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I’ll keep this brief:

My acolytes are fighting a demonic invasion of the nurgle kind.

I want them to run high chances of being inflicted with harmful/weird diseases, so I’m creating a table (1d100) of, you guessed it, ONE HUNDRED DIFFERENT DISEASES!

So let’s craft some diseases /tg/, I’ll post the finished table when we’ve reached 100 decent diseases! Try to keep the (mostly) non-fatal.

I’ll start:

1- Silver Rot: Character’s veins take on a bright silver appearance, causing immense stiffness as a form of calcium buildup weighs down their body’s organs and blood. -1d10 agility until cured.

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Thread has potential, I'll lurk and post if anything comes to mind

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Itching glistenboil. Raised bumps on joints which burn if scratched or during strenuous activity. -10 to strength tests.

Weeping throat. Fluid buildup in throat causing coughing fits. -10 to stealth.

Bilious excess. Serious heartburn, combined with digestion problems. -10 To carouse.

Bloat joint. Swelling in fingers makes proper grip difficult. -1d5 to ballistic and weapon skill.

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Crab Gout - Fingers are covered in wartlike spikes. -10 to ws/bs tests but hands become 1d5 damage natural weapons.

Yellow Fever - Your skin is bright yellow. yeah, you heard me. Yellow. -15 fellowship

Sebaceous Suporis - Pores excrete massive amounts of oil, both making you feel disgusting and making it harder to hold your sword. -0 to ws and -5 fellowship

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On the last one I meant -10

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Handsome Cancer. You develop tumors on your face that make you irresistible to the ladies.

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Wretch moss. Fungal bloom in lungs. Shortness of breath in early stages, growing to choking up red-brown with green in it. Absolutely no kissing. -1d5 toughness damage every day left untreated.

Scalp grind. Infection of surface nerves of head results in shingles like symptoms. Pain and itch combine to make a horrible distraction. One patient was seen grinding his head against a wall to attempt to alleviate the suffering, hence the name. -10 to knowledge checks.

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The white blight. Your teeth become unbearably whitened.

Rippling Musculature. Your muscles bulge with protein deposits making your frame look like a muscle freak.

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Fool's Folly - Testosterone and Dopamine fill your senses, making it much more likely to make foolish decisions. -2d10 intelligence

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Limbolic Satur Diritis - Your pupils dilate widely, and you suffer from an effect on the hallucinogen table for 1d10 rounds. You are considered cure after the full amount,

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What fever. Infection of ear canal results in swelling, making listening impossible. Subject is deaf until treated.

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>Boscus Anguish- Swollen lymph nodes (neck), loss of balance, extreme lethargy
-1d10 WS
-1d10 agility
-1 health each turn

>Kings end- Wasting disease that causes extreme hostility towards comrades
Up to the GM how much damage is taken, could just slowly turn the party against one another

>Rodfoil- Extreme dryness, liquids within the victims essentially disappear
-1d6 damage at GMs discretion

>Claypool- The victims innards swell and pop with extreme amounts of pressure and force
-1d3 damage at GMs discretion

>Stowe's Glory- The face, eyes, and neck are slowly eaten away while the victim lives
All of these names and effects are based off of the people I've known that've died and the ways in which they died.

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Nurgle's Influenza. Mucus buildup and a viral infection leads to massive spikes in temperature and soreness. Suffer 1d5 levels of fatigue.

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I see what you did there.
>Tumiscis Syndrome - Your blood clots at extraordinarily fast rates, resulting in less oxygen being received, can be fatal if too much exertion is subjected to the victim.
-2d10 toughness
additional -1d10 toughness whenever character exerts himself
-1 fatigue

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Killers' woe. Adrenal glands no longer trigger properly. Despised by other chaos worshippers as it takes the thrill out of combat. -1d10 agility, character may not frenzy.

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> Astarte's foot - the victim's feet begin to swell to outrageous size, making their feet extremely uncomfortable and stealth nearly impossible.
1/2 normal movement speed, or take 1d10+2 damage if you move normally.

-2d10 agility

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C'mon /tg/, you're slacking!

>Cystic Psionis - Strange cysts appear on the subject's spinal cord, being receptors to warp energies, but at the cost of being agonizingly painful.
-1d5 fatigue
Gain a random minor psychic power for the duration of the disease

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Rouge. Often carried on plaguebearer blades, this causes a breakdown of blood vessels, making the skin around the wound turn bright red. Vascular system put under strain as dissolved tissue is introduced. -1d10 to strength and skin turns lobster red.

