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Mix and Match time : Take a one quest's setting, another's waifu, a third's secondary BBEG, and a fourth quest's character of your choosing.

This is a new quest, what is it about, how good is it, why aren't you running this?

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I should make note that I mean "a" waifu not "the" waifu.

Also, someone else post the links

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>why aren't you running this?
Because an idea made from several bad ideas, is still a bad idea.

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Hero Quest

cuz it would be terrible

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>no copypasta
>no Player/QM questions

Players: Your favourite quest's MC finds out they're going to be a father (or 'father'). What do?
QMs: Your players vote to seduce the final boss. It makes sense, and you can't really find any arguments against it other than 'I don't want to write it'. What do?

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Just what the hell do you think the Mix and Match bullshit is?


It will never be satisfied.

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Years from now you will sit back and try and remember where you were when you realized German Schteel died.

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How would that even work out?

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>every quest thread is text-based
>no minimalist style ala Ruby Quest or Joan Quest
>just lolis and walls of text
Truly we live in /d/a/rk times

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Oh god, all that Shadow Quest Happening

I can't

I mean, I don't

That doesn't, I just

I Can't deal with it

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Have you made any weapons IRL? Any sort of weapon, from barely functional homemade shit to multi million stuff.

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Is Flint dead yet?

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Plans for any?

Actual Hacking Quest

Edgymancy Quest

SJW Quest

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He might never have been alive in the first place

Depending on your perspective

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Did you mean to post that here?

Also no. I buy guns if I want a weapon.

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So SM is cribbing from Hitchhiker's Guide, then.

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Shit man I just don't know anymore

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Yes, right in the QTG.

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What about Hero Quest?

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Why are you feeding the troll.

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Never have I seen a qtg so silent on a saturday night. And the OP even started with crossover sperg bait.

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It's easter, people are probably busy. This is also the bad timeslot for QTG speed.

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>wanting another Ruby Quest
Please no. /tg/ is bad enough already.

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What do you do when you know, beyond reasonable doubt, that a quest you're following is careening towards an inevitable shitstorm?
Do you charge in, or just wait until it blows over?

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make the shitstorm worse obviously. Either the quest is good enough that the good players will whether it and the quest will become stronger for it, or the quest wasn't good enough, and it will die sooner rather than later.

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Blatant Fetish Quest

All the PGQ waifu cast

>Secondary BBEG
Dreads of DAQ


The pure ladies of PGQ must survive the depredations of the BFQ world and Caffornicator, all while dodging a Jamaican Cyborg with plasma cannons.

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it wouldn't

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Or it will continue on, a shadow of its former self.

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>BFQ world
Not sure a bunker is somewhere I'd want any quest to go.

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I wish Herbert got fast.

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What's PGQ?

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Don't worry, this thread'll become SQG in a bit.

Pringle Guard Quest, a one-shot by Larro where a lady guarded a can of pringles from enemies of the kingdom.

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Princess Guard Quest. I'm assuming you're serious if slightly new, since it was the King Kong of questing a few months ago.

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me too
> dat wife tho

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... Is there an archive?

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Why would there be, it's not like anyone uses them. /sarcasm

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Yeah, I was on a lot a couple years back, but dropped for some reason.
Just came back 1.5-2 months ago.

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It's wonderful.

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Who wanna try Dealer Quest?

>Be a young mage that rises through the ranks of the drug game.

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>Not playing a baker

no but seriously it sounds fun. But it'll end in tears

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Or cut the fantasy part and be a regular person in a regular world

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Except that's not fun at all.

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It can be if the writing is good enough.

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How can something in a quest be moe? Does it have to be a drawquest?

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>Not wanting to play a wizard that can transmute chemicals directly into meth

>> No.31594980

Why would you even need meth if you're a wizard? Sure, to sell for money, but you could make much more money doing other things.

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Moe is a perceived quality. It's up to your players to perceive something as moe. If you lay it on too thick, it becomes obnoxious. If you lay it on too thin, it won't be noticed.
>inb4 thin your moe
To be perceived as moe, the character has to be: young, inexperienced, showing some endearing quirk or habit, cute, clumsy, and what not. Generally, the character has to be endearing and invoke feelings of wanting the participants to protect them and their innocence/cuteness/other endearing quality.

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That mindset is like believing spices make up the flavor of a meal.

Moe works like a sketch, it only comes up without consequence and trying to tug at people's strings. When it doesn't come up, the contrast makes shit look serious.

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Maybe the MC is a dropout with no real career choice but an aptitude for the magical art? Maybe he's a regular drugmule who accidentally found a book of magic and decides to learn the craft?

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>To be perceived as moe, the character has to be: young, inexperienced, showing some endearing quirk or habit, cute, clumsy, and what not. Generally, the character has to be endearing and invoke feelings of wanting the participants to protect them and their innocence/cuteness/other endearing quality.
Except when they're a memetic teleloli thing that's only moe because we think it's moe.

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> married MC
Why doesn't this happen more often?

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Because qms are hacks.

>> No.31595121

because people want to choose their waifus, i.e. QM's are lazy/afraid to write a set-in-stone spouse

>> No.31595163

Nah, it's because they want the attention of a chase.

Typically, players are very loyal to whoever the QM tells them they feel loyal to.

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Nine and a half hours, folks, assuming feces doesn't hit the spinny thing with my connection.

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Because few MC had any relationship experience prior to the start of the quest. I guess it's to emulate the status of most players.

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>What is Hero Quest
>What is Sunset Hill Quest
>What is Nan Quest
>What is fucking half of tgchan that you're too scared to even look at because ooo, scary bugaboo from four fucking years ago

Buck up.

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Which quest?

>> No.31595227

>MC is married
>Is also deployed on a distant world in military conquest
killed just about any hope of waifu faggotry right then and there, and in the very first thread too.

>> No.31595236

> sunset hill
> Nan
I don't know.
Surprisingly deep explanation.

Me no know. Me just clean here.

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Are you talking about Space Knight Quest? I hope this one gits gud. BTW, he's only engaged.

>> No.31595251

Is this a theoretical scenario or has it actually happened?

>> No.31595259

So. How about that there Shadow Quest.

>> No.31595261

Still kills the waifu, and that's what matters.

>> No.31595262

>> sunset hill
>> Nan
>I don't know.

Then fucking educate yourself before you decry shit you know nothing about. There are three fucking sites for questing. There are quests running constantly. Look at fucking tgchan, look at akun, read shit. I gave you three quests where you said none existed in that genre. One of them made by Weaver.

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So many fucking deathflags though

>> No.31595272

Because you have to be utterly insane to marry in this day and age.
Don't jinx it.

>> No.31595282

If ever, I hope we can break through the cold shell of the royal girl.

>> No.31595293

What do you guys think about MCs dying? End of the line, an appropriate reaction to bad decisions, or should a quest carry on with some new MC

>> No.31595297

The unarmed swordsage quest will start running sometime this upcoming week, most likely next Friday.

>> No.31595298

Tank Witches did this. ZERO waifufaggotry.

>> No.31595308

In customer service, entertainment, or any other thing where you deal with people, you cannot sit down and say "This is how it should be". Read the mood. Death is huge. It's a huge deal. You NEED to carefully consider your players. If you don't, you'll get fucked.

>> No.31595314

Not the person you replied to, I'm afraid. I was just curious.
Don't fucking start. We have /r9k/ and /pol/ for this.

>> No.31595332

Convict Cyborg, duh.

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>MGNQ Ebook
>125 MB

>> No.31595345

>implying our husband wasn't up for a threesome with cute little subordinate

>> No.31595350

Does he even have a qt3.14 sub?

>> No.31595354

I've never seen any quests where this happened, but it is intriguing, a quest ending with an epilogue after the MC's death. I don't really see why that would mean the quest would have to come to a halt though.

Unless there's no supporting characters for which it would make sense to take up the mantle. Even then it would be interesting to see a story shift focus by going to one of the other characters and seeing how they deal with whatever fall out the MC's failure caused.

>> No.31595388

It's bloated and probably includes pictures galore. There's not that much content to read through, especially in the latest half.

>> No.31595394

It's on the books for my quest but it doesn't look like it'll ever happen though.

>> No.31595404

No, it was OUR cute subordinate. She called us 'mum' and everything.
Granted that was just because she was British and that's a thing they do but still. So cute.
Fuck you Panzer I wanted more of that.
There was some slaver quest that did it. I'm not sure if it was actually called Slaver Quest or something else.

>> No.31595406

What about multiple MCs? I remember Dorf Quest pulling it off back in ye old days.

>> No.31595429

BPQ does this a little. One-off threads, fights, and scenes, but we do get sheets and character insight.

>> No.31595452

That reminds me, where the hell did Slave Trade Quest go ?

>> No.31595454

She gave him a handkerchief after breakfast when he mentioned going into battle with one. She wants the D

>> No.31595469

STC has two MCs. If Angelic ever becomes unkill they might end up killing each other.

>> No.31595482

Funnily enough that's already an eventuality I have planned for, I even spent one and a half threads in a supporting character's perspective.

Although if a TPK manages to happen I'm certain that's pretty much it.

Something else in the same setting later after that MAYBE.

>> No.31595489

The QM for the first one got trolled into oblivion and had an emotional breakdown.
The QM for the second one ran two threads and never posted again.

>> No.31595494

depends on how big a consequence death is in the game's setting

>> No.31595516

Oh that. Crazed biscum turbowhore. Dropped.

>> No.31595570

Could possibly work but that is dependent on MC's closest surviving as well.

>> No.31595598

Someone's gotta run that James Bond quest where you just start playing a new James Bond after the old one dies.

>> No.31595643

>Because you have to be utterly insane to marry in this day and age.
But many quests don't take place in this day and age?

>> No.31595661

[01:10] Shot__ >To the surprise of absolutely no one, either Naruto retards show themselves to be so, or Dran has finally gained dedicated trolls
[01:10] Shot__ http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Dranule last one, if anyone wants to see.

Hey Dran. Your containment is leaking.

>> No.31595664

And in them, shit's even worse than in this day and age.

>> No.31595715

Likely a dedicated troll.

>> No.31595724

> they might end up killing each other.
That sounds unbearably edgy and railroaded.

>> No.31595752

>And in them, shit's even worse than in this day and age.
Really? Never seen a quest focus much on atrocious divorce and child custody laws.

>> No.31595765

>FQ migrates
>Almost instantly, misarchives jump up

Space Knight, Renegade Prince, Overlimit, and so on. Are people still gonna say there's no effect?

>> No.31595777

All it takes is one misarchivist. He'll eventually get bored once QMs start archiving threads the instant they make them.

>> No.31595779

Except Fuck Quest hasn't migrated yet, has it?

>> No.31595784

I thought Renegade Prince was just because the archiver was a retard. Didn't seem malicious to me.

>> No.31595785

it's just one guy.

All that has changed is QMs now need instant archives.

>> No.31595788

We have a new misarchivist?

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File: 54 KB, 1131x375, misarchiving is disgusting.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think so too

or they stop giving a fuck because Foolz exists

>> No.31595799

he will last exactly as long as it takes the sup/tg/ guy to get around to moderating.

so a couple months.

>> No.31595811

A lot of people use suptg to find new quests, given it's the best way outside of catching them when they're on the board.

>> No.31595813

It hasn't.
I think they'll just rely on local staff covering for them and carry on as usual.
Yes, stirring drama leads to more archive vandalism and trolling. Your point?

>> No.31595849

I think LL's dead for good this time. Good riddance.

