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> Founder’s Program Details

> Crusaders! Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade NEEDS YOUR HELP to go from great to awesome!

> We have three big goals for our Founder’s Program. First, you’ve been asking for a way to support us as we finally make the first MMO in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and we want to give you that. Second, we want to get constant feedback from our founders both through discussion and focused testing alike. Third, we want our Founder’s Packs to offer real, lasting value to you all- more than a simple color switch- as a reward for showing your faith in us so far in advance of the game’s launch.

> Within the next few months you will be able to buy a Founder’s Pack for Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade. Buying a Founder’s Pack will give you full access to the full game at launch, and all four races. You’ll also get to select unique rewards.

> Unique cosmetics aren’t your only benefit, either! As a Founder you will be a part of the Spearhead on Arkhona, gaining access to playable modules of Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade far in advance of the game’s launch date. With unique cosmetics, executions, and heroes, everyone in the crusade will know you were the first to win glory on Arkhona!


> GW didn't give us enoug money pls help

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These guys are crowdsourcing an MMO, of course they don't have enough money.

Video games in general are a huge moneypit - unless you have a very talented staff and even better managers, shit just won't happen on time or on budget.

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Their forums have been clamoring for a founder's package for a while now

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Is this thing about the not enough money confirmed ? Earlier people were saying they had a huge starter budget.

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It's speculation, odds are they're just giving in the major demand for this which would also happen to make GW happy to already have money coming in.

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What do people think, is the game actually going to be any good?

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I believe it will be mediocre at best. But that will not stop me from enjoying the game immensely, I've decided to loose my self in my child like wonder of 40k at launch.

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One of the devs said he was talking to the developers of Dayz , Planetary Annihilation and Broken age and they greatly recommended doing the early access thing.
I'm not familiar with broken age but dayz and PA are very buggy , unfinished feeling games. PA went into alpha , then beta , then gamma stages of development.
Those are not the guys you want to take advice from. They got so content with the money they made that their actual work on the game got slower and slower.

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Yeah, the novelty of a big 40k world to run around in shouting EMPRAH EMPRAH KIL HERETIC will keep me playing for a while as well

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Direct at

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Mon-keigh running around is all you will be doing.

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ha. haha. ehhehahaha...


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Wasn't this game supposed to be something like Battlefield but in 3rd person and set in 40K?

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>Founder's Program Details
>no details

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Space Marine was just a "mediocre" third person shooter/slasher but it did the universe justice and it was fun.

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Op is lazy.From the newsletter:

Within the next few months you will be able to buy a Founder’s Pack for Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade. Buying a Founder’s Pack will give you full access to the full game at launch, and all four races. You’ll also get to select unique rewards from the following categories:
Identity – Enhance your character’s core identity with unique Founders-only squad emblems, Heroes, and background-related titles, biographies, and cosmetics
Weapon Skins – Unique cosmetics for each race
Armor Skins – Unique cosmetics for each race
Space Ship Decorations – Unique cosmetics to dress up your Squad or Strike Force Cruiser’s interior the way you want
Miscellaneous – Unique execution animations and pets, both utility and non-combat
Vehicles – Unique Founders-only vehicles
Consumables – Extra ammunition, grenades, and other convenience items
Accessories – Unique equipment pieces

I don't like where this is going and I wrote on the forums but people are promising to throw money at the game already. With less than half of the content done.

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I like unique cosmetics. But throwing money at them this early seems a bit stupid to me
we don't know shit about the gameplay
the pre alpha showed very little

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Nature of the beast. They want money and people want to play the game early.

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What the hell?

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>tervigons are in

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All I want from the game is fast as fuck Jetbikes, so that I can join/start a Jetseer gang, and just zoom around the battlefield, blasting the shit out of mon'keigh with my mind bullets.

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Do we even know what the final classes available are? For example, I recall vindicare being playable, but dunno if that's still the case.

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With the current trend for early access and then shitty product my hype trained stopped. I hope it's an ok version of space marine multiplayer and not less than that.

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>Unique founders-only vehicles

Great. Exclusive content already.

This thing is going to crash and burn so hard.

