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Ugh. I'm sick, feel like shit, my sister is using the tv. Can we have a /tg/ humour thread?

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Depends how hot your sister is.

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If not w/e I made that fucking image.

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>my sister is using the tv
and why should I give a fuck?

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Bitch please, I'mma halfling

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Because small details help set the mood for the scene. I bet you're the sort of person who gets upset at the GM for describing scenery.
>GM: Vines cover the ancient stone wall. Spaced throughout the green mesh are bright, verdant flowers, about the size of---
>You: And why should I give a fuck?

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Not asking that you do. Now post funny shit or get the fuck out.

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>i from table o contents
Gets me every time.

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Some classics.

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This is arguably less funny when you realize it's two guys that happen to have the same name.

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You should rename that image Inquisition.png

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By my readings, it's either one guy or three. Two is kind of weird.

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It still doesn't really make sense.

If you have a plan to kill someone you don't kill them to stop them from discovering your plan, you kill them because that's the thing you were already planning on doing.

Unless the spymaster discovered a suicide plot, I guess.

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>The spymaster discovered a suicide plot in which he was the one getting killed
What a twist.

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>Still finding le funny puppy dog funny

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I think its "Europa Universalis" but not sure. The game lets you control a minor family in medieval Europe, which you (ideally) lead to greatness.
Along the way you have to manage your court, appoint nobles, foil plots, burn heretics, ect... The AI is kind of shoddy though, and the game had a lot of glitches. Pic is not of guys with similar name, it is literally a spymaster who's AI decided to start a plot to kill someone and randomly chose... the spymaster. The same program then checked the spymasters perception and discovered the assassination plot, so the character presented this to the king (player) demanding that the would-be assassin (still only himself) be killed.

There's all kinds of hilarious glitches just like this in the game. I don't have it but there's a screenshot of a royal tournament that glitched out and never ended- player left it running just to see what happened. Tournaments grant a happiness bonus, but randomly injure courtiers, so his peasants were fucking ecstatic while his court was slowly whittled down to nothing during a decades-long party.

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Dude, I was looking through my backlog of old funny /tg/ pictures. If you go digging in the black dirt you're going to uncover a few fossils. Chill.

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Are things from a year ago really considered fossils already? Whats up with this progressive new age bullshit. Fossils are things like large bones that require examining

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I think you mean it's crusader kings two where the guy named everyone in his family the same name, then appointed them all as his advisors and vassals.

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Trust me, doge should be a fossil.

A fossil that we never uncover again, remaining lost to the centuries.

Two years from now, a young man will find it. He will hate us for its creation.

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I am fat and hairy and strong, and of average height for my area

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He will dismiss it (for in the years to come the war of righteousness shall surely be won) as a trick of Satan and the demon Athe, whose followers the Atheists ever seek to deny the truth of creation with a million years of lies from their own lips.
And he will be right to do so, for it is true and right to do so.

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What do you know, so am I. Let's have a kid and move innawoods to raise him as a warrior without peer.

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I lack a womb unfortunately, do you possess one?

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That's probably the worst pick-up line I've ever heard

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>lemme just look around in cold storage for a bit...

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What's that, a font for ants?

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>Turns out that the walking in knight is actually a big black guy and fucks them both senseless, nerd rage ensues when the image is posted and there are a bunch of really shitty recolorings as a result.

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Ork all the way here.
Thank you /fit/ for allowing me to waaagh with confidence

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D-don't blame me, heretic. I didn't make it.

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>I'm trying to set the mood here
>This is boring... When do we get to fight something

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eternal tournament

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This version is clearly superior

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That is not how Drow work.

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I have never seen this before. You are hilarious tg.

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Looks like crusader kings 2, or medieval 2 total war. I always mix those two up.

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It's crusader kings 2. Total war games have less family charts, and more tactical warfare.

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I have a bunch of these. They sorta count as /tg/, right?

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I had to do a double take on this one because on my phone it looked like she wasn't wearing pants, and knowing Oglaf that wouldn't be out of place.

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Last one I saved

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Crusader Kings 2.

The game above was also Crusader Kings 2, not Europa Universalis. CK2 deals with stuff from 1066 to 1400, and it's feudal europe simulator.

Europa Universalis goes from 1400 to 1800 and it doesn't simulate individual people, just countries. You do get to colonize the new world and shit, because CK2 only takes place in Europe, and Europa Universalis lets you play any country on the planet.

