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Set/block ideas that will never happen.

I would like to see a block were each of the 3 sets would exclude one colour.

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6 set block over a course of 2 years.
First 5 each completly exclude 1 color.
6th is multicolored cards only.

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Return to Kamigawa Mecha Edition

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Phyrexians invade another plane and the interdimensional band of planeswalkers rise up against them

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I considered that but 6 sets would drag the fuck on too much.

I want to go back to kamigawa.

No I can totally see this happening.

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Why not both.jpg
>Phyrexian Kami

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So long as we get a clone of this guy as a Legend. How many hardcore motherfuckers are there who finish off mecha with what appears to be a .308

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I like both so sure why not.

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They did something similar in Odyssey.

It was shit.

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Wasn't that the plot of Time Spiral?

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We've never been to phyrexia, just seen its inhabitants fucking up other places. I'd very much like a trip there.

On a side note: we have a plane full of scarry artifacts and one with eldrazi who need some kind of horrific thing to stop them...

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No that set has all 5. My idea is only 4 colors. This does not change that it probably will suck.

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A set that doesn't use lands to produce mana.

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Ffffffuck. It would be broken as fuck but that seems interesting.

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>All lands are Manaless manlands
>All creatures are mana dorks with defender.

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A block set in a world without magic. Everything is based around alchemy and steam-tech instead.

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Creature-lite block with lots of enchantments and equipment that go on planeswalkers or players, rare and maybe even uncommon "lesser 'walkers" powerful sorceries, mechanics that alter the stack.

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nah man, 6th set it colorless cards only.

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Haven't watched TTGL in years, but doesn't Yoko use an AM Rifle? Charles uses what appears to be a K98.

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So... something like this?

Red Mana Durdle 0

Legendary Artifact

When ~ ETB, draw a card.

If a Mountain would enter the battlefield under your control, put it into your graveyard instead.

T: Add red to your mana pool for each Mountain card in your graveyard.

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A plane where only enemy color pairs are allowed.
A plane where music is the dominant manifestation of mana.
A plane based on the Pax Romana
A plane based on the Pax Sinica
A plane based on the Pax Americana

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Duel deck: Myr vs. Elves

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To be fair, she's taking on Supers and Charles is taking on Reals. That balances out, imo.

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A set where a heroic group of black/red aligned rebels rise up against an authoritarian white aligned government. Although honestly I'll just settle for B/R protagonists.

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"Primitive" small set, mono-color focused, full of vanilla and french vanilla creatures and spells that push the power curve ever so slightly (think Leatherback baloth). Or GG instant, search library for forest and put into play untapped.

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Block set in Muraganda, with ALL the vanilla dudes
Vanilla dudes with full art.

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That would be the worst limited format of all time.

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Who are Liliana and Chandra? If Liliana is a bad guy she's really failing at it since she's done better than Elspeth at doing good. Maybe Ayn Rand takes this round, idk.

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Batshit insane artificer found memnarchs old machines and believes that memnarch was close to completing the perfect world.
Batshit insane artificer then goes about trying to build a machine that pulls worlds throughout the multiverse together as so that they all collide and for 1 plane, and in their belief, a perfect world

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so RoE on steroids?

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Get your Infinite Crisis shit outta here, son.

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True, true. I guess we can include Mellowlink too in this party.

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First strike

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>thinking planeswalkers are more important to a story than the conflicts among the denizens of the plane

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>thinking they aren't

Only one of us is going against what Wizards of the Coast is pushing, here.

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Shit son, there'd still be sorceries, instants, and enchantments and all to fuck with. Just all the creatures would be vanilla and fullart.

Okay I can actually see how that can makes things difficult but I feel like that's how limited tends to go, in my experience.
Major issue would be that stuff like flying and defender means it's not vanilla.

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You are the reason we can't have nice things. Planeswalkers are cool and everything but instead of focusing on a particular world, you just focus on ~10 characters. Plus, walkers are notoriously bad at staying focused- look what Jace and Gideon did as soon as they got to Ravnica. Instead of actually giving a damn about Zendikar, they just decided to meddle in politics and chase Selesnya/Boros poontang.

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A block set in a plane of endless black space due to a huge planar disaster, where all the races live on ships salvaging, exploring for mana and resources from planetoids and floating debris landmasses. Avoiding black mana holes and giant cosmic horrors/tentacle monsters.

Spelljammers: The Block

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I don't think being focused on planeswalkers is necessarily good for the MTG story, but it IS what Wizards is focused on.

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No. Disgusting.

Innistrad was bad enough on the low-magic angle.

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>Selesnya Poontang
To be fair, Trostani is the awesome of a 4-way with only the hassle of getting one person to agree to it.

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izzet pls go

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Those machines are on Phyrexia, anon.

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>the ass was fat

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Jace wasn't planning on looking for help for Zendikar, though. That was just Gideon.

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Dude, that's not Izzet. The Izzet fucking love magic. Hell, their machines are built to AMPLIFY their magic.

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Yeah, you're right. I was focusing more on the steampunk thing, which is undeniably Izzet.


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I don't think Trostani has vaginas, Anon. They seem to be all plant from the waist down.

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Oh wow yes please

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Then how do they populate if they don't have vaginas?

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Actually, they're moving away from it on the Izzet, creatively. They have devices, but they don't actually match the steampunk aesthetic.

Thank God. I love the Izzet, but I hate steampunk.

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>implying that you couldn't just have one giving head while the other two make out
Get some imagination anon.

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>moving away from steampunk

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I'm not seeing any bullshit corruption of Victorian fashion here, so, yes.

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A quote from Jeremy Jarvis, the artistic director of Magic:
>We wanted to move closer to magically powered devices and experiments and nudge away from steampunk, which a lot of original Izzet was really close to.


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Is that captain america in the bottom left corner?
>Izzet confirmed for Freedom lovers

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you should probably just exile it instead. the graveyard is a very powerful zone.

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A world full of beauty and comfort, free of disease and death, but also free of birth and creation, where the people are being crushed by ennui and tedium. There is nothing to aspire to, no scope for ambition. Black becomes the heroic underdog, restoring balance and meaning to life. There are cards themed around offering voluntary means of experiencing deterioration, risk, and death. (and of course, red would also get to shine). Everything that's not white gets to contribute, but black is key. There must be potential for death for real change to happen, and in this place that can only happen through perversion and corruption of the plane's nature, not by brute force. In the first set, only black is starting to open cracks in the stasis. In the second, all colors other than white have joined in, and excesses begin. In the third, white has joined a five-color faction preserving the balance, while each color has its own rogue faction driving for the plane to be driven to its own extreme as bad as (and in one case, identical to) the original condition.

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>Bottom up block: Abilities vs Vanilla
>Setting: Prehistoric fantasy
>Plot: An ancient civilization of lizardmen messed up with blue mana and now technology and magic are lost while ancient and primitive creatures reappears and claim the world as theirs.
Brute X (Creature enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counter but lose all abilities)
Arrogance (When this creature is blocked it get +X/+X, where X is the number of abilities of the blocker minus the number of abilities of the creature with Arrogance)
Gifted (When this creature attacks or blocks it get +X/+X, where X is the number of its abilities.)
Cards that "give" abilities to vanilla creatures. (Es. Creature without abilities can be blocked only by creatures with flying and reach.)
Hate and Love for abilities in various forms.
Equipment subtheme (to go with the lost civilization plot and to help vanilla creatures.)
Ooze subtheme
Sliver subtheme (to go with the abilities matters)
All colors: lizardmen, dinosaurs (feathered for the ones with abilities, scaly for the vanilla ones), slivers
White: prehistoric mammals, social insects, pterodactyls.
Blue: sea dinosaurs, smart dinosaurs, oozes,
Green: forest dinosaurs, oozes,
Black: swamp dinosaurs, predatory giant insects, oozes
Red: lizard people, giants, dragons

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Block title: Into the Apocalypse

Plot: Attempt to retrieve parts of the phyrexian core to build an artifact needed to stop the eldrazi forever.