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got a source on that?

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Nobody is forcing you to do the early access. People who want to take the risk can test the game and you can hold off and see how it turns out.

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More often than not early access and serious work on cosmetics leads to a shittier game simply because instead of working on the core of the game ,the devs work more on allowing the players to play dress-up.
Things are already being set in motion.

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Firefall did the same thing, and its actually pretty fucking good

>> No.31486185

Firefall is a trainwreck, dude.

>> No.31486187

I think you're thinking of games how they used to be released. The only thing dictating what "early access" and "beta access" are is the developer itself. It's hard to estimate what they *could* have gotten done.

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Its a fun fucking trainwreck

Its jetpack starship trooper vietnam, I love it

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from: http://forum.eternalcrusade.com/threads/april-newsletter-arrived.7199/page-10

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Big fucking difference between a kickstarter game and a game under supervision from GW that didn't need a kickstarter to get underway in the first place.

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>Miscellaneous – Unique execution animations and pets, both utility and non-combat
Pets confirmed, glorious squigs.

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Top Mek, where art thou?

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fuck that


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You know I was actually really optimistic about this game, but now that they're pulling this shit I might just drop it. I can just feel these "founder packs" are gonna be Neverwinter level of bullshit.

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>I recall vindicare being playable
What the hell gave you that idea?

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There were screenshots of parties of vindicare, techpriests, spaes, and sanctioned psykers.

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I recall not being interested in this tripe.

I conclude this remains the case

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The only thing that's troublesome so far is comsumables, but we literally have no idea how those will work in the context of the game.

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that is dark millenium bro
that shit got cancelled and has nothing to do with this game

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>> No.31486563

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I'm not lazy, post size limit is.

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Oh I see.

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Not going to put in the fallen CSM hero?

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More like unique skins that act and function exactly like other normal access vehicles. Stop being whiny and thinking people who pre-order are gonna get land raiders that nobody else can use.

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Do we know anything about the possible price?

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Probably your normal local price for big budget new video games. But that's only if you want full access, they'll have micro-transaction options for people who just want to play a specific faction. And if you don't mind just being an Ork grunt, you can play for free.

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Probably 50 or 60 dollars for all the races supposedly you can buy a specific faction for less than full retail. There is also something about clan purchase but I don't everything on that yet.

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Well it kinda doesn't look like anything more than a deviant art drawing so I decided to skip it.
Besides it looks terribly like a dark angel.

>> No.31487590

I'm sorry son but.....Fallen are Dark Angels...

>> No.31487621


You have zero proof that the stats on them are any different. You may as well get butt-hurt over an MMO offering founders a unique mount that is exactly the same speed as every other mount in game.

>> No.31487689

Oh. Indeed you are right. So this guy could probably infiltrate dark angel lines ?

>> No.31487732

Its a very peculiar choice to have as a CSM hero class. What exactly he could bring to the table IDK it'll be interesting to find out.

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the devs want to give unique items, but in aesthetic, not power as far as I got it

they have had an entire thread open to say that they don't want pay to win in the game

maybe this game will not suck

there're killable tyranids after all

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/tg/, I have had an epiphany.

I was going to play Eldar since they seemed like they'd be challenging, but then I realised something- most of my fellow fa/tg/uys are going to be playing Orks. And Orks will contain a mass of hilarious FTP noobs. So now I shall play Orks instead, because they will be the funmode.

I will see you in the WAAAAGH, /tg/.

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not me

>> No.31488806


>Tfw jetbikes
>Riding high above faggot marines and dumbass orks
>Lancing niggas erryday
>So fucking aloof

>> No.31488919

Do you have any idea how many BRs we shall be fielding? They shall pile atop each other in their teeming BR mass, climbing up into the sky and bringing down your precious jetbikes. The last thing your space elf hears shall be a triumphant HUE.

>> No.31488936


>Implying you won't still be outnumbered by masses of teenage marine players because no one wants to be an ork

>> No.31489607

What about servo squigs?

>> No.31489622

The HUE cannot be stopped, the HUE is infinite and eternal.

>> No.31489650

If they make tyranids playable I will consider it.

