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Honor and Profit soon, Runners. Are you prepared?

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FAQ v1.4

Tournament Rules v1.4

>double elimination

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>House of Knives
>Philotic Entanglement
>Mushin No Shin

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This is how I Weyland

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Why do we fight for honour and profit? Why aren't we fighting for a better world, friendship and peace?

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Because flatlining the runner is fun?

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>friendship and peace

I don't think you understand how Weyland works, anon. You see, here at Weyland, we don't consider a meeting official until we've activated ED-209 and let it murder one of the heads of department.

It keeps the survivors on their toes.

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Reading the new FAQ got me thinking: Bank Job does combo nicely with Singularity, does it not ?

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>Replacement Effects
>Replacement effects can only occur once per trigger.

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I haven't been following the game for a while.

Is that caissa shit over and done with now? Was it useful or nonsense?

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My bad, misremembered the wording on Singularity.

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It was pretty much nonsense, the only caissa I rate highly is knight.

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Knight is good, Rook is ok in Reina, Bishop can work alright with fixed breakers and shit, and Pawn is only useful in Exile with Scheherezade.

Trying to use them all together is a bad idea

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Knight is great, the others are mediocre, but still see fringe play.

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Love them myself (really loving a lot of what the did for Anarch with that cycle truth be told, even in spite of the flukes), but I do fear they're more likely to survive as one off-s (some individual cards *are* really good) than as a thematically complete game.

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>The Runner has Blackguard installed and exposes an Archer.
>Is the Corp forced to rez the Archer?

>Blackguard only forces the Corp to pay the rez cost, if able. The Corp does not have to rez the Archer because he can decline to pay the additional cost of forfeiting an agenda.

Hmmm... Weird ruling. Archer does state that "as an additional cost to Rez Archer, the Corp must forfeit an Agenda" and Blackguard states that "The Corp must rez, if able". Wouldn't it force the Corp to forfeit an agenda if it i able, even if it is not willing ?

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>Wouldn't it force the Corp to forfeit an agenda if it i able, even if it is not willing ?
Obviously not.

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>play reina deck with all caissa
>take 2nd at store championship

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No because you can decline to pay the cost, which is also true for runners when they access an agenda they need to pay an additional cost for.

Honestly that's a favorable ruling to you anyways. If the corp doesn't rez Archer, you can just keep spamming the expose and force them to lose credits until they do, so they're forced to forfeit an agenda regardless unless they don't care about economy.

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Why "obviously" ? The Agenda is part of the cost, and the Corp can pay said cost and must.
Or is the logic that an "additional cost" is not part of the cost ?

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>No because you can decline to pay the cost, which is also true for runners when they access an agenda they need to pay an additional cost for.

The runner can decline because no rule states that the runner must pay though.

You know, given that I play Weyland and Archer, I can't say love the idea of having to forfeit an agenda, but so far it makes to me.

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Well in short you asked "Is it X or Y" and the FAQ clearly states that it is X.

For a longer answer: The rez cost is the number in top left corner of the card. Everything else is an additional cost. (Rook, Reinas ability and Xanadu increase the rez cost as opposed to saying "as an additional cost to rez ice").
Yes it's part of the "cost" but not part of the "rez cost". The latter is an actual rules relevant game term while the former is not (at least not in this situation).

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The old scoring system is dead at last. Now maybe fast advance will depower some.

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I wouldn't say Pawn is only useful with Exile. Since caïssa can be so easily trashed it needs a way to put them in play again. Pawn is the anarch's clone chip.

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I only ever played with the coreset.
How much did the gameplay change?

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There's a lot more viable decks now, the general idea is obviously still the same but there's a lot of options now, especially if you're not trying to be super competitive.

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Read the FAQ.

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Not enormously. The biggest thanks from core set to present is the growing number of ways to search for and install a card, even in the middle of the run. On the corp side, there's a fair bit more cash available than before.

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The corp also has more control over archive now with cards that are active from within Archive (Shock and Subliminal Messaging) and more cards that interact with Archive (Jackson, Reclamation Order).

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Fast advance is still very strong because of the time limitation.
I played against tons of Jinteki in the tournament and those games take AGESSS.

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The rule doesn't make any sense, but that's just the way the designers chose it to be.
It's the same with agendas, the rules say you MUST steal agendas you access, but if they have additional costs to them you can decline to pay those.
I have no idea why you can decline additional costs.

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Most normal score decks are the same speed as HB Fast Advance and that is a strong deck. NBN speed decks win in 10-15 mins most the time.
If it takes longer than 30 mins to win as Corp your deck is just bad and will not be in the cut.

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This. The reason FA was strong was that it limited the chance of the runner scoring a high losing score and always had a good losing score it's self.

Things like T&B decks did poorly as if they failed to kill they likely had no points as well. This new system also makes Counter strike better.
On the point of time even Million Cuts Jinteki is over within 35 mins so the time limit is a non factor.

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IF Blackguard said what you quoted, you would be right. However, it says
>Whenever you expose a card, the Corp must rez it by paying its rez cost, if able
It makes no mention of additional costs (Such as Archer's forfeiting an agenda). Since players can always (to my knowledge) ignore additional costs, the corp can decline to pay the additional cost...which results in only a loss of 4 credits (or possibly more with Xanadu, Reina, and the Caissa).

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You do realize that Fast Advance isn't really "fast", right? It just refers to scoring out of hand. I will grant you that there are NBN rush decks, but those are a separate beast and far less common than FA.

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>which results in only a loss of 4 credits
Wrong, here:
Thanks for the question. Blackguard only forces the Corp to pay the rez cost, if able. The Corporation does not have to rez the Archer because he or she can decline to pay the additional cost of forfeiting an agenda. Additional costs are paid at the same time as their trigger, so the Corp does not even need to pay the 4 credits as he cannot rez Archer without forfeiting an agenda. Hope that helps,
Lukas Litzsinger Game Designer Fantasy Flight Games [email protected][1]

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Oh interesting. I had missed that.

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I've been - that's where those questions where coming from really, in case you hadn't noticed.

I mean let's look at it from another angle, from the FAQ:
>The Runner chooses an unrezzed Archer as the target of a Forged Activation Orders.
>Can the Corp choose to rez Archer, but then decline to pay the additional cost of forfeiting
the agenda?
>No. If the Corp chooses to rez Archer, then as part of this choice he must pay 4c and forfeit an agenda. Otherwise, the ice is trashed.

So here the corp must rez the ICE or trash it. And if rezzed, the agenda has to be forfeited, as expected.

But then if the corp "must rez it by paying its rez cost, if able" it can choose to decline from forfeiting the agenda ie paying the additional cost.

It only makes sense if you agree that an additional cost is not part of a cost (or I guess more exactly here that "Rez cost" and "additional cost" both work as a distinct substantives; makes sense). Which seems like a distinction worth keeping track of (the same way that "putting an advancement token isn't advancing" was worth keeping track of - if only because we now know that additional costs can work as a way to counter forced activation of cards).