Mechanics: Bring back Delve, new infect mechanics, lots of -1/-1 counter shenanigans.
Incredibly scary phyrexian creatures, only the most vile have survived as phyrexia implodes. Return to a more traditional color pie, suicide black is supported again.

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A set with common/uncommon/rare Planeswalkers.

I know Planeswalkers are supposed to have some prestige to them in terms of rarity but legendary creatures used to be that way and Kamigawa had its share of uncommon legendaries.

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Have you ever played Limited? One planeswalker activating once a turn can be hard enough to overcome. Playing with multiple of the shitlords would be unbearable. They're just fine where they are- unique, rare, powerful, unexpected.

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That's about all I had thought about for it. I would try to make my own custom set, but after trying that once or twice, I can fully say I suck at it. I ten to make cards overpowered...

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Well, I enjoyed reading it. Black and red get a really bad rap and tend to get pigeonholed into being violent and aggressive, while white is almost always the goody-two-shoes color. Shame Wizards doesn't explore the creative, ambitious side of BR and the dictatorial, stultifying side of W a bit more.

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Brute, Arrogance, and Gifted are stupid, you realize.

>> No.31600429

I know everyone hates the block mechanically, but I would love a Return to Lorwyn if just for the flavour and artwork alone.

>> No.31600446

That is why I wish for a set just like that to be a thing. WotC could go out of business right after that set and I would mind at all.

>> No.31600462

Why do you say that? Can you give any reasons why?

>> No.31600464

Da fuq you talking about? Brute is cool.

Savage Shaman RG

Creature - Human Shaman

T: Add R or G to your mana pool.

Brute 2 (You may have this creature ETB with 2 +1/+1 counters. It has no abilities as long as it has a +1/+1 counter on it.)


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Brute has to take away abilities on entering the battlefield. If it's a static "This has no abilities as long as it has a +1/+1 counter on it," then it will lose the ability that stops it from having abilities. The rules lock up.

Anyway, anything that makes you count the number of abilities on a card is stupid because things like instants and auras can grant abilities at the drop of a hat. It creates a lot of complexity without any real return in terms of gameplay.

>> No.31600532

To be fair most of the uncommon Planeswalkers would be decidedly much less powerful. They'd almost be glorified enchantments with one ability per turn, probably no ults either.

>> No.31600552

I know what you mean anon. No, giant ancient evils, just everyday shenanigans of halflings and goblins. Lorwyn had a nice feel about it.

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No comment needed.

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I was going for a mashup of unleash and the Archetype cycle.

Brute 2 (You may have this creature enter the battlefield with two +1/+1 counters on it. It loses and can't gain other abilities as long as it has a +1/+1 counter on it.)

IDK, I think it has a lot of potential. Think of a creature that's a brute on your turn, but has a sweet tap ability that you can only do on your opponent's turn. Do you attack? Then you can have shenanigans similar to RTR limited, where I would scavenge onto my opponent's Rakdos creatures so they couldn't block.

>> No.31600601

What are you trying to accomplish with this that you couldn't just simply do with creatures or enchantments?

>> No.31600623

>0 Mana
>draw a card

Busted right here, doesn't even need a mana ability

>> No.31600669

This would just get played in decks with no mountains in them and would be pretty broken. Free cycler is something you just don't do.

>> No.31600698

Here's another cool design with Brute.

Rage Channeler 1RG

Creature - Human Shaman

At the beginning of your upkeep, put a rage counter on each creature you control with Brute, then put a +1/+1 counter on them for each rage counter on them.

At the beginning of each opponent's upkeep, remove all +1/+1 counters from creatures you control.


Basically, it makes your brutes get bigger during your turns, but able to activate abilities during your opponent's turns.

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Ok, so how about:

Red Mana Durdle R

Legendary Artifact

If a Mountain would enter the battlefield under your control, put it into your graveyard instead.

T: Add red to your mana pool for each Mountain card in your graveyard.

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A set entirely set in the blind eternities.

>> No.31600787

What would that even be like? I imagine most of the creatures in the set would be rather like the Eldrazi, just not as destructive or evil...

>> No.31600788

A set that took place underground. I'd love to see the basic lands for that.

>> No.31600796

You're severely underestimating the complexity of this sort of ability. I can't give a brute trample with an instant, but I can make it so that it can't be blocked. That's arbitrary and kind of stupid.

That's hideously parasitic.

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Totally not Mesopotamia
Totally not Ancient Egypt
Totally not pre-conquistador Central and South-America aka
Wedge Alara
A tribal block for the big creatures of each color (angels,sphinxes or leviathans/ krakens/serpents ,demons,dragons,hydras.)

>> No.31600827

Not my fault that they had to go and fuck with unblockable.

And yeah, it is a little parasitic. I guess I strayed from the main idea of the thread, which is exploration of new worlds/possible mechanics, not shitty custom cards.

>> No.31600834

Actually, they didn't change unblockable functionally. They just changed the wording.

Even before, you'd be able to make it unblockable, but not give it trample. Unblockable was never actually an ability.

>> No.31600839


Mechanics based on card rarity.
Pirate-themed block.
Viking themed block.

>> No.31600857

>wedge Alara

Not as hideously unbelievable as you would think. Kaalia of the Vast is WBR but she's native to Alara.

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>mechanics based on card rarity

Jew detected.

>> No.31600880


I could see all of these actually happening except for the last one.

>> No.31600901

Set 1: Tezzeret is the new Father of Machines, and under orders from Bolas, sets the Phyrexian's sights on Zendikar.
Set 2: BAM! Compleat Eldrazi.
Set 3: Turns out that Bolas was actually being manipulated by Yawgmoth who wasn't really dead. Yawgmoth God card and devotion to Phyrexian mana.

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How about you come up with some original ideas instead of hamfistedly smashing the plots/mechanics from the last 5 years together, you shithead faggot?

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File: 157 KB, 282x334, Underneath_Official_Artwork.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like this idea.

>> No.31600940

that would work except 3 things,
1. all of the praetors hated and shunned tez.
2. Eldrazi would come to blows with phyexian's based solely on the phyrexians using mana, and being affiliated with mana.
3. like fuck ol' Yoggie could control Bolas. both are super old super powerful beings, yes, but no, Yoggies isn't alive, and Bolas wouldn't work with something that would take power away from him, wiling or not.

>> No.31600951

Yeah, you could even have a sect of Riggers trying to get to some gem, but they end up digging to the surface and the introduction of light/water/predators totally fucks up society.

Also Steamflogger Boss

>> No.31601010

Well, yeah, certainly Eldrazi would be common (and you could even introduce Blue/White Eldrazi spawn).

Native creatures I could see generating there as tribes: Elementals, Spirits, Horrors, Illusions and Weirds.

Add to this various creatures caught here randomly through summoning mishaps.

>> No.31601061

Good goyim
2UU instant
Draw a card for each rare and mythic rare spells plaid this turn.

You won't have my schekels
2WWW sorcery
Exile all noncommons permanents.

>> No.31601085

>You won't have my schekels
Ironically, it's mythic

>> No.31601087

>Random creatures stuck in the Blind Eternities due to Planeswalker incompetence
>Somehow survive in the harsh environment
>Build a civilization while fighting the natural inhabitants
>All have the common goal of fucking over the planeswalkers like they got fucked.

