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Let's talk about one of the best formats in magic! Come here for deck feedback and stories.


I honestly have no idea what I'm doing here, and I feel like I'm trying to do too much.

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So, what's the least annoying deck to play against? What kind of win makes you think, "lol good for them" rather than "fucen faget"? I want to play, but I want the people I play with to enjoy it as much as I do, and my last effort at an EDH deck (monoblack discard / sacrifice) went down like a lead balloon.

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I wish there was a way to use a planeswalker as the commander, Phyrexia's lack of multi-colour is pissing me off since I'm trying to fluff-deck.

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It damn near impossible to please everybody. Just play tokens or something.

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Most decks arn't annoying. I guess it depends how you play it and against what type of deck you play against.
For example, my group hug pillowfort deck hates nekusar, besause I draw a lot...
My Junk deck, which relies on making opponents sacrificing creatures; hates Sigarda.
But if I play with my other deck against one of those, I don't mind.
Also, because tend not to enjoy huge combos that set off early or people mostly playing with themselves instead of interacting with others.

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As a vaguely related question, am I an asshole for playing pure Phyrexia decks with as much infect as possible?

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>Infect EDH

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That bad?

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Infect is not a fair tactic in EDH, partly because it doesn't scale (its still 10 poison to kill, even tho its 40 damage) and partly because its an "all-in" tactic, high speed aggro that either wins right away or bombs out. Same reason "all-in" combo is disliked, either the game ends really quickly or one of the players (you) is just sitting there twiddling their thumbs all game.

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Seeing as most people dislike it in modern, it's pretty frowned upon in a format that encourages longer games.
It depends though, I know someone who plays infect, but mostly proliferate, with other sort of counters as well. Makes longer games and it's kind of interesting.

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I generally tell people that I'm doing it beforehand, of the three times I've done it so far it's been houseruled to 20(which I'm okay with) and I've only won once, though I'm guessing that's due to being horribly inexperienced(wtb Return to Phyrexia block with a decent WUB legendary so I can do interesting things).

It's mostly in because that's what Phyrexia has, my actual criteria for card choices are mostly art/flavor.

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Its more a 1v1 strategy, its never going to work against a whole table. If you want MP infect (shame on you) you need to go via Decimation Web and Proliferate.

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This piece of crap. Plus those rats, and the two or three other spells that give players poison counters directly. Trying to do it via combat in MP is a tough sell, at the very least you'd need a non-infect commander so you can go BUG.

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>This piece of crap.

Jesus Christ I suck cocks.

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I've actually got Decimator Web and a few Proliferate sources in at least one deck, though I haven't drawn any proliferate often and I prefer Decimator Web for fucking with draws(sniped 5 land and a Liege of the Tangle off someone with 8 Forest out the other day, sometimes the cards are right).

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>haven't drawn any proliferate

And this is the main reason it doesn't work in MP: Not enough cards.

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Anybody gonna even look at my deck?

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Decimator Web's fun enough on its own, though, I don't mind.

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Okay I had a look.

Its all over the place, what's it trying to do? A little bit of everything is not a winning strategy.

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What is your opinion of the worst UB general in the game?

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- Beacon of Creation
+ Relic of Progenitus

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Run some stuff that puts counters on people then just play some kind of control with pic related.

Alternatively, play balls to the wall infect and flip off the haters.

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If you don't go all-out you WILL die. People hate on infect like you won't believe. Its just not viable in MP except as a finisher for prison decks, aggro infect is purely a 1v1 deck.

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>One of the best formats

Yeah it's definitely in the top 10.

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Yeah, we don't get much infect in my group, its all obnoxious stuff and its great, because misplays can change the entire course of the game, rather than be a minor setback as it tends to be in lower powered games.
>inb4 anon is a faggot who doesn't 'get' EDH

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Attempting to do mill. But I also wanted tokens. I'm kind of stuck between the 2. Both are easy with Jund colors though, I just can't decide.

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You need to pick one or the other. And mill in EDH needs white (Rest in Peace).

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So tokens then. Thanks.

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Horseshit. It can use black just as well.

Leyline of the Void & Planar Void.

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Not enough. You need all the yard hate you can get, because your deck will power up everyone like all hell otherwise.

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But those enchantments and artifacts cover your bases more than enough. Why the hell would you use white to mill? It has no support for mill.

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I knew /tg/ was bad at magic, but jesus fucking christ

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who is best monoblack general?

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>playing monocolour edh

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Grizzlenizzle gets my vote.

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Mono blue will stomp on your head.

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1v1? Skittles
MP: Probably Geth

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>Grizzlenizzle gets my vote.
dohohoho, you funny guy :^)

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I guess Shizo can do some stupid stuff too.

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Akoun, Ogre Acendant

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Why can I never remember this cunts name?

Also Sheoldred is breddy god.

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Chainer or Maga are bretty pud.>>31680838

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Forcing people to drop cards into their graveyard and damaging them for it seemed like fun. Just because I'm not running blue doesn't make me "bad at magic." Dropping fatties or swarming with tokens can get boring.

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That fact you're milling with Jund stands.

>> No.31680975

And milling in EDH at all

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I am with this guy

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>No mention of my vampirefu
Good. She is all mine.

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Pic related.
I've also been running a Seizan, Perverter of Truth deck for some time, which does pretty well consistently.

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>Dropping fatties or swarming with tokens can get boring
Then stop playing Jund. If you want to mill that's fine, but do it with Phenax or Oona or something

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I can see it with Dimir since wizards of the cocks thinks that's all U/B should do apparently. I mean, unless it's Oona and infinite mana, mill is still shit. At least you would have support, though.

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You faggots are worse then meta whores in League of Legends.

Hey man, I was just trying something different. Besides, my play group has people in it who basically gang up on anybody with a semi strong deck. Attempting to fit a strong strategy under a strange choice of colors with a seemingly harmless commander seemed fun. Not eveybody is a Min/Max tryhard.

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But our focus groups have determined that milling is an exciting way to win! :^) Try building with Marko Vosh, or other Dimir agents in Magic: the Gathering © new fun products such as the Intro Deck alongside supplementary Booster packs

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Ah, the mating call of the scrub. This has nothing to do with meta. Mill is fucking garbage. The colors you're playing don't support it. That is my feedback on your deck. If you don't like it, go to a hugbox website, faggot.

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>You faggots are worse then meta whores in League of Legends.
No, in that game you can go slightly off-meta and make it work.
You're trying to play a mill deck in Jund colors. You should be playing aggro or midrange with Jund colors, because the only mill cards you're going to get your hands on will be mono-B despite the better ones being UB or U.

If you want to mill, play Esper or Dimir. Alternatively, don't mill at all and come up with a real wincon.