Thanks for taking the time to ask.

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Who's going to try out a Stirling deck?

Hostaging out Sources, fall guys preventing the trash, keyhole as a win condition, Logos tutors for the keyhole and whatever other pieces you need.

That's all I've got so far. Suggestions?

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I'm gonna play the Central Only breakers with Frame Job and Blackmail to get into remotes. Probably won't be good, but it'll hopefully be fun.

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I'm really loving the idea of Stirling (if only because it kinda change the value proposition of that first scored agenda to put the pressure on the Runner - "Yeah, sure, you got that Mushin no Shin score turn two... thanks for that, the money paid for my build up".) It does seem to fit the tempo of a run less often, but hit hard deck.

If anything, I know I'm going to want to work Woman in the Red dress in there. Maybe even the Woman in the Red Dress + Deep Thought combo if I can afford to. You just want to know when and where to strike.

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Given how slow I am when I play Crim? I'll probably switch over to him for a bit. The only thing I'm weirded out by is the 10 influence, so it's hard even wanting to splash Indexing in.

Also somebody hella mad making posts in my Netrunner group
>mad about datasucker + central only breaker combo
>mad about no ban lists
>mad about gotta go fast tenma influence
>"You're probably just going to spend the influence for Datasucker, R&D Interface, and Quality Time."
Does anyone actually feel this way about the game? Or am I just stuck in an ethereal realm where it doesn't matter to me about following strict archetypes and still come out doing well with Weyland tag n' bag + Anarch constant aggression?

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No Fucking ban list!?
GG FFG all datasucker all the time forever.

>> No.31495372

Too many cards presently reliant on datasucker to function reliable.
Chill your nips.

>> No.31495393

If people jump on a central only bandwagon Corps will just focus on more 5-3s in remotes.

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They really need to print a card that clears viruses for 1 click.

>> No.31495433

Suddenly I don't run any Bad Pub.

>> No.31495442

If people stop running stuff that generates bad pub, you're going to need frame job to land blackmail.
And if people start running all three pointers to counter THAT, it'll be a null sum game.

>> No.31495458

I think you meant to reply to this one:

>> No.31495502

Clear everything for a single click?
Holy balls, that would be insane, 3-of in every corp deck ever.
Maybe just make it clear a single card? Or every copy of a single card name?

>> No.31495504


>> No.31495515

>too lazy to download picture and upload it to the image board

>> No.31495524

Stop posting fake spoilers for packs that came out a year ago.
I'm pretty sure people would have noticed if a real card that powerful came out.

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>> No.31495545

Because it's fake, obviously.

>> No.31495596

This. If this card was real it'd be a 2 of in all decks.

>> No.31495645

This card is real. I have 2 in my corp deck right now. I can't tell if you people are trolling by saying its fake.

It came out in "Opening Moves"

>> No.31495670

You'd think whoever made that would at least make the effort to give it a card number that wasn't released yet.
What was it that actually got #19 last cycle? I forget.

>> No.31495703

You're full of shit, everyone knows cardgamedb is nothing but trolls and nonsense these days.

>> No.31495744

Oh boy, not this "Cyberdex Trial" nonsense again.

>> No.31495756

Nyan's brother, stop

>> No.31495802

You can't prove anything.

>> No.31495808

No, Nyan´s brother, you are a cool guy, keep it up.

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>Why do we fight for honour and profit? Why aren't we fighting for a better world, friendship and peace?

You'll have to wait for the Anarch box for that.

>> No.31495907


>Watch this, it'll be funny.

>> No.31495987


Fun isn't mutually exclusive with friendship, peace and a better world. It helps tremendously even I'd say.

>> No.31495988

Given that I'm also considering the central only suite, I think I'd rather have a Crypsis to deal with remote issues.

Although I am really tempted by copycat.
>Facecheck remote ASAP
>Harass centrals until Ice duplicate comes out.

I just really want that card to work.

>> No.31496094

>run central suite
>swordsman splash on remote

>> No.31496147

No one actually runs swordsman. He's just a fairy tale.

>> No.31496214

I saw it once, it killed my Atman deck...

>> No.31496240


I wonder if the traditional Criminal tools (Inside Job, Femme Fatale, the oft disregarded Lemuria Codecracker, Account Siphon ) aren't going to be enough of a back up plan really.

Grappling Hook + e3 maybe.

>> No.31496392

You need clone chips to keep that an option all game. That said you can also run Faire for early aggression as well then.

>> No.31496437

>> No.31496454

Wrong topic.

>> No.31496521

When are Shapers going to get a console that isn't shit?

>> No.31496537


If your strategy happens to be hammering centrals that's not an option you should need too often anyway, though - especially if you run Woman in the Red Dress too (Yes, I love that card, sue me).

>> No.31496620

The problem is Guard blocks inside job and Grappling Hook all on it's own. Forcing out Femme to hit the remote.

Like I said the counter to central only is heavy remote play with high point agendas. Untraceable and Million Cut Jinteki will eat it alive.

>> No.31496643


>> No.31496768

It doesn't change the fact that Clone Chips and Same Old Thing will still be 3-ofs in decks. I can see Gabe changing it up to force HQ runs more often, especially if you can just cycle cost to recycle Grappling Hook all the time.

And that's why you run 1 copy of Mimic.

>> No.31496786

>The problem is Guard blocks inside job and Grappling Hook all on it's own. Forcing out Femme to hit the remote.

Emergency Shutdown.

Frankly, I don't think Grappling Hook is going to be that great in that deck, as I said, traditional solutions is probably more where it's at.

>Like I said the counter to central only is heavy remote play with high point agendas. Untrashable and Million Cut Jinteki will eat it alive.

Which is why I'm so intent on WitRD (and maybe Deep Thought) once out, it makes the runner's chance to hit a central when it *needs* to be that much higher, not even giving enough time to the Corp to put that agenda in a remote.

>> No.31496831

You ask for shapers? anarchs got a console that CAUSE BRAIN DAMAGE.

>> No.31496851

A single mimic tends to be weak to Shutdown or random damage pokes. Then you are eating up clone chips to reinstall, worrying about grim, etc.

I expect Central only to go the way of Atman. It will be good for a month then fade away as people learn to play around it.

>> No.31496878


Another counter to heavy remote with high point agenda for central only - even if it kinda shames me to write it - would be pic related.

>> No.31496924

Deep Thought is not really that strong a card and Women in Red is worse. DT takes a bunch of set up time and turns off easy, even worse if you are running Datasuckers as well.
Women in Red is a big investment and can ruin it's self by speeding the Corp up.

>> No.31496951

I can't wait till someone quests into a Junebug.

>> No.31497010

That's why you install 3 Silencers.