Then there's Victoria 2, which lets you play the 19th century with the industrial revolution and finishes with a nice WW1, and Hearts of Iron 3, which is the second world war.

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There was actually a bug that allowed a character to try to assassinate himself, with lunatic trait it's still possible.

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thanks man ;)

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I always wanted to get some of my friends together and play a game of Yu-gi-oh using Season 1 Anime logic. Stuff like attacking the moon and whatever.

Would probably be hilarious.

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I was actually inaccurate when I called it a feudal Europe simulator.

With DLCs, you can also play as Muslims, Merchant Republics and, with the latest, India has been added to the map. One DLC goes back to 800 or so and lets you be a viking.

You've always wanted to be a badass norse viking who goes and sacks Byzantium, haven't you?

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best gf ever

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This is from /k/ but its still funny and /tg/ related.

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Dang it I forgot the pic the first time! Here it is.

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even ants need a microscope to read that.

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I like to imagine this ended romantically and he fucks czechbro up the ass every night.

Also I have a boner

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its czechwifebando now.

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>I think I might have just been raped
>pressured into allowing a sex act to be performed on you
That totally was rape. I mean, I still have a boner, but yeah, Czech'bro' raped his friend. Not cool.

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I've fucked traps/twinks out of politeness and/or spur of the moment a ton of times.

part of the job.

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What the hell kind of job do you have?

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But you (presumably) didn't do it after intense pressuring, while drunk, and even then had to be shoved to the bed and kept off-balance for them to blow you. I really don't want to get tumblr about it, but yeah, as described, that was rape.

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professional in the closet faggot, apparently

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I wasn't ready for these boners.

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The magic missile one still gets me.

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Ow god . . . I need an adult now.

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Man this might be funny if it wasn't fucking font size 1 text

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It was almost a perfect set up for dropping the "let's play a game of pretend" phrase

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I kinda sorta want to know what happened after.

This, times infinity.

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>First panel is on the left
>Second panel dialogue reads right to left
All of my fucking OCD.

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>/v/ spoiler

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If you're going to do it right.

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Why can't my best friend ever turn up on my doorstep dressed as a maid.

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gtfo feminazi. this is 4chan, not whorechan.

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Found one with a larger font size. No picture though. I posted the last one cause I thought /tg/ would prefer the small text one if it came with a picture of a qt trap.

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Not that anon, but anon was reasonable enough to just mention it without going STOP YOUR FUN NAO like you did.

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its inside you

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Quit being a shitheel. We don't communicate with buzzwords on /tg/.

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this kinda reminds me of another trap story from /a/ I think. wish I could find the screencap, tho

veiled request

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>I was only pretending to be retarded

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I'd fuck 11

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Maybe you should try being funny next time?

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Wait. Hold on. Christian believing something about D&D, other than "it's evulz"? What?

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Depends on the region and people. Where I live they don't care.

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Still good.

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Though to be honest, I've always wanted to figure out how to make a christian cleric. Not necessarily in D&D, mind you: I'm just curious what kind of powers he'd have. Or, more likely, NOT have, what with being the champion of an omnipotent being and whatnot.

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Well, Yahweh often expresses himself in natural phenomena. Fire is common, as is water (the burning bush, the parting of the Red Sea, 'fire and brimstone', the great flood)

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so its THAT kind of thread

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What kind of Christian? It's very broad, these days.

>> No.31493555

Wasn't he originally a god of storms or something?

>> No.31493631

Intredasting. Taking good notes.

That's one of the reasons I didn't really looked into it, I don't know shit about Christianity besides the basic stuff.

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Well, are we talking a modern-day Christian or what?

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Yahweh is a word that means roughly 'create', which biblical scholars suggest is a contraction of a phrase that means 'He Who Creates the Hosts' ie, the army of heaven.

So conjuration effects for divine types like archons and such are also appropriate - nothin' more Yahweh than DIRECT INTERCESSION. Yahweh is also notable for being one of the earliest deities to establish a covenant of any kind with his followers, so effects centered on oaths, truths, and the like would make sense.

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He was originally the hebrew war deity. All of his priests decided that the war deity was the one true god and all others were false gods, so they slaughtered all the worshippers of the other gods and eventually everything the rest of the pantheon did was either rolled into God or rolled into a generic "Satan" that consisted of all the bad things.