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>I want to build a deck that would break the colour pie
>I am called out for a bad idea that wont work due to lack of support
>You faggots are worse then meta whores in League of Legends

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It's still a pretty shitty tactic, since mill doesn't scale, and every EDH game has double the fucking cards of anything else. Unless you plan on going full painter's stone, I really think Phenax and Oona are more-or-less the only ways to do it

>Attempting to fit a strong strategy
mill isn't a strong strategy in EDH, or anywhere else, really
>Not eveybody is a Min/Max tryhard
God damn, I am so fucking far from that, you wouldn't believe. But mill is an all-or-nothing tactic, it's not like removal where you can just sprinkle a bit here and there and get some value out of it. So throwing some in a deck which doesn't have the colours to support it, and doesn't run enough to actually threaten someone with losing their library is useless. And useless isn't fun. There's a difference between fun, non-standard decks and just pure jank that doesn't work. It's not fun to play, and it's not fun to play against.

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Nigga Mikaeus.
>Built in evasion
>Is a lord to pretty much everything monoblack will want to play
>If you give him a Darksteel Plate or Shield of Kaldra, you're basically set for life
Hell yeah motherfucker.

>> No.31681099

>but card advantage is king in EDH
>Drawing 1 card per turn for 3 colors on a tap ability
>I really think Phenax and Oona are more-or-less the only ways to do it
I would agree. Lazav works with some of the retarded mill support stuff sort of. Mill as a win con in Lazav is full retard, though.

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My mates and I are doing a Theros God-Off for EDH, where we all pick a god for a commander and duke it out. One guy is doing Phenax and, after crunching the numbers, I reckon he has a real shot of fucking people up in 1v1, which is what we mostly play

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I see a lot of Phenax decks not running Eater of the Dead. Make him run that shit.

>> No.31681141

group hug

>> No.31681150

We're pretty against infinite combos SOZ BROEY

>> No.31681151

Phenax is definitely solid, but like >>31681124 said, he needs to be running Eater of the Dead. He offers a tonne of value, and can easily win games the turn after he's out.

>> No.31681160

That's not infinite at all. It just doesn't stop until they run out of creatures.

>> No.31681168

>Eater of the Dead.

Am I missing something? He seems pretty crappy. I'd rather run Withered Wretch

>> No.31681181


Oh right, with Phenax. I suck cocks.

>> No.31681186

You missed the part where as long as there is a creature card in the graveyard, you can untap Eater of the Dead with his ability and tap him to mill them for more.

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It's game once Phenny hits the table

>> No.31681204

Maybe not. I have creatureless decks.

>> No.31681208

Fairy muff, I guess

>> No.31681213


All three of mine are creatureless. And two of them run Rest in Peace anyway.

>> No.31681217

>Being a cocksucking control/combo fag

>> No.31681229

>being aggro in EDH

Why do you hate fun?

>> No.31681236

>being an insufferable rampfag

>> No.31681243

>Comboing off turn 5

>> No.31681263

>playing muh fatties
>turning 'em sideways

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>mfw I make combotards tap their Grim Monolith + Power Artifact for every mana they want to add
>mfw I make combotards draw out their entire deck to win with Laboratory Maniac

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>> No.31681302

>interaction outside the combat steps
>having to think before throwing down fatties

>> No.31681335

>mfw I play prison not combo
>mfw whole turns go by with no-one doing anything but drawing and then discarding
>mfw slowplay is my greatest weapon

>> No.31681379

Who do you play for your prison deck? I'm making one and might ask for suggestions.

>> No.31681387

Get out of here kyle

>> No.31681407


Reaper King. Yes, I have Rite of Replication, but only for the lulz, the deck is basically 5-color Fuck You.

>> No.31681429

Hokori dust drinker, arcum, zur, or mishra are all good

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Let's see them commander waifus. Angel retard need not apply. Your alters are shit.

>> No.31681455

Ah, I was going to try it with Arbiter since I have a foil one laying around doing nothing. Will this work? I assumed it would be alright.

>> No.31681478


No, you need black. Unless you meant Vish Kal, in which case no, you need blue.

Green and white are also pretty important. Red is the only one you don't need, really.

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So pure, no one has ever touched her and lived to tell the tale.

>> No.31681506

I have it and it is never not funny. Although it went from prison to a generic u/w control to hard counter an out of control azusa player

>> No.31681517

>Not 4/1

>> No.31681530

I actually run a very gimmicky deck of artifacts and tutors with her as my commander. Get platinum angel to the field and swing. Cry because you can't believe you actually got it off.

>> No.31681531


As a character she's cool, but that goofy outfit always made her unplayable for me.

>> No.31681549



>> No.31681557

>Not knowing who Phage is.

>> No.31681572

weren't minions supposed to have only 1 hp?

>> No.31681573

The last time I actually managed to cast her, it was in turn 3, in turn 4 and 5 I killed 2 opponents.
Thanks bro, for playing that heartbeat of spring.

>> No.31681596


What? Make sense, man.

>> No.31681612

Just Jeska's emo phase.

>> No.31681617

It's a DnD reference probably. Minions in DnD only have 1 hp.

>> No.31681622

Well, it took me a litte, still not funny joke, keep practicing.

>> No.31681641


Oh I see.


Ha! Good joke, Anon.

>> No.31681657

You forgot
>>Combos with Triskellion

>> No.31681740


Heres my Wrexial deck, feel free to call a scrub/tell me it sucks/berate my card choices.

If you see something I should be playing please tell me, there is likely a reason for it or I have just never heard of the card.

>> No.31681752

It could conceivably be worse.

>> No.31681758


>> No.31681810

Apart from the leader of the Cabal who knocked her up that one time.

>> No.31681832


I don't really have enough black sources for it early game.

Thanks, I guess. I was thinking of cutting some of the creatures out as its a little crowded in there.

>> No.31681840

>I don't really have enough black sources for it early game.
Shhh babe, trust me. You probably wont get it early game and if you draw into it you'll most likely have the mana for it.

>> No.31681857

Need Vampiric Tutor. Jace Beleren has never worked out for me. Perhaps you will have better luck. Omen Speaker is weak unless you can flicker her and even then it's not that great. If you want to scry, get a Crystal Ball. Mind Funeral is usually weak in multiplayer.

Is there a reason you're running artifact lands? I don't see a Trinket Mage or any real reason to run them. They become a liability if anyone has artifact destruction and wants to be a dick. It could be I was missing something there, though. I just glanced over stuff.

>> No.31681860

You have a very good point, looks like I need to get another copy of Necropotence as my only copy is a signed one in my shirei deck.

>> No.31681869

I am retarded. I saw Tezzeret. Nevermind.

>> No.31681871

>Is there a reason you're running artifact lands? I don't see a Trinket Mage or any real reason to run them. They become a liability if anyone has artifact destruction and wants to be a dick. It could be I was missing something there, though. I just glanced over stuff.
not that anon, but you can -0 tezzeret and grab an artifact land

>> No.31681879

I know a lot of people would disagree with me, but I say get rid of the Dimir Keyrune, if you really need the extra mana then replace it with Opaline Unicorn

>> No.31681887

Opaline is killable, keyrune isn't nearly so

>> No.31681895

I actually want it for the 2/2 unblockable body to harass the hell out of durdle faggots with PWs.