>> No.31595853

And the Space Knight one seems like someone's confusing twitter tags with suptg tags.

>> No.31595919

Huh, you're right.

>> No.31595974

>doesn't know any quests
>has opinions about quests in general.
fuck off.

>> No.31595980

Never assume malicious intent when human stupidity is a more likely cause.

>> No.31596002

Malicious intent would be a better explanation for the Overlimit misarchive.

I mean, Jesus fuck. It's either a really good troll, or an incredibly moronic Narutard.

>> No.31596006


>> No.31596058

Write a few threads without any player involvement.
And then make the MC come back, guns blazing and saving everyone's asses.

Depending on the exact nature of the game, you can make it bittersweet by making the MC come back due to side effects of BBEG shenanigans. If it's the final, I'd also suggest unlocking all upgrades for the MC for that final encounter.

>> No.31596073

Seriously, all this shit wouldn't happen if there was a way to edit the archive.

>> No.31596082

Then misarchivers would just edit the archive to be misarchived, though.

>> No.31596100

> what is wiki vandalism

>> No.31596104

Renegade Voice keeps saying the MC can die, but there's players that doubt it.

>> No.31596111

Are you really this stupid or did you just had a lapse in your ability think?

>> No.31596126

If the archiver could edit the ones he makes, I mean.

At least the ones that honestly fucked up could correct it.

>> No.31596141

Maybe, then. It'd be a race the QM had an advantage on, at least.

>> No.31596219

It's the first one. Dran will get all sorts of flak now that he's running Naruto.

>> No.31596236

Maybe if they'd need to make an account for it or something? Only the QM could alter the quests he himself archives.
But in that case, better make a new suptg just for quests or something.

>> No.31596250

How about we change subjects. Any new quests you guys have liked recently, and things you'd like for them to do or change to improve?

>> No.31596398

Proto-neo new york or Cyber-post tokyo?

>> No.31596413

Wetwork Idols needs more images.
Savior needs to stop being dead.
>not retro-punk Chicago

>> No.31596426

>Wetwork Idols needs more images.
indeed, though last thread was an improvement and the OP seems to get the idea and hopefully is rooting around for appropriate cyberpunk pics

i'm looking forward to the next thread

>Savior needs to stop being dead.
come back Arva, and you too System :(

>> No.31596429

Husbando Quest, use Waifu Quest mechanics

>> No.31596435
File: 75 KB, 668x859, Razza'nalazec-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31596444

Harem Protagonist Quest is a thing. Unless you mean a multiple guy and one girl kind of affair.

>> No.31596632

Renegade Prince needs less faggy players. Convict Cyborg a little bit more speed.

>> No.31596727

>Savior needs to stop being dead.

What if Arva died?

>> No.31596761

So how would /tg/ feel about a quest that had a soundtrack? As in with each "major update", the QM posts a link to music that fits the tone and content?

>> No.31596794

No, Herbert needs more sleeping hours.

>> No.31596846

Nothing special.

>> No.31596894

/d/arkness resumes Tuesday.

>> No.31596922

> wanting your QM to sleep
I seem lost. Where do I get back to regular /tg/?

>> No.31596925

I still want "the everyday life of X character" segments to be more common in quests.

>> No.31596956

"QM-sama you needz sleepz" faggots has been in here since ever.

>> No.31596959

inb4 MC get's Dear John'd.

>> No.31596981
File: 2 KB, 202x184, 1373848058593.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>QM Arcadian @QMArcadian 5m

>Thread in twelve hours or so.
Oh yes here we go.

I assume he wants them to sleep more normally so they dont fall asleep while running the quest.
Herbert aint quick.

>> No.31597013

I don't much like them.
>Herbert aint quick.
Hella glacial more like though he writes okay and long at least.

>> No.31597076

Some Quests are all about everyday life.

>> No.31597113

What? This exists? I need me some Slice of Life Quests.

>> No.31597125

Yeah, Princess Guard.

>> No.31597218

>Decu boldly claims he'll run threads 4 days in a row over Easter
>So far has 1 thread, not running either the day before or the day after it, and at best can run 2 total IF he goes for Monday.
Seriously, if he knew he was going to do an art-heavy flashback that apparently needs a lot of prep, why the fuck would he claim he could do 4 in a row?

>> No.31597238

My guess is Decu didn't expect us not to fuck up the nice evening and delve into Siberia questionare...

Also Decu can't into reliable schedule estimates.

>> No.31597367

Made three nice shitty little tidbit stories/xenofiction for AI Quest.
They follow a moment in the life of one of the Guild's unsung heroes: those disposable units Ophion and friends go through like fat kids through chocolate:

>inb4 "It's bad and you should feel bad."

>> No.31597457

>Crazed biscum turbowhore.
> not gay
> likes sex
> has sex
Even if this is bait, my jimmies are thoroughly rustled.

>> No.31597511

Why would (most) crossboarders even bother learning about suptg? A lot of them would only even be here at all for FQ, and everyone on /a/ is used to using foolz as their archive. You'll have at most a handful of people being introduced to suptg, maybe more if the quest ends up using them when it runs.

>> No.31597513

> L&M General
You're a Sargent at most, phony.

>> No.31597524

well some of us here need to be dishonorably discharged

>> No.31597544

Son of a bitch there is already a damn metathread for FQ.

And here I was hoping beyond hope that they would have some level of decency.

>> No.31597561

Why bother replying to bait? It's pretty self-evident that he was just an alarmist or troll trying to cause trouble. Honestly, he could have even been the guy to misarchive the thread in the first place for all we know.

>> No.31597562

Yea nah, it's pretty much obviously bait.
I have no conclusive proof, but my gut tells me that it was you...

>> No.31597568

You would be wrong.

>> No.31597578

Of course.

>> No.31597590

Who really cares? Metathreads will die down once it starts running again and people get over the move. I agree that unnecessary metathreads are often poor form but you can't expect everyone to feel that way.

Better to not worry about it than to bring it into their thread or the QTG.

>> No.31597601

The 'quest' had pre-session metathreads every goddamn day on /a/. It won't die down, it will get worse.

>> No.31597602

The Fuck Quest thread got 404ed. I'm guessing either a mod got to it or people can actually delete their threads now?

If so, thank god for small blessings. Even if most of the problems going on with the site right now was caused by moot in the first place.

>> No.31597605

Just a heads-up, if OP loses his appeal to stay on /a/ and if FuckQuest discussion DOES end up in these threads, they'll be swamped. It's big enough to warrant a thread to itself, especially with /tg/'s low bump limit.

>> No.31597608

What the fuck is Fuck Quest?

>> No.31597609

Do you live in yesterday?

>> No.31597610

>Even if most of the problems going on with the site right now was caused by moot in the first place.
I want my fucking iqdb button back. That menu is really fucking obnoxious.

I wonder how toxic a dedicated Quest board would be.
/tg/ kind of shields quests from degenerating too much. Yes, it could be far worse.

>> No.31597613

I deleted it myself, this whole shit is so miserable.

we had such a good time a week ago, all that is left is misery.

>> No.31597615


Huge CYOA on /a/ that got booted off of /a/ yesterday, and so we're stuck here. Now our huge discussion threads will be stuck swamping the QTG, and we'll go through like a dozen threads an episode thanks to /tg/'s low bump limit.

>> No.31597618

We are the light that stands against the darkness that could be /quest/

We protect the innocent by imposing our fa/tg/uy ways into otherwise fetish fuel'd, mary sue'd circlejerks and showing people the true path to adequate role playing and group creative writing.

>> No.31597620

>I wonder how toxic a dedicated Quest board would be.
Your on one right now...

>> No.31597624

Sounds like /a/ waifu fap fuel bullshit to me.

That shit don't fly on /tg/

>> No.31597626

You know exactly what I mean. We don't need double's advocate.

>> No.31597629

are you that fucking retarded and invested in it so much you'd make meta threads about it and bitch and moan when fucking nothing at all has changed?

>> No.31597632


It's going to have to. We don't want to be here either, it's just we have no choice unless FQOP wins his appeal to stay on /a/.

>> No.31597633

>Sounds like /a/ waifu fap fuel bullshit to me.
>That shit don't fly on /tg/
Anon, what was the last Quest that you read?

...Then again, didn't our local fuck quest end with the MC buying a mercenary team?

>> No.31597635

Try using an extension?


We're actually okay with that kind of stuff as long as you're up front with what the quest entails from the beginning. Although a quest made for fap fuel that doesn't actually PROVIDE any, uh, material to fap to. Well. That's bullshit.

>> No.31597638

A shitty 'quest' on /a/ that only got attention because the OP filled it with smut.
It was railroaded to hell and the OP is deliberately antagonistic towards his players, baiting them into assuming out-of-thread comments are canon and punishing them severely for putting forethought into their actions based on them.

>> No.31597640

Rolled 7

1. Write my own fucking quest about The Edge Chronicles.
2. AoPH
3. Overhuman
5. Loli Stalker Quest
7. Bone Mage Quest
8. Pokemon Quest
9. FUCK Quest

>> No.31597642

Not sure what the fuck there actually is to discuss. I've lurked a few threads, and while the smut is adequate I'm not sure what the hell warrants out-of-thread discussion. There isn't a lot to talk about beyond just jawjacking for the sake of jawjacking.

>> No.31597645

What can I say? It's not like good advice are diamond dozen.

>> No.31597648

We have our own mods who won't let that shit fly. Even ERPG and Weekend Smut have to link their shit off board.

We are family fuckin' friendly here son.

>> No.31597650

So, wait, there was a Fuck Quest meta on /tg/? Anybody got a link?

>> No.31597653

>Try using an extension?
For a single button?
Chrome is already bloated enough. To the point that I'm using IE11 and Chrome in parallel to have less stress on my notebook.
Desktop IE11's rendering is actually perfect. But it suffers when it comes to functionality and ease of use. The touch version is best touch browser ever, though.

>> No.31597655

>I wonder how toxic a dedicated Quest board would be.
Imagine /lit/ + /ic/ + Akun with more moralfaggotry. So yea, not good.

>> No.31597656

>We have our own mods who won't let that shit fly.
Well someone does not know how the mods work...

Let me inform you, the mods are global, that mod on /a/? He's on /tg/ too you retard.

>> No.31597657
File: 8 KB, 857x103, moooooot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Speaking of Moot fucking up 4chan, how do I get my quote backlinks underlined again? Pic related.

>> No.31597665

The only good quests were Boone Quest and STALKER Quest.

And I fuckin' miss both of them.

Although Hobo Quest was pretty funny too when you were drunk and pretending to be a hobo.

>> No.31597667

Use custom css.

>> No.31597668

Its the highlight of my week, and what happened was a fucking joke.

>> No.31597670

>/a/ currently crammed in here with the rest of us.

>> No.31597671

Nice choice.

>> No.31597672

Eh. You guys will have to change your habits if you're going to be able to discuss it at all here, or else you'll just summon up trolls.

Talk in moderation about your quest; if you discuss it too much, you might just attract some spiteful anons. Might not even just limit themselves in your discussion; they might even enter the quest threads themselves, if some aren't already planning to.

OP deleted it to transfer here.

>> No.31597673

>That shit don't fly on /tg/
None of us want to be here either.
You don't want us.
Really, the only ones who want this are one or two mods that don't lurk either board as evidenced from their behaviour and late reply time.

>> No.31597677

Buy a jewpass

>> No.31597678

oh man
Get Firefox you turd.
All extensions are moderately fucked due to namespace changes. Wait a couple days for proper bugfixes.

