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So what exactly are there two armies of the adeptus mechanicus? I can't seem to find any information on the subject. I think it would be a cool army to assemble. Thanks in advance!

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The new Horus Heresy book has information on the Taghmata Omnissiah, which was an ad-hoc tech Jihad. The skittari are the standing army of the Ad-mech. The Titan legions form the third arm of the Ad-Mech forces. Post heresy this all changes as the forgeworlds are brought under direct control of mars instead of the semi-feudal system it had before.

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So then if I were to use more than just one of these armies I would have to make one an ally, yes?

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There's only a list for the Taghmata Omnissiah right now.

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There are three current lists anon:
Taghmata Omnissiah: a full proper list, designed to be the vanilla mechanicus list (HH Book 3, uses stuff from the other two lists)

Ordo Reductor: mini list, close ties to the legions and uses a fair bit of their stuff (as when it was produced they had almost no models) (HH Book 1)

Legio Cybernetica: A slightly better but still not well rounded list from HH book 2, based all around ROBOTS (no tanks though)

Fluff-wise the Taghmata is the armed forces of a Forge World while the other two are warrior-cults found in many forge worlds. The forces of Mars (who ensure the forge worlds stay loyal) have yet to be seen

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