I really want this to be a thing now.

>> No.31601154

A block with a good mono red planeswalker

>> No.31601241

>ooze outside of green
>possibly even ooze tribal
>vanilla creatures a set staple rather than just an afterthought/as padding
>more vanilla love outside of petroglyphs
holy fuck please stop talking
I don't want to think about how something this awesome will never happen

>> No.31601248

>populated by fuckup planeswalkers whose spark ignited but they either couldn't figure out where to go or just wanted to chill in the blind eternities
>all common
>"planeswalkers matter" mechanics
>-4: Shuffle your library

>> No.31601283

The fishermen live for the rains of fish that get caught up when someone summons a leviathan, their cities tend to have nets strung between the buildings.

Illusions which got unsummoned rather than dispelled, so still exist, and have become independant, yet still unreal.

The basic lands could be fun as well, Mountains hanging in the aether. Perfectly spherical swamps.

>> No.31601291


+1: Search your library for a card, reveal it, then put it on top of your library. Then shuffle your library.

-1: Put a loyalty counter on this.

-10: Each player shuffles all permanents he or she owns into his or her library, then reveals that many cards from the top of his or her library. Each player puts all artifact, creature, and land cards revealed this way onto the battlefield, then does the same for enchantment cards, then puts all cards revealed this way that weren't put onto the battlefield on the bottom of his or her library.


>> No.31601298

time spiral 2

I will never get my allies that add level counters

I will never get my cards with both guild mechanics

I will never get my colorless eldrazi god that is only a creature if your devotion to any color is less than five

just kill me


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>implying the eldrazi god wouldn't demand that your devotion to colorless is greater than 20

get serious

>> No.31601333

>ooze outside of green
There is ooze in all color except white

>> No.31601342

Prodigal Planeswalker. Most generic red planeswalker ever.

>> No.31601360

"Alright, guys. There's this place. It's really far away from here. Like, REALLY far away from here. Like, a TREMENDOUSLY UNFATHOMABLE distance away from here. Farther away than any one person could possibly imagine, let alone travel with out mystic powers. Anyway, that place is called Zendikar. It used to be a nice place, all be it the weather was a tad.....homicidal at times. Also, there were all manner of killer living hurricanes and sometimes the land itself will try to manifest itself and murder you in cold blood, but it was a nice place none the less. Anyway, the place is in danger and I need your help in combating the new menace that threatens the existence of not just everything on Zendikar, but Zendikar itself. See, I won't bore you on the details but there are these things....Eldrazi, we call them......that are these ancient....things....that were trapped in mystical floating pyramids all over Zendikar. Long story short, they got un-trapped, and now we need to go and re-trap them."

"Alright, seems legit so far. So, you just need help because of the sheer number of these things, right? Like, these isn't going to be life threatening, is it?"

"Yeah....about that....See, the Eldrazi are kinda....big. Like, the majority of them are tiny, not even one or two feet high. Pretty easy to handle really, but then there's the rest. There's this one, Ulamog we call it......I'm not gonna say he's big, but the last time he was around, we didn't see the sun for about 3 weeks. Birds fly around it's KNEES."

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, alright. So there is only one of those big things, yeah? You just need help taking care of it? I guess we could get an army together or something...."

"Well.....there is more then one big one. Yeah.....like......the Eldrazi are either the tiny one feet fucks, or they are about 8 stories tall....on the minimum. But, look, if we really try, we can push these thing back into containment! Come on, men! WHO'S WITH ME!.............G-guys?"

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you can't devotion to colorless nerd, that's not what devotion is or counts, colorless isn't a color

time spiral 2 should be about what happens to things when they get exiled, there's a giant junk plane where discarded ideas and exiled permanents and spells go and there's a crazy society cobbled together out of weird shit from every plane

>> No.31601441

iirc kiora is on theros to get bigass krakens and shit to go fight the eldrazi

>> No.31601446

He should have say that if they don't trap them again they will travel between planes to eat them.

>> No.31601452

Isn't that the same idea as

>> No.31601493

What would a White Eldrazi drone even act like?

Ulamog's Smiley Face?

>> No.31601509

We discussed this once. It's super easy to do.

Emrakul, God of Tentacle Porn 7

LEC - God


As long as your devotion to colorless is less than 20, Emrakul isn't a creature. (Each number in the mana costs of permanents you control counts toward your devotion to colorless.)

Creatures you control have annihilator 1.


>> No.31601516

it's similar certainly

island in the blind eternities is a little different than junkyard wars plane, but their execution might be similar

>> No.31601558

>As long as your devotion to colorless is less than 20

but that wouldn't be devotion to colorless. It would be something else. That's not the way devotion is templated. I could be wrong, you could always ask mat tabak, but the other way makes it so you can't have a bunch of mana dorks or whatever, you gotta be solid brown

>> No.31601568


Whenever ~ etb or blocks, put a mana baby otb.


>> No.31601578

Don't lose the forest for the trees here, dude. The basic idea is that you add up the numbers in all your shit and if it's a certain # Emmy wakes up. It's actually easier to manage than colored devotion since you're adding numbers not pips.

>> No.31601597

colour flour pour hour
color = / = co'lure? (or) col-or?

I prefer color. Makes sense, and is the more ancient way it's said. Hence the rebellious irish that came to the USA kept it that way.
>I celebrate hallows eve on the proper date of the winter solstice

>> No.31601612

Make it Devotion to Eldrazi Spawn?

Makes a choice between keeping them around to make Eldragod a creature, or sacrificing them for more mana.

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both of us are just saying
>your way is dumb my way is better
except I have the rules on my side

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3 Set Block, Large-Large-Small

#1: Takes place in a place where there is no ground. A bunch of floating islands in the sky that people live on. There are avian races that can naturally fly between them, as well as human and humanoid races that either make bridges or use magic/animals to travel between them. Instead of seas there are spots of really dense clouds that can be harvested for water. The biggest of the floating islands are probably about the size of rhode island, but they often come in archipelagos.

#2: Takes place in a place that's only underground. People live in the pockets of air, caves. DWARVES MAKE A TRIUMPHANT RETURN TO MAGIC. There are forests of fungi and underground oceans and glowing crystals and all sorts of things.

#3. TURNS OUT IT WAS THE SAME PLANE ALL ALONG OMG!!!!1!!one!! Human, Goblin, and Avian societies from the sky-half and Dwarves, Elves, and Merfolk from the ground-half both discover the surface, the former by falling down and the latter by digging up, and they fight over it. It ends up being an eternal war.

>> No.31601643
File: 1.41 MB, 413x192, dearsirormadam.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>talking about hypothetical mechanics that will never happen
>invoking the letter of the rules
>being this rigid

>> No.31601664

Well, the Blind Eternities are most likely where everything will end up when dispelled and banished if they don't end up going home, given it's the medium through which they travel anyway.

So to those who inhabit it, it's a junkyard plane filled with Aether.

>> No.31601681

>VinDiesel = Garruk
>Angelina Jolie = Liliana

>> No.31601685

>You won't have my schekels
>2WWW sorcery
>Exile all noncommons permanents.
You realize that exiles all basic lands, right? Officially, they're not common.

>> No.31601701
File: 142 KB, 400x381, trask.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being this wrong
>posting pictures of midgets

two can play at that game

>> No.31601705

A block that focuses on enemy-color combinations, and in it, the RWU color combo is a counterpart of Esper, dealing with artifact matters, but instead puts an Izzet-style "For Science!" touch on everything. The whole Rigger/Contraption thing would be the faction's gimmick. It will also will yield the first ever Goblin Planeswalker.