Now that they need money, perhaps they'll see the error of their ways.

>> No.31489702


You're NPC faction mate, both on table top and in game, you'll never get to play them.

Now excuse me, I gotta go make a Waaagh with the lads.

>> No.31489706

>TFW they remove the Planetside elements and make it a themepark like Dark Millenium was meant to be.

I'd buy it.

>> No.31489732

I just want a pet ripper ;_;

>> No.31489741

>npc faction
>on the tabletop

This is too shitty to be bait.

>> No.31489761


Your recent codex says otherwise :^)

>> No.31489780


>> No.31489818

>PS2 clone

It's gunnu be shit. But I'll buy anything with Space Marines in it, except tower defense games.

>> No.31489860

Recent newsletter confirms hive tyrants being among npcs.
So we will be able to reenact all of those stories about tyrants being face fucked from fluff.

>> No.31489914

... why does this smell a bit like MWO?

Is it?
It was a fucking mess last time I played, and last time I even checked on it they were still rubberbanding on the class roles and like half the mechanics. Also balance was massively borked, and also snipers couldn't get any loot.

>> No.31489940

I still can't see PC tyranids working well without bending the fluff to explain why a creature would be working independently. Not to mention balance issues; 'nid swarms consist of a shitload of weak units, which nobody wants to play as, sprinkled with a far smaller number of bigass synapse creatures, which would by nature outclass any single member of the other factions in a 1 on 1 fight. Playable bids would mean either a lot of people getting the short stick and being made to play as a gaunt while a dozen guys are rolling as carnifexes, EVERYBODY plays synapse creature heavily nerfed from fluff power to make it fair, or a grand total of maybe a dozen people get to play tyranids at a time as synapse creatures supported by NPC gaunts and ripper swarms. There's just no way to have them balanced, accessible, and lore-correct at the same time.

>> No.31490019



Filthy traitor. Once an Eldar always an Eldar.

Just can't decide whether to go Warlock or Dark Reaper.

>> No.31490050

While people are very very loathe to let such a thing happen: Death could be the answer. Semi-Perma-Death, in fact.

Synapse creatures could be a high level deal (does crusade still have levels or are they removing that "so more instant action" or something?). You DO in fact play a hormagaunt or termagaunt for a while. And then, well, you'll cap out. XP keeps accumulating (and you encourage this perhaps with a still-alive xp combo boost as you kill more and more once capped) but when you finally cack it, new tier of critters you can be. Genestealers, biovores, whatever. Eventually you'll reach warrior tier, and at the highest highest ranks, you're a fucking carnifex.

SMs would likely have to do this once if they want to get dreadnoughted instead of centurioned or whatever. Same with eldar and wraithlords. Perhaps even a mid-level split there, where you either spend a good amount of time as a normal wraith then lord it, rather than having continued on into farseer or warlockdom or exarchity?

Tau and Orks would probably lack that mechanic outright, getting promotions to new suit classes/weapons, or just plain getting bigga 'n 'arda an addin moar bitz an dakka to youse nubbinz.

IG would have it for their entourage: half your upgrades come from you living, but all them heavy weapons troopers and primaris psykers...

Of course you don't HAVE to take your promotion quite just yet... but if either way is tempting....

>> No.31490062

Can't decide grill or boi.

>> No.31490073

Dark Reaper armors make them look very very silly. Also if you paint one yellow you kinda get bananas in pajamas.

Hope that helps!

>> No.31490093


always grill

>> No.31490099


>Not liking Reaper armour

It's okay to be spooked by skellingtons.

>> No.31490138

>Start out as tiny ripper
>At level 10 you pick your class either termagant/hormagaunt
>Hormagaunt leads down the melee adaptations, and Terma for the ranged
>At level 20 you decide on your second path depending on which you picked at 10
>Horma = Genestealer/Lictor/Warrior/Carnifex/Raverners
>Terma = Biovores/Zoanthropes/Pyrovores(kek)
>At level 30 change into elite versions of respective classes were applicable.
>Acting by themselves could just be chalked up to doing what the Hivemind wants you too.
>Best player on Tyranid side can become Hive Tyrant(shooting)/Swarmlord(melee)
>Your character jumps into a digestion pool to level up and morph into next class

Flying class would probably be P2P because it is a 2014 MMO.

