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What are good systems for pulpy sci-fi. Currently plan on using fate/fudge but I'd have to make/tweak a lot of rules so figured I'd see what other options there are

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Adventures on Dungeon Planet, Traveller, um. I wanna say a third one, but it's late and my brain don't work.
Eclipse Phase is probably out, it's too modern and not pulpy enough.
Eh, that's all I can come up with.

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Savage Worlds is specifically designed to have a pulpy cinematic feel to it.

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That's it! Couldn't say the name of it.

Yeah, try that, it's a good one.

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I was just reading through the core book and found this
>Katana Str+d6+2 6 1000 AP2
Long Sword Str+d8 8 300 Includes scimitars
not sure about this system anon

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Yeah that's kind of the point, Savage Worlds is a goofy system for when you just want to go nuts.

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Stars Without Number, anon.

Stars Without Number.

It\s actually based partly on Traveller

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Have you looked at Hellas: Worlds Of Sun And Stone?

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>Hellas: Worlds Of Sun And Stone
looks interestin

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It's pretty commonly known that the weapons in Savage Worlds are wonky, with some being significantly better than others. Check out the Savage Armoury if you want much more balanced weapons. It has rules to design and balance weapons, and has a list of the standard weapons made using these rules.


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What are you playing? Fudge? Fate Core? Strands? Bulldogs!? Diaspora? Starblazer Adventures? Nova Praxis? FAE?

I am very happy with the new Fate as a rule-of-cool scifi system. Diaspora's ship combat is the best I know in any game. Praxis has most of the fluff I need - the rest is from TV. If I get desperate I consult a Gurps splat or inspiration. The flexibility to make new rules when needed has proven crucial many times. And my players shine with interwoven backgrounds and meta plot powers.

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