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Well, the whole Jesus thing is about treating people nice, don't be vengeful, let go of conflicts and be humble.

>> No.31493733

Pre- or post-Jesus would be a good distinction to make. >>31493686 and >>31493700 sound pretty different, don't they?

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So he is a less funny version of Brahma on lamer drugs?

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>read this
>notice curent 4chan banner

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>khorne doesn't even hunch over or retch, just projectile vomits

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Indeed.I'm gonna go ahead and say...
Something like that.

Though I take notes on Yahweh.

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Guess that depends. Old Testament would be some scary Plagues of Egypt Shit.

New Testament would be things like healing the sick and injured, driving out demons, occasional ressurection.

Really, it wouldn't be too different from the bog standard D&D Cleric. It's pretty likely that scripture inspired a lot of the divine spells.

>> No.31493876

>scary Plagues of Egypt Shit
... Stick of Truth, anyone?

>> No.31493878

Not if you're a Gnostic Christian.

That would just be the demiurge throwing a shitfit because the puny humans aren't doing what it wants.

>> No.31493896

Basically your vanilla D&D cleric abilities, I guess? Maybe with more of a focus on protective or practical spells and less undead slaying.

>> No.31493909

New Testament Cleric?

Special Powers: Literacy

That's a fucking super power in the middle ages.

>> No.31493920

>if you're a gnostic christian
That's a funny way of spelling "If you're a dirty heretic"

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Errybody a heretic to sumbody.

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Gnosticism is very funny if you want cryptic theological mumbojumbo because it branches out a lot.

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Oh you pleb, go watch something from a stream or website.

Go watch cowboy bebop or baccano.

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Oh man, now I want a Cleric of a Jealous God as an NPC in a campaign.

I've got this big scary slave owning totally-not-Carthage kingdom as well, so I can even rework most of the story of Moses. The only question is, how to get the PCs over there and how to have it play out without sidelining them.

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not necessarily. In Judaism, HaSatan is an angel (or an angel's job title) that serves as a overzealous prosecutor and naysmith

>> No.31494290


Yes, in Judaism Satan is literally a lawyer.

Makes sense, huh?

>> No.31494304

>Gnosticism is very funny if you want cryptic theological mumbojumbo because it branches out a lot.

That's what makes it so cool.

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not that anon, but man, baccano is dope as fuck

>> No.31494340

His job is literally to be devil's advocate, without devils actually existing yet?

>> No.31494342

In fairness, Michael is, too. He's the Advocate of Israel.

I like picturing On High as the courtroom from Phoenix Wright.

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that's the trap-chan story I think

here you go

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>tfw no more duplicate images

>> No.31494748

somewhat. if I understand correctly, he's the angel whose job is to prosecute people as sinners in the heavenly courts, but as I said, is overzealous in his job.

it's similar in that both serve as the one who plays the role of arguing the designated opposing viewpoint, but instead of advocating for the sinners, Satan advocates against them

>> No.31494840

Yeah, Satan is supposed to be there to find and expose Sin, but he's... well, cynical, basically. He's convinced that humans are only faithful when their lives are going well (ergo Job) and other such pessimistic views.

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So the portrayal of Satan in Goethe's Faust as "Man look at this shitlord, bet you I can make him go to Hell" would be recognisable to an ancient Hebrew?

>> No.31494941

I... I feel like I should know where this is from. Fuck you memory, why do you fail me?!

>> No.31494982

Here's a hint.

>> No.31494984 [SPOILER] 

You should take that phrase he says. "Good news everyone!" That is a phrase you should always hear in someone's voice.

Pic related.

>> No.31494999

negro of mine

>> No.31495023

Yeah, that's basically how it plays out in Job

"Man, Job is such a good human. He worships me, he keeps my law, he enjoys my gifts."
"No shit he likes you, you keep giving him good shit. I bet if you took his nice things away he'd think you were an asshole."
"No way, Job is faithful as SHIT."
"You wanna bet?"
"You're gonna bet against God? Go for it man."
"Wow, this fucking blows. But I'm sure God had a good reason for taking all my shit."
"Well, that's a dick move."
"Yo God, what the fuck? Please tell me why you're letting this guy fuck up my life."
"Nah man, I get you. I'm just upset, but I know you'll see me through."
"HAH. Pay up, Satan."