>> No.31497014

So I am thinking Mushin might be really strong in a NEXT deck. You get the chance to ICE up central and Mushin something turn 1. Hell you'd even have the click to protect the new remote. Fill the deck with cheap early ICE and a few traps. Go for broke turn one and watch the runner panic.

>> No.31497132

Mushin strong in all but maybe Weyland. He enables trap play from turn 1. Med Tech can drop a Overwriter turn one and the Runner is almost fell raced to check it as if they score a 3 pointer they are a game point.

>> No.31497156

>DT takes a bunch of set up time and turns off easy

If the corp is willing to pass on a turn just to remove the counters from motherfucking Deep Thought ? Not such big deal as far as I'm concerned.

WitRD does speed up the Corp's game, but it also tells you what it draws and when - giving you a whole turn to steal an agenda, and changing the balance of the game tremendously. *In conjunction* with Deep Thought, it makes it so that even if the Corp chooses to draw, you still know what the card on top of R&D happens to be. Basically, the corp has to draw two cards per turn if it wants to be able to bluff you.

In a runner deck that is all about control of the tempo of the game - and Criminals are good at that - that's invaluable I find. A bit risky, certainly, but totally worth it if/when you can pull it off.

And given Sterling's access to Hostage, that's probably not that hard to pull.

>> No.31497188

>cyberpunk literature

>> No.31497541

A bunch of moving parts for a clunky cart.
Think aboot the decks that win and how they play. Combos are silly unless they actively win the game.

>> No.31497546


It was this ID, severely underplayed IMO

>> No.31497589

Speaking of new IDs, thoughts?

>> No.31497702

Mostly a dumb T2 ID imo. His ability is interesting but not game changing. Can fuck you as much as it can help. He is ruined by rush decks with cheap ICE.

>> No.31497828

>Combos are silly unless they actively win the game.

Combos are silly when your sole winning strategy is dependent on them, even more so when you have no reliable means to force them to happen.

Here that's not a combo though, that's just basic synergy: the total value of the cards played together adds up to be more than the sum of each individual card.

You only need one as a soft counter to heavy remote/high value agenda, and you can tutor it if needed (Hostage, and if you're going for it, Logos). Having both just makes things even better.

>> No.31497879

You silly, T2 is called Competitive Tier now.
Premier > Competitive > Casual

>> No.31497902

They don't have to pay the credits if they don't forfeit the agenda

>> No.31497935


Again, one of those "not sure if competitive-worthy, but makes for interesting play/deckbuild" ID.

Would totally go for a Personal Workshop, ICE Analyzer, Rook and Xanadu build with recurring econ cards. Lose nothing when you run (you can feed it all to you personal workshop and make the corp pay you to do it.


>> No.31498193

what's the difference between ccg and lcg?

>> No.31498232

Fair. T3 then.

>> No.31498358

ccg: collectable card game, the act of collecting all the cards is a sort of "game" itself. You buy booster packs and try to get the rare cards that are stronger than cheap cards. Strength of cards is also somewhat related to how hard it is to get the card.

lcg: living card game. Cards are released in a board game style "expansion" where you get a full set of each card in the expansion. the only difference I know of is the core sets for the lcgs have a lumpy distribution to make the core a good standalone game without the need for complex deckbuilding shenanigans.

>> No.31498394

CCGs are about who paid for better cards, LCGs are about who is better at the game.

>> No.31498409

>the core sets for the lcgs have a lumpy distribution to make FFG more money by forcing people to buy more core sets if they want more of the excellent one-only cards like desperado or sansan
Fixed. LCGs are great, but let's not pretend here.

>> No.31498452

it's a bit of both. The games have fine cores and you aren't forced to buy the extras. They have no incentive to release a "core completer" since anyone who cares enough to be upset that they have to buy another core, will probably buy another core. So they make more money. Besides, buying another core also gives you extra copies of some of the staple cards, so it's not quite awful feeling to buy a second. Third is pushing it though

>> No.31498544

thanks friendo

it seems that ccgs offer more tactics.

>> No.31498611

That's the general idea. It's still a bit of an investment, but they're a company trying to make money. I'm perfectly happy dropping 200 something to get all of netrunner. (grabbed all of spin when double time came out). I'm still pretty upset about having to drop 30 on a single sliver queen from back when I played mtg.

>> No.31498655

yeah, for a minute i thought that core sets are somewhat different so you can make your own with little trading - sort of like assembling wh40k starter sets, but i guess it's decent enough this way.

i wonder how popular their 40k lcg will be.

>> No.31498836

>He is ruined by rush decks with cheap ICE.

What makes you think so ?
I mean, just look at the cost to break for most cheap ICE if you're going for the most cost efficient breakers - which you will for that ID; Dagger here works wonder, for example, especially since you *want* the recurring econ anyway - and a sizable portion of them break for cheaper than their rez cost or equal, so I don't really see how it ruins him anymore than the expensive ones.

Add to that the tools to raise that rez cost (Xanadu, Rook) and it's even more in the favor of the runner if you run a lot of cheap ICE.

If anything, I'd say the thing that could be worse for him would be Amazon Industrial Zone and other such cards (Bioroid Efficiency Research and Oversight AI come to mind), because then you can't basically off-source the cost of your early runs on the corp anymore, and that's basically what that ID's strategy seems to be about.

It's a really weird ID in that, If Reina Roja was a criminal in Red, as I like to put it, then Nasir seems like an Anarch in green.

>> No.31498849

It looks kind of awful. Kind of like Blood Bowl and CoX combined.

>> No.31498886

I really liked the Blood Bowl card game. Why would it look awful if it's similar?

>> No.31498963

i thought all fantasy flight lcgs are the same in concept.

>> No.31498982

Imp to trash agenda and fish them out of archive. This preserves source and let's you get around source theft tax

>> No.31499003

If I were playing him, I think I would quite like Amazon Industrial. The corp's rezzing it on their turn which means I get to keep my credits.

I think if the Stealth breakers are all in-faction for Shaper, he'll be fun to play. Otherwise, it'll be Pipeline/Gordian Blade/Battering Ram and dumping credits.

>> No.31499124

how is netrunner fluff when compared to 2020? still retro or post-cyberpunk?

>> No.31499207

>If I were playing him, I think I would quite like Amazon Industrial. The corp's rezzing it on their turn which means I get to keep my credits.

Let's put it that way: you have 5 credits. You spend it ALL before running to get a rig ready. The corp rezzes a Neural Katana. You win four. That's nine credits that were in your pool, 4 that the corp was forced to pay. With a dagger and cloak out, that may even be a 3 net benefit that the corp paid *you* for running.

You want to run with no money in your pockets on you first runs and spend everything you have on getting your rig out fast before running because you want to make the corp pay for your runs and your rig installation, keeping it poor(er) in the process.

Now with AIZ (and the like), the corp prevents you from doing that. You ID is basically useless.