It also happened to be a 3 mana dual color mana rock that can pick up a lashwrithe or a sword and do some work.

Opaline unicorn is crud bro.

>> No.31681925

I ran Spreading Seas in my Wrexial deck for awhile to some success. It's decent if you want something to make him unblockable, replaces itself, and hoses a utility land for cheap.

>> No.31681941


Then get Alloy Myr instead. And Sure it's killable, but unless they are board wiping, in which case it should be late enough in the game that you have all the lands you need, I don't see them actively trying to kill him.

>> No.31681961

but why run alloy myr at all?
Keyrune comes down that turn and can activate that turn, and it's perfect mana fixing. The creatures your suggesting are very easily killed, cant activate that turn and provide the same colour fixing as the keyrune. There's no reason to run the creatures over keyrune in this deck

>> No.31681974

as well everyone in every colour should be running wraths to some degree

>> No.31682013

Why run a creature that will die as collateral to the first wrath when I can keep a rock that becomes a 2/2 unblockable around while still cycling a decree of pain ect when I need to.

Then I can activate it and start killing people with it, keyrunes provide the same mana fixing as any of the cards you mentioned without being vulnerable to as much removal.

>> No.31682017

EDH is shit.

Anyone who pays money for it is shit.

Anyone who buys duals for it is shit.

Anyone who likes le cuh-rayzee plays is shit.

Don't be shit, stop playing EDH, start playing legacy (or modern), and get a girlfriend.

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File: 287 KB, 712x1072, tumblr_m4tj4oDGWZ1qjok2oo1_1280[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not quite

>> No.31682023

I have an Omnath, a Sharuum, a Rhys, and a Kaalia. No matter what I play I'm getting called a faggot by someone. Usually the same person.

I even removed all the shit like Magister Sphinx from my Sharuum, leaving it only with legit artifact interactions, and it's still trash talked all the time.

>> No.31682026

My project right now which has been put on hold since I lost my job yesterday is to build a color hate pure colorless Karn deck.

My deck wont have any way to produce colored mana OR use any card that has a colored mana symbol on it anywhere.

I just love the idea of it but its really hard to pull off because i need 40ish unique lands that only produce colorless mana.

>> No.31682027

He should absolutely replace the Dimir Keyrune but not with some shitty mana dude.

Fellwar Stone is a nice choice.

>> No.31682030

Fair points my clearly educated friend :^)
Certainly not a Ruse-master

>> No.31682033

Man, all those tears can't be good for your complexion.

>> No.31682041

>advising legacy over EDH
This is retarded even by stupid bait standards.

>> No.31682052

>My deck wont have any way to produce colored mana OR use any card that has a colored mana symbol on it anywhere.
Well it shouldn't have any of those things to begin with because that would be breaking the rules of EDH

>> No.31682057

Maybe you should find some less shitty people to play with.

Not even my friends Maelstrom deck gets that much smack talk.

>> No.31682060

Judge promos are legal, right? I got into an argument over this with some autist at the shop. He didn't care that I was proxying three cards, but judge promo Xiahou Dun completely set him off.

>> No.31682061


Scrubs detected.

Move out of your parents basement and get a job.

Seriously, stop embarrassing yourselves, get a haircut, clean the cheeto powder off your fingers, build Ad Nauseam Tendrils and start playing some MtG.

>> No.31682071

Well made points of advice my clever friend ;^)
I shall take them to heart you Non-ruse-preforming Internet user

>> No.31682072

It's not like this hasn't been done before, Karn decks were really popular not so long ago.

Of course, Sydri is pretty much objectively better now, so there's that.

Why wouldn't they be? All cards that are legal in EDH are legal no matter what set/edition it comes from.

Tell this autist that he's a retarded asshat.

>> No.31682073

Actualy when you play with a colorless general you are allowed to use any basic mana you want. Its basically a penta color deck if you want it to be.

>> No.31682084


You're welcome.

>> No.31682086

No, this isn't true.


You could at least try to bait with a format that anyone likes to play. Legacy is just a fucking chore.

>> No.31682093



>> No.31682095

I'ma need some sauce on that

>> No.31682098

Oh I don't build decks to win or be competitive, I do it for the flavor or style of playing. Like I have an Orzhova deck that only uses cards with the Orzhova watermark.

>> No.31682099

"Lands whose type includes swamp, island, plains, forest and/or mountain (e.g.: basic lands, shocklands, dual lands, Shadowmoor special-basics, etc) DO contain the corresponding mana symbol(s) as per CR 305.6. As such, while they are "colourless" they do have a colour identity and may not appear in a deck unless the Commander is of the appropriate identity."

>> No.31682106

>Legacy is just a fucking chore.

Only to scrubs who have no disposable income.

Once you realize that you've been playing a scrublord game you might finally commit seppudu and we can move on from your bullshit.

>> No.31682115

>commit seppudu
I believe you mean commit Sudoku

>> No.31682129


This is why the EDH community is shit, it takes orders from some faggy old judge who spouts memes IRL.

Try taking the initiative some time.

>> No.31682131

>2000 a month in disposable
>still spend it all on EDH
get bent baitfriend

>> No.31682141

>Blatantly false claim
>Get told

>> No.31682142

Ah, clever ruse my friend ;^) can't wait to see who we can offend *snicker* *tee-hee*

>> No.31682148

No, the cost is fine, it's the metagame and gameplay that is boring as fuck. It's predictable and dull.

If I want actually fun regular M:tG, I play modern.

If I want to use powerful cards and do crazy powerfull stuff and combos that barely judges understand, I play EDH.

If I want to play the most diverse format and most diverse metagame in M:tG, I play pauper.

Legacy is utter shit. It's the most boring format in M:tG barring Vintage, it has nothing going for it. Only pretentious faghats and old grognards incapable of change still play legacy. Which are you?

>> No.31682151

You spend 2k on EDH? lmao you are the literally scrubking of scrubtown.

Not even mad brother.

>> No.31682159

>If I want actually fun regular M:tG, I play modern.

>> No.31682161


>> No.31682165

How is "You're wrong" taking orders from some faggy old judge?

Please, enlighten us, oh most retarded retards of the most absolute retards.

>> No.31682171
File: 6 KB, 259x194, james quall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread has degraded to /v/ quall-ity, I'm out

>> No.31682172

Wow, you're so fucking stupid I can't believe you posted that.

Fucking legacy fags,

>> No.31682174

>format has rules
>faggot gets told rules
>"w-well those rules are s-stupid because I didn't w-write them"

>> No.31682179
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If you actually think legacy is fun, you should get yourself checked.

>> No.31682182


actually falling for the troll in this thread

>> No.31682184

Lmao little EDH babby think we care about him posting his little decklists, lmao

LOL what a bad

>> No.31682185

I'm not the legacyfag. The rest of your post is fine, but modern is stale and shit.

>> No.31682195


;^0 you're quite the ruse-master anonymouse

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File: 15 KB, 222x180, wydwen1-222x180[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are we fighting each other and not the shittiest legendary "creature" in history?