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[removed by Inquisition] strain.

Patients exhibit signs of fatigue and insomnia for about 3 - ,10 days. After that victims skin shows signs of yellowing. Pupils start to turn white and pain sensations seen to lessen immensely. Soon the victims start craving normally undesirable foodstuffs such as rotten food, sewage, etc. Despite the illness only having pain dulling and yellowing. Often the victims skin will start to riot do to opportunistic infections.

Excerpt from DR. [removed]

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I like it. We need more diaereses that just do weird shit with no other penalty.

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So far we have 28 diseases, only 72 more to go!

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Rampant diarrhea. Your body no longer controls itself, and you become a stinky mess.
I don't really know DH stats, but something about fellowship (cuz you stanky), agility (your trousers always wet), and your friends will mock you.

Not strange enough? Fine, it's purple colored diarrhea. You're literally shitting some amount of warp vomit and your body hates you for it. Take some corruption and damage.

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Blood Ooze
The blood in a persons body thickens too the point whare it has the same consistncy of Pudding -5 aglilty and reactions sorry on the name i suck at those things

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Daemonos Intestionaes - your innards turn a color never seen before, causing all nearby plantlife to decay for 1d10 weeks, after which, the afflicted ascends to daemon princedom

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Enfant Terablreath
for the duration of the disease, when anyone who you breath on takes a shit, the shit hatches into nurglings. they think said person is their parent.

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A disease that makes their body drain itself of health in order to rapidly grow the hair on their body, Maybe inches a day, getting in the way of things if they can't keep cutting it every day, messing up their charisma with their agitated mood from it and their odd appearance and con damage from all the work their body is doing to grow this hair.

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>The Cough
First stage shows with regular coughing of the victim, breathing troubles and the feeling of having something down your throat. -10 stealth, speech is impeded due to coughing until treated

Second stage: the victim coughs nearly all the time and is having heavy trouble breathing. Neck is swollen and a harsh rash on the victim's chest appears. -20 stealth, -20 to toughness checks, victim is incapacitated and has one degree of fatigue until treated.

Third stage (final): the victim coughs a thick, black ichor and blood. The neck is now covered in boils and the chest is covered in pustules oozing the black ichor. The victim dies of suffocation, blood loss and blood clotting inside his veins.

Disease type: virus
Method of infection: airborne, waterborne
Contact with the saliva, blood or ichor results in contamination. Virus can enter through skin contact. Ichor contacting eyes causes them to swell, become blind and create cataracts.

The disease is treatable in its early stage but if not taken cared of prior to stage two, odds of survival are of 15%. 0% at stage 3.

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Nurgling Infestation-

Nurglings gestate inside you and tear their way out thorough one of your orifices. Does some bullshit R damage on the way out.

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May I have spot 100 reserved for some real stupid bullshit?

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'full term indigestion': the afflicted suffers all manner of disgusting regurgitations until the sickness has run its 36-72 hour course.

typically the victim vomits blood and bile, which is followed by fecal matter, which is followed by rotten fungus/mold/spores - these spores will infect anyone coming into contact with them.

there have been numerous reports of female patients giving birth (through the mouth) to abominations. in every case the attending personnel have executed the demonic newborn immediately.

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>Sense Flukes
A particularly disgusting breed of parasitic flatworms infest your sensory organs portion of your brain, laying eggs in your eyeballs.

-20 to Per, victim will be blinded after 1d5 weeks.
>Fool's disease
Your brain becomes host to a virulent fungal infection.

-1d5 Permanent Damage to Int and WP for every day it goes uncured. Infected people develop pustules on their head that burst and give off infectious spores. Victims gain an affinity for high places. As the fungal infection goes on, the victim will gain larger and larger spore pustules all over his body, but oddly gains a bonus to Climb and Strength equal to every point of WS and Int he loses, and counts Climb as a trained skill.

As soon as both Int and WS reach 0, the victim will climb to the highest place he can, and explode, spreading spores in every direction.

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Hong Kong Black Dick.

My old GM actually told me about this mythical STD from his Navy days

Traditionaly it causes your dick to atrophy too a putrid blackness and rot off. But given the nature of table tops I think i can make it better.

Once afflicted with Hong kong black dick the player will roll one even sided die..for this example we will use a standard d10.

1-5 he gets traditional HKBD and his cock and balls atrophy and fall off. Negative stats to strength or some shit too simulate loss of adrenaline and testosterone production.