It makes me really depressed thinking that this will never happen.

>> No.31601717

You realize that this card will never be printed and played?

>> No.31601740

I- yeah, sure

do you think I was disagreeing with you?

>> No.31601770

>Squee, Planeswalker
>-7 you get an emblem with "Whenever a card named "Squee, Planeswalker" would be put into your graveyard from anywhere, you may return that card to its owner's hand"

>> No.31601797
File: 76 KB, 620x837, feature_f6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah sorry, yeah, misunderstood.

>> No.31601843

you must be literally retarded. basic lands have the common rarity.

>> No.31601915

>Turns out that Goblins have just managed to fake being Planeswalkers very well, and there's a bunch of them on every plane who stay in touch with goblin phones so they can pretend they're having planeswalker duels. But they just bring out more goblins to fight.

There's always more goblins.

>> No.31601972

If you're casting Urza you might as well cast a voice for Yawgmoth.
>Jon St. John

>> No.31602008
File: 119 KB, 946x485, 1358567538774.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A plane based on the Pax Americana

Yes. YES.
I want my Cowboy tribal dammit

>> No.31602012

>goblin planeswalker
yes please

>> No.31602158

A Segovia block, where the biggest creature is a 3/3

>> No.31602243

>>31602158 combine this with the last one of >>31600805

A set of miniature giants.

>> No.31602285

>Not Mesopotamia
>Not Ancient Egypt
>Not Mayans/Aztecs/Incas
>Being desirable

Remember what happened with Not Feudal Japan and Not Ancient Greece?

Though in fairness they did Not Gothic era Europe pretty awesome.

>> No.31602336

MtG in Not-Australia.

>> No.31602358
File: 173 KB, 307x428, hurry it up.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not awesome

>> No.31602361

>What is Zendikar

>> No.31602369

>Biggest creature is X/3
>Reprint Lightning Bolt

>> No.31602376

Not Greece is great.

>> No.31602379


>> No.31602392
File: 217 KB, 705x634, Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 9.23.55 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why so shit?

>> No.31602472

Sergovian Legion W
Creature - Human Soldier
"The legion conscripted every able bodied man they could find to swell their numbers, and still could not turn back the Bear."

>> No.31602703

Wait, wasn't Kiora's deck in Duel of the Planeswalkers all about eldrazi summoning?

>> No.31602731

a set that revolves around 4-color combinations.

>> No.31602998

A set focusing on dragons everywhere. White dragons, green dragons that aren't wyrms, green spells that make wyrms count as dragons, dragon tribal, dragon hate, huge creature hate.

A set focusing on afterlife. Angels and demons shepherding the souls of a plane where everybody died, pearly gates, firey landscapes, etc. First set involves angels versus demons, with spirit everything inbetween (spirit goblins, spirit elves, spirit merfolk, etc.) Second set has artefact shenanigans fucking shit up because of karn or some shit. Last set has heaven and hell unite against a rising necromantic army spiriting spirits away.

Future set, with lasers and shit.

Set with no creatures that aren't human. It's all about the shock of cultures, rather than rhinos and goyrfs and oozes.

>> No.31603018

Nope. Read up on it. Technically, there are five rarities: Basic, Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Mythic.

Since set symbols aren't a quality of a card that can be referenced, you'd have to go with its official rarity. Which, for basic lands, is not common.

>> No.31603073

>I will never get my cards with both guild mechanics
I once gave a friend a custom card assignment to get him to stop sending me random shit. Cards in the appropriate colors and at each rarity that combined both guild mechanics.

It's harder than you think. Go on, give me your stunning idea for a card with both Radiance and Battalion.

>> No.31603354


>implying DotP is an accurate depiction of canon

Beside that, the only Eldrazi I remember was Ulamog, whom the Merfolk of Zendikar used to worship as "Ula," the God of the Sea or some shit.

Other than that, it was Giant Sea Critters as far as the eye could see. In 2012, at any rate. Only DotP I've played, never kept up after that so I don't know if she's got "Eldrazi: The Deck" in anything after that.

>> No.31603430

Actually, I think mixing guild mechanics might be more interesting for something during an interguild period where the lines between them begin to blur and blend.

Transmute + Scavenge
Convoke + Unleash

>> No.31603462

Get this
A set...
That takes place in Dominaria.

>> No.31603589

It's not an accurate depiction of canon for sure... But since Kiora's first appearance was in DotP, it does hold a bit more salt there, comparatively speaking.

>> No.31603766
File: 44 KB, 375x523, Zameck Hydropon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

radiance is garbage

but that's not what I mean. You don't have to complete cycles in time spiral 2

>> No.31603781


I can see your point, but it still stands that Ula was a one-off exception to the rest of Kiora's deck - and even the blurb that the game gave describing her as someone who basically worships Krakens and Octopi and shit, in a form of sea-shamanism. Kinda "Naya, but underwater!" in that these huge, implacable beasts were basically god-like entities.

At least if I remember right. Been a LONG time since I played DotP2012.

Personally, I just wrote off Ulamog in the deck, given the above description (if I'm remembering it accurately), as "Well, Ula WAS the one treated as the god of the sea on Zendikar before it woke up and yada yada."

>> No.31603787

>Not completing cycles
>Not having the guild watermarks on the cards
I would actually be rather upset if this happened.

>> No.31603860
File: 39 KB, 375x523, Recumbant Pillory.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forced cycles are worse than partial ones

see: the commands

but that nonwithstanding, there's no fucking reason why this card and similar don't exist

>> No.31604080

that's exaclty the plot I thought for Muraganda's block!

>> No.31604098

Good points all around. I may have mixed things up a bit with the Magic 2014 DotP game, which has a much Eldrazier deck that's mono green, as well..

>> No.31604135

Eldrazi vs. Phyrexia

>> No.31604277

It will happen sooner or later...

>> No.31604281

I wanna see Bolas go up against Phyrexia, myself.
Eldrazi are just too new in the storyline to have the same weight.

>> No.31604322

Something that might need in the Muraganda set would be something like Meekstone and Mightstone. Lots of vanilla creatures and instead of finding artificial ways to give them !not-abilities, you have cards that work based on raw P/T.

Undergrowth Trail 2G
Creatures with power 1 can only be blocked by creatures with power 1.

Slumber of Giants 2U
Creautures with power seven or greater do not untap during their controller's untap steps.

>> No.31604340

"Much" being like three cards total.

Not even including any of the green eldrazi drones.

>> No.31604361

>Return to Zendikar
> They fail to reimprison the eldrazi
>The next block is
> Ashes of Kamigawa

>> No.31604390

Kamigawa was so awful wizards said they weren't doing anything like historical accuracy again

>> No.31604421
File: 80 KB, 688x547, 1296020789912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So then they made Innistrad and Theros? I'm sensing you're full of shit.

>> No.31604454

>Historical Accuracy

u fuckn wat

Theros I'll give you, but Innistrad is just gothic tropes from over a century, it's a parody of a bunch of different flavors and themes from 1600-1900, there's nothing remotely accurate about it.

