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All word and pixel /tg/-related lewdness is welcome here, so long as the rules are followed. Writefags, consider pastebin/1d4chan rather than dumping for long stories. Drawfags with uncensored pictures need to host their images offsite and link to them. For those of you visiting from other boards, err on the side of censorbars and spoilers if you're hesitant.

People especially appreciate it when you give them meaningful feedback and criticism, so make sure to do so. It's easy and both writefags and drawfags will love you for it.

In any case, enjoy! Remember to play nice and that all contributions and requests are welcome!

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DISCLAIMER: While these threads are quite tolerant of many different forms of /d/eviancy, you can't just assume that everyone will automatically share your kinks. There's nothing explicitly preventing you from talking about your fetishes, but if someone has one that you dislike, please do not derail the thread with a flamewar- there's plenty of smut for everybody here.

Master smut list:
(/a/'s monstergirl fic collection is in here too.)

Smut list, 1d4chan edition:

A guide to constructive criticism, because "Your writing/artwork sucks" doesn't help anyone get better at it.


Need some help coming up with something to write? Here's a few requests that haven't been filled yet.


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First for the Emperor

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I don't even know if this is andro enough for you /tg/

The reference sure was

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You son of a bitch!

Gets me every time!

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That's very nice!

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Remember when Xeno used to get smut drawn of her? I miss those days.

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Dammit didn't save the FCCxWarrior of Chaos image someone repost

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delete that before you get banned

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Image rules man, don't tempt the mods into blamming this http://i.imgur.com/iA8kEDD.jpg

All of my images are in my gallery anyway

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Have any drawfags taken up my request of a Dreadnought having sex with a female wraithlord while two Mechanius engineseers stand on either side of them with their hands in the air exclaiming "FOR SCIENCE!" ?

Also if any writefags wanted to whip up from Dreadnought X Wraithlord smut that would be much appreciated.

Love me some robot girls.

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Usually not one for robots but this made my flaccidity twitch.
I second this.

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Last thread someone said they were going to post a new story.
If you're here, know that we're (or at least I) am very interested.

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Reposting my ideas list with a few new ones, might actually try writing one if you guys like one enough

>Female centaur getting ganbanged by a bunch of human rangers
>Kobold female getting fucked by male dragon
>Female vampire seducing female Paladin
>Orc Lesbian orgy
>rule 63 Frodo and Sam getting raped by Nazghul
>TES story about a Khajiit Barmaid in Elsweyr paying a debt to the local Thalmor mercenaries
>Female tomboy monk getting raped by a demon
>Chubby Barbarian female getting is from a centaur male

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I am here, just had to edit it a bit for pastebin as I'm unused to working with that.

/tg/ related, specifically cyberpunk. Possible trigger warnings.


Hope you enjoy it, any constructive criticism is more than welcome!

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>>Chubby Barbarian female getting is from a centaur male
Best option

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>Possible trigger warnings.
Get out and take that trash out with you

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Might I ask what the trigger warnings are?

The stories that get posted in these threads are added to our archives (which can be found in the second post of the thread), usually by Archive Anon. Since it would not be realistic for him to read every story (there are well over 200, now) to come up with tags, it is very appreciated when the original author provides some for us. That goes double for things that some people might find undesirable, as they would prefer to avoid them.

Anyway, welcome to the thread. I'll start reading right after I post this and get you some feedback as soon as I finish.

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>Female centaur getting ganbanged by a bunch of human rangers
>TES story about a Khajiit Barmaid in Elsweyr paying a debt to the local Thalmor mercenaries
>Female tomboy monk getting raped by a demon


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I'd say nonconsensual probably fits best. Other than that, it's pretty mild.

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>>Female centaur getting ganbanged by a bunch of human rangers
Horse pussy! Do it

>> No.31438976

>Might I ask what the trigger warnings are?
it is a warning that the content might trigger a PTSD episode; specifically in IRL rape victims who might be in the audience.
He used it wrong though... triggers are always unique per individual. they don't refer to "porn about rape", but rather to things like being offered a sneakers bar (thats how you met your rapist) or hearing metallica play on the radio (this is what was playing when you got raped) etc etc.

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Seconded, but only if it's consensual. I've always found gang bangs more sexy when the lady wants it, and more so if she starts it.

>> No.31439037

Rape is pretty mild here. Dubcon and Noncon are staples of smut and erotica. So you are welcome.

But the anon is right, next time you can just say that when you link the original story, to help the archivist one. Anything to make its job easier.

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Hard tie between a kobold getting fucked by a dragon because dracophilia and lesbian vampires, because blood and biting fetish.

>> No.31439070

In this case, he was asking me what specific trigger warnings were in the story. Since the situation I wrote about doesn't (and cannot) exist I'm not too mindful about specific triggers, but due to feedback about past stories I thought I'd just put up a general trigger warning.

>> No.31439142

Does it actually contain rape? what is that universal trigger?
Don't put inane warnings just because some faggot bitched in the past...
DO include actual content description (ex: contains straight, gay, lesbian, shota, rape, scat, and gore". PS, make sure its completely and you include the "tame" stuff too. otherwise people will mistake your "gay warning" on a 99% straight story to mean "this is entirely 100% gay". meaning hetros will not read it and gays will be disappointed.

>> No.31439164


> contains straight, gay, lesbian, shota, rape, scat, and gore

I don't even want to know what that story would be like.

>> No.31439203

Fair enough. I'll make sure to be mindful of this in the future.
In case of my story (according to your tagging convention ;) I should probably go with "straight, noncon" and that's about it. Like it said, it's pretty mild.

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I honestly just threw out words out there without thinking... but now that I do.. damn you are right that is scary.

but what i had in mind was a chaptered story.
ch 1: shota MC has straight sex
ch 2: now gay sex
ch 3: now different char has lesbian sexd

>> No.31439286

Young man has straight sex with an older woman. Same older woman has lesbian sex that includes scat and gore.

Though I guess people do take the 'gay' trigger to mean male homosexuality, huh? Yeah, too complicated.

>> No.31439473

I would prefer consensual too. Like the rangers save her from a goblin or bear attack and she rewards them with sopping wet horse cunt.

>> No.31439561

Okay, so, here are the tags I'd suggest:
AI x Net Runner Girl, Rape, Cyberpunk, Virtual

The actual scenario was very clever, I don't think I've seen a story quite like it. Trish has enough personality to keep me engaged and interested in seeing what happens to her, and the mystery of what happens to her adds to this.

Grammatically the story was solid and readable, no complains there. I believe a bit more description of Trish's body would be helpful, though. I don't recall her height, build, breast size, eye color, hair style/color...
It's not 100% necessary, since leaving some stuff to imagination is important, but a little lead off would be appreciated.
On a similar level, I think you should try having Trish's mind jump a little between her flesh and cyber bodies during the act itself.
To me, it doesn't make much sense that she would "feel" in cyberspace the same way she does in the real world so parts with her having a "wet pussy" sounded a bit odd. I think you could fix this by having a few lines about the AI somehow accessing her real body's nervous system, hacking her in the real world. That would add a layer of suspense and fear, since she'd have never had felt something like that before. Perhaps the stuff that happens to her real body could be hinted at during that scene?

