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Has anyone made a Blood Jaguar army? They look kickass.

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Go on

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I can dump some extra pics that I hunted down.

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Sometimes they can look fabulous

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I saw these guys before, i know some sculptfag made some cool should pads and weapons for them.

Fluffwise, they are successors to what chapter?

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M34 founding, Flesh Tearers.

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That actually looks pretty kickass

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What their women look like, none can say.

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I chose that one because I think it looks the best. I have 4 variants in my BJ folder

no pun intended

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cool, so you would use blood angels rules for them if you wanted to bring them to tournies?

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Deathwatch Rules

Founding: M34
Primogenitor: Blood Angels
Predecessor: Flesh Tearers
Codex Demeanor: Purity Above All
Characteristic Modifiers: +5 to Toughness and Willpower
Chapter Flaw: Eye to Eye
Codex Adherence: Unique
Combat Specialty: Terror Tactics
Solo Mode: Uses the Flesh Tearers, as described in Honor the Chapter.
Attack Pattern: Uses the Flesh Tearers, as described in Honor the Chapter.
Defensive Stance: Courage Under Fire, as described in Rites of Battle.
Primarch's Curse: Uses the Flesh Tearers, as described in Honor the Chapter.
Chapter Advance Table: Uses the Flesh Tearers, as described in Honor the Chapter.
Psychic Powers: Uses the Flesh Tearers, as described in Honor the Chapter.
Restriction: Cannot be Devastators
Chapter Trappings:
Sacrificial Dagger: Replaces combat knife; +1 Pen
Savage Trophy:
- Feathers: +1 Cohesion
- Jaguar Pelt: +1 damage with tearing melee weapons
- Skull: +3 Intimidate

Dunno about tournaments. I just stalk the lore and plan my army for when I can afford some models.

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I think this is the last one, but I'll have to double check,

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oh god, youre one of those equal rights in space marine fags arent you?

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Unfortunately I was kinda in /tg/ chapter detox when the Blood Jaguars were being made so I can't say I've ever read any of their lore. I'll give it a read through one of these days.

That said, my favorite chapter will always be the Nightmares. Too much heart and soul put into it to feel otherwise.

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I just post what the drawfags draw. They couldn't quite get the colours down so we wound up with 4 variants.

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Shame no other /tg/ chapters ever got that far.

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While I'm posting this Blood Jaguar stuff, can someone help me out and post some Tausand Son/Tzeentch Battlesuit stuff? I love Thousand Son fluff, and I can totally see Ahriman employing Tau battlesuits filled with ash.

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The Blood Jaguars have an Order of the Sisters on their planet too for some reason

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There were two colour schemes for the death company. I think this one is the "official" one.

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This is the other. I prefer the black one.

I've poked through some of their fluff and it is definitely one of the best (if not the best). Still, Blood Jaguars was my first exposure to a developed homebrew and as such has that special place in my memories.

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That guy in the back is swag as fuck.

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Understandable. There was a core of four of us working on the Nightmares pretty much nonstop, plus two artists who brought all sorts of lovely work. Then there were probably another dozen or two anons giving ideas, comments, and keeping things going on off hours. It was a great set up.

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I'm not a big fan of SoB convents being ''Space Marine chapter X, but with tits'', but BJags actually pulled it off pretty well. Since marines are borderline deified on Tenocit, the trial to become one is as much truth as it is legend, so women occasionally attempt to run the gauntlet as well. The ones who succeed are abducted by the Order of the Martyred Heart, who hunt cultists and chaos in the shadows instead of being in the spotlight

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I still like that sort-of rivalry between the Scraplootas and the BJags, myself.

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Emperor's Nightmares
Guardians Exemplar
Abyssal Jaws

The three chapters I helped shape and still my favorite piece of commissioned art.

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>grots with a titan

The only way to WAAAGH!

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>Tausand Son

I haven't found any completed battlesuits on google yet, so here's a potential colour scheme..

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The only terminator you should see back-flipping.

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I dunno if this counts

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Just read up on these guys.
Whoever came up with these niggas was a genius, no doubt. This chapter is pretty radical, and I like the tribal thing.
Kinda makes me want to throw out the fluff for a chapter i was working on. :/

Cool shit though, I'd love to see someone try and paint these guys.

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I felt it was shoe horned to be honest.

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Chapter master of the Blood Jaguars before becoming a dreadnought.

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Not a whole lot of Blood Jaguar pictures left damnit I don't want to shorten the name to BJ. Anyone feel like drawing some more?

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OP of the original Blood Jaguars thread.

Glad people still remember this.

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It's easier if you use the deathwatch rules


Without those, most of tg's creations would be uncreative.

