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What does your group eat during or before gaming?

My opinion?

If your group doesn't eat exclusively fresh-baked bread and cheese at the game table, you might as well give up gaming.

If you serve chips you should kill yourself in a cave.

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Dude, if you wanted to say that bread is delicious you don't have to be an asshole about it.

>0/10 would not game with

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No problem.
Think of me when you burn your toast.

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If it's MAgic Night: BBQ Chicken or burritos. Otherwise, anything greasy. And we're handling your minis.

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>not having cheetos

That's like spitting in the face of Gary Gygax from beyond the grave

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Roasted meat is pretty groovy.

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We patricians like to start the game and do any preliminary stuff first then introduce the night's major story arc, break for a sensible dinner at a local eatery, get all the bullshitting and off-topic chatter done over a few drinks, then come back and game until we conclude for the evening.

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So basically, you're eating dicks, right?

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Whey protein, greek yogurt, and chicken breast

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Big floppy ones

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we get tacos after playing for a couple hours

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>eating something from someone else's kitchen

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Chili, fresh bread and beer tends to be the common staple.

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Add a sensible amount of red wine, and you've got my menu.

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A fruit and cheese platter is provided, along with the house moonshine.

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This reminds me of a thread of the same topic that I was in last year where a guy said he was going to start a /tg/ related cooking channel on Youtube, and he was going to do episodes based off of recipes he knew and recipes that viewers sent in. There was never a follow up, as far as I know. A real shame, I was looking forward to 10 videos on meatbread a month.

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I literally reached up and ran my hand down the screen when I opened this. It took me a moment to realize what I was doing.

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If you're eating anything other than pic related you're breaking standing tradition and also doing it wrong. Coasters are mandatory for drinks, with coke being a popular choice.

For an actual meal, there is usually some amount of pizza ordered.

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shut and sit down the podcast has some british dude coming up with recipes from time to time

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>eating something from a stranger's kitchen

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>Eating something you didn't personally prepare with hand-picked ingredients.

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>can't eat bread
Why is life hard?

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I know you are most likely being sarcastic, but...

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Anyone who isn't saying pizza is lying through his teeth. Because each and every one of us has had pizza before/during gaming at least once, with a high chance of it being a regular.

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i knew a girl at my college who could not eat bread
i hope one day science fixes whatever needs to be fixed so you can join us all in eating glorious baked goodies

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I'm always leery about eating food anyone else handled, especially if I've noticed any behavior in them that would make me think they aren't sanitary. If they're a pet owner? No fucking way, I won't have toxoplasmosis.

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except pizza is fucking greasy and expensive, and you dont get a lot; i can do bread/cheese/wine for the sesh and still have some for lunch for the next 2 or 3 days

and of course I've had pizza at Game. It's why I don't anymore.

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Have a baked potato or something I guess jeez.
Cant you guys eat rice bread or something?
You got me all bummed out with your celiac jive.

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>at least once

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All the time, but we make our own pizza from scratch.

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that's some nice ass shit in your pic, nigga

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/fit/ being gay is just a meme, right?

Lifting weights never made me gay, even though I fap to futa and shemale porn a lot...

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I don't know where you live, but $5 buys you a large here in the states at most places that aren't chain resturaunts

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You should give making your own pizza a try.
It's not that hard, easy on the budget, not too time consuming and delicious if you're not a total foreigner to kitchens.

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There's something about loads of bread that makes me feel at home.
It's a heartwarming feeling, like nobody can take my comfort and stability away from me.

Bread is such a comfortable food.

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I live in the US too, but why would I buy a shitty 5 dollar pie? step it up

I make an awesome pie, son. It's just not Game food.

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>/fit/ being gay is just a meme, right?

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Nah, I've been at this stage for 5 or so years and before I started lifting.

Ain't gonna change bro.

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If /fit/ is gay why is every other thread a >tfw no gf thread?

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Because they all have boyfriends.

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Posting some sick /tg/ grains.

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No, no, of course not.