Keep in mind that that is a personal preference, not something "wrong" with your story.

I enjoyed your story, even the AI's completely unsexy, analytical way of talking during the act added to the atmosphere of the whole piece.
Good work.

Also, perhaps she could "wake up" to find her own fingers inside of her pussy? Might be work.

>> No.31439781

>Female centaur getting gangbanged by a bunch of human rangers
>female vampire seducing female Paladin
Why not both, as the child said? Female centaur gets gangbanged by a bunch of rangers, Paladin 'rescues' her, they fuck, but then the paladin and centaur get seduced by a vampire. Or the centaur was a paladin.

>> No.31439838

Many thanks for the feedback! The part about the description is certainly a good idea, maybe I can work that in where she describes her avatar.
About the feeling: The idea I had was that her surroundings are altered to a degree where it's actually possible for her to feel all these things (kind of like an UV host in Shadowrun), apparently I need to flesh that out a bit though ;)

Again, thanks for providing feedback! I'll head off to bed now, maybe I can get around to changing the story a bit tomorrow.

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So I redid http://i.imgur.com/19jsW9H.jpg

Because it looked terrible IMO
Which one do you prefer anyway ?

I think I might have a scar fetish or whatever, shite

>> No.31440088


>I think I might have a scar fetish

No fucking shit.

>> No.31440091

Honestly, that eye wound looks disgusting.
Not artistically, but it looks pretty damn painful and irritating, and a wound like that irl would definitely make me cringe a bit.
I think I like the colored one better, but I dont think I know enough to articulate why

>> No.31440094

the new one looks better definitely

>> No.31440137

Do you think I mind if you do? Noooooo.

Overall, I like the first one, but the bionics on the second one look a bit cleaner and more defined, and I'm torn on if I like more muscle or like them a bit trimmer.

>> No.31440149

Colored one looks better except for the eyes.

>> No.31440166

Seeing this story, I don't know if mine is really required anymore. Hmmm.

>> No.31440206

the more the merrier

>> No.31440300

How do you write centuar on human lesbian sex?

>> No.31440312

Liberal use of fist.

>> No.31440328

Had a friend who got run over by a car. Had something like this, he complained about the never-ending pain, and he could never properly close his eye. Had to go to the States to get some proper surgery done to fix his eye.

Welp, thanks for the input guys, I see now what pissed me off about the 1st, it's the fucking eyes. I'll keep both version anyway.

More stuff tommorw

>> No.31440340

I think fisting is gross

>> No.31440566

Evening repost of this since I see we're on a new thread.

It's a Long Boat Ride Home Part II
Tags: Male Raider / Female Villager, consensual, happy ending

For those who missed part one:
A not-viking raider ends up grudgingly kidnapping a girl on one of their raids.

>> No.31440607

Thanks again for writing that one. It was just what the doctor ordered.
"The doctor" is what I call my penis, apparently.

>> No.31440627

>trigger warning

>> No.31440643

Do you have a thing for nurses?

>> No.31440714

Why yes, yes I do. Why do you ask, oh maskéd one?

>> No.31440749

Just a doctor/nurse joke. Liking nurses seems like the best reason to name a penis The Doctor.

>> No.31440766

Strapon, I guess? Lots of oral, be it to or by the centaur?

>> No.31440795

Or he could be a really weird Doctor Who fan. As redundant as that is I'll be here all weekend

>> No.31440819

I don't think people in medieval fantasy worlds would have strapons unless they were royalty

>> No.31440858

I don't think people in medieval fantasy worlds would know what a strap on is.

>> No.31440871

Would you like to go on an adventure through time and space with "The Doctor" ?

Coincidentally I have a stable time loop fetish.

>> No.31440893

In the reality of medieval society, maybe. In a fantasy world, they do if the writer says they do.

>> No.31440906

Strapons were around in ancient/medieval times in our world

>> No.31440911

The world's oldest known dildo is a siltstone 20-centimeter phallus from the Upper Palaeolithic period 30,000 years ago that was found in Hohle Fels Cave near Ulm, Germany

>> No.31440981

Gotta Grind them Stones

>> No.31441025

I would have never guessed.

>> No.31441050

Okay. Which one do I check?

>> No.31441064

That's the oldest "known" dildo. There could of been older ones we never found for whatever reason.

>> No.31441073

None of them

>> No.31441090

>Friend of Dorothy
Do I ask?

>> No.31441100

Hi, Keyes, loved your women of the Imperium pinup. The Sister actually is exactly how I imagined a character of my quest looking like face-wise, so do you think you could redraw her for me, fully-clothed/armored? She's supposed to be a Hospitaller in my quest. I realize what I'm requesting could be considered heresy, but could you indulge me in this please?

>> No.31441135

I don't know what the hell it means either.

>> No.31441194

According to Wikipedia, it's a term for a gay man. Also found this gem:
'In the early 1980s, the Naval Investigative Service was investigating homosexuality in the Chicago area. Agents discovered that gay men sometimes referred to themselves as "friends of Dorothy." Unaware of the historical meaning of the term, the NIS believed that there actually was some woman named Dorothy at the center of a massive ring of homosexual military personnel, so they launched an enormous and futile hunt for the elusive "Dorothy", hoping to find her and convince her to reveal the names of gay servicemembers.'

>> No.31441236

I'm actually curious about that, anon - could you elaborate on that, please? It sounds interesting.

>> No.31441251

and people think the jokes about the military's intelligence are just jokes.

>> No.31441256

At long last! The highly anticipated sequel to Lythra's Surprise is here!

Lythra's Pleasure
tags: trap, female dragon, cuddling, oral

If you missed the first one or just feel like rereading it before reading this one, here it is:

Lythra's Surprise
tags: trap, female dragon, cuddling, oral

>> No.31441271

Forgot my name.

>> No.31441282

I have been waiting patiently.
This is going to be a good night.

>> No.31441314

>'In the early 1980s, the Naval Investigative Service was investigating homosexuality in the Chicago area. Agents discovered that gay men sometimes referred to themselves as "friends of Dorothy." Unaware of the historical meaning of the term, the NIS believed that there actually was some woman named Dorothy at the center of a massive ring of homosexual military personnel, so they launched an enormous and futile hunt for the elusive "Dorothy", hoping to find her and convince her to reveal the names of gay servicemembers.'
that is so fucking retarded
that is government for you

>> No.31441385

I feel bad for any servicewomen who were named Dorothy around that time.

