale of Mortal to Superman, how good are Exalted senses?

>> No.31801116

Depends on the charms they take, but Solars can definitely get up to Superman levels.

>> No.31801140

What about at base?

>> No.31801279


My DB's theme song:

>> No.31801285

More like Captain America. Sure, they're better than you at most things, but they're still inherently human, and do die to the same things everyone else does, only they need more of it.

>> No.31801294

At base, with no charms, they're pretty much just very good humans. With some of the early charms they can do things like make out the individual threads of a piece of clothing.

>> No.31801376

So I should be careful to avoid a knife in my chest while sleep huh.

>> No.31801438

Yeah, you could get killed like that. You could also get poisoned and so on. So you need normal precautions just like everybody else - or charms which replace them.

>> No.31801525

Most exalts start off on that level, but you can also grab Reflexive Sidestep Technique and be Spider Man.

"You're caught by surprise by this ambush!"
"No I'm not."

>> No.31802141 [DELETED] 

I always played off that charm as natural movement followed by an "Oh shit! What the fuck? That arrow chakram could have killed me! Who threw that?"

Surprise Anticipation Method seemed more like Spidey senses

>> No.31802241

I always played off that charm as natural movement followed by an "Oh shit! What the fuck? That chakram could have killed me! Who threw that?"

Surprise Anticipation Method seemed more like Spidey senses

>> No.31802254

Note to self: Go to hardware store and buy string and bell.

>> No.31802530

Better ask your mad genius engineer cook up something.

That reminds me: get Power Awarding Prana, use it on him. That will turn him into a mini-Solar and let him learn Solar Charms. Including Solar CRAFTING Charms, punching his skills into overdrive.

>> No.31802561

more specifically they can ignore most of the sickness and bleeding rules, have a specific anima related power, can use artifacts freely (mostly) and depending on which charms; put to shame the feat of strength chart, mimic a wall better than the wall itself, leap tall buildings, cut a house in half WITH YOUR FIST, or cast spells that make every other spellcaster green (sometimes literally) with envy.

>> No.31802585

I'm getting IPP before anything else.

Fuck Mages. Fuck Tzimisce. And fuck werewolves. I ain't dealing with their bullshit.

But I'll put it on the list. Probably will be some time before I get it.

>> No.31802651

>I'm getting IPP before anything else.
I wouldn't hurry with that so far. Currently your main worry are ghouls with guns. Tzimisce is floating on the horizon.

>> No.31802695

Actually there's some vampire sorcerer who wants to figure why I glow. Tremere and Tzimisce are both equally bad. Tremere have torture and a Tzimisce is a Tzimisce.

If I could, I'd get a perfect defense charm but need more essence for that.

>> No.31802839

Rolled 4

the Tzimisce can only experiment on you if he captures you. I'd get better at combat before worrying about what he could do to you.

>> No.31802943

Problem is that he could touch me and turn me into a hat.

What I really need is better combat and mind control immunity. Only so much protection that high Willpower gives.

Though Limit Breaking would flat out stop it I assume.

>> No.31802977

>Problem is that he could touch me and turn me into a hat.
What are the normal WoD rules for resisting that shit?

And yeah, Limit Break stops any and all mind-control.

>> No.31802980

Rolled 3

not by default, no.
There's a charm called, I think, stubborn Boar defense or something that makes you completely immune to mind control while in LB.

Limit Break gives you back some WIllpower, however, so it can help you resist Mental Effects indirectly

>> No.31803000

Your temporary Willpower is their roll difficulty. They need a bunch of successes to make you do something you wouldn't. But telling you to freeze only requires one success.

>> No.31803011

found it
Stubborn Boar Defense
Mins: Integrity 3, Essence 2; Type: Permanent

Solar Exalted in Limit Break cannot temper their glory with wisdom. This Charm causes the character to treat all directives from unnatural mental influence as unacceptable orders while in Limit Break.

>> No.31803020

I meant Shaping effects.

I stand corrected on that, then.

>> No.31803044

Oh yeah and Limit Break can give you more temporary Willpower than you could normally have, even breaking the 10wp cap

>> No.31803059

Not much of a defense really.

Most just cause a difficulty raise.

>> No.31803087

No shit?

Well I guess I got 12 Willpower right now.

>> No.31803108

What is the attunement cost for the Thunderbolt Shield listed in Errata?

>> No.31803110

did you have your first Limit Break already?

>> No.31803153

Yes. On the Marine. Broke almost every bone in his body because I go full World of Cardboard, and Relentless Unstoppable soldier when I Limit Break.

He'll be fine. Probably.

>> No.31803202

how did you manage to get 10 limit that quickly? Resisting lots of mind control?
and what's your Limit Break?

>> No.31803215

>Resisting lots of mind control?
IIRC the story, the Ventrue loved to spam it.

>> No.31803227


I ran into a shit ton of Mind Control. Ventrue like to spam Presence and Dominate. Wish the fucker botched the roll so I could ignore him.

>> No.31803360

If that continues to be a problem, look into Righteous Lion Defense. It's an Essence 1 Integrity Charm that let's you pick an Ideal and treat all Mental Influence to betray or forsaken it as an unacceptable order, letting you ignore it.
You'd have to pick an ideal that would be forsaken or betrayed if you did what they're telling you to do, however

>> No.31803449


To the Solar Exalted, “death” and “surrender” are almost the same thing. This Charm helps a character hold fast to her fundamental Intimacies in the face of temptation. The player picks one of the character’s Intimacies when purchasing this Charm. For the purposes of this Solar Charm, this loyalty must be to an ideal—not to a person or a love, but sometimes to a relationship; not to a tribe or city, but sometimes to the nation she might build of them; not to a battle or a war, but to the extinction of one foe or the conquest of a great region. (Other Exalted have versions of this Charm that support different commitments.)

This Charm allows the character to treat mental influence to betray or forsake that Intimacy as an unacceptable order

> the extinction of one foe
If you have an Intimacy of Hate against Vamps or something, make your Ideal freeing the world of them or something

>> No.31803538

Also a question, do you have a Motivation? In Exalted it's something like a main goal in life of everyone. Common people may have motivations related to their families or their own well-being, while Exalted have Motivations that impact on whole countries or the world. Maybe "removing vampires from the world" could be yours. No normal mental influence (not enhanced with special powers) may convince you to abandon or go against the Motivation without breaking your mind first, and any unnatural mental influence that wants you to do this has to overcome your mental defenses at +3 difficulty.

On a flip side, any influence that correlates with your Motivation lowers the difficulty the same amount.

>> No.31803605 [DELETED] 

>tfw Banderas is going to ruin everything

>like Spykids ruined Banderas

>> No.31803801 [DELETED] 
File: 2.25 MB, 480x360, 2macabre.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't forget wanting a lunar version of the crown of thunders to go with her appearance 8 at chargen, only to later decide to go full necromancy and complain about not getting solar-tier circles (at chargen)

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File: 1.51 MB, 500x374, Uhoh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>someone else is capable of doing things I want to do? Can I reroll?

>Wait, it happened again? Let me reroll.

>> No.31803904 [DELETED] 

guys, we really don't care unless it is entertaining. This is not

>> No.31803951 [DELETED] 

Speak for thineself knave

>> No.31804156

>tfw my brand-new Solar is having a "lover's spat" with another Solar who was her former incarnation's lover in the First Age
>goes "hysterical woman on a tirade", hucks a slipper at the back of his head
>Reflexive Sidestep Technique
>"Who throws a shoe?! I mean that could have really hurt!"
>she sulks for a minute, and in a fit of toddler anger throws the other slipper
>Reflexive Sidestep Technique
>"Stop that!"
>"Well stop moving then!"
>"Ican't! It just sorta happens!"
>the argument ends as the rest of the evening is spent with her trying to catch him off-guard to nail him with something
>shit gets progressively bigger and more dangerous until she's hurling furniture at him
>it's not out of anger any more but out of genuine curiosity as to what he can dodge
>"Honey, this is why all of our landlords charge us an extra talent in rent."

>> No.31804323

>Honey, this is why all of our landlords charge us an extra talent in rent."

>Paying rent
>Not owning the city

>> No.31804457

Trying to keep a low profile, I suspect.
Not being very good at it, but trying.