6-10 the player is blessed with Hong Kong BLACK dick which causes his cock and balls to grow to the stature of a stereotypical black man. Positive bonuses too both strength and charisma.

Well there's my addition. I hope you guys arnt too PC enough to not want to use it

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Why would having a big dick improve your strength?

What if a chick gets it?

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Bone Hive


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All these nurgle diseases, none of the are warpy.

Harbinger's Slump: The character himself suffers no personal woes, but any physical item decreases in quality by one step whenever it is in physical contact with him for a number of minutes above his WP bonus. Poor quality items (including items made poor by the ailment) are destroyed if exposure continues. The character may select a number of items equal to his WP bonus that will stop decaying at poor quality, rather than being destroyed. These items in turn, however, become infectious to anyone else who uses them.

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Earworms- Fat black grubs squirm out of the infected persons ear on occasion, They only come out after laying the egg of another Earworm. The worms can cause blindness, Deafness, nasal problems and balance issues due to damage of the inner ear.

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We are talking oogy boogy space magic. Just as the lack of adrenaline and testosterone weakens you soo too wouldthe Icrease in hormone production strengthen you.

I don't know what it would do to a chick. I'm a cis gendered patriarch loving white male soo I guess it slipped my mind.

Massive clit?

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Nurglite Cordyceps?

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Soyavisian Plague

First manifests as a hacking cough and chills, causing 1d10 toughness damage. Those exposed to the cough have a 35% chance of contracting the disease. They must make this check every TB hours they are around an infected victim.

If not cured within 1d10 days, it progresses to stage 2.

Stage 2: Cough increases. However, the plague starts to impair cognitive function. Take -10 to all Intelligence tests, and -20 for all tests that are memory related. These penalties continue for the remainder of the disease. Progresses to stage 2 in 1d5 days.

Stage 3: Same symptoms as above, but requires a -10 toughness test every 1d10 rounds (or 1d5 + TB hours in narrative time) to avoid hallucinations from the hallucinogenic grenade table
Stage 4 in 1d3 days.

Stage 4: The hallucinations continue, and increase in duration and severity. Requires a -30 toughness test to snap out of terrifying hallucinations. The infected will do anything to make the hallucinations stop, from attacking those around them, to even gouging out their eyes, destroying their ears, and even killing themselves. This compulsion requires a -20 willpower check to avoid. - 20 to all toughness checks.

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Plaguefather's Whispers
>only symptom at first is a mild fever
>after a week, the character needs to make daily toughness checks
>failure indicates auditory hallucinations that attempt to convince the carrier to bleed or expel onto/into food and water supplies
>additional WP tests against 1d5 Insanity is required for each failed toughness check

>incubates inside of a day
>hourly toughness checks become necessary
>failure requires rolling on the following table-
1: Take 1d5 wounds as your flesh roils and splits in protest.
2-3: You take 1d5 Insanity as a keen pain cuts your thoughts asunder.
4-5: You gain a random psychic power for the next hour at Rating 1, and take 1d5 corruption from the warp's touch.
6-7: You are wracked with maddening tremors. Lose 1d10 WS&BS for the next hour, and test WP versus entering a Frenzy.
8-9: Take 1d5 Toughness damage as you experience spontaneous hemorrhaging.
10: The disease seeps into your very soul, and you take 1d10 corruption. Results of 7+ automatically trigger a minor mutation.

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Something something ghoul fever. We all know how it works.

Cassandra's Tears
>Once contracted, the character begins to leak blood from their eyes, imposing a -10 to all visual perception and Fellowship tests
>At the whims of the warp, the character begins to experience prophetic hallucinations
>The visions are vague, painful, and always portend disaster. Experiencing them requires a challenging (+0) WP test to avoid 1d5 insanity.
>Even if the visions are successfully interpreted, reporting them brings no relief. >Rather, the character's eyes threaten to burst if he begins to speak to others of the visions, doubling the penalties for 1d10-TB hours as the bleeding intensifies.
>If action is successfully taken that prevents the predicted doom, and the character's testimony contributed, they must make a Very Hard (-30) Toughness check.
>Failure causes their eyes to explode, dealing 5 irreducible wounds, blinding them, and inflicting 1d10 Insanity as they feel the whiplash of fate denied.

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That's the idea.

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Does that guy on the left have a bolter?

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Slimy Sweat - Character is sweating in disgusting, yellowish/green oozing, slimy liquid instead of normal sweat. After one minute of intensive sweating you start to look like a human sized snail. It quickly starts to stink like a corpses mixed with shit. Whenever sweating you automaticly fail all social-related rolls but in combat it causes everyone (friend or foe) to avoid being close to you, you disgust them enough so they don't even want to cut you. Cannot be cured.