>> No.31597679


I only lasted a few minutes, and it was all fa/tg/uys telling us to come to this thread. As if these threads could cope with the load of FQ discussion once it fully moves here.

>> No.31597680

I'm still trying to figure out how to follow red links without getting 403 forbidden errors.

>> No.31597681

>Although a quest made for fap fuel that doesn't actually PROVIDE any, uh, material to fap to. Well. That's bullshit.
OPs smut was decent-ish. I've seen it compared to MrBones, so if you like his thing you will probably like FQ and if you think MB is a shit then you won't like FQ either.

>> No.31597682







>Its the highlight of my week
Go kill yourself right now.

>> No.31597683

Don't forget /sci/.
I bet we'd have a few sperg quests.

...Actually, I wonder if that would mean an army of min-maxers and QM tools for offscreen in-depth systems and rolling. Might be interesting.

On that note, I'd be open to write simple programs for calculating entire systems if an QM wants to make an in-depth system.

>> No.31597684

Oh also the KODP threads but they weren't really quests.

I do love me my KODP threads.

>> No.31597687

Question QTG, there were two somewhat awesome One Piece quests that were goin on last year but were dropped, does anyone know why?

>> No.31597688
File: 36 KB, 757x243, banned.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31597694

>As if these threads could cope with the load of FQ discussion once it fully moves here.
we've coped with worse before and your fucking retarded to try and shove your meta threads bullshit down the rest of the boards throats, thats what these threads are for retard

>> No.31597696

Your vision of the future fills me with dread mighty oracle. Pray tell me how to avoid this fate to my board.

>> No.31597699

They are underlined for me. I use the native extension though, not 4chanX or anything else.

>> No.31597703


Except now we have to put up with fa/tg/uys who don't want us here, and a much lower bump limit as well as having to share Quest Thread Generals with you guys which will only result in these threads being 90% Fuck Quest.

>> No.31597705

I have no extensions and it's underlined.

I wonder if it will be trolled into oblivion with the /a/ influx.

>Get Firefox you turd.
I would even take webkit Opera over modern Firefox.

>> No.31597707

>he thinks his waifu quest is going to be more popular than any other quest

>> No.31597711

>So, wait, there was a Fuck Quest meta on /tg/? Anybody got a link?

> /a/
> Naruto
Heh. See >>31597688

>> No.31597713

The idea is for you guys to not talk about it as much anymore or else risk other people mobbing your own quest threads. Learn the local etiquette if you want to even think of being able to continue your quest close to how it was.

>> No.31597716
File: 132 KB, 1388x1055, DmOdyuV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is alternate universer naruto where he doesn't have the QB but forges his own path due to his will. he hates everyone. he has a sharingan in one eye and a byakugan battle brawler in the other. he seduced hinata to learn the gentle fist technique after taking the eye of her cousin. he took the sharingan from kakashi after they fought to the death when he had no more to teach him. he know's the taijutsu from might guy, but also knows how to do the loudasfuckbirdbolthandthingthatninjasshouldntusebecauseitsloudandflashyandlightningy because kakashi likes him because they had similar upbringings because his parents were failures and kakashis parents were failures as well, so they had common grownd. his favourite weapon is needles, he preferes to stab his enemies. he can hit every choclate point and pressure point at once to make them fall down. his sharingan is mankeku sharingan, it can summon black flames and can warp spacetime itself because he was taught how by watching kakashi do it. his signiture move is to unlock all 8 gates, then stab the opponent with ameratsu and cheepbirds covered needles in all of theyre chakra points with gentle fist boosted by 8gates.

>> No.31597717

>Except now we have to put up with fa/tg/uys who don't want us here
Don't be a bunch of dick gargling faggots and we won't care.

>and a much lower bump limit
Which means that you won't stay on the front page as long, oh noes its the end of the world, fuck me your retarded, threads last hours longer here than on /a/

>having to share Quest Thread Generals with you guys which will only result in these threads being 90% Fuck Quest.
And? these threads are already cesspits, not like you could make them worse.

>> No.31597718

>Except now we have to put up with fa/tg/uys who don't want us here, and a much lower bump limit as well as having to share Quest Thread Generals with you guys which will only result in these threads being 90% Fuck Quest.
Not different from Princess Guard and the like.

No one cares as long as you don't attempt to discuss Joker Quest.

>> No.31597721

Here's the thing, though; you're blaming the mods, when it was FQOP's own fault for pandering to the lowest common denominator, purely to gain more attention.
Turns out the lowest common denominator makes for a shit playerbase.

>> No.31597724

>Your vision of the future fills me with dread mighty oracle. Pray tell me how to avoid this fate to my board.
Make the corrupted guardians of the board see reason and lift this most dreadful exile.

>> No.31597728

what didn't happen? Yesterday the whole thing got fucked up at the best part, and now its SoonTM written all over it.

And what about it being my highlight? Im a working man, and nothing else is airing right now that interests me.

i don't go around talking shit how people spend their day painting little plastic figures do I?

>> No.31597729


Oh and Terminator Quest was pretty rad fun too.

Where we were playing as a small Skynet and got sent back in time to dark ages Italy to take over the world before people even figured out the earth revolved around the sun. If I remember correctly we ended up bioengineering the bubonic plague, creating Knight Terminators and forming a cult around worshiping us. Shit was fun.

>> No.31597731

I am saying this as someone who has been here for a while and also followed Fuck Quest, you guys would have to work real hard to achieve the stupidity of the pokesperg when we were picking a graft. QTG has seen some shit.

>> No.31597737

Or we could just have one easily filterable FQ thread at a time without overwhelming Quest General, and if we're contained to one thread it's easy for /tg/ users that don't like it to hide/filter it.

>> No.31597739

Along with AoPH back during maximum pokesperg, Fuck Quest might be one of the quests that actually "deserve" (by dint of its extremely large and annoying fanbase) its own meta thread. Especially since recursive hiding seems to be broken in 4chan X right now.

Calling it now: Fuck Quest is run by Twen. He dropped SEQ because players rode it out of the genre he wanted to write, and now he's created Fuck Quest from the ashes.

>> No.31597743

>when it was FQOP's own fault for pandering to the lowest common denominator
thats bullshit though, we didn't pander to anyone, the community grew by itself.

the amount of people was more of a burden, really, because it attracted the wrong kind of people, evidently.

>> No.31597745

its not dead, and the OP's going to run it no matter what board he's forced onto, fuck me transitioning from /a/ to /tg/ means fucking nothing at all and you treat it like someone murdered your parents

>> No.31597747

Bump limit doesn't matter, /tg/ is glacially slow compared to /a/. In the timeslot FQ runs threads can linger for hours on end after hitting autosage.

As for everything else, have you perhaps tried... NOT discussing it outside the official threads? Because that's what most people do. Sure if there is a topical issue or someone has a specific question it'll get brought up in QTG but as a general practice people don't just laze around talking about the random goings-on in in latest installment of any of the dozens of quests that run daily.

>> No.31597750


The naruto quest is already ongoing. It's called Dead Last quest. Honestly, it's your best bet of overturning the decision. Forcing /a/ into the same thread as a bunch of retarded Naruto lovers is a recipe for disaster/hilarity.
Seriously, play that shit up and Moot will probably do something.

>> No.31597752

That doesn't work, anon. Trust me on this, it's very bad mojo.
We (as in the questers of /a/) are guests here. Not out of our own volition but still. I urge you to reconsider.

>> No.31597758

I would make it my personal agenda to make permanent minmaxing threads for at least half a dozen quests if you did that.

/tg/ has room for 150 threads. At any time, there's about ten to twenty quests running.
If you start metathreads, you'll have up to a third of the board filled with quests.
/tg/ is the board where quests go, but it's NOT THE QUEST BOARD. That room is needed for OTHER topics.

>> No.31597764

God dammit this is 100% my OCD but it's spelt fuckign moot.

With a lowercase "m". Not Moot. moot.

Thank you

>> No.31597765

>Fuck Quest
>not pandering
Yeah, you keep thinking that.

>> No.31597770

>Seriously, play that shit up and Moot will probably do something.
Why would he? I don't really see any cause for him to do such a thing.

>> No.31597771

learn the situation before spouting shit like a fool

the reason we have a SINGLE QTG thread at a time? because the entire rest of the board crusaded to get rid of quests and shat up every single thread there was about quests and even non-quest related threads about the cancer that were quests just because we had several quest specific meta threads

this is the Quest Thread General, your discussion belongs in here and nowhere else

if you don't like it, fuck off to tgchan

>> No.31597772

>he doesn't know what /a/ traffic is like

>> No.31597773

I am still mad about what happened, and the way it happened.

And i will continue being mad for some time.

>> No.31597776

AoPH had a few metathreads back when because it's a fucking drag to look at, think about, or deal with the sort of shitbird that quest attracts. The same is true of Fuck Quest.

>> No.31597777

OK guys, you've persuaded me. We'll contain Fuck Quest discussion to these threads and see how it goes.

So, how do you think that family dinner with our harem will go?

>> No.31597779

>Seriously, play that shit up and Moot will probably do something.
He won't.
He'll laugh his ass off and implement Facebook integration on /b/ just to piss everyone off.

The newest redesign is a sign of worse things to come.

>> No.31597782

Is this a good bait or are you new? I can't be quite sure. Good job if it is a bait.

>> No.31597783

If he's going to remove Fuck Quest from /a/ just because of the IRC spammers, he'll almost certainly overturn the decision if an even bigger fuss is kicked up. Not that I'm endorsing it or anything. Just saying.

>> No.31597784



>> No.31597788

It had one metathread, actually, because an anon got pissed off at it being discussed.

>> No.31597789

your mad about being kicked out of the non quest board, and into the quest board, which changes nothing and legitimizes the quests existence?

your fucking stupid

>> No.31597790

This is actually better than what I expected the future to be mighty oracle.

At Least we can make open fun of this and compare it to our local THAT GUY who tried to make a Ninja in Pathfinder and was crushed when the DM said he has to multiclass to cast spells and ended up with a 3 Ninja/1 Magnus/1 Sorcerer and was confused as to why his character was total shit.

>> No.31597794

/a/ hates Naruto.

>> No.31597798

The mods could have permanently banned FQOP and every single poster in that thread if they wanted to, they instead were lenient and told you you could continue completely unimpeded on the board meant for questing, and yet your mad about it...

>> No.31597801

It wasn't as smooth as that.

>> No.31597803

/a/ hates it self man

>> No.31597804


Bad. Cerise is majorly pissed off, right after we patched things up with her. Just because Whitney had to run her mouth, and then Vivian and Rose showed up. Cerise is NOT going to be friendly.

>> No.31597806

>in Pathfinder
Should have played Fantasy Craft and done Magus/Edgemaster/Martial Artist.

>> No.31597807

An anon in QTG got assblasted enough to start a thread. That was the only one. The other metaish thread was actually legit quest thread, but it was so retarted that the whole thread was just for one vote so it is kind of an abominationation that we can not quite call a quest thread, but it was not meta either.

>> No.31597813

>and every single poster in that thread

so like 30% of /a/?

>> No.31597814

he's not going to do shit because it never belonged on /a/, all the spammers did was dry up the mods patience and actually enforce the rules

>> No.31597815

Sounds dangerous.

What happens if we pray to the dark gods for guidance?

>> No.31597819
File: 12 KB, 531x272, unlucky.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>recursive hiding broken in 4chan X
>Fuck Quest comes to QTG.