>> No.31441413

I'm not entirely sure how it would even work, but the idea of stable time loops gives my brain an orgasm. Like the idea of being Kyle Reese and finding out that by going back in time to save Sarah Connor so that she could give birth to John I inadvertently created John thus completing a time loop at the exact moment of my orgasm. That's a stable time loop fetish. I have a thing for wishy washy time stuff too. Here's a really short story I wrote that gets all my goads going.

>> No.31441498

I've never masturbated to another man masturbating before. I don't know if these threads have done this to me, or you.
Either way, this is an interesting development and you should be proud.

>> No.31441580

Alternatively, if any other drawfags could do it, that would also be great.

>> No.31441683


>> No.31441720

anyone doing any futa pics/fics

>> No.31441743

You're out of luck, futa's not very popular here. You looking for something so specific even /d/ can't provide it?

>> No.31441775

nah i just want something /tg/ related, tired of /d/'s "post the same image all day everyday" shit, and i dont want to be the guy in the draw/writethreads that begs for his shit to get done

>> No.31441813

Have you checked the masterlist(s)? There should be 3 or 4 futa stories in there

>> No.31441825

Well, since I'm reading Lythra stuff I wouldn't mind some trap and dragon stuff. Not quite futa, but I prefer it for sure.

Does anyone want to draw fanart for Lythra's Surprise/Pleasure?

>> No.31441829

In that case, stay the fuck out of /v/'s drawthreads. I've seen people there who have literally requested the same shit for months on end.

>> No.31441837

>implying we're any better

>> No.31441874

Think of it this way- at least we know better than to try and quadruple-dip requests.

>> No.31441905

I like it, I really do. Nice use of technobabble and the possibilities of the 'net. Hope to see more, both of you and your smut. Have you thought of a title?

>> No.31441937

I dont know, the guy constantly requesting cuddle stuff (with the image of the girl in the blue dress) has been here a long time, and teh guy asking for fantasy cultist-chan was at it for a few weeks until it materialized.

>> No.31441962

Make a specific request, then.

How about this: a Dark Eldar succubus is tired of the lesser "male" wyches being needed for perpetuating her Cult. She considers them to be weakening the bloodlines. So, she goes to the haemunculus and has a new bit installed so she can truly "take care of her Cult's future."
Then futa on lesbian orgy.

>> No.31441983

No, I mean people who get their request, and then immediately request a minor variation of the same picture. It just reeks of ingratitude if you ask me.

>> No.31442001

I did another segment of Dragonbutt since Lewd saw fit to grace us with a pic of a dragon's butt, so here it is. Fair warning, the ending is a downer. I feel really bad about writing it, but I got there through just writing what felt natural. If I'd written anything else, it would feel wrong and artificial. I'm not even sure if I want to continue this anymore, because I think this is about as good of an ending as the story can get without me investing several months more work and turning this into a huge epic sexual adventure story.


Tags: anthropomorphic dragon, straight, doggy style, consensual

>> No.31442026

There is more?

>> No.31442039


Forgot the pic I was gonna use, courtesy of Pizzajuice.

>> No.31442051

Ah, point taken. Sounds rude to me as well.
Keys, can we get Macha in that swimsuit getting skullfucked? Im only being half ironic

>> No.31442055

Wait. Wait. Wait.
Lewd. Graced us. With. A pic. Of a dragon's. Butt. Where was I when this happened. Plz gib.

I'm the OR

>> No.31442065


Sorry, go to line 120 for the new material.

>> No.31442086

Or regular fucked, at that matter.

Last thread. Check Foolz.

>> No.31442101

well that was utterly depressing after the promising and enjoyable first part...

seemed like the second part just shat on everything the first built

>> No.31442106

OR here, I fucking loved it. Like >>31441498 said, I'm impressed with how sexy you could make a man masturbating be.
My only question is a bit of clarification, did Shannon put it in Lythra's pooper? Or were you going full cloaca, since she's a lizard?[/spooiler].
Not a complaint, just wondering. It could be a bit clearer, though.

You did much better keeping the "he" "she" thing straight. It must have been a bitch, what with both of them having female names.
I didn't catch any problems in that area.

Thank you again, Monster. I can only imagine how difficult a prompt that must have been, but you pulled it off.

>> No.31442179

>but I got there through just writing what felt natural. If I'd written anything else, it would feel wrong and artificial
I got the exact opposite impression from reading it, that ending just seemed utterly random and forced, like you wanted to cut it short and hurry up and end it, it just didn't make sense to me for such a drastic change to occur while the MC was clearly feeling very different to what was being written.

>> No.31442204


>>31442101 here and I've got to agree, it just felt like a massive 180 on the characters behalf, like he was lying to himself and trying to believe his lies or something, just randomly depressing.

>> No.31442230

Goddammit. How do I consistently fail THAT bad at spoilers?

Anyway, great job Monster. Fun story, enjoyable characters, great read.

>> No.31442530

Anyone still around?

>> No.31442544

Lurking, too uninspired to write at the moment.

>> No.31442624

Archiving shit, as always. Getting ready to turn in for the night.

>> No.31442861

Are you planning on adding the review of Seeding Midnight to the masterlist somewhere? If not, may I ask why it's omitted?
link http://pastebin.com/8DaNyRMi

>> No.31442895

That was pretty cute. Good job, son.

>> No.31443029

Because you touch yourself at night.

>> No.31443035

And thats me forgettingI can edit the 1d4chan. Still would appreciate it on pastebin as well tho

>> No.31443139

I'll be on it tomorrow- I'm just about to go to sleep.

>> No.31443157

I hope you make more than just a few parts to the raider story, i enjoy it.

>> No.31443341

British slang for gay.

>> No.31443392

It's just a two-parter, sorry. But in the future I may certainly end up writing more like it.

I've got an alien/human story on my list to do at some point, and something with a mask that I need a plot for, but by next weekend I'm planning on having more Henric and Alex up.

>> No.31443548

More ideas cuz I got nothing better to do

>Lesbian Dragons
>Druid turns Bear into a qt bear girl and makes love to her
>Female Centaur masturbating
>Satyrs rape female druid

>> No.31443551

>It's just a two-parter
you best be jokin' buddy, I need moar.

>> No.31443758

I wasn't around much last week, but did we ever get that pregnancy related smut some writefriend said he might work on a few weeks ago?
That's my fetish and I know I'm not the only one, but haven't really seen any material done on that.

>> No.31443812

You fucks need to stop writing such interesting stories god dammit. Every weekend I'm at my desk alt-tabbing between XCOM and smut threads. It's not even bout the sex now, its about the characters and shit.

>> No.31443826

/tg/ has two major fetishes that pretty much every fa/tg/uy has, xenopgila and world building.

>> No.31443834

Sorry anon. You're gonna have to be content knowing that they lived happily ever after in not-viking country.

>its about the characters and shit.
Then we have done our jobs. The intellect is certainly more difficult to engage than the libido.

