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There seems to be a bit of anti-waifu sentiment going about, so it's time to make another hugbox-style general.

Post your /tg/ waifus.


Pic related, because I would let Lidda practice her Use Magic Device skill whenever she'd want.

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Anyone remember Jubblowski?

She was a thing about 5 years ago.

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Inferior goods.

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Had to make an Orzhov deck just to give her a place to call home.

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>/tg/'s waifu

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Ram the bade ship.
Good endings are for other people.

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>lidda smokes the wrong end of a dooby.jpg

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Isn't that that one sniper chick from Fallout Tactics?

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My boner endures.

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What's the proper pronunciation of waifu, anyway? Is it "way-fu" or "why-fu"?

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>TFW you identify with Marco strongly
>TFW you watch him slowly break down

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I loved that comic. Sigh.

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The latter, it's a fuck up of the word wife.

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I was too busy going what over the end to care.
Besides, it was obvious from the beginning that things were going to go to shit.

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>NEXT TIME: Pirates!

>You will never know the truth behind Adric Fell's backstory

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A young Carrie Fisher.

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Ah, okay. Thanks for the clarification, Anon.

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Xeno is where it's at, really.

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>chubby bloated face


every gril nowadays has that, why would you want one that existed back in the 70s?

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this is bait

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I didn't expect you to stick around for this mess, Merrill. This has nothing to do with your elves.

>I love Hawke, I wouldn't go anywhere.

But it's not your fight.

>I love Hawke.

You said that.

>I say it a lot. It makes things clearer, takes away doubt when everything is crazy and people are dying.

I understand.

>Oh, good. Someone should.

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Oh, how I wish it was.

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Never mind him. I, for one, welcome our taucron phaerakh.

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I never liked her face, but recently I've grown to really appreciate her body.

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Is she funny or something?

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Yes, but not haha funny.

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Best choice.

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>wanting the Ebon Dragons sloppy seconds

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Best wolf-fu coming through!

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Vadania all day every day. She's a shapeshifter too which is a major plus in bed.

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>choosing anyone other than Elminster

You're all faggots with shit taste.

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>can't pick a class
>better take levels in everything

Your waifu is a MPDG

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I know pf hate is in season but she is qt as fuck

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Yeah, it was real hot when she was eaten by her own ghouls.

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>Elminster will never save you from your dull and dreary life with his wacky antics and cuuurrrazy personality
>you will never get in ridiculous situations with him and come out from them realizing you should seize every moment in life and that you deserve to be happy
>Elminster will never use shapechange to alternate between various qt trap gfs while you do the nasty with him

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You have a good taste in Waifus.

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Literally shit taste

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You really don't know much about slaanesh then

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She's Mannequin Skywalker funny.

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More than you I bet.

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I have a character based on him in my campaign setting. His name is Alelminster and he's the reason owlbears are a thing. (When someone says A Wizard Did It, this is the wizard they're talking about.)

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Don't you have a bandwagon to follow?

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If I did, I would be one of you HURR SLUHNESH faggots.

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I just wish the pathfinder artists worked for a better game company, cuz they're the only redeeming thing about that shitheap.
I actually had one of my characters get mazed once. I was playing a lich, so the solution turned out to be killing myself and regenerating at my plycatery.

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Vicky > Your best friends wife > That damn winged elf chick and her clusterfuck of a build.

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>Saying you like slaanesh automatically makes you this

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I have yet to meet one of you fags who werent like that.

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>You will never have a princess with a horse cock to prove loyalty to

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Canon characters only?

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Forgot image

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Slaanesh has a cock. This makes you all fags.

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What if they were women?

What if they're okay with being gay?

What will you do, Anon?!

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What level do I need to be to solo this booty, teeg?

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Level 30 bard

Gotta have the good charisma to roll to seduce. Now how do you fuck it/get mpreg buttbabies with it? That's the real question.

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Better than 40k's

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Any good bard archetypes for seducing monstrous maidens?

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Can't tell the difference.

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Go vanilla, bitches love vanilla.