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What's your favorite loaf, /tg/?

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a salted sourdough or a marbled rye

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muh nigger
breads, cheeses, grapes, water, wines, and roasted meats master race. this is just the general foodset. makes things feel more authentic, although food often changes depending on the setting. if prisoner, bread and water. if feasting, gluttony consumes. different seasons of the year call for different seasons of food. Blueberries in summer, honey in spring, beer to swig and a lute to pluck every time we enter a tavern, even a container of piss that we let ferment then open everytime we enter a dungeon. gives everything a musky stench. fucking glorious.

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I'm a fan of thick, dense breads with a very crusty crust.

Bread for a man. Not to be eaten with butter and a smile, but with smoke and fire.

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>I make an awesome pie, son. It's just not Game food.
It is -the- game food.
Maybe not for your group. But if you did a survey what people eat (both on a one time and a regular basis) you will find pizza in the top spots of both categories.

I am not saying that there isn't other, or even a lot better or more sensible gaming food. But to say pizza isn't gaming food for a majority of people is deluding yourself.

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Remember prunes. Vikings ate the shit out of them.

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Ask what your game group would like to eat beforehand and go out of your way to provide it for them.

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>Dried, salted fish
>Crusty as fuck bread
>Rind cheese
There ya' go.

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so authentic
much magical realmy
damn sweet

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>even a container of piss that we let ferment then open everytime we enter a dungeon

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You're the delusional one m8, but thanks for those loverly statisics
You're also putting words in my mouth, which I don't appreciate

prunes are the shit

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>Dried salted fish
If it's not deboned it's a health hazard.

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I got something worse than Celiac.

I can't have rice either. Or Corn. Or oranges, pineapples, apples, kiwis, lemons, grapes, sugar substitutes...and maybe alcohol.

Thanks man!

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I literally reached up and ran my hand down the screen when I opened this. It took me a moment to realize what I was doing.

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>>can't eat bread
>Why is life hard?
Because God hates us brother. He wishes to see our misery as those around us consume many bready and wheaten products.

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>Be catholic
>can't eat bread or wine
>Shit, it's true

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Kill yourself.

That sounds really painful. What happens if you fuck up?

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>ITT a bunch of faggots that just discovered that there is bread other than toast acting all high and mighty even though they have been stuffing themselves with chips and pizza for a majority of their gaming

Face it, junk food is part of gaming, and each of you has had it and will continue to have it. Of course there will be about a dozen replies denying this, posting all sorts of things that can be deemed 'novelty' as far as gaming food is concerned, just so you can stand out, like your special snowflake characters. But in the end we all know the truth.

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So, how long this take and how intense it is depends on what it was exactly, wheat cycles slow, corn cycles fast.

But first, usually for a few days, I'm absolutely exhausted. I can't think, I can't move, and sometimes I can't stand. Medical tests say I have poor nerve conductivity when I'm like this.

Then, I have the worst anger I have ever felt. Not even about anything. I absolutely can't stand still, and have run until my feet bleed like this.

Then a bout of depression, and it's smooth sailing from there!

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why so serious

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>being this mad
we just don't ram pizza and cheetos in our faces like you do
deal with it

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Anything that doesn't get messy and doesn't make people fart is ideal.

Also, that guy is right, if you have to brag about eating fresh, healthy food on /tg/, you probably eat like shit most of the time.

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This brotha. Listen to him ya niggas. He speaks the truth.

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OP here.
My diet looks like this:
>roast chicken
>oatmeal (rarely)

Bread and cheese is as far as I would go in terms of junk food. I usually fast on game days to compensate for how much I might eat, but I never really need to.

I used to be fat and lost the weight, so a lot of this comes from fear.

I do love bread though.

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Cut out the coffee.

It's killing you.

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i don't want my post being interpreted as bragging, though i wont tell you which one is my own. i eat like shit all of the time, except on game days, which i just happen to eat healthily as it is authentic. isn't bragging, it is answering the thread, ie; what we fucking eat on game days. you fucking faggot.