>> No.31604457

Nicol Bolas is a terribly written character, he has none of the qualities of an effective chessmaster but he's painted in this light of running the multiverse's longest and craziest xanatos gambit, it's really irritating to me. The actual story/plot of the game is so far behind every other aspect it's a little sad, except that I know it doesn't really matter. Sometimes they achieve this glorious fusion of cards and story, like when they had liliana of the veil use her ultimate and get thalia to sacrifice the helvault, that shit's neato

but when you get what happened to venser in scars of mirrodin I can only shake my head

that being said, nicol bolas SENT tezzeret to new phyrexia to hang out and make friends, I don't think it's his intention to destabilize them at all, or else he'd just show up and kill everything, or get somebody else to do it (hello there geth)

that's actually one of the two good webcomics they ever made for the mothership, the one where tezzeret goes to new phi and the one where sarkhan vol is tripping balls in the eye of ugin

>> No.31604467


They said they where pop culture history accurate because Kamigawa level of accuracy alienated most players.
This is why you can find "Dawn of the Dead" zombies on Innistrad and Krakens on Theros.

>> No.31604510

>Not liking Kamigawa
No taste in this sector, I see

>> No.31604541
File: 17 KB, 249x285, Zardoz Speaks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For some reason that sounds very Zardoz to me.
Which makes it cooler. I would love to see a block adopt seventies scifi and fantasy aesthetics.
Hell a Moebius block would be grand.

>> No.31604567

It literally came to me...

>> No.31604593

Eh, Magic did have an awesome historically accurate set. Portal: Three Kingdoms.

No rat ninja or shit like that. Just men on horses pursuing Lu Bu.

And soldiers made of straw.

>> No.31604600

And Kamigawa has random moon people who live in floating waterfall castles, kitsune that are the most powerful and helpful clerics, oni that worship demons rather than are demons, and kappa that aren't even solely focused on eating mens' prostrates.

Kamigawa is pretty pop culture Japan, much in the same way that Theros is pop culture Ancient Greece.

>> No.31604606

Stone age set.

Give me a primordial wild land with cave-elves and thunder lizards.

>> No.31604623

I checked and is the same post I made some time ago... I never thought someone would appreciate or even repost it.

>> No.31604638

I thought people didn't like Kamigawa because of the average low power level.
And I think the fact that Kamigawa was released when the thing fashionable in fantasy was Lord of the Rings didn't helped.

>> No.31604639
File: 144 KB, 640x480, 1299875855221.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31604641
File: 407 KB, 1876x523, 1382830278514 - Copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

maybe one day

>> No.31604657

Shit, found out!!! ABORT, ABORT, ABORT!!!

>> No.31604668
File: 42 KB, 375x523, 1382838591836 - Copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it almost practically writes itself

>> No.31604689
File: 49 KB, 312x445, 116.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's bother MaRo to get Muraganda as soon as possible.
Someone knows how the showdown between it and the Egypt themed word ended?

>> No.31604724

Return to Rabiah or Homelands

>> No.31604781

>Future set, with lasers and shit.
Sadly, it'll never happen, but I'll be dreaming with you.

>> No.31604826

Yeah, impossible as they said at PAX EAST that we will never return to such worlds.

>> No.31604878

I love these. Did you make them?
Because the flavor text on Watchful Sheriff is missing an ending quote mark.

>> No.31604944

3DO tried this with Heroes 3 and the forge, the amount of nerd rage was enormous, they even received death threats.

>> No.31604952

How about sets where they don't always have angels and dragons?

Some of the lesser known creatures need some time to shine. To many of the same creature types appear in each set. I'd like a stronger push away from all the common reoccurring types we see

>> No.31604969

Did they said why?

>> No.31604997

>no angels
>what is Theros

Dragons though seem to be impossible to get rid of.

>> No.31605029

Because practically nobody liked them at all?

>> No.31605084

How about a set with angel dragons?

>> No.31605286

Angels in drag?

>> No.31605477


>> No.31605616
File: 931 KB, 301x240, What_now.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The reserved list.

All of it

And no I don't care how you do it.

>> No.31605635

Needs infinite more Christopher Walken

>> No.31605650

Wizards has basically said that they're just building up a variety of planeswalkers, and that eventually there's just going to be a cluster of them used for everything with no new ones really coming into play. This is pretty likely to happen at some point.

>> No.31605736

A block that is like Star Craft 2 HOTS but with slivers. And they could do voting on some slivers for abilities and look.

>> No.31605777

Something good.

>> No.31605838

Um, what? Lorwyn called, it wanted you to know it did actually exist.

>> No.31605853

Gix comes back to New Phyrexia, murders the leadership and puts himself in charge.

Then he gears up for a good ol' planar invasion. Maybe they finally get themself a captive planeswalker and graft the spark into a Phyrexian or something. I dunno.

I just want some more old-style Phyrexia up in this bitch.

>> No.31605855

I'm not sure, but did you see my post about nearly this exact same idea months ago?

>> No.31605905

Actually, yes. I saved it, tried to make custom cards for it, found out I sucked at that, kept the idea on my comp because I thought it was good. Was sort of holding it until this sort of thread came up actually.

>> No.31606024

Duel Decks: Emrakul Vs. Progenitus.

Not a set or block exactly, but you all know you want it.

>> No.31606205

Sheoldred and Urabrask's Excellent Adventure: The Block

Elespeth, Ajani and the rest arrive back Mirrodin with all these plans and finds the most unlikely allies imaginable.

Try to tell me this wouldn't be amazing.

>> No.31606247
File: 25 KB, 320x282, steamboat-willie-c2a9-walt-disney.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

like the entire plot up till Odyssey right?

>> No.31606272

Only if they somehow revive Venser

>> No.31606354

>Wanting Venser back

>> No.31606378

Dragon's maze had no dragons.

>> No.31606733

Dragons and Angels aren't in all sets, but wizards sure does a good job in constantly stuffing them in sets.

By the amount of them that appear, you'd think they were almost as common as humans

>> No.31606901

Went there in invasion/apocalypse.
This proved that urza was hardcore bastard with the whole tevesh szat trick.

For the thread, semi-phyrexian shenanigans with colored artifacts vs. straight colors. Bring back split mana, artifact hate/love, making things into artifacts, and possibly more enchantment support to continue the theros theme.

>> No.31607095

I like the last one. Have your buildups be other cards, but save all the tribal abilities for the big guys. Goblins that blow up for more mana than they're worth, but you can only spend it on dragons. Ogres like in kamigawa, with depending-on-each-other-or-drawback bits. Merfolk trying to hold the line until you can kraken some bitches out like The Unspeakable. Soldiers and clerics storing up counters and gaining you life until you can bring out the angelic hosts. Elves being their usual rampy selves.

>> No.31607280

I'd love to see hybrids of each of the archetypal creatures. Angelic sphinx, dragon hydra, demon dragon etc.

>> No.31607371

You could also just use the X Offering mechanic from Kamigawa. It was used for the five Patrons, and does that pretty much perfectly.

>> No.31607372
File: 34 KB, 223x310, malfegor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>demon dragon

>> No.31607458

It's always made me laugh that Baneslayer Angel dies to the only creature in Magic that is both of the creature types it's protected from.

>> No.31607480

Hell, toss that in too
They're trying to slow down the curve with theros, right? Make semishitty ramp critters that help you get out your big critters (or help you twiddle your deck to get the combo plays you need in blue) and make it all come together turn five or six. Green gets shit out a turn or two early, white gets 4/4s or 5/5s as opposed to the 6/6ishes of everyone else, blue has some kind of attacky drawback on everything or sorta smaller stuff, black has lifeloss or saccing drawbacks, red has blowing up. Shenanigans.

>> No.31607621

Going back to the OP post for a bit...
I want an unashamed return to old Kamigawa. Like, add in some new mechanics, sure. But don't just ditch them ala RTR or Mirrodin.

I mean, splice/arcane was a fucking awesome mechanic that I personally just love using. Soulshift is another one, although it really suffers from the shitty powerlevel in Kamigawa. All the other mechanics, like ninjitsu and bushido and channel and whatever could have also been fucking amazing, if only they bothered to cost them right.