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not that it's any achievement

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Has this ever done before? (hope not)

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Clothes make more sense visually and she's scandinavian instead of a hobo scene girl crackwhore.

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Not really. Looks like that cunt from frozen.

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They look exactly the same.

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that's why it's an improvement
except for all the bits that are different

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>not playing an archivist bard dedicated to discovering and mastering the sexual techniques of all living (and some unliving) creatures in the world

It's like you hate fun.

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Some really grumpy faggots in this thread

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this picture of Cultist-chan is my waifu I guess, because of dat bikini.

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Fuck off /co/

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No i just like being an normal bard.

It's like if YOU hate fun.

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26 28342563

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The pic doesn't do her justice, but watch the D&D PSA videos on youtube, Lidda was cute as fuck.

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But muh waifu ;_;

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All Star Wars craft are waifu material. Except for the Pinook.

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The Y-Wing is so beautiful.

I mean, it's fucking hideous. It's ugly as sin. But it's also beautiful.

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>a fuckup of the word wife... only for fuckups

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You convinced me. Elminster is my waifu too, now.

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Get the fuck out of here, plebs. True waifu coming through.

>> No.31453581

>True waifu coming through.
Yeah. She's right here.

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Dude come on. Star Wars is the dumbest setting ever, and even in the context of the dumbest setting ever the B-Wing is dumb.

>> No.31453620

>calling the B-wing dumb
>He hasn't seen the TIE boat or experimentals

>> No.31453637

Greta is a diminutive for Great Tatas?

>> No.31453693


Most of those do make sense - why not add extra bomb/missile pods to a bomber, after all? The TIe boarding craft and shuttle are also kind of cool, and it means the Imperials aren't limited to using Lambda shuttles for everything.

However, the TIE Tank is dumb as shit. TIEs are fragile. That's their whole deal, agility and fragility. Don't goddamn make them ground vehicles.

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>not having a troll waifu

>> No.31453799

Let's not forget the TIE boat. I don't even know why the fuck the Imps needed that. Or the mk1, also known as the most fragile turbolaser mount in the galaxy.

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>being a jack of all trades, but a master of none

Pretty sure you're the one with the anti-fun stance, dude.

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what if i do

>> No.31453942

i liked rogue squadron a lot...

>> No.31453955

We all did, Anon.

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>implying I even READ homestuck

>> No.31453972


I almost played a character who was cursed to obsess over the Lady of Pain, once (saddly, the game felt appart before it started). He was attracted to her with something that alternated between boundless admiration, schoorgirl crush and full blow Yandere-love

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>Not Based Kat, complete with free bonus Spaniard

>> No.31454177


>Bonus cute Indian>bonus Spaniard
>Both girls adoring and nigh constant close physical contact

>> No.31454196


>Bonus cute Indian

Ah, good point. Very well, I see the wisdom in your choice.

>> No.31454200

Fucking Applegate.

>> No.31454528


That's a snow elf you dumb fuck.

And you didn't even pick the best one.

>> No.31454644

Yes. Forever yes.

>> No.31455004

She is just so adorable.

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>Waifu thread

I wouldn't hold hands with your disgusting waifu

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>> No.31461948

Oh god do I ever miss Zell. Where the hell did her artist zog off to anyway?

I don't always Troll Waifu. But when I do, I choose Kanaya.

You know, I used that monster in my Vampire: The Requiem game as a boss not long ago. Drauger Queen. But less of the Chestburster stuff and more of the Diablarie via Swallowing Whole.

That said, I would lovingly bear her Butt Babies.

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Forgot to post my own. Gotta love Vampires.

>> No.31462826

mfw I remembered the horrible fapfic...

>> No.31463421

can i ask where is this from? who she is?

>> No.31465829


Y-you take that back!

>If I wear baggy clothes, nobody will be able to tell I'm pregnant!

>> No.31466064

are merfolk waifus allowed?
>plz say yes

>> No.31466138

Glorious qt3.14 nuclear waifu is best.
I bet none of you faggots even praise the sun.