>> No.31443835


>> No.31443851


>> No.31444087

>I think I might have a scar fetish or whatever, shite
Well I do too so dont ever stop.

Same with the cyborgs.

>> No.31444380

makes me wish Banished had Steam workshop support just to see what /tg/ could come up with.

>> No.31444406

Hey /wsg/, frequenter of /erpg/ here. How do you guys feel about roleplay logs?

Just got off a bender and have a nice bit of Exalted pornography between some characters from a game that's taking place on F-list. Are you guys interested at all?

Before you say 'I don't want shitty porn', it's nearly 10,000 words with each post being roughly 300-500 words each.

>> No.31444434

It's not in the pooper. And I honestly have no idea about proper dragon/reptile physiology. Shannon stuck it in the dragon equivalent of a vagina, but from behind. I just added a lot of talk about Lythra's butt because a lot of people wanted dragonbutt stories and wanting those.

>> No.31444445

I think if polished and touched up on they can be pretty good. IIRC, Henric and Alex, one of our more popular stories, is based on some ERP logs

>> No.31444477

Yeah, but they're pretty far from what the original logs were. Mask does great work at adding content/moving content so that it all fits into one nice little package.

>> No.31444535


Fuck it, keep it and pass judgement.


Bit of warning; involves light ballbusting and humiliation.

>> No.31444622

It's worth mentioning that my first proper character for an RPG campaign was a heavily scarred woman with one arm missing later replaced by a magic robot arm and an eye patch.

And I still say I like both versions.

>> No.31444644

So made female Guts?

>> No.31444660

Actually Baiken from Guilty Gear more.

>> No.31444676

Her too. I'm hoping she gets into the new GG game.

>> No.31444679

I think my biggest problems with raw ERP logs is simply that there is a clear line as to who is the one writing and it takes me out of it when there's an action by one character but it's not even addressed by the other character for another paragraph. Other than that the characters are well written and the narrative by both parties seems great. With a bit of a touch up to fix the clunkyness of it being an ERP and instead trying to make it read more like a story it could be really great.

>> No.31444702 [SPOILER] 

I hope that my favorite character gets into the new game.

>> No.31444707

There was concept art him and Johnny.

>> No.31444725

I'd say you should go through it to reformat. This means reorganizing paragraphs and sometimes even sentences to completely merge the two writing styles and keep the pacing paced. What you have is clearly a chunk by chunk type thing. I didn't read it carefully but I saw enough to be able to give this advice. And I say this as a person who recobbles logs a lot.

After that and the standard battery of edits, you should be good to go.

beat me to it

>> No.31444769


>> No.31444791


I would, but you people keep invoking me...

>> No.31444808

Throwing out idea for story

>> No.31444827

I then propose invoking the Imperial Saint for romantic copulation and copulation with the purpose of creating more Imperials.

>> No.31444838

>i'm fine with this

nothing wrong has transpired yet so take a seat and relax. it's still a young thread. have you lost weight? you wear it well

>> No.31444845


>> No.31444858

Yeeaaah I think I went a bit too overboard/ND with that one. My bad.

>> No.31444888 [SPOILER] 

Slaanesh just blessed me. I think it is a sign...

>> No.31444909

Ooh, ooh! Or this!

>> No.31444938

>god damn it
>it pissed on and through the carpet

>> No.31444950

In space no one can hear your orgasmic screams.

>> No.31444967

the other xenomorphs think of you has their brother, king/daddy, or you realize all the other xenomorphs are females too. You're the only available male. You're in the heart of the hive too.

>> No.31445606

>Have you thought of a title?

Several, actually, but they were either bad or spoilers ^^

>> No.31445967

Alright, I added a little to the story, based on anon's suggestions. I also came up with a title, "Hot SIM" - the link to the story is still the same, and has already been archived :)

>> No.31446309

No such luck. We seem to have a problem with writefag turnover when it comes to that fetish for some reason.

>> No.31446331

One of us one of us

>> No.31446835

Which one is that?

>> No.31447082


Well, I must admit that I don't understand why you all might think that. The knight was never really okay with the sudden marriage thing (who would be?) and all I did was bring back up the true love thing I had mentioned before.

Yes, the tone took a dramatic shift, but all I did was ask myself if the knight would just fall in love so suddenly when A) he had plundered countless maidens before, making sex pretty emotionally unimportant to him and B) it was a dragon, not even a human woman, a creature he was unfamiliar with and had a barrier of culture and biology and personality with.

I understand if you feel upset that it did not instantly resolve into a happy ending, but you must understand that I can't bring myself to be that forced - it would violate my own suspension of disbelief.

>I got the exact opposite impression from reading it, that ending just seemed utterly random and forced

Actually, it's more like everything else was utterly random and forced. When I wrote that ending I was in the zone, so to speak, and writing directly from the characters in my mind. It felt so damn right - no, the hero and the monster cannot be lovers because the hero is in search of true love, and as interesting and alluring as the dragon might be, she cannot fulfill that part of his heart because she is a monster. Yet, because she is a monster, which is a force of nature, she is head-over-heels in love with the hero because her heart is wild and knows no boundaries.

It just seems poetic for the search for happily ever after to ruin basically every other kind of relationship there might be because it won't ever measure up to true love.

Anyways, did you at least enjoy the parts leading up to the confrontation? I would feel very bad if the rest was also considered as poor as the ending.

>> No.31447192

>Anyways, did you at least enjoy the parts leading up to the confrontation? I would feel very bad if the rest was also considered as poor as the ending.
the rest was pretty good, the disappointing and jarring bit of it wasn't so much the ending but the way the ending was so abrupt, like they were talking and then it reached that point and the knight just suddenly goes "Welp, thats that over, everything finished now", I can understand why and the emotions behind it, but the way it carried out just was not believable in any way, it seemed that immediately as the knight said he didn't love her, he may have well have just vanished from the story right then and there as if his character never existed at all, as if what happened between him and the dragon was erased from history

>> No.31447238


I think I understand what you're talking about. Yeah, that's fair, I guess. I did try to leave it open so that I could continue it if I felt like it.

>> No.31447273

>I could continue it if I felt like it.
It felt like it just rendered everything before that they went through meaningless so I've no idea how you'd continue and make it enjoyable to read

>> No.31447287

>knight leaves
>dragon tracks/follows using scent/sky vantage point/etc
>dragon stalker
>someone insults knight
>next morning their house is burnt down by dragon fire
A bunch of goofy little ideas come to mind

>> No.31447318


Well, that's for me to know and you to find out.

>> No.31447326

Sorry for the delay, but it's added now. Thanks for being the first person other than me to edit the page, by the way.

>> No.31448483

Where is everyone?

>> No.31448532


Busy. I'm running OW.

>> No.31448604

I'm making pizza dough.

>> No.31448631

Trying to muster up motivation to write. All I want to do is be lazy and play vidya right now though.

>> No.31448728


I'm trying to write a story, but I understimated how hard it would be to do so in English when my mother tongue is French...