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I wish there was a decent free logo or symbol maker for those of us not gifted with artistic skills. Shit like that is really cool and adds a lot to a chapter's fluff.

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You forgot the Chain Macuahuitl.

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Sadly, I did use the DW rules, and I was actually very happy with the results. The only reason I'm now deciding whether or not to scrap my chapter is because its very similar to the BJ's.
Had a small thread going where some people helped me work out the kinks in the chapter, which was really cool, but there are too many similarities to these guys and my chapter (the Manticores) that they no longer seem as unique. I'd hate to be the guy that bites off of someone else.

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No worries, we ripped off most our stuff from Aztec traditions and legends.

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I c/p'd the 1d4chan list. You may want to edit the article a bit.

This is my last picture, by the way.

Also, the original thread:


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Did you guys ever figure out the colours? It says orange, but the pictures fluctuate between orange and brown.

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Light Brown seems to be the dominant one in our fanart.

BTW, shout out to Marauder, best drawfag. If you see this, I cannot thank you enough for your pictures.

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I really like the chapter iconography you guys came up with, what program was used to draw these crests?

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If I knew how to run quest threads, I would open one up for the Blood Jaguars.

It seems this thread failed to meet its stated goal, but we had a decent discussion nonetheless. This is my last picture to drop; if you want to keep the conversation rollin, post something.

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Better yet. Deathwatch Quest with Blood Jaguar squad member.

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With all the other members from all the other good custom chapters. Emp's Nightmares, Abyssal Jaws, etc...

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I just torrented the deathwatch book, so I have the materials. I just have no experience as an actual player, never mind as a DM.

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Who said anything about using the Deathwatch system? Just read the Deathwatch fluff and make dat quest

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Best effort I could find.

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The only chapters we ever did that I'd say really fit into 40k without being either noblebright nonsense or way too tryhard.

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We do not forget. We merely hide in waiting.

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Abyssal Jaws are the best.

>> No.31724980

I kind of enjoy the Desert Fangs, but the angry crusader role has kind of already been filled.

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If I had the disposable money I'd commission Blood Jaguar art. But I don't.

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I fucking love this picture.

>> No.31725124

Its' honestly one of the best drawfaggings of a space marine you'll see.

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If I knew how to pay drawfags, I would commission a couple.

>> No.31725241

Paypal. Just find their tumblr or deviantart account and contact them through that. If they're open to commissions they'll send you their account details.

>> No.31725275

Sweet. When my next cheque comes, I'll start a new thread and get a feel for what /tg/ wants.

>> No.31725305

If ya'll are down, I could fail at some art for you guys, but it'd have to wait till tomorrow.

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Sure, just drop 'em in this thread; I'll keep it open.

how long do threads last on tg?

it's been a while

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We're on page 2 at the moment, it'll last for a while. It can take days for a thread to die sometimes.

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Does this help you any?


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You're the guy who helped make the Jaguars—got any recommendations for a style?

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What, for the Drawfagging?

Something with the Jaguar's engaging Ork's would be great.

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As the guy who came up with the idea that would evolve into the Blood Jaguars, I am greatly pleased to see people still talking about it after a long absence from /tg/

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>As the guy who came up with the idea
It was a dicerolled chapter, you self-important liar.

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I would love to see them tearing out the heart of a Warboss on one of their sacrificial altar-tanks, myself.

Or something with the Martyred Heart.

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No, it started off as a chapter called the Sons of the Smoking Mirror and then evolved. Eventually it was going in two different directions, people argued about it and then the Blood Jags were an offshoot. I have the threads saved but I'm on my work computer

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I'm incredibly skeptical that the high lords would make a successor to the Flesh Tearers what with their 100% rate of the black rage. Wouldn't it be better for them to be just BA successors?

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Ahahaha fucking hell dude, the aztec direction was natural to take with the dice rolls. It's coincidence.

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It didn't become bad until after about M35 IIRC.

Basically, it's only recently it's become something that will wipe them out within a few millennium.

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Not blood jaguars but I just started collecting SM and BA in perpetration for starting my Emperor's Nightmare army

>> No.31727479

You are confused, anon. I was there in the first thread where the Jags got rolled up.

>> No.31727493

Sorry, should be 'Didn't become known until post M36.'

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I had a lot of fun working on it. I have some unbuilt Blood Angels, and have been thinking of making them Blood Jaguars.

I wrote a fair bit of stuff for them, came up with their scout's motto, the Czentzon Tlaloc and the Sisters having a small stockpile of Volkite Weapons.

>> No.31727751


I love seeing others post this. I came up with it off the fly when someone asked why there wasn't that many Blood Jaguar threads.