>> No.31466164

>> No.31466470


>dem multipliers

>> No.31466784

Come on guys lets not become /a/.

>> No.31467019

Too late for that buddy. Remember that saying "You don't need the other boards anymore."?
Welcome to the /a/ part of /tg/. At least be glad it's not the /pol/ part.

Also, my waifu.
>implying monstergirls aren't /tg/ related

>> No.31467028

She can call me mean things any day.

I can take it.

>> No.31467090

Fuck the princess, The knight is a better waifu

>> No.31468430

I'll fuck your princess m8

>> No.31468493

i... um... what?

>> No.31469052

I'll buy D3+all expansions as soon as an expansion with the necromancer as a character class is released. As long as the hair is white and the armor is black and covered in skulls.

>> No.31469698

Gril Necromancer would be mad cute. Who do you think would voice her?

>> No.31470171

I like Glissa

>> No.31470192

She's pretty cute.

>> No.31470266

Stand aside scrubs.

>> No.31470267

>I bet none of you faggots even praise the sun.

Awful presumptuous of you there.

>> No.31470913


so hard to choose...

>> No.31471067 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

Which do you choose, /tg/?

>> No.31471123

Saw this and immediately thought of robutt waifu

>> No.31471350

Mountain Troll, no contest

>> No.31471414

The mountain troll both looks beautiful and loving.
Mountain troll a best.

>> No.31471440

I bet she's got a magical grove in the foothills somewhere for herself and that special someone

>> No.31471529

Elminster can and will be any waifu you desire if you stay faithful to him.

The only drawback (which may be an advantage depending on what kind of faggot you are) is that sometimes he'll turn you into his waifu instead.

>> No.31471532

Oh be still my beating heart. I still carry that torch and I probably will never put it down.

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>> No.31471953

Seoni's pretty cute, but Space Amiri is the Paizo girl for me

>> No.31471977


Space Seoni for me.

>> No.31471987

>Space Seoni

Shit, dude, post pics. I've never seen a Space Seoni before.

>> No.31472028


Me either, but i'm sure if there's a space amiri there must be a space seoni.

>> No.31472079

High elf.
Why, you ask. Clearly I want to die before my lover does, I`m that type of man who would not want to live in world where I would surpass my lover in life. Besides, I do desire an intellectual companion, with whom both my heart and brains can rest with and feel complete.

>> No.31472112

We have an /pol/ part? You mean those race debates, right?

>> No.31472958


>> No.31473010

She's Cestree.
She's from a made-for-/tg/ comic that pops up every once in a while.

>> No.31473149

Aleena was my first waifu. Curse you Bargle for taking her away from me.

>> No.31473155

Male - Tim Curry
Fem - Rebecca Crane, Naomi Hunter, Jennifer Hale

>> No.31473195

Johnny Joestar?

>> No.31473227

No, he Magic Missiled her to death.

>> No.31473252

This fanart is supposed to be Viconia iirc
>dagger though

Beautiful artwork regardless.

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>> No.31473305



>> No.31473311

>I'll buy D3+all expansions
Throwing up in my mouth would be less disgusting.

>> No.31473394


She was canon resurrected afterwards.

>> No.31473448

I know, but when my 10 year old self was learning D&D and only had the Basic Boxed set, the idea that there was a Raise the Dead spell had not even occurred to me.

>> No.31473457

If it was Miia, then yes, yes I would.
This relates because it was you deviants who introduced me to Monster Musume.

>> No.31473511


True, true. And dat Elmore art.

>> No.31473714

I picked Mountain Troll, but High Elf is easily in my top three

>> No.31473809

Can I use Enlarge or Reduce Person so I'm the same size as Leela?

>> No.31473845

Only if you can cast it, either because you know it or you've got an item to help you cast it.

I guess you could ask a friend for help or pay someone to help you.

>> No.31473848

My gnomefu

>> No.31473896

>> No.31473930

My waifu a shit

>> No.31473944

Lini is too cute

>> No.31473977


And she wild shapes into things.