>> No.31499562

This only works if you stuff multiple agendas in the archive. source still triggers if they're there, so you pay 3, then trash it and take the rest of the ones you put there for free.

>> No.31499592

neither? It's updated with the modern cyberpunk trends, but it's no longer very retro and certainly no post-cyberpunk. I think they did a good job balancing them all out.

>> No.31499859

Personally, the game reminds me of Batman Beyond...without Batman.

>> No.31500110

> Andromeda > Casual

>> No.31502043

Why has this shit not been posted yet, /tg/?

>> No.31502064

Is this the best alt art or almost the best alt art?

>> No.31502100

Cerebral Imaging
>it's fucking nothing

>> No.31502135

Pretty good

>> No.31502163

And some random virus tokens

>> No.31502294

Aw shit nig, where'd you snag that swag?

>> No.31502347


Damn, I'd love to make myself a playmat with just the pawn art (which is great). The added text is jarring I find.


I think I still prefer the Eli 1.0.

>in b4 complaints of HB hogging all the alt art

>> No.31502377


These are one side Andromeda other side CI. Probably only for the top 4 players.

The mats are for the top 8.

These packs might be for the top 16, I guess?

And then we have SIXTY-FOUR copies of this badass right here.

>> No.31502456


Scratch that, I think my favorite one must be the alt Crypsis. I guess I'm one of the very few ones that love the abstract pieces though.

Thanks for posting those by the way.

>> No.31502503

I like the regular troubleshooter more. I think the best is Kate's

>> No.31502606

This seems a bit shitty. thoughts? I don't think I've ever had enough remote servers to make this worthwhile, especially not as weyland

>> No.31502708

Horizontal Jinteki, maybe HB.

>> No.31502735

I like kati jones the most. Maybe because shes my only alt art

Im gonna make the shell gameiest weyland deck with vulcan cover up as ronin

>> No.31502741

I've played a jinteki shellgame thing and had six or seven remotes, each advanced 2-3 times to keep the two agendas hidden in a field of junebug/secretary/overwriter. I still don't think this would be that great a card, even in the above situation.

>> No.31502863

Mushin no shin looks so fun to play esp. with that Plan B card available. Bluff 4-token cerebral overwriters for mega death or your agendas. My weyland deck's pretty straight-up and whenever I play people with it it doesn't lose all the time but it's fucking boring. These new bluff-based cards raise the stakes and look to be really fun.

I was thinking jinteki too but the minimum to get value is pretty fucking high and bad for early-game and for HB I don't think it'll ever be better than GLC for transaction that costs 1

>> No.31502905

horizontal HB with encryption protocol and ticking credits.

>> No.31503574


I've had a Replicating Perfection that might have make use of it.

But even then, it's just not that great really. Even counting on the fact it's neutral, it takes four remotes to be equivalent to Beanstalk Royalties. That's... yeah, even though I've had situations when that card would have landed me 7-8 credits benefits, I don't know that I would play it. Just too demanding, too end game specific and too win-more. That's a lot going for against it in spite of its potential.

>> No.31505631

>tfw finally understand that i use aesop's to trash starlight before it's starting even triggers
goddamn this game

>> No.31507645

Oh shit, you can do that?
I thought it would work in the same way that Magic handles simultaneous triggers, wherein they both trigger regardless of whether one would somehow remove the source of the other, you just get to choose the order.

>> No.31507905

A while back an anon posted a neat Chaos Theory Double-focused deck, and what you're supposed to do is play Starlight on the first click, run three doubles, and then trash Starlight before your next turn.

Deck list as listed by anon.
It's Double Time! (No Dad No!)

Chaos Theory: Wünderkind (Cyber Exodus)

Event (24)
3x Diesel (Core Set)
3x Dirty Laundry (Creation and Control)
3x Eureka! (Second Thoughts)
2x Hostage (Opening Moves) ••••
3x Lucky Find (Double Time) ••••• •
3x Power Nap (Double Time)
2x Quality Time (Humanity's Shadow)
3x Test Run (Cyber Exodus)
2x The Maker's Eye (Core Set)

Hardware (5)
3x Clone Chip (Creation and Control)
2x R&D Interface (Future Proof)

Resource (5)
2x Aesop's Pawnshop (Core Set)
3x Starlight Crusade Funding (True Colors)

Icebreaker (5)
2x Corroder (Core Set) ••••
1x Femme Fatale (Core Set) •
2x Torch (Mala Tempora)

Program (1)
1x Magnum Opus (Core Set)

15 influence spent (max 15)
40 cards (min 40)
Cards up to Double Time

Personally I am thinkingi about making a version with some Scavenges as well, and Woman in the Red Dress.

>> No.31507954

Oh and holy shit the deck is fun to play. I have done nothing but Knights Gabriel and Fast Advance HB for the past couple weeks, so playing something entirely different is very refreshing. Makes me feel less bad at this game.

>> No.31508025

Yeah, the effect resolution and triggering in netrunner is a bit wonky if you're coming from magic.

So, if the source is trashed, then it doesn't trigger. Similarly, if it's ice, and you trigger an effect to get away from the ice, the effects don't trigger. So you cam femme past a tollbooth without having to pay the credits. BUT if you let chum's sub fire, then bypass the next ice, you haven't broken the subs so it still hits you, despite bypassing the ice (so yes, you still encounter even though you bypass)

The main thing to remember is that the current player resolves first. So for example, runner events trigger first, in the order the runner chooses, then the corp events trigger in the order the corp chooses unless they are no longer relevant because of runner actions.

Strange, right?

>> No.31508780

Oddly enough the fact that effects aren't tied to the survival of their sources (such as a creature's come into play ability after being shocked), is something that newcomers to Magic have said is not enjoyable and intuitive to them. Meanwhile after people have gotten used to how the Stack works move to Netrunner it seems unnatural that the resolution of an effect is tied to its source (say Femming a Tollbooth).

>> No.31508821

Also, to add on about Chum v. Tollbooth with Femme. Chum creates a static ability whereas Tollbooth creates a triggered, conditional, ability. That is why the effects are different. You probably already know that, but this is for other Anons who will read this later.

>> No.31508868

I played magic casually for close to 15 years. Stopped a couple ago since all my friends in it started to get more hardcore and I couldn't justify keeping up financially. So it's been a strange trip dealing with netrunner and it's wordings/mechanics

I was aware of the interaction, yeah, but I'm still learning the names of all the effects and whatnot. Thanks for the headsup

>> No.31508869

Thanks guys, it's good to know.

>> No.31508897

Biggest thing you can do for yourself is the read the FAQ. I had a lot of false plays starting out with other newbie friends because I came from magic. I keep a picture of the flow charts on my phone just to make sure I have a quick reference for timings.