>> No.31682206

>I was just trolling guys, also I'm not samefagging FYI I'm someone else pls believe me XDDD

>> No.31682211

>modern is stale and shit.
It's a thousand times less stale and shit than legacy.

Standard is fucked.

What should I play then? Besides the fact that I really have fun playing Modern which I rarely have in any other 60 cards format besides pauper.

>> No.31682214

"I'm not the legacyfag"
-Anonymous poster

Yeah right kiddo, I'm not le buying it like a sir

*tips fedora*

>> No.31682218

There are lots of shitty legendary creatures.

>> No.31682224

Wydwen is the worst, though.

>> No.31682229

not the worst, just a shit

>> No.31682231


All legendaries played in EDH are shit, because only an autist would ever play with a legendary non-equipment card.

>> No.31682232

That card isn't shit you scrub. Wydwen is a decent to good aggro general.

>> No.31682233
File: 28 KB, 700x450, 710_image-03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And here we see the famous "I was just pretending to be retarded" defence, back to you Tom!

>> No.31682239

Why would you ever do that?

>> No.31682244

Never claimed I was that guy, but I have been calling out the troll in this thread, thank you :^)

>> No.31682256


You've just been samefagging the whole time, no one is falling for it.

Go back to reddit please, jesus christ.

>> No.31682259

Because voltron with flash that is really hard to get rid off.

Do you even know what commander damage is?

>> No.31682261

wydwen a shit

>> No.31682266

I'm neither the samefag in this thread, nor the troll. I've just been compliementing his masterful ruse cruise he took you on ;^)

>> No.31682267

>Because voltron with flash that is really hard to get rid off.

Vindicate, retard.

>> No.31682275


Suuuuure, get fucking wrekt, shitty troll is shit brother.

>> No.31682282

I mean, there's a lot that could be done with a card like her and effects to do with "when a creature enters play" cards (Of which BU has like, none), but then again everything she could do Derevi could do better.

>> No.31682284

force of will?

lol get gud kiddo

>> No.31682297


>> No.31682303

Please stop, you're going to just get banned at this rate, not that you couldn't just go back to reddit and cry about it there for internet points.

>> No.31682309

>not running quicken in all decks

Wow, just get out.

>> No.31682328

>running quicken in EDH
>a cantrip that requires a sorcery to set up in a 99 card deck
>expecting to draw your quicken to use on any of your sorceries
>tutoring quicken because you're retarded
>divining top until you find quicken
Jesus fuck what world am I living in

>> No.31682336

I bet no one realized I am actually this poster:

And I rused you ALL!

Don't step to this rusemastery next time kay?

>> No.31682339

>Jesus fuck what world am I living in
You're just living in a thread that went to shit, that's all

>> No.31682350


Uh, we knew it was you all along retard.

>> No.31682352

Sick ruse bro :^)

>> No.31682356
File: 33 KB, 223x310, karador.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/tg/ How can I into shadowborn apostle EDH?

I figured this loser was my best bet

>> No.31682366

The only one who gets it in this whole thread.

Good job, tell tales of my skill.

>> No.31682372

Except that's a different poster anon

>> No.31682382

Run shadowborn in a Jace, The mindsculptor deck, it's fucking nutty with the brainstorm you can run a lower critical count of apostle.

>> No.31682389

That's cause they all think it's me and it's fucking funny :^)

>> No.31682394

Why do they all think it's you? The answer will set you free.

>> No.31682443

Fuck EDH, I have killed the thread.

Don't ever try to EDH post on MY /tg/ again.

>> No.31682477

How is Vindicate good against something that you can just bounce back to your hand at almost zero cost?

And you're the one calling others retard.

>> No.31682496

There will always be more EDH threads than legacy threads.

No one likes legacy, it's dead.

Deal with it.

>> No.31682526

I've tried multiple time to build aggro EDH decks but they always turn out to be more or less combo decks. Just recently I was building a Marath deck and it turned out with three times as many enchantments as creatures...

So now I'm looking to build a Rakdos, Lord of Riots decks, which I'm hoping I can't fuck up. Any ideas, tips?

>> No.31682536

She's fine in 1v1, but is pretty terrible in mp. It's UB, you play control and have 7 turn clock that has built in proctection.

>> No.31682541


Scrap the generals and play Zur instead, guranteed wins if your playgroup is low powerlevel.

>> No.31682643
File: 448 KB, 668x310, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

am I a dick for putting corrupted conscience on bruna and swinging for the with infect?

>> No.31682701

I already have enough combo decks and Zur is the lord of boring anyway.

>> No.31682725

Only if your playgroup is really casual.

I mean that is exactly why you would play Bruna, to oneshot somebody. Doesn't matter how you do it.

It's fine. Fiercely opted Bruna is probably mid tier at best in our playgroup.

>> No.31682799

I want to build a Rakdos Party deck, because a Rakdos party don't stop.

I want to play shit like Descent into Madness, with Sire of Insanity, and all of the good old "Everyone loses half their life each turn and there's little they can do about it" cards.

Am I a bad person? Which Rakdos would be best to sit at the head of the table for such a deck?

>> No.31682818

Any good playgroup is going to have some kind of removal to stop that, and if they don't and have spent all their mana and cards on other things, you deserve the win.

>> No.31682940

Rakdos, Lord of Riots is the only Rakdos even worth considering.

>Descent into Madness
>Sire of Insanity
Why play cards that make you discard as well?

Play stuff like Pain Magnification, Mind Twist, Mind Shatter and Wit's End instead.

>> No.31682971

The concept isn't having a card advantage of any kind, or having cards in hand. A good Rakdos setup includes Hellbent cards.

At the same time it's all about making it a proper Rakdos party, where everyone just gets fucked, including me.

>> No.31683008

Shirei is a great support creature for apostle decks, as you can bring them all back and do it again.

Also helps feed the upkeeps on stuff like shadow born demon and abhorrent overlord.

>> No.31683027

I dare say there's very few Hellbent cards worth a damn in EDH.

If you're absolutely going that route, I would include lots of fatties and reanimation cards instead.

I don't know whether you care but such a deck likely won't be too effective, especially if your playgroup is the least bit competitive.

>> No.31683188

Athreos is nice, because you either get them all back, ready to sac again, or your opponent takes a fuckton of life loss

>> No.31683203

Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker.

>> No.31683209

>A good Rakdos setup includes Hellbent cards
Bullshit, you're only saying that because they're fluffy, none of them are actually useful

>> No.31683367

I mean, as it stands Anthem is a damn fun card to play, though out of the others I guess it's true that none of them are that solid beyond flavour. Tutor might be okay since it's the cost of a Demonic.

Basically, when I sit at my table, there's a (surprisingly spoken) rule that everyone kills me first, no matter what. It's just something the people I play with do, no matter what deck I choose. I've played the shit 2013 starters and it's still been the same deal. It's annoying as fuck, but if I can play something to annoy them equally as much as they do me, I'm happy.

>> No.31683396

There's really no reason to run Infernal Tutor unless you're using it for goofy Shadowborn/Relentless Rats decks. It's basically a strictly worse Demonic Tutor unless you're in topdeck mode.