>> No.31727874

I always look at the Nightmares and feel proud about how much of my contributed fluff stuck. Randolphus, Betten-Burgen, Brother Gavroche the original stealthnaught, August Dreamwalkers in Iron, the color scheme for Primus. .. man, those threads just got my creative juices flowing like nothing since.

>> No.31727941

They get my other juices flowing too, god I have such a lady-boner for the Nightmares

i love you for all those sexy contributions!

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I would imagine a Maya-inspired sect of Spers Maroons would be guilty of some idolatry.

The Emperor wouldn't be so jazzed about some of his chosen worshipping a giant lizard-bird.

>> No.31727992

Th-thanks. [Spoiler]I also came up with their battle cries and the Waking Dead. [/spoiler]

>> No.31728077

As the completely random guy who had nothing whatsoever to do with this, i'm glad people are still posting about this.

>> No.31728098

That's awesome, the waking dead are a huge reason why they work so well with BA codex

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>not making a Chapter Master thread: Blood Jaguar edition
>not pretending you're the game engine, generating numbers, events and fluff blurbs
>not ending it in a giant cliffhanger just as everything starts going to shit
>not drinking tears of neckbeards calling for you to close the story
>being this unfaithful to the Empruderp

>> No.31729450

>The Emperor wouldn't be so jazzed about some of his chosen worshipping a giant lizard-bird.

Deathworld beastie from their homeworld? The Emperor didn't seem that bothered by Russ being a furry.

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this guy http://boards.4chan.org/tg/thread/31723214/

Actualy is offering drawfags skills.
ask him for more art.

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Just saw a new term I'm not familiar with. What is a mantleseer, when referring to Eldar?

>> No.31730173

Maybe they kinda merged the Emperor and the Void Dragon and the Omnissiah into one Emperor Dragon figure?

>> No.31730272

do you guys have any ideas for alternative lasguns to use in jungle fights?
don't want to use the default IG ones

>> No.31730309

Or its just a literal personification of the aquila. A 'holy ghost' kind of entity.

>> No.31731250

A bullpup pattern similar to the Accatran pattern, with a reflex sight and backup irons for aiming.

A slightly bulky handgrip with a socket for bayonet, which may be replaced for a single shot grenade launcher or flamer to make it a combi lasgun/grenade launcher, or lasgun/flamer.

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Teenage. Mutant. Herotic. Turtles.

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>> No.31731707

teenage Mutant Marine Turtles.

>> No.31732326

Apparently some people have tried to make the Rainbow Warriors into Aztec Marines. Check this out,

>> No.31732418

They would worship the sun as the emperor.

>> No.31732457

....just like the BJs do?

>> No.31732578

This is best.

>> No.31733024

How could I go about converting a Skaven Hell Pit Abomination into a Great Unclean One?

>> No.31733753

Yeah, the idea for it (at least as far as I know) came from Philip Sibbering's fan-work on the Rainbow Warriors. Though I have no idea if the Aztec idea for them was around before that.

>> No.31734087

A question about BJ weapons.

The macahuntil they use have fixed shards?
Or do they rotate in a way similar to a chainsword?

>> No.31734198

I thought this was the symbol we were using for this chapter. Also I thought it was called the Rainbow Warriors!

>> No.31734203

They would have to rotate. fixed shards wouldn't spray enough blood for their tastes.

>> No.31734221

BJs were formed through deathwatch system. Rainbow Warriors got retconned out of existence and some fanart got made for them.

>> No.31734396

lol this nigga

Just got home, I'm gonna get started on some BJ art in a second. Seeing as most of the art I've seen done for them is Beakies, I'll assume you would prefer them to be beakies in most of their art? Or do you want some diversity in their war-plate?

>> No.31734559

Got any pics? Also, how do you plan to model them?

You can link to other threads within the same board with just two >> just like normal, no need to post the whole link

>> No.31734588


I'd like to see some variation. If someone can do one of the Czentzon Tlaloc in artificiered Terminator Plate (Indomitus or Tartaros, whatever suits best) that would be awesome.

And one of the Celestians of the Sisters of the Martyred Heart with a Volkite Caliver.

>> No.31734607

Where did you see this term? It's new to me too and I've been into 40k since 2005.

How do you mean RW got retconned out?

>> No.31734694

Whoops, my bad. Valedictors got retconned out. Rainbow Warriors became an Ultramarine offshoot. Still no black rage, though.

>> No.31736242

Seconding this.

>> No.31736712

I dunno if he first created it, however, the inspiration for them is actually north american native, rather than mesoamerican.

(Well, via making fun of france and green peace)

>> No.31737825

How's it comin'?

>> No.31740772

>mfw no drawfags deliver

>> No.31743059


>> No.31743110

Mantle seer is farseer + jetbike + relic: mantle of the laughing god. From the current eldar codex

>> No.31743590

If you really want it done, don't be afraid to front some cash. A nice detailed image is only 20-30 bucks.

