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Would you guys be kind to have a /tg/ wallpaper thread?
What can i do to convince you?

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:D moar?

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>What can i do to convince you?
That depends on how cute you are

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Dumping all of my tank stuff, would appreciate if anyone has any tank wallpapers or art to share

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It occurs to me now how rarely we see a Space Marine landing going well, as this picture seems to depict.

Normally it's like 3 drop pods heading towards a battle already in full swing. Here we have tanks being landed and a landing zone being cleared/expanded, but it all seems to be going OK.

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i always though the flag bearer was a child, am i wrong /tg/?

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not so cute though :(

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I swear to god, it seems that people who can't draw faces and people in movement/action seem fixated on drawing IG art.

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Hydra Dominatus

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That sucks then. Stop using smiley faces on an image board and we call it even?

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I could be wrong, but it appears you have the wrong setting.

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Fuck you.

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Star Wars can be /tg/ too, anon.

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Uh....how do Nercons fight demons anyway? Not like they have equipment that can banish them back into the warp.

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Love me some IG vehicles from DoW

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How any other faction do it without psykers?
Just punch em hard enough.

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There is also a distinctive lack of Baneblade art work, let alone wallpapers

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“ A new spring swept across Fakathan and the Orc Army launched a mighty offensive against the dogged Imperial guard. 6 Division was encircled near Sharug. At their backs flowed the river Uaurdr . And on the other bank, between 6 Division and survival, stood the orcs. The last order was given: ‘Redundant weapons to be destroyed; only iron rations and ammunition to be carried. Code word “Russ”—every man for himself.’ The men of Infantry Regiment 18, every man of the proud 6 Division fought like devils. Little Becker fell, so did Oberfeldarzt Schulze. Major Hoke fought and died at the head of his regiment; heavily wounded, he saved his last bullet for himself. A few crossed the river and slipped through the Orc trap; most died on the banks of the Uaurdr. Perhaps a hundred men, not many more, struggled through the Vaetulamm Marshes and reached the new frontline—a hundred from the eighteen thousand men who had marched into Fakathan under the Emperors crest. 6 Division, the heroic Regiment 18, had ceased to exist.”

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And I'm out.

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>just played DoW PoK
>drop 6 teams of elysians on a double tau base, rape them with palsma, vendettas and melta bombs
>they drop crisis team, but man, palsma is top shit
>player eliminated x2
>meanwhile my IG buddy barely holds against a Tzeentch and Undivided host
>possesed break through his gunline
>two chaos lords fell scores of guardsmen
>eversor time, heretic filth
>he fucking frontflips into melee, executes one chaos lord
>wounds the other heavily, but a retinue of chosen joins the fray
>with 6% HP left he kills the 2nd chaos lord, shots him in the skull and kicks him away like a sack of garbage
>gets hit in the cranium with a sword the next second, biomeltdowns killing the entire retinue

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Too bad the ones I have are all pretty old and low resollution

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Do you have other stuff from the old GW site?
I might be intrested in it.

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>playing DoW campaign
>emotional cutscene about the Eldar sacrifice to summon the Avatar of Khaine
>mission start
>send out Scouts
>Avatar catches them right near a CP
>GTFO with my scouts
>Avatar follows them
>build an outpost and upgrade it to the first level gun
>ring around the outpost with my Scouts for like 5 minutes or more
>the Avatar is still following them

I killed the Eldars only hope with a single Bolter turret

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Too much Warhammer up in this bitch

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Not exactly sure which ones are from the old website.
Let's see.

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>dat combo

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Pretty nostalgic.

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Got anything for Snow Ravens, BT anon?

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Sorry, I only have a few random BT pictures, most of which are pretty tiny.

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Thanks anyways, anon.

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Purgation of Kaurava, a version of FoK for Soulstorm. Pretty much like TT, only in an RTS format.

Lolled. "I am Khaela Mensha Punching Bag, destroyers of knuckles!"

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This is missing an eye

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Bigger and cleaner version

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Odd, there's actually less of the left side of the picture visible.

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Because he has more of the right side visible.

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Yep, noticed when I posted it. Fuck if I know why

Here's a WP of an only mech design I actually like. Still shit, but I like the style

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That is not how tanks work though

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where the where are these from?
do want more

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idk, got it from /wg/
Reverse image search them

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I think this is the best version I've seen. Not sure why it's reversed though.

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Does anyone have a high-quality version of the full image?

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marines usually deploy into hot combat zones, where they are needed the most

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please tell me that's shopped

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'No it's where the Halflings live. The live in the Moot.

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Of all the scenes in the intro, that had to be chosen. Not that I'm complaining, it is an iconic intro to what is a cherished childhood game.

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