>> No.31448926

I though it was something like that. Either way, it was fucking fun to read.

>> No.31448966

Neat. I'll give it another read.

>> No.31449128

I also have another short story I wrote a while back - I actually think I posted it already in one of the weekend smut threads, but I haven't found it in the archive, so I'll just put it up again.


Tags: Dubcon, Straight, Snuff

>> No.31449268

My only complaint is something I forgot to mention about the last one, too:
You overuse the word pussy.

Try mixing it up a bit, there are a lot of other words for it. I prefer "slit" and "lower lips," myself. "Twat" seems unnecessarily vulgar (it just comes across as unnatural to use in the flow of a narrative, though it works in dialogue).
But using "pussy" almost exclusively gets a bit repetitive.

It's not a big enough issue to ask you to change go back and change what you've already written, but it IS something to keep in mind in your future stories.
Do you have any ideas for said "future stories," by any chance?
Taking requests?

>> No.31449272

It's up on the list now, and since they're both under your name they're in their own section now.

>> No.31449301

Did you have a name for the story when you first posted it? If not, it might have ended up in the "Works by Anonymous" section as "untitled."

>> No.31449421

>But using "pussy" almost exclusively gets a bit repetitive.

Thanks, I'll try to keep that in mind. I'm aware repetition is death to good storywriting, but coming up with synonyms can be hard at times.

>Taking requests?

If you have any, sure. I have a couple of ideas right now, most prominent among them featuring a Sister Hospitaller trying to come to terms with her sexuality, but I'm open to suggestions ^^

>Did you have a name for the story when you first posted it? If not, it might have ended up in the "Works by Anonymous" section as "untitled."

As far as I remember, I posted it under the same name I did now, but I'm not sure.

>> No.31449431

Looking at some of the older stories on the list, I noticed a one or two that I'd like to see get expanded, or at least more work by the same authors:

D'rizza Proves Her Worth (Part 1), about a rule 63 D'rizzt getting gangbanged by a bunch of dwarfs.
If the author is here, I'd quite like to see part two. And three. And four.

The Price of Progena
I fucking loved this one. Everything about the story was tantalizing and if the author is here, please please please keep writing. And tell us who you are, so I can bookmark your stuff.

>> No.31449484 [DELETED] 

First one was fine except for the eyes, but that could've been fixed in paint like so

>> No.31449544

First one was fine except for the eyes, but that could've been fixed in paint like so

>> No.31449588

There's a lot of stories that were meant to have multiple parts, but never got them because the author just vanished without a trace. That's part of the reason why it's a good idea for new writers to make self-contained stories first- nothing is more irksome than to have something that promises to be continued, but never gets that continuation.

>> No.31449657

I've always been interested in the non-Battle orders of the Sisters of Battle, too.
If you're planning on having to Hospitaller be a lesbian, perhaps a cunning linguist could help her loosen her lips and speak honestly about it? Sister Dialogus?
I love me some sexy librarians

Otherwise, I do have a rather... odd request.
A smut version of Hansel and Gretel. Well, the basic idea, at least. Not the whole "gingerbread house" kind of thing, but a brother and sister ending up with a witch. A sexy witch.

Basic plot idea: the sister runs away from home because she wants to learn to be a witch and the brother goes out to bring her back. The witch is a total MILF/Cougar/whateveryoureinto and decides to take the girl on as an apprentice and, together, they "convince" the brother to not go and tattle on them.
With sex.

Ideally, the brother would arrive some days after the sister, so the story would be in parts: witch x teenage girl, then witch x teenage boy, then witch x teenage boy x teenage girl.
That is, if you're okay with writing brother/sister incest.

>> No.31449723

>Awaiting reply from new partner
>Compulsively F5, set phone to check email every 10 minutes
>Message was sent yesterday, mailserver ate it until now

>> No.31449743

ERP General is here: >>31448845

We're "close," but still separate. Have a nice day.

>> No.31449766

"Basically, it is the purest form of love, where two people meet and immediately know that they belong together and then marry and live happily ever after." I luld. How naïve can this guy get? It doesn't work that way the vast of the time. They just met. How could he know that he cannot love her? He barely knows her at all. Why the hell could he not get to know her? It's not like he can't take her along as a companion. It seems like you didn't think it out at all and tried forcing a bad end.

The original ending was a lot better, where you just eluded to a huge epic sexual adventure, where they might actually fall in love with each other, rather than just having sex once, magic happens, and they suddenly love each other. You don't need to write the story. It was fine in our heads and completely believable. A knight that has slept with so many women that he decides that a dragonbutt is fine too actually believing that love must be at first sight? Not so much.

>> No.31449779

That sounds like a really interesting idea, I'll see if I can come up with something :)

>> No.31450440

I second this. Not really into incest but I really like the idea.

>> No.31450525

If I might make a suggestion/change, if the incest thing gets to people, how about having the girl be running away from an arranged marriage, and the boy is either her fiance' or the boy she actually loves coming to get her?
The dynamic would be different, but it would avoid the incest thing.

>> No.31450533

>female Guts

>> No.31450592

Sounds like the plot of an old 70s Porno with Ron Jeremy as the brother

>> No.31450593

Or it could be a childhood friend. There's no good reason why they had to be related in the first place, other than that it was part of the original story.

>> No.31451200

Coelacanth girl.

I wonder how sensitive those lobed fins are exactly.

>> No.31451426

Wow. Something about that, maybe the softer shading, just looks so amazing.
10/10 nice job

>> No.31451508

You know, I don't think that those existed until now.

>> No.31451603


>> No.31451617

Woah. I didn't know /a/'s monstergirl list was in your masterlist /tg/. Is it alright if I add one of your requests to my writings? I like the ghost girl romance idea the most.

>> No.31451628

OR here. That is damned amazing.

Now we just need her showing off her sharptoothed smile

>> No.31451739

The request list is there for any writer to take advantage of. And, as the one who happened to have requested that particular one in the first place, I can say I would be delighted for you to take it on. Please, feel free!
Just don't forget to post it here as well, okay?

And thanks!

>> No.31451764

Go right ahead, no reason not to.

>> No.31451769

Something's fishy about this image. I will have to study it in detail.
For science.

"Science" is apparently what I call my penis, now

>> No.31451808

Thank you. I'll get right on it after I finish editing the Oni story I wrote.

>> No.31452261

but I want more, some proper closure would be nice.

>> No.31452332


> I luld. How naïve can this guy get? It doesn't work that way the vast of the time. They just met. How could he know that he cannot love her? He barely knows her at all. Why the hell could he not get to know her? It's not like he can't take her along as a companion. It seems like you didn't think it out at all and tried forcing a bad end.

If you had paid attention, this is a world where true love actually exists and most princesses and princes do find it. He wasn't thinking that he can't love her, but that it will never be true love, and so on. And he didn't think anything about him not taking her as a companion.