>> No.31743628

No need to chuck a fit.

>> No.31743665

OP here;

Once I get my next cheque I'll have enough breathing room to commission a piece. Until then, I have to wait with spazzy ham sandwiches up there.

>> No.31744715

If I was a better writefag I'd writefag something up.

>> No.31749192

So would I

>> No.31749258

check this out for another mayan/incan/aztec themes SM chapter.


Fleshing out the Tormentors as Jungle fight specialists using poison and acid to avoid forest fires and shit.

>> No.31749289


Why not try? You don't get better by not trying.

>> No.31749620

Is there any chapter that has a high number of Chaplains and/or Librarians?

alternatively, is there a chapter where chaplains and/or Librarians can hold a "seat of power", like Chapter Master and such? I really like those as models and usually they have somewhat good fluff.

>> No.31750251

For the Librarians in power Blood Raven come to mind. Since they are official canon now they are fair game I guess. In one of their games the Chapter Master was a Librarian.
Space Wolves have Apothecaries and Librarians rolled into one role so that gives them a lot of power.
Any Chapter from the Unforgiven would probably have a lot of Chaplains.
White Scars have Stormseers that are afaik are supposedly divine the future to an extend. That's if I remember correctly but they have a somewhat special role in the Chapter too.
Storm Wardens have emphasys on Librarians too iirc.
There are some smaller Chapters like the Exorcists that have really specific fluff too, can remember anyone else right now though.

>> No.31750307

thanks mang

>> No.31750376

Check this out under the Variants lists are some interesting things noted


>> No.31750453


Same here. I wrote up quite a bit of the fluff (Homeworld, Fortress Monastery, The Long Night and the Coming of Cz'tez, and The Dark Road to the Sun) and I always feel happy when I see the Blood Jaguars aren't forgotten.

>> No.31751319

Guys, would you say that yellow or gold is better for painting emperors nightmare?

>> No.31751459

Hey guys, I'm thinking of getting back into the hobby after a couple of years of relative nerdlessness, I own a fair few space marines (probably 2000pts ish) mostly painted as blood angels, but I think I'd rather run vanilla. Hopefully a few coats of black/red wash will turn them a nice dark Blood Ravens colour.

My only problem now is points, as my codex is an edition or two out of date, anyone know where I can find a reference list for points values and stats? It would be much appreciated!

I'm thinking of having a counts-as Tigurius (I was converting him from the metal jump pack chaplain but never finished) leading a squad of sternguard (heavily modified tacticals), how would they best be used tactically?

>> No.31751501

>Apothecaries and Librarians
Wolf Priests are Apothecary/Chaplains.

>> No.31751548

Would this guy (magicka space marine robe) be equal to or even more powerful than your standard chapter librarian?

>> No.31751563

Pretty sure the Librarians of the Dark Angels are immediately inducted into the Inner Circle because it's pointless keeping secrets from a psychic.

>> No.31751669

Yeah. Got that mixed up.

>> No.31752357

The reason is that some people enjoy their Marines having distaff counterparts and aren't very familiar with SoB fluff.

>> No.31753123

Isn't golden yellow one of GW's colors?

>> No.31753149

I was over halfway done with it, but I didn't think it was any good so i just stopped working on it. It's a BJ in a tree holding a dude's heart. I only really have to do mostly background work and shit, but I wouldn't say it's as cool as the stuff some of the better drawfags have contributed.

>> No.31753344

Does anyone have a PDF of Farsight Enclaves book? Pretty please~

>> No.31753408

It's 31 MB, max for this board is 8 MB.

>> No.31753465

Link to media fire or something?

>> No.31753874 [DELETED] 

Not too savvy on rules, haven't played in years only modelled, but here is my take on an infantry/battlesuit based tau list at 1500pts

All drones


12 Fire Warriors
Marker drone

12 Fire Warriors
Marker drone

16 Kroot Carnivores
Sniper rounds

6 Stealth Suits
2 Fusion Blasters
2 Shield Drones

3 Crisis Suits
All w. Plasma rifle, missile pod, shield gen

Ion accelerator
2 shielded missile drones
Velocity tracker

Shield drone
Velocity tracker

High yield missile pod
Shield drone
Velocity tracker

1 point over. I know shield gens on the crisis is really dumb but that is how they are modelled and can't be assed to rip the gens off and find something else

>> No.31753998

If you still want me to post it, I cant, but I don't think I'm going to add anything to it, because at this point I think I'm just clogging it up by adding too much stuff.

>> No.31754061

Go ahead.

>> No.31754188 [SPOILER] 

Be forewarned: My capacity to draw isn't exactly 'high'.
I'm honestly surprised it turned out as not-horrible as it did.