>> No.31490143


it ain't the little skull that makes me dislike the armor.

it's the giant pointy hats with hair.

>> No.31490160


Fear the phallic imagery. It is an omen of incoming rape.

>> No.31490171


All Eldar helms are oblong. Warlocks too.

>> No.31490190

> not liking dildo hats
But it's the first and most important eldar thing, anon.
Not even ears, because you can't see them on most minis, but dildo hats is the symbol of eldar race.

>> No.31490205


The lesser races can't ignore our girth.

>> No.31490235

In other words they are shitty devs and the game can only translate in shit.

>> No.31490237

Neither can Slannesh thats why you got fucked.

>> No.31490280

No they aren't. They are just jews like the rest.
Thing is people want to be jewed. They defend it furiously.

>> No.31490281


You don't birth a chaos God of pleasure with a penis as inadequate as yours namefag.

>> No.31490372

Just like warhammer age of reckoning right?

>> No.31490385


That picture is so fucking based. Who drew that?

>> No.31490631

of course you do. it's based on the one they were feeling up their asses while snorting little boy off a line of powder they call cocaine.

>> No.31490653

... so did they EVER fix the glaring, massive, "my five year old could fix this in ten minutes flat, no really, none of this shit is obscure or complicated this time" imbalances in that game before it finally died, or had they given up after the 'too many servers' population crash already?

>> No.31490692

As far as I know no, it died before they could fix it and past that they didn't bother, or well, it didn't exactly need fixing, it needed to be completed first, they released an unfinished game, but for real that time.

>> No.31490725

>before they could fix it
that's an... interesting choice of words, given the problems were there documented, listed, explained, and fixes given since the beta.

They certainly did release an unfinished game, and didn't bother finishing it either, but the class system was already there and running, with flat, nasty differences like "your otherwise-identical version of the silencing interrupt is actually a 2s cast time, BECAUSE FUCK YOU THAT'S WHY"

>> No.31490797

There are some classes known, Dark Reapers, Dire Avengers, Wraithguards and Warlocks, but the actual final class list are not released

>> No.31490856

What are we, /v/? The least we can do is wait for some more solid details to come out before making any judgments. And if GW is investing enough to send some of its more competent writers to oversee the fluff, I doubt that they will allow it to falter without trying to intervene directly.

Besides, Warhammer Online was mostly EA's fault so we should be lucky that it wasn't them developing this.

>> No.31490931

I just want to go fast.
Really really fast.

So it's either a Evil Sunz biker or eldar jetbike.

And you can bet your ass ass soon as dark eldar are I'll be flying around on a reaver beheadin' niggas day and night.

>> No.31490980

I'm trying to say they aren't using croudsourcing and already have a solid budget. Never spoke about wh online whatsoever.

>> No.31491001

>GW didn't give us enoug money pls help

Newsflash, you don't get any money for a license, you pay for it.

>> No.31491090

>Eldar Jetbike flying above everybody, thinking he's cool lancing niggas

>> No.31491109

I was referring to the other guy who brought it up. In any event, we have no idea whether the founders pack stuff will make a significant impact on the game, or what exactly is even in it. Best to wait until the beta is available so we can send someone in to take a closer look at it all.

>> No.31491197

They are already talking about consumables and unique items. Before 2 of the races are released.
This is far from a good starting sign.

>> No.31491330

They have talked about unique items before alpha footage was ever released, the head of the team has gone to many lengths to talk about what they plan to do, and one was unique items, not just for founders, but in game as well, items that players can hunt down and capture, giving themselves something unique while also giving their whole faction more points.

Also what do you mean before 2 of the races are released, every race in the game right now is known.

>> No.31491352

We don't even know what they do yet- there's no reason to expect the worst so soon.

>> No.31491396


Wow /tg/ is so... Reasonable.

>> No.31491407

Not quite anon, if you look on the website there's still one last race slot that hasn't been touched yet.