>> No.31804562
File: 196 KB, 885x643, Hungry_dead.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How populated is the underworld?
Considering how many people die in creation. Its hard not to imagine that the underworlds is standing room only now.

>> No.31804573

Rolled 5

most of them go on and are reincarnated

>> No.31804581

Not everyone who dies goes to the Underworld, and ghosts can pass on.

>> No.31804674

Yeah, he was as much an unscrupulous-but-lovable-scamp as he was in the First Age (so he kept as low a profile as a Solar could), and my Solar was, a month prior, the premier courtesan owned by one of the Council of Entities in Nexus.

So they *tried* to keep a low profile when they were conducting business in the East. ...Tried being the operative word here.

The first apartments reduced to matchsticks was blamed on her amazement at the sheer novelty of Graceful Crane Stance, and Feather-Foot/Spider-Foot Styles. It was shamefully comedic and done solely for the RP element, really.

>Lotus-dear, what in the hell happened to the furniture?
>...I was practicing Spider-Foot Style.
>On the *floor*?
>No silly, on the ceiling. It can't be helped that the sitting room is so small that I have to slow down to turn around.

Then he'd laugh and promise her a palatial estate with ceilings big enough to run across to her heart's content.

>> No.31805361

Generally you only become a ghost if you have some kind of serious attachment/unfinished task to complete that fetters you to Creation.

Hungry Ghosts, like in the comic, are what happen to the lower soul if they die badly, and especially if no proper burial rites happen.

>> No.31805993

I got a Nature and Demeanor that serve a similar function. Not as much of a defense, but it does feed me will power.

Motivation does seem a lot more in line with my character though since my nature is Heroic.

>> No.31806063

all Exalts (in Exalted) and most heroic mortals have a Motivation

And I'm not sure if you know this, but using personal motes (rather than peripheral) doesn't ignite your anima banner (so you can get a couple punches in without attracting attention)

>> No.31806161

Yeah I know. I burn those ones first normally.

>> No.31806417

Next game is Thursday night. I got a feeling I'm gonna get shot again.

Anyone got a suggestion to replace my credit cards with for a ranged weapons?

Gun is out of ammo and I need something until I close distance.

>> No.31806549

A crossbow or bow. Throwing knives fall under Thrown instead of Archery, but your skill with guns should magically transfer over to bows and crossbows.

>> No.31806550

Grenades? You totally throw grenades.

>> No.31806575

What's your skill at throwing shit? How high is your Strength + Athletics? You could just tear the scenery (describe it for easy stunting and regaining motes) and hurl things at them.

>> No.31806686

The hell am I gonna get a crossbow? Or a bow? I'd have a better chance with getting guns illegally
Did that last time and am now out. Ain't cheap either. I don't have a lot of money to throw around all Willy nilly.

>> No.31806776

450Lbs is not much, but it should be enough to flip cars for cover if they start shooting and throw some shit at them. Is there a chance of making a ruckus? You don't really have to maintain secrecy if you're going to die. Yell fire, call the police, break into cars so their alarms go off. As long as you stunt and don't spend peripheral motes, you should be able to stop shining in a few minutes.

>> No.31806792

Consider putting points in Thrown then, you really don't have a lot of ranged options. I can't think of any ranged Martial Arts weapons you'd even come close to being able to acquire.

>> No.31806932

The vampires own the police. Why would I call them? Also dying is bad for me. Pretty sure my Exaltation doesn't prevent me from being embraced also. Which might be tried.

Also I'm strong as hell but not unkillable. Guns can still hit me if fired enough. Drawing attention to myself last time got another 4 vampires in the fight. Though I'm stronger than the last time I fought them. Vampires can take a huge ass beating from my fists and walk away. They only take half damage. I need to start aiming for the head more.

I know Gun Kata. Though that's of limited use.

>> No.31807028


There are a few firearms charms if your storyteller has "Shards of the Exalted Dream."

You should be prevented from being Embraced, it would be like trying to Embrace a werewolf or some such other magical or supernatural creature. If there's any question, it's up to your storyteller but things like Integrity Protecting Prana would definetly prevent it along with a number of other things if you get access to it.

>> No.31807075

Werewolves can be embraces.

Also doesn't IPP stop working if you're dead? Because you have to die to become a vampire.

>> No.31807101

Dying makes the Exaltion leave your body, so you can't use IPP after that

>> No.31807139

You could probably manage to invent a charm to immolate your body upon death.

It's probably a gigantic waste of 10xp, but it's an option.

>> No.31807160

Note to self: Don't die by vampires

As long as I don't end up like my sister I'm fine with exploding into sunlight. Never found her body too...

>> No.31807213

couldn't you go kill yourself once you've become a vampire?

>> No.31807217

It's not about the police itself, but drawing too much attention for them to want. If you don't want police, call others, like fire service. They want to maintain the masquerade, so involving common mortals may be kind of a dick move, but it can be your last resort.

Also, are they already there? Couldn't you prepare something flammable, hide outside until they arrive, then start fire with them inside. Even if that doesn't kill them, it's going to draw a lot of attention.

>> No.31807296

In the same way that you could kill yourself right now except your self preservation instinct is a raging monster that will do anything to keep you alive.

We legged it before they arrived. Currently hiding in my bestie's friends home. Also they're all injured as hell and couldn't even fight the marine off, even with what I did to him. I don't really want to risk them being caught alone and unarmed.

Plus the vampires know who we are now.

>> No.31807325

Have you thought about hiding out in a church?

>> No.31807394

The hell would that do? Most churches off no protect against Vampires and are their go to looking places for Hunters.

True Faith is rare as fuck nowadays. Wait a minute... I'm a divine being technically right?

>> No.31807431

sort of.
Don't try blessing stuff though, that won't do anything

>> No.31807455

Technically, somewhat. You would get some bonus willpower/mote regeneration from people worshiping you. With additional charms, you could hear their prayers and respond to them. But that's all there is to it.

>> No.31807481

Just wondering if I qualify for True Faith. Though I guess not. Maybe one day I will if I talk to UCS.

>> No.31807500

Alright, so I am wanting to play a sorcerer. However, we are only allowed the 2e core book, and the scroll of errata. As a result I am a Solar on a small list of shit I can realistically get away with. So far I've got 2 strength, 5 dex, 2 stamina, 1 charisma, 1 manipulation, 5 appearance, 3 perception, 5 intelligence, 3 wits.
Abilities I've got Martial Arts 5 with favourite. Twilight Caste, 2 investigation, 3 lore, 3 medicine, 5 occult, 2 linguistics with favourite, integrity 1, persence 4 with favourite, survival 2, awareness 4 with faourite. Essence 3 of course, Terrestrial Circle Sorcery charm, spells of Summon Elemental, Infallible Messenger, Wood Dragon's Claw, Stormwind Rider, Demon of the First Circle, Invulnerable Skin of Bronze.
What sort of Martial Arts should I look into, as well as backgrounds and stuff of that sort.

>> No.31807543

>What sort of Martial Arts should I look into, as well as backgrounds and stuff of that sort.
Well if you only got core and errata, you don't have many options there, do you?

>> No.31807547

>Want to play a Sorcerer
>White Treatise isn't allowed


>> No.31807574

>I want to be good at Sorcery and Martial Arts

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA holy shit you must hate yourself. You're going to be lagging miles behind the other characters. Not to mention, you have shit-all for choices in Martial Arts if only 2e core's allowed.

>> No.31807599

>Can summon two demons
>Three with second circle sorcery
>Fucking none with the third
>learning MAs when you only get the core ones
Are you still going to do this? Are you mad?

>> No.31807732

Hm. Should preface these things with the fact that I have never played Exalted before and neither has the ST.

Not sure how good sorcery is, but it seems to be terrible if core only judging by your reactions. Going to look into making an archer or something instead.

>> No.31807802

Sorcery's far better than MA if you're going core only, but you have so few options and it's a GIANT exp sink.

If you allow the White Treatise and the two Rolls of Divinity, it becomes much better, since it gives you options.

I don't really blame him for being cautious on Martial Arts, but Sorcery's really not that broken.

>> No.31807817


Sorcery's utility is made up of 60% summoning Demons, 20% fast travel, and 20% long-term terrain-sculpting.

Core Sorcery can't do any of those for shit. You need at least the additional Demons from Roll of Glorious Divinity to make that worthwhile, or an ST willing to pull Demons out of his butthole on a per-session basis.