And it's not even cheaper money-wise. You can get a Revised Demonic Tutor for roughly the same cost as an Infernal Tutor.

>> No.31683629

Mind Twist, Mind Shatter, Wit's End etc are shit because hey only affect one player.
Cabal Conditioning and the black Myojin would be some of the good mass discard cards.

>> No.31683685

I had an Anowon vampire-tribal/cruel control deck that went pretty well, but I got bored with it. Now I run Erebos for suicide B, cruel control and mono-B card advantage.

>> No.31683698

Ain't nothing wrong with mono-color EDH. My Heartless Hidetsugu deck is fun as all hell.

>> No.31683756

Mono coloured is fun, and Omnath etc are good generals, but I know a lot of people who like to run Iona, and then you get to sit on your hands for the rest of the game.

>> No.31683774

Truth. I run a Scion of the Ur-Dragon EDH, and in a kitchen table game a friend copied traumatize at me. I had Patriarch's Bidding in my hand. Swung in at the dude for a total of 64+ with about 15 or so dragons.

While white doesn't have support to mill on it's own, it supports mill through grave hate (Selfless Exorcist, Thraben Heretic, Rest in Peace) and merfolk support. So it does help a bit. I don't think it's necessary - UB mill decks seem to do fine - but it can certainly help.

>> No.31683839

>UB mill decks seem to do fine
They get a reasonable amount of colourless GY hate, as well as the occasional bit of black stuff like cremate and offalsnout

>> No.31683855

Ah, I can understand that. Iona isn't in my meta. About two-thirds of my meta is infinite combo out, there's a bunch of cruel control type stuff, and then theres's some aggro decks.
So my Heartless Hidetsugu deck doesn't need to worry about the Iona lock-down. It pulls different hate.

>> No.31683873

Meta at my table is using other people's creatures against them through return effects, self-milling for grave tutoring, and mind controlling, with one player playing a "I eventually get Firemind's Insight and instantly win" deck.

>> No.31683896

yeah, that's my point: U/B + colorless does just fine. W/U/B also does well, because W provides more help. But again, it isn't necessary.

>> No.31684063

Karn liberated should be in most mono colored edh decks anyway and he's a fine answer to Iona.

Mono red should have enough support that running welder/spine of ish sah will do them a world of good, spine also helps kill off Iona.

Green ramps like the gods so adding something like ulamog and Kozilek isn't out of the realm of possibility, I've seen plenty of Azusa lists run spine of ish sah too.

>> No.31684411

>Counterspell is shit because it only affects one player
That reasoning is terrible. Sometimes one person is winning, more often than not because of a huge/good hand.

These cards deal with that.

>> No.31684457

Counterspell is you stopping a specific spell at a specific time you don't want it to be happening, for 2 mana.

Paying 6 or 7 mana to get rid of what could be troublesome spells later, or stuff that doesn't matter, is a lot different, when that same amount of mana could be affecting the board at large, or drawing into more counters to answer those threats when and if they happen.

>> No.31684461

>People run Iona
Faggots actually do this?

Iona is the kind of deck that never wins, it just drags out the game. Anyone who plays Iona is fucking terrible. It's almost as bad as a Pheldagriff kingmaker deck.

>> No.31684487

I was talking about mass discard, not counterspells. You're moving the goalposts anon. Different logic applies to different kinds of effects.
You don't want to be spending 8 mana to get rid of one player's hand when you could be playing an actually good mass discard spell like the ones I mentioned.

Your scenario does happen so I'll give you that, but Mind Shatter and Mind Twist are bad at dealing with someone who drew half their library, so I would still never recommend playing those. Wit's End is alright by this logic I guess.

Same reason you wouldn't generally run spells that kill only one player's creatures because you get easy access to actual Wraths.

>> No.31684496

It's a real shame- I'm sure the first few "Group Hug" decks were a welcome change, because it was new and interesting. Then it just exploded so now every group has one fucker who likes to play kingmaker and nobody ever stops him.

>> No.31684510

Only faggots run her as a General. But plenty of people play her in the 99. And I disagree with it dragging on the game, Iona tends to lead to wins fast if nobody deals with it.

>> No.31684537

Rather, you wouldn't recommend EXPENSIVE spot removal.

Running Path or Condemn or Swords or Go for the Throat or things like that is okay, because sometimes you wanna leave up just 1 or 2 mana to take care of one, specific, troublesome creature.

But paying 5 or 6 for something like Public Execution instead of just a Damnation or a Wrath is silly. Same applies here.

>> No.31684614

I've shut down enough winning players with Wit's End alone to know that you're wrong. Targeted mass discard does work. I'm not saying you shouldn't have some of all the other stuff too, but playing threats or having a few counterspells simply doesn't help against a player with 20+ cards in hand.

Myojin is a good point, but it's a single card and Cabal Conditioning is hugely situational and doesn't affect huge hands enough. Most of my black decks doesn't have super expensive permanents out most of the time.

>Same reason you wouldn't generally run spells that kill only one player's creatures because you get easy access to actual Wraths.

Except there isn't easy access to "everyone else discards their entire hands". There's Myojin and that's it. Mind Shatter and Mind Twist are good in my mono black decks because I easily get upwards to 30+ mana a turn.

Not really, it just turns out that group hug can never be anything other than kingmaker.

Any deck that doesn't actually try to win is just a waste of time that makes the game take longer than it needs to.

>> No.31684660

>Iona tends to lead to wins fast if nobody deals with it.
The few times I've seen her played she's either countered right away or dies before the casting player can untap because everyone hates that card as a matter of fact. Not to mention that 70%+ of decks in my playgroup are tricolored or more so it's never a shutdown, only a nuisance.

>> No.31684679

Plus every deck should run all is dust

>> No.31684700

And I've beaten people by attacking with an Eternal Witness, that doesn't make it a consistent 'win con'.

>> No.31684718

yeah, usually what you see with Iona is someone naming either the most common color at the table, or whatever color is most likely to kill her. She comes down against WUB, BGW, RUG, and RGW? They'll name black half the time.

>> No.31684750

I wasn't talking about spot removal, I was talking about cards like Lavalanche that only kill the creatures of one player.

>> No.31684756

>I've shut down enough winning players with Wit's End alone to know that you're wrong.
Different anon, but giving anecdotes like that don't prove your point. I've beaten someone with a blightsteel colossus and I dont even run That card, doesnt mean it's a consistent way to deal with threats. Discard is heavily proactive, and in a format like edh there's too many players to be proactive in that sense. Reactive spells like counterspells and removal are absolutely not at all like a thoughseize

>> No.31684768

Those are generally called "Shitty cards". It's very rare that you wanna spend 8 mana killing only one guy's board instead of spending 5 or 6 to kill EVERYONE'S board.

>> No.31684785

Do note the 'if'.
She isn't hard to get rid of unless everybody is playing the same monocolor and even then there are plenty of answers someone could draw into.
But I've never seen Iona create a stagnant board state because if she lives, the crippled players will go down very fast.

