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Hey, this is a question for thise of you that have tried your hand at game design. How do you design a magic system without having to spent hours upon hours on writing spell lists?

Seems to me that you could do a reasonable system without those. I don't really find the idea of having them compelling, compared to a system that allows more flexibility and freedom. But I guess it still needs a bit more definition than "Try to do whatever, GM tells you how difficult it is."

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With difficulty. The point of spell lists is that spells have explicitly defined effects so there's very little calculation you have to do to work out what a given thing will do, although possibly some looking things up is necessary.

If you want to ditch spell lists but still use a defined system for describing the effects spells have and how they are done, you are going to end up essentially having to take the time to make up a new detailed spell every time your wizard wants to cast a magic. The more rules-light the system and the less versatility magic has the more doable this becomes.

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Savage worlds has a good solution imo; it has a list of effects (bolt) and a list of trappings (fire). Combine effect with trapping:get spell (firebolt).

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