>> No.31513659

H&p soon fellow andromeda

>> No.31514202

>In closing, we would like to take a moment to comment upon a topic that is not addressed in this FAQ update: set rotation. We are aware that the size of the card pool, the number of products available, and the breadth of the game are growing increasingly problematic for our audience. For some, it is a barrier of entry that is discouraging to new players who are thinking of buying in or trying to get caught up with their collections. For others, it is a matter of increasing complexity and a sense of getting lost in the card pool. We bring this up now to let you, our player base, know that we are aware of these issues and are working toward a long-term solution that ensures the continuation of the A Game of Thrones: The Card Game experience for years to come. More information on this topic will be presented in November, at the 2014 FFG World Championship Weekend.

>> No.31514301

Is the AGoT LCG much bigger than Netrunner?

>> No.31514546

From there, at first glance looks like the equivalent of one core box and 13 cycles:


People more in the known will correct me.

>> No.31514602


Game is 6 years old.
Core set, 11 cycles, 6 deluxe expansions.

>> No.31516747

Odds are they will do a small side format that is limited. Like modern is for MTG, it's a thing but the main format is Standard.
Most likely Core + Deluxe boxes + the last 2-3 cycles.

>> No.31516841

My local shop just told me that my copy of H&P will be in next week on Tuesday. Spoilers this weekend maybe?

>> No.31516909

A Game of Thrones is one of their oldest LCGs, It seems to have started as a CCG though. Whatever form it started in, it began in 2002. I think it made the format switch in 2007? Someone who has played it would have to say.

Either way, the answer is yes, much older.

>> No.31517043

Same here, mine said Monday. Likely will go to "shipping" today on the upcoming site.
Almost time for Clonic!

>> No.31517110

no they are all completely different games. They all play really different

>> No.31517231

But the thing is that it depends on how popular it is. If it isn't very popular then you're right that it will be a small side-format. If it turns out to be wildly popular, I wouldn't be surprised if it became the "default".

>> No.31517266

Honestly all they need to do is do a reprint of old cycles in one big box. One box for each cycle for $50-$60 each.

>> No.31517297


I think rotations are a bad idea. As an Thrones LCG player I would hate to have some of my cards become illegal since that is a thing FFG has said they wouldn't. I understand the cardpool is huge, but you don't need all the card, just buy the deluxe for the house you want to play and then just start getting the latest packs and you'll be fine

>> No.31517356

>As an Thrones LCG player I would hate to have some of my cards become illegal since that is a thing FFG has said they wouldn't.
Didn't thrones have banned cards already in their FAQs?

>> No.31517380

I meant whole sets, banned cards are necessary when a cardpool is that big.

>> No.31517383

Last night I won my 38 people chronos protocol.
Took Keyhole and Hemorrhage focus Professor as my Runner. Million Cuts Jinteki with a tag storm twist as Corp.

Lost one game as Runner in the finals, he top decked a 1 pointer while it was 6-6 after I got 2 bad starting hands.
I voted for HB as Jinteki is already strong, Targeted damage is just too good and will break the game.

>> No.31517393

Not any more, only restricted

>> No.31517447

Is it just badly thought out cards that end up being OP?

>> No.31517450

Jinteki tag storm? How did you spend your influence?

Do you know how many votes HB and Jinteki got in total?

>> No.31517510

when the release new cards they don't always see all the way those cards will interact with old cards, what can cause things like infinite combos that win on turn 3 (that was one just discovered till the cards got restricted yesterday). It's like the Modern format in MTG, these weird combos pop up that wizards have to ban to keep the game fun

>> No.31517621

2 Midseasons, 2 Psycho, 1 Closed Accounts.
Most runner econ is resource based here so I ran 2 freelancers and 3 Hunters.
Left the Runner always low on credits and having to draw up after damage.
As soon as they see tags they panic and dash for PC likely even having to discard on the way just to have it worthless. Never expecting me to score from hand with the tags.

All but 2 oh my games the Runner had 0 cards left in their deck before the end. Those two I scored out from them being to broke to run anything.

>> No.31517651

Oh and HB was by far the winner here. I did some test games with people using CP Jinteki and the H&P spoilers, they say the he'll it can make the game in good hands.

>> No.31517675

Isn't that the point of multiple formats? One can be Rotating and the other is Eternal?

>> No.31517682

Are you from France?
I heard French people are scared of Jinteki CP.

>> No.31517702

LCG's don't have the player base for that though. Splitting the community up would hurt the tournament scene greatly

>> No.31517738

Why? It seems TOs are getting some amount of leeway in what they want to run. As of the last update, I believe there were three tiers:
Premier may be Eternal and Competitive is left to the TO to decide what they want to run. Casual is everything else.

>> No.31517796

UK. Most people I have talked to in the Netrunner communities dislike Jinteki CP. Randomly losing a set of cards is nowhere near the control that Jinteki puts out.
All the HB one does is force out an early Mimic and that is already a standard play.

>> No.31517843

At the moment those tiers are just a way to say : "You must know all this cards/rules before you consider to enter this tournament". It really doesn't mean anything else, for now.

>> No.31517849

They're gonna have to put out a neutral card against net damage sometime.
If not in H&P then in the first pack of the Lunar Cycle. Just like there was Plascrete in the first pack of Genesis.
I dunno how strong that Jinteki is once you have some sort of net damage protection.

>> No.31517884

It seems a pretty close split either way
(Though I've heard HB being disliked more, because of randomness and removing from the game)

>> No.31517914

I feel like Jinteki is in the lead, but I can't say for sure because NO ONE ever talks about the votes when they talk about their CP games.

>> No.31517996

This is my first time seeing this sort of vote, and I haven't been to an event (and am missing my local one by going home for easter), how do you mean?
I seen a lot of people saying who they will vote for.

Rules question:
You cannot use Savoir-faire more than once each turn.
Is that "A Savoir-faire" or "THIS Savoir-faire" ?

>> No.31518004

Netshield already turns off most Jinteki decks. Anything like PC and you might as well remove Net Damage from the game.
Also do you really want 4-6 cards of all runner decks preset.

>> No.31518113

Net shield is just 1 Net damage per turn anyway.
If you're doing killer Jinteki you do much more than that

>> No.31518135

Why? Net damage and meat damage are completely different in implementation. Net damage is generally small pokes to tax. Meat damage is generally "I'm going to kill you this turn".

>> No.31518159

I believe it would be for that particular Savoir-Faire. IIRC self-referential language only applies to the card it's on.

>> No.31518187

Whenever a card mentions its own name, it is talking about that instance of that card.

So 'This savoir-faire'

>> No.31518198

There's already Deus X and Feedback Filter to go with Net Shield. I think that's already enough net prevention.

>> No.31518261

Bet Shaper Tax... It's not like people use that crim body armor carp.

>> No.31518376


>> No.31518592

There's a couple of reasons for that. The first is that a better option for conventional meat damage (a la Scorched/Punitive kill) exists in the form of PC. If meat damage functioned more like net damage (very few cards that did more than 2 damage at a time), then it would see more play than PC.