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>It's killing you.
I've seen people say the reverse as well.

The evidence has to be pretty outstanding to get me to stop drinking coffee. I usually drink tea because it's cheaper. Both've got antioxidants, and both've got tannins. Good and bad.

I could do worse.

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Switch out the lentils for something heartier like hummus.

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>I've seen people say the reverse as well.
Coffee apologists will say anything to justify keeping their drug of choice. The fact of the matter is you are probably already working your way toward your first ulcer, plus your teeth probably look atrocious.

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Hummus's got fats and pairs poorly with anything that isn't stick-shaped. I'm not a fan of the taste or texture, either. Also, it's pretty gosh-darn expensive, and don't go telling me to make my own because tahini is expensive too come on man I'm not made of money.

Lentils are tasty with just about anything. They also lend a "thickness" to soups and stews.

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You didn't mention anything about tea.
Are you trying to trick me here?

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>Coffee apologists will say anything to justify keeping their drug of choice.
You can say that to dismiss basically any defense of any activity.

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>a "thickness" to soups and stews.

They make them taste awful too.

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>That image
>Think it can't possibly be real
>It is

What the fuck.

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>Not black bread with a nice slab of some sort of preserved meat along with the cheese.
You should totally kill yourself now because I would not be able to live with the shame that you currently ooze.

>> No.31462649

No. You can only say that about coffee, because it explicitly says coffee.

>> No.31462653

They've got an earthiness that I imagine some wouldn't like.

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>haven`t baked bread in years
>this post and pic makes me want to bake bread again

This is different type of feel...

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>* apologists
Any truth you might have had in your statement is instantly ignored

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>If your group doesn't eat exclusively fresh-baked bread and cheese at the game table, you might as well give up gaming.
But I don't want to be constipated.

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Coffee is great, tea fags can GTFO

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What do you think militaries of the world past would think of the food modern militaries eat?

>> No.31463015

Considering it's all mostly edible and the bread doesn't have bugs in it, I think they'd view it pretty favorably.

Hell, american rations have chocolate in them.

>> No.31463050

Most rations these days do.

American rations are probably the worst, though. At least, they're the only ones I know of that cause rock shits.

>> No.31463059

>Cat apologists will say anything to justify keeping their pet of choice.
>Durian apologists will say anything to justify keeping their fruit of choice.
>Hat apologists will say anything to justify keeping their clothing of choice.
>Toyota apologists will say anything to justify keeping their utility vehicle of choice.
What is it like being a giant faggot?

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Did someone say rock shit?

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Yes, but when getting rock shits is the worst case scenario, you're in the high end of military rations. Past world military food had a reasonable chance of making you extremely sick, and was mostly grain/cheese based.

The Romans would sometimes herd cattle to move with armies, which was probably kind of nice.

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They're supposed to make you constipated so that you don't have to shit on duty.

That guy's dad shouldn't have let him eat all those, and after not shitting so long, he should have gone to the hospital straight away instead of trying to fix his own impacted colon.

>> No.31463226


You should see the menus of some French rations.


>> No.31463255

When the hell did that one get capitalized?

>> No.31463256

Food for thought.

>> No.31463258

>MRE Shakes

There's your fucking problem, those things were recalled because of salmonella contamination

>Yes, but when getting rock shits is the worst case scenario, you're in the high end of military rations

Historically, maybe, but not these days.

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>Unser t├Ąglich Brot...
>Tavern Bread

>> No.31463280

>They're supposed to make you constipated so that you don't have to shit on duty.

Isn't that an urban legend?

>> No.31463286

>Historically, maybe, but not these days

The question was about soldiers in the past anon, hopefully no modern armies are intentionally poisoning their soldiers

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>Hell, american rations have chocolate in them.
They're also pretty terrible. The chocolate tastes like that nasty ass cooking chocolate stuff.

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>I got something worse than Celiac.

Oh sweet child. Sure you do.

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And now that French MRE ration I was talking about.