For... purposes.

>> No.31473981

Whenever I see op's picture I always think she's been fooled by one of those comedy exploding cigars.

>> No.31473984

She was locked up for being too adorable

>> No.31474029

>You will never play a character who will hold her in their arms, look her in the eyes and tell her everything is going to be ok

>> No.31475031

Tymaret still waifu No.1

>> No.31475112

>You will never play a character who will hold her in their arms
>The imaginary character you're playing as is holding the imaginary character you're in love with

Is this considered some kind of self-inflicted NTR?

>> No.31475183

Rachnera is best girl

All others are pleb tier

>> No.31475317

Then get back at the cheating whore by having your character fuck the brown chick with

>Thus the show finally makes sence

>> No.31475469

>NTRing the character who was NTRing you with yourself

I like it

>> No.31475521

I meant Tiamat dammit!

>> No.31476600

>that picture
You mean, the Shrike from Hyperion?

>> No.31476709 [SPOILER] 

dat hair

>> No.31477162


Surely there's a drawing of the Shrike as an adolescent girl out there somewhere, right?

>> No.31477279


You guys get off to "All you zombies"?

>> No.31477366

>dat skin
>dat hair (+ color)
>dat booty

>> No.31477446

>All these pleb tier waifu's
>Not recognizing the only person worthy of being a waifu
This thread is heresy

>> No.31477449

B-But /tg/ isn't that related with my waifu...

>Monster Musume
But anooooon, that's pleb shit and there's so many more good MG's out there.

>> No.31477500

I'd agree with you, but I can't get over the eyes.

>You will never have a centaur call you master

>> No.31477624

>> No.31477640

what even is that?

>> No.31477671

>> No.31477687

>> No.31477689

Dark Souls character.
I wonder if I still have that 'Do Not Fist Android Girls' image...

>> No.31477703

The Fair Lady from Dark Souls

>> No.31477727


It's okay she has NANOMACHINES

>> No.31477745

>> No.31477791


It appears to be one of the characters from Dark Souls. She's usually referred to as the Fair Lady, but some fans call her Quelaan. She's also one of the kindest and most selfless characters in the game, which makes what happens to her before and during the game quite tragic.

>> No.31477870

Get out of my head Kojima/Armstrong!

>> No.31477914

Muh Waifu

>> No.31477922

>> No.31477980


Androids have no right being this sexy

>> No.31478005

>> No.31478008

I'd make Sauron wear the ring somewhere else

>> No.31478030

>> No.31478052


Please don't sexualize the irresistibly sexy candle maiden.

>> No.31478057

>> No.31478092

Stupid Sexy Anatar.

>> No.31478118


>> No.31478142


>> No.31478156

>> No.31478175


>> No.31478201


>> No.31478291

Unf. Fuck yes. Singlehandedly remade a nation through terrifying brilliance and copious boning.

>> No.31478292

After a long mental battle, only one can emerge victorious

>> No.31478344

A stitched together somewhat emotionally detached science dedicated waifu is the best

>> No.31478358

Jesus, sans font looks weird in this context.

>> No.31478377

I can't be the only one that thought she was flipping someone the bird at first glance.

>> No.31478771

Given the choice, I couldn't decide between the two

>Very well read
>Likes play board games
>magnificently tall
>loves to cuddle
>Helpful and kind
>practical minded personality
>great smile

Franken Fran
>very intelligent
>cheerful personality
>good god all those hands
>Slight chance of gaining lovecraftian superpowers

>> No.31478788


I don't know who this elf is, but I like her.

>> No.31478824

Oh, well that's fine if you can't choose between the two of us, I'll just give you this injection and you will go into mitotic asexual reproduction, eat plenty of protein and calcium and in a few days there will be two of you.

problem solved!

>> No.31478978

because that worked out so well last time

>> No.31479299

I mean, Shrike shapeshifting and sexytimes was canonized in the book, so no reason for it to not be.

But "shrike hyperion r63" in google leads to MLP faggotry, and "shrike hyperion r34" doesn't even yield anything lewd at all. Anything without both the "shrike" and "hyperion" words yields nothing related to the thing whatsoever.