And you're also not going to have deck spaces for EVERYTHING anyways. It's a game of knowing your meta and preparing for what you'll likely face and making up for the rest with good gameplay.

>> No.31519214

Looking at Amuresh Bodysuit, I think this interpretation of Net and Meat damage might just be because of the limited cardpool.

>> No.31519259

I'm convinced the body suit is just badly designed. Well, more likely Scorched Earth is badly designed, but it makes everything else that interacted with Meat damage in early sets look badly designed.

>> No.31519263

>I seen a lot of people saying who they will vote for.
There's a lot of people on BGG talking about their CP games, but none of them talk about who they voted for.

>> No.31519296

All of those are Shaper. That's why I want a neutral net damage prevention.
Imagine all meat damage prevention was Criminal.

>> No.31519325

Well the Body Suit helps against Dedicated Response Team and Vulcan Coverup.
But who uses those anyway.

>> No.31519933

>Suddenly people aren't splashing 3 Account Siphons
That's a bad thing? As it is, I don't run any protection against meat damage other than MO and the only times I've gotten scorched is when I do something wrong.

>> No.31520018

I played a Reina once without 3 Account Siphons. It was great. Forged Activation just makes everything wonderful.

>> No.31520108

MO is great against Meat Damage, but what if you're an Anarch? I guess you have to use Plascrete.

>> No.31520456


Imp would like a word with you

>> No.31521838

So how do you counter NBN Rush decks? The Source?

>> No.31521859

potentially. I keep hearing early pressure and making sure you have the resources to trash a sansan should you stumble across one. if they drop a remote, get to 5cr and run it down

>> No.31521933

I'm no expert, I would say to run the remote and make sure that Sansan or JH NEVER get to see use. If they look like they are setting up, but you can't hit the remote, raid their hand. I've found that NBN usually ends up with too many agendas sitting in their hand, especially if Howard hasn't been able to help save them from a flooded HQ.

>> No.31522185

I'd second this. HQ pressure is bad news for NBN because of setup time associated with fast advance.

Target Priority:
1. Remotes
2. HQ
3. R&D

Bother R&D when the Corp is poor or you are relatively confident they don't have agenda's in hand.

>> No.31523686

Just saw this on a BGG thread. It addressed the AGoT LCG but I'm sure that whatever direction they go with it they'll also likely do the same for Netrunner when it gets to such a cardpool

>In closing, we would like to take a moment to comment upon a topic that is not addressed in this FAQ update: set rotation. We are aware that the size of the card pool, the number of products available, and the breadth of the game are growing increasingly problematic for our audience. For some, it is a barrier of entry that is discouraging to new players who are thinking of buying in or trying to get caught up with their collections. For others, it is a matter of increasing complexity and a sense of getting lost in the card pool. We bring this up now to let you, our player base, know that we are aware of these issues and are working toward a long-term solution that ensures the continuation of the A Game of Thrones: The Card Game experience for years to come. More information on this topic will be presented in November, at the 2014 FFG World Championship Weekend.

Honestly I'd just be happy if they'd box up each cycle and sell them at a discount, but a lot of people are asking for a complete cycle, which I feel defeats the purpose of an LCG.

>> No.31523746

complete rotation*

>> No.31523797



>> No.31524171

I don't see Forever War in there

>> No.31525371

>I have no idea why you can decline additional costs.

Because that's what the rules say?

>> No.31525431

Lot of good ones. (The Giver is shit, though.)

>> No.31525461

The rulebook never even mentions additional costs.

>> No.31525555

The first version of Netrunner came out in 1996.

>> No.31525603


>> No.31525659


A quick ctrl+f of the latest rule book lands zero result for "additional cost". It doesn't seem to be even mentioned there.

The FAQ's only topical mention of the term for the particular point that interests us is about the instance of the Runner stealing an agenda and being able to refuse to pay the additional cost.

Now, the ruling makes sense, it's understandable. But to say that there is no linguistic fuzziness in the game terms employed that makes it not immediately knowable is kinda disingenuous.

>> No.31525718

The FAQ is an extension of the rules, if you want to get pedantic about it.

BTW, Netrunner is the first game I've played where people argue about whether or not something is legal, the designers make a ruling...and then people argue about *whether or not the ruling makes sense.* FFS, just play the game.

>> No.31525754

He's right though. The card distribution in the core set is one of the things I don't like about LCGs.
I feel kinda stupid having to bum cards from friends when we go to tourneys.

>> No.31525820

I don't understand why you are getting upset when people are annoyed by strange and unintuitive rullings.

>> No.31526019

I'm not upset, I'm annoyed by bitching and whining.

>> No.31526105

There isn't really a better way to do it, though. If you have a few hours to kill, you can explore the BGG threads where this is discussed ad nauseum.

>> No.31526162

I dunno, someone who says "FFS" sounds pretty upset to me.

By the way, I'm the person who wrote
And I don't think you really understood what I was saying because I was practically saying the same thing you said with your FFS post.
I was saying
>I have no idea why they decided the ruling should be like this, but it's the way they want it to be so we can't do anything about it

>> No.31526196

>There isn't really a better way to do it, though.
There are a number of different ways, all of which have been thoroughly discussed, with fanboys making excuses as to why they wouldn't work.

Sorry, dude, but whether you can take it or not, it's the one thing about FFG's LCGs that's just kinda downright greedy.

>> No.31526243

C&C has 3 copies of every card.
And it also has preconstructed decks.
All you need is a magical little thing called a deck list.

>> No.31526300

With the introduction of draft packs you should be able to get singles for those high demand cards.

>> No.31526326

Except those cards aren't in the draft packs.

>> No.31526521

Yeah that sounds like a good idea, but I have 2 problems with it.
Firstly, some cards just aren't in the draft cycle at all. For example Desperado and I think Astroscript.
And more importantly, it influences the way I'm gonna draft cards. For example I have the choice between a card that would be really good for the deck I'm currently drafting. A Hedge Fund and I don't have any other econ for the moment. But then there's also a SanSan in the pack. I'd totally get the SanSan because it's such a valuable card outside of the draft and in the process I'd make my drafting deck worse.

Stuff like that happens in magic as well, so I heard. Like when people get down to a round of drafting, but then mid draft the people go away because they got some rare, expensive cards and they don't really care about the actual game anyway.

Same thing is gonna happen when they put alt art cards into drafting. It will harm the actual drafting event.

>> No.31527771

>Same thing is gonna happen when they put alt art cards into drafting.
I hope they never do this. I like the fact that there are bragging rights in this game and it's a nice way of rewarding players for doing well.

>> No.31529064


No one forces you to take part in the conversation though, you can just, I don't know, take your own advice and play the game or something.

Some of us just like to make sense of rules, so that we may now what to expect when new situations arise

>> No.31533514

Is it really going to come out by April?