>> No.31495024


Not even going to rationalize it. I'll just jump off a bridge now.

>> No.31495087

Houston, my sides have reached orbit

>> No.31495095

The only noteworthy thing I have ever contributed to the internet

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Already posted in a different form bro

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god damn that's awesome

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I can't believe I miss a punmanship thread in /tg/.

>> No.31495701

Its /tg/. All threads here are THAT kind of thread.

>> No.31495710


How come I always have a boner ready when I see this picture?

>> No.31495726

I like you. Nobody decided to indulge you? I'd have laughed my ass off if I ever met you on DN.

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>> No.31495776

All my fucking jealous!

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>> No.31495810

>mfw I sacrificed the pope in one of my Scandinavian Empire blots

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>> No.31495850

We needed a new one of those. This is why I love /tg/

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>> No.31495936

Oh my god, that's great.

What I don't like about it is that people seemed to not understand what made it funny in the first place. Every variant on it since has been taking the wrong elements of the original joke.

>> No.31495948

Futa my favorite

>> No.31496049

Screencapped for generations to come

>> No.31496067

Yeah, up here

>> No.31496129

I'm all emotional right now. It's the first time I witness one of those blooming before my eyes.

It's beautiful.

>> No.31496209

I can't believe that one of my posts has been screencap'd. you have just made my day, fellow anon

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18 posts people. 18

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>> No.31496376

Lots of awesome stuff in this thread
thanks to all contributers thus far
as my mainboard is /fit/, I'm afraid that I am a leech more or less

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>> No.31496421

No prob bro

I'm Just going to dump the Ballad of Brogan

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>> No.31496507


I thought that was gonna end with it being an actual wolf, or a stuffed toy.

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>oh you

>> No.31496619

That's the last of Brogan, I guess I'll dump some other stuff while I'm here.

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>> No.31496660

>Are you serious
>I'm ready for a fit
>Please don't disconnect
>Nah dude, Barbarians are rad


>> No.31496672

But, do you even power attack?

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>> No.31496715

what's red, round and cold?

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>> No.31496743

A dead clown's nose

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>> No.31496792

For maximum /tg/ humor.
This thread was beautiful.

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>> No.31496864

Well, looks like we need to redefine insanity

>> No.31496869


I was expecting The true immovable rod.

>> No.31496904

Behold! The Hair-Elf.

>> No.31497011

If I put d&d into the real world I'd probably replace deities with saints/angels for christians clerics at least.

I remember hearing/reading about how in italy they worshipped certain saints/angels more than jesus depending on region and time.

For flavor.

>> No.31497075

War & Mountain domains

Yahwe was a mesopotamian god of war and mountains.

>> No.31497130

Why do cuckold fetishists exist?

>> No.31497246

>cuckold fetish
Disgusting. Not even once. Obviously it exists because some dudes like watching their women get wrecked by other dudes for whatever reason. I am not a fan.

>mfw my friend wanted me to bone his wife
>mfw while he watched

>> No.31497313

Your... ex-friend, right?

>> No.31497334


>> No.31497427

No. He's too much of a good friend. But... he keeps the offer open. Fuck it's terrible. She's like 10/10, but just having him there by the law of averages would bring it down to like 6/10

>> No.31497460

See, this would be the part where I would no longer be friends with the guy.

But still fuck his wife if she's that attractive I mean damn.

>> No.31497572

>spelling knave wrong

No wonder she disconnected

>> No.31497619

No seriously though. This guy, aside from that one thing this dude is like 10/10 Nakama Tier, would go through Hell and back to save him, and likewiese. But he really wants me to bang his wife. It's not even like he's obnoxious about it either. He doesn't bring it up, doesn't hint at it openly, damn dude. Why do you do this. Thank you /tg/ for listening. I needed a bit of a place to talk about it.

>> No.31497653

Seriously that's kind of a dealbreaker for me.

I can't actually think of a worse fetish than cuckold.

>> No.31497662


>> No.31497708

I understand. I am with you, but it would be like cutting off an arm because it has a wart on the hand. Your favorite hand.

>> No.31497723

Really? Not a single worse fetish?

Go look in those ERP generals at like 2 am and you'll see some real awful shit. Like, getting off by being forcefed your testicles kind of shit. Or just literal shit.

>> No.31497729


What about shit-swapping?