>> No.31807877

It's less that he's being cautious, more that he can't be bothered getting the other books and shit and then give them the basic look over. We've been preparing for the first session for weeks and he's barely read anything. So yeah. He's not going to allow the others for a while if at all.

Noted. Probably going to go archer then.

>> No.31807983

Sorcery is terrible for newbies because all of it's arsenal is in supplements and requires a lot of reading through to pick up. If you want to be magic man you would also want Thaumaturgy, which guess what - in yet another separate book and is also another giant XPsink.

Same goes for martial arts! All the shit is in other books and internet (rewrites of the stuff that is in the books but is terrible).

"Kung-Fu Wizard" is an awesome character template but it is NOT something that you approach lightly.

If you really really want sorcery, I would do a character concept that has it as a /side/ thing, not /big main/ thing.
For example an archer that can summon some demon meatshields. Then you can expand around a bit once you get into the other books. Such as get more variety in demons or sorcery to summon a cloud which you can use as a sniper nest.

>> No.31808042

I want to play a Lunar, /exg/. Never have before. And while I'm not entirely bothered by the power disparities, what are some absolute houserules/errata changes I should look at (along with needed charms/knacks).

>> No.31808065


TAW, (Terrifying Argent Witches) is popular, don't know of the other balance changes.

It's linked on 1d4chan's wiki I believe.

>> No.31808118

I was more just looking into MA as a thing to defend myself if need be. Probably could just get away with unarmed swinging though, it seems.

As for archer with the side on sorcery...I will probably look into that.

>> No.31808203

I love fun little scenes like that.

>> No.31808264

Rolled 2

No, they weren't. The Djala are a result of minikin breeding with normal humans.

>> No.31808377

Equalising XP costs to solars is a common good houserule - it will not get full-on power level equality, but it at least will make you less starved on actual things to have. Reduce Knacks training time, the default is insanely fucking long.
http://fixalted.bazzalisk.org/index.php?title=Domino%27s_Original_Chargen_Rules a common altered chargen that gives you a bit more freedom in favoured attributes and a bit more stats to go around.

Thing to take
Errata'd Hybrid Body Rearrangement is basically "hooray, I am now an actual shapeshifter!"
Appearance 5 +Third App Excellency +Perfect Symmetry is the meat of the Lunar Social combat. Get a couple more charms (don't recall names off-hand) and you'll be able to brainwash people while in animal form, build known as Pretty Kitty Revolution

TAW charms are no less of a mess than canon lunars, so I wouldn't advise it for newbies.
That said their rules for form acquisition and shifting can be used well enough.

And if you do end up using their charms, do not use them only, mix up with normal lunars. But again - you need proficiency with rules.

>> No.31808383

Rolled 4

The Underworld's population is, if I remember right, an order of magnitude larger than Creation's. Where you have a city of 100,000 people, there's a city of 1,000,000 ghosts in the Underworld. That sort of thing. It's supposed to be a blasted, empty place, but after the overwhelming majority of Creation died a few times in a row, that stopped being the case.

It and Malfeas are actually the most likely places to find proper, densely-packed, bustling cities.

>> No.31808422

>It and Malfeas are actually the most likely places to find proper, densely-packed, bustling cities.
More like it's as a whole is one overpopulated city. Think sci-fi "city the size of a planet" thing, except with even MORE layers upon layers.

>> No.31808437

Rolled 6

>The hell am I gonna get a crossbow? Or a bow? I'd have a better chance with getting guns illegally
You can get a compound bow at any sporting goods store without a permit, license, or background check. Same goes for hunting crossbows. These are bows/crossbows designed to take down wild board/deer/bears. They'll do you just fine, as long as you can afford them.

Some states in the US also allow purchasing longarms without a permit. You can get a hunting rifle without a background check or permit in Indiana, for example. Just be careful about transporting them across state lines.

>> No.31808473

Rolled 5

>Alright, so I am wanting to play a sorcerer.
Oh, cool, there's a bunch of neat-

>However, we are only allowed the 2e core book, and the scroll of errata.
Ah, then don't bother. There's barely a dozen spells in the core book and less than a handful of demons. It's not even remotely worth it - play something other than a Sorcerer.

>> No.31808490

>sensible chargen houserules

Dammit I'm gonna have to do it the old-fashioned way instead of using Anathema.

>social combat

...considering I was gonna make my totem animal a badger, this has the potential to be hi-larious.

>> No.31808503

Not in the State I'm currently in.

I could get a bow, but they're not gonna do much to vampires. Plus I'd break the damn thing unless I under drew the draw string.

Problem with becoming twice as strong in 1 night is you can't control your strength like you used to. I keep breaking damn coffee cups.

>> No.31808517

Rolled 3

Yes. Malfeas is non-stop city-world - except for the oceans, the mountains, the forests, the deserts, and so forth. Not all of Malfeas has his geography. There are other Yozi-locations there too. The parts that aren't Szoreny, Cecelyne, Kimbery, or what have you, though, are the largest, most densely-packed nightmare-arcologies in the setting.

>> No.31808548

and are the cities all full of spooky skeletons?

>> No.31808550

Rolled 2

>I could get a bow, but they're not gonna do much to vampires.
Actually, broadhead hunting arrows are supposed to do lethal damage to a vampire, same as hitting them with a blade. They'll do way more damage than a gun would.

>Plus I'd break the damn thing unless I under drew the draw string.
>Problem with becoming twice as strong in 1 night is you can't control your strength like you used to. I keep breaking damn coffee cups.
Wait, how strong are you? And why? Solars don't have superhuman strength without the use of special charms.

>> No.31808576

Rolled 8

I was talking about Malfeas. The Underworld is basically always night, always raining, always black-and-white-with-splashes-of-red Film Noir cities. They're the ideal location to set a detective/noir game.

>> No.31808612

From Lords of Creation

Perhaps the strangest of the blessed mortals are the
minikins. Many forms of Essence-based technologies are
complex, delicate and difficult to repair. Although only the
most powerful and fragile creations of the First Age require
regular maintenance, some undergo periodic upgrades, and
all require servicing if they are damaged. Approximately
2,000 years ago, Owl-Over-Water, a Lunar scholar and
sorcerer of the No Moon Caste, decided to create a race
of miniature humans specially designed to repair advanced
devices. Using the already short Djala people as her base,
she created a blessed race specifically designed to work on
and inside complex devices. Each minikin appears to be one
of the Djala people who is less than two and a half feet tall,
and who possesses exceptionally flexible joints and an innate
ability to work Essence.

Scroll of Heroes
Accurate First Age records, however, give a more detailed
story. The Djala were originally an independent race with
their own history and territory, until the Lawgivers chose to
modify them into a smaller race of blessed mortals, specifically
designed to serve them by tending Essence-based technologies.
The new race was successful, but the true Djala were almost
destroyed. The people that now claim that name are the
descendants of the Lawgiver-created race and are too often
considered slaves or servants by the rest of Creation.

>> No.31808625

I went from having the ability to lift 100lbs to 450lbs when I Exalted.

And while the arrows do lethal damage, it does a lot less than a .3006 would.

Also once again, I keep breaking shit. Already broke my handguns triggers.

>> No.31808631

Well, Errata'd Snake Style isn't that terrible, to be frank, so you could pick that.

>5 dex 5 appearance
Hot diggity damn that's some hardcore optimising you're doing there, for someone who hasn't played Exalted before.

>> No.31808636

Further down in SoH

The living Djala were astonished at the return of their
smaller relatives. Their land had been touched only lightly
by the Usurpation and the Shogunate, so they knew little
of what had been going on among the Exalted. When the
minikins explained the situation to them, the Djala tribes
agreed to give their kindred sanctuary, in return for the mini-kins sharing the Essence-based technology they had brought
with them. The Contagion had left few enough people that
there were no quarrels over territory.
The Djala and the minikins began to intermarry. Owl-Over-Water’s changes had left them interfertile, and over the
decades, the Djala population began to stabilize, genetically
carrying the best of both worlds. The “new Djala” had both
the natural minikin advantages (Enlightened Essence and
Longevity) and the natural Djala height and build. What
they didn’t plan on having was a reputation as slaves.

>> No.31808686

>Hot diggity damn that's some hardcore optimising you're doing there, for someone who hasn't played Exalted before.
I think he's been in the threads before. Either there or some of his group is not first-timers and told him.