Personally I'd love to see IG and have them be the second F2P faction.
>Muh Infantry waves
Meanwhile I'll tanksurf as a Commissar.

>> No.31491461

There wont be any other playable races anon, since the game was announced the only races ever mentioned to be playable at launch are the four we have

>> No.31491476

The worst thing for me is that there's fucking space marines again but no imperial guard. When will I be able to fulfil my dreams of shining my ineffective flashlight at foes of the imperium before being brutally hacked to pieces?

>> No.31491515

It's probably going to be a quick blurb on the Tyranids describing what kind of bugs we'll be fighting with. While they might add more playable races in the future, we shouldn't count on that happening anytime soon.

>> No.31491528

Classes on SM and CSM are mostly confirmed. Eldar are Ork ones are not. The devs are mostly playing around with SM and CSM. Every pic is of them , every info is of them.
Gameplay is far from clear. Map usage and capping , war council and etc remain a mystery. But we have info on the fucken founder program.
How does that not scream trouble to you ? Numerous early access games have started off similarly and have never gotten to an end.

>> No.31491591

I>dentity – Enhance your character’s core identity with unique Founders-only squad emblems, Heroes, and background-related titles, biographies, and cosmetics
>Weapon Skins – Unique cosmetics for each race
>Armor Skins – Unique cosmetics for each race
>Space Ship Decorations – Unique cosmetics to dress up your Squad or Strike >Force Cruiser’s interior the way you want
>Miscellaneous – Unique execution animations and pets, both utility and non-combat

And most importantly

>Vehicles – Unique Founders-only vehicles
>Consumables – Extra ammunition, grenades, and other convenience items
>Accessories – Unique equipment pieces
Shaping up for the p2w here.

>> No.31491632


We'll see, the devs have said they hate P2W so I really hope it is just them using the wrong words to describe the rewards.

>> No.31491665

We have nothing but speculation to work from right now, and even the founder's program doesn't say if all their stuff will actually be enough to have an impact on game balance (which we know nothing about either). I'm not so optimistic as to assume this will be an instant hit, but at the very least the doomsaying can wait until we know how everything will actually work.

And of course SM and CSM would hog the spotlight- they always do that, in the tabletop and in the games. In fact, I can't think of a single 40k video game without Space Marines showing up somewhere.

>> No.31491673

Maybe because early access in this vein is the same as testing only with benefits, Jesus man, it's in alpha, of course theres a lot of shit we dont know and still unfinished, they aren't going to just dump early access tomorrow and have people running around in an un-skinned map. Not to mention, those early access games that never got to an end were usually indie games or small dev team games that dont have any or much experience in games. The dev team behind Eternal Crusade have experience with multiple MMOs and games, and they ADORE the 40k franchise.

PS. Just looking into some of the info they have already released will give you a hint at what Ork classes will be out.

>> No.31491675

>Making the F2P players Orks


I cant wait to have an ork trying to sell me gold,

>> No.31491689

>Unique looking vehicles
>More ammo and shit
Yeah, real pay to win here, we might as well just call it dead now.

>> No.31491697


Oi you, buy da fines' gubbinz around fer just 9.99

>> No.31491720

The vehicles might just be re>>31491675
skins, the consumables probably will be no different from the regular ones, and odds are better accessories will be available in game. It's far from being an "I Win" button as you assume it is.

>> No.31491730


Thats not exactly p2win.

>> No.31491752

Didn't mean to quote that. Although it's unfortunate that you most likely won't be able to just punch that work gold farmer and take his teef yourself. Its the Orky way of doing business, after all.

>> No.31491772


I was about to call you out on saying gold, and not "teef". But then I remembered some Orks like da shinies.

>> No.31491774

>You will never be an Ork highway bandit

>> No.31491788

Hell, they are call accessories, which implies they have NO bearing on the game itself. As for consumables, a few extra bullets and grenades, maybe a health pack aint gonna do much on the battlefield except keep you going a bit longer

>> No.31491816

Well to alleviate all that there wont be a currency system in the game, it's requisition points, so if you want to purchase shit in game you gotta CAP THEM POINTS YOU GROTS

>> No.31491825

Consumables tend to be pretty important in MMO settings. You can buy stuff that gives you attack/running/casting speed increase, health bonus, stat changing food. Don't take it lightly.