>> No.31607640

Another Lorwyn/Alara. We need more tribal and 3+ color support and both Lorwyn and Alara had great fluff and mechanics.
It'd be totally out of the Magic plot but a block not entirely based on the end of the world would be cool. Somethingsomething various tribes compete in a planewide arena for [insert artifact here]. [artifact] is actually the key to [plot element], Jace and Co. enter to recover it before Bolas/the Phyrexians/etc. It writes itself.

>> No.31607660

Fuck you, I liked Odyssey.

>> No.31607762

I liked Lorwyn/Shadowmoor for mechanical reasons, I'm sad they aren't going to make more tribal cards because it's hilariously powerful

>> No.31607779

That would be pretty awesome.

Yeah, the new over-arching plot is kinda retarded and unenjoyable. Lorwyn was a grand example of the fun and interesting story you could have when you're just dealing with a single plane's troubles. I mean shit, the big disaster isn't even a truly negative thing in Lorwyn but rather a cyclical occurrence coming early thanks to Faerie Queen trickery.

>> No.31607796

Is it really? I thought they changed the rules to remove any hilarious power.

>> No.31607799

Having blasters in MM7 was just nuts.

It was the first Might and Magic I played and the sci-fi angle just blew my fucking mind, super cool.

I have no idea what people are complaining about.

>> No.31607828

>Magic plot but a block not entirely based on the end of the world would be cool.
not that I don't agree but return to ravnica block was "and then nothing happens" the block

>> No.31607857

what rules would they have changed? Timber protector still makes all your lignifys indestructible, you can still champion bitterblossom with mistbind clique, prowl is still silly with frogtoser banneret

>> No.31607870

Haakon laughs at your attempts to balance tribal.

>> No.31607907

Hell if I know, I'm going to break out the 300 page rulebook and see if they really did change it or if I hallucinated that.
Go steal some babies.

>> No.31608078
File: 28 KB, 324x411, go time.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nicol Balls
>Tim Curry
Oh god that pure ham performance would be golden

>> No.31608127

Wouldn't it basically be a reprisal of his role from Legend?

>> No.31608225

Are you saying that's a bad thing?

>> No.31608245

Yawgmoth returns.

>> No.31608320

No not at all. I would love to see that.

>> No.31609143

They considered it during Onslaught, but word from on high stopped it and turned Karona's meeting Yaghmoth into "just a dreeeeaaaaam". Official declarations are that Yawgmoth will never return, and I'm happy with that.

I think the Eldrazi are a better long term interplanar horrors which don't cheapen the story with sudden resurrection.

>> No.31609523

the oft quoted sentiment here came from brady dommermuth, who said something like "Yawgs won't come back as long as I work here"

he was recently fired

still, with new phi, there's really not much reason to resurrect him, as they've now got 5 much more interesting characters (of which they may or may not have already killed 2)

>> No.31609535

The birth of a new plane. A natural one.
Unstable magic everywhere, maybe even too much mana. Also primal beasts and natural catastrophes.
Maybe some blueish planewalker jump in to find out how planes came into existence mysterious mystery, followed by a blackish one who want to exploit all that delicious mana, or a white one who want to give a new home to refuges from some fucked plane (is that even possible ?) and a greenish who want the plane to "stay pure" or something.

Can be linked to Bolas though manaxploitation, or/and to eldrasi through how do you multiverse.

>> No.31609593

> Yaghmoth return
> The praetors are sided
> They ally with planewalkers to supplant their allfather

>> No.31609835

this is a genuinely good idea

bluish planeswalker should be tamiyo, who is only in it for the science

also it's less interesting but this would make me want to explore a dying or dead plane like Equilor, where everything is real scary

>> No.31610121


>> No.31610701

A block where the origins of the planes and the ability to planeswalk is described in in-depth detail.
Sort of like the origins to the mtg series and the introduction of beings that rival planeswalkers.

>> No.31610844

>much more interesting characters

>> No.31610876

unstable mana everywhere? sounds like zendikar

>> No.31611079

you mean unpopular
just because they actually did shinto mythology instead of catgirl weeb samurai doesn't mean it was shit

>> No.31611228

zendikar was old when sorin when sorin was a kid with nothing better to do than help a lithomancer and a spirit dragon seal a bunch of colorless spaghetti monsters inside omnidemensional polyhedron constructs

I'm not saying yawg wasn't intersting, his whole obsession with planeswalking and the way he came to be the political, moral, spiritual, and magical center of a plane-invading force of scary ass monsters is rad as shit

but I find the extrapolation of phyrexian ideology into other colors of mana fascinating; Jin Gitaxias' characterization in that one webcomic is as hilarious as it is ditsturbing, and Urabroski the Hidden is amazing because he only cares about THE MACHINE. Sheoldred is pretty one-note afaik but she's got a lot to live up to (yawgs being the former black representation). Vorinclex is similarly uninteresting but only because he actively wants to purge sentience from the phyrexian ecosystem/noosystem. But mother fucking Elesh Norn man, who embodies all of the religious orthodoxy of yawgmoth's phyrexia with a strange twist (that isn't really a twist, cults of personality are white just like other governing bodies).

I guess what I'm saying is the fact that they aren't united is more interesting (to me) than phyrexia being a monolithic entity

>> No.31611710

Starting from the bottom, lands would produce multiple mana or duel type mana. They all come in tapped or the multiple mana lands cost life to use, to represent how damn dangerous it is to use all that raw, overflowing mana. White cards would be refuges that work on the principle of survival and taming the land. They can use effects that stabilize like making multiple production lands only produce one mana, and ordering the plane.

Green works on the basics of the plane itself, using what's natural there and boosting it. Lots of protolife cards like giant amoebas, odd creatures that you'd think in blue, and living mana creatures that can be tapped for further mana. Things start big and get bigger.

Red is all about massive change. I want to say a goblin planeswalked for them, just for an excuse to have goblins here who would make the best red creatures for the plane. Living volcanoes, elementals, and goblins make up red while Pump is a big effect for red in this block.

Black is all about draining mana from the others and the ability to use others untapped lands. With everything so big and destructive, they have a lot of things to pull back the recently destroyed. Maybe poisonous mana, or the ability to steal cards from other people?

Blue is here to study the birth of a plane. They're all about revealing, learning, and redirecting the threats against them. A lot of ways to make the natural landscape work against their enemies while they watch, and manipulation.

>> No.31611862

>draining mana from the others and the ability to use others untapped lands
That sounds either hugely overpowered or hugely underpowered. Otherwise, it sounds really cool, but frankly it's all kind of vague. Are we still talking about Magic, here?

>> No.31612078

To be quite honest I'm glad you don't work in R&D.

>> No.31612241

An actual plane with YE OLDE PIE.
>WHITE IS SPEEDY SMALL CREATURES AND BIG STOMPY ANGELS (Also has soldiers this time they don't fuck it up I hope goddamn)

>> No.31612323

the only part of this that doesn't still exist is black, and to a lesser extend red being worth a damn, because it cycles in and out of use and functionality (it's fairly useful now), demonstrated by the fact that RDW is usually a deck played by people (its relative inexpensiveness nonwithstanding)

>> No.31612343

How about an ability to do bonus effects or damage based on the targets with higher converted mana cost? Going with the controlling mana theme the original poster said, then they can make you not want to use the mana at once?

>> No.31612530

Reprinted reserve list
Reprinted fetch lands
Common Modern staples
All in that counterfeit proof frame, with the uneven corners

>> No.31612890

I mean, we're never gonna see the Tarmy printed again, or the snapcaster.