>> No.31597820

FQOP is going to railroad you into a panicked frenzy, drop some distraction smut, then CLIFFHANGAR OH GOD LOOK AT ALL THIS PLOT.

>> No.31597823

>The mods could have permanently banned FQOP and every single poster in that thread if they wanted to
No they could not.

>> No.31597827

it was as smooth as you made it

>> No.31597828

My group plays Pathfinder
We like Pathfinder

Also FATE, Iron Kingdoms and sometimes Cybergeneration.

>> No.31597831

Roll 1d100 for Dark Gods.

>> No.31597833

Ah, I remember that one. It was made to be a 2nd parter to the first thread since the first thread was close to 404ing, but then Prof went and posted the update in the first thread instead because of how vitriolic some anons were. I'm really glad I had to leave for the vote and only came back after Prof had started posting the update.

>> No.31597835

>Proper English
What the fuck is this shit?

>> No.31597838

if they wanted to, they had grounds for it and from your behavior in your foster home here, the world would be a better place if they did

>> No.31597840

>What the fuck is this shit?
The QM is a bit slow on the uptake.

>> No.31597842

Rolled 40

Cmmmoooon Tzeentch daddy needs some magic powers before this dinner.

>> No.31597845

Anon, they've permanently banned people for much much less and those threads were an actual rule violation

>> No.31597846
File: 413 KB, 600x399, fq1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which FuckQuest would you fuck?

>> No.31597848

Do you really think a quest written entirely in DUWANG-speak would work?

The entire thing would just be arguments over what was actually being said.

>> No.31597851

>[x] None of the above


>> No.31597853

All of them except Cerise, who is and always has been shit.

>> No.31597854

All of them but especially kaa-san.
She is best.

>> No.31597856

You have invoked Khorne. Bad End.

>> No.31597857

Whitney, definately she has the best overall personality.

>> No.31597860

Clearly moot was planning on this timing. It's all a plan to make some evil plot of his come to fruition, it will probably involve him becoming a deity or something.

>> No.31597861

>All of them look the fucking same except one is blonde.


>> No.31597862

>implying you get a choice

>> No.31597866

Here's links to all the past Fuck Quest episodes in case any fa/tg/uys are curious and want to chekc it out:

EPISODE 1: https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/103437302/
EPISODE 2: https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/103497598/
EPISODE 3: https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/103554252/
EPISODE 3.5: https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/103643657/
EPISODE 4: https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/103720578/ | https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/103727135/
EPISODE 5: https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/103783037/ | https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/103788574/
EPISODE 6: https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/104198973/ | https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/104205490/ | https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/104211736/
INTERLEWD 1: https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/104375052/
EPISODE 7: https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/104633787/ | https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/104640917/ | https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/104645389/
INTERLEWD 2: https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/104999323/ | https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/105004817/
EPISODE 8: https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/105068175/ | https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/105075674/ | https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/105081311/
INTERLEWD 3: https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/105519834/ | https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/105527024/ | https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/105533345/
INTERLEWD 4: https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/105766351/ | http://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/105772214/

>> No.31597867

>bottom left
whoever she is

>> No.31597872

What powers do we unlock for worshiping Khorne?

How many of our harems skulls must go to the skullthrone?

>> No.31597876


Whitney, sex-crazed childhood friend tomboy and the first girl we fugged. Also a popular contender for best girl.

>> No.31597887

No, no fa/tg/uys want to read Twen's half-assed smut pandering to the most unpleasant, unlikable motherfuckers on /a/.

At least, if they did, they'd have read it already.

>> No.31597888

Prof told us we can attempt to use like, a mini chidori on our fingers in Dead Last Quest, right? We should totally learn the Gentle Fist from Hinata so we can combine the two, it'd be pretty awesome. Lightning pressure point ninja!

>> No.31597893

>Implying that the anons here who weren't already interested in it haven't already been secretly following it

Oh. Here's some pre-emptive advice. Please do not make a new thread right after hitting bump limit. Like other people have said, this board moves VERY slowly. You could linger on page 10 for an hour on average.

>> No.31597899

All of them. ALL OF THE SKULLS.

He'll let you fuck the skulls though. They'll still be dead, and a skull, but the whole offering skulls thing is mostly symbolic, you get to keep the skulls after they've been removed from their original owner's possession.

On the bright side, you now have a bitchin' axe that can cut through anything, and an uncontrollable rage problem.

>> No.31597902


My a/the/the only God/s have mercy on us all

>> No.31597906
File: 2.90 MB, 290x189, 1393098539305.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

best girl,


Is that what Cerisesores really believe?

>> No.31597907

Anon, I know you like Naruto, but that suggestion just shows how very little you know about the setting.

>> No.31597909

>My a/the/the only God/s have mercy on us all
what? what language is this?

>> No.31597911


And what little we got of Episode 9 before shit went down: http://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/105876787/

Subsequent shitstorm and our banishment to /tg/: http://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/105878260/#105878260

>> No.31597914

Rolled 5

I would like to roll to murderous our harem at dinner please.

>> No.31597916

>Oh. Here's some pre-emptive advice. Please do not make a new thread right after hitting bump limit. Like other people have said, this board moves VERY slowly. You could linger on page 10 for an hour on average.
Fucking this, on /tg/ hitting the bump limit means the sum total of this: you stop appearing on the first page.

thats it, on a fast day you've usually got 5 hours before the thread hits page 10, on a slow day, up to 10-12 hours

don't make new threads once you hit post 300, make a new thread once your on page 10

>> No.31597918

INTERPRETATION Quest would be funny.

Or a Quest with DUWANG logic.

Or a version of Jojo that is based on DUWANG's mistranslations.

>> No.31597924

>make a new thread once your on page 10
And only if you're expecting to have a lot more to post. Otherwise, you should just try to wrap everything up as quickly as possible before the thread 404s.

>> No.31597927
File: 193 KB, 1024x1066, Kharn_Throne.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>harems skulls
That's not how Khorne works, you should collect the skulls of your enemies. Of those you've slain that put up a fight, worthy challenges.

Having a harem on side is fine too. Doesn't contribute to the worship but doesn't really conflict with it either.

>> No.31597929


And what of the image limit?

>> No.31597930

>Kuroneko instead of Ayase
Shit taste.

I would take Mami.

>> No.31597939

Like fuck quest will hit image limit. We do not spam so much reaction images anon.

>> No.31597941


You swing your axe, decapitating [you're waifu], before slipping on her blood and falling on the axe. You are now dead, but you have pleased Khorne.

>> No.31597942

Oh you are talking about awesome WHFB Khorne.

I was talking crazed murder nutcase 40K Khorne.

>> No.31597949

Actually, that makes sense.
4chan is kind of special on the internet. I wouldn't be surprised if moot was capable of pulling some crazy shit.

4chan has existed far longer than many other high-profile websites. It also collects the unconscious ideas of people and allows them to express all the stuff that normally doesn't surface.
He might be creating an actual Chaos god.

>> No.31597950

So is our soul now in the warp?

>> No.31597951

150 IIRC

>> No.31597957
File: 12 KB, 183x199, spy sappin my life.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I forgot to archive the first episode of my quest before it got deleted
>tfw I have to use foolz now

Well, who enjoyed Hero of Lake City Quest last night? Sorry the thread was a little short, but I was feeling tired.

>> No.31597962

Oh, I actually saw that first thread when it was live.
Two lines in and I'm almost vomiting.

Yes, it's definitely even worse than the average quest. And I was a follower of Tsukaima Quest.

>> No.31597963

40k Khorne don't really care where the blood flows and where it does not, so if you've got your harem all nice and alive but still shed the blood of your enemies/random mooks, he don't care

>> No.31597964

Works for me. Which fork are you running?

This Is Truth.

Well, hopefully.

>No, Herbert needs more sleeping hours.
More regular ones, at least...

I might do that in CCQ, in part to simply test if I can.
I was honestly a bit unsure how she would be received.

>Oh that. Crazed biscum turbowhore. Dropped.

>> No.31597966

IIRC, 4chan started in 2004.

Also how banned would I be for running moot quest?

>> No.31597967
File: 8 KB, 334x290, Aladdin does not want.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Ouch. That might be a problem.

>> No.31597973

/tg/ already looks better than /a/, at least here the people aren't autistic backseat janitors.

>> No.31597975

>at least here the people aren't autistic backseat janitors.
You have no idea.

>> No.31597978

you've literally no reason to post images if your not the QM in a quest thread, its a quest thread, not a /b/ reaction image thread for fucks sake, if you want the QM to keep posting pictures with updates, don't eat the image limit like spamming faglords

>> No.31597981

>Works for me. Which fork are you running?
Chrome? Oh, it just updated. Yeah, it works now, go ahead and discuss your shitty pandering quest, /a/.

>> No.31597983

Why is /tg/ so bad with girls who happen to have a sex drive? It's the same basic bullshit like with BPQ.

>> No.31597987

I feel reminded of Accelspammer.
Those were fun days.

>> No.31597988

As has been repeated, you guys will just have to learn to restrain yourselves. I'm assuming from your reply that your QM uses images in his updates, right?

>> No.31597994

My plan of action is to gather up our entire harem, save Vivian, and take up Sensei on that pacific island offer. We're leaving Vivian behind because she's too much of a liability what with Darkbloom after our asses.

>> No.31597996

Shadow Quest what the fuck

I can't

>> No.31598003

No. He is just being an idiot. Players do not even spam images that much.

>> No.31598004


As long as you maintain some level of decency, or at least contain your indecency to the quest itself, /tg/ is mostly live-and-let-live.

Not to say we won't laugh at you, but most people won't go out of their way to pick a fight, and the few that do will usually get bored fairly quickly.

>> No.31598007

Worth noting this won't apply as much if your QM doesn't use images, such as KLK What-if quest or Red vs Blue Quest.

>> No.31598009


Yes, but /a/ was also quite liberal with the reaction images. Either he reign that in or end up burning through multiple threads, which I'm assuming will piss you guys off.

>> No.31598010

It was something indeed.

>> No.31598015


>> No.31598018

The adventures of moot the cat.
You have exactly one dress and have to fight Chris Hanson, Cockmongler and Snacks.

>> No.31598020


>> No.31598021

That's cute, you believe that your plans matter.

>> No.31598024

I meant 4chan X fork, but good to know it works now.

inb4 orbital lasers or similar.
>Why is /tg/ so bad with girls who happen to have a sex drive? It's the same basic bullshit like with BPQ.
Don't look at me, I have no idea.

>> No.31598028

Oh...we've got that. More in the beginning when these quests started, and now a mild resurgence from the news of Fuck Quest's arrival. If you think right now is a pleasant enough time, I suppose the dedicated trolls and haters just aren't around yet.

The point is just not to make yourself too large of a target, alright. You guys will get some snide and pointed remarks here and there. Just ignore it and try to keep a low profile when it happens. Keep it to yourselves in your threads at worst and everything will be fine. If you guys turn out to be polite and well-mannered, then you'll at least have the general support of most anons who frequent these threads (then the general apathy of all the rest).

>> No.31598033
File: 221 KB, 600x911, 1328718366920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Once upon a time, we didn't need janitors because trolls would just be derailed into good threads.
But before that we had porn spam. And after that we had crazy janitors.
Like, REAL crazy janitors.

>> No.31598041

>Like, REAL crazy janitors.
Good times. So much butthurt, so much fun.

>> No.31598048

>Turns out the loli was also incest

Fucking SM

>> No.31598051
File: 91 KB, 336x744, emprahmoot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

moot is the Emperor.