>> No.31479356



>> No.31479396

It's happening.

>> No.31479413

Dude, seriously stop spamming that shit in every LOTR thread.

Yeah, I get it, you're gay and proud, but do you have to be such an annoying flamer about it?

>> No.31479448

>stop liking what I don't like
It's a waifu thread and she's qt

>> No.31479541

>I can be an annoying prick and you can't stop me

Well, la-dee-da, you're perfectly right. I can't do a lick to stop you from being a gigantic faggot, and I'm certain you're going to keep parading around like it's fucking carnival.

But, at the end of the day, you're going to be the annoying fag, and I'm going to be the guy who tells you to stop spamming your tumblr shit at every available opportunity.

And you can't stop me either.

>> No.31479555

>No one has said Fall-From-Grace
>No one has said Alice
>No one has said Krieg-Chan
>No one has said Koriel Zeth
>No one has said Macha
>No one has said Fabricator General Scriptarius

And on this day, /tg/ failed in every concievable way. You're like the son that came home in a pony t-shirt with a lip piercing that he traded my prized Firebird for. Honestly, the dissapointment is "Your Father" levels of deep.

>> No.31479587

Waifu, not husbandu.

You show me tits or vagoo, and then you can post whatever you want.

>> No.31479635

None of my favorites are /tg/...

>> No.31479669

>posting an image is being an annoying prick
Trolling or retarded?

>> No.31479675

>Implying those aren't all /tg/ in some way.

Good taste in Sailors btw.

>> No.31479692

Is your name Joel by any chance?

>> No.31479721

There are people who like Sailors other than Mercury or Jupiter?

>> No.31479747

God I hope not.

>> No.31479844


So were doing that now?

>> No.31479908

You're a pretty disappointing father, considering your picks. You're like the dad who comes home drunk from his minimum wage job and yells at his family because he wants everyone to be as miserable and worthless as he is.

I don't want to complain about people's choices here in this hugbox thread, but you've got generally mediocre to straight up just bad taste in waifus, likely because you don't really understand waifus.

>> No.31479944

>people with multiple waifus


>> No.31479959

Anybody remember when "Mai waifu" was just a goofy catchphrase you would put in the comment field when posting a picture of a particularly kuh-why animu girl?

>> No.31479986

I agree, you should stick with one. At least one at a time. Its an emotional thing.
is it cheating on my GF if I have a waifu?

>> No.31479999

Aya is my one true waifu

I just have a lot of potential runners-up

>> No.31480081

How can you have forgotten your waifu /tg/

>> No.31480148


>> No.31480209

> the son that came home in a pony t-shirt with a lip piercing that he traded my prized Firebird for

I wouldn't kill my son if he did this, but I would consider it an extremely late term abortion

>> No.31480218

No, but I do remember the source animu. It was funny, and in hindsight the use of the term is sadly appropriate for the kind of people who use it.

>> No.31480252

No comment.

>> No.31480276

very little personality to speak of aside from overprotective and clean

On principle, for all of /tg/ cannon, it would have to be a purely chaste relationship, which would make her unhappy, and I hate it when my partner is unhappy. So no can do.

>> No.31480304

Fabricator General Scriptarius
Koriel Zeth


>> No.31480305

I miss Azumanga.

>> No.31480322

>you will never see a picture of Zelly and Gogo Bomango having hot, sweaty, lesbian hatesex.

Kill me please.

>> No.31480362

Oh hey, gnoll nurse. From the days when 40k fanboys still had a sense of humor about themselves.

>> No.31480368

Scripty in a nutshell.

>> No.31480371

I am surprised so far that no one has mentioned Cata-chan, Cultist, any SoB, or the last dragon and true ruler of Westeros

>> No.31480379

Scriptarius and Awful Good were the men /tg/ was gay for back in the day.

>> No.31480400

I don't recall her having anything to do with 40K though.