>> No.31808690

Rolled 10

...that shouldn't be enough strength to be doing that kind of damage. Also, it's really easy to draw bows less than your ideal strength without doing any damage at all. Your Storyteller is dumb for having these kinds of things happen. A glass breaking because you didn't know your own strength, but you can't even use guns and bows because you break them?

Also, no, it wouldn't do less damage, because the .30-06 would be not only doing bashing, bashing gets halved against vampires. Guns - even bigass ones - are basically worthless against vampires if you have access to anything that does lethal or better damage. You should really trade up to a bow.

>> No.31808700

Does someone have a pdf of the book of Swallowed Darkness?
Can't find it online and I'm curious.

>> No.31808724

Well I'd very much like to keep my DV and MDV decent enough to not get my ass immediately killed and/or lose social combat in a massive way.

What does Snake Style erratad do, exactly? Not too sure where it is in this book, so I'm looking through it. And as a note, I figure I'll move martial arts to 2 ranks in melee with the favoured and just go with that if I do end up keeping this person.

>> No.31808741

Exalted use bronze age bows safely with 5 Strength, and you're not with 2? That's some serious shit you're going through.

>> No.31808742
File: 28 KB, 250x272, 1396851758345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know absolutely nothing about Exalted, but I see the threads constantly.

What in the hell is Exalted and how do I go about getting into it?

>> No.31808761

More like I panic fired my pistols at semi auto at about 3000rpm

We've already established that Iron in Exalted is stronger than modern steel

>> No.31808765

Snake Style is a solid CMA style with equal parts offense and defense, basic but solid mechanics, and a sensible number of charms.

>> No.31808778

Rolled 2

Start by reading this 1d4chan page to get a semi-decent idea of what it is:

If you're still interested, play through this fun little webgame tutorial to get a good idea of how the system works:

I hope that helps! Have fun!

>> No.31808782


>**The crossbow is included for characters who wish to try staking an opponent. Crossbows require five turns to reload. Unless
the crossbow is aimed at the head or heart, it inflicts bashing damage on Kindred. It inflicts lethal damage versus mortals.

>> No.31808788

How so?

>> No.31808801

Bows are made from wood.

Roleplaying as heroic demigods, similar to Achilles in both their power and failings.

>> No.31808811

You can get it at drivethru rpg for free, albeit censored. http://www.4shared.com/office/oRXgd2rU/exxalted_-_scroll_of_swallowed.html Here's full bore version.

It's in the martial arts section, duh. Does your PDF lack bookmarks?
Here's mine. It has bookmarks that should lead you right there.
It also has post-it notes with errata in them that you can view with Foxit Reader, so that you don't have to flip between it and scroll.

>> No.31808815

It takes 2000lbs of force to break out of iron handcuffs in Exalted, and 900lbs in OWoD.

Clearly the trees are different or something.

Plus a bow has a slow as fuck firerate.

>> No.31808824

>Unless the crossbow is aimed at the head or heart
Dude, you're a Solar. That kind of aiming doesn't even ping on your Difficult radar.

>> No.31808833

Alright. So if I do end up keeping him, two ranks in martial arts with a specialty in that?

It did not, but I will be using yours as bookmarks are massively helpful. Thanks, anon.

>> No.31808848
File: 7 KB, 282x178, 10214532_1_m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 2

>More like I panic fired my pistols at semi auto at about 3000rpm
Get a damn bow.

>We've already established that Iron in Exalted is stronger than modern steel
No, it's not. Manacles use a bar more than five times as thick as the chain on a modern pair of handcuffs. Snapping one of these restraints as a feat of strength is a Big Fucking Deal. Handcuffs and manacles are not the same thing.

>> No.31808850

Aren't Called Shots a -1 to dicepool?

>> No.31808869

Also that can't just be due to the fact that Iron Age cuffs are massive fuck-off chains and bass and modern cuffs are thinner and lighter?

>> No.31808877

Rolled 10

>It takes 2000lbs of force to break out of iron handcuffs in Exalted, and 900lbs in OWoD.

>> No.31808889


Feats of strength table difference.

>> No.31808890
File: 190 KB, 500x500, 1396850679282.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Thanks dudes, looking now.

>> No.31808892

It isn't. And bows are stronger and more durable than ever. You or your DM is full of shit

>> No.31808894

>It takes 2000lbs of force to break out of iron handcuffs in Exalted, and 900lbs in OWoD.
You know, you can put that down to modern handcuffs being linked with a thin chain while Exalted manacles having a solid iron bar or a fatass chain.

>> No.31808903

Rolled 10

>Plus a bow has a slow as fuck firerate.
Not for an Exalt. Get a damn bow.

>> No.31808907

Yes, and you are able to double your dicepool basically every time via your Excellencies, so what's a -1 gonna do to your chances?

>> No.31808928

See >>31808848

>> No.31808937

Fine I'll get a damn bow.

And a really good draw string. Probably a couple actually.

>> No.31808945

Having to buy an Archery excellency. And Archery dots. While on heavily limited XP.

He's better off getting into Solar Hero until he gets something Holy to wreck the vamp shit with Agg.

>> No.31808970

He's a Dawn, he'll have to invest in that sooner or later, and needs an efficient ranged-fighting option.

Solar Archery is the best ranged fighting there is.

>> No.31808981
File: 57 KB, 550x384, compound-bow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 2

>And a really good draw string. Probably a couple actually.
Now THAT is a solid idea. Get a compound bow if you can - one whose strength you can dial up nice and high. You can take it, it seems. As long as the fly wheels are adjustable, you should be golden - pardon the pun.

>> No.31809001

Rolled 5

He's already using guns, which is the same skill.

>> No.31809041

Okay. Does Solar Archery have Holy in it?

>> No.31809062

Yes. I think it has at least two Holy charms, actually.

>> No.31809064

Rolled 3

Yeah. Solar Archery is arguably the best combat charmset in the game.

>> No.31809100

It's one of the easiest charms to get, Ess 2, Archery 2, no prerequisites. Whole Archery tree is really good, almost no charms which are completely useless and taken only as prerequisites, and those that are can be easily avoided.

>> No.31809243

I am only seeing Immaculate Golden Bow with Holy keyword in Anathema. Which is Ess 3.

Ahh wait, one of the sub-effects of Essence Arrow Attack is holy.
Okay then, that's good.
Once our OWoDer gets ess 2 and a bow, he can fuck vampires up real good.

>> No.31809304

Rolled 9

Archery charms apply to firearms too.

>> No.31809332

And Firearms charms?

>> No.31809385

I'm using guns with my martial arts skill. Not my firearms. Firearms is only 1. No excellency either.

>> No.31809422

Considering that Solar Exalted just have human skills/talents to ridiculous levels;

what would a Solar Exalted who focused on sex be like?

>> No.31809441

Rolled 1

Firearms, cannons, flamethrowers, and bows all use Archery charms.

>> No.31809442

Oops, name fell off when I switched to my phone.

>> No.31809474

Rolled 7

Literally irresistible and so addictive you can't live without them. See the Lover Clad in Rainment of Tears.

>> No.31809483

Nah, Archery Charms will only apply to Archery in a Modern game, since there actually is a Firearm Ability.

It's fine. You should simply ignore the FireArms skill. Pick up a bow and arrows, pick up throwing knives, pick up some kind of melee weapon (Katana for Extra Edgy). Do that over time, and invest in Archery, Thrown and Melee in that same time. Add in your Martial Arts mastery.

By the time you're done, you'll be a Modern Achilles without the need for Firearms. Vampires won't appreciate Holy arrow storms hitting them straight through the heart and exploding into sunlight.

>> No.31809518


Onyx path did publish a supplement which had firearms charms and artifacts in it. Don't know how well they are balanced, but considering this is all house rules it should work out.

>> No.31809526

The firearms are an optional rules edit. By default archery charms freely apply to bows, crossbows, flamewands, laser cannons and the prayer gun that exist in the setting. Gunpowder guns do not exist in the setting. But if they would, they would not be beyond the variety of shit Archery already applies to (especially being close to the prayer gun)

It is up to ST whether he renders guns mandatorily be used with Firearms charms. If Firearms Charms do not exist but guns do, then guns are definitely useable with Archery.