>> No.31497745

>your fapping hand

>> No.31497778

I would actually prefer a castration fetish to that. No joke.
Still better.

>> No.31497829


I do. Liking 3.x.

>> No.31497909

4rrie pls

>> No.31498128

I laughed. Then I stopped because for someone that's the hottest shit ever.

>> No.31498190

>that spoiler

>> No.31498222

Why. Why would you post that?

>> No.31498255

because he was shitposting
But really I just like you to have your daily reminder that you are everyone's neighbor /tg/

>> No.31498308

It's not about the shitposting. It's that look Mr.Rodgers has that makes me feel like a kid caught with his hands in the cookie jar.
"I know you've done some things you are not proud of and regret not doing some things but it's okay."

>> No.31498328

For a moment I thought it's the Tribunal on that pic.

>> No.31498349

Exactly neighbor. It's ok. I forgive you, just reminding you, we can all do so much better by being the people we truly are.

>> No.31498380

Daily reminder that Mr Rogers is a deity in 3.5

>> No.31498501

I.. I know Mr. Rogers.

>> No.31498702


There was a day /tg/ made the order gods to counter the chaos gods, including their related space marine chapters


Best fucking thread, there were a couple more that night I think

>> No.31498748

Every March 20th, we have an anniversary thread for his birthday. It reminded me of all the wonders he could bring.

>> No.31498776

I assume "Djbouti is/isn't shooty" is a /k/ meme.

>> No.31498819

What is this and where do I get it?

>> No.31498840

FATAL. You don't want it.

>> No.31498847



>> No.31498856

I know I'm being hard on myself, but I feel terrible for having missed the thread every year

>> No.31498875

Oh wow. I never noticed that.

And Bitter Ordeal has such cool art too.

>> No.31499004

Well neighbor, here you go.
>2010, just a thread about him
>2011 Birthday
>2012 Birthday
>Mercy I cannot find 2013. I'm sorry.

>> No.31499006

What is this?

>> No.31499117

That story's apocryphal. I think Snopes shot it down.

I think it says a lot about the man's character that so many people WANT to believe it, though.

>> No.31499156

why does vorarephillia?

>> No.31499160

It's undetermined, but I like to post it anyways.

>> No.31499181


This is how you're supposed to play yugioh, right?

>> No.31499227

>tfw you really wanna trap or at least be able to look good in girly clothes
>tfw slim, slender, and working on getting a booty

Now that I've got a job I can start buying makeup, shoes, and more girl clothes.
I know it's not really /tg/, but I'm happy about it, and I wanted to say it somewhere.

>> No.31499245

what i meant is, that I feel bad for not participating in them. I've read them already in the archive

>> No.31499246


>> No.31499269

Ah, for the other neighbors then.

>> No.31499292


>> No.31499310

Fucking christ. That wasn't me, but my first time making a pathfinder character I made a centaur monk chicken rancher. I just bought a cart to hold all the chickens and as many chickens as I could afford.

>> No.31499472

>Chaos Beast, Orc, Light Warhorse.


>> No.31499513

I actually lol'd pretty hard. I would so play with that group.

>> No.31499651


>> No.31499696

Pics or didnt happened

>> No.31499851

my god, that is comdy perfectly executed

>> No.31499870

As someone into it (after a fashion- the whole "giant people" thing doesn't do it for me, it's monstrous creatures or bust), I have no fucking clue. I could not begin to tell you why I get turned on by it. It just happens. It must be some deep-seated psychological thing, because I've had a bizarre fascination with it since I was in the single digits.

>mfw I'm forever GM, insert this magical realm into my games regularly, and no-one knows because Swallow Whole is a staple mechanic for big critters and I keep my calm and avoid going into detail

>> No.31499911

>> No.31499944

good one, I really tried to figure it out but it only hit me with the second to last line

>> No.31499952

Anon, It's hard to take a selfie while you're OHPing 80kg. I did have a pic of my DLing 150 somewhere though. I'll dig around for it if you really want it.

>> No.31500007

whats the joke>?

>> No.31500058


>> No.31500116

I just put it down to horrific amounts of inbreeding.

>> No.31500644

God, I hate things like the last two stories. Skills dont autoconfirm on a 20.

I hate it almost as much as I hate fun.