>> No.31533794

Yes. They tend to come out towards the last week of the month.

>> No.31533812

Casual players don't want to futz around with a deck list, and they don't want to pay extra for cards they aren't going to use.

>> No.31533868

>I hope they never do this. I like the fact that there are bragging rights in this game and it's a nice way of rewarding players for doing well.

Well, something has to change with drafting, because nobody's going to keep shelling out $25-30 to draft for cards that they already own.

>> No.31533887

Why do we need to people too stupid to realize what kind of game they're about to play?

>> No.31533995

You mean you're ignoring the reasons why they wouldn't work.

They could make a supplementary pack, but it would probably cost $20-30. You can get a new core for that much online, AND you get Hedge Funds, Sure Gambles, etc. for building more decks.

>> No.31534048

This is the kind of elitist attitude that Netrunner doesn't need. Without casual players, the game would be nowhere near as big as it is.

BTW, core-only is not a "stupid" way to play, and it is probably the way the majority of players play it. For every player who becomes competitive and starts buying packs, there are probably 10 who buy the core and stop there.

>> No.31534131

>keep winning games as weyland by being a massive kike and stuffing my deck with transaction operations so I just always have ungodly amounts of money
>one game was so retarded I had two hadrians walls as the start to a massive line of ice
>at the end of my two servers were two project junebugs

oy vey

>> No.31535413

As far as i know, casual players also seem to be annoyed that theres card limitations in the core set though

>> No.31535435

Oh, and i dont think he meant core only players are "stupid". I think he meant people who dont know how to use deck lists are stupid.

>> No.31535571

>I think he meant people who dont know how to use deck lists are stupid.
That's exactly what I meant, actually. If someone is too thick to open the "this is an extra pack of cards meant for when you're ready for deckbuilding, you'll need to use the list/dots on the cards to get your starter decks back" or even just use a list in the first place, then that's quite frankly too fucking bad. It's NOT a lot of setup, especially compared to other board games that those people might be coming from.

I was also referring to the fact that Netrunner, no matter how someone chooses to play it, is designed to be expandable, with the player constructing a deck. If they're too dense to realize that's what they're getting into, to the point where they find those "extra" cards to be that bothersome, I don't know what to say.

>> No.31535607

I agree with this pretty much.
Even a donkey could understand how to use the deck list on the backside of the c&c insert.

>> No.31536208

Going to throw this out there on a whim: anyone go to the Games and Stuff store in Glen Burnie, MD? I was thinking about stopping by there tonight for some Netrunner since it looks like my game group is calling the week off for Easter.

>> No.31537437

As someone new to Android:netrunner is there anything i should know?

Had a few games with a friend using the shaper and Jinteki starter decks to get a feel for it, (Jinteki isn't my style at all) but there seems to be a lot of little intricacies hidden away.

>> No.31537477

Don't run last click.
Run early (both in the game and in the turn) but remember: Options before plays.

>> No.31538434

Don't be afraid to run. Every time you do you're taking away something from the corp, either in credits or information or agendas.
Know when you can get away with having a scoring window, usually when the Runner is broke and can't afford to get through your ICE. And speaking of which, don't be afraid to NOT rez if you're thin on credits.

Everything else will come with time.

>> No.31538977

Hot off the presses from Reddshit.

>> No.31539142

There's more to it than that, though. Think about how many cards would need to be in the "deck-building pack". It would raise the price $10-20. Part of the thing that makes Netrunner so easy to get into is the sweet-spot price of $40. Raise that to $50-60, and you lose *a lot* of players.

And what about all the players who don't care about deck-bulding? They have to foot that bill, too.

>> No.31539381

amazon is usually wrong. For comparison, Amazon UK said it was going to be released 2-3 weeks ago

>> No.31539470


>> No.31540086

Awesome, gonna get me another playmat. My last playmat from them was pic related

>> No.31540269

Dammit, now I need a design I want printed.
Or just get the NES playmat.

>> No.31540308

For the last two days I've been hankering to get an oversized playmat from them but I've wanted something that's like 80's to 90's cyberpunk with a lot of pink and blue neon and futuristic but clearly outdated technology. Basically I want Blood Dragon without the Blood Dragon, so I've been looking for wallpapers on Bladerunner, Escape from New York, etc.

Originally before that I was gonna get the art for Judas Priest's Painkiller and just call it a day but I'm not feeling it anymore.

>> No.31540315

Has anyone had any success making an NBN rush deck that gets to either 3 or 4 points, and then Power Shutdown - Accelerated Diagnostics Interns/Miseason/Psycho for a the rest of the points? Trying it with TWIY* but shit's hard when you only have 10 deck slots for economy and combo. Right now:

NBN: The World Is Yours* (44 cards, 18 agenda pts)

12/12 influence: ••••••••••••

Agenda (9)
3 AstroScript Pilot Program
3 Market Research
3 Project Beale

Asset (3)
3 Jackson Howard

Upgrade (3)
3 SanSan City Grid

Operation (12)
3 Accelerated Diagnostics •••
1 Midseason Replacements
3 Power Shutdown ••••• •
1 Psychographics
2 Shipment from SanSan
2 Sweeps Week

Barrier (5)
2 Wall of Static
3 Wraparound

Code Gate (3)
3 Quandary

Sentry (6)
3 Grim
3 Rototurret •••

ICE (3)
3 Chimera

>> No.31540416

Yeah, it'd be nice to get something with sick art. I know there's a guy in the New York scene with a giant SMC printed on a mat. I think it'd be cool to have something like that, but I can't quite figure out what I'd like to have printed as art.

>> No.31540490

Pretty cool, one of my friend's has Hadrian's for a playmat. I was also thinking of making His and Her's playmats for the Mrs. using Quality Time but I don't know if the artist is able to do that.

>> No.31540534

Nice. I was going through the sets and I think I want one with Xanadu printed. Trying to find the full size art now.

>> No.31540733

>fantasy flight owns the copyright of the art he drew
>i will never get a full size print of xanadu on a play mat

>> No.31541024

Make a run to FFG's archives and just take it

>> No.31542800

I found something I like even more actually. This Andrew Mar guy is legit.

>> No.31543737

Nice, I like it too. I found this:

I'm still not happy though, like... it doesn't resonate well with me.

>> No.31543928

Give this tree to me.

>> No.31544089

is there a better picture of the jinteki ID?

>> No.31544528

Here we go, I think I found the one I'm looking for

>> No.31544718

Doesn't a playmat like this make you look like a roborapist?

>> No.31544806

I prefer the term robosexual

>> No.31547471

I like the Aesops.
Looks like they're specifically aiming to print alt arts for the limited cards in the core set.
Hoping for SanSan or Desperado next.

>> No.31547612

I want this tree so bad. The only problem is that "so bad" is an apt description of my Netrunner skills, I'm afraid.

>> No.31548876

Question on Singularity, does it trash ICE or just things like assets and upgrades? No one in my meta uses it and I'm thinking of putting it in an anarch deck.