>> No.31809561

If there are Fire Arms, there are Fire Arms charms.

>> No.31809567

Well you can ask your ST if he would let you take Righteous Devil Style then.

If yes, it will basically let you behave like an Old West gunslinger, complete with dominating your opponent into a duel at high noon (or high midnight) while minions hide (aka lol no ghoul backup for you)

AND it of course has Holy charms to fuck vampires up real good.

>> No.31809586

Not guaranteed.

>> No.31809606

This. Righteous Devil Style is the best thing you could pick up.

OWOD Guy, talk to your ST, but if you manage to get his approval on this, go for Plague of Hat's Rewrite of Righteous Devil Style. It's a lot better, with more internal synergy and less wonky mechanics.

>> No.31809652

Doesn't he need a tutor or memories of his past life to learn it? Seriously, he has to survive for now, and think about regaining shards of his exaltation. Anything else is secondary.

>> No.31809668

I already have the stuff to go kung fu. Shouldn't stick to one path since I'm experience limited?

And guns run out of ammo.

>> No.31809680

Rolled 8

...no, really, the Archery charmset applies to any weapon that shoots.

>> No.31809725

>And guns run out of ammo.
Not for Solars.
If you go Archery with it, with just FIRST TWO charms you will have
First charm: Holy or Fire attack that will fuck the vampires up
Second charm: you can pay motes for ammo. 1 mote per shot. You can forget about ammo shortages forever.

Later on you can get a better version when you just pay it out once and you have unlimited bullets for the duration.

>> No.31809736

>And guns run out of ammo.
There's a Charm for That. (c)

>> No.31809778

In normal Exalted, yes. Not in Exalted Modern (where Firearms have their own Ability and Charms), and considering OWOD Guy plays an Exalt in the World of Darkness, his Firearms are closer to Modern ones than firewands.

>> No.31809810

Still, I get half an experience per session. I'm not really doing well in experience department after blowing all my experience from being a hunter on martial arts.

>> No.31809834

Want me to ask the ST on the archery vs firearm stuff?

>> No.31809874

Rolled 3

His ST isn't using Shards rules. Or, at least, he hasn't mentioned anything to that effect. It's all Archery charms.

>> No.31809894

Rolled 6

Just ask him this:
"Hey, are we using Shards rules for anything?"

If no, then Archery applies for all this. If yes, then there's a Firearms charmset to consider.

>> No.31809906

Yes. Refer him to Shards of the Exalted Dream for the Firearm Charms, and ask him wether he wants Firearms to work like every Archery weapon, or if he wants them to have their own ability (and charmset).

>> No.31809916

Firearms charms are not that bad. Second charm ignites the bullet, and if target is a Creature of Darkness it's automatically embedding in their body, constantly burning with Holy fire. There's no perfect attack, but otherwise it's solid.

It's not really that important right now, is it? Anyway, you'll have to work out a lot of shit with him about the system.

>> No.31809943

He says you guys get to vote and whatever is majority is the rule set.

Well this will be fun. Douche. Someone want to start a vote?

>> No.31809944

Well, he hasn't mentionned anything to support this particular ruling either. The best thing to do is to present him with the two options, to take to his ST and let them decide on.

>> No.31809975


Vote for Archery-by-default.

Firearms didn't get nearly as much Charm support, and Solar Archery is one of the most powerful offensive trees in the game.

>> No.31809977

Rolled 5

Are you using oWoD's skills or Exalted's Abilities on your character? If the former, then use the Firearm rules from Shards. If the latter, use Archery. Simple, just based on what your character's already built on.

>> No.31809983

I'll go with Archery then. There's more charms for it, and it's really well made.

>> No.31809991

My voice goes for the Firearms Ability Separate from Archery. There's a set of Firearms charms with cool distinct thematics and it would be a shame to retrict access to it.

>> No.31810005

Archery. It's the one with a proper charm tree.

>> No.31810025

Okay, lets have a poll

>> No.31810034

He wants an actual vote from some site to tally it since someone might be hilariously autistic and shitpost it.

>> No.31810053

Does >>31810025 work?

>> No.31810089

Yes it does.

>> No.31810119

Looks like about half of people say Archery works with guns, a little over 1/4 want you to go Righteous Devil, and the remainder are insignificant.

>> No.31810203

Well we have our answer unless it changes in the next 10 minutes.

>> No.31810221

That being said, I love my rank 5 Familiar.

>> No.31810264

What gets forgotten?

>> No.31810278

Archery does affect Flame Pieces according to the Sourcebook/2.5 Errata. This logically would extend to firearms.

>> No.31810296

I gave my night cast a 4 dot great horned owl because fuck the police/mice

>> No.31810303

So, when Night Caste Solars finally do flare their anima banners, it condenses around them, perfectly obscuring their identity in blazing light. Does that mean they look like a, say, vaguely-humanoid golden-white profile blazing bright? Or can they look like a Tokusatsu-style superhero if I include that as my particular anima banner's totemic effect?

Because I've decided I want to play a Night Caste Solar who goes full anonymous vigilante hero on whatever city the game's set in.

>> No.31810313

If you really want to, get holden, I think that's who made exalted at onyx, in here and have him confirm.

>> No.31810319

Archery also applies to Prayer Pieces (literally slugthrower pistols), laser guns, crossbows, and cannons of all kind. The Archery skill should be called, I don't know, Shooting. It would alleviate a lot of confusion about it.

>> No.31810321

Solar anima totemic can look like whatever you want within reason so yes

>> No.31810339

Should be called 'Ballistics'

>> No.31810349

There is a spell for that.

>> No.31810359

That could apply equally to Thrown, then. No, it should be called Shooting. It's the skill for projecting some kind of projectile or other attack out of a weapon that remains in your hand.

>> No.31810370

Yes, but demons don't get faith like that. Thats knowledge, not faith.

>> No.31810397

First of all, it's my duty to call you a huge faggot for trying to drag toku into it.

But, let's move past that and on to constructive matters: Totemic Auras activate far past when the anima effect kicks in, so the answer is no. You can, at high levels, have some elements of a superhero show up there, like a billowing scarf of shadowed sunlight. But at 10-15 or whatever motes? You're basically a glowing bundle of light and shadow, and if you're sufficiently theatrical, you should be about as fucking terrifying as a Dawn.

tl;dr: No you can't just fluff it as being in costume because the totemic effect happens at a different point from the anima effect on the chart.

>> No.31810398

abyssals have a throwing skill that let you shoot beams of energy from your hands and eyes, confusing it further

>> No.31810425

It's almost like the mechanics for exalted are a buggy, self-destructive mess.

>> No.31810432

You don't need faith, just worship. The following two prayers work exactly as well as each other for the purposes of a Cult rating:
>Oh please, my hallowed lord, grant me, your unworthy servant, your grace...
>Yo, Solarman! Listen, if you help me kick this dude's ass, I'll, I don't know, cut up a goat for you or something. We good?

Faith isn't important. Just the prayer.

>> No.31810451

Faith is different than True Faith. True Faith is the shit Lucifer tried to get going. Way different. They changed it in Resolved for a reason.

Demons also can't have true faith. They can become immune to it also.

>> No.31810465

Hmmm, alright, so the iconic constume elements would flare up only at peak essence expenditure. Perfect. I can work with that.

Next question. If I want to be equal parts Kamen Rider, Batman, and Spider-man, which Abilities should I have favored, and which charms should I make a beeline towards?

>> No.31810469

According to the MoEP: Abyssals, prayer
>Please, I beg you, don't come near here anymore
works as well

>> No.31810496

No, you're throwing beams of energy from your hands and eyes. The fact that you don't have a Shooting weapon that launches the projectile is what makes it Thrown.

>> No.31810506

And now let us join hands in prayer to our saviour


>> No.31810524

>throwing from the eyes

>> No.31810528

Exactly. Faith isn't anywhere in the picture. Just the act of prayer, sacrifice, or praise. I forget if there are any other actions which provide essence to someone, but those are the big three. Faith is absolutely fucking irrelevant - as long as you do any of those, you're contributing to the cult and to the exalt's essence regen.

>> No.31810555

Athletics is the most important ability for this, and most of the charms in it are extremely relevant - Spider Foot style, etc.