And yes, that's my fetish.

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>Nurgles Talons

Pain lashes through the body, making any and all activity nearly impossible, yet it appears not to actually damage the body.

To do anything, the subject must pass a Willpower test, with negative modifiers as time goes on (GM's discretion.)
If the willpower test is failed, the subject falls to the ground screaming, unable to move.

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Maggot's mouth - Small mouths of human-like teeth appear in the skin, their rasping voices whispering long forgotten half truths
Roll a d6 - evens +10 knowledge, odds -10 knowledge

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>Leper's Lament
Every TB days, roll an Easy Toughness test. As soon as one is failed, the victim grows a body part, and all subsequent tests increase in difficulty by one step. Roll on this table once for what grows.

1: Eye
2. Arm
3. Ear
4. Leg
5. Hand
6. Foot
7. Finger
8. Toe
9. Mouth
10. Genitals
11. Nose
12. Head

On his

1. Head
2. Arm
3. Leg
4. Torso
5. Groin
6. Hand/Foot

If any test is failed by four or more degrees, the victim immediately becomes a Nurglite Chaos Spawn. All body parts grown are withered and useless and impart -10 to Fel. Limbs/heads impart -10 to Ag. All sensory organs sense flashes of Nurgle's Garden, make a Hard WP test every WP Bonus days or gain 1d10 Insanity and Corruption. Heads and mouths drone a maddening song that only the bearer can hear, and manipulatory appendages grown surreptitiously stroke at him. -10 WP.

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Little late but ill jump in
>crack bone
Subjects bones become increasingly brittle, breaking far easier

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>Nurgles mirror
Subject has little to no side effects, but is perceived to be hideously ugly by those around them

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>disapproving of ork necrophilia
you still have much to learn

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Also known as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fibrodysplasia_ossificans_progressiva

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Posting some real life stuff
The last one is called porphyria i'm told

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Maybe a brain jacking parasite that forces them to take WP tests or jump out of cover.

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Remember: The point of a Warhammer RPG is creeping insurmountable doom, not unsatisfying unavoidable lose buttons.

Make sure the diseases make play interesting, not just... ruin all the things.
Or fetishize. Looking at you, anon-kun.

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Muscle Brows
All facial hair (including eyebrows and -lashes) gradually turns into bulgy, uncontrollable muscle. It makes speaking and looking at things difficult.

Ichneumon waspitis
The victim attracts specimens of the ichneumon wasps family due to wounds - even scratches - giving off a beetle-like smell. The hatching larvae are painful, but not immediately life-threatening. Removal would require cutting out solid chunks of flesh which would attract even more wasps.

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<nurgly name here>:

Disease that dulls your pain receptors at the cost of a smaller brain, +2 TB -5 INT.

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The Thing?

>> No.31754047

Gluttons joy. Subject loses all restraint for food. Will constantly snack, consuming triple their rations if available. Failure to meet this dietary demand results in hideous stomach cramps. No penalty beyond bloatedness if fed, -2d10 toughness if not.

>> No.31755326

Eternal fart- Afflicted releases a constant stream of slightly poisonous gas until cured. Also suffers immense gas pains. Fart gas is bright neon green so everyone knows who dealt it. -10 agility -10 fellowship

>> No.31755402

Nurgles Gift
Afflicted develops blisters that when popped release corrosive maggots
-2d10 toughness
additional -1d10 toughness whenever character exerts himself

>> No.31755842

Unclean One's Aid
>Disease that alters the mind, making the victim abandon all practices of hygiene within 1d10 hours
>All checks made versus a disease suffer -15

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If a chick gets it, the chick gets a big dick.

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The characters gets a hole that has the size of a finger on his/her thigh. It is highly pleasurable to touch but gets larger the more you touch it. The surrounding area of the hole becomes really soft and you can create new holes by pushing the skin in.

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>My whole body...is vaginas!

>> No.31756312

Putrid Protection
All forms of filth (dirt, mud, slime, litter, shit, maggots, etc) are magnetically attracted to the character, and if left uncleaned or untreated, eventually forming an additional later of armor. -10 fellowship +3 toughness while completely covered.

