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This is for an analysis video I'm doing; In regards to the Imperial Inquisition, could an all in one codex (Inquisition and Chamber Militants) be done? Or would you have them as their seperate Ordos like they did in 3rd edition? Or any other way? Let me know.

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Current Inquisition Codex includes Ordo Xenos, Malleus, and Hereticus Inquisitors. It is not as complete as the one in the Grey Knights Codex however, i.e. missing the Assassins and that one other named female Inquisitor from Ordo Xenos.

It could very well be done. HOWEVER, it would mean that the Sisters of Battle would be subverted as their own Codex. Seeing as how they are Ordo Hereticus' Chamber Militant.

Grey Knights would also be folded into it, since it is Ordo Malleus' Chamber Militant.

Deathwatch? I have no idea if it would be broken or not, the idea of having different Marines from different Chapters in squads would be really broken - in a sense. Imagine a five man squad, all of them from five different Chapters, which means each of them would have their own Chapter Tactic. Looking back, it might not be too broken as long as the Chapter Tactics ONLY apply to the one model from said Chapter. Also, it would be really tedious.

It would be a massive Codex, however. So much HQ, Troops, Elites, Heavy, Fast choices all crammed into one book. You'd have points for diversity, but then you could easily become an OP-faglord.

Though you may be able to remedy that by saying that the Inquisitor HQ you choose determines which Army you make. Same goes with named characters, i.e. If you chose Coteaz, you only can use Malleus choices. If you use Kaldor, only Malleus. If you use Fyodor, only Hereticus, all Ordos get to use Assassins to be fair though, etc.

It's a good idea in theory, not sure how well it would do in practice.

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As Noobcakes said, it would be humongous codex compared to the others. And it wouldn't be a good trend.

It would mean that Blood Angels, Dark Angels, and Space Wolves would be folded into the Space Marines Codex. Or Adeptus Astartes Codex if they start calling it that next edition.

They already did so with Black Templars, not much is exactly stopping them.


All those contradictions, get your shit together.

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>Sisters of Battle
>Ordo Hereticus' Chamber Militant.
No they're not.
If you read any source for the Sisters, literally any source that isn't specifically Codex: Witch Hunters and the Sisters are not listed as their chamber militant.

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