>> No.31548918

ice isn't "in" a server, so it stays. Assets, upgrades, and agendas are in, so they all get trashed.

>> No.31548977

So very little use unless they have nisei and ash? Or maybe "If that's a trap I lose if I run but if it isn't i lose cause you score next turn"

>> No.31549019

Doesn't do much against nisei I am pretty sure. Though the other scenarios you said seem plausible enough

>> No.31549135

Yeah, you still have to have a successful run, and Nisei can prevent that.

>> No.31549965

I guess if you're playing against a cheater who has 5 SanSans in the same server, you can use it to save some money.

>> No.31551816


Also allows you to get rid of the classic Snare!/Edge of World + Upgrade (generally SanSan) protection scheme while waiting for an agenda. Or some of the craziest hyper-servers with multiple upgrades.

Not to mention the obvious use after a Mushin no Shin.

>> No.31556068

H&P spoilers this weekend?

>> No.31556989

Thursday at soonest.

>> No.31557458

>sexy robit
Gotta play HB forever now.

God. asdfsadf as dfsadfasdf
Now I gotta train so hard. I even play Reina.

Also question: if you ABT an ICE with Bad Pub, do you still get the Bad Pub?

>> No.31557505

>Also question: if you ABT an ICE with Bad Pub, do you still get the Bad Pub?
I think you do.
It doesn't say the BP is a cost.

>> No.31557540

>Also question: if you ABT an ICE with Bad Pub, do you still get the Bad Pub?

Illicit ICE thus far says "When you rez [card], take 1 bad publicity.", you are rezzing it with ABT or PriReq or other stuff, so you do take the bad pub.

If any is printed saying "As an additional cost to rez [card], take 1 bad publicity.", then you wouldn't have to.

>> No.31558204

This also means that the bad pub can be prevented by Broadcast Square or something similar

>> No.31559327

H&P is shipping! Spoilers Monday?

>> No.31559377

H&P is shipping, spoilers tomorrow?

>> No.31559393

H&P is shipping, spoilers now?

>> No.31559407

Not on a Saturday. Fastest is 2 day shipping to stores and most don't get stock on Sunday.

>> No.31559468

Is Easter Monday a thing in the States?
I reckon it'll be Tuesday earliest

>> No.31559843

Upstalk also went on the boat today.

Looks like next cycle does start right away.

>> No.31560221

Not really. There'll be family activities Sunday but that's about it.

Awesome. So 2 cycles/year then? Or rather half a cycle - full cycle - half a cycle

>> No.31560359

Monday is a possibility then.

I like this rapid cycling. My wallet does not

>> No.31560376

Spin had a printing issue and that is what delayed it for so long (like how the packaging change backpedal delayed the new Star Wars cycle).

Meaning we will have the entire cycle out for Worlds and maybe the next Deluxe released there.

>> No.31560676

Is octgn the best/only place to play this online? If so, is there anything I should know about that community/software before trying it out?

>> No.31560823

Here's a cheat sheet. You should know that largely the online community doesn't have patience for newer players and the software is buggy, whereas if you just take the time to stop by your local store on an LCG or Netrunner night you will most likely be able to get someone kind enough to teach you everything properly. Plus it's much more fun playing in person.

>> No.31560980

There is less to be spoiled in H&P then we have most times a Data Pack comes out.

We know all but like 14 cards in the box.

>> No.31561023

We normally know more than 6 cards of unreleased datapacks.

>> No.31561036


Still a lot of room for craziness in 14 cards.

>> No.31563273


>> No.31564729

In Magic, milling the other player is usuallly seen as a bad play because you're bringing them that much closer to either the cards they want, or because you're wasting resources (card + mana) on an action that most likely won't win you the game.

In this game though, it seems like decking is a valid strategy. Why is that?

>> No.31564841

"mill" is from deck to graveyard. So, you aren't actually getting them anything. Unless they have some ways to play from their graveyard, it's not usually a good thing to get milled.

>> No.31564858


The corp generally needs everything in their deck. Add to that if you mill agendas you make them that much easier to score, and the threat of the corp decking out.

>> No.31564920

Because every card is viable as the next in a well-constructed deck. For example, I'll take my HB Fast Advance. It uses 3 Eve and Adonis Campaigns to counter Account Siphon as well as Jackson Howard for draw. Everytime I install I get credits and whenever they trash those it still costs them some time and money. With enough Campaigns I'm getting 7 credits every starting turn, so rez'ing ICE is no problem. You'll also, likely, have a well spread formation of ICE out for defending, so on the early game you're fine and well into late game for as long as you need to finish up for the win.
So when you have someone shove those into their archives, it makes it INCREDIBLY difficult to pull back out, short of a Reclamation Order or Archived memories.
That said, and this is credit to Netrunner's excellent design, decking itself takes a ton of effort on its own to pull off. Prior to Fall Guy it was even more difficult. You can certainly build around that strategy but don't expect to get too far if the corp has either a) Freelancer or b) tons of cash and gives no shit about completely destroying that decking rig you took four turns to setup.
Oh, and because it requires you to be tagged, the Corp can just as easily set your house on fire.

>> No.31564964

I've always thought about milling in two different lights: Targeted milling (i.e. search the other guy's deck for a card) and general milling (top X cards). Targeted milling is absolutely a bad thing to happen because you're able to take out specific threats before they happen.

General milling, while it may not be a good thing, it's not necessarily a bad thing, either. Your deck is a collection of cards you don't have access to. If you don't have access to it, then it doesn't make a difference if it's in your deck or your library: You probably weren't going to draw it anyways. Netrunner makes this a little different though because the corp has to care about what is in his archives. Specifically, he cares about agendas in there which can put him into a losing position because unlike R&D, all cards in Archives are accessed on a successful run.

>> No.31565006

Netrunner is a very different game from Magic.
The Runner doesn't want to run out of cards because their cards are their life points.
If you play against Jinteki and you don't have anymore cards to draw to protect yourself from all the netdamage, you're pretty doomed.

On the corp side it's even more effective. Destroying the corp's cards means they have less econ, less ice, lose key cards like Biotic Labour and of course potentially have agendas in archives which means they either need to get them out of there or protect archives as well.

>> No.31565021

This is part of it. An agenda is still able to be scored, even if it is in the 'graveyard'.

For Magic, you don't win until your opponent is out of card.

In ANR, you can win off of just milling them 3-5 times if the right cards land in there.

>> No.31568153

If Jinteki doesn't win Chronos, I'm gonna be mad.

>> No.31568519

>hb or jinteki getting another identity

>> No.31568592

in like 2 cycles in the future, who knows if the game even lives that long

>> No.31568817

I'm confident that it will. LCG's are a market that FFG milks for as long as they can. AGoT seems to have no ending in sight.

>> No.31569504

New thread berks

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