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Just another 23 to go I think, we can't let papa down now

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Blowfly infestation: The character grows tumours which harbour blowflies, in all stages of their life cycle. Whenever they're wounded, the player rolls a d10. On a 9 or 10, the blow has ruptured one of the hollow tumours and there is now a swarm of adult blowflies surrounding the character, which places them at -5 to be hit due to the difficulty in discerning their outline, but grants the character -10 to WS tests and -20 to BS tests due to there being a cloud of flies interrupting their vision.
As a half-action, the character may choose to cut open or otherwise rupture a tumour, granting them the same effects as above.

>> No.31756632

Skinthinning: The character's skin literally becomes thinner. The character loses a stage of unnatural toughness, or if they didn't have unnatural toughness loses 1d10 toughness.

>> No.31756714

Heartseize: The character's heart occasionally spasms when the character is under stress. For each round the character is in combat, that character takes a Toughness test. If they fail, they lose point of Toughness until the next time they rest. If this Toughness loss reduces them to 10 Toughness or fewer, they suffer a heart attack and must receive urgent medical attention (a successful Medicae test within 3 rounds) or die.

>> No.31756744

Actually, just to make it worse: The toughness tests are against their base toughness, without experience modifiers or unnatural toughness.
Also, they lose a point of Toughness for each degree of failure.

>> No.31756812

The Tune of the Teeth - The affected's teeth grind and creek within their jaws, creating 'music' that only nurglites can fully appreciate -10 fellowship, with other followers of Nurgle +15 fellowship

>> No.31756890

Blue Blood: The character's blood literally turns blue. This looks slightly disgusting (-5 Fellowship) and is caused by a bodily copper/iron imbalance. If and when the disease is cured, the character suffers 3 levels of fatigue for the next 3 days.

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Ghoul's Gangreen: The bearer of this disease's feet periodically rot, slowly lowering their movement speed by 1d2 until cured.

Plaguebearer's Rotten Pestilence: The disease bearer's skin slowly rots under the surface, reducing it's capability to withstand UV light. Whenever the bearer is out in the sun, he will periodically take 1d4 damage until cured.

No idea if these are any good, I don't play any form of D&D variety game. Simply played NWN back in the old days and created my own content in the toolset that accompanied it.

>> No.31757093

Sores on the skin that release odd pheromones, attracting animals 1d10 kilometers away. The animals seem to ignore the character, but act as they usually would in all other aspects.

>> No.31757135

His children's endless love: the infected character is forever followed by an ever increasing number of nurglings.

>> No.31757172

ITT: We do work for FFGs upcoming nurgle book

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Swellflies - the character's back begins to bloat hideously making wearing regular armour impossible. After 2d6 days a swam of fat pink flies erupts from their back, character must pass a toughness test or take d6+number of days of incubation as damage

>> No.31757301

Rotting teeth: The character's teeth rot at an alarming rate but never falls off or becomes soft. Rather it makes the teeth grow unnnaturally fast. Makes all biting attacks have the Toxic quality. The character has to cut his teeth down very often.

>> No.31757566

Buggy Body
(Curing this disease, which is not hard, will painfully reverse all the symptoms. each symptom possessed grants -1 fellowship )
the character starts to turn into a giant bug.
first they obtain compound eyes. +5 perception and 180 no scope.
-next, their skin hardens into an exoskeleton, alongside the decay of their endoskeleton, granting +5 toughness.
-third, the afflicted grows insect legs, with the two existing pairs of limbs morphing to match. when the 3 pairs are fully formed, they gain the ability to detect the chemical makeup of anything they touch, also, the character can walk on walls and ceilings. almost all weapons become unusable or else need twice the number of limbs to hold. -2 fellowship as well as +2 agility
-Forth, the bearer grows fully functional maggot wings, and yes that includes the ability to fly. -2 fellowship until the wings are removed
>if i am missing any features, feel free to add to it

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>Curing this disease, which is not hard
>Not hard

>> No.31757715

Reverse Chaos Syndrome: Anyone infected commits acts of chaos under the influence that they are performing deeds the the Emperor himself had given them to smite Chaos. -2d10 INT and all nearby party members must take 2d6 dice rolls:

1-3: Infected mutters incoherently, no effect
4-6: Infected draws Chaos symbols in the name of the Emperor, -20 Fellowship
7-9: Infected attacks fellow party member, has +5 strength against party members or Imperial Personnel.
10-12: Infected attempts to summon Nurgle Daemon, roll 3d6, on all sixes a Lesser Daemon of Nurgle appears.

Glee: The infected screams out torturous noise, since the disease is airborne it is also spread this way.This continues of 2d6 days until cured or throat ruptures. -15 Fellowship and -15 Stealth until cure or rupture, party members must periodically take 1d4 rolls to see if they have also been infected, and must take 3d4 damage if uncured by the time throat ruptures.