Combat style is completely up to you, but I'd suggest trying to stay away from Rider Kick as your main way of fighting - that's moving from drawing inspiration from a source to letting the source cripple you. Fight like an Exalt, not like a masked rider. I'd probably suggest Melee with enough points in Thrown to be a show-off.

Huge tip: Look up the Essence Glider in Wonders of the Lost Age.

>> No.31810560
File: 123 KB, 1280x551, atlatl.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're launching a projectile from a body part - you're throwing energy from your eyes, yes. That's the ENTIRE distinction between Archery and Thrown - whether you're launching a projectile/attack using your body or using a retained weapon. The singular exception to that model is the Atlatl, which uses Thrown.

>> No.31810590
File: 30 KB, 427x536, KR_Core.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Does that mean they look like a, say, vaguely-humanoid golden-white profile blazing bright? Or can they look like a Tokusatsu-style superhero if I include that as my particular anima banner's totemic effect?
They look like a bonfire. However that bonfire can shape into a toku-like totemic - however it will not be a slim clothes change.
At best you can look like this guy's torso over a bonfire.

>> No.31810604

Hmmm, thanks for the advice. I'm definitely taking Thunderbolt Attack from Athletics for big, iconic strikes. The main reason I might want to go Solar Hero, though, isn't for Rider Kicks, it's for being able to nonlethally handle people with ease.

Also, punching someone across the room is VERY superhero.

Thoughts? Advice?

>> No.31810606

Had a lot of fun ones where my Dawn caste warlord-scholar deadpanned everything. He ended up wooing a Wood dynast, sister to a Fire caste that had led a Wyld hunt against another of the circle but (he's very charismatic) ended up his lover, by being so deadpan and honest with compliments. Promised to name a city after her as an off-handed remark.

Five years later. We're doing the wedding now. In a city the Dawn had built, a gigantic one that rivals the greatest in the world. Its named after the dynast.

>> No.31810615

nigga you should be teaming up with werewolves. a solar riding a full crinos werewolf around? god damn

>> No.31810626

>They look like a bonfire.
No, they don't. 'Bonfire' is how much light the anima banner sheds. It doesn't actually have to look like fire in any way.

>> No.31810634

Bonus points if you can convince an asshole Red Talon Ahroun to do it.

>> No.31810640

MA's an option, it's just a large XP sink. Up to you, though. You'll also want to look into Awareness to emulate any spidey sense, and Batman has Larceny and Investigation 5.

>> No.31810671

Yeah, I'll be investing heavily in the Night Abilities. I plan to aim for stealthy/low profile most of the time, then flare into maximum totem for climactic events. Are there any specific charms I should pick up in any of the Abilities that really handle the superhero thing?

>> No.31810691

Athletics for str boosts, monkey leap, crane stance

>> No.31810725

Yeah, I figured I'd want to take most of the Athletics everything, especially the scene-longs and the strength/damage boosters. What about for Awareness, Larceny, and Stealth? Should I invest in Dodge on top of whatever my offensive Ability is?

Aside from Investigation and one combat Ability, what should my favored be?

>> No.31810747


For stealth you want that charm that makes you not stand out in crowds

>> No.31810769

For larceny, Lock opening touch is always a favorite of mine, along with the charm that allows you to completely change your facial features.

>> No.31810771

To be fair, there's plenty of Riders who fight with blades.

>> No.31810775

Athletics, Dodge, Awarness, Stealth. Not sure what Larceny is for but w/e. You also want at least 3 dots in resistance and 3 dots in integrity. I suggest 5 dots in agility and 3 in strength and endurance on the attributes side

>> No.31810847

Will do. And yeah, the crowdblending one sounds crazy useful. Isn't there also a Stealth charm that lets you get rid of your entire anima display at the cost of causing yourself some damage? Might I want that to slip off into the night after a major display?

Hmmm, yeah, I could see those being useful.

I don't think Endurance and Agility are actual things in Exalted, and yes, I was already planning on investing in all the Night Abilities - I'm planning on going Night Caste. And Larceny is basically breaking and entering, picking locks, disguises, and pickpocketing. It's for doing scoundrelous, roguish things.

>> No.31810876

Hooding the Solar Lantern is the Stealth one you're talking about, you'll find it in the Abyssal book as a Mirror charm.

>> No.31810971

>Tokatsu Rider
>doing scoundrelous, roguish things

The Spirit of Victory is dissapointed in you but to each his own.

You know what the fuck I mean by endurance and agility. not!Strength and not!Dexterity and not!constitution

I recommend a program called Anathema. It's not perfect, but it's got solar. And yes, Hooding the Solar Lantern. if you get real deep there's also one that permanently increases how much anima you got to spend to flare

>> No.31810979

Hercules and Gilgamesh too.

>> No.31811029

>Hooding the Solar Lantern
I can't seem to find that in MoEP: Abyssals, but I DID find Swallowing the Sun in Glories. Stealth 4, Essence 3, 2m and 1lhl to extinguish your anima banner back to neutral.

Hmmm. I should probably take Resistance for soaking and faster healing, Integrity for being unshakable socially/mentally and immune to shaping, and Presence for intimidating/redemption speeches. So, my favored Abilities will look like this:

>Martial Arts?

Also, yeah, scoundrelous things. I'm not going full Tokusatsu - I'll be taking elements from Spider-man and Batman as well.

>> No.31811052

I want to point out you'll be decent in social combat, with Investigation, Integrity, and Presence favored. Add in Socialize and you can be Bruce Wayne in addition to Batman.

>> No.31811079

It still doesn't look like just a guy in a costume.

>> No.31811090

Martial arts 5, investigation 5, Resistance 3, Integrity 3, Presence (at least) 3, Athletics 5, Dodge 5, Stealth 5, Larceny 5

>> No.31811110
File: 198 KB, 546x500, Twilight Rider.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's the plan. To have a 'normal' persona, to be able to do stealth/investigation/lurking, and to be able to go glorious blazing hero when the time demands.

Now I need to decide what kind of motifs to include in his costume/totemic banner. Probably not bats, spiders, or beetles, just to avoid being even more derivative than it already will be!

>> No.31811125

Figure out where your character is from and their backround, then decide that. I made my character forest/tree batman with a bigass owl

>> No.31811155

If you go with a snake theme, you can get away with a snake 'scarf' for your totemic banner.

>> No.31811186

Yeah, I'm not even sure which corner of Creation we'll be in yet. Something in my gut tells me that I might want to go basic - sunbursts, sunflowers, and so forth. I'll have golden light, the sun, and shadow as mandatory motifs from the get-go. Whatever I do needs to be compatible with those in some way - golden light, shadows, and the sun.

>> No.31811195

I like this idea. It's also a style.

>> No.31811215

You know who likes the nice warm sun?


>> No.31811238

Shards was terrible.

>> No.31811250

Hmmm, there's a thought. Which styles have good methods of defeating someone without accidentally killing them? Ones whose namesake - whatever it is - fits the theme? I know Crane is awesome for that, and involves tons of sweet posing.

>> No.31811282

There is always straight up grappling.

>> No.31811319

I don't have access to my books/anathema here at the station sadly so I can't tell you

>> No.31811321

I know. My point is, if you meet the UCS, hard to have faith. Just knowledge.

>> No.31811327

I'll definitely want some grappling support - for stealth takedowns - but I also want something suitably showy. Flashing lights, explosions, punching people through walls, that kind of thing. Something for stealth, something for going balls to the wall once I go full flare.

Maybe combine Ebon Shadow with Solar Hero? Would there be any synergy at all between those two?

>> No.31811347

Knowledge in his existence, sure. But faith in his strength, his caring, his wisdom, and so forth. Just because you have absolute knowledge something exists, doesn't mean that everything else about them isn't a matter of faith - true faith.

>> No.31811362

You can just stunt doing bludgeoning instead of lethal damage y'know.

Solar Hero is such a fuck huge MA tree you need to know what your doing to cherry pick it. Personally I still suggest snake

>> No.31811390

>You can just stunt doing bludgeoning instead of lethal damage y'know.
No, you can't. Downgrading your damage type causes an actual penalty on your attacks, and even then, it can easily spill over into lethal and cause someone to bleed to death internally wherever they fall.

>> No.31811410

>First of all, it's my duty to call you a huge faggot for trying to drag toku into it.
Exalted is pretty damn toku as is.

>> No.31811422

Go mantis and use a 7 piece staff?

>> No.31811451

Then why can't demons get true faith?