>> No.31755896

Just ordered up my second of 4 imperial knights to accompany this guy. Going to do Baron Roland this time round I think.

>> No.31757151

> Baron Roland

Don't forget to name his Chainblade the Durandal.

>> No.31759835

not too shabby anon.

>> No.31760311

I'm new to 40k, and I had a few questions, if someone would be kind enough to answer.

1) Can I play a Black Templars Army using their 4E codex?

2) If no to question 1, which of the following armies would be better for a highly mobile, melee oriented army? Orks, Eldar, or Grey Knights?


>> No.31760457

1: no, but there are rules to play them off the regular 6th ed space marine codex
2: Grey Knights with some dreadknights and henchmen deathstar in stormraven

>> No.31760529

Thanks, also, are Cron faster than they look? Cause I wouldn't mind playing a Necron ground-forces army.

>> No.31760559

Depends on their legal status.

>> No.31760595

You *can*, but it'd be a matter of casual play with your opponents permission only. Since the BT's got folded into the main marine 'dex, playing at organized events will require you to play with that codex rather than the old BT codex (and to be honest, most random people would probably not play unless you're using the marine 'dex). So, long story short: probably not unless you are playing with friends, then its a possible no.

As for a highly mobile, melee army, I'd say Orks then Eldar then Grey Knights in order of being good at that job. The Eldar have a lot of fast units, and some melee units, but it can be hard to build a list around them (especially since the eldar lack open topped transports, which kills Storm Guardians). Orks have decent melee options in every slot, and have the open topped transports to make it happen. GK's are a bit on the slow side, but can be built around melee since they have Land Raiders / Stormravens / Deep Strike as an option for pretty much everything. Its worth noting, however, that even though the default GK marine comes with a force weapon he's still pretty balls at combat (1 attack base, marine statline), so if you want a melee focused GK army you should pick one of the special units (Paladins/Purifiers) or henchmen warbands (crusaders + death cult assassins stronk).

>> No.31760636

Most everything about Scraplootas was shoehorned to be honest. Coming from a main contributor.

>> No.31760671

Daemons are also very mobile and melee oriented, they werent on your list tho.

>> No.31760706

Man, that reminds me of the Black Locks. This summer I'll make a radical makeover of their 1d4chan page with a gargantuan update...and to flesh out the Calico Stars, since that would be extremely vital to their existence.

>> No.31760741

Thank you for the in-depth answer. After a bit more reading, I might move more towards Necron (mostly due to the wallet-damage Orks will inflict) Can their style of play resemble what I want? IE, moving a character into a blob of units and killing them along with heavy infantry to do the same.

Nah, a friend of mine plays Daemons, and I want to avoid stepping on his toes. I suppose I should ask, but can SM fill that niche I'm looking for with a heavy focus on deep strikes and jump infantry? If so, I'm probably going to have to play Blood Angels, right?

>> No.31761063

how about some glorious 40k RPG's?
rogue trader story tiem
>be drunkard previous mad bomber tanog
the DM let me spend all my starting xp on training demolitions early, because reasons
>picked primitive weapon as starting choice because i wanted a brick on a chain for shits
>be sitting in a bar on some planet in the arse end of the koronus sector failing corouse tests and spending all of my thrones on amnesec
>suddenly these six guardsmen come by the bar to see what happend to their old (npc) arch militant
>oh fug might have drank too much last night
>oh fug might've killed somebody in the bar fight
>remember i have demo charge's at the door and at the back exit
>run into the backroom smash through the door and hide behind some crates
>for all 3 democharges i only managed to kill two guardsmen
>the rest charge me
>4 man grapple i'm getting my shit handed to me
>they bring me aboard the rogue trader vessel and some arsehole decides to have me replace their lost archy
>dm being shit and not having anything planned out
>we spend two whole 4 hour sessions in the fucking warp trying to get to himmleshot (system)
>dm doesn't show up for two sessions that he himself picked the time and date for
>dm goes missing for two weeks after he says he needed to go take a shower before we begin
so long story short our rogue trader becomes a dmpc and he takes up the role of dm
our incharacter explanation for why the rogue trader is now forever too busy having a wank in his quaters bathing in cash because he's so rich he can just have us do everything
>we get to the himmle shot system
>planet full of gold and no iron practically a pleasure world in all but name untouched by war
>we don't know this so we go investigate a power signature near a gas giant on the edge of the system
enter the spooky gost ship
jerhico class cargo ship or something
>completely dead in space
>no damage at all
>no live signs
>no response to hails
>we go aboard and breaching servitor our way in