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>> No.31463385

That reminds me, there's a review of one of those on Youtube.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7bQeHlQdMk (part one)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPv-_2q3NaY (part two)

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Dude, guys, Bread thread.

Bread was one of the most redicoulously important food stuffs before, during, and a little after medieval times.

Like, being a baker was a GOVERNMENT job and during the 13th century and onward the price and quality of bread was regulated and kept a careful eye on so that the people would have a reliable source of food.

Loaves of bread were stamped with seals just like money was as far back as roman empire times and if you were caught fucking with the bread, selling your issued flour, or any of that other sneaky shit you could get into some serious trouble.

That and the peasantry TOTALLY invented the technique of hollowing out stale bread and using them as soup bowls... before eating the bowl or feeding it to dogs/pigs.

>> No.31463442

These threads always make me hongry, hombre

>> No.31463449

Host always feeds us, usually with his French wife's cooking. Yesterday we had tomato-free chili (because he is deathly allergic to nightshade plants, including tomatoes). Was pretty good.

>> No.31463469

That's largely on purpose, and comes from a long line of Military and Chocolate connections.

Basically, the American millitary was convinced that Chocolate could be made into a super-food, an emergency ration that was insanely high in calories while still palatable.

Millions upon millions went into chocolate research, in order to develop chocolate that would not melt in high temperature conditions, could still be eaten when frozen, and fifty other specifications.

Ultimately, somewhere down the line of research, it was decided to make the chocolate taste bad, in order to prevent soldiers from eating their emergency rations prematurely in non-emergency situations.

And that's why Hershey's chocolate tastes like ass.

>> No.31463486

>wanting to be a little girl is gay
u wot

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>> No.31463642

>And that's why Hershey's chocolate tastes like ass.
I can't tell if you're joking, but that's wrong.

Hershey's tastes the way it does because of an early process that made it slow to spoil, so it could be mass produced cheaply in the early 20th century.

Emergency chocolate rations just aren't sweetened.

>> No.31463645

>They're supposed to make you constipated so that you don't have to shit on duty.
No, you motherfucker. You're allowed to shit in the field.

>> No.31463651

>communist armies feed you dog food

>> No.31463667

>capitalist armies feed you dogfood in fancy packaging

>> No.31463672

Bread makes for some crazy shits.

>> No.31463678


>> No.31463683

But you don't have to shit as often, because they make you constipated.

>> No.31463719

Having a break, eh?

>> No.31463752

Chocolate by nature is slow to spoil regardless of preparation method, and sweetened chocolate even more so thanks to the preservative nature of a high sugar content.

>> No.31463790

5 days of eating MREs makes you mad blocked up, bro. Crouching and lying on your stomach fucking HURTS when you're that constipated.

Are you speaking from experience or talking out your ass?

>> No.31463827

Not that guy, but when it comes to MREs, is there a difference?

>> No.31463872

Can a long-term diet of nonstop MREs kill people?

>> No.31463873

I don't really know what point you're trying to make. I'm not saying you're never supposed to shit in the field, I'm saying they make your shit solid so you don't need to shit when you aren't able to.

>> No.31463874

Difference between what?
A duck?

>> No.31463878

Between speaking from experience and talking out the ass.

>> No.31463915

Okay. The point is, hershey's chocolate was not designed to taste bad, and the military chocolate that's designed to taste bad is unsweetened, not just hershey's chocolate you'd buy in a candy store.

>> No.31463920

There's a big difference between constipation and being able to hold a shit in for later disposal. Thanks for clearing that up, because it sounded like you were implying that MREs are designed specifically to make you bleed out your ass.

>> No.31463944

Depends on how much water you were drinking/losing while eating the MREs.

>> No.31463975


Romans and Greeks had some pretty decent rations all things considered: onions, flat bread (you were given a small bag and an allowance of flour to make this sort of pancake), cheese, dried beef, and they were allowed to eat and drink anything they found on the way there or at the battle they had looted..... Though this actually lead to casualties since I remember distinctly one city defended themselves by leaving out large pots of poisoned honey on the roads leading to their city.