>> No.31480403

It's not our fault he looked like Cultist Chan with long hair... He was the prettiest girl on the board.

Plus, who doesn't love a guy who can bake and has a painting of Hitler?

>> No.31480414

We all do, anon.

>> No.31480444

1. It's not a pony, it's a goat-headed demon that's vomiting a sea of demons. It's also vintage, and goes for about $1,700 on ebay.
2. The lip ring has two genuine emeralds, putting the value a little above 7,000 quid.
3. A firebird is useless if it's missing its engine block, both bumpers and the steering wheel, and the ripped up interior smells like a brewery. Hell, I'm just glad they were willing to take that wreck off our property.

Face it, Dad. You're the worst parent ever.

>> No.31480466

>Implying /tg/ isn't still a little gay for some men

>> No.31480468

You guys are the biggest fags.

I mean that in the worst way.

>> No.31480499

nice dubs, also
>implying /tg/ has to be gay and it can't just be some femanons and their husbandos
that I am totally gay for

>> No.31480533

>implying /tg/ isn't gay period.

>> No.31480540

You must be very new here.I think you're in the wrong place boyo,
/totally gay/

>> No.31480557

Well son, you are right, you don't need me or any of my screwups any more. You are free to go.

And its not a total loss either, I can recover the firebird with all the money from this "college fund" I've been squirreling away. Well at least you don't have me screwing you up anymore.

I'll see you later, where are you staying these days?

>> No.31480585

You fags and you're petty attempts to force memes.

/tg/ will, and always will, stand for /touhou games/.

>> No.31480599

Of course, and touhou games are gay as fuck, which comes right around full circle, including the attaboy handy.

>> No.31480616

No /tg/ isn't gay, its everything.
posting husbandos now

>> No.31480623

How is Touhou gay? Oh wait. The doujins. Never mind then.

>> No.31480647


>> No.31480688

Why bother having a waifu or anything else?
They won't love you back. In fact "love" is completely meaningless. It is just chemical reactions that occur when observing a partner with sufficient mating compatibility.
"Loving" something is essentially a lie. You only wish to fuck it and reproduce. Nothing more. Nothing less.

>> No.31480717

I've been in college for three years now, Dad.
Paved my way there all by myself.

Christ, are you that demented? You don't even realize that I'm not ten years old anymore?

It's no wonder Mom left you.

>> No.31480754

Sounds like you need a hug anon. There's people here who care for you. That is all.
Your mother left because she wanted to, you're not actually my son, but I raised you as such, because that's what a man does. I hope you'll discover that for yourself one day, and I hope what your mother did to us never happens to you. There's a reason I had a drinking problem, but 7 years sober is a start.

>> No.31480777

>> No.31480782

What would a "hug" do exactly? It is a pointless gesture.

>> No.31480786

>being this wrong

What you need is some genuine love.
Not that chemical stuff.

Just raw, pure, and unchallenged love.

>> No.31480818

Why think about having a good day?

Why imagine a pleasant life with someone else?

Why daydream about fun adventures?

Why think about a pleasant future?

Why fabricate anything in your head that brightens your day?

>> No.31480837

I've never understood people who go 'nothing means anything, so it's all terrible'

If nothing means anything, why can't it all be AWESOME?

>> No.31480869

Sounds like you have been reading too much Nietzsche and understanding none of it.

Everything is a lie, everything is false, and when everything is false, your life is what you make of it. And I choose to make my life a little bit brighter by sometimes imagining a different life with someone else.

So long as you don't let your biological life deteriorate, its healthy because it keeps you happier and less stressed out than you rightfully should be.

Why would you craft a life for yourself that is nothing by edgy self suffering?

>> No.31480909

Well, I'm of the school of thought that you should balance out your life. Hell, I fabricate imaginary scenarios that are downright unpleasant so escaping to reality is preferred.

Otherwise you just end up retreating inside of your head after a while, and thats not healthy for anyone.