>> No.31598054

uhh wut

theres no connection between the two characters anon

>> No.31598062

Thank god 4chanX updated. Now I don't have to fucking refresh the page every time anymore.

He is the star child.

>> No.31598088

You need to read it again. She was his sister who died 3+ millions years ago.

>> No.31598095

Spiritual incest, then? Kinky.

>> No.31598102

If you will troll at least put some effort in it.

>> No.31598106

I did.

Hope we get several robot armies in the future

>> No.31598107

Oh. Reminds me of the sort of stuff I've picked up on the grapevine of something called Spirit Circle.

>> No.31598119

Not, uh, not trolling, anon. Just commenting.

Unless you've got a vendetta against the fetish, I don't see why you would think I was trolling at all.

>> No.31598139

I like incest. That doesn't mean i see incest where there is none. There was no incest in the Shadow Quest. Your insistance on it by twisting words and logic can only be seen as trolling.

>> No.31598147

Fuck off Fluff Provider.

>> No.31598161

You've got a stick up your ass, anon.

>> No.31598192

Anal play is a legitimate recreational activity.

>> No.31598197

Sodomy got a town turned into salt in certain myths, you know.

>> No.31598208

Okay, I'm the guy who's gonna run a TAQ spinoff, curious about class/story ideas. I've already got three pretty good ones written up, but I'm floundering for a fourth. Anybody want to toss some ideas at me? No promises or anything, but y'all might could help me get the creative juices flowing.

>> No.31598219

ACTUALLY, that was lack of hospitality.

>> No.31598230

Because people were busy wanting to sodomize the angels! Keep up, anon!

>> No.31598234

Well, which classes DO you have?
Hmmm. Magus, Monk, Arcane Archer.

>> No.31598237

>wanting to sodomize the angels
Isn't that normal? Aren't they suppose to be beautiful and divine?

>> No.31598238

Yeah but shoving your cock in someone's ass unless they ask for it isn't really good hospitality, no matter how you look at it.

>> No.31598241

To be fair, who wouldn't want to sodomize a sexy, sexy angel in human form.

People here already talk about how a certain angel would give blowjobs anyway.

>> No.31598247

I guess that's why i don't get any visitors any more.

>> No.31598248

How about Summoner or something along those lines?

>> No.31598266

>People here already talk about how a certain angel would give blowjobs anyway.
No we're not doing this again.

>> No.31598267

Enchanter. Enchant items and/or directly body parts. I, for one, am rather fond of body enchantments. It would fit the TAQ well too from what i know of it, though i do not follow it.

>> No.31598273

Current classes are Aeromancer, Swordsage, Warlock. Was strongly considering Barbarian but couldn't quite figure out how to get the story concept I wanted out.

Thanks, thanks, feel free to shoot ideas for general quests or situations too.

>> No.31598288

Wheels in wheels in wheels
They tried to sodomize a divine mechanic clock.

>> No.31598331

Quite sad that Scienistinator Quest did not get past one post.

>> No.31598354

Base - rogue, fighter, ranger, paladin, cleric, bard, sorcerer.
Weirder - druid, enchanter, illusionist, summoner.
Even weirder - warlock, psion, swordmage, swordsage.
Shit nigga what - truenamer.

>> No.31598377

Mayhem's 4chan X is STILL not doing quotes correctly.
This is worse than trying to make sense of Reddits quote chains.

>> No.31598418

3.20.9 is working perfectly fine for quotes

>> No.31598419

I feel you. I haven't been this upset since some faggot broke my Kindle.
> equating material loss with not being able to use a site
I know, but I 4chan whenever I'm at a PC unless I'm at work.

>> No.31598435

Nine? NINE?! Dammit, I thought Eight was the newest.
> he doesn't use 4chan at work
Look at his productive citizen.

>> No.31598445

>Shadow Quest
Wait, what?
Are we The good guy or the bad guy? I'm so confused.

>> No.31598448
File: 262 KB, 606x601, story_about_tg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And after that we had crazy janitors.
>Like, REAL crazy janitors.

Please tell me more, I wasn't around back then.

>> No.31598461

>Nine? NINE?! Dammit, I thought Eight was the newest.
Yeah, it just updated an hour or two ago.

>> No.31598464

>Please tell me more, I wasn't around back then.
Guy used to purge pretty much everything. The reason drawfags are so rare nowadays?Them.

>> No.31598476

Aah, forcing Botnet to update extensions in Developer Mode does the trick.

>> No.31598492

> barbarian
>but couldn't quite figure out how to get the story concept I wanted out.
> spoiler
Funky nature worship often comes with various carnal... obligations, at least it'd be easy to justify no matter the actual historical basis, no?

>> No.31598494

We are the black guy.

>> No.31598496
File: 573 KB, 1833x1474, 1393695987183.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He would randomly delete entire threads.

If the OP had just a hint of bait or not being strictly on-topic, the thread would be deleted. Even if it had 100 posts and legit discussion going on.

There was also that shitstorm when he banned people for discussing Star Wars and then tried to lie his ass off despite the existence of Foolz and dozens of screencaps.

The entire board was in uproar. Coincidentally, /a/ had a loli purge around the same time, which caused Accelspammer (A dude who would flood threads that he didn't like with a script and images of Accelerator) to ally with the rest of the board and spam loli.

>> No.31598506
File: 95 KB, 1360x768, 1325107215586.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I'll post a few shitstorm images.

>> No.31598507

Doho, you forget the purge BEFORE that time.

>> No.31598517
File: 1.89 MB, 2102x1609, 1325090869380.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It kind of bleeds around. I've experienced one or two periods of janitor shitstorms, followed by a destroyed board culture because many posters gave up on this board and then /tg/ slowly becoming itself again. The last time it happened, the culture seemed to have died for good.

>> No.31598520

Nature/mind mage, has mana restored by performing tantric sex, massages, covering in oil and all that. Not for quick smut, but denial until the last moment and stuff like that.

>> No.31598524
File: 96 KB, 411x600, 1325265553299.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31598535
File: 171 KB, 369x400, 1370265618927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related was made during one of the purges, iirc.

>> No.31598538
File: 39 KB, 499x449, laughing_mexican.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He fought until the very last proxy

I find it sad and hilarious at the same time.

>> No.31598541
File: 86 KB, 769x346, 1373581461462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31598543

Yea true enough, I'm just being a bit of a smarmy asshole cause I'm bitter.
/tg/ and /a/ really had to deal with a lot of bullshit that could most likely have been avoided by leaving people be.

>> No.31598551
File: 46 KB, 719x539, 1368869283006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31598553

That is heart-breaking.

>> No.31598560

Remember when moot said Naruto was allowed on /a/? And all of the complaining that happened afterwards? He really shouldn't interfere when he knows jack shit about the culture.

>> No.31598567
File: 55 KB, 1182x886, 1373485650266.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unfortunately I can't seem to find the Star Wars shitstorm screencaps.

>> No.31598572

>black and white captcha
I fucking hate them.

>> No.31598578

I remember. I mean, sure, it IS allowed, it's just that you're expected to be unobtrusive about it. Him going out and going LOL POST NARUTO fucked the board over for ages.

>> No.31598590

> that particular emotion when you know the person who wrote the original DelayClose
It is a feeling most complicated, I tell you.

>> No.31598609
File: 34 KB, 584x518, 1374306223537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I also have images of that captcha rape fic.

To be fair, the Naruto shitstorms on /a/ are fullretard. There is legitimate reason to discuss Naruto (Namely, actually talk about what might be going on in the mangaka's head, as he's clearly given up on having his story make sense), but it's completely impossible due to flooders.
Currently they seem to have Naruto threads, but those sound more like ironic shitposting than actual discussion.

>> No.31598623

TAQ tends to go more for the traditional fantasy adventurer (i.e. roving murderhobo for hire), except you can fuck about half of the monsters into submission and the player characters are all sex-crazed misanthropes. I'm planning on using that as the model, since it leaves thing relatively free and avoids pushing things towards any particular fetishes in and of itself.

>> No.31598628

>but it's completely impossible due to flooders.
It is possible on release day and if one posts in a clear, concise manner relating to that week's plot in my experience.

>> No.31598629
File: 70 KB, 400x600, fcygTmb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And here's some Captcha rape. That fucking whore.

>> No.31598642

A quest written entirely in ebonics. Or written in the most flowery purple prose you can muster, then put through a horribly optimized translator.

>> No.31598648
File: 62 KB, 432x920, 1395232289138.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Huh. That must be new.

A few weeks ago I was surprised to see a Naruto thread that wasn't flooded. But the way in which the posters talked either meant that Gaia finally invaded us or that they are being ironic, which is fucking pointless.


>> No.31598684

Go with a barbarian then. He beats them senseless, then fucks them senseless.

>> No.31598719

>Huh. That must be new.
Eh, I'd say it's always been a thing, just sometimes more than other times. Due to being such a problematic topic (real or imagined is out of the scope of this discussion) you'll generally want to hit night time just after the release and post a page + plot summary without mentioning the series name.
That is what I meant with unobtrusive.

>> No.31598747

>That is what I meant with unobtrusive.
Now I wonder if the dedicated Naruto haters have their browsers set up to highlight any mention of the show.

>> No.31598781

>no 1980s Miami Coke Dealer Quest

Someone needs to run this.

>> No.31598789

Nearly everyone who watches anime with /a/ over the course of a year (read: "actual" /a/nons rather than visitors who come and go with mega shows like KLK or SNK) uses a plethora of filters, yea. It stands to reason people who do not approve of Naruto would do the same.
I'm sorry if my lingo is insulting, I'm trying to not offend.

>> No.31598804

> 28.12.2011
Man, time sure flies...
What about Prohibition Era Mafioso Quest?

>> No.31598819

>Man, time sure flies...
Star Wars Episode 1 was 15 years ago.

>> No.31598829

I'm not sure if Naruto haters are actually /a/nons.
The issue with them is that they seem more like teenagers in their "I hate my childhood" phase.
It's not worse than AoT and that show was utter shit.

By the way, the inline extension filters don't seem to work for me anymore for some reason.

>> No.31598841

Well, I can't really comment on that in the light of the current situation, I hope you understand.

>By the way, the inline extension filters don't seem to work for me anymore for some reason.
> some reason
moot broke them, what more reason do you need? Get a third party extension or wait.

>> No.31598847

I got my first smartphone in 2008. It was a Nokia N95.

Remember when you could control a phone blind, deaf and with one arm tied behind your back? I miss those days.

Also, remember the Ti-84?

>> No.31598866

People who were born when Matrix come out are legal in most states this year...

>> No.31598872
File: 30 KB, 450x600, 5110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh God yes. Those were the days.

Remember this beauty? I still have it. It somehow still works.

>> No.31598884

That doesn't have the appeal of driving around in a droptop blasting Flock of Seagulls

>> No.31598891

>What about Prohibition Era Mafioso Quest?
not good enough, gotta have babes wearing lycra and cigarette go fast boats

>> No.31598903

I was always on Siemens' side. I had an S35.
That thing was beautiful, tiny and rugged.

Then Siemens stopped making phones.
So I went on to Nokia, the last European phone maker.
And now Nokia belongs to Microsoft. I wish I could be optimistic about the deal.
I actually like Microsoft's software, but their general attitude is "fuck everyone who isn't American". I imagine all future Microsoft phones will be jumbo-sized.
I got myself a Lumia 620 because I gave up waiting for a newer 3.8" Nokia Windows Phone. I know that it simply won't happen.