>The original ending was a lot better, where you just eluded to a huge epic sexual adventure, where they might actually fall in love with each other, rather than just having sex once, magic happens, and they suddenly love each other. You don't need to write the story. It was fine in our heads and completely believable. A knight that has slept with so many women that he decides that a dragonbutt is fine too actually believing that love must be at first sight? Not so much.

It's funny you say that, because the original ending was what I rushed and forced because I was desperate to get the fic out. Talk about irony.

>> No.31452481

Necessity is the mother of invention.

>> No.31452968


Feels bad man.

>> No.31453545

For reasons pertaining to Science, can Daemons or Daemonettes change their appearance? If so, how much?

>> No.31453561

Depends on the daemon and its access to the Warp. Changing is generally a Tzeentch thing, though.

>> No.31453567


Depends on the daemon in question. Shapeshifting is a specialty for Tzeenchian types, Slaaneshi daemons are skilled at it too for various obvious reasons, but Khorne daemons don't even have psychic powers and Nurgle daemons are happy just the way they are and have no reason to change (and it goes against their theme anyways).

>> No.31453569

Depends on the daemon in question, I'd guess.

>> No.31453595


Depends on the daemon.

As a rule of thumb, daemons of Tzeentch and Slaanesh tend to be able to take any form they want/garb themselves in an illusion to appear like a beatiful member of the beholder's race.

Daemons of Nurgle and Khorne tend to have one definitive form.

>> No.31453819



Thanks for the info. I'm currently starting on something I said I'd work on three weeks ago (Hurray College) and should have something to show for it by tonight. Maybe. Hopefully.

>> No.31453902

Can I ask what it might be?

>> No.31454025


I took inspiration from a pair of greentexts from a while back and put a bit of thought into them. In short, an Inquisitor receives a Daemonette from the Big K as a gift for managing to kick both her ass and those of a Slaanishi cult she'd been trying to stomp.

Hilarity and possible cuddles ensue.

>> No.31454264

Ghost girl romance story? Oh my, yes.



>> No.31454514


Unf, yeah that makes it less terribad.

I wish I didn't have to drive someone to the airport right now. I want to draw dicks !

>> No.31454606

Damn it, I thought I had the perfect Hentai crop for that but I misremembered it it turned out.
So have this crop instead as some sort of apology.

>> No.31454695

I saw that, but it wasn't made clear whether or not that was more of his naïvité or a mechanic of the world. Most people wouldn't assume the latter. Once again, if you're making that be a mechanic, it's only to force a bad ending. There's no way past that. Either he's unnaturally naïve and you're using that to force a bad ending, or you're making love at first sight be almighty in the setting and you're using that to force a bad ending.

While open endings may be a product of rushing, it's hard to consider them forced, as there's little substance to force. While the adventures of the characters would continue, you'd already told the story that you wanted to tell. There doesn't need to be neat finality to every story. That's not how life works.

>> No.31454912

Those were just adorable. Thanks for sharing them.

>> No.31455247 [DELETED] 


137 rvinist

>> No.31455262

Can I get am image of a full-bimbo elf girl?
Colligen lips, big fake tits, bleached blonde hair and the works taking a selfy? My terrible fetishes demand it

>> No.31455280


>> No.31455303

Dammit /pol/, is nothing sacred for you?

>> No.31455841

This but as a tiefling or tri-kin (no I don't know how that works)

>> No.31456077


Yeah, you know, upon reflection I have to agree that it's a terrible ending to the story. So I have no choice but to continue it, naturally.

>> No.31456220

Live and learn man, its the only way you'll improve
I would also like to request a continuation of Minerva's Frustration

>> No.31456265

I kinda like sudden endings at times, always fun to leave the reader wondering what's going to happen and possibly imagine their own thing.

>> No.31456516


Really? That's my least popular one. But since you would like to see more of it, I'll take it off the backburner this week I guess.

>> No.31456781

So what about snake women? They're essentially land mermaids

>> No.31456816

I think that's meant to be a belly button. They wouldn't be so stupid as to include actual genitals in the character model.

>> No.31456846

We see them in these threads from time to time. Smutomancer did a fic with a lamia with a cloaca, once.
I don't think he ever finished it.

Are you making a request, or offering to write/draw something?

>> No.31456900

Well I like the concept, even if not many others do. It would also be nice to see you return to the fic that gave you your nametag

>> No.31457051

If it's a snake, it won't have a belly button.
Mammals only. And I think even monotremes are excluded from belly buttons.
What you see in that picture is just shading.

>> No.31457081

>hey wouldn't be so stupid as to include actual genitals in the character model.

Crystal Maiden's model doesn't wear underwear, i doubt snake pussy would be an issue.

>> No.31457132


Yeeeeah... that's WAY too low to be a belly button.

>> No.31457214

Just finished the second chapter of that viking raid story. It was a great read, lots of fun.
Really, how did you manage to make a story with rape so... cute?

>> No.31457490

Eh goddamn it. Wanted to type something today and all I've managed to do so far is to make some alterations to the last part before all the sex including making the whole lingerie description (hopefully) less clumsy and run on.
Foreplay just makes my mind come to a screeching halt or something.

Also kinda disappointed that no one has actually called me out on the ready check joke and the tiger line.

>> No.31457614

Of fucking course I forgot to mention it was for Festival Encounter.
Goddamn it.

>> No.31457630

Sorry, not a WoW guy, so I didn't read it.

>> No.31457666

Eh, it's fully understandable really, just had a minor expectation that someone would.

>> No.31457818

>respecting anything

>> No.31457948

Still no Beginner?
I am sad.

>> No.31457990

>Respecting anything that's not Fred Rogers.

>> No.31458053

link? sounds worth a read.

>> No.31458063


I was hoping JAW would show up by now, but he hasn't either.

My devious plot to bring him back by lying about being him to lure him back out of outrage has failed.

Oh, well, at least he got some good reviews out of it. Thanks, anon, for doing his stuff. Hopefully he returns soon.

>> No.31458138

While it is in the masterlist here's a quick link for it.
It's still very very unfinished and there's barely any sex in it, mostly because I can't write foreplay worth a damn. Or something.

>> No.31458140 [SPOILER] 

In other news, anything we can look forward to from you? Or your not!alter ego?

>> No.31458175

Any artist on?
a tiefling would be appreciated too

>> No.31458232

Hello. This is my first time posting a story here... and it's not really lewd but...
I rewrote my Oni story... if anyone wants to read it.

>> No.31458286


Working on Henric and Alex.

>> No.31458319

OK, now you're just fucking with us. And not even in the good way.

>> No.31458330


No, I mean I'm working on a review of it.

>> No.31458331

I think he means he's reviewing that next.
I think.

>> No.31458628

Gave it a mostly cursory glance because it's kinda late here but good language as far as I could notice and surprisingly cute at times.