>> No.31811488

Because Demon's definition of True Faith is faith in something's existence, instead of what faith actually means. Its argument was flaws from the start, and the 'knowledge versus faith' argument is just regurgitating what's in the book - which you and I both read, it seems - basically word for word.

>> No.31811528

I think Crane style has a charm that lets you not-kill guys no matter how much damage you deal - it always stops at knocked out.

>> No.31811561

Yeah, maybe. I don't know, I really like the idea of using either Solar Hero - with a focus on punching people through walls and kicking them over buildings - or Mantis style for nonlethal incapacitation and leaving calligraphy bruising as my hero's mark.

Yeah, Crane's definitely attractive for that reason. For the calligraphy bruising strike too. Crane and Solar Hero are the most appealing so far - maybe Ebon Shadow - but I'm not sure which would be best for a character like this.

>> No.31811567

This is now how I imagine Rathess was like back in the day.

>> No.31811623

That's Kindly Sifu's Quill - Essence 3, MA 5. It's a Permanent upgrade to the Form. It lets you channel Compassion without spending Willpower, causes Compassion channels to add their dice to both the attack and damage, and causes any attack enhanced that way to leave bruises in the shape of designs and calligraphy of your choosing. It's super-hero as fuck. If there are Solar charms which let you rapidly regain Compassion channels - and I have no idea where any such effects might be - this one should probably be your top choice.

>> No.31811656

...so, just putting this out there, but... I think this guy should switch over to Infernal - be a Scourge. Call himself the Broken Winged Crane. Commit 'acts of villainy' in the form of really over-the-top grandstanding heroics - tons of the acts of villainy can work for that. What do you guys think?

>> No.31811676

that makes no sense at all

>> No.31811687

So I still can't think of a good super hero name. I'm thinking of asking /co/.

Dawn breaker
Day breaker
The Exalted Dawn
The Sunlight Knight
Daylight Knight
Gleaming Dawn
Sun Lite Soldier
Sunrise Champion

Ugh. I can't find anyone I like.

>> No.31811697

What are you talking about? Be the Infernal version of Night Caste. Every last one of the Acts of Villainy can easily be invoked during heroic grandstanding. And the ability to call yourself the Broken Winged Crane while being an Infernal practitioner of Crane Style is just too juicy to ignore.

It makes perfect sense!

>> No.31811722

Finding ways to rationalize good deeds as "acts of villainy" in the best part of being an Infernal.

>> No.31811726

Go dumb. Go simple. Super heroes are named stupid shit like Batman, Superman, and Masked Rider.

You're the Unconquered Sun, dog. In-character, you have no idea what the implications of that name are. It's so perfect, though, for what you want to do. And baddies can easily just shorten it to, 'The Sun!'

>> No.31811736

If I have motes attuned to an artifact, what does that mean, exactly? Does that detract from my personal or peropheral pools? Furthermore, how many motes do you regain per hour, exactly?

>> No.31811737

>Gleaming Dawn
I like that one.

Get Infernal Monster style then.
Yes, Infernal Monster with Crane.
Completely insane.

>> No.31811739


...how about Sunbro...

too tired?

>> No.31811750

Son of the Sun, Kamen Rider Black RX

>> No.31811756

First off. I know the name and who that is IC.

Secondly that seems like a terrible idea.

Might as well call myself Solaire.

>> No.31811766

You regain 8 per hour of total relaxation (=sleep) or 4 for being moderately at rest.

Committed motes cannot be regained while the commitment lasts. So yes, having artefacts detracts from your peripheral pool.

>> No.31811774

I like Sunrise Champion the most, but I think you're forgetting that there's a possibility of other Solars reappearing. If there's too many Sun/Dawn/Day nicknames, there's no originality. Your anima banner is that of an armored figure, right? Maybe let's try to think of something around this, as there shouldn't be anyone with similar banner.

Too blasphemous, but I'd put my money on "the Unconquered Son".

>> No.31811775

I built literally Solaire, fluffing him as a don quixote style lunatic and a dawn cast with high compassion and valor but lower conviction using a fine straight sword, lammelar, and target shield

>> No.31811779

Soul of the Sun?
Rising Dawn
Shattered Skies(one of my old solar names actually)
Rising Sun Superstar? I dunno.

>> No.31811795

Okay, yeah, I'm liking everything about what you're suggesting. This is definitely my new idea. It fits the superhero origin story and everything - a moment of failure, fucking up, cowardice, of personal fault - and accepting a power you don't really understand. Going through a chrysalis and coming out changed, having to constantly tread the line between heroism and villainy as you use dark powers against darker enemies...

Yes. Yes, I like this a lot. So, Scourge. Crane Style, maybe with some Infernal Monster mixed in for really letting loose. Adorjan mobility charms, Malfeas for that armored exoskeleton as a super suit, and the Green Sun Nimbus Flare tree for damage boosters and the ability to Brand people. This could be fucking awesome.

I LIKE this idea.

Suggestions? Anyone?

>> No.31811796

>but I think you're forgetting that there's a possibility of other Solars reappearing
The First Dawn

How about that?

>> No.31811810

>the Unconquered Son
That's just too damn good. The Unconquered Son fighting in the name of the Unconquered Sun. Too good for words.

>> No.31811822

Alright, so if I were to get that amulet, or whatever it was, that'd put me at 9/hour of sleep or 5 for being moderately at rest, and my peripheral pool would be something like 38 max with it, without it 39?

>> No.31811830

>Committed motes cannot be regained while the commitment lasts. So yes, having artefacts detracts from your peripheral pool.
This has always bugged me, and I can't find the answer: What happens to the motes you've committed once you drop the commitment?

>> No.31811832

Could always go Dawnbringer

>> No.31811833

Problem is that it's literally one letter from UCS's name.

And he doesn't like that.

>> No.31811842


Simple, cliché, obvious, descriptive, to the point.

Yeah that makes for a good superhero name

>> No.31811847

>And he doesn't like that.
What? Sure he does. He enjoys homages - he's not a dick as long as your heart's in the right place.

>> No.31811849

>The First Dawn
>How about that?
I like it.

>> No.31811850

You start regenerating them normally.

>> No.31811855

how about "son of the unconquered"?

>> No.31811858

pretty sure someone namefagging him is why he fucked off to play the games of divinity and whip saturns ass

>> No.31811863

There's an Adorjan charm that lets you treat strenuous activity as sleep. Pick that charm up to patrol the rooftops at night while holding down a day job. You can hold a schedule that others would find impossible that way.

>> No.31811869

Too many articles and doesn't make a good Initialism or Acronym.


>> No.31811879

My confusion was the committed motes themselves. What happens is you spend motes (so they're gone from your pool), and they won't regenerate until you drop the commitment?

>> No.31811882

No, someone using his name in vain, saying, 'Shit yes, the UCS himself approved of this shitty legislation,' is why he fucked off. He also was disgusted with people putting their own faces on his statues. But naming yourself something in homage of him is the opposite of doing something to his image to aggrandize yourself.

>> No.31811889

Ah, I'm rather new to exalted in general, I didn't know that it had to be that way.

>> No.31811907

Yes, correct. Your pool is, functionally, smaller until you drop the commitment.

>> No.31811937

Pale Wing
Radiant Artist
The Crane

>> No.31811949

note that this also applies to most charms with a non-instantaneous duration

>> No.31811970

Alright, follow up question: what is a Manse? is it a house?

>> No.31811984

If this is for me, the Crane Style Tokusatsu guy, I'm going with the Broken Winged Crane. Can't have an Infernal user of Crane Style and not use that name. Probably use Crane for short.

>> No.31812007

It is a structure that channels the energy of the desmense. They often take the form of buildings because those are easy to design

>> No.31812033

dammit, meant to reply to >>31811970

>> No.31812045

Thats a bit harder to explain.

See, there are cracks in creation where the leftover power of the elemental dragons seeps up into existence. These regions are called Demense's.

Manses are structures that make use of special geometry and sorcery to cap these leaks. They can be literally any kind of structure, but are most often temples, homes, or factories. It could be a shrine or a statue though.

>> No.31812055

Kinda. It first requires explaining what a demense is.