The soldiers fucking ate them all and died on the road.

>> No.31464016

Constipation is when it's difficult to shit. Bleeding out your ass would be a severe level of constipation.

>> No.31464403


Why do they do this?
This doesn't sound practical or beneficial- why would military rations cause such horrible shitting problems?

>> No.31464481

Nigger come back when you've had real chocolate from Europe and say that again.

>> No.31464529

Because America is terrible at everything and has a long history of caring more about making rations inexpensive to procedure and lightweight rather than edible or nutritionally functional. See: the K-Ration from WWII.

>> No.31464559

Those Japanese rations are slightly outdated. The newer ones are retort-pouched like newer Western rations.

>> No.31464566

To be fair, the ones that don't have 'mre' in the file name aren't actual MRE stories, just stories of people taking terrible shits.

Also I think I read somewhere that you're supposed to drink 3 liters of water per MRE you eat.

Apparently the image I was going to post had an embedded file so have this.

>> No.31464611

This. I've not heard any similar stories from people eating, say, British 24-hour ration packs, Canadian IMPs, or Aussie CR1Ms.

>> No.31464628

I'll bake stuff for my group sometimes, but never anything really messy. I'm not making dinner, you should've eaten something before hand if you were expecting a meal.

Other than that, just chips and soda.

>> No.31464680

Say what? That military application has nothing to do with the taste of hershey's chocolate? Because that's a fact.

I really don't see why Europeans feel so haughty over hershey's. Hershey's chocolate was cheap in a time when chocolate was expensive. Not all the chocolate in America tastes like Hershey's.

>> No.31464707

That Hershey's chocolate doesn't taste like ass, I meant. Trust me, when you've had Belgian chocolate, you don't ever want to go back. And I'm an Amerifat.

>> No.31464709

well, my ideal, which I've done a few times when it's my turn for food prep.

no-knead sourdough rye.
venison summer sausage. other options are allowable if we're out of venison.
maybe egg butter. maybe farmer's cheese.
Tomato and/or cucumber and/or endive and/or radishes
wine, beer, or cider.

two thirds of the time, we never actually get around to the game, though.

>> No.31464739

You're ALSO not supposed to eat MREs constantly for more than a few days without getting fresher food like the UGRs. Field exigencies have a nasty tendency to screw this plan over, though.

>> No.31464804

Usually we take a break and order Ossetian pies.
Shit is beyond delicious.
Before that we used to order pizza, but got bored of that.
Also, fresh French baguette with pate, cheese or salami as snacks.

>> No.31464863

It's the world's longest running and most elaborate troll

>> No.31464899

I didn't pass judgement on the taste one way or the other. Good to see American reading comprehension on 4chan is still at dismal lows.

In my opinion, Hershey's has an aquired taste. It contains butyric acid, which is also contained in parmesan cheese, and in vomit, so it makes sense that some people don't like it. I like it just fine, but I don't consider it to be "normal" chocolate, just like I don't consider parmesan to be normal cheese.

>> No.31464914

That baker is fucking diesel, holy shit.

>> No.31464931

>didn't pass judgement on the taste one way or the other.

Uh...yes, you did.

>>And that's why Hershey's chocolate tastes like ass.
>I can't tell if you're joking, but that's wrong.

>> No.31464945

I just came here because bread.
That's hilarious.

>> No.31464954

>>Ultimately, somewhere down the line of research, it was decided to make the chocolate taste bad, in order to prevent soldiers from eating their emergency rations prematurely in non-emergency situations.

>>And that's why Hershey's chocolate tastes like ass.

>I can't tell if you're joking, but that's wrong.

Reading comprehension.

>> No.31464963

He's saying the reason, not the opinion, was wrong, though he wasn't clear about it

>> No.31464990

They generally don't. Older ones, maybe, but I don't know of anyone who's had a horrible reaction to them. I've heard of people getting an upset stomach from eating them for so long, but never anything some pepto wouldn't fix.