>> No.31684917

I see no other card, other than Myojin, that lets you deal with a player who's drawn half his deck.

It's not like counterspells or almost any board position will work against a player in that situation because he'll have answers to all your threats and has more threats in hand than you have counterspells combined.

People drawing a shitload of cards and keeping them is commonplace in my playgroup. Hence: Wit's End. And certainly Mind Twist over Cabal Conditioning because I will sometimes have enough mana to discard a huge hand, I will never have an expensive enough permanent to deal with a huge hand.

Wit's End doesn't touch the board.

>> No.31684925

Plus it's super diplomatic to take down an iona naming Xfor any mono colour player. Basically gives you a thrall

>> No.31684979

Jin Gitaxias, sire of insanity, jace's archivist, any wheel effect.
You keep spouting that theyll have answers but if that were the case don't you think they'd have a counterspells for a wits end?

>> No.31685011

What's a good commander for someone new to edh but who has played regular magic often before? Are there commanders who are good in both one on one and multiplayer games?

>> No.31685029

Every wheel effect ever. Rule of Law and friends. Time Stop. Silence. Orimm's Chant. Gaze of Adamaro. Runeflare Trap. Storm Seeker. Jin Gitaxias. Sire of Insanity. Stormbreath Dragon. Sudden Impact. Vicious Shadows. Trouble. Underworld Dreams. Nekusar. Fate Unraveler. Spiteful Visions. Underworld Dreams. Spirit of the Labyrinth. Maralen of the Mornsong. Omen Machine. Notion Thief.

>> No.31685053

One v one is such a different beast than multiplayer. It's damn hard to find one good for both

>> No.31685057

Threats can be dealt with in a number of ways. Wit's End specifically needs to be counterspelled and even then I usually run Boseiju.

>> No.31685062

Generally speaking, a multiplayer deck is going to have a little trouble in 1v1, and vice versa. A 1v1 deck only has one opponent to worry about, so you see a lot more targeted removal, a lot more aggro, a lot more disruption. Multiplayer tends to be slower, and more about amassing resources and either going nuclear, or winning by gradual advantage.

As for what Commander to pick, I suggest that you pick a Legendary creature you find interesting, or a card/combo/synergy/theme you like, or even just a color combination you're interested in, and just build around that. I think just going in blind with a 100 card stack of junk and tuning it over time is the best way to get into the format.

>> No.31685084

1v1 has a different banlist than normal EDH so don't even bother.

If you can get one any of the preconstructed EDH decks is a nice place to start.

Other than that, just find some legendary creature you like and look up decklists for it so you get an idea of what you need, even if you don't need to copy those decklists right off.

>> No.31685091

Do you just get a dollar every time you type Wit's End?

You know what's more fun to cast on someone who just played Omniscience than Wit's End? Sudden Impact.

>> No.31685111

It's nice to have different answers for different colors.

>> No.31685147

So run Underworld Dreams or Fate Unraveler or Spiteful Visions or Omen Machine or Maralen if your problem is "so many people in my meta draw 50 cards, but have zero counterspells in their deck, so a Wit's End shuts them down!"

It's not anywhere near as good as you think it is. You can keep perfectly formulating magical fucking Christmaslands where Wit's End is the ONLY way to win that game all you want, it won't make it a better option than cards that have actual use.

>> No.31685299

I didn't actually mean to say that Wit's End was the only solution to this problem, I was probably just frustrated.

However, I don't want to run cards that punishes/disallows myself from drawing cards. And cards like Underworld Dreams won't ever kill any of these players unless you flash it out because it's sitting there proactively. You just slow them down a few turns until they find an answer and can then combo off. You're intelligent enough to understand that this isn't the same thing.

I'm not saying any of these cards are good, they either just don't fit in my decks or wouldn't have helped as much in these situations. I've had long running success with Wit's End, is that so hard to accept?

>> No.31685321

>Do you just get a dollar every time you type Wit's End?
Not that guy, but I often type Counterspell when referring to generic counter spells and Murder when referring to generic kill spells

>> No.31685342

>I'm not saying any of these cards are good
I'm not saying any of these cards are bad

Is what I meant to say, holy shit

>> No.31685382
File: 64 KB, 312x445, 124[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, building a Kruphix group hug deck at the moment.

Anyone know a good mana dump in case Kruphix is about to get removed and I have a bunch of colorless floating mana? I know instant-speed X spells fit the bill but I'm looking for something that lets me store the mana so I cast Kruphix again later.

>> No.31685397

Infect is fine but it needs to scale with the life total. 20 Infect is perfectly fair.

>> No.31685427

>Laughing Norin, The Warys.webm

>> No.31685503

20 infect or even 15 is bullshit

10 infect = loss is fine in EDH. It's still not good enough for most people to use it.

>> No.31685511


Fucking passive aggressive faggot.

>> No.31685546

It's not an aggressive deck at all, it's a combo deck.

At least it's not stax, I actually enjoy games where my friends and opponents are able to play cards and don't get mana screwed.

>> No.31685549

No not really, 20 Infect is just fine, besides its not like there are not half a dozen pump spells, or god forbid Kessig Wolf-Run decks based around this and they all seem to be doing fine.

>> No.31685592

>being this mad ever

>> No.31685611

General question for anybody who plays stax or a stax like EDH deck; why? I just don't see the fun in stopping the game entirely and most of the time the only answer I hear is "it's funny when they get mad". Also follow up, do people consistently let you play in the group?

>> No.31685645

20 infect is bullshit, no one uses these rules

I play in a really competitive playgroup and I almost never see anything that does infect because it's still not good enough, even at 10

Not to mention that there are exactly zero competitive EDH decks that uses infect cards. Go ahead, check mtgop8.com for your self.

Only shitters thinks infect is relevant in EDH.

>> No.31685720

Only useful infect body is blightsteel colossus, and that's still marginal

>> No.31685759

Blightsteel Colossus in reanimator or Jhoira, or something that gives infect in a Voltron deck, that's all it's good for. And it's not so good that it's anywhere near a problem.

>> No.31685774

No-one YOU KNOW, uses those rules. I have 3 different playgroups, of about 5+ people all on different days of the week, but we all unanimously agree on using 20 Infect or no Infect.

If you don't like it, get good.

>> No.31685793

blightsteel has a shuffle clause that prevents him from hitting the yard ;_;

>> No.31685863
File: 30 KB, 223x310, skrillex.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bitches are just jelly of mono-black

>> No.31685931

So, the deck I want to pilot needs a general: it's bant, so there are only really ten generals to choose from: Angus Mackenzie, Arcades Sabboth, Derevei, Jenara, Phelddagrif, Rafiq, Ragnar, Roon of the Hidden Realm, Rubinia Soulsinger, and Treva.

Without knowing how my deck is built, which of these would /tg/ run and why? You can either look at each in a vacuum or as something played in a combo, your choice.

>> No.31685963

Angus Mackenzie is the best without knowing a decklist, second best would be Roon, or Derevi.

