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Mairon is pro-orc and that makes him an obvious target for the elven elite for their lies and slander.

The fall of Númenor was a false flag attack instigated by the Maiar and Valar to antagonize Mairon and his people, the orc and balrogs against Men. Númenoreans fell for elven lies and blame Mairon for something he was a victim of too.

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Mairon was always open and honest about the forging of the One Ring, but the elves didn't want to share power and turned against him once THEY had their rings.

Mairon is also pro-men, but elves want to keep them down so they turned men against their only friend among the Maiar.

Men of the West, how long are you going to keep dancing the elve tune. Men of the East have accepted Mairon as their friend and they are better for it.

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yeah so we all know this

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Then act.

Overthrow your elven overlords. Be free. Accept Mairon.

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Typical elven shill.

Mairon isn't even anti-elf, he's just pro-orc and pro-men.

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>only served the Black Foe himself

Leave orc scum, lest Noldorin blades cut through you.

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Is this the face of someone who would lie and/or persecute anyone?

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Mairon isn't pro-orc

He hates the orcs because they are ugly and brutish. He literally despises them. He would much rather have elves serving him, but since his fall they renamed him Sauron specifically so that he would be forever repulsive. The only servants he has left are the orcs.

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MY LORDS! Here is what I say to these two kings! Manwe is nothing to me, nor Mandos neither. Why should they rule over me and mine, from some high flung seat on Taniquetil or or some gloomy hall near the western sea? What do they know of jewels or the Silmarils or the craftsmanship of our kin? Even their kind are not ours. Eru take Morgoth too, I’ve had a bellyful of him. Why shouldn’t we rule ourselves again? It was Servants of Eru that led us into the west, and they have all but slain us! There sits the only king I mean to bow my knee to, m’lords. THE KING OF THE NOLDORIN!

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The Finrod/Beren incident is nothing but a hoax.

Those guys were trespassing *and* during times of war. They got what was coming to them.

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I also bet you think the bewitchment of women is a good thing too faggot.

Why does this get my dick rock hard

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>expecting storm front to read the sumerian.

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>implying I don't come from Storm Front


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Nothing more than degenerate elves blaming their incestuous relationships on others than themselves.

>It's a dragon's fault that I'm boning my brother.


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What is worse is that the rulers of Angband stoop to Thingol leves of faggorty.

Such as:
>giving head

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>Gives Nine of the greatest Kings of men magical Rings
>Neglects to tell them said Rings will strip them of all free will, slowy rot their flesh away until they're nothing but disembodied Wraiths, and literally cannot get near any living thing without scaring infecting them with magical fear that will eventually kill them.

Sounds more like he's infecting everyone with plague, Yrch-scum.

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How fucking many important bloodlines is Elrond part of?

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Melian, Fingolfin, Finwe, Hador, Thingol, Beor, Earendil

That's not even including all of the marriages...

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Is Elrond a Gary Stu?

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Not really, since he's terrible at everything and mostly just serves as a narrator for certain scenes.

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