>> No.31598949

Nokia used to be great...
Based Space Impact.

B-but hats and truly classy guns!


>> No.31598952

Honored oldfags, please post more board history.

>> No.31598958

>stealing /v/ OC and calling it your original princess design
Renegade Voice is such a hack. I also hate the way he tried to give Dieselpunk Princess Quest his ''blessing''.

>> No.31598982

There is nothing honourable about being an oldfag. There is only despair, tiredness and an increasing sense of estrangement.

>> No.31598988

I'm still using my Sony Ericsson k310i. It's old, battered and shitty. Yet it keeps going and is going strong.

>> No.31598999

>Nokia used to be great...
Lumia 620 is actually very similar in feel to my old S35. Just with a better OS. No, I don't give a fuck about having Flappy Birds. In fact, I don't play games on my fucking phone because smartphones don't have buttons.
I tried. It doesn't work.

Jolla had nice ideas, but I can't imagine that the phone will be good.
Ara also sounds nice, but I won't get an Android. I had Symbian and I don't want a repeat of that.

I agree with that sentiment.

I'm not that old. I got here in 2008, during Chanology. IIRC that was from TvTropes to ED to 4chan. And one year of lurking without a single post.

>> No.31599014

>I had Symbian and I don't want a repeat of that.
Android is a lot less shitty, really.

>> No.31599019


Then enlighten us so we may avoid the mistakes of the past

>> No.31599033

You are muh nigga. This quest needs to be run.

>> No.31599035

I can imagine. But WP is the perfect balance for me.
Less retarded than iOS, but more restricted than Android. The advantage is that I bought a phone for 150€, which works smoothly and will get all the upgrades that the other phones also get.
You are SoL on Android on a cheap phone.

>> No.31599038

It's too late.
Just let it happen.

>> No.31599043

It's easy. You spend some time on 4chan and then you disappear.
The time you spend on 4chan is the time during which your life is going wrong. 4chan isn't the reason, but the symptom.

>> No.31599046
File: 75 KB, 498x510, 1352103143160.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Step 1: Dont be an idiot
Step 2: Hope enough people are following step 1
Step 3: Despair

>> No.31599064
File: 378 KB, 2450x2800, Viera Gria child.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know, I saw some guy propose a Final Fantasy Quest starring a Viera-Gria hybrid using this picture and get shot down, and while he got the details a bit wrong, there is some precedence for the general idea.

See, the original idea wasn't a Viera-Gria hybrid, but rather either a Viera with minor Gria traits or vice versa much like how the princess of Alfitaria in Crystal Chronicles had a human mother and a lilty father, resulting in her looking human save for her lilty head-sprout things. Following this logic, the idea was that depending on the who the father was of this mixed race couple, you would either have a bunnygirl with maybe some tiny little horns and wings or a delicious brown dragongirl who might have a fuzzy dragon tail a la Dark Souls.

Of course, that would still feel rather snowflakey unless you managed to work it into the quest logically without going all MUH HALF BREED OPPRESSION on us, but at least it has some sort of precedence in FF games.

>> No.31599074

>See, the original idea wasn't a Viera-Gria hybrid, but rather either a Viera with minor Gria traits or vice versa much like how the princess of Alfitaria in Crystal Chronicles had a human mother and a lilty father, resulting in her looking human save for her lilty head-sprout things. Following this logic, the idea was that depending on the who the father was of this mixed race couple, you would either have a bunnygirl with maybe some tiny little horns and wings or a delicious brown dragongirl who might have a fuzzy dragon tail a la Dark Souls.

>> No.31599089

40K Khorne gives his followers daemon brides. Yes, brides as in multiple, as in Khornette harems confirmed for canon.

>> No.31599104

he didn't steal it or claim the pic as his, someone posted that in response to the discussion on the princess and he said it was an awesome fit for an idea he had and ran with it

>> No.31599106

wouldn't having an harem be giving power to Slaneesh. Unless they're beating the shit out of each others instead of holding hands

>> No.31599116

nah, Khorne is cool like that and Slaanesh does not want to touch anything to do with Khorne

>> No.31599125

Isn't it heavily implied that Slaneesh and Khorne are constantly treading on each other's turf cause excess anger fuels both?

>> No.31599130
File: 219 KB, 700x500, Blq8s1PCAAAgtlp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So cute.

>> No.31599144

So, there are now 4 KlK quests, which brings it to 5 total over the course of last couple months
How about that
And people prefer to bitch about a single Naruto quest

>> No.31599151

As bad as KlK is, it's only about a sixth as bad as Naruto.
Once we get past 6 KlK threads, I'll begin bitching about them.

>> No.31599152

We're not doing this, anon. It's neither funny nor interesting and nothing will come of it.

>> No.31599155
File: 24 KB, 240x479, Fiona.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fiona is a half Lilty, half Clavat ruler of Alfitaria from the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series. In the original Crystal Chronicles, she is a Princess who has run away from her duties. Her father was a Lilty while her mother, who had passed away, was a Clavat.
>Fiona has short blond hair and blue eyes. She is half Lilty and half Clavat, thus she has traits of both tribes. She is as tall as Clavats and part of her hair is in Clavat style, her only noticeable traits from Lilties are her bust size and the top of her hair which contain sprouts that are noticeable when she is in her disguise. While wearing either her disguise or dress, she wears armor on her legs and arms, a Lilty clothing trait.
Yes. Like I said, its still a really dumb idea to base a quest off of since the original picture was just silly cheesecake that got produced in a thread shooting the shit about viera and FF in general, but it has happened before.

>> No.31599172

Slaanesh is a faggot only interested in vanity and pleasure, not skulls and skull-based romantic relationships.

>> No.31599175

I don't care. Weird halfling nonsense really isn't what I think about when I think Final Fantasy, and the fact that you do is rather weird.

>> No.31599179

He has claimed the design was his own make before, which strikes me as sleazy. He also acts like a massive fag in both the QTG and any other quest where he for some reason leaves his fucking trip on.

>> No.31599184

> I gave that bitch a skull
> bitches love skulls

>> No.31599188

Kill la Kill is too popular among animu fans to earn as much unbridled hatred as Naruto does. And Kill la Kill is too niche for people who are clueless about anime to care about it, unlike Naruto, which is something everyone has encountered.

Naruto is bad anime and weeabooism personified. Don't be surprised that it manages to garner the hate of normalfags and weebs

>> No.31599231

It was just your standard meandering /tg/ conversation, anon. Some anon started a thread about Viera, some other anon said Gria are better, so another anon said why not both, to which another anon questioned how that would work, leading to Princess Fiona getting brought up, leading to silly picture of a Viera delinquent with Gria traits.

Once again, not really something worth running a quest on unless a lot of effort goes into making the half-breed nature of the MC legitimately interesting, but its not like that anon wasn't suggesting anything Squeenix hasn't already done.

>> No.31599234

I think he means the design of the character, not the picture used to show his vision of her, you know, her personality and all that, but yeah, he's fairly new to questing so is making a few of the newfag QM mistakes

>> No.31599243

Eh, okay.

>> No.31599267

Deathwish Quest ended on death, contrary to the sound of the name, we weren't trying to die. Just that our blacksmith quest quickly transformed when we decided that we were Charles Bronson the Blacksmith.
Still hope to see more of that. We had some theories regarding dealing with a dragon that might have prompted a return.

>> No.31599273

I've got to wonder concerning troll's recent hate for DLN. If he were to stop, would they stop?
Would the players be pissed?
Would the trolls win?

>> No.31599278
File: 227 KB, 766x917, 1376454828425.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not giving that bitch a skull
>not having brutal, violent hatesex that ends in loving, comfy cuddling while wrapped up in skull-patterned blankets and drinking blood-cocoa in your murderbed
See, this is why Slaanesh is the worst god when it comes to boning despite being all about sex.

>> No.31599282

>Go to sleep just as we're about to begin questioning Vigil
>Wake up to Shadow being a heavily cybernetically augmented Human who is more than three million years old and has been watching universe AIDs try to escape quarentine from his space frigate while his entire race has ascended to beings of pure energies
What is this
I don't

>> No.31599288

That sounds really, really dumb

>> No.31599289

>If they dislike my quest, they must be trolls.

Speaking as a fan of the Dran, I really think he should have thought twice, maybe three times, before starting a quest about the legitamitely single worst anime in existence.

>> No.31599291

No, no.

We're the last human

>> No.31599303

Remember the opening to the first episode of TTGL?

>> No.31599304

>Speaking as a fan of the Dran, I really think he should have thought twice, maybe three times, before starting a quest about the legitamitely single worst anime in existence.
Somebody misarchived Overlimit over DLN, one way or another.

>> No.31599305

Welcome to Plotland.

>> No.31599307

>single worst
Sure Naruto is trash, but it's a bland kind of trash.
Theres far worse out there.

>> No.31599345

That's what I mean. Naruto draws trolls. Lots of trolls. Hundreds of them. It draws reverse trolls, too - people who use the reputation of the anime as a mask to do shitty things. And hell, there's the actual fucking Naruto fans as well. He could have easily ran this on akun. Not on tgchan, it would have likely died an ignoble death there, but seriously, Dran. Christ. I could withstand AoPH, because at least it's original ish. I could withstand overlimit, that's interesting and new. But a fucking straight up fanfiction of the worst anime? Why. Why even.

>> No.31599377

He did it because he's a hack.

>> No.31599380

Also, Naruto got a neat mask pulled from Dark Souls 2 and replaced with garbage.
I've only watched the first season of Naruto and did not develop hatred from the experience, but getting the Manikin mask pulled rustled my jimmies.

>> No.31599389

>Why. Why even.
Because it's easy and Dran only likes actually putting effort into one quest.

>> No.31599395

>Everyone who dislikes DLN is a troll

>> No.31599402
File: 80 KB, 500x654, Dran makes another quest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why. Why even.
Dem sperg votes, mang.

>> No.31599421

If you were to be forced to make a Naruto quest or at least inspired by it, how would you do it?

>> No.31599430

I'd shoot myself first.

>> No.31599434

>Inb4 remove main characters.
>inb4 remove sidecharacters
>inb4 remove mangekyo.
>Inb4 remove sage jutsu.

>> No.31599440

not run it

>> No.31599446

Make a crossover with Looney Toons for maximum antics. Bugs Bunny is Naruto and Elmer Fudd is the clown pirate I guess? I don't watch Naruto nor have I ever watched it so I don't know who any of the characters are.

>> No.31599456

No leaf village allowed, no retard eyes, no sagemode, none of that shit.

>> No.31599460

Make a Civ builder game out of it

>> No.31599475

Like this video. Change nothing.

>> No.31599477

> A random pain uses METEOR and kills everyone in your village.
>The survivors start fresh with 10 women and ten men.
>Time to make some clans and settle somewhere else.

>> No.31599530

1: Set it before the sealing of the Kyuubei.
2: No bloodline powers, though, say, Senju heritage could be okay.
3: Set it anywhere but Konoha.
4: Make the world a LITTLE bit less retarded by including more civilian regions.

Mite b kewl.

So Fairy Tail x Tenjou Tenge?

Windows Mobile was frustrating each time I tried it... iunno why.
And yea, glorious buttons can't just be replaced.

>> No.31599665

I.. er.. what?
Isn't there where it is supposed to go?

>> No.31599675

If you manage to find the old Chaos books (like, 2e and shit) and especially Liber Chaotica, they explain a lot about those two.