>> No.31491848

Yeah, we're pretty great.

And that's why /tg/ is going to win the WAAAAAGH.

>> No.31491898

We don't even know if equipment will work like that yet, and extra ammo sounds more like a convenience than a game-changer.

>> No.31491928

Are you having a giggle? It will be an unruly tide of FTP idiots charging blindly at the enemy. It'll be just like we're fighting alongside (or against, if you're a space pansy) real Orks!

>> No.31491952

Its a TPS though, not a traditional MMO, health packs aint gonna do you much nor will extra ammo do anything when you get sniped by some Eldar twat or have a Nob baring down on your with a powerklaw

>> No.31492030

I'm on their forums 12/7. Devs have confirmed in PMs the classes for SM and CSM. They haven't for eldar and orks.
The have personally said those ork/eldar newsletter pictures do not confirm any classes as they later said there would be no guardian class.
The same way the doomspraying can wait for more information , the founders program can wait for more information. This early it's a damn insult.

>> No.31492075

not if the warband of BLOODMURDER can stop you first!

captcha : eandile himself
lord captcha has spoken, lord eandile himself will lead this warband!

>> No.31492100


>> No.31492182

They probably chose to do it so people would shut up about it. I have no idea why they would ask for it to start with, but I can't tell them how they should be spending their money.

>> No.31492260

People want to play the game even if it's in an early stage. They want to be a part of the process and most importantly they want to trick out their guys in the future.

>> No.31493564

All they've done is announce that they intend to release this founder's thing sometime in the vague future, giving people a chance to try out some early builds and make flashier characters. Not exactly a big deal, let alone something to get so worried about.

>> No.31494636

Being Orkz is cool and all, but I think I'm gonna have to go with best Chapter after all...

>> No.31494701

The day Eternal Crusade showed it's greed.

>> No.31494823

They will when that health pack comes with an hour long +10% health buff, letting you survive two headshots instead of dropping on the second after "newb asshols" get nerfed after it's realized that even those paying lots of zen/crypticpoints (or whatever company) are dying from a headshot like any other chump.

or, ya know, anything with a tighter targetting reticle and more range than a heavy shoota is available only by purchase.

>> No.31494852

oh wow
so they're 'microtransaction shop'ping the frickin founder system?

>> No.31494997

I like how you have zero information to base this off of and you're making your mind up based on complete speculation.

>> No.31495208

>servo skulls
Oh please, you're thinking too small! DAEMON PETS FTW!!!

>> No.31495228

This guy knows whats up

>> No.31495233

A heavily educated guess based on years of playing MMOs.

MWO was going to have "absolutely no cash shop" either at the start. Even started charging with it in the beta!

>> No.31495235

Oh no, a completely optional payment. The game is ruined forever!

>> No.31495259

So they're considering giving you options on what kind of pre-order bonuses you want, should you choose the option of pre-ordering in the first place. None of which, by what we've seen so far, will impact the game in any way that isn't early access or cosmetic. So greedy.

>> No.31495293

What game are you talking about 'in beta'?

>> No.31495337

>Offer bonus to optional payment that doesn't affect gameplay in a game breaking way
>OMG What are these greedy bastards thinking?

>> No.31495340

I'm sure your heavy education will be taken under serious consideration.

>> No.31495380

No that was how those would work originally. Now they give you the option to pay for more and have stretch goals like in kickstarter that are reach on a certain sum or number of bought founder packages.
This is the carrot on a stick approach to force people to buy more.
And with gaming companies this is textbook greed.

>> No.31495418

I do appologize, "beta" is what they're calling it but you're right, it IS just what most teams would call an alpha build at best. MWO is mechwarrior online. I'm sure you can find a thread on /m/ explaining all the great and wise design decisions of that game.

No one's anything will be taken into consideration. If it were, there would be no P2W cash shops outside of korea!

>> No.31495499

If I get this game, I'd go Wraithlord.

