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"A good nickname for your character's genitalia."

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"Little Richard"

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The Clubber

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Bonus points because it works for both genders.

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Drew Carrey.

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Butcher Pete

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Mercy. My balls are Justice.

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Greater bone sword of penetration

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Cockgar the Insatiable

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Dick of Many Things

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The Hydra

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Does his wife bring scissors to bed?

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Napoleon Bonaparte

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The 5%

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The Terminator

Because they come with me if they want to live

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To quote Mr. Manson "Cut the head off, it grows back HARDER!!"

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Because I'm a sucker for bad puns.

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Banana split.

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The spooning bard

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The stub pistol.

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Shy Marco

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The Bog of Eternal Stench.

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Bait and Switch

(Character can switch sexes)

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You should probably get that looked at by a barber-surgeon, miss.

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Not sure how to respond to that

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So it's short and almost froze to death in Russia?

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Schrödinger's trap.

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The Screaming Vortex.

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Aha, I laffed.

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Depends on what I roll on the /tg/ genital generator

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Sparky, because if you can't use it to light a fire you're using too much lube.

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This is a line our resident Bard has used in a tavern.
I feel it is relevant here as well.

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Bag of holding.

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Juliet and Casper

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nanomachine, this was actually canon.

He was asexual and didn't care for sex at all.

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Polyphemus's Cave.

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The Pitchfork.

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the immovable rod

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None Shall Pass!

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Charnel Touch

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big black dick

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DC30 magical trap

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The Sword of Unholy Power

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Your Waifu.

I use it solely for anal.

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really no one posted "Bastard Sword"

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Second Breakfast.

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Old Junk.

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The Sacred Saber.

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+2 Longsword of Penetration

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The Dwarven Mushroom

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1d6 Unarmed Damage

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god damn that's quite a bit for unarmed

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His dong is very sharp.

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Truly Immovable Rod.

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Charles Barkley.

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Shut up and Bang?

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Odin, the Allfather.

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Natural 20.

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"Ask not for whom the jam slams; it slams for thee."

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Magic Missle

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Nah. Shut up and J-J-J-AM IT IN, obviously.

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Staff of Wonders

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Fuckin' ey.

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As in "Hey, you ever seen Combat?"

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The Austrian Oak.

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Breaker Morant

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Dick of Many Things

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The Reference of Thin Veils.

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>dat doujin

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Can we have a new topic?

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"Things a DROW PROSTITUTE would NEVER say."

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No, we shall talk about cocks forever and ever.

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"I have no ulterior motive for having sex with you beyond the money you are paying me"

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Once you go black you want your money back.

>> No.31715919

Will that be cash or charge?

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"No spiders? Yeah we can do that."

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"Nah, I don't do that dominatrix stuff."

>> No.31715983

"Yes, I'm a woman."

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What is this, /a/?
not that I'm complaining

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>> No.31716646

I'm a Chaotic Good rebel looking to throw off the reputation of my evil kin.

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Praise Kord!
"Yeah, I'll do a high elf."

>> No.31717011

"I know your time's up and all, but I'm willing to go another round...~"

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+5 longsword of penetration

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"Yes, I am a legitimate woman."

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"Me rove you rong time."

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The Little Traitor

>> No.31718622

"Sorry, I don't swing that way."

>> No.31718651

That's a bit too kinky for me.

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"Please, I just want to have fun"

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You tell me what to do

>> No.31718770

No, really, I'm not going to stab you in the back halfway through. Look, I'll even toss my knife out the window.

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"I work this job to make an honest living, and nothing more"

>> No.31719412

"I love you, son."

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"I really enjoyed myself"

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"Let's just talk, okay?"

>> No.31720552

"Just the one of you? Good."

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"I don't have any fetishes in particular"

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Rod of greater expectations
Ladies, please, I cannot satiate so many of you at once

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lol, you bastard!

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>the second coming
>el kabong
>long dong silver

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"No, you can't stick it in there."
>Long dong silver

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"I-its not like I l-like you or anything, human."

>> No.31721558

Big bird
Mount Zion

>> No.31721625

Noble poker.

Complements my sword, peasant stabber.

>> No.31721648

tremendous macroschlong
veiny beef baton
glorious phallic vascularity
impressively rigid yogurt dispenser
steamy Italian sausage
excessive lower girth
peerless penile truncheon
impossibly long meat staff
monumental sensual robustness
voluminous fuck knob
elephantine jizz fountain

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"That's way too big"

>> No.31721776

"Be gentle, its my first time."

>> No.31721827

"I'll stay to keep you warm for no extra charge, assuming you don't mind."

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"The best use for an immovable rod"

>> No.31722061

Skycrushing Thunderwurst

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>> No.31722078

The immovable curtain.

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No, not like that. The other kind. There's this warforged I really like...

>> No.31722107

"Are you comfortable?"

>> No.31722159

Replace the stick up the Paladin's ass with it. Voila, invincible Paladin of speed

>> No.31722167

Pogo Stick.

>> No.31722182

depends on the size :^)

>> No.31722550

>long dong silver

>> No.31722577

Climbing to space.

>> No.31722975

The Unnamable

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>female genitalia
This is my sand worm
And by sand worm I mean meat tube.

>> No.31723074

Keep dem goblins out.

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Making a ladder in to the sky, so you can drop small objects on your enemies that one shot them

>> No.31723500

>what is terminal velocity?

>> No.31723562

Gravity doesn't work that way in D&d

>> No.31723602

It does. There is a maximum fall damage in D&D.
It can't go higher than that.

>> No.31723757

Jettison the BBEG's tower into spaaaaaaace.

>> No.31724336

And that's why you bring a couple bricks and some javelins.

>> No.31728967

It's a robot girl, sooo... vacuum?

>> No.31729086

3 Magic: The Gathering cards that explain how your day was today.

>> No.31729123

Assemble the Legion, Trumpet Blast, Heroes Remembered
Anzac Day

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"I thought I already named my penis"

>> No.31729256

Ambush Viper
Ambush Viper
Ambush Viper

I'd uh, rather not discuss it.

>> No.31729282

God bless you Anon.

>> No.31729456

The dynamite stick

>> No.31729498

Jack the Ripper

>> No.31729513

>name your dick/cunt thread
>oh wow, glad i found /b/

>> No.31729851

Fat Ass, Apathy, Wave of Indifference

>> No.31730183

Sir Not-Appearing-in-this-Adventure

>> No.31730714

Vorpal Blade

>> No.31732316


Impromptu dildo.

Just don't clench too hard.

>> No.31732484

Amass the Components
Havoc Festival

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Artillery. The Earth accelarates toward the sun while rod doesn't, and the Earth spins while the rod flies off tangentially, so the rod can make a rod shaped hole in any fortification at the right time of day and at the right location.

>"What the fuck was that?"

>> No.31732577

Of course this significantly limits the use of the rod as a ladder. Unless you want to fly into the sky that is.

>> No.31732620

A rod's position is relative to the planet it's on, though.

>> No.31732649

If we go by physics, a rod that does not accelerate would fly off the planet unless you are at one of the poles. If you are at one of the poles the acceleration of the earth toward the sun would be noticible because the rod does not feel it.

>> No.31732717

It really depends on what the rod is stationary relative to. If it's stationary relative to the planet, then it wouldn't go anywhere. Given that whatever mage made it is also on that planet, that seems the most likely case.

>> No.31732789

It either accelerates with the planet it resides in, or it doesn't, and we're going with "The Prime Material is infinitely large just like any other plane" in which the plane doesn't move either.

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