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Are there any good alternatives for a Great Unclean One model? Or any easy way to convert one?

I hate GW's current one, and I can't afford the FW one.

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Rotten sandwich in a brown lunchbag. Take a sharpie and draw a happy face on it. Only costs $5 if you go to Subway.

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Melt a candle down to almost nothing, stick on some horny lookin bits and carve a face on it...

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Just get a mini of your mum.

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Ultraforge Greater Plague Demon.

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You can easily convert a plague drone into a great unclean one.

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heh rekt

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The big flies? How does that work?

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Pretty well. This is just an example. There are a dozen ways you can do it. I personally just sat them all down on a base, greenstuffed them together and gave them a big gut. Left all three heads and put on all 12 talon-arms. Makes for a pretty effective monstrosity.

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forgot pic

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check out northumbrian tin soldier, their otherworld range.

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Kingdom Death has a few that can work....

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I looked into this and I cant find the models you're talking about. All nothnumbrian seems to carry are these crappy little munchkin models.

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I know there's a high chance Ill be disgusted by the answer but: does Kingdom Death have...lore?

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you all nigga trapped in a darkplace, likely some sort of endless cavern
you all niggas be hunting monsters and rediscovering bronze-age shit, or die eaten by monsters
that mini represents a captured monster infant, made to bond with a human child, if the child survives then he/she will have special precognition powers and the monster when adult will likely be more neutral than aggressive towards the settlements

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Scibor has a few Not-Nurgle models

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So thats not a monster that barfs babies. Got it.

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Are there rules?

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have not bought it yet

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take some tinfoil, make a ball then cover it in clay, putty, epoxy, whatever. Then paint it. my GUO in a nutshell.

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That doesnt look horrible at all!

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What a qt.

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Gribbly Miniatures used to do one but got a C&D from GeeDubs... they got a few alternatives though...


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That's pretty disgusting looking. Not bad for 32 pounds

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No rules for that one yet. As far as I know only the stuff from their Kickstarter has/will have rules so far.

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Well, there's always China. Zanchui has one pretty damn cheap.

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What's the delivery times like for Zanchui? Because fuck £26 for the FW GUO is an amazing deal.

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They are...eclectic at best, horrendous at worst. I've ordered a lot from there and at best I've gotten my stuff within 3 weeks, while my last order is over two months old now until I finally got a tracking number.
You might want to order their stuff through Yoybuy or something instead. Then they buy it for you and you can arrange shipping whenever it's all ready.

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Not OP, but similar situation.

What about conversions? Is there anything I've not thought of that could be easily converted?

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The Skaven Hell Pit Abomination would be a pretty cool substitute. Or the new Treeman, actually.

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Isn't the HPA MASSIVELY too big?

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River Trolls are pretty Nurgle-esque. Maybe you could convert one into a babby Great Unclean One.

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If you GS a gut onto it, a beastman minotaur could work too.

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Not massively really. A bit taller and longer, but that shouldn't be too hard to remedy.

Helldorado also had some cool stuff, I seem to recall some huge demon with a giant belly-maw. I think that would be too small too though.

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