>> No.31495505

Oh wow, I didn't realize I was being forced to buy this pre-order package that was demanded by a large enough amount of people to make them consider doing it in the first place. It makes sense considering how small and moneyless GW is, there's no way they provided a decent budget for the biggest game to date that represents their primary product.

>> No.31495650

So you support this type of marketing ? Stretch goals on a game that needs to have a solid direction for development? Getting new content to depend on pre-purchasing ?

>> No.31495655

If fanatical people who are willing to pay more money than you is a problem, then I don't understand how you even got this far into 40k in the first place.

>> No.31495686

Not that anon, but if they drew a line that they'd fulfill all their promises up to this point as the baseline, then let them add stretch goals to add upon that.

>> No.31495695

I .... I never thought of it this way... could it be it was doomed from the start ?

>> No.31495757

I don't think it's doomed. It can turn out mediocre, but I've followed too many MMOs to not plan for the worst and hope for the best. If this game lets me ride around in a gravtank and shoot mon'keigh with a shuriken catapult in a third person environment it's worth a buy to me. Let people have their Wolflord Wolf Armor of the Wolfy Wolf cosmetic armor for $70. It doesn't affect me.

>> No.31495771

They have a large and experienced team, a large publisher with a specific concern for the IP, over a year and a half left before their projected release (if you're optimistic about delays), and very little information on how elaborate this founder's package will even be, let alone how long before the people who buy it would even get to touch any of it. If they want to start sales early for the people who want to buy THAT bad, I'm not going to take it as evidence that the game will be ruined. Everything they've actually shown us has been positive.

>> No.31495805

You and I both know how many devs keep their promises.
This is screaming marketing trouble from day -100 before the game is even available. If they are this brave with demanding money now you can imagine what it will become like later.
That would be fine if it stays this way. But when it's actually released it might already be pay to win. We're in early alpha and already considering kickstarter like marketing. This is a red flag.

>> No.31495851

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the outcome is instead of spending energy on soothsaying.

>> No.31495934

So rather than just waiting to see how the game turns out, you'll what, buy the full founder's package and pout because they might pull a complete 180 on their payment plans and gameplay goals? Because if that's not your plan, I'm not sure why you're so hell bent on condemning it.

>> No.31496011

I'm hyped. Terribly hyped. I'm contemplating buying it, but the way they are handling it rings red alerts in my mind even this early.
It's like having a naked daemonette in front of you lying on a bed. You know you want to fuck it , but you also know you will not survive.

>> No.31496045

Don't stick it in the unholy.
Your cock is made for holes.

>> No.31496110

So calm down and wait for more info. By all the polls and forum chatter it looks like they're only doing this because so many people are bitching at them to take their money. And besides, other than a few reskins it sounds like the only real work they'd be putting into it is a separate test map where players can fight tyrannids or something. I would wager it's something they had planned to do anyways for testing purposes. And at best, the money from these founder's packages will go on to pad their budget so they can do a better job of sticking to their original goals.

>> No.31496143

(Not him) they seem to want to listen to the community a lot, but at a certain point that can be a bad thing. The community doesn't always know best. Stretch goals are a terrible thing because the design process just doesn't work like that. You either end up with core features of the game being held hostage or they're so inconsequential what's the point?

>> No.31496271

Plannetary annihilation started similarly. Alpha , beta gama access. Game keeps dragging on and on. The devs got so used to getting money for little work , that became their overall pace.
I won't survive seeing the same thing repeat and the pattern is already here.
You are right. I should calm down and wait for info. But damn she looks fine.

>> No.31496280

Or it's just reskins and fancy titles and a demo map. I'd say they're handling the demand for this pretty well, all things considered.

>> No.31496403

If Eternal Crusade enters a "Gamma" phase of early access, I'll agree with you that there's cause to worry. The founder's pack seems more like it's just giving the die-hards some decorations to put up for their support.

>> No.31496457

Nah, the death flag is a "release" when things are clearly still early beta.

You know, when it's an early open beta except suddenly you have to pay for it and they celebrate the new game finally having been completed?

That's a gaming stillborn.