Like the story how Slaanesh gifted Khorne with such a beautiful chalice, it pissed Khorne off. So what does the big red guy do? Breaks the chalice, of course. Then he regrets it immediately, collects all the pieces and makes it whole again, only to eventually be pissed off again (which is always) and he breaks it again. And so on.

So yeah, Khorne is tsun for Slaanesh.

>> No.31599689

/a/ despises Naruto.
Honestly, I think despise is too soft a word for it. Abhors.

>> No.31599698


>> No.31599712

>Also, remember the Ti-84?
Yes. People still use it, classes still require it.. and it still cost just as much.

>> No.31599762

So are you on team Order or team Chaos?
Or do you side with the "/tg/ will find a way" guy

>> No.31599767
File: 847 KB, 1200x823, Dream.Land..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you guys be interested in Dreamland quest?

Basically be like the french-styled manga with different characters.

>In the modern and normal world there is a dual realm that you access when you sleep known as dreamland where anything and everything can happen.
>Most people are unaware that they go to this place, with their memories blurry when they wake up.
>To gain the ability of lucid dreaming, you must overcome a nightmare of one of your greatest fears, giving you not only the identity as a traveler of dreamland but also giving you a power inspired by your own nightmare.

Would be kind of like Red Joker I guess, Slice of life by day, crazy adventures by night. The kind that are
>pic related.

If you die as a traveler you lose your memories of dreamland and return to being another simple dreamer.

>> No.31599802

Team Order.
Accept the judgement, and apologize to everyone once we return to the ship.

>> No.31599809

/a/ loathes anime in general.
I'm not sure if they exceed /v/'s hatred of videogames though.

>> No.31599813
File: 16 KB, 497x400, samsung sgh-b100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, old Siemens and Nokia were pretty sweet. I usually used to buy Samsung and Sony Ericson phones, back when having 20 Mbs of memory was a fucking insane thing and you could play music on them, holy shit.

Remember when polyphone melodies were a thing? And you had all those horrible mixes and angry frogs and shit playing everywhere?

>> No.31599843

Chaos can not be allowed to win.
Fuck we gonna end up exactly as Erebus after 2 million years of vigilance

>> No.31599851

Again, why /tg/ is best board. You can actually talk about /tg/ shit and not be buried in a mountain of shit storm, not matter how popular or unpopular it is.

>> No.31599856

>/a/ loathes anime in general.
I thought we were only spreading L&M about quests here.

>Remember when polyphone melodies were a thing? And you had all those horrible mixes and angry frogs and shit playing everywhere?
The pepperidge farm remembers. It was awful and great.

>> No.31599862

Well, unless it is Naruto, but that's /a/ spilling in.

>> No.31599874

It'd be a sad but fitting end. I welcome it.

>> No.31599887

I got the feeling that Abby wasn't designed as a love interest.
We are fucking a chaos copy of our little sister

>> No.31599888

Once a thing hits a certain level of popularity, /a/ turns on it like a vicious attack dog.

>> No.31599896

I would be, i have even brought it up once in the past. It's would make a great setting for a quest.

>> No.31599918

true sad endings are the best ones.
I realy want to read SM's book now.

>> No.31599924

Sounds cool. I'm getting a bit of Changeling: the Lost and Don't Rest Your Head vibes from it, which are always cool.

If you're doing french comic based quests, do Metabarons.

>> No.31599930

She is a fucking infiltrator.

We need to figure out how to order-ise people's Chaos

>> No.31599931

was to >>31599874

>> No.31599951

Well, that is something else, and divorced from hating the board's subject matter in its entirety, is it not?

>> No.31599964

I wish to know how you people "tick". /a/ is really baffling to me.

>> No.31599980

Okay, fine, /a/ is a hypocritical venomously angry hipster elitist, rather than simply loathing everything.

>> No.31599984

What if The shells of order that make up 'human' souls are reincarnations of the real humans?

>> No.31599988

I'm trying to set up my twitter page for my quest, and it looks like dog shit at the moment.

Holy fuck, how do I fix this? I want that smooth, normal-looking thing, without the giant fuckoff header.

Basically, right now it looks like https://twitter.com/Mars_Ascendant but I want it to look like https://twitter.com/MrBonesQuest

>> No.31599989

No it doesn't. Shitty popular anime is still discussed unironically.

>> No.31600004

But real humans weren't order.
Order was used by them to battle chaos/entropy.

>> No.31600006

Focus on the low end of powerlevels.
Not make the MCs special Mary Sues. Instead, give them actual ninja missions that have to be executed with their special ninja powers.
They are member of a clan and get that clan's secret power. Or they don't belong to any clan but get Caitiff-style ability to learn everything non-biological moderately well.

>> No.31600011

But they ascended, right?

>> No.31600023

>Windows Mobile was frustrating each time I tried it... iunno why.
Windows Mobile and Windows Phone are completely different OSs.
WM is more like Android and Symbian, while WP follows the "make everything fluid and easy to use, advanced functionality comes later" mentality.

>> No.31600031

Also I'm sure there's a reason not to just destroy chaos.Maybe humanity ascended into order?

>> No.31600046

Probably. Humanity needed a guardian so they wouldn't be destroyed while they were chilling on a higher plane.

>> No.31600048

Well, that I'd say is a description much closer to reality.

> dat Twitter redesign
Absolutely disgusting.
No idea how to turn it back once the "Try it out" button goes away for good. It might be one of those things where they allow you to try it out before forcing it across the board.

Hmm. I DO believe that I've tried both, actually.
Speaking of which, I wonder if leading a company is something that could work in quest form without derailing into a spreadsheet fest to rival EVE ONLINE.

>> No.31600059

I will never understand why AoT is liked but SAO is hated.

Is it because AoT has no happy times, while SAO occasionally takes breaks from crawling skins?

>> No.31600071

Why fixate on these two?

>> No.31600072

>Speaking of which, I wonder if leading a company is something that could work in quest form without derailing into a spreadsheet fest to rival EVE ONLINE.
On that note, I wonder what Germany looks like in Log Horizon Quest.
A communist version of EVE Online full of love and peace and attempts at genociding the French?

>> No.31600079

>No idea how to turn it back once the "Try it out" button goes away for good. It might be one of those things where they allow you to try it out before forcing it across the board.

>Coming soon to everyone
>This new profile setup is available today to a small group of users. If you’re new to Twitter, you’ll start in with the new profile. In the coming weeks, we will roll out the new features to everyone.
God is dead.

>> No.31600083

Because they are recent but still have one or two seasons worth of buffer from the current season.

>> No.31600090

I haven't seen such little number of quests in a while. There are five quest threads and a qtg at the moment.

>> No.31600091

>Log Horizon Quest
I wish the QM weren't so new....

>> No.31600098

Probably because it's Easter?

>> No.31600100

>Because they are recent but still have one or two seasons worth of buffer from the current season.
Oh. Well, I guess that's that, then.

>> No.31600107

What are things that immediately make you disregard a new quest?

>> No.31600112

Those two are nothing alike. The tone, the world, the story, the characters... None of them are similar. Why the fuck are you comparing those two?
They are both shit, but sao is so much shittier.

>> No.31600131

Chief's was better i think. He said he might continue it but i haven't seen a thread two of it (might have been that there was one and i missed). Though i don't want him to continue log horizon since i like his other quest much more.

>> No.31600139

Vulgarity. Like the OP of Fuck Quest.
Implications are okay, but "you fuck bitches" is too far.

Both are high profile. Both ran some time ago. And everyone complains about SAO's Linkin Park attitudes while it's somehow okay for AoT to have ten minutes of dedicated whining time in each episode.

I will never understand how /a/'s hive mind works. And I've been there for half a decade.

>> No.31600148

Boring story and characters

>> No.31600167

Gender chargen.

>> No.31600180

I'm still amazed that Fimbulvetr actually finished. Was a good run.

>> No.31600185

First, check out if the premise interests me. Then if the quest starts with some exposition and setting of atmosphere. I love me some exposition.

>> No.31600201

Does that mean a quest will turn you away if a particular character is foul-mouthed? As an idiosyncrasy, I mean.

>> No.31600223

WHY MAKE IT SO MUCH WORSE? Don't they realize that one of the reasons FB managed to kill off the competition was the sleek, minimalistic design and the fact that you wouldn't get ambushed by random blinking bullshit and awful aspect ratios?
Then again, G+ looks awful in a similar fashion too and those guys REALLY should know better.

>What are things that immediately make you disregard a new quest?
Tense switching, bad formatting (hellooo hypocrisy), XX/XY choice in the first post, >wat do.

Like storybook Netherlands (flower fields, windmills, idyllic houses everywhere) crossed with storybook Prussia (tall soldiers, GLORIOUS MILITARISTIC TRADITIONS, historically inaccurate muskets with attached bayonets everywhere.).
No, I have n idea either.

>> No.31600230

What constitutes as a good hook? Action? Setting?

>> No.31600250

>What constitutes as a good hook? Action? Setting?
Characters and action. Your setting is what keeps people reading, not what draws them in.

>> No.31600265

I don't know what side I'm on anymore.

I don't agree that we WILL find a way. But I'm not ready to throw in the towel on the idea of Balance just yet, either.
I need more information.

>> No.31600266

Swearing is free speech. Anyone who doesn't accept swearing can get fucked.
Case in point: That pony QM a while ago.

>> No.31600274

How much action?

>> No.31600294

Bro, CCQ today?

>> No.31600295

I will never comprehend why online services do that.

My believe is that they do it to show you how much power they have. Their interface can get more and more shitty and you can't do shit about it. You HAVE to use their services, because there's no alternative.

As for Google+, I think that Google are just retarded. Gmail is also a mess, as is Youtube.

>> No.31600305

You know Metal Gear Rising?

About that much.

>> No.31600308

>MFW that's the phone I use
My friends keep telling me to get a smartphone, but I am entirely satisfied with it.
They also keep telling me to upgrade my old Kindle and get one of those new shitty ones that are trying to be tablets.

I'm fine with technology designed for specific things.

>> No.31600319

An intriguing first thread that makes you want to find out more. This can be done in many ways, be it an action sequence, a scene with interesting character interaction or something else that grabs a reader's attention quickly and firmly.

>> No.31600320

>as is Youtube.
Still cleaner than the alternatives. Which is seriously embarrassing.

>> No.31600328

Why fix what isn't broken?

>> No.31600334

Yeah, but I'm really pissed off by its lack of HFR and their dick-moves in terms of compatibility.
WebM is an attempt by Google to gain control over the internet, for example.

>> No.31600346

>WebM is an attempt by Google to gain control over the internet, for example.
Not sure I prefer Adobe over Google.

>> No.31600349

Think of a quest you genuinely like and follow. Name one thing the QM could do to improve your experience.

This is a constructive prompt, not a shit on QMs one.

>> No.31600359


>> No.31600360

At least there's an alternative to Flash.
Flash fucking sucks.

>> No.31600361
File: 42 KB, 552x464, my-nigga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You use it too?

I got another one that's mostly serving as an MP3 player, but that one's still in active use today. Great phone.
Has that annoying as fuck melody though.

>> No.31600363

I think
Has the right idea.

>> No.31600378

>They also keep telling me to upgrade my old Kindle and get one of those new shitty ones that are trying to be tablets.
Wait, they are telling you to exchange E-Ink for LCD?

If those were my friends, I'd be punching them in the face for ignorance.

However, the advantages of a smartphone are unexpected. If you get one, it will change your life.
EVERYONE says that they don't need a smartphone. And all those people realize that they can't live without that shit anymore after getting one.