A demense is a piece of natural landscape where one or more leylines (lines in the earth through which essence naturally flows) intersect. In those areas, magical stuff happens. Trees grow glowing fruit, water flows uphill, and weirder. It's a place with abundant, uncontrolled magic - strange materials can be harvested there, and life forms that stay there too long start picking up (usually minor/beneficial) mutations.

A manse is a building on a demense designed to channel its essence. It lets someone attune to it in order to use the essence of the area to recharge, to power devices located in the area, and so forth. It also makes the mutations stop, and the natural magical phenomena cease now that the essence is properly channeled.

At the heart of a manse, a Hearthstone forms. Once it forms, the person attuned to the manse can - as long as they have the hearthstone - regain essence using it at half of the manse's normal rate, gain a small magical perk, and slot the hearthstone into certain artifacts to power them in certain ways. They are - for the most part - the real reason you get a manse.

So, yes. A manse is a special, badass, exalted house.

>> No.31812078

>See, there are cracks in creation where the leftover power of the elemental dragons seeps up into existence.
That's not what leylines/dragonlines are at all. They're more like veins through which living essence travels. They're rivers, with flows, currents, and both up- and down-steams - they're just invisible and made of pure magical essence.

>> No.31812217


Yes. You do not get them back instantly when you drop the commitment. You get back a void space in your pool.

>> No.31812260

Alright I got it down to a few I like.

Sunlight Champion
The First Dawn
The First Son
The Second Sun
The Second Light

Not sure which.

>> No.31812352

Those are all shit because none of your enemies will call you by any of those. It has to be something simple and dumb that people will actually use. The closest one to that is Dawnbringer, and even that, nobody's going to call you.

>> No.31812355

Should I allow the Ink Monkeys in my upcoming game? It'll be a mixed Celestial/Solaroid game, and none of my players or me have played Exalted before.

>> No.31812380

allow everything. Most exalted supplements exist to correct the horrible mangled pos that core 2e was

>> No.31812394

Yeah, a lot of the Ink Monkeys content is really solid, and it - overall - tends to add a lot of new options, rather than just making old ones more powerful.

But be careful. There are some overpowered charms in there. Make sure you actually read people's sheets and reserve veto power over certain Solar stuff.

>> No.31812421

Do not allow it blanketly, just as "if you REALLY want that one thing, I'll look at it". Same goes for Dreams of the First Age and Glories. Generally speaking non-solar stuff in there is much less likely to break game than solar, so you only really need to be careful with the goldies.

>> No.31812472

So I've been thinking of running an exalted game set within the world of darkness "proper", naturally, the players will be too strong for the regular, basic enemies after a while, so what kinds of powerful creatures should I throw at the party that would (probably desperately) fling themselves at the part to prevent their changing of the status quo?

>> No.31812500

Shit from the Labyrinth.

Actually just send them to clean it out. Basically it's tomb of horrors.

Also demons.

>> No.31812511

Give them Abyssals and Infernals and thrown Anteveluvians at them. Lack of Holy kinda lessens the amount of ownage they will be dealing.

>> No.31812519

>prevent their changing of the status quo
The masquerade is OVER if you use exalts in WoD. The entire world is going to be changed forever. They will conquer nations, start religions, and change everything.

If you expect the status quo to remain intact, you shouldn't even bother including exalts.

>> No.31812524

>lack of holy
>there is a basic charm that turns anima light into real sunlight
>there is also a charm that makes it daylight for a mile radius

>> No.31812540

>there are charms that specifically empower exalted attacks against creatures of darkness
>Righteous Devil style is literally dual wielding holy flamethrowers that shoot fire sprites that chase enemies around so your doing aggravated holy damage with infinite ammo because you can reload with essence and triple the range

>> No.31812556

I want to do exalted in WoD just to slap the shit out of all the emo's, goths, and punks, fuck the antidiluvians, and throw Caine into the sun because fuck you MANDATE OF HEAVEN

And then me and my werewolf bros build a rocketship to the moon powered by my WILL.

>> No.31812558

I just said: Infernals and Abyssals, not normal solars. Those can't have a dint of holy.

>> No.31812564

oh, I fully expect them to change the world, that is exactly why I want to run it. The main idea I have behind the campaign is "the beings that exalt people in Exalted decide to move their efforts on the world of darkness for whatever reason, probably to build up forces to then besiege creation with, then the gods from creation look away from their godly games and go "oh shit we can't let that happen"

>> No.31812574

So, "WE ARE THE NEW DARKNESS" kind of game?

>> No.31812586

>Abyssal necromancy charms let them control undead

Keking Five Dot Occult

Exalting is a force of the universe itself.

>> No.31812615

Ah, I forgot about that, got any ideas of what would be able to explain it?

>> No.31812627

in 1e, the world of Exalt WAS the WoD in the ancient past

>> No.31812657

I suppose I could go with that.

>> No.31812684

>the world has endured a multi-millenia darkness as the gods played their games
>the UCS looks over his shoulder, says wtf is this shit
>hocks a loogie into creation

>> No.31812702

I'm going to go with this, if nobody else has any suggestions

>> No.31812731

>find "Shards of the Exalted Dream" in amongst the pdfs I've downloaded
>reading through Gunstar Authcthonia
>space opera boner intensifying

I haven't read all of it yet, but I've gotta ask one burning question so my nerdboner doesn't assume direct control.

Lunars in SPAAAACE~ = possible Xenomorph Lunars via heartsblood or is it a case of It Wouldn't Work Like That?

>> No.31812757

You can always just go "random dimensional rift connected Exalted and WoD, some exaltations fell through"

>> No.31812775

So I should put some points towards that in background?

>> No.31812780

>Lunars in SPAAAACE~ = possible Xenomorph Lunars via heartsblood or is it a case of It Wouldn't Work Like That?
Lunars can MAKE Xenomorphs via craft genesis and mutations imbuing. And then be queen, lay eggs, etc.

>> No.31812797

Only if you can justify, as part of your backstory/origin story having a super cool magical base that someone else hasn't already taken from you for some reason.

>> No.31812811

that's what I was originally going to go with, but I felt like that was kinda weaksauce in terms of background.
and on that note, would anyone know where I could grab some PDFs of exalted, so I can study them?

>> No.31812872
File: 23 KB, 500x409, clarkson_in_a_gundam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31812877

How crazy are PCs typically supposed to go with stuff like that?

>> No.31812884

Here comes my pasta:
(note: Errata is a free book that fixes a lot of fuck-ups of the system. It's still faar from ideal, but it's better. Errata version is often called 2.5.)

Corebook with embedded errata (view with Foxit Reader) http://www.4shared.com/office/xH2zo1Oqce/_exalted_core.html
Most other books http://www.4shared.com/dir/YI_tDi2g/Exalted_-_Second_Edition.html
Archive with Errata notes: http://www.4shared.com/rar/Vq9yxN4Yce/erratacomments.html
Fanmade crossbook indexes: http://www.4shared.com/office/_Ke_MsnJba/_exalted_indices.html
Some mechanics reference sheets: social https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53927438/CheatSheetSocial_0-5.pdf combat https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53927438/CheatSheetCombat_0-7.pdf

>> No.31812902

You want to find a good middleground between your personal level of crazy and your ST's

>> No.31812912
File: 1.33 MB, 180x180, es muy bueno.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you, O' bringing of Exalted

>> No.31812914

Not very. Exalted power levels are high, but you still need to realistically justify the stuff in your backgrounds. It's high-power, not absurd and unrealistic. So, if having a manse fits your backstory, have one. If it doesn't, then don't.

>> No.31812935

Yeah, it's awesome. Takes quite a lot, though, including advanced skills.
So in a game you will probably play through building them bit by bit. Which is cool too.

>> No.31812991

>Lunars in SPAAAACE~ = possible Xenomorph Lunars via heartsblood or is it a case of It Wouldn't Work Like That?
There are space behemoths in Gunstar and they range from Xenomorphs to moon sized space amoebas.

>> No.31813069

I swear if Anathema worked on the houseruled Lunar chargen I'd be making a character right now.

>> No.31813476


I for one found it brilliant.

>> No.31813548

Some anon was saying he wanted to run a Gunstar Qwixalted Quest. Would play the fuck out of that, I'm always way late on EF's threads on account of being asleep when he starts and working through like 3/4 of it.

>> No.31814120

Well, the goal was Heaven's Reach, and yeah as soon as I can find the time for it. I may be vastly overestimating the free time I have.

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