Commissar's fury: Infected believes himself to be a Commissar and will charge recklessly into battle at first chance while screaming litanies. Roll 2d6:

1-3: 'Commissar' successfully charges and gains +5 Strength, +2d3 Toughness for duration of combat
4-6: 'Commissar' injures himself for 2d3 damage, and gets -10 fellowship for making a fool of himself
7-9: 'Commissar' Attempts to execute a party member for failure to adhere to Codex Astartes, -2d10 intelligence and -1d10 leadership.
10-12: 'Commissar' undergoes spastic seizures and takes 2d6 damage

>> No.31757759

the point is that it isn't impossible to cure, but by doing so, you lose all these boons. you can inject this one chemical into your body, and you'll go back to normal, but do you really want to?

>> No.31757916

Alkenos Bile

Named after the first known heretic to be infected with it, the infected has to constantly spit out bile that rises in the throat at regular intervals. The bile is acidic, and can eat through most objects in a short amount of time, but can be stored in the proper containers. The bile is of course a nuisance if there's nothing to use it on, but not spitting it up does damage to the organs of the infected.

>> No.31758105 [SPOILER] 

>Sewer Smell
Infected target becomes very stinky all the time. If they were already stinky, they become more so. -10 to stealth normally (to represent the searcher smelling them), but +10 to stealth if sneaking near smelly things (garbage, sewers, rotting corpses, etc.)

>Yellow Sweats
Subject no longer needs to urinate. Instead, all their urine seeps from their skin like sweat.

>> No.31758115

Snorkel syndrome
An airborne disease. 1d12 hours after exposure to tainted air, which while foul smelling is not immediately obvious as a contaminant, the infected becomes increasingly concerned and obsessed with the fear of breathing unclean air. Smells become unbearable and victims will try to cover their face wherever possible, preferably with a gas mask, otherwise by holding cloth to their face (-15 WS/bs with two-handed weapons). Gas masks worn by the infected begin to meld into their body.

>> No.31758767

Blowout soon.

>> No.31758777

Hypermetabolism: The character's body begins to metabolize sugar and fat at a much-increased rate. This speeds the character up (+5 Agility) at the cost of constant, gnawing hunger. The character must now each their own body weight in food each day. If the character fails to do this, they take a level of fatigue that does not go away until the character makes up the difference.

>> No.31759124

Lockjoint - The infected characters joints slowly fuse together over several days rendering them unable to move their limbs

>> No.31760672


>> No.31760971

>Papa's Mind
There are no physical effects, but the infectee hallucinates everything around him in an advanced state of decay. This affects all senses, and cannot be snapped out of saved by being cured. All living creatures count as causing Fear to the infectee, and the infectee has penalties to every test that would be affected by his new perceptions.
As a side note, the infectee eating or undergoing medical treatment is a harrowing and repulsive experience.
Test versus WP every day. Failure causes 1d5 Insanity Points.

>> No.31761003


The infected grows huge tumors in the shape of a Beast of Nurgle's head. They are animate.

>> No.31761023

>he will periodically take 1d4 damage until cured
Well if this is reduced by Armour (it shouldn't be) then it's no problem at all. Even as it is, it's kind of simple to just soak this with TB.

>> No.31761072

>-2 fellowship
>in a d100 system
>for huge, obvious mutations

>> No.31761417

change it then.

>> No.31762917

The victim's tongue starts growing to a great length, while also getting stronger and developing a sharp edge.
After 3 days, tongue takes up all the space in the victim's mouth, making it completely unable to communicate with spoken words.
After 5 days, it hangs almost a meter down the victim's jaw, giving it -10 fellowship, but also works as an extra arm for holding shit (but not using it to swing a sword or fire a gun).
After 8 days, it becomes long and strong enough to work as a 1d5 nat weapon with 5 meters reach, or one can hold a usual weapon with it, but it looks awful enough to start causing -15 Fellowship.
12 days. 1d10 weapon with 10 meters reach. Poisoned. Give it some descent ap. But mo longer can hold normal shit. -25 Fellowship. Yes it looks fucking horrible.

>> No.31763354

Great mossy staglike horns begin to grow from the character's head, granting 1d5 (un)natural weapon damage. However failure to trim the horns results in the characters neck eventually snapping under their sheer weight

>> No.31763502

Add in the ability to digest more effectively, eating anything organic. Like say people? Just maybe.

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