>> No.31496578

You mean like [spoler]WAR

>> No.31496607

Does Beta even mean anything as term any more? What game gets "finished" these days?

>> No.31496621

or MWO, or Champions Online, etc etc...

>> No.31496628

Fuck you, no money until Sisters are confirmed.

>> No.31496673

That's not how you spell Necrons. Or Dark Eldar

>> No.31496771

I think they actually want to add everyone into it eventually. THAT would mean an incomplete mess of a game at launch though. If they get the iconic factions down, then hopefully they'll add on the rest.

>> No.31496801

How would that even work in a game of this type though? Wouldn't there be a big rush of people all trying the new faction and a population imbalance?

>> No.31496805

I just want a single WIP cg model with a "yes, there will be Sisters of Battle as a faction".

That's it. I can wait.

>> No.31496811

If they've got strong mechanics and a willingness to actually fix what is wrong, then I will be fine waiting for my precious 'crons and Deldar.

>> No.31496870

Guys I don't want to pour cold water all over you buy extra races would be impossible to balance and are highly unlikely. How do you even imagine 8 races fighting for control in a third person shooter ?

>> No.31496889

Who knows? We still don't really know how they're going to handle that with the 4 factions, besides the nids focusing on whoever is gaining too much of an advantage.

>> No.31496913

>basing the gameplay off of Space Maroon
>strong mechanics

>> No.31496931

What, would it be too CHAOTIC for you? It'll be on a massive planetside scale map with a group of voted in players directing their faction. Power balancing and making the different factions look and work properly different would be the challenge. They may not do it, it's just a long-term post-release goal that they want to aim for.

>> No.31496968

It's an empty promise to keep people hooked onto the game.
Yes it would be too chaotic. I'd love it , but we will never get it. I have farseen it.

>> No.31496994

They never promised it. They just say they'd "like to."

>> No.31497051

Not even a promise, just dialogue from a development team that seems to be big fans of the setting. They love the Sisters and the Deldars and the Guard and maybe even the Tau, so even if they don't get all of them, I'd count on seeing some extra factions if they do well.

>> No.31497052

This just makes me wonder who the first great tactician is going to be, and which faction will have him.

>> No.31497071

maybe there will be different systems to fight in
and every system has a different group of factions contesting it
then periodically they could be switched

and maybe one day I'll be the little termagant

>> No.31497087

>implying that wouldn't be fun as hell.

>> No.31497117


"the git of da boyz" he'll be called
great demagork of the BR horde

>> No.31497146

I'm sorry, but I doubt it would be a f2p'er.

>> No.31497236

I didn't say he'll be a f2player

just that the first great tactician will be the one able to organize the boyz
for me

>> No.31497255

In most software, it still does.
The problem is that game companies started selling this shit half done, with the excuse that "it's never really finished, so we'll patch it later if we get around to it".

Our ability to transmit data in ways that were unimaginable back when a game was put on a cartridge and that was the end of it, has made a majority of developers into lazy fucking assholes.

>> No.31497332

The F2P people can only ever be the bottom rank for Orks, I think. I'd guess that the faction leaders would have to move up to a particular rank before they become eligible to get voted in.

>> No.31498093

They've specifically siad that Sisters are a faction that they want to add later. Might as well enjoy the game until our favourite holy badasses get added. Though I respect your faith. <3

>extra races would be impossible to balanc
They've said that they're not overly concerned about exact balance, and are instead going for asymetric balance. Or something. They've talked about balance before is my point, go look it up.

>> No.31498138

GentleOrks! How do we utilise the BR horde to their full potential?

>> No.31498370


Just let them run at the enemy. The paying players will simply take advantage of the distraction.

>> No.31498635

Instead of just bitching about greed you can make a profile and vote no to stretch goals in the thread and actually do something about it.

>> No.31498647


Not even the Guardians in that picture seems to give a fuck about stormboyz.

>These fucking retards again
>Did he just miss at point blank range?
>Fuck sakes

>> No.31498699

This. A fresh Ork won't stand a chance 1 on 1 against a new Marine, especially at range, but they expect the f2p masses will make up for their individual weakness.

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