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Honor & Profit is shipping, spoilers soon?
FFG announced kits for summer tournament.
Regionals Info
New FAQ and tournament info

Which new identities are you most excited to try out?
>not playing deck you stirling

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I'm really looking forward to Tenma. I love being agressive early and on a regular basis. Also really looking forward to improving my Death by a thousand cuts deck with Philotic and House of Knives.

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Would you play it?

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Maybe. Depends on how prevalent those three things get. Right now I only see action jackson and capris in my meta, and I usually try to trash jackson as soon as I see him, so it's not worth it for me. I hope that we see a lot of good upgrades with H&P

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Shit guys I thought this game was hot. Is everyone out getting stomped at their Chronos Protocol tours?

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The only thing my meta relies on is spamming the everloving fucking shit out of transaction cards and stuffing my hand with them, so that when I need to rez ice I can rez as much as wanted.

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Yeah, I see a lot of that around here too. I really wish that the game moves back towards asset econ. I feel that offers a lot more interesting runner choices than just drawing and hoping to hit one of your 15 economy operations. The Donut guy in H&P is a good start, but I think we'll need more

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As far as purely making money, event economy will always be better than asset economy. The best corporation stategy at the moment seems to be as little interaction with the runner as possible. I think it's going to take more than H+P to change that, but you're right. It's a step in the right direction.

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I'm thinking of making an Overmind deck for fun.

Maybe use it as the sole breaker in a repliKate deck with LLDS chip/cyberfeeder/akametsu/prepaid voicepad and just use test run scavenge and maybe retreival run to repeatedly drop it in with refreshed tokens (and at base 3 STR)?

Everyone seems to be thinking Chaos theory in the DOJO I've seen so far.

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I have a kate overmind deck with the cloud breakers, dyson mem chip, underworld contacts and so on
Just missing the cloud barrier breaker

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Me and my friend in Cambridge just kind of like smooshing what card sets we've got to try and make a good deck.

Yesterday my Weyland deck won 2-0 over his Kate McCaffery (we played two games, one on each side) although the second game when I was the runner I literally lost for want of a single credit to break the last End the Run subroutine on a Str9 Hadrians Wall to steal the 2pt Agenda we both needed to win.

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What did you apologise about, tripfaggy?

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I admitted I was wrong on the internet. It broke /v/ as a result.

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You goddamn beautiful son of a bitch.

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>checking ffg constantly for new spoilers
Come on ya bunch of faggots

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>checking ffg
Should rather check reddit if you're waiting for H&P spoilers.

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You mean the Netrunner subreddit where there are currently at least two doge-related threads on the front page?

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>2 of 25 threads are silly
>My life is ruined!

It really is going to be your best bet for people first scanning the cards, or linking to where the cards are first scanned.

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Alternatively, I could just wait 5-10 minutes to see them ITT instead.

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I've found that Netrunner threads on /tg/ are a little slow. Because of people like you who are anti-reddit, it is possible for a thread or two to pass without someone posting obvious spoilers.

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Man, just looked at them. Pretty horrible.

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Restriction when?

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Deck fizzles easily by drawing into cards that are required to be in in graveyard to go off (interns, reclamation order, third jackson)

It also needs a foruth card (mirrormorph) on the combo turn in addition to the regular three (jackson, shutdown, diagnostics).a

Also if it becomes meta or whatever it shouldn't be too hard to print hate cards for it (for example a card that lets the runner remove accesed cards in archives from the game)

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>Some guy said this deck is broken so it must obviously be broken! When will FFG take action??!
It'll be restricted/banned if and when it's widely played and suppresses other decks. Until then it's just some guy's opinion.

Also Donut.

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Nothing new here

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>ban lists
This isn't fucking AGoT. They actually take the time to test and respond to changes in the player base.

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