>> No.31761319

oh and the dm came back
resurrected as the senschal
>senschal decides not to go on the spooky ghost ship
>he says his character wouldn't do it so he won't
fair enough but no reason he should avoid fun
>the spooky ghost ship has a spooky ghost town
>3spooky5us will power checks a plenty
>me being blessed by the dice gods in stats have 44 WP starting
>beat all WP checks everyone else shitting themselfs
>two of the six guardsmen we brought with us go missing in the ghost town
>we stammer our way into the proper crew quaters and find blood leaking through one of the doors
>fresh blood
>ship has been dead in space for 300 years
>fresh human blood leaking through
>dm tells us there is a continued trail leading into the bathroom, a weapons coffer and a computer terminal inside
>the techpriest leaps at the terminal
>i leap at the weapons coffer
>3 failed agility tests and 2 failed tech use tests later i'm on -3 paralized my arms and the techpriest is down a fate point
>blood trail can go fuck itself i'm out of here
>walk solo through the ghost ship with useless arms
>suddenly back at the ghost town
>its fucking re-arranged itself
>will power checks HO!
>pass all of them again because this is nothing to captain PTSD tanog straight outta' bombton
>turn on comm bead tell the crew in glorious in character too busy dieing slowly to speak properly dialogue "THE TOWN IS FECKED" and turn off the bead
>reach the shuttle pass out on the floor and after telling the piolet to sit and wait for the others
>tech priest is busy disarming autocannon turrets with the power of the tech lore
>they discover the warp engine is damaged and leaking warp magic a little
>drop stolen autocannon abandone all guardsmen and leave
>tech priest and missionary in spooky ghost town
>suddenly the world gets flipped turned upside down both of them somehow fell into cupboards

>> No.31761347

>walk solo through the ghost ship with useless arms


>> No.31761367

Emperors Nightmares are the Emperor's finest. Your Chapter is smalltime.

>> No.31761534

>they manage to barely escape their kitchen ware doom and get out of there in a hurry
>we go back to the ship and blast the shit out of it deeming it unholy
>they we fly off the the gold planet to extract vital shekels for the rogue trader dynasty's continued jewing
>get to the planet and prepare to trade
>realise they have no space port
>their corrupt religion is fucking anti-space travel
>cant trade because no heavy lander
>they've not seen anybody from outside their world in over 500 years and we discover they value iron far above gold
>basically infinitely exploitable gold planet and we can't do shit with it
>and then we realise the cargo ship has a lander
>we go back to the hulking space wreck
>warp damage even worse probably demons onboard
>after dicking around inside for a while looking for john tanog's favorite guardsmen
>dm suddenly change's the roll20.net page to a poster of DOOM
>at this point the doom music is on full volume and everyone in the teamspeak is breaking out laughing
>realise we have to find john
>found the corpses of all the guardsmen but john
>meetup point is in the ships barely hanging together hanger bay where we intended to steal a cargo lander
>we go walking around the area to look for john
>mysterious black substance blocking the hallway back to the hanger bay
>missionary comes around the other side of the black wall
>demon shows up
>i run through the wall
>will power check my way through the wall
>strenght check through the wall
>suddenly have see the demon
>fail the only willpower check that really mattered
>nocked out cold for 6 rounds
>demon tares the shit out of the missionary
>techpriest shows up with his holy hellgun of +1 rekt' and blast it back to whatever hell it came from
3/4 the story must go on

>> No.31761720

>dragged back to the hanger and woken up
>try to open the hanger doors to get the shuttle to pick us up
>has to blow its way in
>suddenly a red glow starts comming down the corridor and we retreat
>have to take the hugely valuable breaching servitors back with us so not enough room for everyone on the shuttle
>some guardsmen have to cling to the roof in their voidsuits
>two of them die and as we escape fire demons or some shit completely destroy the hanger bay
>john still lost in space
>DM informs us that john lives but we arn't going to find him
the cargo lander was too damaged to fly out the demons showed up before we could repair it
>leave with less than we came in with
>by which i mean the missionary has no eyes now
>meanwhile on the ship mysterious murders start occuring at random
>sherlock holmes my way through it and by looking at the wounds deduce it was a rogue breaching servitor
>on our way back to port have to kill it with the techpriest in the sewers
that part might have happend pre-demon ripping his eyes out but i can't be arsed to remember properly
>techpriest cleaves it in half with a righteus blow from his chainsword
>while we are discussing the situation with the far away techpriest the dm informs me i've been hit on the back of the head
>mutant with batlike leathery wings managed to sneak up behind me
>dm even provides screenshots of those completely bullshit rolls
>the beast grapples me
>the beast steals my bolt pistol
>the beast runs away
next time on i'll tell you about the story of how tanog fell into a river of shit
or why high gravity worlds are the biggest shitholes in the imperium
but i need sleep gudnite /tg/

>> No.31762482

2nd ed blood jaguar maybe?