The only major problem with the American ones is that the amount of calories you get from them is downright insane at 2000 per(admittedly, it's made for 2 per day in combat zones). The taste is something they're striving to improve on, and doing a good job from what I've seen over the past 6 years.

>> No.31465000

>cherry-picks his quotes
>I'm not an idiot, other people are!

>> No.31465012

It should be pretty clear to anyone with a brain that the retarded military hershey's conspiracy theory is wrong

>> No.31465032

Fun story about really old MREs, the entrees in them used to be freeze-dried and required water to reconstitute them. You COULD eat 'em dry but then you had to drink even more water anyway.

>> No.31465084

Like, a mountain, of baked potatoes, a big old stick of butter and a single huge salt cellar filled to the brim.
Gets the job done admirably.

>> No.31465089

Everything I said was related to the reason for why the chocolate tastes the way it does, and from a grammatical perspective, when I said "that's wrong" it was directly contesting the reason, not the opinion.

Your knee-jerk reaction and lack of understanding of the context is an example of your poor reading comprehension. Why should I have to baby you when what I'm saying is technically accurate, and blatantly obvious in context?

>> No.31465104

See I'm tempted to make a joke about the only way Hershey's COULD be that shit is the military being involved somewhere, but yes that guy is an idiot and the theory is stupid.

>> No.31465110

Hey man trigger warning that. I burnt my toast earlier.

>> No.31465136

>blatantly obvious in context
>cherry picked quote, obscuring the point completely

You're a moron.

>> No.31465149

It's not a conspiracy theory. The military did make the emergency chocolate rations taste bad so that soldiers wouldn't eat them unneccesarily, but that's unrelated to the taste of commercial Hershey's milk chocolate. I don't think that clarification is "pretty clear to anyone with a brain".

>> No.31465162

I'm aware of that, but yeah, I guess I tend to overestimate the non-retarded section of the population.

>> No.31465196

So uh, did they just go real easy on the sugar and cocoa butter and leave people with a hard slab of unyielding bitter bland blackness?

>> No.31465197

I don't even know what you're talking about. I didn't cherry pick anything. The quotes I picked were sequential. If you bothered reading anything that I wrote other than "that's wrong", you would have realized what I was saying. That other guy obviously did.

>> No.31465224

>implying you wrote anything other than that
>implying you didn't make it look like you were replying for a different reason than your purported
>implying you aren't defensive as fuck and caught in utter stupidity

Calm down, admit your faggotry, and shut up.

>> No.31465253

Actually, that knowledge is pretty specific information that a lot of people aren't aware of and has really nothing to do with general intelligence.

I'm assuming they made it somewhat palatable.

>> No.31465268


>> No.31465276

this is my favorite beer, it's really good and i recommend it for playing some tabletop and hanging out with your buddies

>> No.31465301


this one is also really good, its a little hard to find but its a lot of fun to have for fantasy games

>> No.31465312

Is it hard to get a good ale in America?

>> No.31465339

>implying you wrote anything other than that
I went on to explain the reason for the taste of hershey's chocolate vs. the reason for the taste of military chocolate, and at no point tried to actually defend the taste of anything.

>>implying you didn't make it look like you were replying for a different reason than your purported
I made it look like that to somebody with poor reading comprehension, maybe. Logically:

>And that's why Hershey's chocolate tastes like ass.
>that's wrong.
>That's not why Hershey's chocolate tastes like ass.

It might seem as though I was saying:
>Hershey's chocolate doesn't taste like ass.

However, that isn't logically what I said, and as I went on to specifically explain the reason for the taste, and not defend the taste, a person with good reading comprehension would be able to understand what I was saying easily.

>implying you aren't defensive as fuck and caught in utter stupidity
I'm defensive as fuck and caught in utter accuracy. You on the other hand are being aggressively stupid.

>> No.31465363

Dude, that guy probably isn't even the same guy who replied to you. You're getting trolled hard.