The rest of them need decks built around them.

>> No.31685980

>not immediately knowing that you need to be Angus Mackenzie just off the name

>> No.31686006

>Not shitty and parasitic

Brool cory

>> No.31686018

>only really ten generals to choose from
>only really ten
>only ten
Fuck you, check your privilege, try playing BUG

>> No.31686039

Hue Hue Hue :^) well played good sir, truly the king of Comedy

>> No.31686042

>implying you're not the faggot who's been spamming the thread with that same shit returning once again to samefag
Kill yourself friend

>> No.31686057


>> No.31686155

TECHNICALLY there's 21 generals I could use, but why the fuck would I use any of the 11 five-color legendaries in a deck with three colors?

"Only" isn't meant to suggest I'm not still spoiled for choices. It's just that there are 11 other options that aren't really any good.

>> No.31686181

I see you're refusing to check your privilege, I'll have you know I only have 3 generals to chose from, one is shit, one is combo city and one is universally hated

>> No.31686296

See, that's what you get for running black instead of white.

White pride format wide.

>> No.31686331 [SPOILER] 
File: 500 KB, 300x268, 1398366418495.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31687015

>No-one YOU KNOW, uses those rules.
Everyone does. Go ask anyone who plays at sanctioned side events and see what rules they use. Hell, fire off a poll and see how /tg/ plays. I'll be right here, already knowing the answer.

>If you don't like it, get good.
That's rich coming from someone who's group is too much baby to use normal infect rules.

You're a fucking scrub who plays like a filthy casual, deal with it.

>> No.31687079

Derevi, Jenara, Rafiq, Roon

All of these are excellent. Derevi in particular.

By the way
>not building around your general
People like you disgust me.

>> No.31687169

Someone has their knickers in a twist, kind of funny considering one is the pot and the other is the kettle.

>> No.31687930

An EDH deck should be able to win without its general. Building the deck then deciding on the general gets you a deck that can do that, but gets better with its general in play.

Jenara seems a stretch. Roon and Derevi seem good: Roon is better with a little tweaking to give him plenty of targets, but Derevi breaks a basic mechanic of the game and does an annoying thing.

>> No.31688046

>An EDH deck should be able to win without its general.
Sure, but decks where the general is nothing but another creature that is harder to completely remove are not only worse but also boring as fuck.

If my Marath deck didn't have cards that specifically interacted with Marath it would be completely and utterly worthless.

>> No.31688075

Jenara is one of the best EDH generals. Wins a lot of competitive events.

>> No.31688884

What commander would be best for a wizard tribal deck?

>> No.31688984

Are you kidding? Azami.

>> No.31689425

>be very vocal about my dislike for EDH
>coworkers still convince me to play EDH over lunch
>I kill two of them, third one is hiding behind Propaganda
>he twincasts a kicked Rite of Replication on my Hero of Bladehold
I just... fuck EDH. This format is so swingy and random I just have to laugh at this kind of shit.

>> No.31689528

Only if you play with scrubs. Git gud.

>> No.31689593

Dude, EDH is defined and built on huge effects that completely turn the game around.

>> No.31689612

>Dude, MAGIC THE GATHERING is defined and built on huge effects that completely turn the game around.
fixed that for ya

>> No.31689613

>Having EDH games get beyond turn 5
As I said, git gud.

>> No.31689635

>having EDH games that always with combo wins
I pity you and your playgroup.

>> No.31689638

combo faggot detected

>> No.31689658

>muh fatties
>muh spirit of edh
Shitter detected.

>> No.31689694

hater of fun detected, i bet you play stax and/or control as well

>> No.31689709

>playing a multiplayer game where everyone is full speed combo with no disruption
muh 4-way goldfishing race. I bet you Mikaelus with twelve tutors you faggot.

>> No.31689713

You caught me. I have three decks. A combo deck, a heavy control deck, and a stax deck. Sorry that I don't find dropping huge creatures and turning them right fun.

>> No.31689728

>having a stax game end before turn 20
No, I really think he just plays combo.

>> No.31689741

How can I help someone, who doesnt have a clue how magic works, to build a deck?
Like where to start when teaching someone, past the whole different card types and phases.
This guy is trying to get into magic and wants to make an BW deck, when I asked what kind, he just said "I told you, BW"...

>> No.31689754

ah you're right anon, combo exclusive it is

>> No.31689764

Explain archetypes to him.

>> No.31689770

Stax is fun in EDH, as is MLD. I've always been a huge fan of both. But they don't lead to turn 5 wins as you describe, only combo with no disruption does that.

>> No.31689784

you talking edh or 60?
if edh: find a cool legendary and slap something together with as much synergy as you can.
if 60: get playsets of black staples (depending on set and format) and see what he likes doing more

>> No.31689799

And I clearly stated that I have a combo deck. I only play my stax and control when people cry bitchtears about Azami.

>> No.31689819

I was running MLD for a while, it's soo much fun but gets you hatted in and out of game

>> No.31689851

pro tip: don't use "lel" in your post if your post is going to contain something besides shitposting and trolling.
disregard if you are exclusively trolling and/or shitposting

>> No.31689860

>playing Azami in EDH
You are the most no-fun-allowed player one can be. At least you could have been playing something like Maelstrom Wanderer, that is complete bullshit but also really fucking fun. No, you just went the "I'll take infinite turns in a row, watch me play on my own until I find a wincon" route.

>> No.31689863

I prefer funposting, anon.

>> No.31689879

in that case enjoy a free fun fact

>> No.31689894

I told him to choose a commander and try to think what he wants to do, as a strategy.
Today I found out he bought around 100$ of random BW cards that dont fit together, in any way...why am I even trying to help him...

>> No.31689900

yeah i've seen that deck played, that's about all that happens: infinite; turns, draws, and counters till you combo off.
luckily the guy who plays it is A. really good and B. a judge so his turns are fast

>> No.31689910

Oh, there are those bitchtears. Is you mascara running, you whiny cunt?

>S-S-Stop winning in w-ways I d-don't deem f-f-fun!

I don't think turning creatures is fun. I don't cry and threw a fit when someone does it. :^)

>> No.31689921

haha sounds like a bad case of idiot with money.
so he didn't even buy a precon of some sort?

>> No.31689941

I think playing against people is fun. Otherwise I'd just goldfish all day. When you play Azami and manage to go off, you're playing on your own and forcing others to watch.

>> No.31689957

I wonder about these kind of people:
>I want to play a game where combat is a large portion but ignore, stop, avoid combat as much as possible and talk mad shit about those that do like the combat.
why are you here anon?

>> No.31689958

Then perhaps they should run something to disrupt me instead of MUH FATTIES and MUH RAMP.

>> No.31689989

But it isn't strictly about combat. If it was, there wouldn't be alternate win conditions.

>> No.31690014

>disrupting Azami
>laughing counterspells and bounce effects
but seriously if you're at the point of goldfishing/solitare 9 times out of 10 you'll simply outdo or stop their attempts

>> No.31690055

You're making a lot of assumptions about my playstyle, which are mostly wrong. I will admit to having one fatty ramp deck but that's one out of fourteen.