>> No.31762647

His helmet looks like a drill. I wonder if Blood Jaguars would attach a motor to it and drill through his enemies.

>> No.31762890


SM can fit into pretty much any role you want. They have decent to excellent choices for every role, and their characters are some of the best in the game.

Downside is that unless you build a chapter from the ground up, most of the GW Chapters have gotten bland from overexposure. SM are the Nickelback of Tabletop armies in that way.

>> No.31762958

shorten the name to jags

>> No.31763042

...turtle themed, scout heavy chapter with a rat-based chapter master anyone?

>> No.31763120

librarian, force weapon, psychic hood

could be anywhere from basic librarian lexicanum to the chief librarian of a chapter

>> No.31764245

>Has anyone made a Blood Jaguar army? They look kickass.

About 3 weeks after that thread an Anon began working on the army and then proceeded to quit about 2 weeks after that when it became clear that to do so would require levels of effort and skill beyond most demi-gods.

>> No.31764293


>> No.31764409

You guys should dig through the sup/tg archives and find a chapter that didn't get off the ground, and give it a dustoff and tuneup. That might be fun, I know there's several over the past couple months that didn't get off the ground.

>> No.31764552

hell, just yesterday I posted a crazy, overstrength salamanders successor chapter that crusaded around terrorizing Tyranids. I'm sitting on a Space Wolf roll that is best buds with the Adeptus Astra Telepathica and venerates a librarian as their hero. Some crazy stuff out there.

>> No.31764583

I'm sure most of you guys already know this but I just got 6.5/7th edition confirmed for the 1st week of June. Dont know what the changes are, only that they've already been 'set in stone' for the upcoming BRB.

Look for 6th edition books to be pulled from all GW stores by the end of next week.

The guy I spoke with had no knowledge of what the changes are, but his feeling was balancing assault/shooting, tweaking the ally rules, and a new game 'mode'.

>> No.31766693

Maybe I can get a neckbeard to paint/craft one for me. Y'know, find one that's in desperate need of a challenge.

>> No.31768288

Who's in the most dire need of an update?

>> No.31768468

Orks. Arguably CSM and Dark Angels as well, due to being the first updated this edition and getting pretty fucked over because of it.

>> No.31768520

Really, for Blood Jaguars, you could just do the paint job, but for your full on characters...

Do custom jobs. Lizardmen boxes contain feathers and the like.

>> No.31770023

Are they going to merge CSM and Daemons together again? I don't know why they thought it was a good idea to separate the two.

>implying I have that skill.

>> No.31774539

Merging CSM and Demons won't happen likely considering we have Ally rules now but they'll probably try and hopefully make the Heldrake spam for CSM less viable and maybe make the rest of codex actually usable outside of plague marines.

And give us fucking legion rules fucking hell GW, if SM get chapter rules give us some Legion ones.

>> No.31774910

Thank you.
I loose confidence easily so the smallest thing that I find unappealing when I'm drawing is usually enough to discourage me from finishing said drawing. I have never really attempted to draw astartes, so I was treading new ground here.

>> No.31775231

Is it possible to run a decent CSM army with ahriman for HQ, then at least one unit of rubric marines? i really love me some tzeentch but i;ve heard the tzeentch units are not too good

>> No.31775318

It makes perfect sense that CSM and daemons be allied brothers in arms but not the same force. The guys that show up in realspace vs the guys that can't.

Also, its vastly more important to improve the rest of the CSM book to heldrake level than to diminish the heldrake.

>> No.31776654

We never did puzzle out which Psychic powers to give them, did we?

>> No.31776734

I'm curious is it possible to give guardsmen autoguns?

>> No.31777515

Anyone know when the BA "officially" went from the contrasting black trimmed shoulders/reversed on sergeants to the current "dip in Bhaal red" style?

>> No.31777557

at the turn of 2nd to 3rd edition.

>> No.31777570

They are described in fluff as functionally identical.

>> No.31777608

Hmm interesting, d'you know if the yellow trim had special significance or if that was just a single edition/artist as well.

>> No.31777633

I can look it up for you. Let me get out that old codex.

>> No.31777658

Much appreciated, if you're poring though the tome let me know of any mention of white pads/black trim as well.

>> No.31777699

My own googlin turned up a snippet from the '96 'dex:
"- Red shounder pad with black trim (black Heraldry): brother marines
- Black shoulder pad with red trim (yellow heraldry): sergents and squad leaders
- Red shoulder pad with red trim (black Heraldry): standard bearers, techmarines"
Nothing on the yellow trim though

>> No.31777736


Anyone? ;_;

>> No.31777767

Yep. The only yellow shoulder trim in the entire book is from the Blood Drinkers Marine.