>> No.31480923

You sir have good taste

>> No.31480981

>escaping to reality is preferred

>> No.31481031



>> No.31481181

i only have a /mu/fu, she welcome to the party?

image limit reached but her name is tay tay

>> No.31481263

>image limit reached
>Post your /tg/ waifus.
the bakers daughter naturally
One day I will find her and we'll live happy together.
Until Orcs kill us, burn down our house and force my son to inherit my great-sword.
as is traditional.

>> No.31481341

I once dated a girl who worked at a bakery, very kind, worldly, slightly thicker than most women I've dated, but still very attractive. And I got baked goods after sex.
I think about her every time someone mentions the bakers daughter.
Good times.

>> No.31481497

Why? What difference does it make?
Can you even define "raw, pure, and unchallenged love"?

>> No.31481584

Chemical reactions in your brain that not only are capable of interpreting the world that is actually happening, but can synthesize and analyze what hasn't yet happened to a degree that has through the accumulation of collective knowledge touched upon the very fundamental nature of the universe to its origins, even if we haven't always (and probably haven't yet) been able to accurately process it.

That's some fucking great chemical reactions there.

>> No.31481586

You must be fun at parties.

>> No.31481757

Implying you weren't an angsty 14 year old at one point that thought it was a completely revolutionary realization that there isn't a purpose guaranteed to your life and that you were mentally superior to others who weren't displaying the same angst over the fact.

We've all been there, we all had the naive assumption that happy people were under some brainwashed delusion and that we were the only ones set free by our suffering.

And then we (well except for >>31481497 but he'll catch up) grew out of it, had further revelations that if the happiness was an illusion, so to is the suffering, that self denial for the purpose of feeling superior is the greatest delusion of all.

>> No.31481951

We do we even bother loving?
Real girls don't love us. 2D girls can't love us.
Most of us have grown into darkness-loving, spiteful creatures who abhor love anyways.

>> No.31482346

Until you grow out of that phase of your life. While you're in it it's hard to imagine that you could grow up further. You think you've gotten to adulthood, there's nowhere left to go, you know everything, you've finished the game and the rest is the slow march to getting old.

Then, slowly, you wake up from that, you see a beautiful sunrise and forget for a moment to over-analyze it. Or come out of your shell just enough to meet someone who loves you. Or you see someone who is even deeper in that dark place stagnate and die. Or someone just busts in an intervention for you. I don't know exactly what it will be, because your life is your story, not mine.

Whatever the cause, you wake up to the world that can be happy without meaning. It changes you and you'll have no mourning for your old angsty self. You may not even remember that you were like that kid still listening to whatever self-pitying sub genre music you're then too old to appreciate.

After that, you'll find love, maybe even have a family if it's with someone who can do that with you. You'll change and change again. Because the constant in any chemical reaction is change, and that is all you are.

>> No.31482855

Actually, no. Girls are people too you neckbeard, try giving them a chance or just hanging out with them

>> No.31482886

>Implying they'll even be interested in spending a few minutes with me.
I'll probably end up driving them off somehow.

>> No.31483096

Or you won't. That's a ridiculously optimistic view, and one that is also dismissive of many different types of mindsets. It also makes the assumption that people share values, and they do not.

So while I agree that being an edgelord is no good, fuck your view in particular.

>> No.31483358

Then don't be fat, socially awkward, or have bad hygiene.

Because surprise surprise, gender doesn't factor in when people don't want to hang around people like that

>> No.31483563

Now that I think about it, why bother spending time with the opposite sex? Why bother spending time with anyone? The only person that you are supposed to care about is yourself. You are the one living. You should only do things that are viable for yourself. Who cares about other people.

>> No.31483673

>mfw i never heard of them before
thanks for informing me anon

>> No.31483693


>> No.31483719

>Dragons fuck the maidens
>Dragons insist on virgins
... so, are dragons really insecure? maybe they have tiny dicks and very little stamina and don't want a woman who knows enough to compare them to real men?

>> No.31483752

she is from the best vidya game ever made
planescape torment

>> No.31483769

>/totally gay/
don't be ridiculous
it means
/trans gender/
this is why everyone wants to be the little girl

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