It does hit one of my favourite concepts with taking old fantasy concepts and twisting them a bit to something more interesting.
Does remind me that I really need to get around finishing a (non-smut) story I worked on a while ago.

>> No.31458643


>Wednesday, January 5,1944... Once when I was spending the night at Jacque's, I could no longer restrain my curiosity about her body, which she'd always hidden from me and which I'd never seen. I asked her whether, as proof of our friendship, we could touch each other's breasts. Jacque refused. I also had a terrible desire to kiss her, which I did. Every time I see a female nude, such as the Venus in my art history book, I go into ecstasy. Sometimes I find them so exquisite I have to struggle to hold back my tears. If only I had a girlfriend!

>> No.31458671

Thank you very much. That is way more than (most of) /a/ gives me at times. I'll post the next thing I do here for sure.

>> No.31458988

I don't know how to feel about this

Jacques is a male french name
Jacqueline is the female form

>> No.31459043

Language barrier always makes things cute. I don't know how but it does. Now you know my secrets.

He'd want us to respect stuff. And at the very least to respect peoples' rights to do/say stuff even if we didn't respect what they said/did.
And it's been a while since I've had myself a good cry thinking about him.


>> No.31459334


Jacques can be the diminutive of Jacqueline.

>> No.31459626

>each others' breasts
Obviously Jacque is a woman who identifies as a man and the writer is a lesbian woman. Since the Nazis targeted both, they are obviously in a prison camp.

>> No.31459653

In english yeah.
French has very stupid grammar rules about masculine and feminine words
For some reason when I see Jacques I use the french prononciation, and not the english one.

Now this makes perfect sense. Now I feel stupid

>> No.31459701

>Now I feel stupid
I completely made that entire situation up. It could be the writer is a fat and lonely man and just fucked up the girl's name.

>> No.31459815


That's from her actual diary. It wasn't in early editions because her father thought it was embarrassing and didn't want it included.

>> No.31459852

Wait, really? Then what the hell is up with Jacque's name?

>> No.31460007

Holy shit, I thought you were just joking, but it's true. Damn.

>> No.31460033

Probably a translation issue. Also, she wrote in Dutch, not French.

>> No.31460442

As a teenager, a girl falls in love with a boy who runs with a bad crowd. He does stupid things, but to her, he's perfect - they're absolutely in love, the both of them, head over heels.

Then he does something really stupid and gets arrested and goes to jail for a long time. The girl doesn't tell him she's gotten pregnant by him, because she doesn't want him to hurt for knowing it.

The girl becomes a woman, and her daughter grows. Seventeen years later, the boy, now a man, is released from prison. They arrange to meet, because that love has lasted, and because the woman feels so terribly guilty about all the things she never told him.

He goes to visit the girl - because she's still that girl, in his mind. At her home, the daughter answers the door, as the mother is still out on errands. The daughter is the spitting image of her mother, seventeen years earlier - so perfect that the man looks at her and thinks it's *her*.

He kisses her, and seventeen years of repressed lust and love come through in the kiss. She's never had sex before - barely even kissed anyone, she's a shy, bookish lass - and as his hands run up her chest and thighs she climaxes right there pressed up against the doorframe.

She's too shocked at first to protest, and then too dazed by the post-orgasmic glow, and he continues, and she orgasms over and over at his ministrations, and they fuck against the couch, and the kitchen counter, and up against the wall, and finally on her mother's bed, over and over, until the both of them are exhausted and fall asleep cuddled together.

Then the mother gets home.

>The extra-kinky version would be if the mother doesn't look all that older than her daughter (either from particularly good genetics, or something /tg/-esque like magic or being an elf), and so she and her daughter end up both in the role of 'his girls'.

>> No.31460650

Hello what's the new of the pastebin that has the Pig orc( Merry Martigan) and that human(Azz...something..)

I need to redownload it again cause my copy got corrupted..

>> No.31460651

Is this a very detailed request, or are you just sharing something incredibly tantalizing?

>> No.31460659

welp, this weekend, three hesperax's pic
Are the DE fags satisfied yet ?

>> No.31460704

Very nice, thank you for sharing.

If you're still up for doodling, I'd like to see your take on a chastity belt. Perhaps with a virgin slut wearing one while sucking off a guy and giving hand jobs to two others?

>> No.31460719

The latter.

>> No.31460727

Hot damn.
That last one, too. Nice.

>> No.31460749


I don't give a damn if that's not a request, it's going on my backlog for later.

>> No.31460813

>Tongue Studs
>Awesome Pose
God you do good work man

>> No.31461000

>that last one

Huh, I think I might be insane now. Not like that would be a big change for me. Anyway, I think that fills up the DE quota quite nicely for the time being.

Anyway, anyone feel like trying a human-on-Tau fapfic? We have hardly any blueberry in the list, and that's terrible.

>> No.31461352


As I've been reading, a thought has come to me. Did you base this premise on Tamora Pierce's novels?

>> No.31461627

on it

>> No.31461638

Wait, you write stuff too? Awesome.

>> No.31461689


good one.

The frenchman writing in english.

No I meant I'm sketching something

>> No.31461858

Can some one explain why most of the /a/ fics feel so mediocre? I just can't quite put my finger on it and maybe someone else has noticed something.

Also if someone could explain why they're inexplicably obsessed with marriage that'd be nice too.

>> No.31461983

I've never actually read anything by her.

>> No.31462006

Oh, my mistake. Didn't know you were French- we seem to be quite the international bunch here.

No idea, since I don't browse /a/. I've heard from the people who write for both here and /a/ that they hardly ever get any feedback, so that might be a factor in it.

>> No.31462020

I think you answered your own question there

>> No.31462141

/a/ is a very sentimental bunch sometimes. That's probably the most delicate way I can put it.

>> No.31462149


Okay, I'm four parts in now. I don't have the time to do a full workup tonight, but here's the skinny of it:

For being edited ERP logs, it doesn't really show. And that's a great thing. Your prose is very flowery, versatile, and dynamic, with a healthy rhythm to it. I don't know how much of it is you or your partner or the alterations and touchups you made to it, but I have to admit I'm pretty fucking jealous of how well it reads. Your sex scenes are smooth and well done, easy to fap to, and they don't get repetitive, a difficult task for many smut writers to handle, including myself.

Henric is an interesting character. He clearly has a lot of depth and I like that he's not in total control of Alex. He feels flawed and human, which is pretty impressive for erotica. I suppose it is far easier to create and flesh out a character when it is the sole focus of one of the participants in an ERP, so I won't praise you too much for him (or Alex), but I do think he is well done and that is noteworthy.

I have a soft spot for tomboys and reverse traps, especially curvy ones with slutty tendencies, so Alex hits a lot of sweet spots for me. I have to admit, however, that I prefer Henric over her, probably because he comes off as a more developed character. That is actually logical since she's young and such, but I believe that she is still a bit generic. That may be because I've read a whole series of (non pornographic) novels about basically the same character, though. So take it with a grain of salt.