>> No.31613526

>Goyf just reprinted last summer
>WOTC has openly stated they're interested in doing MM2
Sure bro. Contrary to popular 4chan belief, WOTC is not SCG's bitch. They're Hasbro's bitch, still afraid of collector backlashes like the one that created the reserved list and it IS easier for them to make a profit if they aren't reprinting desirable staples all the time. I mean, they reprint just Goyf or Bob in some big set when they deem that standard can handle it and the set will sell tons off just that one chase card alone. This I believe is the reason that matters the most, they want to make every reprint count because people will play booster lottery off the wazoo when they do give them something good to hit. Same thing with fetchlands for example.

But rest assured, they will reprint stuff in some form. They care too much about the Modern format now and its entire point is that it can support a larger playerbase than legacy, both due to the actual physical number of cards and their reprintability. Bigger modern scene means more publicity for them, more interested people, more people to try out the game. More money for them the bigger the magic scene gets.

>> No.31613565

And if the recent mass reprint of mind seize is any indication, than wizards has become less cautious about the collectors suing them again like they did when chronicles happened

>> No.31613583

what about a block with very few creatures, but many spells that become or create creatures?

>> No.31613613

Which webcomic?

>> No.31613621

So they're PCs? I see no problem with that

>> No.31613634

Fucking stupid. Creatures are the meat&potatoes of the game.

>> No.31613644

Don't forget Mutavault. I'm expecting to see a highly desirable modern staple or two every year now, provided the standard environment wouldn't get ruined by one.

>> No.31613756

Which is why it would be different.

Plus, just think of a block about a dead plane that's full of objects that are unpowered but can be animated. Some sort of post-Memnoch-apocalypse Phyrexia or something.

Plus, just because there wouldn't be very many cards with the creature type doesn't mean there wouldn't be creatures. They'd just need to be animated...

Basically lots of artifacts that could become creatures (the dead old world) with a lot of enchantments that can become creatures (the new world attempting to come alive)

>> No.31613787

mtg block: spelljammer edition

I think that I had an idea somewhat similar to this a few years ago, but it used a sentient Eldrazi as the block villain: it came to the plane to eat, a planeswalker sacrificed him/herself to stop the Eldrazi, and then somehow the spell messed up and they kind of fused - Eldrazi trapped on plane but sentient, no spark, still trying to eat the plane. But it does that slowly as it tries to find a way to restore its ability to leave the decaying prison - knowing that if it fails, it will die.
majoris personae:
- B/R planeswalker, a deconstruction of the usual chaotic evil powerful murderhobo. this pw is a highly intelligent, methodical personality that uses plans and contingencies to defeat enemies and achieve goals. Perhaps like a Rakshasa vibe, or a devil from d&d. epic wizard level planning, thoroughness and intelligence, but evil and desirous of destruction. This one came to the plane to study the effects of planar collapse, not knowing that the object he seeks is the thing that inhabits the plane and caused its collapse, and will certainly try to devour him and take his spark.
- Eldrazi/planeswalker hybrid. It regains much of its power at the end of the block and leaves, causing the plane to finally disintigrate into the Blind Eternities. Doesn't need a spark to travel as the Eldrazi have the natural ability to do so - but, interestingly, it still possesses some imitation of it, has a soul, and does not think on the scale of an Eldrazi anymore. It views this as a curse, because it cannot act on the scale of an Eldrazi, either, and so eating the lifeforce of a plane is basically out of its reach. So its new quest is to restore itself to full power again.

>comment too long, continued below with another major character

>> No.31613829
File: 100 KB, 312x445, Imperiosaur.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Not everything would have to be vanilla, either. Add in some Lizard tribal support, reprint Muraganda Petroglyphs and add another card or two along that same vein in R/G, and add in a couple of vanilla creatures that are efficient but not turn 1-2 drops to hopefully keep Aggro away from them. Extend the lizard tribal support to another color (B/R maybe), but keep the vanilla creature support either Green or R/G. Throw in something for Blue and White to do and you have a set.

Actually, this is minor enough that you could probably smash it into a core set, to be honest. Like if they ever made a plane-hopping themed block, just toss a bunch of Muraganda shit into M17 or whatever, it'd work fine. The mechanics are so simple and restrictive that I imagine it'd be pretty difficult to fuck up Standard that much.

I think it could work.

>> No.31613831

- some G/W legendary creature, a character like the rebel heroes of Rath (Eladamri in particular) who is dedicated to preserving his people and saving them from the numerous dark fates that could befall them, and in the end successfully prevents their demise - leading an exodus from the collapsing plane in the voidships that actually allow survival in the Blind Eternities. Could be an elf, but the image in my mind was half new ajani, half vhati, half leonin and possibly half other thing.
minoris personnae:
- illithid/eldrazi creatures. Like their progenitor they are sentient, and much reduced in power, but they haunt the void of the plane in their living ships searching for more essence to drain, prey to eat and turn into themselves. They don't require sustenance (like an eldrazi?) and are therefore becoming more and more powerful as they - along with their master - slowly devour the plane. Completely nomadic. They might be black+colorless, or those plus a smattering of green and red.
- the rest of the sentient races have stronghold colonies on the remaining and highly valuable physical landmass that survived the apocalypse as well as voidships that explore, trade, fight and live out in the places where the material of the plane is thin to nonexistent. The races would be elves, goblins, humans and vedalken, with sentient nonhumanoids and possibly other minor races.

>even more continuation with monsters n stuff, planar locations, that sort of thing

>> No.31613878

- lots of monsters, especially those that have adapted to the void. Seeing as there are zones of void as well as air, water and earth - much like "The Integral Trees", in fact - there is also a wide variety of creatures that have adapted to these conditions, but the scariest and most dangerous are the massive horrors that lurk in the void and in their wanderings sometimes eat remnant pieces of the physical world.
- usual gamut of fantasy creatures - dragons that have gas-jets or something maybe?, demons who go around collecting souls and are even more nihilistic than usual, knowing that they cannot count on eternity, angels very bitter at the destruction of the plane, focused either on a crusade to kill what they think caused the apocalypse or on preserving what little they can. Green was kind of shafted at the shattering of the world, and so they probably just have nonsentient ultra-angry elementals, though there will probably be at least one treefolk adapted to the new conditions to show just how messed up everything has become. Blue's sphinx population are just as aloof as normal, except for the ones that are insane; they still seek knowledge but don't lean towards preserving the plane or destroying it - they would seemingly prefer the status quo.
important places:
- at the center of the plane is a 'black hole' which is not a black hole, but instead the funnel of gravity that is created by the eldrazi/planeswalker as it consumes the plane. Those trapped within get to meet it before they die.
>bah humbug, one final location description as it's all I've come up with/can remember

>> No.31613924

They did a lot of that in Odyssey block. That's where Double-Elephant (Call of the Herd) is from.

>> No.31613928

- certain strongholds exist that have the capacity to completely negate the pull into the center of the plane, or 'Drift' as it is called by the natives, and recognize that it is not only gravity but also a magical effect, and some have even divined that there is a highly malevolent force within the center that makes any seers who gaze upon it go insane (their souls get eaten maybe). The most organized forces are here, with GW trying to preserve, R trying to conquer (unless I can come up with a new theme for them; is this the place for creativity?), U being sorceror-kings bent on isolation and study, and B being the tombs, mausoleums of strongholds, shattered by raids or necromancers and infested with horrors and undead.
That's all for now. One of the mechanical ideas is to experiment with eldrazi stuff like annihilator and the 'sacrifice spawn to summon things', but flavor it as other sentients using eldrazi power without really realizing it, all the while further diminishing life on the plane and empowering the thing killing all of them.