>> No.31465368


i'm still kind of learning what i like and don't like, but i'm in brooklyn so i don't have any trouble finding lots of great liquor stores. sixpoint is over here, and if i can't find what i'm looking for i can always hop a train and look in manhattan. i think it must depend on what you like and where you are, though.

>> No.31465376

Whether I'm being trolled or not, it doesn't really matter. I would still be posting the same long clarifications.

>> No.31465383

I've just heard that lagers are by far more popular there and most decent craft breweries make lager.

>> No.31465393

Pearls before swine, bro. Just ignore it.

>> No.31465400

Make me fggt

>> No.31465429


i gotta admit i don't yet know the difference, haha. i usually read or watch reviews on what's rated well, and then give them a shot myself. where are you, britain?

>> No.31465430

One of my favourite beers.
But I can get it at any supermarket

>> No.31465438

what the fuck did you just say to me, etc...

Anyway. Has anyone had hardtack show up in their games? Tales of that shit are hilarious.

>> No.31465447


Actually, pale ales are really taking off here. Not to say that you cant find a particular type of beer though. America is a big fuckin place yo, and we probably have more microbrewerys that produce english ales than england has. Despite the turrible PR work that Budwieser/Coors have done with their "lagers" the real US beer scene is dizzying in number/quality.

>> No.31465467


Ales are fermented at warm temperatures and meant to be served room temperature, lagers are fermented cold and meant to be served cold. I think also the yeast for brewing an ale is slightly different than what's used for brewing lager.

>> No.31465469

Easiest way to tell: larger is more yellow, fizzy and is not a "heavy" drink.
I mean there's loads of differences, but that's a fast way to tell.

Neither is superior though, it's all about personal taste.

>> No.31465494

Ales also have this tendency to be sweeter, "fruitier".

Me though? I'm a rum man more than a beer man.

>> No.31465516


ah, right on. i got a lot more drinking to do, haha. are there any other beers you guys like a lot?

>> No.31465571

I tried wheat beer once, it was...interesting, but not something I'd drink often.

>> No.31465573


i realize that this rum has a lot of extra flavoring and stuff in it, but the bottle is way too awesome with all the woodcut style illustration and the nice faux 19th c.-ish cartouche and text, i'll pick this up if i'm coming to a party, but i try not to drink too hard during games and whatnot

>> No.31465587

As a student and a modern man I think discrimination is bad.

Which is why, in my bedroom I have a mostly empty box of budweiser, a six pack of Hobgoblin bottles and a half full bottle of vodka which tastes like nail varnish remover. It's good for mixers, and it was free, shut up.

>> No.31465609

Just tried Schofferhofer Grapefruit recently. It's fantastic. Really light and refreshing, great barbecue beer. Surprisingly light on cals, carbs, and sugars for those /fit/izens out there.

>> No.31465635


yeah man i nab that bottom shelf booze all the time when i'm strapped for cash. old crow's not too bad imo, haha

>> No.31465683

>vodka which tastes like nail varnish remover


>> No.31465734

My nerdy friends or whatever you'd like to call them throw a lot of parties, and we get our drinking on big time. It's good fun.
There's this guy that keeps bringing that stuff to our parties and there's just this noticeable difference where whenever he's there and he's got a bottle of Kraken, everyone just gets twice as fucked up but the party doesn't die, it just gets more stupid and hilarious.
Also the hangovers are a fucking bitch, but that's to be expected.

>> No.31465735

Probably Gluten based allergy

>> No.31465785

It's called Troyka, but we couldn't find this shit in like five minutes of googling. Which is worrying.

I think I've had it once or twice. Not bad, from what I recall

>> No.31465807

I make chili, or lasagne, or meatloaf.
Yes, I make my own garlic bread.

Everyone I know is addicted to pop, so we usually each have a 12 pack to ourselves.

>> No.31465833

I would love having you for a guest. Not kidding - I love people who stay the fuck away from my stuff, including food.