I have some suspicions about where the plot is headed from here, but so far the fact that it is focused on the characters rather than events is great. Again, there is a natural advantage in that it is easy for such a thing to occur in ERP, so I can't give you full marks as a writer for it, even though it is a high level of quality.

>> No.31462183



Attempts at delicacy on 4chan? Truly the end times are upon us.

>> No.31462187


Overall, based on what I've read so far, I'd give it a 4 out of 5. It's fucking solid. It could be a 5 based on what the rest of the parts are like. I'm actually struggling to find things wrong with it that I can point out for your own improvement. Congratulations for making me feel bad as both a critic and a writer at the same time, I guess.

>> No.31462214


Oh, really? Funny. It's just that her first fantasy quadrilogy is basically this exact premise (girl hides her gender and tries to become a knight in a world where women are forbidden from it) but without the porn and without the evil scumbag knight dude as the protagonist's mentor.

>> No.31462230


That's not a particularly original premise though.

>> No.31462266


I know, I know, the most general version of the concept goes back to Twelfth Night, but the particulars of Henric and Alex harken back to Tamora Pierce's writings more than any other source I can think of.

>> No.31462310

Were I any more explicit I would sound harsh and vengeful or something. It's not a bad thing for them to be so attached and romantically idealistic, but it's borderline naivete. The concept of marriage is just one big one big culmination to all of these qualities.
I find it very endearing, really. They're a swell bunch sometimes.

>> No.31462490

It's hard to believe that someone can be naive while still browsing 4chan.

>> No.31462582


If your life is watching mediocre anime I could see how it'd happen.

>> No.31462634

can you provide a link to your gallery?

>> No.31462666

Im not him but I have it favorited, so here you go.

>> No.31462686

In the list, which is in the second post.

Show of hands- should we go for a third thread or leave it at two this time?

>> No.31462726


Let's let this be the last one this time.

>> No.31462735

Its Monday for me, so I dont think its appropriate
Keys, if you're still here could you do the 3rd scene from Diplomatic Promiscuity? Hopefully before the thread autosages?

>> No.31462781

Thank you for this. Henric's definitely the more developed of the two and I think most of that is because when we started writing we'd hashed his personality out while with Alex we were always worried more with the sense and logic of her backstory.

For my part, I see Mulan (the disney version, I don't know the Chinese story) as more of the inspiration since it inspired my love of reverse trap/pretending to be a boy stuff from a pretty young age. And I'm pretty sure we directly compared it to Mulan during planning phases. In the disney version Mulan pretends to be a brother that doesn't exist and has no idea what to do, but Alex has assumed her dead brother's identity for most of her life and knows how to be a boy from growing up with it. But I don't see Alex as having a good grasp of who/what she is.

I do want to read these Tamora Pierce books now though, I can never find adequate reverse-trap stuff.

Wasn't my intention to make you feel bad either. Seriously, thanks again.

>> No.31462922

Same here. I suspected as much.

>> No.31462964


Ah, I see. Mulan is the Disney film I always forget to remember, but I can see how that was the source of inspiration for this.

If you are interested, the series I mentioned is the Song of the Lioness series. It's children's literature, not exactly top shelf stuff, but it enchanted me as a young teen. I much prefer Pierce's later works, personally.

>> No.31462977

Gue'la training day ?

Won't have the tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime, but it's deffo the first thing for next week. I tried but it didn't come off good so.


That's my reaction

>> No.31462997

And if anyone wants the review for posterity, it's here:


>> No.31463075

I still like kid stuff sometimes. There are a lot of good picture books out there too like "I want my hat back." Plus the novels always go really fast.

>> No.31463103

No sweat man, glad to know one of my favorite drawfags is listening to me.
Out of curiosity, did the first images you posted here have any /tg/ significance, outside of being sexy tattooed wimmin?

>> No.31463145

This is my fetish too

>> No.31463220

Not really significance no. some were old stuff I did ages ago, some more recent.

Man, 65 images later, my shit got better, at least I can say that. Kinda ashamed of some of my earlier shit now

>> No.31463345

>ashamed of old stuff
you should see the smut I wrote back in muddle school.

>> No.31463471


Oh jesus, I'm just imagining what it'd be like if I wrote porn in middle school. How horrifying.

>> No.31463526

I saved it all for posterity and any time I feel too good about myself I reread it to humble myself.

Animu shit, mary sues, super strong characters. I read it and am always so glad I kept it secret. At least I never wrote fanfiction.

>> No.31463563

I didn't even get to the fanfic point. I never was much of a writer- the few things that did seem to be worth writing about were either too intensely personal for me to actually record or just didn't sound the same outside of my imagination.

>> No.31464137

>tfw you wrote Harvest Moon fanfiction

>> No.31464715

And now comes the part where the smutty anons, having fapped all they could, grow strangely sentimental

>> No.31464772

Having fapped all I could? I'll show you! I'll show all of you! I can fap more! I can out-fap all you bastards! Give me something to fap to so I can prove this jabroni wrong!

>> No.31464870 [SPOILER] 


>> No.31464980

Well, let's get started then.

>> No.31465267


>no gaben

>> No.31465316

>imlying Gaben isnt sexy as fuck

>> No.31465330

I would have sex with him even if it meant Half-Life 3 never came out.

>> No.31465348

I would have sex with him if it meant getting to see his custom knife collection, because good god, the man has assloads of fucking beautiful custom knives in his office

>> No.31465406 [SPOILER] 


>> No.31465449

Wait, I thought that was already the case.

>> No.31466418

Did we really only get two threads done this weekend? No hanging on thread into Monday?

Well then, how unfortunate. I guess I'll sleep then... this time...

>> No.31466505

I wrote Fallout Tactics fanfiction once. It wasn't tha great and horribly generic but I did submit it to a fansite once and got it uploaded there.

I'm kinda glad I never did that. Sorta. Even if there was one part a wrote for a story that had a group scene in it that was vague and mostly "They all did it and then the guys died because the girls were succubus's" or something like that. Nothing really explicit.

>> No.31466704

Group scenes are hard for me to this day. It's why I'll never write about an orgy.

>> No.31466736

I just tried a threesome, and even that got mixed reviews. I understand them in concept, but I just can't spread the love around that much.

>> No.31466743

Yeah same here really, threesome is probably the furthest I'll ever go when writing this.
Dunno if I want to dig out that text again and show just how terrible it kinda was. Granted I'd have to translate it and then just rewrite it without knowing it so I probably wont.

>> No.31467527

Holy fucking shit is this the Tumblr account registration page?

>> No.31467837

I'll obviously have to bring this up again next weekend...

But hey, promises, something something.

Cyberpunk, noncon, some sorta mind control

>> No.31467882

>more FUBOT
>mfw I can fap again before this thread is over

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