>> No.31500829

I'll give you the second one, because that one is silly. But 'dwarf sized hole'? If we assume her strength was high enough that a 20 is a success in her goal, it's an exceptional success almost for certain. And that's a funny way to describe such a success.

>> No.31500905


>> No.31500914

Yeah, I can't stand the stories that go around /tg/ like Intimidating avalanches, stubborn-ing out holes, killing Khorne with a brick. It's just dumb, and you know that if the stories were phrased slightly differently, it'd be a THAT GM story.

>> No.31500993


>> No.31501036

Keep fighting the good fight, trap-kun!

>> No.31501138


Took me until the hard shell and claws, then when I re-read the one eye part it hit me.


>> No.31501172

I was hoping it'd be http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/6117625/

>> No.31501485 [SPOILER] 

Thanks /tg/! You're always great!
Here's some bum.

>> No.31501758

I wanna be an elf shota

>> No.31501795

You just put a dot on them in paint

>> No.31501828

Ha ha! Two letters are the same! How Diabolical!

>> No.31501889

no matter how many times this always gets me

>> No.31501892

[Loyalty Intensifies]

>> No.31502087

That would fill out a dress nicely, Anon.

>> No.31502429

I... I want you in my life. That's fucking gorgeous.

>> No.31502487 [SPOILER] 

Like I said I need to invest in more clothes and what not. And stuff to help me tuck. Having a big weiner is nice, but it makes tucking a nightmare.

>> No.31502508


>> No.31502744

/fit/ rep here

n-no homo

>> No.31502899

I will never understand 4chan's trap fetishism.

>> No.31502944

Do you trap regularly? Or does your shlong stop that from being an option?

Because you should trap regularly.

>> No.31502950 [SPOILER] 

G-gosh, thanks!
Email in the field, if, you know, you wanna.

>> No.31503006

We all want to be the little girl. This has been covered multiple times in countless threads.

>> No.31503025

We like playing pretend, anon.

Also, it helps us deal with wanting to fuck a dude if that dude is believably chick-like.

>> No.31503044

Oh no, it's just that it was a porno movie confusion.
Just imagine the faces on "Big Black Cocks: The cockening: The movie: The anal rapemage: The game: The sequel: The prequel" when a white dude walked in instead of Jay Black mcDick.

>> No.31503057

It's kinda been hard to do, what with my lack of funds. But now that I've got a job I should be able to do it a whole lot more, and maybe with a friend!

>> No.31503074

So 4chan is in truth populated by repressed gays. I guess it shouldn't be surprising

>> No.31503112

Any chance you're in the wonderful lands of Britfagistan? And want to hold hands with a couple of students?

>> No.31503130

And regular gays.

Personally I'm bisexual but I find androgyny kinda hot. I've never delved particularly deeply into why that is, but I like people who aren't strongly masculine or feminine but mix both qualities. Traps hit that sweet spot for me, whereas I find the really hypermasculine/hyperfeminine ideals... not unattractive, but not very compelling?

>> No.31503145



>> No.31503258

Neither, I'm afraid.
I'm in Western Canada, Edmonton, to be a bit more specific.

>> No.31503330

and now tg will fight for its waifu.

Not saying its your fault mind you, but somebody isn't going to get to hang out with the pretty dude-looks-like-a-lady and so somebody will probably want to fight to the death over this.

or, you know, the different regions of the world will all wish to hang out with you. this'll be interesting.

>> No.31503355

/tg/-Totally Gay

>> No.31503427

>tfw you want to be a trap but you're so out of shape the couch to 5K makes you exhausted
Any tips on how to cardio? I've know it gets better, but I'm really nervous about going to a gym.

I should probably take this to /fit/

>> No.31503506

>A-HA! I'm on the same continent!
>Oh, that's awfully far from Massachusetts...


>> No.31503792

are you me?
seriously we look p damn close traping

>> No.31503879

On that note mind if I email you for some tips? I need help

>> No.31503939

Symmetrical trapping sounds really fun...
You don't live in Canada, do you?

>> No.31504080

I have it there for a reason ^_^

>> No.31504105

I do
skype is in the email,I honestly don't check email very often,once a month at most

>> No.31504203

Actually, you could probably heal in the Old Testament, as well as resurrect. Elijah and a few other prophets did that.

>> No.31506465

>I was waiting for someone to ask for a maid Vaas.
>I was waiting for you.

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