Azami is shit because it's a combo deck that takes forever to actually win, it just sits everyone on their asses while you dig and dig and dig until you find something.

>> No.31690056

i didn't say "strictly", I said large portion.
it's like the people who think "i don't like the land resource mechanic, lets fuck with it!"
might as well go play a different game

>> No.31690075

He just started coming to our lgs a few weeks ago, looking at people play. I lent him one of my decks once so he could try; he sounded like he knew how to play to a certain extent. And yeah...

The store owner told me he came in asking for a bunch of boosters to "build his commander deck". At least the owner is decent and refused out of pity i'm guessing.

Would it be okay from my part to build him a deck on tapped out or something? I don't want to take away his creativity, but good god...

>> No.31690099

Most people concede when I have infinite turns or infinite draw. They all know what's going to happen. No need to drag it out.
But land is an integral part of the game that has no alternative. Combat does. I'm not mad about aggro decks in EDH. They're more funny than anything.

>> No.31690173

manaless drege is a thing, those a very specific exception

>> No.31690267

Anyone here play a 5 colour commander? Im working on my mana base for one currently

>> No.31690461

Use many multicolored lands, mostly in the colors that are dominant in your deck?
Also, ramp.
I'm unsure what kind of tips your asking for.

>> No.31691015

Be careful with Azami though because it is a massive target as most of the decks for it are alike and not exactly fun to play against.

>> No.31691093

Man why are the control players in EDH such fags? I mean it's a given that the style is for a certain special kind of person but I'm cool with it. Control keeps the meta in check; same with combo. But it's always, always helmed by the same people. Every group I go to the guy playing the control deck has been some variety of salty neckbeard saying something about "tears" when nobody wants to watch him play for an hour or they target them. Jiminy christmas, if there are any decent people playing these kinds of decks please keep the autists under control.

>> No.31691454

I think you seem to me much more buttflustered about this than anyone anon, whys that?

>> No.31691545

This is kind of what I mean. I don't mind control decks, I even play them time to time outside of EDH. But the folks who tend to play them are usually the first to jump to the whole "well you are probably upset" thing. I'm sure some people are actually upset, I just find the attitude grating in what's supposed to be relaxing.

>> No.31691591

I started out playing EDH with my tribal elves. Combo and control faggots ruined my fun, so I became the dark knight to keep combo degenerates in check.

I just want to be happy and play my god damn elves.

>> No.31691918

Got myself an Oloro control deck. Mostly removal and counters. I usually use Blightsteel Colossus as my win con (play 1v1 and we're not big on combos).

Just wondering what people think of adding an element of discard. Is it worth it to have that as well or is normal esper control usually about counter/removal? Also, hand stripping or discard?

>> No.31691964
File: 141 KB, 620x450, stf142_marrow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is a terrible deck, right?


>> No.31692085

personally, my Talrand deck basically makes Azami players cry bitchtears so its fine

>> No.31692116

>The deck that spins its wheels without Talrand on the field
Sounds like a great idea.

>> No.31692370

This is exactly why I chose not to build a Talrand deck. Way too dependent on a commander that doesn't have some kind of built in protection.

>> No.31692499

The only protection it needs is a deck filled mostly with various counterspells.

>> No.31692536

Sure but sooner or later something'll get through and then you're screwed.

>> No.31692558
File: 32 KB, 223x310, Thada-fu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One of my newest generals and she works pretty well.

>> No.31692569

Not really. I mean if someone wants to spot remove my commander when I have plenty of mana to recast him next turn it's not a problem.

>> No.31692570

New thread when?

>> No.31692597

>Thada Adel as general
You're literally the worst kind of people.

It's honestly more faggoty than having Iona as a general.

>> No.31692639

Maybe it's me, but I play a lot of spot removal. Pretty confident I'd pack enough spells to keep your 2/2 off the board, even if you had counterspells.

>> No.31692664

This could use some input if any anons would be so kind.

>> No.31692731
File: 38 KB, 223x310, MILF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How about my waifu on the side then? She's the complete antithesis to what I do with Thada.

>> No.31692734

Well, that's not a problem for me.

First off I find it very unlikely that I'm the only one presenting threats worth removing, so they won't all be focused on me.

Other than that I only REALLY need to counter it if you have a removal that tucks or something else bothersome. My Talrand deck ramps really effectively so if I have to recast him next turn that's very seldomly a problem.

It's not like I win all the time but when I don't it's not because Talrand was removed too much.

>> No.31692754

Let's hope soon, too many snippy people right now.

How exactly is Thada more degenerate than Iona? Iona shuts out an entire deck instantly or at least a sizable fraction of a it. Thada just nabs artifacts if it gets through.

>> No.31692772

Wort is fine, fun to play against even.

It's not even that Thada Adel is overpowered or anything, she's just annoying as fuck and fuck basically all my decks over.

>> No.31692803

Because Iona basically never gets to resolve.

Come back when you've seen a Thada player with 5 sol rings in play.

>> No.31692869

Oh god that never occurred to me, but I'm not that good at noticing when a general can get out of hand. I thought Edric would be a fun little political general. Then I played him. I felt awful.

>> No.31693194
File: 78 KB, 312x445, 192.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you will use Karador with the apostles, remember to run pic related. Its nuts in an apostle or rats.dec

>> No.31693367

Because a Thada deck is usually going to be swinging unblockably on turn 4, sometimes turn 3, and they'll either grab a Lightning Greaves (if they don't already have one) or just start grabbing Gilded Lotuses and Thran Dynamos and Gauntlets of Power and Sol Rings and Swords and going fucking nuclear way too fast unless you focus fire on them.

>> No.31693400
File: 98 KB, 312x445, Adahusbando.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What cards d you guys think would go well in a deck led by this guy? I know the basics, wheel effects, howling mine, font of mythos, but any other suggestions you guys could give me could be great.

>> No.31693653

Ebony Owl Netsuke could be neat

>> No.31694109

100% accurate post here. You don't see aggro players using the "why are you so upset" retorts. Not even combo players, they're usually pretty cool about people not liking their playstyle. Even Dredge players, the ones even Wizards hate, are rarely seen employing the "you seem butt flustered" retort. It's always, always control players.

I think control players are drawn to that archetype because they WANT to make people upset. And every time someone has something to say against control, they interpret that as them being upset and therefore a victory.

>> No.31694188

>using planeswalkers as commanders
>using fucking JtMS as your commander
Your playgroup sucks.

>> No.31694322

Building a budget colorless deck is actually a really fun challenge, great for anybody whose a Melvin.

>> No.31694698

I think he means a deck which utilizes Jace, since a JtMS deck wouldn't be allowed to run black cards.

>> No.31695117

Eh, to be fair I play 1v1 EDH so I'm looking at it from that perspective. Still, there are a lot of ways of dealing with a small, weak creature. Especially in this format. Gets worse in multiplayer. You simply won't be able to pack enough counters and have enough mana open to stop everything.

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