White/Red is only a combination found on the Corbulo model. He's mostly painted red with white shoulder trims, white narcethium and white backpack.

I also found this on my computer.
Doesn't have the info on the company markings, but show the other stuff.

Also if you use special markings in your army for squad leaders or like to use banners the corporals in the 2nd edition book also had black pads, yellow iconography, red trim on the shoulders and red banners with black heraldry, while the sargeants had black banners with red heraldry.

>> No.31777782

Here are the individual sqadmarking for the kneepads too.

>> No.31777797

Lovely, I've a friend starting a BA force and he can't seem to accept any information directly, everything has to be given to him second-hand.

>> No.31777808

You can give him the company marking too then. Cheers!

>> No.31777809


>> No.31777818

personally, I think the best army we made was the Emperor's 1st Membranes

>> No.31777831

As there is no list thread ill post it here

I have a friendly 600 point game tomorrow and this is my list (I have limited models so I'm working with what I have)

Warboss with pklaw twin linked shoota cybork bosspole 'eavy armour 110

3 bikes, 1 nob w/ pklaw 110

Trukk 35

10 boyz 'eavy armor 1 nob with pklaw 136

23 boyz 1 nob with pklaw and bosspole 2 rokkit launchas 198

589 points total

Im up against a grey knight guy, I have played 1 game so far. Am I fucked?

>> No.31777911

Oi! Ya call yerself a roight proppa greenskin?!

Youse is fergettin the most important thing about fightin'.

>Orkses is never defeated in battle. If we win we win, if we die we die fighting so it don't count. If we runs for it we don't die neither, cos we can come back for annuver go, see!

>> No.31777960

What does /tg/ think is an acceptable level of "Tailoring"?

>None/Double blind:
Where you just build a all round list.

>Army based/Prepared Army:
Extra flamers/mortars vs Nids/Orks
Extra melta/lascans vs Marine/IG
Extra AA vs Eldar/Necrons

>Personal/Hard counter:
Using foreknowledge of a persons owned models/general play-style to directly counter the army on a unit to unit basis..

>> No.31778095

Thanks man!

>> No.31778249

>What does /tg/ think is an acceptable level of "Tailoring"?
>Army based/Prepared Army
Anything beyond that is boring.

>> No.31778283

I'd draw the line at "themed armies" (based/prepared), although I might be biased from playing against a prevalence of SM armies. As much as I try to keep the list generalised (because other races), I tilt towards lists that are generally better against the "high cost, low model count" type armies.

Hard counter armies are just plain rude. I have varied enough lists to avoid such scenarios, but there always seems one or two asshats with a counter list to most people in our group.

>> No.31778515

Didn't see a lists thread so I'll post there.
I usually field pic related becauseI love the look of these guys. But the last Astra Militarum codex didn't make them any better, they're still a fucking wreck of an unit.

Is there a way to make them less of a waste of points? I'll field them regardless but if there was some combo with a psyker or whatnot I'd be interested to know it


>> No.31778676

Double blind.

If you prepare armies, you're an asshole.

If you hard counter armies, you're a faggot.

Some is going to be inevitable as you continue to play against people and that learn about your army, but to tailor your list against a specific opponent is a dick move. And if you go so far as to outright hard counter a particular player, you may as well just play 5-riptide tau because you've reached a level of faggotry that only op could rival.

>> No.31778716

Take the max squad size, soften up a unit with dakka from the rest of your army, then finish them off with rough riders. Don't bother giving them special weapons; if you don't break them in the first round of combat, you're fucked. With s5 and i5 power weapons, you have a good chance against pretty much any core infantry.

Just never assault terminators, fearless units, or huge blobs of models. Always use them to finish off units that you've already weakened.

Charge in, wipe them out, then consolidate backwards to regroup for another charge (or make a sweeping advance into another unit that you think you can finish off).

Rough riders are essentially kill point secured units. Dakka a unit down, and when they're weak, charge and finish them off.

>> No.31778796

So, quick question: Does anybody else here have theCodex: Astra Militarum limited edition? Because I got mine last week and the slipcase is so poorly made that:
a) The cloth acts like sandpaper, ripping up the cover a bit every time the book is slid in or out.
b) The bookmark was badly frayed from the start and apparently unravels further just by looking at it.
But none of that fucking matters because:
c) The slipcase clamps down so goddamn thight around the book that there is an actual fucking vacuum within, preventing me from removing the bloody thing.
I usually love the CEs, but this one is so shitty, it's sort of amazing in its own right.

>> No.31778823

get rid of the slipcase, that's the only way not to damage the book even further.
I don't have the limited edition codex but I had similar experiences with other books in the past.

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