>> No.31465859

Try twice that. Three times if you want any toppings. That's what I live with.

I suppose I could get shitty frozen pizzas, but those aren't that much cheaper.

>> No.31465874

My dad has a major nostalgia factor for taco doritos and D&D, and since you can get them around here we tend to grab a few bags before each game if we play at his place.

We usually also get a few 2 liters of soda, because we're extremely American. I've been considering adding some other stuff to the mix, but with all these allergies and a broken sense of taste it's kind of hard to make food.

>> No.31465894

That's called being a selfish asshole btw.
Just in case you need the technical term for something later on.

>> No.31465915

I fucking love stale french bread. It's like a physical challenge, for my mouth.

>> No.31465935

I've been on the gluten-free diet ever since I was diagnosed with celiac disease at around age 10.

I don't know how to feel about the diet becoming a fad in recent times, as it's resulting in more GF products, but now I risk looking like a trendy faggot whenever it's brought up.

Also, I remember checking out Dominoes' gluten free pizza option, and they had a special disclaimer that it's not even suitable for celiacs.

I miss actual bread so much.

>> No.31466364

Awww nigga is that some mothafuckin hobgoblin I see?
My friends and I drink that stuff like we're fish cause we have a deal with a wholesale guy that makes it the cheapest beer we can buy.

>> No.31466413

One of the perks of having your GF in your group are freshly baked goodies.

>> No.31466427

>Not baking them all yourself
>Not wowing your girlfriend with a mouth melting plate of brownies which earns you eternal loyalty and a night off contributing to the group's pizza fund

>> No.31466468

/tg/ make me a menu. I'm DMing this friday and actually have time to cook before the session. It needs to feed 7-9 people and include both main meal and dessert.

The theme is goblinoid because the game being played takes place entirely in a goblinoid city. Side theme is Dragons, considering the players have a business meeting with a dragon next session.

So, what do you ya got?

>> No.31466494

>/tg/ discovers the horrors of MRE blockage

Aww yeah. Or those really crusty Italian breads that you can kind of gnaw on for ages. I hate soft 'supermarket' bread, boring.

>> No.31466568

Their sauce is a leading cause of adult diabetes anyway.

>> No.31466584


>Goblin cuisine

Most likely simple, meaty and hard to do wrong. Go for chili con carne, good and spicy and a little bit painful to get down.

For dessert I'm not sure.

>> No.31466815

This was part of our idea already, that and since the players busted a candyshop last time we were gonna have "goblin" candies. (They love sour things)

>> No.31466875

Before the game it's usually a BBQ of some kind, sausages, steaks, skewers, chicken. Usually some potato dishes and salad. Because it's once a week nobody minds that it's often the same stuff.

>> No.31467371


>> No.31467532

>Not liking chips

r u havin a giggle m8? ill bash ye fookin 'ead in I sware on me mum

>> No.31467581 [SPOILER] 

I've got three of the big bottles in my house right now, Anon

two of them are empty...

>> No.31467583

fuck the cheese just gimme loaves of bread and I'll just eat them all. Fuck I love bread so much.

I have a problem.

>> No.31467594

Nigga Kraken is the shit. Shots of it aren't too bad either.

I like Mount Gay as well, its not dark rum though.

>> No.31467603

Based Kraken! I drink it with everything, fuckin' ginger ale, fuckin' straight rum, fuckin' everything!

>> No.31467619

That shit looks good, I gotta nab some somehow...

>> No.31467631

Oh, I'll melt her mouth alright

>> No.31467634

I don't see the word Coffee in any of those sentences so it seems he was right.

>> No.31467642

meat on sticks
loads of different meats
mysterious, savory meats
all on sticks
Roast 'em
Eat 'em

>> No.31467851

Chips are for children.

>> No.31467873

u a fookin' poof?

>> No.31467877


What's the problem exactly? The board has bread on it and says "our daily bread". That doesn't mean it has to be the same bread every day, you realise? Today's bread is tavern bread

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