There's already a codec out that actually works with HTML5 and is the standard. It's technically licensed, but more open than the technically open-source Google variant.

>> No.31600380

Be less dead.

>> No.31600392

I know, anon

I know

>> No.31600404

What if the shitty Google interfaces are an attempt at silent communication?
What if someone there is trying to tell us to stop using their services?
Google might be trying to control the world. It's Google, after all.
Have you ever contemplated their size?

>> No.31600407

Moe bullshit aside, what do people like about STC? I'm asking as someone who's never read it and wants to know what draws people, kind of like >>31600230

>> No.31600412

Your presence is requested in >>31583480

>> No.31600431

Joker Quest
Code a 3D viewer that allows us to see all upgrades with animations, as well as try out the visuals for situations like downgrades.
Also, use that same viewer to animate the fights.

>> No.31600433

Little girl protagonist.

>> No.31600440

>Wait, they are telling you to exchange E-Ink for LCD?
Yes they are.

Niggas be cray.

>> No.31600443

So something like no main characters and a selection from a set of characters with established backgrounds sound good?

>> No.31600455

Great idea anon, i am sure JQOP wil get right on it.

>> No.31600459

>>31600437 HERE WE GO

>> No.31600472

Aye, I've been neglectful and for that I apologize.
Autism's acting up again.


>get one of those new shitty ones that are trying to be tablets.
Kindle Fire is utter garbage and I have no idea why anyone would like i-- oh right. "Apps". Of course.

>My believe is that they do it to show you how much power they have. Their interface can get more and more shitty and you can't do shit about it. You HAVE to use their services, because there's no alternative.
So I'm not the only one feeling this might be the case, huh...
> Gmail
Well, at least that can be circumvented using a client and YT is not QUITE as awful as other services though their policies are weird to say the least.

>> No.31600476

The writing style is acceptable, and the QM absolutely nails characterization. When the players are in control of a different character, the way the sentences are structured and vocabulary all changes.

The action is good, if somewhat confusing. We've only had a few action scenes however, and they were one shortly after the other, so I feel like there's a substantial portion of the playerbase that hasn't participated in a fight yet.

Mostly however, the QM is pretty nice to interact with, something anonkun's chat feature enables far more than 4chan, and there is a fun bunch of players there who spice up the quest. Also, interesting setting.

>> No.31600478

It's actually a bit of that, as well as subtle manipulation.

See, they change the interface, which for a common user means they changed something else, made something better in the background. You know, the same way Chrome did back when it was fresh and had jumps from version 6 to 11 in less than a year, while Firefox was around version 3.5.67 or something. That was a marketing move - previously, whenever an explorer went up a version, it involved serious changes. Chrome did quick fixes and published those as entirely new software versions.

Basically, change the appearance, trick people that you're working on improving some reported issues. Changing the CSS is no big issue if you've got a fluid framework going on, and most user will complain but keep using their services.

If anything, Facebook's just gotten better at monitoring your activity and spewing ads in your face. It's pretty funny too - if you're using an ad blocker, it can mess with some of their code, and it can drop stuff like "LIKE HOT BITCHES? LIKE THIS PAGE" and stuff like that.

>> No.31600486

Wait, what's wrong with gmail?

>> No.31600488

I wanna see more cute Jewish guys in quests.

>> No.31600499

Check out how rBroker did some of his quests. Basically they were one shots set in the same universe, sharing some characters. Each of the cast was an MC for a couple of one shots, they'd eventually work together or meet or stuff like that.
Might work for what you're going for - a cast of characters and their adventures.

>> No.31600511

I tried to show my mother how to use her GMAIL account yesterday.
I didn't know how horrible it was. Most functions are really fucking hard to find. I tried to get a filter to block spam and instead it searched for emails or something.

Maybe you haven't seen any good interfaces? The recent redesign of Hotmail to Outlook.com is beautiful. Hell, even web.de looks better than gmail in terms of actually finding functions.

>> No.31600520

Sounds nice. Definitely better than
>this is the world
>this is the dreamworld
>>are you a boy or a girl?
>>whats your power

>> No.31600522

Interesting setting (yea he/she openly admits the cribbed a lot from WoD and Exalted, but it works), cool action, and all of >>31600476 that.

>> No.31600525

Not that guy, but here's a serious JQ one: I'd like to see the tech trees, both for the level ups and for the Hollow Sun. I don't want the full write-up we get about the item, but I'd like to see how to unlock the good stuff.

>> No.31600536

I remember when Firefox started getting quick iterations and automatic updates and broke all the addons on a regular basis.
That was shortly after I was forced to stop using it, because it simply stopped working.
Then I went to Chrome because it was a simple and fast browser.
And now I'm seriously using Chrome and IE side by side because IE is less bloated while Chrome has a better interface and addons.

>> No.31600540

I feel like I'm watching TTGL all over again

Except we're playing as the fucking Antispirals

>> No.31600542

I'd like Fall Guy to make an upgrade tree for DAQ, or at least one combined document with everything we could get.

>> No.31600543
File: 43 KB, 580x205, gmail-html-view.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Try to find the "Gmail view" options and set them to "basic HTML".

Incredibly vast improvement. No bullshit animation and all that. Just pure HTML code.
It's a thing of simplistic beauty.

>> No.31600554

IE has gotten much better. It's still not ideal, but the alternatives have gotten worse while it improved.

>> No.31600563

I would not.

>> No.31600565

Let me ask you a personal question: Do you use Thinkpad?

>> No.31600593
File: 67 KB, 1020x526, outlookwebmail_1020[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This actually looks decent.

Then again, look at pic related. Its best function is "cleanup" (or whatever it's called in English). You can let it auto-detect patterns in a selection of mails and then tell it to do something with all those mails - Like automatically assigning them a folder or deleting them all.
I really missed that when I saw the spam in my mother's Gmail account.

>> No.31600594

>When the players are in control of a different character, the way the sentences are structured and vocabulary all changes.
Can you give an example or elaborate on this?

>> No.31600600

But the antispirals were right

>> No.31600606

The laptop? No, sorry. But I'd like to help, if you need some, shoot.

>> No.31600607

Really? How come? I mean, overlooking the fact the Fall Guy readily admits that he doesn't have all of our augments etc. pre-written.

>> No.31600620

I think he's joking about your tech usage.

Do you run the Windows 98 skin?

>> No.31600636

Can't really give an example, since it's more of a subtle shift, but when the players take on a new character, there are changes in narration. A character uses different words, the flow of their sentence structure in the narrative changes, and they focus on different details than another character would. I can't really explain it too well, but just try reading the quest. It's not long at all and you'll see what I'm talking about.

>> No.31600651

Yeah, Outlook's got some neat features.

For purely nostalgic reasons.

>> No.31600653

No, thanks, you just sounded like a Thinkpad user there.

It's hard to pin. The way Angelic paces the sentences is a lot different between each of the three POV we have gotten. Like, Sara is more present focused and takes things at face value, Samuel thinks about the past and the detective has this weird noir thing going on.

>> No.31600665

Excellent work, gentlemen.

>> No.31600668

Maybe there is a compromise?

Though, I don't think there's any choice but to kill Erebus. He doesn't care about anything other than his mission. Chaos cannot be allowed to win, but at the same time, living forever just to preserve the status quo is too sad.

There's got to be a third path. Order and Chaos are not mutually annihilative. One requires the other to exist. Suppressing Chaos into the Core is, at the end of the day, a temporary and cruel solution.

If it turns out that there is no middle ground, I am in support of releasing Chaos. No more stopgap measures. Chaos cannot be destroyed, merely restrained, and it is inevitable that it will break it's restraints, whether it takes a day, or a hundred million years. Why contain it?

>> No.31600679

/tg/ - diagnosis via handshake

>> No.31600695
File: 53 KB, 1350x600, untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dunno, works well enough for me.

I tell anything I consider spam to be marked as PROMOTIONS and gMail filters it off to a different tab that I never use.

>> No.31600696

>and they focus on different details than another character would.
Sara never notices how people dress or look, only how they feel.

>> No.31600703

>You can actually talk about /tg/ shit and not be buried in a mountain of shit storm, not matter how popular or unpopular it is.
Not really. /tg/ hates DnD, MtG, pathfinder, WoD, and 40K with a passion. Just to name a few.

Starting a thread about any of those usually leads to all sorts of shitposters asking why you aren't playing the much superior X instead. You guys really romanticize /tg/ way too fucking much.

>> No.31600718

Post sage QTG is hilarious in the breadth of topics discussed.
Reminds me of back when I still used to go to bars.

>> No.31600735

How does picking a background and class at the same time sound?
For example.
Bandits are invading your village while the adult men are on crusade! It's up to you to defend your place of birth, and you know just what weapon will do the trick.
>Grab the massive sword. Can you even call it a sword? It's too big to be called a sword. It's massive, thick, heavy, and far too rough. You've been an apprentice smith for a while though, and you're certain you can do some real damage with that thing.
>Grab your trusty bow. You're the number one hunter in this little town, and shooting bandits is a lot like shooting elk, right?
>Your master is out, but you don't have to be scared. You've studied the theory on how to cast spells for a few years now! You should be able to immolate them all with naught but your focusing staff. In theory.
>Grab the spear. Spears are a lot like pitchforks, and you've certainly learnt how to use one of those on your parent's farm.
>This is what you've been training for! The adults may have laughed when you acted out you little knight fantasies, but with sword n' board you shall drive back the invaders!

Each of the options has a name behind it, a little glimpse into character personality, different allies and opportunities, different perks and so forth.

>> No.31600739

once we hit page 9 or 10 people really stop trying to stay on topic since 404 will cut off any seerious discussion

>> No.31600753

It's also the best qtg.

>> No.31600757

That sounds like a good idea anon. You've managed to mix in some character personality and back story and class all in each option. This would also allow you to have an OP with more heavy exposition on the setting while still allowing people to get into the action in the first vote

>> No.31600775

People also tend to chill out. Fewer shitstorms, better topics.

>> No.31600789

Most excellent. This feels flavourful and flexible without being overwhelming, and you're setting yourself up for way less grief in the long run by not putting people into the habit of going [X] All of the above right off the bat.

Well, it does work though how people walk is even more enlightening.

Too much nonsense tacked on, though >>31600543 this certainly helps un-fuck things a bit.

>> No.31600793

Immortal Quest

We've almost certainly been introduced to the betrayer by now. Who are we betting on and what are we going to do about it assuming they're still alive?

Or are we just going to go full SOCIAL JUSTICE on everyone's asses.

Furthermore, how are we supposed to survive accidentally a vampire? Cut a quick deal with GRD? Diplomance our way into her pants?

>> No.31600807

How much attention to detail should I pay to inconsequential things that the MC wouldn't be involved in? The players might gravitate towards it, and I don't want to be unprepared

>> No.31600819

Good. It is definitely better than random mishmash we usually get.

>> No.31600826

make shit up as you go.

>> No.31600837

>We've almost certainly been introduced to the betrayer by now.
When? Who?

>> No.31600840

>Well, it does work though how people walk is even more enlightening.
You could make a mod based on that for your dude. Specialized sensors installed in the eyes that read body language, heat, that stuff.

>> No.31600850

It's good, but it would be better if you had a less conversational tone. Use of question marks and exclamation points in narration is annoying.

>> No.31600854

>>Grab your trusty bow. You're the number one hunter in this little town, and shooting bandits is a lot like shooting elk, right?

/tg/'s plan: drop bow, grab axe, fail spectacularly.

>> No.31600865

Overhuman would be better if we had joined the government.

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