>> No.31614002

that would be really cool if they did things non-stupidly. Deepcavern Imp from Future Sight was a reference to such a set, and hopefully they will end up making it.

>> No.31614089

the official ones they used to do on the mothership, I dunno if they're still around but it's the one where tezzeret goes to mirrodin, I'll try to find a link

>> No.31614147

dark discoveries 3 is the one I'm thinking of

>> No.31614261

interesting... I vaguely remember Onslaught but it was rotating out of T2 when I started playing

I'd say even more exaggerated than that, though. Like in a 150-card set have only 2-3 creature cards per color but another 5 keyrune-ish artifacts, and a couple more spells that create tokens.

>> No.31614542

Expansion with a technologically advanced plane (e.g. world war 1 era).

>> No.31614556

Reprinting Yawgmoth's Will.

>> No.31615235

Yes, make standard legal a banned legacy/restricted vintage card.

>> No.31615426

More Allies, they already made new Slivers so why not bring back these nasty assholes back?

>> No.31616055

we'll probably see allies as a returning core set mechanic eventually.

>> No.31616060

>a card with both Radiance and Battalion.
Templating would be awkward, but you could easily have cards that use both guild mechanics in a synergistic way.

>WU, reveal ~ from your hand: Detain Target creature. (Activate this ability only during your upkeep and only once each turn.)
>Whenever ~ and at least two other creatures attack, target crature and each other creature that shares a color with it can't block this turn.
>okay, Dimir and Golgari are a stretch, but still possible.
>Bloodrush and Bloodthirst on one card make for amazing flexibily, as do Replicate and Overload or Graft and Evolve
>If ~ haunts a creature you control, that creature has Extort
>Unleash. Creatures with +1/+1 counters on them have double strike as long as you have no cards in your hand.
>Convoke. Populate X times, where X is the number of tapped creatures you control.

>> No.31616525

U and W track damage over multiple turns. Is that intentional?
Along with UBWRG instead of WUBRG. Are you a rustleruser?

>> No.31616556

1 ) Return to Kamigawa to see how Michiko Konda's spirit sister and the kami + mortal relations have progressed and can perhaps see a new threat rising

2) Wedges of Alara - instead of the allied colors, use the wedges

4) 4-color themed, because the Nephilim weren't legendary ;-;

>> No.31616628

This is an amazing idea, and the mechanics + flavor text are excellent

that's pretty much provoke

>> No.31617051

Is western flavor worth a keyword that's almost provoke?

Bushido is just putting a very narrow name on a very generic mechanic, which sucks. The rest is awesome if overcosted, I agree, except for arcane. Splice is fine, but too insular. It's really hard to balance though, so I can see where WotC comes from.

>I'm going to break out the 300 page rulebook and see if they really did change it
Protip: Ctrl-F.

I so wish for B to get more sui cards again. Imagine Disciple of Bolas for 1B with "lose" instead of "gain".

>wizards has become less cautious about the collectors suing them again
Since at least DD: Phyrexia vs. The Coalition


I'd like to see some of-key creature type support, for example Horror, Ooze or Jellyfish. Doesn't even have to be straight-up lords, something like Scarblade Elite is fine too. That could make for a set without humans as well, which is a win in my book. Also, (re-)print unfun cards please.
>Stone Rain

>> No.31617170

>Stone Rain
>two relatively innocuous commons that are just a bit too much for what WOTC wants for the game
>ok that could get out of hand

>> No.31617256

Oh, I also had these tribes in mind for a custom card thread way back:

UR weirds
GR plants
WU vedalken
BG skellingtons
No idea for WB. Insects รก la Nantuko, but with hives?

>> No.31617371

I am aware that those are varying degrees of NEVERGONNAREPRINT, but the point is, all of those cards don't see reprints because efficient disruption is deemed unfun by WotC these days, unless it's nonland removal or selective discard.

>> No.31617448

It is deemed unfun but Hymn to Tourach is just blatantly too powerful for them to reprint. It would wreck standard and obliterate combo decks in modern. Remember that Thoughtseize is in standard right now and there's a new Mesmeric Fiend in JIN so selective discard isn't out of the question, and it hasn't been that long since Mana Leak was legal so two-mana counterspells aren't impossible.

>> No.31617642

>so selective discard isn't out of the question
>unless it's nonland removal or selective discard.

No shit.

>Mana Leak

While it was in standard legal recently, WotC basically said "That's too good." Arguably, the best universal counter since then has been Syncopate, which doesn't even come close to Leak, which in turn is as balanced as Counterspell. Again, it's not about an individual card's power, but an efficiency threshold for certain effects.

>> No.31617771

Lorwyn vs. Phyrexia

I can already imagine them putting up a promotional poster with a bunch of kithkin putting a bucket on an Obliterators head and hitting it with a mop.

>> No.31617831

Are you too edgy for fun?

>> No.31617966

UG has fish crabs

>> No.31617979
File: 32 KB, 223x310, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A set that is devoid of colorless mana symbols. Every cost must be paid with a specific type of mana. Large spells will costed like the Ultimatum cycle

>> No.31618022

Three Kingdoms block revisited. With horse riding slivers.

>> No.31618088

I kind of want an even distributon of colors between the tribes. UG would screw this up.

>> No.31618112

You... YOu do know three kingdoms wasn't a block and was based on chinaman history, right?

>> No.31618134

That would be a nightmare in limited unless you go for manafixing with alternate casting costs available to every color. No 3+-drop would be splashable, and even 2drops would be awkward.

>> No.31618159

Rise to the challenge

>> No.31618187

Return to Zendikar, except the Eldrazi have brought on an ice age.
Return to Arabian Nights except instead of sand it's snow.
Return to Dominaria. Snow or no snow I don't even care.

>> No.31618208

The challenge here being the decision between an ok 2-color deck that can't cast its spells on curve or a monocolor deck filled with all cards you opened in that color. Sounds like fun.

>> No.31618253

I imagine drafting would be terrible.
>This is a pretty good white bomb
>Wait, I'm not getting any white cards passed to me
>or blue
>or green
>Why is red the only color getting passed?

>> No.31618317

Yeah. You'd have to subvert color heavily via alternate costs, and that defeats the purpose, I think

>> No.31618546

It could be interesting as a cycle in some set.
2/2, doublestrike
As an alternate cost to cast CARDNAME, you may pay 1 and exile a white card from your hand.

>> No.31618636

Hilariously this wouldn't see play in a red deck, but is an easy four of in a lot of white decks.

>> No.31618660

eva green for liliana
Rose Leslie for chandra

>> No.31618719

Involve something like on Anger and its cycle, maybe. Free spells are always problematic, though.

>> No.31619239

A devotion/landfall combo mechanic that triggers off of basic lands, making the price of basic lands skyrocket to $.15

>> No.31620292

A cycle of "If more than X mana is spend during a single turn, do Y".
Mana source that mana burn if you don't use them.

>> No.31620948

In terms of flavor:
A set based on the Italian Renaissance.

A set where all the creatures are vanilla, but severely undercosted. (This is a stupid idea)

>> No.31622056

You could actually give it trample due to how layers work. Since you are removing abilities and giving abilities in the same layer, apply time-stamps to determine what abilities the creature would have.

Example: Creature with brute is a whatever/whatever with no abilities, enchant it with rancor and it becomes a whatever+2/whatever with trample.

Two relatively common examples of this are Humility + equipment interaction, and Inkmoth Nexus with Melira in play.

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