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Don't mind me. Just dumping a couple of images.

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The Omnissiah blesses you in your mission.
The Emperor protects your code.
And the Codex Astartes supports this action.

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My relic-blade is diamonds right now

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I'm having heavy Ascendancy flashbacks for some reason
thanks for fueling my nostalgia

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I don't know what that is but I like what I'm seeing.

What's this?

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That's all for now.

The Emperor protects.

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I'm impressed and also very excited.

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I feel like I should know this.

What game is this?

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It was a running joke on /tg/ that there was a game called "Chapter Master" that was basically a 40k version of Dwarf Fortress. It was coupled with fake greentexts describing the events of the game.

Some anons decided to make it into an actual thing, it looks like.

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Ok someone tell me what game this is.

I love 40k games (The ones that are good) and so I would gladly play with.

This game looks to be from the mid to late 90's. But it also has some more modern aesthetics.

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Chapter Master, a fake game with /tg/ made up about you taking control of a Space Marine chapter in a simulated universe, adventuring, fighting aliens and heresy and whatnot.

It was really only a joke, a mind game and an expression of creativity, but some people had the ambition to try and make an actual game out of the idea.

this is the first "screenshots" that i've seen of someone actually trying.

That is, unless of course, this is just some gigantic asshole tormenting up with mock-up stuff which will never amount to anything, leaving the much desired game just out of our grasp.

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It's literally a game based entirely on an in-joke in /tg/ being put together by a bunch of anons.

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EHHHH Dont tell me that, I want to play this...


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This was posted a few weeks back.

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Is that the Dawn of War requisition symbol I see?

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Yes. Yes it is.

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Op, stop - don't do this to me, I don't want to dream anymore

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So... why didn't they just make a kickstarter? People would throw money at it, I'm sure. If there are law issues just kickstart a code and release UI unoficially.

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Because cease and desist orders.
Better bet would be to make a setting less interface before releasing the UI unofficially or, as they're doing it now, keeping it free.

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Don't get ahead of yourselves guys, we've been burned FAR too often on these things to lower the shields now.

That said, these images are either something working towards the real deal, OR a VERY elaborate troll.

My money's still on the latter, since that has happened more than once, but I shall relight a single candle of hope nevertheless.



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Lol it looks like some Vassal sprites are being used.

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If it saves the game maker having to track down a drawfag to do it, then I support it in the name if saving time and minimizing the people needed to get it off the ground.

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>implying this isn't just an elaborate ruse.

Seriously anon I've seen at least 4 threads of people saying that they're making this a thing.

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Oh, absolutely its probably a ruse, or perhaps just something that will be abandoned when the going gets tough.

But, if it does happen to be real, then I consider scavenging sprites from elsewhere a good idea, is all.

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Fair enough.

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What kind of heresy does this game allow?

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More like a 40k version of King of Dragon Pass.

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That would be illegal due to copyright and pointless because money and productivity don't really correlate.

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Why are all these images so small?

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>0 309 014 M2
>014 M2
>1014 AD

Fuck the new captcha. I've typed this out multiple times.

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>not having a pass

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That supposed to be M3?

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Yes, we're currently in the third millennium. Upp to 1000 AD was the first and up to 2000 AD was the second. Just like the 2000s are the 21st century.

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Since you apparently understand that, is that just today's date or is it possibly a predicted release date?

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Imperial Dating system works like this:
The 0 refers to the accuracy of the date as relevant to Terran time. So 0 is on Earth, 1 is in the Sol system, etc.
Second bracket is the year fraction; the Administratum divides a year into 1000 chunks. It works out to a little over 8 hours per one increment. A month is roughly 87.5, so we get to a little over 3.5 months. So mid March sometime.

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Wouldn't that be April?

87.5 = end of january
175 = end of february
262 = end of march
300ish = some point this month?

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Yes, I'm a retard.

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Haha, I remember you Anon. Many mighty heroes have fallen on this quest but you have returned bearing this prize. I applaud you.

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>implying it's not just a mockup in photoshop using icons from other games

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If that were the case, the font rendering wouldn't be shit.

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anyone got the screen cap of the gentlemen who was basically doing a greentext of "playing" a chapter as close to reasonable marines as possible?

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Unfortunately no.

If you remember something specific from the post, the Chapter Master page on 1d4chan has those threads archived. You could run a search for parts of it,

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Sadly no dice.

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I didnt even realize that this could actually one day be exist.

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>i want to believe
i really do

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It's similar to Dwarf Fortress in the sense that anons who know nothing about how games are made kept making ludicrous pipe-dream suggestions until the prospective game turned into an amazingly complex Imperium Simulator which would essentially model everything that exists in 40k lore. Of course, while neither game will ever be finished, the distinction is that Chapter Master will never even reach Alpha.

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If this really becomes a thing, then I really don't mind if it keeps that level of detail, or lack thereof.

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vode an!

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quickly, my brothers! update the most sacred of pages

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>tfw this is all probably a ruse

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You have passed the inspection. You have the blessing of the Inquisition to continue your work, my child

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Looks fairly detailed to me.

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I... remember.
I started the Ninth Thread with the tale of an Alpha Legion game. You promised to deliver.
Brashly I claimed to manage the everliving fuck out of everything.
Needless to say, I failed. The bit of organisation I completed stands idle on my computer.
But, you, Anon, kept your vow.
I respect and salute thee.
Emperor, Omnissah and Imperium be with you.

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Bumpan for awesome

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Good night bump for awesome and a bedtime story for me.

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The sad thing is that Chapter Master died even as it was born, I wonder if anyone else plays it except i. The annoying thing about that is i encounter so muchstuff that i have never seen or encountered before, and i cannot get help.

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